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  1. Thanks guys, really appreciate the positive feedback and glad it's helping people!
  2. Great start matey! You're making me itch to get mine done and film another tutorial. Think the warrior is one of my favourite minis around. Soon cool!
  3. Making good progress buddy! Looking forward to doing the Warrior tutorial next! Very similar colours!
  4. Thanks matey! Very much appreciate the support! I found it pretty challenging to film but glad it's turned out ok Great to hear you found it useful and used some of the techniques! Post up a picture of your work in progress man, that would be awesome!
  5. Hope this helps anyone looking to get started with painting. Either paint along to the full video or skip to 50:02 for the quick step by step guide on How To Paint The Knight. Next up will be The Warrior Any subs or support much appreciated.
  6. I've just filmed this to help any beginners get started. Good length to sit and paint to although there is a quick step by step guide at the end of the video (50:02) Any subs and support appreciated and I'll be back with the Warrior next
  7. Meh, that's what the unboxing was for! Enjoy bud!
  8. Big thanks to everyone who has watched the review and also got involved in the conversation in the video comments. Please put in the youtube comments which mini boss and which main boss you would prefer to see in the play through series that will be on the channel
  9. Always learning! Maybe one day I'll be able to do it as a full time job and not have to be as strategic and prudent as to where to allocate my video making time! Thanks for the support bud, hope the future videos are as well received as these past too, will do my best! Keep up the feedback too, as although I may have reasons like the above, they give me something to aim for for the future!
  10. Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed and the length, I was keen to take some time to not just cover all bases but almost discuss what have been other impressions so far and address those too 👍🏻 I also appreciate the feedback! I made the conscious decision to keep the editing on this one to a minimum and almost make the vid more podcast in nature for the below reasons. 1) I wanted to get the video out reasonably quickly and not too much more than a week later than the unboxing - the extra shots and editing would have increased this and I had already been struggling to not just get the time to do enough play throughs to give an in depth review but then record and edit the above too! I filmed this late Monday evening once wife and baby were in bed to give some context 😂 2) I've seen the other review vids by the professional board game reviewers and they seem to have this area sorted, with the jumps out etc, so was keen to present something different which added to the content for the game out ere so far rather than mimicked or rivalled. 3) I plan to have this as a series of videos, so the game itself will be well shown off with the play throughs regardless 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 PLENTY! Hope this gives an understanding as to the angle I'm taking and why I made the decisions I've made so far!
  11. Channel is www.youtube.com/hotgatesgaming Hope that helps! Video just gone live
  12. Here we go! Please sub for more Dark Souls: The Board Game content going forwards and get involved in the video comment discussions!
  13. I didn't sleeve everything either. But, I would definitely recommend sorting the cards out well before you intend to play and sticking the ones that should be together, together in a sleeve or baggie. Top tip for the day!
  14. The quick answer is... not quite (in my experience) I think the black plastic card tray will have to go and then I think everything will fit flush. But once you baggie everything and stick stuff in sleeves... it's very very very tight so the lid is ever so slightly lifted. It will definitely fit if you place some of the baggied cards (if you've organised like me) in the boxes with the minis.
  15. Finally! Had some massive rendering issues but after much fun finding the corrupt frames and replacing them/re-rendering the video is now exported and currently uploading! ETA approximately 1hr50m from the time of the post. I'll post this video in it's own thread