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  1. Each time you send another email, Outlook bumps the whole thread to the date of the most recent email. So if you emailed 30 days ago, for instance, and then again 20 days ago, and then again 10 days ago, our system will keep bumping the thread to the bottom of the inbox, so it would only be counted as being sent 10 days ago. As the support staff are clearing the inbox from longest ago to most recently sent, this means you will keep getting bumped down the priority list.
  2. Thankfully, no one we know was affected in the recent attack, but of course, it's still a horrible thing to happen so close by. Most of our staff are Mancs, or have lived most of their lives in the city or nearby, and it's just shocking. The city is pulling together in the face of it, however, and showing that we won't bow to fear tactics. Mancunians have never been easily cowed, and life is already getting back on track to normal. This post is really genuinely appreciated, thank you.
  3. For what it's worth, please don't watch any more of that game. I made a crippling error with the Shark activation at top of 2 (didn't look to me like Shark would take a Parting Blow from Katalyst, but like a fool I broke the first rule which is "Measure it anyway". When we measured, it was a Parting Blow, and that ended up knocking down Shark, which effectively lost me the game right there), so it's not much of a game after that. That said, James absolutely made the right play in kicking the ball miles away behind my goal line. I've said before that someone who knows to do that is my nightmare opponent, and that was borne out in this game. My best advice would be just play games. Play match ups you hate. Play terrible match ups. Play okay match ups. Smash out games as often as you possibly can. Get a lineup you're comfortable with and play, play, play. Practice makes perfect like. I would rather face an unpractised opponent with the 'top' list in the game than someone running a 'subpar' list that they've played 100 games with and know inside out. Particularly, get into the habit of widgeting everything and agreeing with your opponent that movement is legal before moving the model. I didn't exactly follow my own advice in that game, and it's the only one I lost all weekend, so learn from my mistake. (It's really annoying, and classic, that the one game I made a really stupid mistake in is the streamed one. At least, the one game I made a really stupid mistake in and got punished for it. Heyho though, I ain't gonna make that mistake again!)
  4. The wording may be slightly different due to different seasons. Regardless, FearLord is correct.
  5. Yep, absolutely. Steve Easton brought like six Guilds and decided which one to play on the morning, as an example. I almost brought Masons myself; I've been trying to get Mason games since Rusty Cup, but unfortunately have only managed to get 3 or 4, and I didn't want to embarrass myself. Looking to play them as my main team for the next few months, hoping there'll be a few local events I can get some practice at!
  6. What's an arc node?
  7. Due to the wording on Snap Shots, yes, if a model with possession of the ball-marker receives a Pass that's made with a Snowball, it may make a Snap Shot with the ball-marker. We'll look at this wording, but for now, it stands.
  8. 1&2: The reference to the Icy Sponge token is a holdover from the older ruleset where that had a purpose. So no, Icy Sponge tokens have no real effect. 3. Generally, no. Some abilities (like Casket Time) stop models being returned to the Pitch next turn, but there's no real reason to do so voluntarily. Again, the language here is a slight hangover from previous editions where there was a choice in whether to bring the model back on or not.
  9. Yep, we've had a couple of issues. The main one is a huge volume of emails about the Dark Souls Board Game Kickstarter fulfilment and questions relating to, the other is Support staff changing over at roughly the same time the fulfilment started. This has created a backlog of support emails. The Support staff are getting through them, but these things take time, especially since the volume of emails about Dark Souls hasn't really slowed down yet. Believe me, we are aware of the problem. We've drafted other staff to Support for the time being in order to try and clear the backlog, but obviously, that requires those staff to be trained up.
  10. This is one of my favourite things about the Season 3 background. I love unreliable narrator stuff. It's real interesting rereading the S1 and S2 fiction with the knowledge that actually, Greyscales might be the old school, worn down, lovable geezer we thought he was, or he might be a meddling, busybody old man sticking his unwanted nose into everyone else's business cause thinking about his own life is too painful. Most likely, as shown by Angel near the end, he's somewhere in the middle of those two points.
  11. (Caveat, I have about as much input on the fluff as anyone else on here, so this is pretty much just my thoughts/wishes as well) Couple of points: On Hammer, I actually really like that he has some strong reasons for being somewhat unhinged. I'm hopeful that maybe he'll get some peace now his wife and kid are safe, and can actually potentially get a redemption arc. Also, Loxam has very little to do with the background, I think you mean @Sherwin. Kutte: It actually comes from motorcycle gangs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cut-off Anyone who's watched Sons of Anarchy will immediately pick up on some influences it had on the Brewers story direction. Thresher: This is the model who looks like my dad, who is actually a farmer in real life. One day Sherwin called me on Skype and went "Sorry mate, I've got some bad news, I've just killed your dad." Pretty sure he died just so Sherwin got to make that call.
  12. Yes. Buckwheat is ornery even towards friendlies.
  13. If a model has completed part of its move, then suffer a MOV penalty that would reduce it's MOV to below the distance it has already moved, the movement immediately ends. So if Honour declares a Jog, then moves 5" and at that point triggers a trap-marker and suffers snared, which reduces her MOV by [-2"/-2"], her Advance would immediately stop at the point she triggered the trap. (Wow, 4 responses in the time it took me to type a response. Top marks.)
  14. Hello all. We can only apologise for the slowdown in Support. This has been caused by a couple of things; namely our support staff member found a new job and left us, almost at the same time as the Dark Souls shipping process began. As you can imagine, this created something of a perfect storm. We've also had a few public holidays in the UK in the last few weeks (and Salute!), and the recruitment process was slightly delayed by a couple of factors outside our control. We do have a new Support person, however. They're working their way through a pile of emails at the moment, but they're hoping to be on top of things reasonably soon.
  15. I suspect everyone is. However, the language and tone used was treading into transphobic territory, so I wanted to step in and head the conversation off at the pass, as it were. The part about it purely being a joke about a fantasy miniature bear in an entirely separate reality holds to an extent, but only an extent. If someone was making a series of racist comments about Hammer or Scalpel, they can't defend themselves by saying "Well, everything was a joke about a fantasy miniature in a separate reality, why are you angry?" I'm not saying that you were doing something equivalent, of course, just using the example to make a point that just because we're talking about made up people in a made up world, it doesn't suddenly become a free for all. All I'm attempting to do is steer the conversation away from any unpleasant language or tone.