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  1. Pre-orders are literally the cancer of the video game industry. People pre-order and then find a game is full of bugs and terrible. Worse, they give exclusive content to pre-order people which unbalances the game or is insulting to Day 1 players who pay the same price. It is the WORST thing about the VG industry and people should NOT pre-order. I don't think SFG should steer the ship too violently, and we all need to accept that guilds might be getting close to saturation point such that existing guilds are 'closed'. People need to be encouraged to try new teams rather than just waiting for more models for their existing team.
  2. If I were SFG? Fix the weak models nobody takes: I would sort out the weak models so people want to buy them (Fangtooth - god his Heroic is sooooo baaaaddd and he's 1/3...eurgh) which will also have a net effect of mixing up the meta a bit as people adjust to more varied team choices. Fix the auto-include models everyone takes: Everyone takes Harry, Meathook, Kat1 - these models are just too good for their situational cost slot. Having auto-includes makes the game boring - every team looks the same. Tweak these down a bit to good but not auto-include and the game will be fresh once more. Sort out their release windows: I don't like the staggering of the Farmers. It will make them weird to play for 1-2 months, won't have the big impact on the meta they could have and it's just annoying (look at Hunters and their 1 year between releases...eurgh). Look at changing Plots into something else: Plots are at the moment a bit stupid - the random draw meaning you can get 3 of the best cards (getting Knee Slider and Who Are You is back breaking for opponent) at top play is just bad design. I would increase the number of plots but turn it into draft - I pick, you pick etc. That way if you pick Knee Slider, I know I can get Who Are You etc. Alternative is to turn these into some sort of list building collectible - BUT you are going to potentially piss people off if the game devolves into who has the best stuff. I favour releasing 20 Plot Cards and creating a draft system. You'll still have tiers of cards, but a) one guy doesn't get all the tier 1 stuff, b ) there is a wider selection so it could be tailored more to factions (e.g. something stabby for take out teams, etc). You could even release 1-2 Guild Specific plots like in Big League (but not as broken as some of those!) that people could collect. You could churn the Plot Cards much more frequently than every season - that will mix things up on the pitch every say 6 months. Keep it fresh. If we are stuck with Knee Slider for another year and half until Season 4 I think I might scream. Release alt-sculpts/terrain packs etc Release prize kits tailored to larger events or randomise what's in the prize kits. Every kit having a Mist is going to get a little old soon. Sure you'll have the a-holes that ebay stuff but in the main you'll offer random collectibles that will make events interesting. Sort out the OPD - I'm not sure the captains pick change has helped the game at all. Now people (as expected) are dropping certain captains (sBrisket) because that kick/receive roll is huge. People like creating kick off/receive strategies. I would just push the captain/mascot pick to immediately after the roll off. Either simultaneous or consecutive choice - I don't know without play testing which is busted. The kicker being able to pick their captain based on knowing they are kicking and what the opponent receiver is doing sounds powerful - is it as powerful as receiving the ball? Don't know. Also increase the squad size. It's not actually helping the game because the idea of forcing meaningful choices on Guilds penalizes adaptability - which makes teams more samey (and affects different Guilds differently - Alchs don't care, Masons are sad). Just let people take their whole guild - see what happens - you might start seeing more Fangtooths and Granites. Release more dual guild models - Compound is great, and the fact he works for 2 guilds adds interesting flavour to both. I want to see a Butcher/Mortician player or a Mason/Blacksmith player etc. This will spark people into buying those one-off models and mix up metas. If I were SFG. Which is why I don't run games companies probably...
  3. I don't get SFGs approach here - I mean Farmers are already late and now we have to wait 1-2 months or more for the extra players (the ones you really want as well such as Thresher, Tater, Buckwheat)?? I thought SFG would release both boxes at the same time but I guess they want that cash flow through every month. *sigh* business. Luckily I have a Tater model - but will Tater be legal without him on the street? They were funny about Seenah and Chaska not being legal until actually released so I would assume Tater is in the same boat - not released = not legal.
  4. Don't you dare take that amazing counter attack result away! It makes him a great brawler and unexpected goal scorer.
  5. Just make momentum a modifier the same as others, not after, and also add negative penalties to TN based values as above. Seems fine. Would make counter-play more intuitive. I hate that arrows to the knee are devalued by the momentum rules. It also used to amuse me that Heavy Burden as a CP modifier was pointless as many were 1 or 2 dice anyway so the modifier didn't affect them or could be circumvented by momentum (the speed debuff was insanely good though!).
  6. Agreed - the never less than 2 dice issue is silly. Bonus time should just be a +1 modifier, nothing more.
  7. It's SOO powerful for defence and a mid-game goal. I don't like wasting it T1 because when the scrum begins, being able to barge people out the way or counter attack and jump << on 1, is amazing. I'm not saying a T1 goal is a waste of it, but I've just found opponents can abuse Skatha afterwards.
  8. I think for me, if Knee Slider was removed, I would be happy with the mechanics as they are mostly. I do wish there was more active play that could be done to stop goals (because not everyone has access to Compound or Brick) as otherwise it can feel like the striker can 'go in' with some ease (see Vitriol or Mist with Solthecians). Knee Slider though is total BS. Taking the risk away from scoring a goal by getting to move 8-11" away is total nonsense and I wish it had never been revived. Scoring a goal should leave you exposed - that's sort of the point, Run the Length is there to provide some mitigation but not out right denial like Knee Slider. Also note, goals with Union are not exactly hard with Mist (especially now with Benediction) & A+G and Smoke is almost as good as Midas, in a team which has been discussed as being 'possibly too good' overall. I think we can agree the 'meta' has shifted towards 2-2 from 4-1 and that is a speed shift and some teams (Brewers *cough*) might feel like they are finding the game too fast against the scorers. But I guess it's a matter of opinion. Some will like the fluid guild BALL play, some will find it too fast for slower teams. I think with a few cuts, it could be perfect. And I wish more teams had a choice of a goalie rather than just 3 - after all it is a game position and surely every team would fill that position even if they are an attacking team.
  9. You have to pass to Skatha, jump her forward, then activate Skatha, drop fast terrain 4" in front of her, then she throws a snowball to jump forward again into fast terrain. At this point check board state - if you need momentum, charge someone for the <<, otherwise just run towards goal and score. Use attacks and </<< to get around players as required. Turn 1 goal. Alternative if kicking, kick with Skatha, use same shenanigans above to either charge and Tackle dodge (if wrap possible) or run into melee, pop legendary, tackle dodge and score. Please note, a Turn 1 goal which is not last activation is asking for her to be farmed for momentum (although her counter attacks are good - if enemy has KD easily accessible, be VERY concerned) and is often a bad play. A start of Turn 2 goal is usually better. If they can wrestle tempo back from you by farming/killing Skatha (and what they should do is nearly kill her making any influence on her wasted next turn with threat of take out and marginalizing captain) they can often counter score and be up on points owing to take out - use that momentum and temp to run the game. Knee Slider mitigates this, but otherwise be wary of T1 goals.
  10. Blimey - what on earth happened in that Mortician game? Scalpel? Bad dice? Superior play on your part?? I mean 12-0 against them is amazing - please tell me your secret!
  11. Wow, what a great match. Hunters are definitely coming back with the Midnight release. I really should play Egret more...
  12. With my current Brute squad try out team (thanks @VTDistiller) I am usually relying on Skatha to be the striker while everyone else punches face. Jaecar is my 6th man and he's great for scoring because he can charge, bounce off people often with a <<< (choose 2+/3+ models) and then be in range to kick. If Jaecar kicks it in I think the 4 points is better than face-punching he could be doing. So my current line up is: Skatha, Fahad, A+G, Hearne2, Seenah, Jaecar. It maximizes 2" reach. If I was taking Theron I would take: Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, A+G, Hearne1, Ulfr I might swap Hearne1 to 2 but I still love the teleport for surprise shenanigans. Hearne1, Jaecar and Theron can score opportunity goals and Ulfr is the main striker.
  13. I have found A+G or Seenah going before Hearne can lead to a bloody beat down. Against models already knocked down, Hearne can sling Skewered at them for free and then pound them for 12 damage. It's a nasty middle combo, while Skatha or Ulfr or Jaecar whizz around the edges and score/assassinate models.
  14. It breaks my heart when I don't take her - but that's SFGs fault for making her a test case for 0/2s without making her worth it - compare Windle with his 1000 rules to make him work, in a faction with loads of support. I personally think 0/2s were a bad move from a design perspective and 0/2 needs to justify a lot, and Seenah is only really as good as Boar or Kat and they both generate so much more INF. The roar helps a lot - but her problem is that savvy players will target her for an easy KD (literally anyone with a KD can knock her down), then go to town on her and use her for powerful character plays (Unmasking/Dirty Knives [everyone!] etc) or just farm momentum. Seenah is great against the unprepared and if you roll well she can be scary, but she is also a liability both on the pitch and on the team INF pool. I love her, but I don't think she justifies 4 INF of work. That said, I am finding her much better with Skatha because what Seenah really likes is alpha striking. She hates extended brawls because she can't get out of them. Anatomical on Seenah is also very good (although I am leaning back to Fahad as my goto now after 2 months of Snow). I have been trying her into everyone to get a feel and she works into many matchups. However when you take the 13 INF team, you really do notice how much easier every turn is. Ulfr gets the INF to score, Jaecar gets the INF to punch people, Hearne gets the INF to KD...those 2 INF are crucial. So all I suggest is try a game without Seenah (but with a beaty player) and see if you like the extra resources you get coupled with the harder time your opponent has to control a 3+/4+ model. TLDR: Seenah is lots of fun (try making raawwrr noises when you charge players with her) and can be devastating but also try a game or two without her to see if you prefer that gameplay style. She is why I play Hunters...it's just so darn frustrating she isn't quite 'there'. Now if she had Sturdy...
  15. I would say, try to consider not taking Seenah. I know! Crazy! But that 0/2 is brutal. Consider taking Chaska or another beater who generates 2 INF. Seenah is great but not always the right choice and sometimes she will let you down or prove a momentum/character play fountain for the enemy. Just a thought.