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    I don't see how the cage is any different to how it works in a normal deployment game. The advantage of receiving is having the first activation. If you don't make use of it to take the initiative and put the defender on the back foot, they'll do very well.
  2. Advice with Vet Rage!

    I've recently been playing with this lineup, swapping Harry out for Minx. It means you have an absurd amount of setup and efficiency, with Benediction (who'll happily take 0-1 influence) and Minx (who never drains the team) meaning you can fully stack Rage, Gutter, Minx and Strongbox for a lot of attacks every turn. It does mean you're more reliant on Gutter as a 'payoff' model, but Minx is a fine backup / utility piece anyway and double-Furious is pretty scary. You also have no models in your team that are really flimsy at all.
  3. I think you guys are confusing 'being competitive' and 'being unsporting'. Plenty of players can be cutthroat players and still enjoy the game / be enjoyable to play against. In my experience of competitive Guild Ball, most of them are great opponents. Players can be not competitive in the slightest and still be no fun to play against. I don't think there is that much of a correlation between the two. Quite frankly, if you're trying to be competitive at the game, not letting players take things back is not going to help you. Winning games because your opponent forgot Midas has UM is not going to make you a better player, after all - winning (or losing) games because of calculated decisions helps a lot more than catching people making silly mistakes.
  4. Even if you were able to take Scything Blow on a parting blow, it still wouldn't do anything, because the model you're attacking has already left your melee zone. To be honest, a lot of models seem to be designed with the intention that their character plays can't be taken on parting blows. Allowing them would require a major rebalancing for very little strategic gain.

    They asked us to test either 1MP or all-model deployment, not necessarily both.
  6. How can the Labrats Refute the Exile?

    Smoke does reasonably well into Corsair in my experience - neither team generates momentum particularly well, but Corsair is slow enough to generate VPs that Smoke can pretty reliably condition the entire team at the end of each turn (since they like to bunch up) and grind the Fishermen down. Smoke is also pretty good at escaping Corsair's drag each turn, and if all the Fishermen start every turn conditioned and damaged, it costs them a lot of momentum to keep people healthy - especially if you have Crucible.
  7. Masons!

    Theron is useful against Honour too - if the monkey goes in on one target. Pinned on Honour to prevent her from making use of Assist is very useful. You probably don't need to worry about vHarmony if they take Honour, since Harmony1 is amazing with her. Using your forests and Pinned to keep the sisters split apart goes a long way.

    Played a Union vs. Morticians game yesterday. Union kicked off. Lineups: Mortician centre line: Obulus, Ghast, (Memory) Mortician deployment line: Brainpan, Dirge Mortician goal line: Graves1, Cosset Union centre line: Benediction, Strongbox Union deployment line: Gutter, Rage (kicking) Union goal line: Minx, Mist Morticians went to get the ball first activation, which put them behind in the midfield brawl. Obulus was able to score and could probably have got another with a good scatter / initiative roll / dice. Getting straight into a midfield brawl naturally helped the Union, but they were really hurt by their lack of ball-killing options. This format is one where I would actually legitimately consider running Snakeskin against football heavy teams.

    Use of Puppet Master to pull an enemy model far into your team on turn one where it can't be supported, then beating it to death with several Morticians.

    Unless they deployed Naja last (unlikely given they can get way more use out of other models) you know where the snake is going to be.. just deploy within 5" of it? You can pretty easily have Skatha within 6" of the other frontline model and/or the model you kicked off with. I don't see how this is particularly relevant here though. I already talked about how against Alchemists you're probably going for takeouts rather than a fast goal anyway.

    With the addition of a starting Momentum, I don't think there's many situations where the receiver can shut down both your frontline models *and* your kicker. They can shut down your threat on the ball, or get the upper hand in the brawl on the centre line, but I don't think they can reasonably plan to do both - and against the teams which can only do one of those two things well, they can put up a reasonable fight in that area even if they don't have first activation - teams like Fishermen can go for the ball even if it's being hidden, and teams like Brewers can do well in a brawl even if the opponent's first activation is to KD you or similar. If you're playing against Alchemists you're probably going for a fighting game rather than a footballing one. Even so, Skatha can deal with Naja okay - Snowball dodge to engage, attack for momentum, Legendary, bonus time attack for T><, sprint to goal, score.

    What about them? They aren't amazing, but ulfr/skatha/theron can all threaten a reasonable distance on the ball, and some combination of theron/minx/seenah/jaecar can between them be reasonably expected to score a take out across two activations. Hell, if nothing else, if the Butchers spend their first activation securing the ball, Theron on the halfway line is actually not bad against Fillet since Pinned + sit behind forest actually shuts her down reasonably effectively in a way they can't easily play around.

    I honestly don't believe there is a single possible team in the game that threatens neither takeouts nor goals when you kick off with two models on the centre line.

    If they don't, you've scored at least one goal in those turns instead. There are no teams in the game which don't have access to models they can happily feed Fillet, especially ones with good counterattacks.

    If you put Fillet on the halfway line and activate her unbuffed, she's unlikely to one round a player immediately. If you put Fillet on the half way line and don't activate her early, she's *at least* going to get engaged by an enemy bruiser and forced to hit a suboptimal target. Most likely, with her 14 HP, she's going to get taken out in two activations.