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  1. Things I should have been doing last week = Preparing my kit before deployment and spending last moments with family. What I actually did last week = Painted some Butchers. Life is all about priorities. Not my best work but not too bad either.
  2. Guess I shouldn't be trying to read into this after a skin full of cider!
  3. Okay, so let's look at the difference between the Boar scenario and the Hunters you propose. Boar first of all needs to get Tooled up. That's one influence and some setup from Meathook. He also needs to ensure he's in Ox's The Owner aura and Ox has to use his legendary - that's another activation and seriously restricts what Boar can charge. So that's two players out of your team of six who have to activate before Boar and spend influence to set him up correctly to do the damage, and your charging angles are restricted. And then when it is his turn he's relying on brute strength to do the damage, because unless he gets a wrap on his charge attack he either selects a non momentous knock down to make his subsequent attacks easier or he does damage to get a Berserk attack. It's unlikely he'll get both, so already we're either reducing damage or making it harder for us to hit. With your Navo and Dene on the other hand the only set up you need is to have Dene within 8" of the target, which is basically no set up at all. Having 1 momentum in the bank would certainly help to get things started, but that's nowhere near Boar having to use up someone else's activation and influence to get a boost. And you haven't even used Dene's activation yet. The problem with what you've proposed is that it has no tact. It's not an I win button, but it requires absolutely no thought to pull it off. You've also not considered that it's an impressive amount of damage that one model can put out with def 5+ and never having to intentionally enter another models melee zone. Boar has to factor in that if he doesn't knock down his target then they'll dodge, push or cause a knock down themselves. I'm not saying that it's not an interesting place to start, but I'm trying to help you recognise that what you've presented is too much. Your going to have to find some way to force the Hunters player to actually think about what they are doing. And this is before we get into what you could achieve with some set up - with nothing more than a Blessing of the Sun Father on him (an effect that doesn't limit him in movement or anything else), Navo could be really disgusting. A further bugbear is the free charge. Most other free charges occur out of activation. You get to make the charge but that is it. You are proposing a free charge in activation (Furious also does this, that's cool) from another model (that's not cool). The penalty for Furious is that models with it suffer a limited influence allocation. You've not factored that penalty in here. You've basically said to Navo and Jaecar "Here's 2 free influence on top of your normal allocation, giving you an effective 6 influence activation, and a ganging up bonus that has required no preparation." That's the opposite of what Furious does. You aren't penalising the model for getting a free charge during its activation, you're rewarding it. Again, there's no penalty, no set up and no need for the Hunters player to have to plan their moves.
  4. I know it's only supposed to be one question per thread, but what the hell: Misdirection - can Benediction allocate the influence to Blackheart? Chain Grab / Goad - does the target move towards Benediction or the other model? Route One - does Benediction or Brisket move? Crowding out penalty - is this calculated from Benediction or the other model? Charmed using a female models play - does the play count as coming from a male or female? Benediction within 1" of a spiders nest but the other model isn't - is there a TN penalty? Bag of coffers / Confidence - which model needs to have Bag of Coffers / Confidence on them to get the free Bonus Time / re-roll? So the question is - what does it mean when we say that Benedict is the model initiating the play? Step 1 on page 39 has the determining LOS, range and paying influence all occurring at the same step, which bizarrely means that Benediction is also the model that has to pay the influence cost (I hope nobody would seriously try to argue that).
  5. Of course, a TAC 0 player is a new concept so the most the second attack would be is 10 dice. That still chuffing rediculous.
  6. So to work this out, you want to be able to make an attack that costs two influence, with no ability to counter it, that has TAC 6 on a four column playbook, that can snare and bleed a target, then trigger a free charge from another model (that has a 2" melee, making its attack indefensible to half the models in the game) that gets +2 to damage results (which also happens to now be at -1 DEF), which if it wraps can cause 4 DMG, inflict Singled out and gain 2 momentum. You could then charge, rolling 14 dice against someone suffering -1 DEF causing +1 DMG to playbook damage results with a playbook only four columns long, causing up to 14 points of damage and four momentum. For most of the models in the game that's them dead in one activation for only 4 inf. Not even Fillet is that dangerous. Sorry, but that's not reasonable.
  7. You are correct, page 13 is specific to actions. OPT actions are once per turn, per player. Everything else (i.e. passive traits) is the first time regardless of player (Rising Anger, Close Control, etc...).
  8. Sure, it'd have to be deliberately set up for that as even a fraction of a millimeter off would prevent any movement, but yes it's possible.
  9. That it is an additional advance and not a standard advance shouldn't matter. In this case there is nothing to suggest that Route One cancels out the restrictions from Goad. So if you use Route One while sBrisket is affected by Goad then then she may take a free jog directly towards the ball-carrier, but can only move directly towards the Goad model. If these two models aren't the same model then you don't get to move from Route One. Just checked the forum history and funnily this sort of question has never been asked. There's a number of traits and plays that would be affected in a similar way. Route One, Follow Up, Ooooh...BALL!, Tag Along,
  10. The conversation when Kraken made his attack on Compound was strange. It was also strange that it was made with a charge. You said "I'm going to risk the gluttonous mass double, I'm going to risk you not getting a wrap." Gluttonous Mass activates as soon as the model is hit, before results are selected. So regardless of whether Kraken wrapped or not the whole attack is still ignored. Also the pass from Mother to Locus should have been on one die. Kraken was knocked down but that doesn't affect him being an intervening model. Otherwise it looked like one of those really fiddly games where there are so many options available and there isn't a single obvious route to take at the start of each turn. I like to take my time with these ones and see if I can unlock the puzzle, but that usually results in games taking as long as yours did.
  11. That's the trouble I was seeing. My first thought was Colossus was the beat-stick, but it was only after turn 2 when he failed to take out a 4/0 player, who was out numbered by two other players and I got to charge at the cost of one inf, that I realised that he's much better as a control piece. Eventually I was activating Ratchet to Tool Up Hoist to get a free charge. It's a bit obvious and I was wondering if I was missing something in the rest of the team. I'm not used to only getting a return of 2 damage from 2 inf plays. I did love how easy knock downs are to get with this team, I was making the opponent burn up so much momentum it seemed even worse than when Hunters snare everyone.
  12. I'm trying to learn a new team that's different to what I'm used to (Union, Masons, Butchers). Played my first game as cogs last night and felt thoroughly frustrated as they don't do anything that I'm used to - looks like I've found my "different" team then. They're going to take practice so it's good to read these reports of how they're used. One thing I struggled with was take outs. Was there any possibility of take outs in the line up you took, or is it purely a three goal team? Just out of interest, when using Remote Control it is the location of Locus, not the ball, that determines if it is a tap in.
  13. Huh, that is interesting. It seems that, whichever way this gets called, there's a lot of people not playing it the way it the right way. We just don't know what way that is right now. Now I am curious as to what the correct answer is.
  14. The Lieutenant was answering a different question, so the fact that he did not use the exact wording in the rulebook and that his ruling can be used without contradicting the rulebook means that is isn't much help in answering this question. The rule relies upon two things, contact with an edge of pitch and within deployment zone. This can be interpreted two ways. 1) The model has to touch the edge of the pitch and the model has to be within deployment zone. These are separate clauses for the position of the model and do not interact with each other. 2) The model has to touch an edge of the pitch that is within the deployment zone. Both clauses are dependent upon each other and refer to a single point on the pitch. In the rule the "within" is a continuation of the previous clause so that both clauses are dependent upon each other, so the second interpretation is correct. For the first interpretation to be correct the rule would have to read "A returned model is placed in base contact with an edge of the Pitch and within the friendly deployment zone, and may then make a Jog." None of this contradicts The Lieutenant's ruling.