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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself and nice report. Yeah Hunters can distract you with 'cool shit' but you need to stay focussed and win those points! Regarding Jaecar and <> into a trap - this is worth it to move a 3+ player to 2+ but usually for a 4+ or 2+ not worth it as the extra hits don't change the maths as much. Better to use as a deterrent. Also never forget Gut & String - G&S and Snared is brutal.
  2. Yeah ball control and murder is probably the best strategy here. Skatha's brand of this may or may not be better - I need to play it out.
  3. Yep it's a 2 INF play basically. It's not for momentum. It's for the 4" dodge. You either dodge Skatha or someone (Seenah) to either put her out of combat/closer to goal or someone into beatdown range. It's very very good.
  4. I agree we need to see the impact of the Heralds - it would be foolish to make a knee jerk now. However I think a some of that success is people adjusting to Skatha and her threat extension and goal stuff. People will adapt. That might bring Hunters up - but I still believe the old issues about Theron (low DMG playbook), Seenah (0/2 but not justifying it) and Zarola etc still deserve some attention. I mean look what was done to Engineers. Alchemists - Midas, Vitriol and Kat1 (maybe Kat2) and Harry need looking at - all above the curve I think. People tend to focus on Midas, but it's his whole team that is crazy good. But that's just my opinion. Either way, I'm sure SFG are processing the data and after UK Nationals we should have some interesting comparison data to Vengeance.
  5. I look at Feral Instincts as a reliability boost - like confidence. On Seenah it's very good. Also useful for the captains. It does cost a bit and yeah I wish it had been AP + Free bonus time but...we work with what we have. Pack Mentality will be useful against models not KDd but yes into Fish Fahad is a better pick.
  6. Game 8 - Union (vRage) - Kicking Me: Skatha, Snow, Seenah, Jaecar, Averisse + Greede, Ulfr Him: vRage, Coin, Decimate, Gutter, Harry, Minx You thought I would be burnt out after the weekend did you? Nope, I'm fired up to try new things! So I managed to get A+G on the table with Skatha. Thought I'd try my usual Minx team with the Union replacement. I lost the toss and was kicking. I setup Ulfr-Jaecar-Seenah-Averisse/Greede-Skatha-Snow. He setup Minx, Gutter, Harry, Rage, Coin, Decimate. I kicked it wide with Skatha so he would have to leg it to get the ball. Turn 1: He loads up Rage, Gutter, Decimate and Harry. He sends Decimate to collect the ball and passes to Rage who jumps forward for free. I put AP on Seenah and move Snow to protect Skatha. He moved Coin to buff Harry. I move Ulfr up. He moved Harry up and molotovs in front of Seenah. I move Jaecar up. He tries to pass from Rage to Gutter but fluffs. This is a problem for him as the threat ranges aren't great. He decides to run Rage back and collect the ball and pass to Gutter - fluffs again. He leaves Rage stuck at the back. I activate Skatha and Fast Ground Seenah and A+G, snowball Seenah forward & throw Cold Snap on Gutter and Coin. Gutter clears conditions, collects ball and passes to Rage to jump him forward. Seenah charges Harry who is slightly too far forward. Seenah KD & mauls Harry and pushes him towards A+G. He activates Minx who can't get to Seenah. I walk Avarisse up, drop off Greede who walks up to Harry and takes him out. Hunters 2-0 Union Turn 2: I go first and load up Jaecar, Skatha, Seenah and Avarisse. He loads up Rage, Harry, Minx and Decimate. I charge Seenah into Minx and do some damage. He activates Minx and does enough damage to trigger back to the shadows to escape. I move Snow. He Bags up Gutter with Coin. I move Ulfr around. He passes ball to Gutter and charges Rage into A+G. Knocks A down and does lots of momentous damage. I charge Jaecar into Gutter and snare her with trap and leave Jaecar engaging her. Decimate charges in to Skatha but Pack Mentality triggers and Skatha is able to dodge up field towards Gutter because of the towards clause. He does damage to both Snow and Skatha, dodging into b2b with Skatha. Skatha snowball passes to Snow and dodges out of melee. Fast ground walks towards Gutter, tackles and dodges with legendary and scores. Ball goes out near Snow and Decimate. Hunters 6-0 Union Turn 3: He wins because Rage generates BAGS OF MOMENTUM. Loads up Decimate, Rage and Harry. Load up Ulfr, Jaecar, Seenah and Avarisse. He uses Decimate to bounce around Snow, collect ball and score. I kick out to Ulfr who charges Harry and fluffs the << so gets << backwards. WTG forward and passes to Skatha for a snapshot goal. He kicks out to Harry. Gutter activates and tries to take out Jaecar but fails, heals Minx. Seenah takes Minx out for win. Hunters 12-4 Union Well that was a strange game. Can't read too much into it because of the bad dice but A+G were very interesting and powerful. Having models with SO and high momentous DMG was pretty brutal. Definitely going to try more A+G!
  7. I take Ulfr and Jaecar all the time. Yeah, they can soak INF, but you assign based on board situation - are you planning to score, load Ulfr, if planning for DMG, Jaecar.
  8. I just want to say that I think in the main the S3 balance changes were very very good. They addressed stuff that was getting out of hand. I like the balance in S3. I think SFG have done a great job and deserve our thanks for being on the case. So most Guilds are about equal. Hunters & Alchemists though might (and I understand the stats might be inflated etc) be outside this Goldilocks zone. Hunters have just had an infusion so I suspect SFG will be watching them for the rest of the year to see if they are 'fixed' so I don't expect much before SteamCon. Alchemists - well they've had 6 months of data so I suspect they'll wait and see what the OPD changes do so again nothing for several months, maybe SteamCon. And I also know there is the dreaded 'Working As Intended' decision they may make. But I hope they decide one way or the other before Farmers as that will further muddy the water.
  9. *Sigh* I wasn't trying to highlight any player as weak or strong or comment on finishing positions. All I think I was trying to say is that after yet another tournament, Hunters seem to be lagging behind and Alchemists seem to be ahead of the curve. I'm not saying anything else. Of course it's much more complicated than this - player skill etc. I was just making a comment on the surprising stats that Tiebreak kicked out - I mean 32% vs the mean seemed sad for Hunters. And it can get frustrating when top players say 'yeah, but it's just player skill - they're fine', when that's not what comes out in the stats. I know I have a long way to go with learning Hunters, but I also want to know that the road is pretty close to the same condition as everyone else - not some country track vs the M1. And I did play Hunters and I did enjoy myself. I just think that some small (not major) thing is missing for them - but I couldn't put my finger on it (Seenah being 0/2) and I am definitely not saying Hunters are duff etc etc. I love Hunters - they have been my favourite team since release. I love their background, the models, the players. But I don't think it's wrong of me to say I wish they had a slight uplift because they seem to always be at the bottom in these stat things. So in conclusion - I think people mistakenly thought I was attacking certain Guilds - I wasn't. I am not saying any team had an easy ride. I am just saying that maybe, like Engineers, Hunters need something. Maybe Heralds is what they needed. But if it isn't I'd rather not have to wait another 1.5 years for that to be found out because we keep having these conversations about Hunters.
  10. Tournament 3 - (116 players) At the last minute I decided on the following 10: Theron, Skatha, Snow, Hearne1, Minx, Jaecar, Seenah, Chaska, Ulfr, Zarola Why?: Two captains - for now I'm not sure about Skatha into everything. She is good, but Theron has a few better matchups I think - gonna have to play test further to get a feel for this. For now, Theron is in. Snow - wanted to play her over Fahad just to get live fire testing (wanted to try some things against new opponents). AP seemed good on paper for Theron and Seenah and Skatha. Pack Mentality seemed like it could be a winner. Ooh Ball is bobbins because it's directly towards and models are often in the way. Hearne1 - with Theron he's a boss. Sure Hearne2 is easier to use and has those sweet low T/KD but Hearne1 has low momentous DMG, teleport and crucially Singled out. No brainer for me with Theron in the list (it's like Honour/Harmony to me). Chaska - I should play him more. He's reliable at what he does and he adds more Snare which is good for Hunters. With Theron he's fantastic. Zarola - Theron's kick off buddy. Allows team to move into position and helps with UM. Game 1: Alchemists (Midas) - kicking Me: Theron, Snow, Hearne1, Minx, Jaecar, Zarola Him: Midas, Naja, Vitriol, Kat1, Compound, Harry Summary: Minx kicked, he picked up with Vitriol and I tried to charge her - hit her but got bounced off so Marked harry and retreated. He passed it around and moved Harry up to pop a molotov down. Theron Blessed Hearne and Sun Striked himself to attack Harry and somehow missed (*sigh* watch this space on dice). Hearne whacked Vitriol and he fluffed a pass to Midas so he couldn't goal score T1. With no momentum on my side, everyone just moved up. (silly rookie mistake on my part, should have either given Zarola 2 just in case). Game continues and I am able to put further wounds and damage into Harry and Kat. He tries to score with Midas and...misses on 4 dice. This decided the game as the ball scattered away from Midas with no chance to collect in one turn and Vitriol too far away (and about to get taken down). Kat takes Minx out. I Single Out Kat with Hearne and Theron with a stack takes him out with wraps a go go (also added Snow AP). Jaecar takes out Harry. I continue to take players out - he scores with Midas but it's no use, I have my foot in control of his models and they can't do enough before being taken out again. Use Hearne to teleport score winning goal with a 6-point take out on a near death Harry. Hunters 12-6 Alchemists I made some silly mistakes (more training required) on kick off and Midas fluffed the goal. But I felt like was doing ok on takeouts and positioning for counter goals. Game 2: Engineers (Pin Vice) - receiving Me: Theron, Snow, Hearne1, Minx, Jaecar, Ulfr Him: Pin Vice, Mother, Colossus, Velocity, Ratchet, Compound Summary: Aggressive kick by PV got her Pinned by Theron and eventually taken out turn 1. Ball got taken from Minx and eventually got to Colossus who scored. I kicked out downfield to Ulfr. I took out Ratchet and was able to break through with Ulfr to eventually make a 3 dice tap in - which he failed (*sigh*). This allowed him to pass the ball back to back on the pitch Pin Vice and she scored again. I kicked the the ball back out and took Mother out and was able to Hearne score but everyone was out of position (and I was a little tilted) and Colossus was able to score back to win. Hunters 9-12 Engineers I made mistakes with Ulfr (might have been able to activate Blood scent) but didn't think I'd need it with Tap In. The 1,2,2 tilted me so I took a few activations to get back into the game and he played very well through out. Hearne's Singled Out was proper boss again though - Jaecar went through Ratchet like a wet paper bag. I need to focus better and not let the excitement get to me. That's just experience. Game 3: Morticians (Obulus) - receiving Me: Theron, Snow, Hearne1, Jaecar, Ulfr, Chaska Him: Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Cosset, Graves1, Minx Summary: Obulus kicked off. I started with the Theron (leaving ball where it was) pin and missed but hit with Arrow, Blessed Hearne. He pulled Theron into the scrum and whacked him & got the KD. Snow moved up. He continues to dog pile into Theron. I leave the ball and teleport in Hearne and whack Obulus several times and Skewer him. He's pretty low on health now. He finishes off Theron with Cosset. I move everyone else up to be ready to strike and leave the ball where it is. He wins the initiative and I think is threatened by Hearne/Ulfr taking Obulus out so retreats Obulus after using puppet master to force Chaska to give him the ball (walk into Obulus range with the ball, Tackle). Ulfr goes into Obulus but can't get the Tackle so just flails at Obulus for a little damage. Meanwhile he tries to hurt Jaecar for Cosset to finish off - but Jaecar just moves round him and is able to get into Cosset and takes her out, retreating. He's lost INF now and just takes a few swipes at Hearne. Hearne activates and sets up Minx, and Chaska takes her out with double Boom Box. Obulus moves in at the start and scores. I kick out to Jaecar and take Graves out but can't score so retreat with ball. He is able to take Ulfr out. I send everyone else into Ghast and take him out. I start the turn and take out Cosset to gain momemtum for score - but I was wrong to eyeball the distance from Obulus. He is able to charge into an intervening model, dodge, get within 6 for a Ulfr pass and then score. Whoops! I missed the range here - I thought Ulfr was too far forward for that. Lesson learnt, close game. Hunters 10-12 Morticians After a scary start, the team really started coming back to it. Double Boomboxing from Chaska was awesome - 8 DMG out of nowhere caught him by surprise. That's why I love Hearne1 - even when Theron is out for the count, Hearne can Bless and the pain train is on. While I gave Theron to him, I actually wasn't too bothered as a 4/1 model was tough for him to take out and even though it gave him initiative (which is always going to happen vs Obulus) I had only lost 2 points. He couldn't score as noone had the ball to give to him. I felt like I was slowly getting control back. No Casket though. Game 4: Fishermen (Shark) - kicking Me: Theron, Snow, Hearne1, Jaecar, Minx, Zarola Him: Shark, Tentacles, Jac, Siren1, Greyscales, Sakana Summary: Super quick game! He picked the ball up with Jac and passed back, arriving on Shark. I meanwhile threw everything into Jac to gain momentum for turn 2 (I mean it's Shark...) while throwing snared out on as many models as possible through Blessings and Theron and Minx. Ended Turn 1 with a Shark goal and Jac taken out. I started Turn 2 by scoring a goal back with Minx off Siren. He passes back out and gets Sakana to snap off Shark. I kick out near Jaecar then activate him, take Siren out and score the winner. Hunters 12-8 Fishermen Well it was over half way through T2, but I played a high-risk strategy of focusing on Siren and Jac and hoping for goals. Shark with his << on 2 seemed a poor Jaecar target and without Hearne2 or Seenah, knocking him down was impossible. So it was partly lucky play, partly pure speed. In hindsight I should have probably taken Seenah somewhere - but I'm getting used to silly Knee Slider Shark moves making that pointless so who knows. End of Day 1: 2-2 Well it could have gone better but I didn't feel like I was unable to win at any point. Had I played better or not missed that tap in (Ulfr continues to disappoint) then it could have been different. I deliberately tested Theron as I wanted to put him through his paces against new people and I think he worked well. I am starting to get a handle on the bonuses Hunters can layer on and Singled Out+Anatomical Precision plus Hunters Prey is pretty brutal. Theron can hit his KD and wrap for damage as well as get that amazing 3<>. It takes setup but it's pretty nice. Game 5: Union (Brisket3) - receiving Me: Skatha, Snow, Minx, Jaecar, Seenah, Ulfr Him: Brisket3, Coin, Harry, Benediction, Averisse + Greede, Minx Summary: He kicked but the ball swung wide and didn't clear his line so I put the ball on Snow. Kicked to Skatha (thank god for 2 dice kick) and put AP on the bear. He moved most of his models up. I put Fast Ground under Seenah and Minx & Jaecar and Cold Snapped Benediction. He extended A+G to put Greede into base to base in way of Seenah. However I was able to take Greede out with Minx and Jaecar. Seenah thundered into Benediction and bear hugged his ass. Skatha was hiding behind a wall so Brisket just came forward attacked Minx (who has dodged forward). I won initiative, pounded on Benediction (which I would proceed to do for 3 turns! Dude is hard) and charged Averisse. He then pounded on Minx and took her out. I scored a Skatha goal. He put the ball out to Harry. We had a punch up in the middle and Ulfr was able to get the ball off Harry and snap it to Skatha - snap shot. He kicked it out to try for a Brisket goal but was out of position so had to settle for taking out poor Snow. I was able to win initiative and pounded Benediction finally into the ground. Hunters 12-3 Union Receiving the ball was pretty crucial as it shut down his scoring shenanigans. Skatha's 5+ was pretty nice here and I'm getting a feeling for how easily she can score goals. Game 6: Morticians (Obulus) - receiving Me: Skatha, Snow, Minx, Jaecar, Seenah, Ulfr Him: Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Casket, Graves1, Averisse + Greede Summary: I made a what I thought was a clever move at the start to collect the ball and pass it to Skatha, pushing her forward into terrain. I think I thought I could lure Obulus into Seenah range but what happened was...less good. Casket put down Ghostly Visage which is a FU to Furious models. He was able to pass the ball around to get some momentum and I was left stranded like a numpty. A+G score a T1 goal using usual A+G nonsense from start line - kick out to Skatha. From there Seenah eventually charges into Obulus and gets set upon by the Ghast/Graves combo team while Skatha gets hit by a Heavy Burden. She manages to still Snow Ball forward and charge into Casket, bounce off into Ghast and make a 3 dice goal attempt - which misses (*sigh*). This allows Graves to get 4 Scything Blows off on Seenah which takes her down to 2 boxes and takes Skatha to 2 health. I take Greede out with Vengeance Minx and Skatha manages to dodge away from Ghast and his counter and collect and score. She retreats behind goal but is bleeding (scything blow) so dies. Alas Jaecar is knocked down by Obulus who then casually scores another goal for win. Hunters 6-12 Morticians Lols. Ironically I played the same opponent after hours the night before and won - he was clearly learning my moves! I played like numpty though. I should have just left the ball and tried to play punchy-fisty. Theron is better at this though - hmmm. Might be a case for the Theronmeister. Game 7: Union (Brisket3) - kicking Me: Skatha, Snow, Minx, Jaecar, Seenah, Ulfr Him: Brisket3, Coin, Mist, Decimate, Harry, Benediction Summary: Ha, this game was decided by dice, right enough. Mist made a goal run after a Skatha kick and was about to score - and missed. Ball ends up on goal. I rub my hands together thinking it's time to pick Mist bits out of Seenah's teeth when Brisket comes running over, teleports into base with Mist, Mist jogs, gets the ball, Brisket tells Mist to pass her the ball (she is also now in shot range) and...he misses again! It scatter up the pitch but the game was over at this point - I take both Mist and Brisket out with a combo of Minx, Jaecar and Seenah (bleed finishes them both off) and Skatha scores. Ball comes back out and he gets it to Brisket who scores an Aplomb goal but I then kick it out (it lands on Decimate) and score with Skatha to win. Hunters 12-5 Union Not much to learn here - he had appalling dice right at a crucial moment, exposing his captain and main striker. Stuff happens. Still it was fascinating to watch what Brisket can do. End of Day 2: Overall 4-3 So, well that was interesting. Same as last year so can't complain about that. Fun was had (mostly - FU ULFR FU!!) and experience was added to the mind bank. Theron vs Skatha - Theron on day 1 was pretty solid (bloody ULFR!!) and I definitely felt more comfortable with him. He was doing Therony things to people and the temp was pretty even. Skatha on day 2 - harder to judge. She does seem like she is fantastic at scoring and she sped the team up nicely. I think I need to learn to be more experimental with her line up. The new OPD makes some choices essential (*sigh* Zarola - so useless except on T1 and situational afterwards - that playbook really is bobbins) because you don't know whether you're kicking. Skatha covers some of that - she doesn't mind as much - as long as Ulfr is powered up she can probably get that T1 goal if she wants it. I need to try some other models with her for different matchups. She's got game and is very interesting. Snow - didn't do a lot but Pack Mentality did fire a few times (FU Casket!) and AP on Seenah is good. I like her - I feel AP is the closest we're getting to Tooled Up, but it does help (and improve reliability). Virtually no bad targets (Jaecar obviously) and with the coming of Blacksmiths, she is going to be essential. I think as Jay Clare pointed out (TOP HUNTER - watch out Jay! ) taking both mascots might be a good idea - some teams you just want to smash Fahad into. Morts for example might be a good shout. Getting Fahad into the 10 is going to be tricky though. It's a squashed up bus. Hearne1 - exceptional. Setup many take outs and was a boss. As expected Hearne2 can suck it, Hearne1's where it's at! Seriously though, Singled Out and Blessing are very good for a Theron team and might have game in some Skatha matchups. Chaska - featured in one game and got a take out - good Chaska! Boom box with Hearne1 is good. Would I take these two in Skatha?? Probably not, but they are muscle. Things going forward: Egret - I want to try out Egret with Skatha. I liked Egret and I only pushed her off the bus because there weren't enough seats. I can see the potential into the dreaded Corsair matchup and even Morticians (as Ghast often hangs about near Obi). Averisse + Greede - I can see how good they could be with Skatha, and they might even be a replacement for Seenah that doesn't suck the INF out of the team. I want to see how they play - the loss of Minx might be too much to bear. Hearne1 with Skatha - need to test this - I can see the Blessing benefit (which on Skatha is hilariously anti-canon!) and also his tricks with Theron. I think as long as I take Theron, it's Hearne1 all day. He really is the Harmony to Theron's Honour.
  11. I think Hearne1 has plenty of game still and in fact I prefer him to Hearne2 in a pinch. Singled Out is the a pseudo DMG buff for Hunters, and forest teleport for goals or sudden strikes is epic. I find Hearne2 a little boring and his lack of momentous results low down beyond KD annoying. But then my dice are super bad! Hearne1 can still run faster with Skatha and his Blessing (as weird as it is that it works on the Moon Goddess chosen) is very nice for Skatha. I am finding that there are unexpected synergies in the old and new team and I think people will come back to Hearne1 in time. I have some thoughts post Vengeance but need to unpack them.
  12. Stats are stats, man. While good players can pull out wins the point is majority (represented by stats) shows a different picture. And with the highest Hunter at 5-2 and top guilds in the 6-1 bracket I think we can see there is an issue. Also I would argue the fact you could finish so well with no practice with a team while a testament to your skill, could also indicate the team is 'forgiving'. What I'm saying is that putting everything down to player skill is a false premise - we said the same about Morts in S2 and I think we can all agree now Obulus was busted. When there is a large swing either side of the norm - and Hunters & Alchemists are very obviously outside the statistical normal zone - then we should pause and hope SFG look and take note - after all, there is unlikely to be a larger dataset than Vengeance. So yes, I do hope something is done. But I also recognise good players are good players - that's why they dine at the winners tables.
  13. What sort of Skatha line up out of interest. Ulfr?
  14. After early Vengeance experience I agree. I had left her off but I think she is key to some matchups (e.g the Corsair matchup). And she forces some very awkward positioning decisions on opponents as well as momentum issues. Snap fire is still bobbins though! Her problem is finding the INF. If you take Seenah the team becomes super stretched. Much easier with Theron of course.
  15. It will definitely happen (happened to me) - dice happen. But it might still be the best play. I'm just not sold on the Skatha 'score quicker than you' vs Fish.