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  1. Sorry if this topic has been asked elsewhere but I was wondering if anyone had some advice on weighing the plastic models down. I love the new plastics (so glad to be rid of pinning!) but I do like the weight of a metal mini. The new bases have foot-wells so a simple 1p coin to the base doesn't fit - and I'm mortally afraid to try to extract the model from the base. Does anyone have any recommendations for weighing the plastic base down (i.e. without replacing base)?
  2. Thoughts on new Ox

    I think what this shows is that Ox is a scary badass, and that a vRage player has to be a little careful in how he plays - and that seems ok. vRage has tools to make his alpha, but it's not a sure thing 1&done that Ox is toast.
  3. Thoughts on new Ox

    Kill Strongbox, generate fountains of momentum, go first, kill everyone else with legendary? I played into vRage last night and did the above, won 12-6. Hooked (and sometimes combined with dirty knives if you want ultimate setup) + Ox = destroyed things and shed loads of momentum. The more I play Butchers, the more I still prefer Brisket1. Sure the +2 INF is amaze, but 5+/1 is just so annoying to disarm and Dirty Knives is such a force multiplier. Summary: I don't think Ox Butchers into vRage Union is worse than 50/50 - and that seems fine (or a skill test - but isn't that also fine?). There are people I probably wouldn't roll Ox into (Corsair is probably better countered by Fillet for example) but Oxy is definitely a thing - if your opponent makes one mistake, they can be lose tempo severely against him. [EDIT] To be clear, I'm not saying Oxy is perfect - he's still vulnerable no doubt (but you probably need a KD otherwise that >> is getting hit - you know it!). But on offence, he's a killer.
  4. Thoughts on new Ox

    I think this is a case of positioning and board state. In an ideal world vRage may have the upper hand - but what did the Butchers do on the previous turn. I don't think there are absolutes here. But I think if Ox has the opportunity to charge Rage, the initiative is on the other foot. It's all move & counter move. But If Ox lives, the Union die. He definitely has defence problems for sure, but he's the cannonyiest glass-cannon around.
  5. Thoughts on new Ox

    I'm surprised at the result tbh - Ox vs Rage in a scrum should have resulted in a dead Rage and the Union team falling apart. Ox is the king of the ring - even more so now. On Legendary turn, if all your models are getting into that sweet 6", you should be taking Union models off. If the Union models are not joining the scrum then they are playing properly - and that is deliberate. Ox can't win in both scenarios - would be broken. Where Butchers suffer a bit is counter-attacks. However I would say Boiler and Swift Stance is a foil here (and remember Ox can go to 3/2 - 4/2 is very survivable!). I don't think we want to go back to the bad old days of Union models getting the benefit - the point of the change is to encourage Butcher model use, not replace them with more efficient Union models (otherwise everyone would take A+G or Decimate because under Owner and Aura they would pump out 16-24+ DMG). I think Ox is fine as he is - perhaps too strong in melee in some ways (he can take out models 1-1). If you try to play into Ox, you'll lose. Which is sort of how it should be. What I would like to see is Tenderiser improved to a 1st column KD. The man is holding a giant er, mallet and yet has a stupidly high KD for his TAC. If Tenderiser could offer a more reliable KD, I think it would start to set the team off - avoiding those counters. Shank is probably fine - maybe reduce his KICK to 1/6" if you want 2/4 but I think he's just too fast for what he can do at 2". And let's talk Meathook - she is ridiculous. TAC 6 and 1 hit (1!) causes Bleed, Hooked and 1 MOM DMG. That's silly. I'd like to see Hooked become a character play. If Meathook isn't doing DMG, what is she doing?? Worst case Tooling Up Ox to obliterate a model. So I don't agree Butchers are suffering. I think they suffered in the meta changes because 2" re-positions became more common and goal scoring got faster. But at take outs - Ox is still the best baby. Fillet is the better all-rounder - she can score and kill - but Ox can control the centre of the field.
  6. Second Game. Sad face.

    Man, Corsair is a cruel one. Nice to see Angel on the pitch. Don't be too down hearted - it's a tough matchup. But not impossible. I think I would suggest (but don't take my word for it!) something like: Theron, Fahad, Hearne1, Jaecar, Avarisse+Greede, Egret My thinking here is: You have ranged options to help with wasted INF of a KD'd player outside melee, you have back to the shadows options, you have melee power and scoring threats. Theron, Hearne1, Jaecar (use pinball dodges to avoid counters that will disengage) and A+G can offer a powerful melee threat. Always deploy and pull up Greede (or else he'll give away 2 VPs). Avarisse is a pain for Corsair to grind through and offers a massive amount of damage and auto KD to avoid counter attacks (less powerful on Corsair but not impossible and his buddies are vulnerable). Theron+Hearne together can dish out a lot of pain now - set models up with Hearne and Theron can probably KD them and go to town. Egret is great on first turn as Corsair players often clump. Poison the lot of them - it seems small but it soon adds up (And you can do it again next turn and for free with Blessing!). If he shoots, grab the ball and put it on Egret. Then move forward, shoot then shadow back. Eventually he'll have to send someone after her - krump that player with your team and dance away with Egret. Gut & String is very powerful to slow goal threats to a crawl or cripple Corsair - it takes his base move to 0" and with a pit trap as well - he's in trouble. I would pepper him from range and when he starts pulling people in, go for a krump fight - you ARE better at fighting than his whole team (Corsair can only do so much). An alternative to Egret would be Ulfr. You lose the poison and damage (which I like in this match up) but gain the speed and ability to bounce around. But don't get into a scoring match (I score, you score etc) with Fish - they are better than you!
  7. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    Bear hug is great. Definitely. My problem is, of all the +x vp abilities it is the worst by miles. It requires you roll 6 successes after armour on the takeout roll. That's not very likely without obvious setup. If it was "when this model inflicts a take out" like all the others, I'd be more kind. But at the moment it's super flaky. Seenah is always a huge disappointment to me. Her low KD is nice but def+armour always seem to cause me to miss the juicy stuff. She wants snared up, but any sane coach will clear snared near her. I guess A+G do a similar job more reliably for me. But perhaps play styles vary. I will watch Nationals with interest. PS the irony is A+G do more DMG to Seenah than she can do back to A+G...
  8. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    I think my point was, A+G will do more DMG than Seenah and take less in return, and Seenah is a 2/4 model - she is sucking in 4 INF to get 3 attacks - same as A+G. Furious is nice, but A+G bring their own DMG buff, their own Singled Out buff (costs an extra INF of course, but no order of activation issues and +1 TAC from gang up) and sure, if they are >5" away it sucks but we have a faction full of pushes...I've pushed models into the 5" zone with Hearne, Jaecar and Theron. And if worst case A+G have to run (NEVER EVER CHARGE A+G!) and drop Greede off, 2 attacks with auto KD still does serious work. And if you started ENGAGING A+G - you are also dead. Models engaging Seenah are less bothered really. Given the INF is the same, I can't see why I'd bother with Seenah. Other than the awesome model. She just doesn't do enough and A+G are reliable take out machines. The killer is the KD and DMG on 1, which with Greede buff works out the same as column 5 of Seenah. That's just bad.
  9. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    I would say that A+G is a good fit for Hunters right now. With their changes you lose a striker but get an insane DMG/MOM dealer and in Hunters specifically, you can turn them up to 11. With Singled Out available elsewhere, you can save putting INF into Greede (and make that first attack much more powerful assuming you whack with A+G first) combined with Snare to really drop Defence. A 4/1 model becoming a 2/1 model with SO on is basically dead. Skatha can make his walk/doom zone larger than other factions as well. I think A+G might be edging out Minx for me - they are just so destructive now (you should expect 10+ MOM DMG, spiking to 16+ if you get the setup). Take note SFG - Seenah should have auto KD as well as a +1 DMG buff. I mean seriously, A+G are better in every way than Seenah (and although Seenah looks INF efficient, the -2 INF means that actually they work out the same). I mean AUTO KNOCKDOWN...WTF SFG. The bear is totally outshone now. That's sad.
  10. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    He's saying that previously Theron took 1-2 INF and gave the rest to the team. Now you can put 6 into Theron and do work. So Chaska is hard to power.
  11. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    OMG Theron is batshit now. Combined with numerous sources of defence debuffs and Singled Outs, he can wreck total face and generate huge momentum now. Insane. And he has his emergency pocket rocket if things don't quite work. I LOVE HIM. Hearne1 has now replaced Hearne2 for me completely (and I favoured 1 anyway because I always preferred Theron) Momentous Singled Out and able to free Skewer for 1 momentum mean Last Light is kinda pointless. Hunters are finally 'a thing'. At last. Now we just need Zarola boosted, Egret Snap fire changed (to at least an 8" play) and Ulfr reduced to 4 columns and we're good.
  12. What does the fact that Drop Me Off is Sustained mean - does it mean Greede cannot use Pick Me Up after Avarisse has used DMO? Or is it meaningless on these plays?
  13. Advice with Vet Rage!

    But how is Greede ever going to die? You can always pick him up at the end of activating right? So he will never be on the table. Averisse is quite survivable with >> on 2 (with TAC 7) and Tough Hide. It takes work to take him out. And if you didn't take him out...you're dead.
  14. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    I haven't played with them yet, but my issue is that theoretically, Greede will never be on the table to take out. Unless you really want to risk it, just put 1 on Greede and pick him up when you're done killing models. I'm not sure I like that (I wish there was a pickup OR put down not both rule). Maybe if you take A+G out with Greede attached it should be 4 VPs? Or perhaps I'm reading that (detach/pickup not take out) rule wrong - am I? Looking at their damage output, vRage is going to straight delete people with these guys if the enemy are within 5" of A+G...ouchy. Auto KD seems...too good? Hmmm. A+G are the only bad note in the errata I think (Ox getting more punchy is a bit weird as it overlaps Fillet heavily making the choice odd). I'm just not sure how they will shake out. Are they an auto-include now because they can guarantee 10+ DMG momentously and a KD (with Singled Out for kicks)? Hmmm. They could sort of do this before so maybe it looks scarier than it is. Hmmm. I need to play test them - I just don't know right now.
  15. 5 Things Less Ridiculous than Stagger.

    I will take that bet. Happily.