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  1. HELLO GUILD BALL FANS! We're super excited about the WTC here at Steamforged (two more sleeps till we fly over!) and we want to begin what we're sure will become a noble tradition. Namely, FRIDAY NIGHT GRUDGE MATCHES. If your team is at the WTC, then feel free to challenge another team to a game on the Friday night, right here. Maybe you just want some last minute practice, or maybe you got some beef you want to work out. Like perhaps the English and the French? Or the Swedes and the Finns? Or the English and the Germans? Or the English and the Americans? (boy, you English sure are a contentious people) Or maybe (because we're all pretty great, tbh) there's one team you really want to play against cause you think they're full of sound folks. This is your chance! Lay down the gauntlet! Have a super serious competitive game for some last minute practice, or chill out and just play some games with some cool gamer pals. The 'grudge' part of these games should be taken with a pinch of salt! As the instigator of this, Team SFG Fun Sponge would like to challenge Team Germany Kant. We don't reckon the current World Champion's team is all that. Timmy, Martin, Christian, we're calling you out. The two other SFG staff teams are more than happy to accept challenges from anyone who wants to guarantee they get to play against such eminent luminaries as our very own @Russ and @Sherwin, so feel free to challenge them to a game! If you're not at the WTC, who would you like to see your country's champions face off against? Let them know! I am one whole excite for the WTC. Let's get on it!
  2. Who Dis.?

    Just to confirm, all of the coloured results on Lucky's Playbook are momentous for both Masons and Brewers. As mentioned before, Compound has the exact same thing on his card. (Weirdly, no ever questioned Compound, but Lucky is confusing for some reason! ) It's just an artistic choice.
  3. WTC Friday Night GRUDGE MATCHES

    Quiet Russ, my mouth's busy writing cheques out gameplay can't pay!
  4. WTC Friday Night GRUDGE MATCHES

    The challenge has been accepted! Russ, Sherwin, and Sam are ready for paintbrushes at dawn (and games in the evening!).
  5. Power Rankings before WTC

    Well, we've carefully assembled three crack teams of people who had the weekend free and weren't TOO busy at work, so with team construction like that, how can we lose!? My personal goal is for the team to go 3-2. 4-1 would be amazing, but I don't think we're QUITE up there with literally the best players across the world. Like 80% of the games of GB I play are playtest games, which is awesome, but that doesn't exactly mean you're on top competitive form! Whatever happens, we're gonna have a great time though. (God, if a staff team won, that would be funny though, eh?)
  6. Hearth Preview

    You really are, you're pretty much our favourite. <3
  7. Hearth Preview

    Chris, if you didn't exist to react to things, we'd have to invent you. Loving the reactions, very keen to see people getting to play on the pitch with these guys!
  8. Power Rankings before WTC

    This warms the cockles of my heart. Also, yeah, we're really excited to play against lots of players from not UK! Definitely keen to see how the various different metas interact, I wonder if various different countries will learn some things? Or maybe we'll all go away firmly convinced that our own metas are still vastly superior, who knows?
  9. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Strawman arguments are fun! GICs can be a method we use to adjust balance, but the principle method of updating the game will remain the season system and errata as necessary.
  10. Awesome wife: sharing my birthday present

    This is awesome! Your wife is very talented. Thanks for sharing this.
  11. Season 4 and plastic Teams

    You're right. That's not much.
  12. Union GIC Theory Thread

    So what would you guys like to see for Raise the Stakes? Do you think you'd be more likely to take it with a [3] or [4] HR, or is Most Wanted just too good even at that?
  13. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    The 1.5 years for changes thing is interesting, and is in large part, due to a variety of circumstances we had to deal with last year. I'm not gonna be TOO specific here, but when the time came for the S3 playtest to end, the Hunters hadn't been out for very long. Deadlines have a way of eating up all the time before them in a monstrous rush, and before we knew it, we had to call it done. Unfortunately that meant that we simply didn't have a huge amount of data on Hunters available. As a result, we made the only decision we realistically could have at the time. We chose not to make big changes based on a small amount of evidence. Which I firmly, firmly believe was the right decision. Taking the time to properly look at feedback and come up with the right answer is a lot more important to us than throwing out a 'quick fix' that we may well have to make more changes to a couple of months down the line. So, in short, the Hunters sort of ended up being in a bit of a difficult place because they hadn't been out for very long by the time we had to lock S3. There is a lot of love for the Hunters here, and like I said, rest assured we haven't gone "Well, Hunters are fixed, job done, let's head to the pub." We're constantly looking at the models in the game, but we have to be careful where and when we make changes because of all the things I talked about in the last post.
  14. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    I want to come back on this a little, but not necessarily respond to the whole thread, although of course, we do read threads like this. We've spoken about this on a few podcasts, but any time we make changes to the game, we have to weigh how many changes to make. Probably the two most common complaints I see are 'you make too many changes, how is a casual player supposed to keep on top of it?' and 'you don't make enough changes, X, Y, or Z is OP/garbage, why aren't you fixing it?'. We have to make decisions that make the most practical sense all round. Constantly changing model rules via errata puts people off playing. That's a problem. However, of course, leaving something in the game that's obviously causing some NPEs is also a problem. So with the recent errata, we fixed what we viewed as the most egregious problem in Theron and oHearne. That doesn't necessarily mean we think that the whole Hunter's Guild is 'fine'. It means we had limited space and chose to make the most impactful changes we could in that space. We are always watching to see how the game and the meta is shaking out, and if it becomes apparent that other Hunter models need to be changed, well, sure, I'd say we have a record of making good changes to the game. As an additional point, we're in an odd place where we have to take into account things that we know are coming down the pipeline later, which can obviously have a massive effect. I would say, (accurately, if a touch glibly) that Hunters are in the best place they've ever been. That does not mean that we think they are 'fine' or 'finished', just like any other Guild. We're constantly looking at the balance of the game and will make adjustments in future as necessary.
  15. GIC: Bait the Trap

    This is the single best advice in this thread. If you believe the Hunter GICs are terrible, please, play lots of games with them and show us that. It's hard to give a lot of weight to theory feedback without games backing it up. End of the day, the preview process exists exactly for this reason.
  16. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Solid feedback in this thread so far guys! This is the number 1 way of getting your voice heard during this preview; theory is all well and good, but the key thing is actual feedback. Thank you to everyone who's reported games already, please keep it up!
  17. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    You expect the Brewers not to have a drink during Happy Hour?
  18. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    No, pg 9, S3 rulebook, Conventions: "Effects and abilities of the same name are not cumulative." Would've been funny though!
  19. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Yes. Page 16 S3 rulebook, Kicking sequence: "After paying applicable costs, the active model declares a target-spot, target friendly model, or target enemy goal-post within their kick-distance." (bolding mine)
  20. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    How much do you think Corsair wants a Heal Rate of 2 if he's scrumming though? Lots of elements to consider!
  21. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Given that there are no Guilds in the Homelands Cup, there probably aren't any identities for them either. The two formats are unrelated and we have no plans currently to link the two together.
  22. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Classic Perko!
  23. GIC General Theory Thread 

    There are two more GICs for each Guild, which will be shown at a later date. I think it's reasonably safe to assume that some of those will be Heal Rate 2.
  24. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    No, the free Bonus Time! can't be used on the Kick from Remote Control. Just to confirm.
  25. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    Each non-Captain model can make one free Bonus Time! per turn when using a Character Play.