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  1. I got information that several people in Hungary got their copies today without any kind of notice or status change. Unfortunatelly I'm not one of them but shipping is happening so cool down and it will be all good in a few days.
  2. Maybe we are already hijacking the thread with this but I have to add that CC is not about triggering it. Against a good player it almost never happens. However CC still gives you tremendous board control and also eats your opponent's clock since he or she constantly needs to play around it. In the case of kicking CC is vital to get Harmony in an aggressive position without fear of immediate retaliation (so you will have two excellent, fully loaded ball grabber upfield: one side is covered by Flint who kicked and the other by Harmony who walks/sprints up around 2nd activation). And if she is safely up there you can go with Honour anytime you spot a weakness and thanks to Superior Strategy AND Linked you can send your human missile in right there and then.
  3. Aye, Masons have tons of charming options to put considerable pressure on the receiving team. Flint, Mallett, Harmony and double activation is no joke. All this with the protective umbrella of a CC pair.
  4. Excellent stuff again! Just to add something: Ballista and well... the glorious Stave can also try KD-Push the strikers (~55%) and without MP they won't do much for the turn. High risk high reward style.
  5. I'm in the same boat. I feel more in control when I don't have to stress myself with how to move around/defend the ball. Kicking is much more straightforward and I think you have a better position in a way that most of the time only your opponent could really screw things up during the opening moves and your task is easier (ie. to react to those mistakes in a timely and proper manner).
  6. https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/37438/guild-ball-introduces-farmers-guild-launch-event It certainly looks like July. Edit: missed that the link was already posted here, sorry
  7. I'm quite sure it is legit just wanna double check. So Tater attacks and gets Mow Down. Unfortunately some of his teammates are also in his range including Millstone. Can I choose to first resolve the KD on somebody else and let Millstone suffer the condition due to Take One for the Team? So that instead of 2 KD players I only end up with 1.
  8. ELO system does not require a lot of data to work fairly consistently, handles all of the above-mentioned problems (for example with only a single win you are not rocketed to the top of the list for sure) and avoids the oddities that your current system provides. In an ELO setting there would be close to impossible to have the same amount of points for two people who scored 9W 3L and 3W 12L respectively. (Barring the very unlikely case that the former played only against weak players while the other faced world champions over and over again in different tournaments.) Challengeboards use this system with the following notes: The challenge board uses a standard Elo ranking system. Elo was developed by Arpad Elo for use in competitive chess associations. Over time variations of it have become staple algorithms in ladder based competitions. We use a 3 tier K-Factor that breaks out in the following levels: 32 KFactor - Starting Rating to Starting Rating * 1.3125 24 KFactor - Starting Rating * 1.3125 to Starting Rating * 1.5 16 KFactor - Over Starting Rating * 1.5 It would be so great that you and Ben could work together and build a ranking system that inherits the best things from both worlds. Your guild vs guild comparison and general guild performance statistics are awesome while GB Rankings has more data and a player ladder that (at least for me) seems closer to "reality" regarding measuring strength differences between players. Thanks for all the hard work and keep it coming!
  9. Hi Ben,

    I sent you a message on Facebook about GB Rankings stuff. (SF forum says you can't receive direct messages.)



  10. Our local community would be more than delighted to welcome fellow international players. So come and join us at: Sunday MAYhem (Budapest) 21st May 2017 Location: Gép-Ház (https://www.facebook.com/G%C3%A9p-H%C3%A1z-1490109007940654/) Ruleset: Season 3 Registration: Tiebreak page Details: One day tournament with 4 rounds. Total time for a round: 120 mins Time per player: 50 mins - Clocked out Players being allowed 1-minute activations. When a Player who is clocked out ends an activation their opponent is awarded [1] VP. Plot cards are played. Players should bring their own set of Plot decks. Tournament points: Win 10, Draw 1, Loss 0 (1st tiebreaker: total VP; 2nd tiebreaker: VP difference) Schedule: 10:00 gates open, registration 10:30 first round 12:30 lunch break 13:00 second round 15:00 coffee break 15:15 third round 17:15 coffee break 17:30 fourth round 19:30 award ceremony Models, proxies: Fully painted teams are not enforced but strongly recommended. The use of proxy models is not allowed. Prizes: A prize pool will be constructed from the registration fees and from other sources.
  11. Only third way through of this but I have a question out of pure curiosity: how many games do you guys play in a week (or month) on average?
  12. Just a correction: Masons won 12 - 6 I had only scored once and managed to get a TO. The later was committed by none other than the infamous serial killer: Shark!
  13. I think there are more exceptions to this "rule". 8" Kick + 4" Dodge from Run the Length! is usually enough to not guarantee an immediate retaliation TO (not to mention 10" Kick stats). We also have the good old last activation Goal + winning next turn's initiative pattern.
  14. It is weird to read several well thought, neat, experience backed arguments in a row about models, lineups that most of the community labels as garbage. Am I still on the Internet? Keep them coming!
  15. While she is certainly not great on her own I had a match where Honour got taken out in connection with Marbles. Harmony went all in with 3+1 Tac, tackled the ball from the opponent, scored a tap-in and won the game. Being considered as an underperformer sometimes pays off.