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  1. My current nine is: Shark Corsair Tentacles Sakana Vet Siren Siren Kraken Hag Avarice and Greede. Since previously I had Greyscales in place of Hag, he gets to go back in now with the expanded roster.
  2. Union option with skatha?

    I played in a tournament yesterday with skatha for three rounds. I'd been practicing with minx, but was unhappy with my lists and generally ended up not drafting her, so as a last minute audible I swapped her for A and G. I found they make footballing hunters much more viable. They're definitely staying in my nine for skatha.
  3. Season 3 new player summaries

    You mention in the article using red fury to remove fear on hag. I don't think red fury will remove fear from Hag. It'll bypass it, but since it's not spending influence on an attack on hag fear won't be removed.
  4. Hasty opinions on Hag

    Things I learned this weekend playing hag: close control from Corsair's legendary, and fear makes vitriol really sad.
  5. What is Corsair's weaknesses?

    Chocolate chip cookies.
  6. Hello from Western Washington!

    Hey tamwulf, if you haven't found it yet, the is a Pacific North West guild ball group on Facebook, and while we're mostly filled with Seattle area players, there are players from through out the region.
  7. Where'd They Go? (Unused Models)

    I think Angel died because of Sakana. The only thing she does better is roll more dice on kicks, and that has diminishing returns. He's got two inch melee, and the flexibility to contribute to bashy fish lists. I feel like he's never a bad choice in fish.
  8. A little advice, please

    I think shark or siren is a better kick off model, as they both apply significantly more ball retrieval pressure than kraken. The last couple of episodes of strictly the worst have gone into more detail, and I'd recommend listening to them, but you want to minimize the advantage you give your opponent when kicking off.
  9. Standard Fish Line Ups

    Sakana can reach the goal first turn with 2 momentum (three if you want to bonus time) and three influence (two if you get lucky with terrain). He's also a much more well rounded player than Angel, with roughly similar defensive stats, with his own cover generating ability, almost as good at kicking, better HP, 2 in reach, tiny bit better ball recovery (better TAC and ignores 1 armor), and free counter attack every turn. Angel has barely left my bag since Sakana came out.
  10. Kingdom con 2017

    Looks like they recently updated thier minis event page. They now list guild ball demos and open play Friday afternoon/evening, and a tournament Saturday starting 10:30.
  11. Kingdom con 2017

    I went to kingdom con last year and had a blast playing guild ball. Since kingdom con has open up registration for this year, is there any word on guild ball events at it this year? I'd assume so, but I couldn't find any information.
  12. V for Venin-detta, 5th November, Seattle WA

    Woot! Excited for a tournament in Seattle!
  13. New player in Seattle WA area

    Hey AnderFREAK, we've got a nice little bit of community going in Seattle. I know there are groups at Card Kingdom, Mox Boarding House and Heroic Knight Games, and I think there's a group at Games and Gizmos. Mox Boarding House has tournaments occasionally. I've run a bunch of demos at Card Kingdom, so if you need a demo feel free to message me.
  14. Puget Sound Guild Ball

    I should be there, and I suspect others will too.
  15. Puget Sound Guild Ball

    I don't think we have any events on the calendar yet for that weekend, but we can coordinate some friendly games that weekend or during the week if you're interested.