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  1. Counterattacks are made when an attack is 'declared' which is also when you spend influence on them. Parting blows don't pass through this step. You can't counterattack them for this reason. Wrecker is prevented from making - not declaring - attacks. That means even attacks which aren't declared as Attacks (such as a charge, parting blow or counterattack) are unavailable to Wrecker. I don't see any problems here. @TheLieutenant even specifies in the post you linked that it's the Declaration of a parting blow that matters for the ruling.
  2. Yeah this is going to be a major part of what she does. End of turn, knock down 2-3 models with Okat and Harry Go first with Crucible - put up Nimble, sit within 4" of your KDed models.
  3. Silence is pretty good in the Casket slot too. Fire Blast sets up Damaged Target which makes Minx and Graves go way further than people expect.
  4. Minx is pretty fun too. Sets up for Cosset and Graves well, and makes the team absurdly influence efficient. Casket competes with Ghast too. Scalpel is pretty good at getting people into the box on turn one.
  5. Looks accurate from the rules. If your'e snared and taking parting blows from a model with a KD on the second column, you're probably not going very far anyway.
  6. The pulse extends from the target.
  7. If a model is pinning Rage in place, engaging them with Harry or Avarisse lets you Red Fury to push them out of the way with one of those guys before charging them. 4+/1 is one of the better defensive statlines, especially with Rising Anger. He's modular with his influence. If you can't get to engagement with someone, buy attacks with someone else. Dodge people in to engage.
  8. This depends whether 'causing' is transitive in Guild Ball. If a parting blow causes trait A to trigger, and trait A causes trait B to reposition a model, whether the parting blow 'Causes' trait B is not defined in the rulebook. If it is transitive, you get into weird situations where an actual normal attack (say, Countercharge off a Jog from Between A Rock..) cannot cause a reposition because it occurred off a chain reaction from a Parting Blow.
  9. Only if you need Crucible to apply the conditions herself rather than get someone else to do so / still have them on from the previous turn.
  10. She seems pretty good with oKat - if he knocks down / burns multiple people at the end of a turn, Crucible can go first and cause a lot of problems for them if she positions herself in the right place. I think trying to fight people is probably an inefficient use of influence, but she causes some reasonable headaches for the opponent with just 1-2 influence.
  11. Chisel and Brick are on Team A. Granite and Mallet are on Team B. - Chisel applies Feel My Pain to Mallet. - Chisel takes a Parting Blow from Mallet and deals them 2 damage with Feel My Pain - If Granite is within 4" of the model that suffers damage from Feel My Pain, she gets to make a Jog. Jogs are Advances, not Repositions, so Between A Rock... can happen. - Granite ends her jog and gets Counter Charged by Brick. Does Brick get to apply Knockback and Concussion? I think he should - IMO if you move charts then any respositioning effects aren't 'caused' by the parting blow any more. X can be caused by Y and Y caused by Z without the property having to be transitive (i.e 'X is by Z' following from the previous), otherwise you get into silly chains like this.
  12. It's still Jaecar's activation, and while you roll the parting blow dice Jaecar is the active model, even if you're currently interrupting another model's action.
  13. I see Back to the Shadows as a binary on/off toggle checked at the end of the activation. Did you cause damage this activation? Great, you get BTTS. It doesn't need to look into specific causes of damage. As an alternate example, if someone takes a Parting Blow from Brick and ends up KDed outside Brick's melee range (ending their advance), Brick can immediately counter charge them, and the counter charge works as normal (i.e. Knockback is active and Brick could use Concussion) even though it only happened because of a Parting Blow.
  14. I don't see any reason why BTTS wouldn't trigger. The damage was dealt during Jaecar's activation, even if it was during an action made by another player.
  15. He's saying that the rulebook wording 'cannot cause a reposition' is specifically written that way so that repositions which aren't directly playbook results (like Swift Strikes and Knockback) are also prevented.