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  1. Welcome aboard, great to see new players from different countries joining the community. There is lots of usefull information for both new and veteran players amongst the different sections. I'm guessing from your avatar that you are an Engineers fan. A team I have only dabbled in but they have some amazing tools at their disposal.
  2. Welcome aboard, I'm sure you will be able to locate some fellow players
  3. Manged to pick up Grace and Benediction at Vengeance and thought it would only be fair to give them a few games. I decided on running sBrisket as i had not used her before. I ran sBrisket, Coin, Grace, Benediction, A&G and Mist. First game was against Tapper Brewers. I was lucky enough to be recieving the ball. A&G retrieved the ball passing it to sBrisket. On my next activation Grace gave Briaket extra movement and moved up slightly and then on my third activation I legendaried with sBrisket and was in easy range to get a goal and then knee slider back out of trouble. The rest of the match was a bit of a blur but i won 12-3 via 3 goal and suffering take outs to Mist and Coin. I then played aganst Pin Vice and her Engineers. Again I was lucky to recieve and this time scored a second activation goal similar to the first game but left Brisket where she was. After a bit of a fortunate kick out I then managed to use Mists increased speed to get the ball back, and pass to sBrisket for a 3rd activation snap shot for an 8-0 lead. The game was pulled back to 8-8 as I hadnt played against the cogs in ages and fell into some of their tricks but I always knew with sBrisket in position I just needed to nab the ball and pass to her for a snap shot which i dd to finish the game, Snap Shot Tap In's are great fun. Absolutly loved sBrisket but can see how winning the ball back can be a problem with her, looking forward to getting her on the table again
  4. welcome to the forums Met a number of your fellow countrymen at Vengeance '17 this weekend, looks like there is a great community over there!
  5. Welcome aboard, look forward to hearing your groups Dark Souls exploits 😄
  6. I'm sure it was on one of the Beast of Wars videos where it was said that Jac knows he is Ox'c brother but that Ox is unaware
  7. If you intend to keep the bosses in there plastic tray, take a photo of them before you take them out. Its an amazing puzzle game in itself getting them back in without anything to work from
  8. @Replect an FAQ threat would be helpful, when you do it I'll pin it so it stays at the top of the thread list. I suppose I have got used to the Guild Ball rules queries where the rule is only one question per thread, it gets answered then the thread is locked.
  9. @Replect the trouble with the Unclear rules thread is that its so big its hard to easily find stuff in there when you need it. I know I saw the Boss movement stuff in there but in the heat of a game I want something easy to find. Hopefully over time people will start doing individual question threads, makes it far easier to search
  10. really helpful @Replect, I think my biggest trouble is Boss movement so hopefully you will cover that in your update
  11. amazing work @paulus, your models look stunning
  12. @Replect Thanks for the quick response
  13. might be missing something in the rules but if the party lose to a boss/mini boss when you return to fight it later, does the boss have the same behaviour cards? are they in the same order? or are a new selection of behaviour cards drawn?
  14. welcome to the game, and don't worry give it a few more months and I'm sure you and your friends will all have more teams for you to paint
  15. not long to wait then @Cyberfizz