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  1. Breach and intervening models

    No, Passive traits would still take effect.
  2. Breach and intervening models

    The mod Any models on the ball-path between Ballista and the target are ignored, both for LoS and for the intervening model penalty.
  3. Puppet master and teamwork plays

    This question has been answered. Locking thread. If there are any follow up questions, please make another thread.
  4. The competitive Hunters problem

    Can confirm Vengeance is not something we take into consideration for release schedule etc. Other than that, FearLord speaks sense, as he traditionally does.
  5. The competitive Hunters problem

    We categorically haven't given up on Hunters being a competitive option. I honestly have no idea of what the bigger release schedule is or why, but trust me when I say the Hunters are getting good toys. I've seen Jamie P giggling like a child while playtesting Skatha on several occasions, you'll be grand.
  6. Puppet master and teamwork plays

    No he didn't. His post could perhaps be worded better, but the receiving model can indeed use Pass'n'Move. So just for complete clarity, if Obulus uses Puppet Master on Shark, who has the ball, and forces Shark to Pass to Obulus, if the Pass is successful Obulus can make a Teamwork action, however Shark cannot.
  7. Puppet master and teamwork plays

    Correct, this only applies in the instance of Puppet Master being used to force an enemy model to Pass to a friendly model.
  8. GB Plays With No Effect

    In this instance, an MP would still be generated. The Character Play has been successfully triggered, regardless of what happens next.
  9. Football Dervish and double teamwork

    The rule This is legal. We'll take all other points into consideration, but for now, this is the ruling.
  10. Jog towards

    Answered correctly.
  11. Must a snap shot be out of activation?

    Basically holiday season, folks. Stuff gets busy around Christmas. I'm back in the office now, however, and I'm clearing a bunch today and pushing discussions forward on other stuff. To answer the question, Snap Shots must be out of activation. Although we wouldn't have any particular balance concern, the RAW is pretty clear in this case.
  12. LOS and friendly plays

    Alrighty, as others have said, the key word is 'target'. Anything that requires a 'target' model needs line of sight, with the exception of Kicking. In addition, in your original post, you say friendly models do not block LOS. This is incorrect, they do.
  13. Counter Charge Counter Attack interaction

    This is correct, yes.
  14. GB Plays With No Effect

    Alrighty, this is quite a long thread. In this instance, Mash could still generate [1] MP from triggering Howzat!? even though both the effects of the Character Play are ignored. The playbook result is a momentous GB symbol, the effect of which is triggering a Character Play. The effects of the Character Play are ignored, but the effect of the momentous playbook result is to trigger the Character Play, which is still triggered. If, however, in this instance, the result chosen was a Playbook result with a momentous KD/Push, then the result would be ignored and no MP would be generated.