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  1. I don't think they're bad enough for this to be necessary. Ox is solid - IMO it's more a problem of player perception than anything of his actual viability. Same goes for Tenderiser.
  2. I believe the ruling for Jacear's trap marker was that you couldn't PM him through his own traps because they changed sides along with Jaecar. This implies that markers are tied in team alignment to the model that created them, so when Harrow stops being a Fish/Morticians team model and returns to the Farmer's guild, the Harvest-Marker would also become a Farmers' Marker.
  3. Siren1 can also charge someone with low DEF like Tapper or Hooper and take Seduced from her playbook, then use it to make Friday pass the ball.
  4. Butchers: Meathook is a great utility player. Fillet is a solid captain and Veteran Ox plays well with her. Fishermen: Hag is a great utility player. Corsair is a solid captain and Veteran Siren plays well with him. Brewers: Pintpot is a great brawler. Esters is a solid captain and Mash plays well with her. Masons: Tower is a great utility player. Hammer is a solid captain. Alchemists: Compound is a great utility player. Smoke is a solid captain and Veteran Katalyst plays well with her. Engineers: Hoist is great at everything, Locus is a handy utility player. Pin Vice is a solid captain. Morticians: Brainpan and Memory are versatile and fun to play. Scalpel is a solid captain and Casket plays well with her. --- Union: Mist is the best striker you have available, and plays particularly well with SBrisket (the third Captain option). Minx is also solid. For mascots, Strongbox is great in a fighting team while Coin is more of an all-rounder.
  5. No. You have to place the ball token on the location you want to kick to, and if it doesn't fit you can't try to kick to that location.
  6. Season 1 teams have 8 guild players accessible and would have 6 slots to put them in. It just moves the bar of 'what players do I take' to being 'which 2 players am I happiest to not take' combined with a bit of shuffling to get two lists that work. Also makes some 'core' utility models (Meathook, Ratchet, Spigot1) a problem since both lists want them, and the entire faction is balanced around access to that player. Brewers without Spigot aren't very impressive, and whichever list doesn't have him will probably be the one your opponent forces you into picking. Butchers: Captains compete for Meathook. Otherwise probably fine - enough good Union models in Harry/A&G/Minx, a Brisket on each team, Fillet gets VOx and Ox gets Boar, one team gets Meathook and the other gets Shank or Boiler. Fishermen: Greyscales and Hag are the contested players. Corsair probably takes VSiren/Kraken/A&G/Hag and Shark has Siren/Greyscales/Sakana/Jac or similar. Both captains want Salt though which is probably the hardest choice. Brewers: Spigot is a real problem. Union choices are fine. Tapper probably gets Spigot, since he needs the speed more, and Esters takes Harry for more 2" melee. Team mostly builds itself from there - Tapper/Spigot/Friday/A&G, Esters/Mash/Harry, three slots lets to distribute VSpigot/Pintpot/Stave/Hooper/Stoker wherever. Masons: This one is pretty easy. Honour takes Harmony/Brick (and Marbles, naturally). Hammer gets VHarmony. Minx/A&G are the obvious union options, fill the remaining three slots with some combination of Tower/Flint/Mallet/Granite. Might end up dropping VHarmony from Hammer, since you'll never get to play her into Alchemists anyway. Alchemists: Calculus is contested, Midas probably ends up with Vitriol. Smoke/Calculus/Mercury/Crucible/VKat and Midas/Vitriol/Compound/OKat/Harry seems like the obvious lineups, but you'll probably just end up playing Smoke all day. Engineers: Both captains want Velocity, I'm not sure which needs her more. Harry is similarly contested but Ballista can probably get by without okay. Ratchet would be great in either team but probably synergises with Pin Vice better. I'd go Ballista/Salvo/Locus/Compound and Pin Vice/Ratchet/Velocity/Hoist/Harry, filling Ballista's last slot with Colossus or A&G for a scoring threat. Ballista team looks a bit clunky though - might need to split Velocity/Ratchet up just so the team with bad goal threat at least gets Tooled Up so they can kill people. Maybe just take Rage and chop people up. Morticians: Graves is the difficult piece to drop. Cosset is good in both teams but probably just goes wherever Dirge is. Obulus/B&M/Mist/Silence/Ghast and Scalpel/Cosset/Graves/A&G/Casket would be where I'd go. Bonesaw is the other option, could be fine in either team. Graves2 is okay but Scalpel loves Tooled Up, and Obulus is probably better off just playing football rather than messing around trying to get multiple Gravedigger takeouts. Union: Harry/A&G/Mist/Minx are all pretty contested. Harry is really good with Rage so probably goes there, Mist similarly with Brisket. I'd go VRage/Harry/Minx/Gutter and SBrisket/A&G/Decimate/Mist/Rage, with Hemlocke or Snakeskin for Rage's last slot. Hunters: Not many choices here. Hearnes go to their respective captains. One captain gets Seenah and the other gets Jaecar, probably Seenah with Skatha to avoid low-inf troubles. I'd go Theron/Hearne/Jaecar/Zarola/A&G and Skatha/Seenah/Ulfr/VHearne/Minx - Chaska or Egret could swap in to either team. Most of the team pretty much build themselves off the player synergies, which makes a lot of the matchups pretty cookie cutter, sadly.
  7. It sounds interesting, but it penalises players who want to stick to the same guild, or who play guilds which share players / Union members. - A Union team severely restricts the Union option on the other team - Teams which both want the same Union player are also penalised - A player can take two teams with similar playstyle, then force the opponent into playing whichever of their teams are bad against it For example, you could take a Shark team (Shark/Salt/Siren/Hag/Greyscales/A&G) and a Midas team (Midas/Flask/Vitriol/OKat/Compound/Harry) and then just force your opponent into playing whichever team can't deal with hyper-mobile footballing, or take Fillet (Fillet/Princess/VOx/VBrisket/Meathook/Harry) and Scalpel (Scalpel/Dirge/Cosset/Graves/Minx/Casket or similar) and force the opponent into whichever team can't deal with a fast damage heavy line up. I think it would reward going for teams which play very similarly to limit the opponent's choice / make your choice more meaningful.
  8. Tenderiser also has the unique status (in Butchers) of being a model with 2" reach, ability to take 4 influence, and benefits from your teammates' buffs.
  9. Blind is a modifier to Harmony's stats if it's applied to her, and so has its effect on her (copied) stats.
  10. I like how TheCurkov talked about how VKat is worse because he requires setup, then described how the best way to deal with an issue as basic as a KD on OKat by spending a load of influence and the activations of two of your most useful players.
  11. To be fair Mist spends 1 influence to bypass UM with Acrobatic and 1 influence to bypass Close Control with a tackle, and either way you aren't going to get to use Poised. Seasoned Brisket probably has a harder time dealing with Mash as well since he's more durable and costs her more influence to engage.
  12. OKat: - good with Crucible (great at applying KD+Burn) - better at controlling a scrum - bad against teams that are good at KDing you (clearing conditions is pretty awful because it puts your fire out) - bad against Vet Kat VKat: - good against footballing teams (the 2VPs they get often don't matter) - great against OKat (he's always on fire, and is 3+/1 with 1" melee and no defensive abilities and a shorter threat range...) - bad against teams which generate lots of momentum - bad in long sustained fights - can be pinned down and not do much
  13. He seems okay but every Engineers player at the moment has so many strong upsides that I don't think he's going to make my roster often, just because the competition is so fierce. - Velocity is a seriously great striker - Hoist sets up for Velocity extremely well and has a lot of utility - Ratchet sets up for the mechanica and has lots of utility (also, momentous damage in his playbook) - Harry is a midfield control piece that does a lot of work - Colossus is great at everything except killing people directly, but sets up for other damage dealers solidly and pushes people off the pitch - Compound completely shuts some teams down And that's a full team without even getting to Salvo, let alone Locus. KD on 1 is nice but he doesn't seem efficient enough for the player slot.
  14. Can't have both A&G and Mist in the same team, but other than that it'd be pretty solid.
  15. 'Scoreticians'? I believe the official term is 'Fishbones'. Seriously though, scoring goals with Morts is pretty solid. Graves is a good footballer too with his good kick, melee zone and tackle, along with Silence.