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  1. Correctly answered. The "other" in My Gang refers to a friendly model other than the friendly model benefiting from the play. VRage neither has to be the model benefiting from the play nor the "other" model engaging the enemy model.
  2. Correctly answered.
  3. Hi folks, we're aware that the wording for this particular rule (Parting Blows) is not the easiest to understand and have recently discussed it. In this case, you may not reposition or place during resolution of a parting blow. See this thread for a recent ruling:
  4. Hello everybody. We have a warm and welcoming Rules Clarifications sub-forum should you have questions like these. Please come over and visit us. Regarding the question: When writing the rules it is impossible to cover every eventuality. Something will slip through. Recently the Lawyers Guild has been expanded and we're hoping to catch more of this stuff before publishing, but it will never be perfect. The Lawyers Guild is headed by TheLieutenant, a Steamforged employee on the game design team, so you can be sure that where there is a ruling like this it has gone through the game developers. A Lawyers Guild response in the rules clarification forum is as official as it gets until an errata or new season is released. The Heralds of the Winters Moon introduced a few new concepts that will hopefully been cleaned up for future seasons. Until then the ruling as it stands is what it is. I'm not sure what is meant or implied by this. The Rules Lawyers are not moderators and our domain is the Rules Clarification forum. We have no rule over discussions elsewhere on the forum. We like to keep threads on the rules forum short and sweet for the benefit of clarity and we appreciate forum members using the collected clarifications thread and search function so that we keep the re-asking of questions to a minimum. The discussion of rules outside of our sub-forum does not really concern us. Hope you can all come over to our place some time and say hello, cheers.
  5. Ask and ye shall receive.. Season 3 errata.
  6. I don't by any means claim to be a good player but there's a couple of things that serve me well. 1) Know the skills - building your turn around a must succeed charge only for your target to UM away can be frustrating. You've got to know what yours and your opponents skills are. 2) Don't do the obvious - as with all games, the design is there to follow a preconception. Good players can predict how a game will turn out if everyone does what they are supposed to do. The best players to watch are those that find ways to use the rules to not follow the preconceptions and not do what they're supposed to do. TheLieutenant won't like me for this, but a good recent example was during one of the Twitch streamed games. Bryce (Fish) scored, his opponent James Long got the ball to Vitriol, everyone was expecting the quick counter goal. This is what Bryce wanted as it gets the ball back in play and he can quickly score a second. Instead James punts it well out of everyone's range. With no way to get it back, Bryce didn't know how to respond, immediately made an error with Shark and that was pretty much game. Watch this game from the 30 min mark, just as Bryce scores the first goal
  7. The only things taken from the ball location when using Remote Control are kick distance and ball-path. Everything else (LOS, Engaging models, tap-in, etc) are all taken from Locus' position.
  8. Rulebook page 27: A Kick action is either a Pass or a Shot .... A model may Pass the ball-marker to another friendly model or to a target-spot.
  9. Sorry for the delay. Checking...
  10. I was passing through doing some other work when your question popped up. I'm not always this speedy, honest. All dodge results from an Attack (, and ) are combined into a single Dodge movement (Pushes work the same and it's good to remember this for interaction with the likes of Stoic). There is no limit to how many times you can change direction during a dodge. It is also worth remembering that a Playbook Character Play result ( or ) that triggers a play which has a dodge effect (such as Where'd they go?) is NOT a Playbook Dodge result, so if you wrap and select a Dodge result and a Character Play result these do not combine into a single Dodge movement, they are kept as separate movements.
  11. A Dodge is a Reposition, which is a Movement. From the rulebook: When a model moves, it does so in a straight line. It may stop to change the direction of movement at any point with no penalty. All those examples are Dodges and they all work the same way. Note that a Push is different; A model may not change direction during a Push.
  12. I'm a bit surprised Hag isn't already a Fisherman/Mortician cross over. I mean ... look at her!
  13. We all do that from time to time. Question answered.
  14. Yeah, but I bet he skips leg days.