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  1. That...is actually a fair point! Also, this comment is one of my favourite comments about Farmers. At first glance there's so many parts that you go "Oh, that's dumb powerful...wait, no, that's garbage, wait, but if I combo this with this, that's real powerful again!" It's something we deliberately tried to do with Farmers, i.e. see just how far we can push their strengths and weaknesses and still make them balanced overall. I think we did a pretty good job, and seeing comments like this confirm that for me.
  2. The idea of ranking Farmers power level before they're even released is really weird, you guys.
  3. Man, I thought we weren't giving away spoilers at Salute, but now everyone knows he has 1 ARM.
  4. This is correct.
  5. I've won way more than 33% of my games with Farmers. Stats are nonsense. Nerf plz. (Obviously a joke! )
  6. Hello all. We've been in the process of recruitment for the last few weeks, and I'd like to welcome @Henry, @MilitaryCoo, and @LeadDiceandBeers to the Lawyer's Guild. These chaps are regulars on the Rules Forum already, and they have exceptional rules knowledge. I'm sure they'll get right into the rulings right away. On another note, it was gratifying to see the amount of interest there was in these positions. Thanks once again to everyone who applied. Cheers!
  7. No, the harvest-marker would not be removed unless any part of the Sprint or Charge would take the Sprinting or Charging model's base over the base of the harvest-marker.
  8. Correct. For the original question, point 2, yes, you could choose to generate the MP (provided a momentous result was selected) before resolving the scatter. Both things happen at step 2.5 of the Sequence.
  9. Correct.
  10. Correct. Snow may not make an Ooooh...BALL! move after kicking off.
  11. Effects from Legendary Plays go away in the End Phase of the current turn, this includes the frost-tokens placed as a result of Winter's Night. The sentence in Pin Vice's legendary isn't strictly necessary, but whenever we wrote the rule, we obviously decided to put it in anyway.
  12. Correct.
  13. War criminals specialising in gassing entire cities generally aren't...