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  1. Union-in-Chains Results

    I'll ask the ever beautiful Giblinio about this tomorrow, but today was build day and we spent a VERY LARGE PERCENTAGE of today carrying things in and out of vans and building stands and moving stock and setting up tables and streaming gear and god I'm so tired. I'll see what the score is tomorrow.
  2. Protective Instinct

    1. No. Declaration of a Counter Attack (or Parting Blow) is not the same as declaring a Attack. 2. Yes. A model targeted by Red Fury may make an Attack. The first step of making an Attack is declaring an Attack.
  3. Hi folks, Been getting some requests for a complete, easy list of which models play for which nationalities in the Homelands Cup. Here is the full list of nations and their respective Players. I've also included the list of current unplayable nations at the bottom, cause I know people will be interested. Playable Nations Valentia Captains: Fillet, Midas Mascots: Salt (Please note, Salt was unfortunately not updated in the card reprints. His card still says Eisnoran, this should be Valentian. This will be updated in an errata.) Players: Cosset, Ghast, Brisket, Venin, Chisel, Granite Raedland Captains: Theron, Hammer Mascots: Princess, Vileswarm Players: A&G, Graves, Flint, Mallet, Colossus, Spigot Maldriven Captains: Tapper Mascots: Quaff (See Salt. Quaff's card still says Eisnoran, he is actually Maldriven. This will be updated in an errata.) Players: Hooper, Stave, Friday, Chaska, PintPot Skald Captains: Ox Mascots: Dirge Players: Boar, Brick, Jac, Vitriol, Katalyst Ethraynne Captains: Smoke, Mascots: Scum Players: Calculus, Mercury, Fangtooth, Salvo, Velocity Erskirad Captains: Pin Vice Mascots: Mother Players: Decimate, Gutter, Shank, Meathook, Hoist Eisnor Captains: Shark, Esters Mascots: Fahad Players: Zarola, Seenah, Stoker, Mash, Hemlocke Castellya Captains: Honour, Vet Rage Mascots: Truffles Players: Harmony, Tower, Rage, Egret, Jaecar, Tenderiser Figo Captains: Ballista, Obulus Mascots: Wrecker Players: Greyscales, Angel, Compound, Boiler Non-Playable Nations (currently) Indar Captains: Corsair, Mascots: Naja, Mainspring, Flask, Marbles Players: Ratchet, Silence Numa Captains: 0 Mascots: Tentacles Players: Sakana Sultar Captains: Blackheart, Scalpel Mascots: Coin, Strongbox Players: Snakeskin Piervo Captains: 0 Mascots: 0 Players: Bonesaw, Casket Unknown Captains: 0 Mascots: 0 Players: Siren, Kraken, Minx, Mist, Harry the Hat, Hearne
  4. OPD Changes November 2017

    That typo has been corrected.
  5. Stave Can't Take Life Anymore

  6. Unsnap ball off the pitch

    Alright now America, glass houses and all that. Yes, it is possible to unsnap the ball in such a way that it is placed off the Pitch, which would result in a throw in.
  7. Reinforced Plating

    Yes. A hit has still been generated.
  8. Dead Players **Fluff Spoilers**

    Not commenting on this situation specifically, but this should be standard for all TV/books/film you imbibe. If you don't see a body, chances are they ain't dead.
  9. Reinforced Plating

    No. The two rules (Maverick and Reinforced Plating) are different in their effect. This ruling does not impact that ruling.
  10. Reinforced Plating

    Hello all. Here is the ruling on Reinforced Plating on Burnish. Reinforced Plating works on the immediate effects of the Character Play that directly affect Burnish himself (damage, conditions, plus anything that has a SUSTAIN effect). It does not prevent the effects of ongoing effect AOEs later in the turn, such as burning from entering Fiery Blast. Reinforced Plating may be used against Character Plays triggered from the Playbook. Please ask any follow ups below.
  11. Unsnapping During a Kick

    You can't drop the ball at this point. The wording in the Possession of the Ball section of page 15 will be looked at in future, but since this has gone past the point of being even vaguely amusing, the updated ruling on this is that once a Kick is declared the ball cannot be unsnapped until the Kick action is resolved.
  12. Dead Players **Fluff Spoilers**

    I have some bad news for you.
  13. New "Skins" for our models

    You're welcome!
  14. New and need advice for an up coming event.

    Hey Ben, good to have you on board. I moved your post to the correct forum as Megalodon suggested. Cheers!
  15. Unsnapping the Ball During an Attack

    Please consider this Checking... for now.
  16. Should A Missed Trigger Clear?

    The reason it was ruled that this is ultimately a TO's decision is because of, well, you can see the vast arrays of opinions in this thread. Essentially, too much of the ruling on this depends on the specific situation on the table. We can tell you how to interpret the rules, we can't tell you what to do if you don't follow the rules in the first place.
  17. The answer for 2 is you pick a single benefit and each model in the Pulse gains that benefit. I'm gonna mark 1 checking for the moment, pretty sure I know the answer but want to confirm.
  18. SteamCon UK Schedule of Events

    We don't really have time to stop for an hour or so to give people a break, so we'll be powering through until the tournament is over. I recommend either finishing a game super early (#SharkLyf) or finding a supportive friend to bring you some food.
  19. Kick Off - TN check?

    Bob the Builder is correct. (What a world that I get to type that sentence completely seriously!)
  20. Simultaneously. A model doesn't suffer [1] from burning, then [2] from poison or anything, it's just [3] from both conditions combined. Burn the World only adds [+1] DMG.
  21. Congrats to Germany 1 winning WTC!

    I will ask!
  22. Buckwheat Movement

  23. Hunters at WTC

    Nah, that doesn't sound familiar.
  24. Knockback and taken out

    You may resolve a Knockback as normal before removing the enemy model from the Pitch.