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  1. Organized Play Tiebreakers - The Problem(s)

    (Also he's totally flattered someone went to all the effort of digging out a post of his from 6 years ago, but he doesn't want to admit it. ) (Also since when did 'six years ago' start meaning 2011? )
  2. Snap Without Line of Sight

    Question has been answered.
  3. Flying

    Dirge does not suffer the MOV penalty from forests being rough-ground, no.
  4. Question on wording

    Magnum Opus resolves after the goal is scored, before Run the Length or Knee Slider are resolved.
  5. Specific Base Requirements

    As long as the base is exactly the correct size, it is permissible to use an acrylic base of the kind you describe. It comes under T.O. discretion in terms of the Regional Cup Document. I personally would allow it at any event I was running, not least because you'll have spent longer on those bases than my own somewhat haphazard 'PVA and green flock' bases, which are definitely tournament legal. Essentially, T.O.'s call, but I would personally allow it.
  6. Come on Mate

    Yes, as per this ruling.
  7. Unexpected Arrival +push versus Stoic

    Yes, all Push Playbook results are totalled. Any Character Play Pushes are accounted separately, so in this case, the Unexpected Arrival could be resolved, provided the 2" Push was resolved first to burn the Stoic.
  8. Bushel's I'm Open

    This is correct. If the friendly model with the ball cannot target Bushel with a Pass (i.e. has too short a KICK range), nothing happens.
  9. Any updates?

    No news cause there is no news, really. Production continues, and the core game is still on track to be shipped next month. We'll let you know if anything interesting happens, till then, we're kind of just working away on stuff.
  10. Guild Ball in plastic

    This, basically. It's real expensive to completely transition a range to plastic. Like, it'll happen at some point, but it'll be a gradual process. Plus, the longer lead time you give distributors, the more you can keep the other companies you work with happy cause they're not left sitting on a tonne of metal models. It also means we're not sitting on that pile either!
  11. Yes, in both cases the model would gain possession of the ball. Hmm, the KD'd model situation is one I'll discuss, will answer here soon.