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    Hello all, I hope you've all seen today's rather exciting Blog post describing the Cage Ball rules (if you haven't, it's here: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/cage-ball-alternate-format) This thread is for discussion of the Cage Ball format, theory crafting, and discussion of team compositions. Happy Cage Balling!
  2. Contact support@steamforged.com lad, they'll let you know.
  3. A separate combat game?

    We are working on a fantasy game which is combat based, which we announced at SteamCon last year. Bout as much as I can say publicly, but plans are in motion.

    The intent is to be an actual alt format for experienced players, specifically ones that may not have time to get in full 6v6 games. It's also a really good way to 'work up' to 6v6 for newer players.

    Yeah, it really would be! Our suggested clock length is 30 min/player, but I imagine a 25min/player deathclock would lead to some pretty frenetic action.

    Haha, that's tempting! My car's out of action just now though, so I may not be at Element on Thursday at all. Could definitely bash out a 3 round event with these rules if we started early enough though.

    Yes, the wrong picture was uploaded initially. The correct picture should be up now, showing the proper pitch dimensions.
  8. Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    No. We will look at the wordings, but this interpretation is not correct.

    I'm going to save this quote forever.
  10. Counter attacks and character plays

    1. Yes, absolutely. The attack cannot generate any momentum, however. 2. Yes, since the Pass is separate from the Attack.
  11. Hammer- Season 3 story reaction *NO SPOILERS*

    @MechMage Not sure if you're joking, but Brick is the one physically doing the hauling in that instance. Harmony is directing, as it were.
  12. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

    Sounds good! Yeah, I'll see if I have time over the next month or so to type up a wee story. Definitely shouldn't get any of the prizes though, (especially seeing as I've been using Farmer dice for like a month now. :P) so I'm intrigued by the custom dice balls. What would they even look like!?
  13. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

    Are staff allowed to enter, or...?
  14. Club nights in Sheffield

    Oh no, believe me, I tried typing that, but it wasn't working earlier for some reason. And of course it's working now, so I look dumb. Gonna tag him anyway to make myself feel better. @MykMyers
  15. Club nights in Sheffield

    WHY DID THAT WORK FOR YOU!? Like, trying to tag him still doesn't work for me. Grr.
  16. Club nights in Sheffield

    I know the Outpost is a great store in Sheffield, I'll tag MykMyers here, since he's a Pundit from Sheffield. Should be able to help you out! (Hmm, can't tag him for some reason. I'll drop him a message and let him know you'll be looking for games. )
  17. So quiet here..

    Oh aye, I don't think anyone'd tell you that playing the game in person isn't better. But if it's a choice between not playing at all or playing on Vassal, I'd at least be considering Vassal.
  18. So quiet here..

    Have you tried Vassal at all? It's real handy if you're short of locals to play against in real life.
  19. So quiet here..

    Been too busy at work to come on here much (or play ), but there's a wee GB tournament at Element Games this weekend that a few of us from SF are hitting. I know Perkins, Giblin, and me are going down at least, anyone else coming down?
  20. Is scoring goals too easy.

    Can confirm.
  21. GenCon Events?

    Hello all. I just spoke to Rich about this, and basically, last year we sold out every tournament we put on, and on the day, got lower numbers than we would have liked. What we got a much bigger uptake on last year at Gencon was our full game demo runthroughs, and so we've expanded these, and focused on newer players at this event through working on our stand and demo ability. Competitive play is absolutely on our list of priorities, and we are catering for competitive gamers with events like the new Store and Regional Championships, as well as, of course, SteamCon US. However, based on what we found last year, Gencon's focus is on newer players, and less so on competitive play. Different cons have different attitudes and priorities, and so we've shifted our focus for Gencon. Cheers.
  22. It's fine to still use Tater in Big League games, but his harvest-markers will now follow the same rules as 'ordinary' harvest-markers.
  23. Recent Hunter Win?

    No, unfortunately the games at Expo weren't streamed. Dragging all the equipment to conventions like Expo just isn't feasible, sadly. Was certainly fun watching Jay's run to victory though, always nice to see Hunters get a win!
  24. Guild Ball Store Support Staff

    Each time you send another email, Outlook bumps the whole thread to the date of the most recent email. So if you emailed 30 days ago, for instance, and then again 20 days ago, and then again 10 days ago, our system will keep bumping the thread to the bottom of the inbox, so it would only be counted as being sent 10 days ago. As the support staff are clearing the inbox from longest ago to most recently sent, this means you will keep getting bumped down the priority list.
  25. A quick note to SFG

    Thankfully, no one we know was affected in the recent attack, but of course, it's still a horrible thing to happen so close by. Most of our staff are Mancs, or have lived most of their lives in the city or nearby, and it's just shocking. The city is pulling together in the face of it, however, and showing that we won't bow to fear tactics. Mancunians have never been easily cowed, and life is already getting back on track to normal. This post is really genuinely appreciated, thank you.