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  1. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Thanks! I will look for that.
  2. Clash of the beta males/females. You, Sir just raise the bar higher and higher with your vids. Loved the HP status text!
  3. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Just to be clear: do you proxy the Farmers in Vassal? The newest version I can dig up doesn't have them and getting curious whether I'm missing some update somewhere
  4. I miss the lovely Harmony. Sup Strat can also work with her first turn to build up ball threat on the other side of the board (opposite to where Flint made the kick).
  5. Sanchex Cup 3 Sign Ups!!!

    Sanchex Cup Name: Peter Csontos Skype: csontpet@gmail.com Time Zone: GMT+2 Guild: Masons Honour, Hammer, Marbles, Wrecker, oHarmony, Flint, Mallet, Brick, Tower, A&G
  6. Benediction the Shark destroyer

    Without knowing any more details it is bold to make some definitive statement but I dare to say that your opponent most probably could get away with much more in case he would pick an easier target nearby Benediction, generate 5-6 MPs, dodging, push/dodging his way towards the ball holder. Win second turn initiative, get the ball, get some more dodges, move, legendary, score, dodge/kneeslide away. Anyway, Benediction is indeed looking like a great protector of the ball.
  7. We are the champions of the World! :)

    Harvest Markers are absolutely crucial. Without them Tater worth much less, Buckwheat can't move or hit freely and of course Thresher wouldn't be the serial killer he is. That free, extra 3 damage (or 4 with TU) within 3" is huge and can make or break your activation. Placing the markers defensively is not a big deal, the key is to provide Thresher with forward support. Jackstraw is more than capable of doing that. The trick is that if you start with Thresher and kill somebody then you will be in activation advantage. So you can safely wait with Jackstraw and plant the markers where you want them at the start of the next round (and you can even retreat with it for free at the end of the activation). Then Thresher comes, uses one and kills someone. So you again get activation advantage and rinse and repeat. Anyway I think your questions highlight that the meta is not yet adapted to the new guild. They look overly brutal and can deliver some good early results but this could (at least partly) root in the lack of experience against them. I'm sure the opponents will adapt and come up with some defensive tech against the Farmers.
  8. So we had a 12 players strong tournament yesterday and Farmers were allowed with paper standees. And I managed to win it within 3 rounds thanks to paired down player lost on the other table. (I guess that makes me the first player to win with the Guild. Hurray!) What is more, according to the Black Orifice rankings Farmers have the best match and tournament win ratio. So we just have to keep the title out of the hands of those pesky Alchemists. And to provide some more serious feedback here is a short resume of the event: I played all 3 games with the following lineup: Thresher, Buckwheat, Tater, Harrow, Millstone, Jackstraw. I really would like to love Grange but after the OPD change I think he suffers a lot in case the team is forced to kick. As for the others, I couldn't come up with any reasonable scenario where I could get more out of the team with a replacement or two. This starting 6 looks super coherent and strong. So I went with Thresher and a general winning plan of 1 goal and 4 TOs. Except for a few problematic matchups, the starting plan was to kick if I'm able since I think Thresher has a terrific threat that is very hard to play around for most of the opposition. 1st game vs Shark, Salt, Greyscales, Hag, Angel, oSiren I won the toss and kicked with Thresher. Hag retrieved and passed directly to Shark. I pushed Thresher even further up with Millstone so Shark in the deploy was already in range. I got Kneeslider so I tried to force him to come and score. He went for it and Shark made all the Shark things (including G&S on Thresher). All of my players were under the legendary aura but with the ball I could catch Shark who dodged 4" away after the goal. Here I made a huge mistake because after Jackstraw presented the ball to the captain by placing it near I elected to pick it up immediately for no reason. Unfortunately Greyscales were in range to attack Thresher (and also just outside of Tater CC range) and Ball's Gone-d it to Shark and dodged away himself. So instead of starting to beat Shark, generate some momentum and most probably start the second turn, I wasted most of my Inf and got nothing out of turn 1. 0-4 Shark scored a second one right after the start of Turn 2 and things looked bleak. However now my players were in position and Thresher started the fun by firing up the legendary and wiping out a fully loaded Siren. Shark was also surrounded and got some swipes. Greyscales tried to make some progress towards the dead ball but he just found angry farmers. 2-8 I started round 3, killed Shark with Tater. My opponent tried to save the rest of the forward commando (Salt and Greyscales) with the Hag but even the legendary was not enough. Thresher got a pricey KD on the old lady which yielded a free dodge and the necessary range. Greyscales and Salt was out soon after. The battered Siren made an attempt to get near the ball but my opponent missed Tater's CC. She had to rest again. 9-8 In turn 4 I was in a very comfortable place so my opponent went all in and hoped to survive an activation or two and finally reach the damn ball that was near the sidelines just before my goal line for around 3 turns now. I went first and Thresher easily dispatched the returning Shark and Siren (she had a really bad day). 12-8 2nd game vs Theron, Fahad, Chaska, Jaecar, Zarola, Minx I lost the toss but my opponent elected to receive. I got Thresher up and kicked to the sideline. Theron Pinned me but I could still easily reach at least him to generate momentum for the next turn (Snared was allocated to Windmill). I set the captain up with Tooled Up, meanwhile he ignored the ball with Chaska and tried to Boom Box Thresher, he failed both tries which was unlucky but it really didn't matter that much since I could still reach at least Chaska. The donkey ate a marker and joged+sprinted to the ball and retrieved it. Jaecar placed the trap on Thresher's route. Still it was not enough, last activation the boss knocked down both Chaska and Jaecar and put some good damage into them and a bit into The Ron thanks to Don't Fear... 0-0 I won the initiative with +4 MP and deleted Chaska and Jaecar. Buckwheat got killed by the rival mascot but everything looked fine. At the final moments of the turn the Jackstraw made a goal run and placed it in with 3 dice. 8-0 I started the turn with Thresher again. Killed the only player who could threaten a goal. He had only one activation left before Tater finished one of the weaker players around so he went for the Scarecrow but Theron was not able to pump enough damage to kill it after Reanimate. Tater went and the game was in the bag. 12-1 3rd game vs Fillet, Princess, vBrisket, vOx, Tenderizer, A&G I won the toss and kicked toward the sideline. Brisket retrieved it and passed to Fillet. I moved the backfield with Windmill and left her on goal guarding duty. He passed to Avarisse and Quick Timed him. I tooled up Thresher. Here my opponent decided to make the goal run with A&G (probably because he feared I could position Tater in a good place to deny the chance). Greede went into tap-in range and easily made the 4 dice 4+ kick. I put Vengeance token on him as a compliment. This goal run let me reach Avarisse with Thresher. I KD-d and mauled him a bit. Vet Ox and Princess pushed forward meanwhile I secured the ball behind my frontline. 0-4 I won initiative with +3, Thresher killed Avarisse then Greede. Ox did some bashing on Harrow I regrouped around Ox and knocked him down. Fillet went up near the halfline and put some bleed on me but nothing serious. 4-4 I had tons of MP adv so went first again. Thresher charged the KD-d Ox, legendaried and erased him while also hurting Fillet a bit. A&G was not in range to do anything, vBrisket could not reach the ball so it was only Fillet who could do anything meaningful. She failed to kill anybody and thanks to my activation advantage I could bring up the ball with Jackstraw near Thresher and gave it to him as a last activation. 6-4 With a guaranteed initiative I went first. Thresher killed Fillet and charged Tenderizer who got knocked down despite defensive stance. Thresher dodged into tap-in range and scored with 4 dice on a 4+. 12-4 I was very pleased with the team. Especially during the first game where I could stand up from 0-8. I made some mistakes but so did my opponents. All in all, I think Farmers are a guild to be reckoned with.
  9. Grange 6

    If I would need to run Grange I would probably take the same six (with the donkey as the mascot) however the lack of kick-off threat piece is really hurting the captain. Thresher is so much more reliable under the new OPD rules that picking Grange in a tournament setting looks like a shot in your own leg.
  10. You can get an MP in case of a Momentous KD result for that particular swing (since you can decide the order of effects) but not more until the ball gets in a place where you are again free to generate MPs. So in this case Alchs could get 1 MP for the KD attack but not the other 3 or so what was gathered during the rest of Katalyst activation.
  11. In addition to the already mentioned Momentum generation error, I think Harry did not have LoS to Smoke in turn3 when he healed her. He could easily move in a way to do that legally so that is not a major issue just would like to point it out. Anyway a glaringly fantastic show, as always!
  12. I got information that several people in Hungary got their copies today without any kind of notice or status change. Unfortunatelly I'm not one of them but shipping is happening so cool down and it will be all good in a few days.
  13. Maybe we are already hijacking the thread with this but I have to add that CC is not about triggering it. Against a good player it almost never happens. However CC still gives you tremendous board control and also eats your opponent's clock since he or she constantly needs to play around it. In the case of kicking CC is vital to get Harmony in an aggressive position without fear of immediate retaliation (so you will have two excellent, fully loaded ball grabber upfield: one side is covered by Flint who kicked and the other by Harmony who walks/sprints up around 2nd activation). And if she is safely up there you can go with Honour anytime you spot a weakness and thanks to Superior Strategy AND Linked you can send your human missile in right there and then.
  14. Aye, Masons have tons of charming options to put considerable pressure on the receiving team. Flint, Mallett, Harmony and double activation is no joke. All this with the protective umbrella of a CC pair.
  15. Excellent stuff again! Just to add something: Ballista and well... the glorious Stave can also try KD-Push the strikers (~55%) and without MP they won't do much for the turn. High risk high reward style.