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  1. The thing I've been looking at recently has been judging board states accurately and determining your best option / your opponent's likely course of action. One of the big components of this is taking your time to evaluate the board state and your options, especially on the clock. - You have 45 minutes of clock time in a round. - Most games where both players get to put their models to good use are ended by the first activation of turn four or earlier. - Most models in a game of GB will activate between two and four times. - Approximately four activations per turn will actually involve rolling dice / spending influence - fewer on turn one. - This means that over the course of a game, you will probably make approximately 10-12 actually important activations (ones with a chance of generating VPs), and 5-10 unimportant ones, and allocate influence 3-4 times. - This means you should have time to consider exactly what your plan is before every activation where you are spending influence. Some of the time this is going to be obvious and can be skipped, but in a lot of situations you will have multiple good options to choose from. Other things to consider: - The most powerful thing you can do in Guild Ball is reach 12 VPs first. Having an actual path to winning the game is important, as is ensuring your route to victory is faster than your opponent's. The obvious example here is 'don't score when you're on 6vps and your opponent is on 8', but that's just the most obvious example. Engineering six-point or eight-point activations is difficult to do correctly, but often ends the game when done right. At the same time, VPs are irrelevant if you're pinning yourself into a corner to get them. Scoring with A&G is great, but doing so next to a fully-stacked Fillet and Harry is probably giving your opponent two takeouts and a goal in exchange. - Play to your outs. This is originally a Magic term, but it applies equally here. If you need something to go your way to have any chance in a game, assume it's going to happen. If your opponent goes to 8VPs with a goal, play that Who Are Ya? because it's never going to get used otherwise. If your opponent is one shot roll away from winning the game, and you can't stop them from making that shot, plan for what to do if they miss, because if they score it doesn't matter how you allocated your influence anyway.
  2. @xenwall I'm liking the look of Locus more and more: - His character plays mean that while it's not the most useful thing in the world, and INF you put on him is never wasted / you always get reasonable utility out of him - He's the only non-Captain engineer with a momentous 3 damage in his playbook. - KD on the first column gives you a potential answer to models which are otherwise particularly difficult for us to get the ball off (i.e. Velocity) - He's a Mechanica who fits well in a Ballista team, which gives you a model Ratchet can Overclock for damage (since killing people with Velocity or Hoist is pretty underwhelming) - He's very durable and generally hard to deal with for a lot of teams. 3+/2 in cover is a pain. He's actually a particular problem for Midas, because he gets yanked into B2B if he engages you and his >< doesn't let him immediately disengage because of Stoic, so Locus is one of the few models he can't bounce off for Momentum without getting KDed. @MechMage If colossus was in my 10, I would probably bring him in against Fishermen and Alchemists. Mainly because they like to kite around the flanks, and Colossus is pretty solid at shoving them off the board.
  3. Yeah I run Harry. Into Butchers: Pin Vice, Hoist, Velocity, Ratchet, Harry/Compound/Locus Just play football, Tool up / overclock PV to oneshot their captain if you get the opportunity. Into Fishermen: Ballista, Velocity, Compound, Harry, Ratchet Put the ball on Velocity and beat the team to death. NB. Corsair hates Compound. Masons: Ballista, Velocity, Ratchet, Harry, Locus/Compound/Salvo Control the captain, they're entirely melee and you can abuse that thoroughly. Brewers: Pin Vice, Velocity, Hoist, Ratchet, Harry/Compound/Locus See Butchers. Alchemists: Pin Vice, Velocity, Ratchet, Compound, Harry/Salvo/Locus Out-football them or put the ball on Velocity and kill them, either is okay. Morticians: Ballista, Harry, Compound, Locus, Ratchet (if Obulus)/Velocity (if Scalpel) Control the captain and grind them down. Union: Pin Vice, Velocity, Harry, Compound, Ratchet See Butchers. Hunters: not played them enough to say.
  4. I run the same 10, but with Mother as the mascot.s - Take Ballista against teams which revolves heavily around a single model - like Shark or (non-VRage) Brisket - Take Pin Vice against very damage focused teams which can close on and kill Ballista i.e. Butchers, Union if they have VRage - Take Pin Vice against very football focused teams where you can out-score them with your close control models and mobility, like Alchemists - Take Ballista against mixed teams which will have trouble extracting the ball from Velocity and you can reasonably expect to get some kills against, like Masons and Morticians.
  5. You can also use Snowball in some situations to move Snow for only 1 influence by dropping the marker, and having Snow jog towards it. Pretty handy if you want to reposition Snow for Pack Mentality.
  6. Setting up KD in the first activation isn't particularly scary any more, but setting up KDs at the end of the turn is still really solid.
  7. She can potentially get around this if she's within 11" of the ball carrier, since she can just jog up to them and buy two attacks for three influence - one for a tackle and the other for a momentum.
  8. I think Masons are meant to sort of be the 'steady, reliable structure' sort of theme. So they have lost of individual parts which are reasonably solid, but when combined together they become an insurmountable barrier. So lots of interlocking pieces and buffs for each other. 'Lack of ranged attacks' I think is a Masons theme - if they are doing something to the enemy, they're physically within a few inches of you.
  9. That's six players and none of them are mascots. Just saying..?
  10. Being able to chain On My Mark to targets seems like something Blackheart is happy to have available, too.
  11. Not running Locus in the end then? Also, I regularly end up going 4-1 with both captains, interestingly.
  12. Salvo. Mainly because Locus isn't currently painted, but he's also useful, particularly against footballing teams. Now we get to see the enemy team, picking Salvo for AttK against Shark seems like a reasonable plan. Ballista, Pin Vice Mother Ball carrier: Velocity Midfield presence / takeout setup: Harry, Colossus Anti-football choices: Salvo, Compound Anti-brawl choice: Hoist Utility: Ratchet
  13. Yeah, I'm pretty happy to be in Engineers right now. Ballista kicks very well and Pin Vice prefers to receive the ball, but neither of them are in a horrible position if they don't get that way round, just a little more awkward. The 10th slot also makes things quite nice for them - can potentially slot in more situational players like Salvo, Colossus, VVelocity and so on. Knowing the opponent's captain makes you much more able to build a machine that works well into them - I could see myself taking Salvo much more frequently now when previously he didn't make my 9.
  14. Locus is better at getting the ball off an enemy, but he's also a lot worse at actually reaching his target in the first place. Colossus has a 10" charge threat, Locus needs to hit with a risky Destructive Impulse to threaten more than 7".
  15. If you want doubled tooled up, you only get to have 5 inf with your Furious.