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  1. Tourney nine post Brainpan reveal.

    Scalpel Dirge Silence Cosset B&M Graves1 Minx or A&G 2 from Ghast, Casket, Bonesaw - probably usually dropping Bonesaw since we already have A&G and B&M to score with.
  2. I was under the impression that you couldn't declare new actions after the time ran out, but you finished the action you were currently taking and any triggered effects involved, so you could make the snap shot. I don't believe there is an official ruling anywhere though.
  3. IMO the easiest solution would be to run rounds until there are 4 (or 8 for large events) players with an X-1 record event or better, then run 2-3 knockout rounds for those players. If after the cutoff round there are an uneven number of X-1 players, either run an uneven knockout or take the top of the X-2 players via OMW% or something.
  4. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    Hey, I'm not saying Butchers are bad or anything. There's basically no reason not to take either Ox or vOx in every six man team now, though. Unless you really don't want anyone with low DEF.
  5. No idea what to do against Union

    Let's be honest here, there are very few teams that can't score on turn one when receiving, even if they don't get to interact with you at all. You can always score on the backswing and/or kill their goalscorer and win initiative for next turn.
  6. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    He seems very good, but you have to play him with Fillet who's frankly pretty mediocre now, so that's the downside.
  7. No idea what to do against Union

    Silence is pretty great against footballing teams. Blackheart has DEF3 so he's not exactly resistant to being manipulated by Shutout or Tucked. He's not particularly durable if he gets KDed, also, and Cosset can probably chop him up in a single activation if he goes in and tries to score a goal - it's not like he can disengage after scoring with his 6" kick and 4" run the length (6" with Knee Slider).
  8. OMW% is pretty good at this sort of thing but it does have its own flaws. In particular, if you are (as an extreme example) a player who is going to beat everyone at a tournament except for one person (who you're going to lose to), getting matched against the person you lose to in the first round pretty much guarantees you can't place in the even though you win all the rest of your games because your OMW% will be much worse than someone who instead dodges that top player until the last round. This means that 100% of a player's chance of winning any prizes at an event can be lost after just the first round, which is pretty awful. IMO there are two tiebreakers which work reasonably well: - VP Difference, since it encourages players not to go for the 11-12 and makes games other than the one loss you get relevant - it's no longer 'well, I won all my games 12-0 and you won yours 12-10, but my loss was 12-8 and yours was 12-10 so you're ahead of me. However this rewards players who played against less strong opponents and rewards 'feast or famine' teams which can score lots of vps quickly. - Top4-8 knockout after X rounds, with omw% tiebreakers. This is what I'd prefer, but is mainly prevented by time constraints. It means that getting a single loss should never be a tournament ending problem, since coming 4th-8th still keeps you in the running. The main problem with this format in other games (like Magic) is that it encourages intentional drawing, but the nature of Guild Ball clocks means IDing is basically impossible here so IMO it would work very well. Unfortunately the game simply takes too long to play for this to be a legitimate option, but I'd love to see it in larger / two day events.
  9. Turn One Masons

    As an example: Start with Flint deployed as far forward as possible, right in front of your goal. That means he is 20" from the enemy goal. Flint sprints 8", kicks 8" and has Where'd they Go? for another 4". This totals 20", so he's exactly in range currently. If you use Pass'n'move to dodge flint 4" forward before he activates, or Honour's Quick Time to dodge him forwards, he'll be in range of the goal for certain. Naturally you have to work around whatever your opponent is doing to stop you, but generally it should be doable without too much issue, and you don't need to really leave your goal line at all until the activation in which you score the goal.
  10. Ok, Final Slot.

    Primary plan is against teams which want to spread out, or which are generally resistant to the condition game. That usually means Esters brewers, Shark fishermen, and maybe Fillet butchers and both Engineers.
  11. Bushel's I'm Open

    I'm pretty sure nothing happens, in the same way as if you tried to Red Fury a model with nothing in its engagement zone. If you can't do the action the Play tells you to do, you don't do anything. Whether you can actually target the model and spend 2INF for no effect is a matter for the Lawyer's Guild, but I don't think you can, since you can't Rough Seas a model that doesn't have the ball (from previous rulings).
  12. Ok, Final Slot.

    I used to run this list with Mercury (and Flask for Naja), with the plan of taking Harry when receiving the ball (to make use of Inspiring Hat) and Mercury when kicking. I found that whenever I took Mercury, he was very similar to Harry, though the damaging AOE was nice, but I really missed having a player who could bring the beatdown effectively like Harry does with his excellent playbook, 2" melee and high TAC. IMO you want Katalyst1, so you can take a team less reliant on AOEs if you want to, with Kat1/Vitriol/Compound/Harry and Midas.
  13. Alchemist Matchups

    My 9 is usually Smoke, Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Compound, VKat, Calculus, Harry, OKat. Katalyst 1 doesn't come off the bench very often, but he gives me the option of fielding a Midas lineup with zero condition silliness and just a lot of good independent players instead, which is nice to have available.
  14. S3, Who do you kickoff with

    Captain is the standard one. Both of them have large threat ranges and can dominate whole sections of the board if they start off with some extra distance.
  15. I can't win. Please help!

    Jac is a fine winger too. If someone moves to mark him, activate Jac last in the turn and Ramming Speed + Heroic them 6" towards the edge of the pitch, then threaten to do it again if they don't go first and immediately get their player out of the danger zone.