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  1. I think a game has to wring money out of it's players or, as my local evidence suggests, it will stop retailers from stocking the game. As for your criticisms. Free rules is admirable, but perhaps a tweak for tournament play can add some additional viability without damaging start up. Bloat I think depends on at what point in the playing of the game do you add the bloat. If it's all before the game begins bloat and no bloat during play I think you actually improve not only the commercial state of the game but also the chat and discussion around it as to which models work best in combination with which cards, etc. Here's another idea. We've heard rookies have been shelved, but if rookies were full players but with a certain amount of build flexibility through upgrade cards, that might also help improve the collectable side of the game.
  2. It's not about making you but the models, it's about making you want to buy a pack you don't really need everything from to get hold of that one thing you do want. If it works well you start accidentally building up an extra collection and have something else you can play. I found I had accidentally bought myself a Union team of all the models who will play for butchers, and as my rage is LE all I need for a playable team is a mascot. I don't begrudge buying any if those models, so why not make it more like that more often. Maybe just buying a model for a card isn't the best example, but if you have a boxed set of 2 models of which you can only use 1 for your team and couldn't buy individually, would you quit the game over that? If so is suggest SFG is probably better off without your custom. And I say this as someone who only buys for one team. At the moment I'm someone who's custom isn't particularly helping Guild Ball in the long run. But I would buy more stuff if there was something I could use in each pack l. For me, even if it was just a card or two. Don't worry about it, I started the thread to see what others thought, both whether it was a problem or not and what potential solutions there might be. Although im afraid to say so far you've not convinced me rotation will help, but I'm keeping an open mind as to what amyone suggests so thabks for contributing an idea and growing the discussion.
  3. I'm not saying steamforged are in trouble. The question, really, that I'm asking, is that if what's happening in Liverpool and Bradford becomes a trend, might guild ball be about to struggle? Yes I agree that new guilds and, especially Kick Off, are great for getting new players in, but from the store's point of view, if a locality hits it's natural saturation point for guild ball players, they're not going to sell enough of anything else to those players, so why bother to stock anything for guild ball? And if your local store isn't stocking it they're probably not interested in you playing it either, so you're going to find your play space limited and your community of players slowly pushed into other systems because those are what people will play at your local store. It might not happen everywhere. The places I've heard about might just be freak circumstances, but if it does prove to be a trend you've got to worry, right?
  4. I do get most of that, and I'm not saying that guild ball will ever compete with xwing, but if stores are stopping selling it, surely that is a problem. I drew comparison with xwing's commercial model, not it's IP. Yes it wouldn't see the groth id it wasn't star wars, but also it wouldn't see the growth if they didn't have the commercial model right, as several earlier star wars games have proved. To be commercially successful Guild Ball will need to both attract new players and keep existing players spending money. I love this game and would choose to play it over any other game, but since steamcon I've bought vOx, sBrisket and the rules (and TBH brisket was a mistake, I've not taken her out if the box yet). That's not a lot of shelling out for my 'main' game, but I've just not got an interest in playing anything other than butchers, so why buy anything else? I've spent much more money on board games, xwing and arkham horror lcg than guild ball. There are those people who buy the whole collection, but in any game you're going to find there's one-faction players and you need to keep them spending if you're going to be commercially successful. I would hapily spend all my gaming budget on guild ball every month if there was something I could get use out of, but things just aren't there for me to buy. I'm not saying my ideas are the solution, but I found some if the things mentioned yesterday very worrying. There has to be a careful balance struck, but if guild ball is to survive it needs to keep growing. That said, I'm not sure anything introduced to give people reason to buy stuff would cause the game to haemorrhage players, even if it did mess about with the balance. You see many more complaints about balance in xwing than guild ball, but as each wave inevitably brings new problems, it also solves old ones and brings players back into the game who were growing tired of the meta after the last wave. Essentially if stores don't see guild ball as commercially viable for them it will fade into obscurity. I dont know if this a trend that is likely to continue, but the northern England meta is the oldest in the game, so if we're going where others will follow a few months or a year or so from now I'd be getting very worried.
  5. After the EGG cup this weekend we had a cross-M62 discussion about the commercial state of the game, possibly enhanced by the fact that we were playing our little 20-person guild ball event along side what I believe is now the largest ever store championship for xwing. Players who travelled over from both directions down the M62 (Liverpool and Yorkshire) were saying that their local stores have recently stopped supporting guild ball because it's just not selling for them any more. The problem being is that once you have all the models you need for your guild you don't need to spend any more on the game. In the middle we have the benefit of having a store owned by Mat and Lox's business partners, so I doubt we'll ever not be supporting guild ball in store. In contrast, our hall partner game for the day is going from strength to strength providing a steady cash flow for retailers. We identified two key factors in why xwing is so successful, despite being an inferior game to guild ball on the table (IMO, but I do play and enjoy both). Firstly, xwing wave releases about every 4 months and each one has a big impact on the meta. With 3 factions they can change things up in a fairly big way by adding in new ships and upgrades. Secondly, it has a collectability advantage with the upgrade cards that can lead you to need to buy ships outside of your faction the get the cards you need. So how can guild ball compete? How could we get to a stage where we get releases that shift the meta and make people want/need to buy models even if they're not for their guild? And do all this whilst retaining the solid game balance guild ball has? Here's some ideas: 1. More stuff for existing guilds, especially captains as they have the biggest impact on the meta. 2. More flexible multi-team players whether they're union players or more like compound/lucky. 3. Selling multiple models in a shared box is also a good idea, particularly if you're providing players that will play for multiple guilds. 4. Plot cards. I think we could have contructable plot card decks and each model come with a selection of new plot cards for you to add to your deck. Make having officially produced plot cards a requirement for tournament play and you can move towards the xwing style collectability. Anyway, that's just some thoughts. Is anyone else's store having issues? What other solutions might you propose? Cheerio, Ben
  6. Just realised i missed game 4. This was vs Jonny Cannon, a solid player in the northern UK meta who I've never managed ro beat. He was using Scalpel. I dropped shank and put tenderiser back in. He was using BPM, Casket, Graves and Silence. Things were going badly from early on. She was able to legendary first turn and murder Ox with very little I could have done about it, putting me on the back foot from early on. I received but my attempts to get a vet Brisket goal were thwarted by casket being her only target, and ghostly visage down meant there was no chance of the 1 INF charge, so I had to glide and sprint then in had 2 INF for hits to generate momentum and 3" of dodges. My momentous 1< should be easy vs a 3/1, but the 4 hits for the 2<< is harder, but doable if I get a spiky roll. When my first roll whiffed and I only got 1 dmg it just became a cast of hitting casket for momentum (she was tooled up, though so I did get a bit through). Unfortunately that meant scalpel could get the ball back off me next turn and score. Having experienced how well scalpel and casket work together I knew i needed to deal with him. So I concentrated on getting him with boiler and princess while Ox came back on, but it was actually tenderiser who did the business. I was getting seriously badly crowded out with graves, memory, dirge and Silence all clustered around boiler, but I managed to tool up tenderiser, pay 3 for ground pound and clear everybody out and deal the 3 INF to kill off memory so that he had a momentum for his efforts too. Then he hit casket for 4 which triggered reanimated, but that left boiler able to finish him off before he got to put a struggling boiler in the casket. Somewhere in the mix I let princess get killed twice, and boiler succumbed (to memory I think). Meathook and vBrisket double teamed Scalpel when she came back for the ball. At the top of the turn she had the ball but 2 health, but if was coming back I to the fight so I put 5 on him as I had first activation, and scalpel was only given 3. Ox went first and popped his legendary, killed silence in 2 hits so put tough skin on himself and butchery on brain pan. He tried for the goal with scalpel, but in the end the only way he could try for it would be to take larrimg blows from meathook and vBrisket. Meathook spiked her roll and got to her T2 results, so not only was she able to get the ball and stop the goal, but also to get hooked on her for brisket's attack. Scalpel had spent the momentum to heal, so was on 6hp before this damage. Brisket managed another couple of damage, leaving her on 2 and bleeding and having already healed herself this turn, unable to heal. As the rest of the turn panned out, I managed to get brain pan frustratingly down to 1hp and bleeding, but he was able to heal him up so he didn't just bleed out, and get a vBrisket goal. This put me on 8vps to Jonny's 10 (goal, Ox, 2x Princess amd Boiler). Jonny timed out, amd so his last 2 activations of the turn took it to 10 all, amd scalpel was on 2hp and bleeding. It's a bit of an anticlimax way to win a game but I thought I'd come back from a very bad start and was pleased with the win against a tough opponent I've never beaten. Tenderiser was the star of this match, a critically timed ground pound most of the damage on casket and decent damage under Ox's legendary turn on brainpan, and the fact that jonny timed out gave me 2 vps can probably be credited to rush keeper, too.
  7. Game 5 was vs Martin and smoke. Always a tough game with Fillet, but Martin played them a lot more as a ranger combat team with vKat as the finisher. In this game I really struggled to get out the damage. Tenderiser did some work vs vKat under Ox's aura, but alchemists just seem to have so many separate strong threats that don't need to help each other out so they can spread so wide that if you can take out one of them you can't then take out another without some serious manoeuvring. You would have thought that this could be rich feeding ground for Shank, but with his 3 cap he can't do enough in one activation, leaving his target to get away and heal up. And hes just so fragile that it doesnt take much to take him down. I'm now thinking Ox's best team is Meathook, Boiler, vet Brisket and Tenderiser. I wonder about Minx or Gutter as a Union choice, but also think Ox might be better served by not having union players at all - maximising his output via his tools. One final thing - if we get a Veteran Fillet as a player-level model at some point, I'm claiming it as my idea, seeded in Bryce's mind at the 2nd EGG cup. :-)
  8. Game 3 vs Bryce using Masons. A much better player schooled me badly. 12-4 loss. Did get to have a good chat about potential improvements for Ox. I kicked and pushed too far forward, so the mallet missile did for Boiler and then mallet managed to walk back to safety. Tried out shank and get brisket this game. Didn't get much use out of shank but vBrisket was solid, chipping in with some solid damage and killing flint even though she couldn't get to the ball. Dropped Harry and didn't miss him. Ox really likes the 4 INF models, so I'm thinking tenderiser is perhaps a better choice than I have previously given him credit for. He's getting in next game and I'm going to try bringing him up for the fight.
  9. Game 2 was an Ox mirror match. I kicked which game me the final activation to earn the momentum needed to go first. A failed pass That would have allowed boar to dodge up might have changed things, but his only target would have been my swift stanced and tough skinned meathook who was sitting in cover, and with brace for impact in hand, it might not have been so bad. Ox popped his legendary and Ox, Boiler and Boar were dead in quick succession. That put me well on top and was able to just pick people off fairly easily as the game progressed. I think this happens with Ox mirrors, That as soon as one player gets on top it's really difficult for your opponent to get back on to it. 12-0, all takeouts.
  10. Game 1 vs Rob, a good friend from the local scene, using an all-out goalscoring alchemists team (Midas, Vitriol and Mist). I picked Boar and tenderiser to get some 2" melee zones in, but found out how badly Naja messes up Boar's game. I tried to force him to come to me by bunching up and protecting the ball, but in the end it just cost me on the clock and I lost to 2 goals and 4 time outs. It was tense at points, but it's so difficult to pin down all those 5-0 players that takeouts come very slowly and needing a lot of set up. Lessons learnt: focusing too much on set up play means not enough influence for actual takeouts. And Naja fux with Boar.
  11. Today I will be taking Ox to a tournament. It's technically just a small local event, but I happen to live in a locality that means you get players like Stephen Easton, former UK champion Ed Ball, game designers Bryce and Jamie P, all coming to our events. It's a tough field! My intention is to post here how I go game by game. I've not managed to practice much with Ox before Today, so don't expect wonders, but I should hopefully learn something on the way. My ten is: Ox, Princess, vBrisket, Boiler, Harry, Meathook, Shank, Tenderiser, Boar, oBrisket I'll check back in after game 1.
  12. As a butchers player I find corsair much more manageable than Shark. I guess it must come down to playstyle, but I find fillet lovrs a low def fatty with a scrum around him. Not an easy match, but I find corsair gives me a fighting (pun intended) chance (and certainly a more interesting game) whilst shark is just unmanageable. I dont know how people can manage to kill the ball against shark, there's just nowhere I can put the ball that he or greyscales or sakana or A&G or Siren can't get it from.
  13. Stick with it, I suspect you will do d it easier with time. I don't think anyone wants the game to be in a place where takeout play is easier than goalscoring play, but at the moment many people will argue that the tournament data suggests that goalscoring at is objectively more successful than takeout play. I'm personally not going to dwell to much on that argument. I just find that, for me, it is less fun to play against certain goalscoring team than a TO team (as loose and overly general as those terms are) because many of their models provide little opportunity to interact when they are scoring a goal. Compared to when they're trying to take out my players, I've got counter attacks, defensive stance and healing effects that I can use against most of the players that are trying to kill me. The essential problem as I see it is 2" melee zones. All the really decent killy models have 1" melee zones (thresher and tapped excluded). All the really good strikers (excluding Flint) have 2" melee zones. When a fighty model has a 2" melee zone they usually have a sub-par defence score (3/1, 3/0, 2/2 occasional 4/0) which makes them easier to control. Many top strikers with 2" melee zones are def 5/0 or 4/1. Having played the game since retail launch, the game probably was too far in favour of TO play in S1 and 2. But the changes made to nerf combat all actually IMO made takeout play more fun, so don't think that any change will necessarily be a problem for you. If SFG do things as well as the seem to mostly manage to, they will be able to fix the problems that people like me are experiencing and as a result make the game more fun overall for everyone else.
  14. Ever lazy, this is what I' thinking of using: http://elementgames.co.uk/paints-hobby-and-scenery/bases-for-miniatures/round-edge-bases-for-miniatures/asian-garden-round-edge-bases/round-lip-30mm-asian-garden-10 Cheerio, Ben
  15. Absolutely spot on.