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  1. Is it hot in here?

    For more details, check out the blog post: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/blacksmith-guild-furnace
  2. Hello All, We recently published a blog post [LINK] that gives rules for Pitch Formations. Please leave your feedback on the rules here so our development team can take them into consideration. We were thrilled to see the previous feedback thread generated so much discussion, however it was difficult to discern wether the feedback was theory or from actual play. PLEASE ONLY POST HERE IF YOU HAVE PLAYED GAMES USING THE PITCH FORMATION RULES AND HAVE FEEDBACK. If you want to theory hammer it out then you can do so in the other thread. Much love. SFG
  3. Hello All, We recently published a blog post [LINK] that gives rules for Pitch Formations. Please leave your feedback on the rules here so our development team can take them into consideration.
  4. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    NEW UPDATE 111
  5. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    You'll have to keep your eyes peeled on that last one Yes, it's not been a great time for anybody, but we have looked inwardly and found ourselves wanting and are pushing to improve ourselves. Thank you for your patience.
  6. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    Hello Unkindled, We have posted Update 110 on Kickstarter. It includes shipping updates for remaining countries and some Wave 2 Teasers. CLICK HERE TO READ UPDATE 110 CLICK HERE TO READ UPDATE 111
  7. For more details, also check out the blog.
  8. Anvil & Sledge Cards

  9. I [Mat Hart] was lucky enough to get to Adepticon in Chicago this year. I met a load of great people and had an absolute blast. During the weekend, I got to spend a fair amount of time chatting with the players vying for the US Qualifications and observed a heck of a lot of games. These conversations and observations got me thinking…mostly about how the Organised Play Rules can massively influence the game. Today we roll out an updated Organised Play Rules document with several key changes. These changes are detailed below. Tiebreakers Guild Ball was designed as a win or lose game, a simple binary state if you like. The intent was that it really doesn’t matter if you win 12-0 or 12-10, a win is a win. However, tiebreakers that are calculated using Victory Points and VP differences goes against this original intent. Furthermore, they can lead to some weird situations where a first-round loss of 11-12 could actually help you finish higher up the table! We’ve overhauled the tiebreakers to use percentage win rate, or Strength of Schedule as its more commonly known. Players are ranked in order of the following: Their Tournament Points Scored Their own Strength of Schedule Their opponents Strength of Schedule The new Organised Play Document goes through in detail how this is calculated and the Tiebreak platform has been updated accordingly. Drafting The way drafting worked, gave some teams an unnatural power bump due to the way their rosters could be constructed, meaning it was possible to keep their captain selection until very late in the draft, resulting in an unfair advantage. Basically, it meant that if you played some teams and knew how to draft properly, then you could almost always be able to counter pick your captain against your opponent. This ended up lifting some teams unnaturally in the meta whilst forcing others down. To address this, we’ve tweaked the order in which teams are drafted to the following: Deal and decide on Plot cards, as normal Simultaneous reveal of Captains and Mascots Roll to decide who kicks off (and who receives) Draft the remaining 4 players for each team starting with the Receiving player Roster Size Another unusual one, we observed an impact on certain teams that the roster size of 9 was causing. Looking at these teams, whilst the models seemed perfectly strong and competitive enough individually, the team itself struggled to put together a meaningful 2 captain roster of 9 models without severely limiting the remaining choices. Guild Ball is a game of choices and so we have expanded the roster size to 10 players. The 1-2 model restriction on both Captains and Mascots remains unaffected. Draws As mentioned earlier, Guild Ball is a game of winning or losing, there really is no room for a draw and it only served to make the math complex in the rare situations where it came up in competitive play. We have removed draws from competitive play. The long and short of it is if the players are still tied at the end of the game, after dice-down has been called by the event organiser, then the win is awarded to the player that kicked off at the beginning of the match. Simple. Round Length A simple change, we have extended the round length back up to 110 minutes to allow a little more breathing room for people to prepare for the next round. So there you have it, a handful of changes to the Organised Play document that we believe will make the game healthier and more fun for everyone. Obviously, these changes are effective immediately for any Steamforged Games organised events but, TO’s of upcoming events have the option, for the remainder of May, to revert to the previous system on tiebreak should they wish. If you’re attending an event in May do please check with your TO which system they’ll be using – the old system will be gone forever 1 June 2017. Let us know below how this will impact your Tournament Roster choices.
  10. Blog: Sowing the Seeds of Victory

    Hello Farmers! Check out today's blog post! http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/sowing-the-seeds-of-victory It's got plenty of juicy spoilers for you all! Let us know what you think about the abilities you've seen!
  11. Spring has already ushered in the Easter glory of a festive Fangtooth, and now we’re sprucing up the resources section. It’s hard to believe Season 3 debuted in November, especially given the explosive growth we’ve seen from coaches across the world. With all the new coaches joining the game, our community has done an amazing job asking important questions about the new season. To address some common questions and clarify some rules language, we’re releasing a public FAQ and Errata for Guild Ball Season 3. There are no balance changes in this errata—it’s just an update to clarify some rules language and tidy up some grammar. We also updated our online resources for Season 1 & 2, so you can continue to use them in your Season 3 matches! What kind of updates are we talking? Well, some of the core rules changes in Season 3 made some Big League and Season 1 and 2 Plot Cards not so relevant. For example, the Plot Card that let your Mascot return with 1 health. Mascots return with half their health in Season 3, so we’ve updated it accordingly. We’ll be back with more Guild Ball tomorrow on the Official blog!
  12. Very true. I managed to get a game in vs Ed Ball's Morticians he ran: Scalpel, Dirge, Minx, Cossett, Graves, Casket Whilst I ran: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, PintPot, VSpigot, Friday So a super fast team vs a beaty team with the opportunity to score. The game started poorly with Scalpel choosing to kick off. I went with Friday and passed to Scum. Scalpel advanced in, legendary to pull scum with the ball in melee range, tackle, push dodge to within shot range, heroic for Second Wind, shot on goal, Knee Slider away, Scalpel ended up back in her deployment zone. I was 0-4VP and it was the only my second activation. The game progressed as intended from that point on, I was able to score a few take-outs vs the relatively squishy Minx and very squishy Cosset, whilst Scum babysat the ball near VSpigot. PintPot and Hooper were able to take out Scalpel and Veteran Spigot bagged me a goal. Unfortunately, the entire team focused on Tapper and despite healing in his own activation and Hooper's activation he got put in the Casket. The Scalpel scored to finish the game as I had spent my valuable momentum to try and keep Tapper out the box. 10-12 to the Morticians. I feel like I'm shaking off the cobwebs and remembering how to play the Brewer's game, but I need to do my homework and be more alert to potential threat ranges. Also some nice plot cards once in a while would be delightful! I'm yet to have Sick Em! and I REALLY want to Furious charge with the cat. I'm also finding that the choice of which spigot effects how the game is played, I think I'm going to put Veteran Spigot on the sidelines and get Drunk Spigot out on the pitch a bit more. He'll need to be kept back but I feel the Tooled Up Play would be more fitting to my current playstyle, and Football Legend would help no-end. I've missed so many key passes to dodge players into position.
  13. So had a bit of a beating last Thursday! I played against one of my colleagues who was using Seasoned Brisket, Coin, Harry, Mist, Decimate, Minx against my line up of Esters, Scum, Mash, Spigot, Friday and PintPot. In hindsight I should of taken Veteran Spigot for Close Control, Poised and Ball's Gone to be my ball-holder rather than Mash. I presumed that 2" Unpredictable Movement would be enough to keep the ball safe...it wasn't Route One and an Advance from Seasoned Brisket, and Acrobatics from Mist meant that the Union had the tool-kit to get around it. That being said Mash did some stellar work with Counter-Attacks (I roared HOWZAT vs both Brisket and Mist in a single turn). Ultimately I wasn't able to take the Union down quick enough to finish the game before Brisket and Mist slotted away three goals. My take away from the game was that although super fun Mash wasn't the best choice in this match up. Veteran Spigot would have suited me much better, and Hooper would have been a better 2" melee choice for assisting in the beat down. So I decided to message our resident Brewer coach, and story writer, Sherwin to get his advice on how to get the most out of the drunkards. In my next game, I took his advice and reverted back to Tapper and his best friend Hooper. A friend had travelled over from Norway and we managed to get a game in Brewer vs Brewer. He opted to go with Esters, Quaff, Mash, Hooper, Stoker, Veteran Spigot whilst I went with Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Veteran Spigot and PintPot. The game started with a goal from the Norwegian’s Veteran Spigot. I responded by setting up for the take out in turn 2 which saw Stoker, Hooper, and Esters brought down to less than 5HP each (PintPot’s Smashing Face character play at the end of the turn saw to that). I then lost the sodding roll off with +2 momentum in the bank!!! This turned the game on its head as the Norwegian was able to activate Esters who used her Legendary Play to Agility Stoker (DEF 4 ARM 2!!), +1 DMG to herself and +1 DEF for Hooper (DEF 4 ARM 1) she then took out Tapper with her influence. Woe is me. PintPot being the legend that he is managed to take out Stoker and Hooper, thanks to his Beer Tokens allowing him to go above and beyond. The score was now 6-4 and the ball was on my Veteran Spigot. The game went on and I decided to hold off scoring the goal until I reached 8VP as to score would give up possession of the ball and allow the Norwegian to score and take out just one more player. The two teams layed into each other trading blows and spending momentum to heal or stand up. I managed to take out Mash to bring my score to 6 but during that time Esters took out PintPot! 6-8! Now I had to wait to score. Unfortunately I lost another key initiative roll off and a returning Mash successfully knocked my Veteran Spigot for 6! Howzat! The ball scattered PERFECTLY onto the Norwegian Veteran Spigot who was out on his own safe from my team, he was then able to slot the ball into the net to finish off the game 12-6. It was an absolutely brilliant game, and I definitely preferred Tapper to Esters (knew I should have trusted Tapper as my gut told me). In both these match ups I feel that I brought the wrong Spigot to the table, Tooled Up would have been a brilliant tool kit play to have available as well as another brawler. You live and you learn! I’ll be at the Element Games: North West Gaming Centre this Thursday if you fancy a game!
  14. Theron Origins: Reveille

    Hello Hunters! With the release of the Heralds of the Winter's Moon impending (April 21) we're delving into the back story of the original Hunter's Guild Captain, Theron. Before you read on make sure you've read Part I! If you're enjoying this series then you'll certainly want to get your hands on the Season 3 Book as it contains the continuation of the main story arc, and a deeper look at each character through their own bio! http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/theron-origins-reveille