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  1. Furnace!

    Crowding Out does also apply to using plays, but yeah, it has no affect on passing the ball.
  2. Is it hot in here?

    Who the hell needs five swords?!!? A guy who's carrying super heated giant flaming swords that break every time he hits someone with one, that's who. His Captain Legendary can very quickly spread burning and armour debuffs over a large area of the field.
  3. From the rulebook: Any effects and abilities that trigger at the same timing step may be resolved in any order the Controlling Player chooses. Controlling Player refers to the person in control of the active model or Goal-Kick. If a model in possession of the ball-marker suffers the knocked-down condition, scatter the ball-marker using the standard-scatter rules with the template centred on the knocked-down model. In this instance, the ball would scatter when the owner of Tenderiser chooses to resolve the Knocked Down effect of Ground Pound.
  4. new painter, starting on the Kick Off! Masons

    If that's your first mini, that is excellent work. Well done. Since you've got the knack for it so quickly I'll suggest for your next mini you focus on not slipping the paint between the separate components. It can be tough sticking to the lines at first, but you've clearly got the skill. Looking forward to seeing more.
  5. Match report, Scalpel Vs Honour

    I do like the abridged format of Run the Length, so I'm glad that someone else has mimicked it. RTL is very good strategically, if a little straight laced in its delivery. If you keep up the charisma for Don't Touch the Beard I'll be adding it to my list of game reports to look out for the future.
  6. Match Fixing & Taken Out Models

    Correctly answered on both accounts by @rozyncrantz.
  7. This is only specific to when moving directly towards a marker or model, as Ooooh... Ball! does. Normal movement is unaffected and can freely pass over markers.
  8. Winter's Night Place a frost-token on each enemy model within this pulse. When a friendly Guild model makes a successful Attack against an enemy model that has a frost-token, the friendly Guild model may remove the frost-token to add an additional Playbook result. The effect from spending the Winter's Night token is to add an additional Playbook result to the attack. It does not add an additional effect to each Playbook result. This is the same for many hands.
  9. Mobbing the Pitch

    The Big League cards aren't as rigorous as the rest of the rules set. They introduce some quite radical situations. In all honesty I'd ask your Longshanks, but my suggestion would be that you can't have more than six players on the pitch at the same time. Any single choice of player that consists of more than one model would have to have both models removed for them to be replaced using Blind Eye.
  10. Avarisse & Greede FAQ

    Hi, there's nothing specific to A&G. The Collected Clarifications has a number of answers for how to play these two. Was there something specific you had in mind?
  11. We are the champions of the World! :)

    Ouch, they sound absolutely brutal. Not having played with or against them yet, how important was mastery of the harvest tokens to your win? Are they crucial for the team to perform or are they a nice gimmick?
  12. Anvil & Sledge Cards

    I could have sworn I just saw a card that said...... .....SQUIRREL!!!
  13. From what I've seen of the D&D SRDs that may not be the best route. One of the beauties of GuildBall is that it has tactical flexibility while the rules are not very big. The whole game is barely bigger than some of the sub-sections of other games. If you have something specific in mind maybe you could PM me a link. While the Collected Clarifications is on people's minds I've just updated them in a new style. Previously the clarifications were in alphabetical order based on keywords. Now it's in the same order as the rulebook. If people prefer the original style we can quickly change it back. I've also re-jigged a number of the clarifications (for example, there were previously two clarifications for Greede's and Memory's traits saying they had to be deployed at the start of the game, now there is a single clarification in the Set Up section), and gotten rid of some of the clarifications that were no more than repeating the rule book. Please have a look at the Collected Clarifications and we appreciate any comments and criticisms (We need some C&C on the CC!).