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    So this isn't necessarily about Guild Ball but it is happening as a direct result of my going to SteamCon. Nearly 4 years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a really great girl who supports me in everything I do. She is coming with to Chicago but not attending SteamCon, as she is going to be doing a lot of shopping and doesn't care for miniatures. This Sunday night we are going ice skating at Millennium Park after the convention and I'm going to ask her to be my wife. I'm pretty excited and I spend more time here (to my boss's dismay) than I do with most of my friends and I consider a lot of you to be brothers and sisters in our big Guild Ball forum family. Just thought I'd share with everyone. I'll post pictures sometime Monday morning as I am feeling pretty confident. **Added an image, others on my friends' phones. Will put them up when I can. Center ice was a little crowded to do it in front of everyone so I pretended my lace came undoneand when I got down to "tie it" I popped the question. Great grandma's ring. She was as happy as can be. Had great friends willing to just hang out for a bit to get pictures. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Had a great weekend.
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    How to buff Angel?

    Please forgive me if my english is not that good or my written is a little muddled. I will try to put down my thoughts on Angel and why I think she doesn't need a buff. Or why she is good as she is. Where to start? Maybe in correcting Mootaz (missunderstanding in a german forum where i wrote something about WTC): I played Angel in all 5 matches at WTC. Shark I played in every Game except the Final against Martin Koch of Team Germany 1. That was due to Gentleman's Agreement that we both play Corsair. And I'm totally satisfied of the performance of Angel. BTW my Roster for WTC was: Shark; Corsair; Tentacles; Greayscales; Sakana; Hag; Siren; vSiren; Angel; Jac I lost the first match against Ignacio Lozano Ramirez of Spain 1, a real nice guy. I missed a few dice rolls and his dice worked. At a certain point I was that far behind that I couldn't manage to stablize against Hunters. And I lost the final against Martin Koch, by missing 2 Goalshots in a row. I went 4:0 against him and while he took out Siren I missed the snapshotgoal with Angel. (1,2,3,3; so even normal shot would have missed) After that I really tried hard to get in possesion of the Ball again and missed with Greyscales too. Martin Koch is a brilliant Fisherman and at that point it wasn't possible to win against him any more. But he said one thing: "I was short of peeing my pants as I realized what Angel was capable of doing at that point. Simply magnificent" (hopefully translated that correctly) But enough from WTC atm. Angel seems like she isn't doing much on the field. And I sign that to a certain amount. Her Playbook seems difficult to get to second column, 3rd or 4th not to mention. She got no 2" melee zone like 99% of the Fish do have and when you take a look at her card, she seems to have the same role as Greyscales or Sakana. Maybe fighting with Sakana the most for a place in the roster. I don't see her in the same role as anyone else of the fish. All are capable to score goals. All are fast. All can exert pressure on the Ball. Where I see the difference in role comes from, is in her high DEF, the ability to push it and her superb Kickstats. If you want a Model charging into someone, tackling the ball, where'd they go somewhere else and score a Goal she definately is not the model you're looking for. If you want a model "seducing" the oponnent or "lure" it anywhere else, Angel again is not the model you're looking for. If you look for a model you can place in "snapshotrange", after scoring a first turn goal, which just says: Hi, I'm here. I'm DEF 6 and a real "snapshotthread" better do soething. Angel is definately the model you're looking for. At this point I wan't to make sure: I'm not trying to convince you all, that you have to play her. Nothing I write is ment irrefutable or absolut. I just want to let you know why I like her and why I think she is good as she is. Angel has momT on 1 hit which will deny placing a model in possession of the ball in 9" (or 11" with Quickfoot/Fisher's Reel or 13" when both or 15" when both+Call of the Sea) But this is theory, not a gameplan. You just can use it, if it occurs. (Passive 9" Aura of NOT STAY IN HERE WITH THE BALL) Place her in shot range to the enemy Goalpost and she is a "snapshot threat" while threatening the Ball in a certain area around her. This is a gameplan. DEF 5 or even 6 makes her really hard to get rid off. Important Result (KD, >>,...)on 3 hits with TAC 6 against DEF 6 is 6,228% chance. And even on 2 hits just gets to 26,32% with TAC6. While passing her the Ball, when she is engaged by one Model, still has a 80,24% to succeed. Although beeing engaged, by one model, a snapshot with bonustime still has 68,75%. Add "Supershot" and it goes up to 81,25%. (Passive GOAL THREAD) Sakana only gets to 25% or 50% with bonustime, when engaged. She is a "Snapshotmachine" who is very furious shooting goals. Due to beeing such a thread, the opponent has to do something against her. If he engages with only one model, she can still be a serious thread. If he engages with 2 models, the rest of the Pitch is empty for the rest of the fisherteam. (Passive CONTROL/DENIAL) Next Point DEF 5 or even 6: Pushing her out of goalrange isn't very effective or easy, see example above. Yes there are models able to KD,>>,.. on 1 hit, but then you can't just place her in Goalrange, you have to think a little about placing. Or maybe you pick someone else. And even if the oponnent manages to get rid of Angel (TO or push out of "Snapshotrange") it probably was very INF inefficent. Spending 4 INF to nonmom> Angel out of "Snapshotrange" but has to be done. That's another point of Angel bringing to the Pitch. Letting the opponent spend INF in an inefficent way. (Passive HARD TO GET RID OFF) All I have written above, seems more like "passives" than an active plan you follow. For me it's her "passives" what makes her shine. On top "light footed" so she ignores "Blasted Earth" She either is a hard thread on the enemy goal or "controlls/denies" the enemy by forcing the opponent to handle her somehow due to beeing such a thread. (see example above of engaging her but openning the Pitch) And all of that by just placing her in "snapshotrange" with Nimble and Supershot.That's why I love playing her. Her >< is not very likely to hapen but with a little help ( ganging up, KD, Singled Out, or combination of it) it happens more often than you would imagine. The possibility to give her 5 INF when starting next to Shark will allow you to activate her first (if you can move up tackle the ball and score a goal. Jog to engage, 1Nimble, 1Attack for momT, 1 Supershot, 1Goal, 1 reserve if need to sprint/charge or 2nd Attack if Counterattack...) So while borderline case, not useless. So no point for me that "needs" to be changed. All of this in mind I'd like to say asking for a change, only looking at the cards of the models is the wrong way. (No Offense here, just the impression i have) It is always how the model affect the match and Angel does this completely different to all other models of the Fish. But this always depends on your own playstyle and the opponent setup. Short to the match against JJ Layfield. I knew how good he is. And I knew Engis have the better odds to win. (personal opinion) That's why I decided not to go Corsair, what would have been "the standard choice". I thought I have to go full risk/reward and it payed off. I played Shark Tentacles Greyscales Sakana Siren and Angel. He played Ballista Mother Compound Hoist Ratchet and vVelocity (picked her last pick after i called Angel) He was suprised by my model choices and I think he really didn't expect my list. I did a snapshot goal with Angel in Turn 1 which had only 40,xx% chance to succeed. I did it because I knew I have to put up very high pressure or I will loose. Could have waited and just score next turn, but this is a lot if and when. I then started next turn and scored again with Shark and Legendary with 80% chance. 8-0 what allowed me to go full pressure on the ball. Then I missed a goal with similar odds, think this makes up for the snapshot turn 1 (again If and when) The next shot was a success 12-2. He was a little suprised and told me he hasn't seen something like this before. AND YES I KNOW I WAS LUCKY. Maybe @JJLayfield himself can write a little to the match. Don't want to embezzle something by not remember correctly. So that 's a lot of text and I hope I missed nothing. Sorry if it is a little muddled. Hope you can see what is my point (way of how to play a model). I'm interressted what you all think. Something you agree/disagree. Can't consider everything, so if I missed something specific you want to know my thoughts about let me know. With this I wish you all a good night. Greetings from Germany Ascobol
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    This was a lot of fun to do. I went with the Tortoise and the Hare.
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    New Hunters info in SFG blog

    He's about to excel at being brutally taken out of my team
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    Welcome to the Farmer Sub-Forum

    Welcome to the Farmer's Guild Sub-Forum! We thought it was time to start sowing the seeds of excitement, so here is a clear version of Windle, you have to admit he looks prett sWHEAT. Like damp hay we spoiled Windle on our recent Facebook Live video showing off the Season 3 Rule Book. The book is packed full of brand new stories, a full colour map (including National Emblems to paint on your National Team) and all characters have had their personal 'fluff' updated to fit with the timeline.
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    Bob Hambleton

    Blinging up Dark Souls

    This may not be the most sensible thing I've done. Still, just painting the minis didn't seem enough somehow.
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    How do i play Smoke well?

    Alright, let's take a quick crack at this question. I played a smoke skew list at WTC this past weekend going 4-1 losing only to a player on Germany1. Smoke has a unique play style that is somewhat counter-intuitive to how you win guild ball games with any other captain. This is both a blessing and a curse since it makes her difficult to learn to play and difficult to play against. Let's start with the list. Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Katalyst 2, Harry. Flask: We could play naja here for more ball protection but sic'em is too good on flask to leave him at home and oddly putting 5 influence on Mercury is sometimes really good. Plus the cloud brings influence efficiency to Smoke. Calculus: one of only 3 models in the faction that can proc Smoke's aura you need to take her. Also blind is really good. Mercury: Same as above but the ability to knock someone down with Harry then reliably put 10 damage on them with Mercury will surprise people, but he is mostly here for that sweet fire Aoe. Katalyst 2: Is bad for a lot of reasons but he is good for just 1, witness me, and that is why he is on the team. The ability to remove himself from the pitch thus preventing your opponent from farming momentum off of him, clearing your conditions, and taking control of the game is extremely powerful. The downside to this list is if you never get witness me off you will not win. Harry: Harry is not what he once was but he still reliably pushes allowing you to set up vet kat and allowing him to use his furious. Also, don't forget that he can easily condition players by placing his Molotov and pushing them into it or just pushing someone into Mercury or Calculus' auras. He also brings a second fire AOE which is very important more on that later. The only time the list changes is if you are playing against butchers. Compound will come in for harry since compound hoses Filet so badly. Overall Gameplan The list is a very painful attrition list. We are shooting for 3 takeouts, and a goal. This is our point breakdown. 4pt goal 4pt Witness me takeout 4pt 2 take outs using conditions and Smoke feat. This can also come from a second witness me. It is a bit of a pipe dream but I think you will be surprised with how often you get it. Smoke, her Conditions, her Legendary and You. Activating smoke can get very complicated but the general idea goes like this. Allocate her four, leave the ball on her as much as you can, then activate her last. If at any moment you realize that if you do not activate her she will die or the goal will be taken away from you activate her and take the goal. To take the goal you need 3 influence and in all honesty, you can really get away with 3 on smoke almost always, but the 4th influence allows a lot of flexibility and gives you a chance to fix your mistakes. The reason we always activate Smoke last is that it gives them no time to respond to the conditions we place on their players. They can bring a player with smelling salts but if you have the last activation it doesn't really do anything. Having the last activation with her can also make her legendary substantially stronger. If say you are going to legendary on 3 players who do not have poison on them pushing the clouds onto them effectively makes you legendary do 5 damage. This 3 player legendary is 15 damage! That's insane! No dice involved, ignores tough hide, and this legendary is fairly mediocre. But the most important part of the legendary is to hold it for as long as you can. Ideally, you want to end the game by using the legendary and taking the goal. Let's Talk Allocation. With the exception of turn 1 which has a few different permutations, your allocation will be 4 on Smoke, 3 on Calculus, 2 on Mercury, 2 on Harry, 2 On Kat. This allows for maximum condition placement and is a full allocation to Kat. Calc can blind and AOE, Merc can AOE or charge (looking for the 2 damage double push to set up Kat,) and Harry can attack and Molotov or just charge. You can stray from this but you very rarely will. Placing AOE's Mercury and Calculus want to place their AOE's on players to gain the momentum, but be careful placing them on fast players. We are trying to deny them as much momentum as possible and often placing in front of fast high defense models is just better. Also when placing AOE's be as far away as possible this will force them deeper into your lines once they get to you. Make them go first There are only 2 situations where you want to go first. Kat can witness me someone as the first activation or allowing them to go first will be a total disaster and you can prevent it by going first. This is to guarantee the last activation for smoke and to keep that condition damage coming. Kicking vs Receiving This list wants to receive so bad. But it is not a total disaster if you do not. The main thing you need to admit to yourself is that you have no ability to fight for the ball. Your tackles are actively bad and more than half your list is tac 4 or lower. So when you kick keep the ball as close to you as you can and steer clear of the goal. You want them to take an early goal before they close with you. If they are wise to what you are doing and use the ball to fight you stand in cover and make sure that Kat threatens to kill anyone that they send in. It is also important to keep in mind that Harry, Calculus, and Mercury are very hard to kill with just one model. Most captains will need 2 damage buffs to get there and that will likely give you the time you need to get that target out of harms way. Plot Cards The 2 most important plot cards to have for this list are Knee slider and sic'em. Knee slider is a card that can ruin your game if they have it and they received allowing them to take their goal and not give you any points in return. When combined with a superstar captain it is incredibly dangerous. Ironically though it does almost nothing for the list since you will only be taking a goal to win discard it if you draw it, but pay very close attention if you don't have it. Sic'em is just pure @VanV alue. With all the conditions flying around a flask charge can be world ending. My personal record is 30 damage. After those 2 the cards are about the same as usual. Who are ya is always great, Match fixing really helps when recieving since the list is not the most mobile, and good marker can really help keep an AOE thrower safe for a turn. Bad Matchups So your worst matchup is still Corsair. Tough hide, sturdy, close control is just a huge kick in the nuts for alchemists and this list doesn't fix that. Also with lure, drag, and rough seas, he doesn't have to play the threat range game and it is hard to starve him for the ball. Engineers can be tough since reanimate is strong vs conditions and there is a lot of tough hide in that faction. I still think it's a 50/50 match heavily depending on who has the ball. It is also not really that great into the mirror since lure of gold really skews the threat range game plus they have a model that is essentially immune to fire. Ok wow. I did not intend for this to turn into a full blow tactica but here you go. If you have any questions about the list let me know. There are also 2 good smoke games on my YouTube channel that you can check out.
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    Journey into the painted world.

    Of miniatures... Got my box a few days ago and decided to paint it all up. My hands aren't as steady as they once were so I rarely do fiddly edge highlighting and try to keep it as simple as possible. Will most likely be tackling all the original dark souls miniatures before moving onto the newer baddies. The Chosen Undead. Executioner Smough Dragonslayer Ornstein Duo shot
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    I've recently been on the receiving end of an unexpected and amazing display of generosity from members of this community, and I would like to express my thanks to these members who decided to help out a complete stranger... About a month ago, as I was on my way to a local tournament here in Montreal and, as I am wont to do, I foolishly fell asleep in the subway on my way there. Unfortunately, as I came back to my senses a station away from destination, I realized that the case I'd been carrying my team in had been had been stolen, probably by someone expecting some expensive electronics or musical instrument in there (it was a TABLEWAR hard case). Not only was Benoit, a local pundit, gracious enough to lend me a team so I could at least get to play, but @Tonio, the Pundit who was running the event, reached out to fellow Pundits and managed to get a replacement team sent his way on my behalf. So, last Thursday, he handed the models he had received, along with a few extra freebies the generous donors had decided to include too. Thank you, so much, to both Jesse Heis, owner of Freecity Games in Victoria, Australia, and to Nicholas Robertson, Pundit operatinf off of the Hobby Bunker, in Malden, Massachusetts, who volunteered a full replacement of the team I lost (I never played or purchased Hammer, the only model missing here), including not only some new off-the shelf models, but an almost fully painted team to boot! While postal services broke Honour off her base, everything else is in top condition and I'll be giving that team new life on a pitch here in Montreal as soon as my schedule allows! If anyone knows either of these two gentlemen, please tag 'em so I can send thanks their way directly!
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    I just thought as Santa revs up the sleigh and 2017 goes off to the hall of the ancients, I would post a cheerful thank you for all the things I love about GB. Firstly, thank you for the Longshanks website @RedSam . Even thought it torpedoed my ranking (lols! ) it's a fantastic site and I'm glad we have an alternative to TieBreak as well as somewhere for armchair coaches to mull over stats. Great work - thanks for the effort. On to App makers. OMG I bloody love apps. While I prefer cards be used in play (so you don't make it obvious or remind someone how close to death a player is), being able to look up cards and theoryball on the train is brilliant. That they even allow rules looks ups and hobby organisation - all for free - is simply amazing. You guys work hard and I know I can't imagine living without them now. Thank you for your free time and hard work. SFG - yep I've not forgotten you. While I might disagree with you over er, certain work, I am ever grateful you have created and continue to support a great game that has introduced me to a world of new friends and like minded coaches. Thanks for the beautiful models and design work. Thank you also for not being too proud to change your game when needed - it shows you really care. My fellow Pundits. Pundits are key to pushing this game out to the local FLGS and clubs and they work bloody hard so everyone gets to play toy soldiers. I am glad we have a group of such dedicated players that are keen to promote a game they love. While we might not always agree with each other over certain er, policies, I know we are all working towards making this a successful game and I can call upon help for my local area if needed. 3rd party support. How would I play this game without widgets?!? You know bizarrely I think my favourite thing about GB is that I haven't used a tape measure in 3 years. It's just so nice to make neat movements (well I try). All the tokens and widgets really help me keep track of this game and while not essential, I love them. Thank you for you faith in this game and I hope we both continue to profit from its success (you with $$$, me with even MORE tokens). Finally my fellow players. What would this game be without such a fantastic group of lovely people. I've met so many of you over the years and I am thankful for it. What is a game without an opponent - and you guys are the best. We love a bit of rough and tumble on the forums/Facebook but we all have our heart in the same place. I'm especially glad to have such a great group of people playing this game - and I look forward to meeting new players we bring in. So, while I might not be as active a player in 2018 (wait until I raise my new minion to conquer the GB world in 2028!) I really hope I can get out and continue to play this brilliant game with you fantastic people. Roll on 2018! Chris
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Hey guys, first time poster but I was directed here by the GuBS facebook group Here's my two goal posts, one for my fishermen, the second one for the Union:
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    Thank you Steamforged

    Thank you Steamforged. The last few months things have just been awesome! Pitch formations was a great new idea, and involving the community in the playtest process for the first time since the kickstarter was welcome. GICs are another great little addition to the game, and again the playtest opportunity very welcome. When they first came out there were, shall we say, one or two I wasn't keen on, and given that the thing I was most bothered by (bonus vps) seemed so fundamental to the approach that is thought it'd never get changed. But I made my arguments, other agreed and Steamforged listened. Now I am genuinely excited to play the game with GICs. But the biggest takeaway from the process is how much Steamforged have listened. There's a ton of salt to wade through on the first draft and differentiating genuine issues and concerns from overreactions must have been quite the task. And now I get to play in a tournament testing them out, too. Finally, we've got the Union in Chains... just WOW! The butchers civil war was a lot of fun, but then I'm a butchers player. This year we've got so many more guilds directly involved, and a tantalising mystery as to what the "prize" at the end of it all might be. Some of the banter already kicking off between butchers and fishermen is awesome and I take my hat off to the those involved - you've made my week. I almost don't want to know the final outcome because it's so much fun speculating. Almost. And shortly down the road is Steamcon. A Skulk model for everyone, blacksmiths and farmers 2 on pre-release (hopefully), and a new model to be designed for next year. And undoubtedly a whole host of spoilers: Ratcatchers guild? New 6 man boxes for each guild? What has happened to the Union? I just can't contain myself. So thank you Steamforged, you're smashing it right now! Much love, Ben
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    Assessing the new plastics

    I’ve gone on a bit of a journey since the announcement of the new guilds, so I thought I’d offer my thoughts now I’ve had chance to prep/paint/play with the metals, resins and plastics. Full disclosure – I’m primarily a painter, but I do sometimes play as well. Being a picky display painter, I heard the phrase “pre-assembled plastic” with a sinking dread. I’ve worked on Super Dungeon Explore stuff, and PP’s restic, and the thought of that amount of work disassembling or cleaning respectively, was not a happy one. Since I was at Gencon though, I wanted to get a look at the blacksmiths to assess them properly, buying them if I liked them. I never trust photos, too many models photograph badly and look nice in real life. Plastics reflect light very oddly when fresh from the mould, so I like to rely on good old-fashioned eyeballs. These scores out of ten are my personal opinions having tried all three materials, and thinking about them in the context of various types of use. They're a bit of a blunt tool, but you get the picture. Poses – Resins 7, Metals 7, Plastics 6 – some static, some more active (looking at you, ferrite). For the most part, not bad although I don’t think we’ve seen the best it can get so far. And no tiny contact points, even when I cut the little furnace off Ferrite’s knee when I change the base. Casting Quality – Resins 9, Metals 8, Plastics 6 – It’s a little softer on the sharp edges, but the plastic hasn’t lost the detail of the originals. Just the crispness a little. Prep – Resins 7, Metals 5, Plastics 6 – Having to get into the mould lines under assembled parts costs plastic here, though it’s much easier to carve and file into shape than the metal. Resin of course can snap while scraping, which plastic won’t. Assembly – Resins 7, Metals 6, Plastics 10 – Plastic of course is stupidly easy to assemble, it’s already done. Not so much difference between the others, but resin takes glue better so it leads by a point. Converting – Resins 8, Metals 6, Plastics 7 – The pre-assembly makes extensive conversions trickier, but a lot of more minor recutting, posing etc is not actually difficult. Metals take too much work to cut and reassemble to come close, although nice soft unassembled resin is still the best option. Painting – Resins 8, Metals 8, Plastics 8 – Metals tend to rub and chip more, as the paint doesn’t bind quite so well and the weight makes any little impact more damaging. It would cost it half a point, but I didn’t want to use halves so it’s a three way tie. Basing – Resins 7, Metals 7, Plastics 6 – not much in it really, but I did need to strip the bases off the models (which is really quite easy) so it lost a point there. Weight – Resins 9, Metals 6, Plastics 9 – I personally don’t like heavy models, and don’t instinctively equate weight to quality. They’re harder to balance on interesting bases, they like to topple when sitting on a pin vice during painting, and so on. Survivability – Resins 6, Metals 8, Plastics 9 – The thinner resin parts can be a pain, and once they snap there’s no getting them to hold back together again. The metals stand up to minor knocks better, but If they get dropped they’re done for. The plastics I dropped, poked, even bent the thin parts a bit and they settled back into shape happily. Display painted pieces (Casting, Prep, Conversion, Painting, Basing): Resin 39/50, Metals 34/50, Plastics 33/50 Resin is always the choice for display pieces, but second place is really a choice of the slightly higher cast quality or the much easier prep and conversion work. Depends on the specific project, I’d say, but typically Metal would win out here. Assembly isn’t included as I’m assuming anyone painting for display is able to glue models together Best Painted Team at events (Casting, Prep, Painting, Basing, Survivability): Resin 37/50, Metals 36/50, Plastics 35/50 The need to move them to the occasional event skews things towards metal and plastic more, so at this point it’s really about the exact circumstances – if you’re flying, weight can become a factor. If it’s a long bus ride, survivability is more useful. Given how close it is, I’m not bothering picking a winner here. It really depends on personal circumstances. Regular gaming teams (Assembly, Painting, Basing, Weight, Survivability): Resin 37/50, Metals 35/50, Plastics 42/50) The convenience, lightness and toughness of the plastics puts them ahead. As an extra bonus, I played a game with them the day I bought them - not so easy with the other two materials. Granted, I prefer to play with painted teams, but I could buy a new guild at a convention and have it on the table immediately without needing tools, glue or any time and effort. Made things more fun. Summary – The models lose a little crispness of detail in plastic, but gain some advantages in convenience and survivability. I don’t think they’re going to result in a poorly cast, low grade model range as I’ve had worse casts in metal from many companies (my Ghast needed several belt buckles slicing off and resculpting thanks to pitting from the cooling process). Given the resin’s issues in terms of breakage, hidden air bubbles and strange reaction to paint stripping, that’s not without its problems either. All in all, the plastics are great for gamers, and only a minor change for painters. Later today or tomorrow I'll have some painted plastic on my thread in the Display Cabinet, and there's some nicely painted Farmers already kicking about in there A little guide to working with the plastics: Cleanup is best done with an old knife blade and some needle files, scraping/slicing the majority of the mould lines away and finishing up with a sharp edge or round file as needed. A damp toothbrush is useful for scrubbing the dust/flakes away and giving you a good look at what you’ve done. Give the model another scrub in soapy cold water and rinse it off to make sure any mould release and cleanup residue is gone. Any bent parts (Furnace’s sword seems to be regularly guilty of this) respond well to hot (not quite boiling) water for 5-15 seconds, followed by holding it in place until it cools again. Green stuff goes on as normal, no problems getting it to stick to the plastic. Primer is standard, I airbrush on Stynylrez primer and it holds beautifully. Painting as normal didn’t seem to bother the plastics, I did exactly the same style as I have with my morticians and the results were pretty much identical. Basing is already done for you, but if like me you want your own custom bases, removal is easy. Clip the underside lugs, give it a quick prod with a knife down the sides of the foot lugs if there’s any visible glue, then gently pry it loose: Given the way primer and paint went on, I’m not anticipating any issues sealing the paintwork with varnish.
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    Someone go look in on the Mason forum and see if they are happy about the 10 man roster change. I am too afraid to venture there.
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    Who Dis.?

    Man, I thought we weren't giving away spoilers at Salute, but now everyone knows he has 1 ARM.
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    Important Rankings Announcement

    If one is lucky in life we find ourselves in a position where something we do for love and enjoyment, for ourselves but to be shared with others, becomes something that garners us the respect of our peers and gives us a, perhaps, elevated position within the community with which we share our endeavours. I feel blessed in life that I have been in such a position twice in my life, firstly in having my own roleplaying game published and nominated for awards, and secondly for what most of you here will be know me for: the guild ball rankings. I started the rankings to try and see if the people that kept beating me every week (Henry Kay, Chris Hay, Rob Balmforth) were actually any good and whether I was doomed to bottom table scrubbery in this game like I had been in Warhammer before. As it turned out, they were actually pretty good (at least in those early years, although Henry seems to still be doing alright) and when I started going to tournaments myself shortly after I found I was comfortably mid-table. I'd also like to thank Chris Rutter and, especially, Steve Newton for inviting me on to their podcast (come to think of it I think I invited myself) in the early days to talk about the rankings, and to Chris Hay again and Jay Finnegan and William Anderson for their early support (and continued in Bill'scase, bit ill get to that later). I say Steve especially because he offered great encouragement and moral support to me when I was setting it all up, too (and some shared good times on the tournament circuit with him, Jack and Jacob - you've been missed, Messrs Newton). I also think I should thank my many data input elves. It's now got to the point where there's probably too many to mention them all by name, but I think Bill, Ed Churchman, James Coleman, Alex Botts and TKO Dan for jumping on early and helping me expand the rankings. However, I guess there comes a time when anyone who has achieved something of note (even if it is something as small and generally insignificant as a rankings system for a niche miniatures game) finds their work surpassed by someone with greater skill and expertise. I think I need to accept that such a time has come for me and my rankings. Sam Bredeson ( @RedSam ) has produced the fantastic http://longshanks.org/ranking/. Everything I wanted to do when I started but dismissed because it was beyond my technical expertise, he has achieved. I started this process with a spreadsheet, and taught/re-taught myself the SQL and web programming skills to get the rankings web based, but I am essentially rehashing things I learnt 15-20 years ago and my site is woefully old in comparison to Longshanks. Hopefully I can take some heart in having inspired Sam to put his site together, and I know I have made a lot of people happy and generated a fair bit of banter and chatter over the years. I perhaps would have liked a bit of recognition from Steamforged for what I've done for the community, but I can understand why they probably shouldn't be openly endorsing something like a rankings. I've struggled with technical issues over incompatibility between my dodgy-setup work laptop and my web hosting service this summer, and with my desktop on the blink I've just not been able to complete the maintenance and name change requests people have been asking for. I don't think the service I'm currently able to provide is the service the community deserves. As a result, I have come to the conclusion this morning that the existence of the my rankings is actually holding back Sam's superior offering from getting the awareness and recognition it deserves. His does everything mine does and more - but more importantly, better. As soon as I can get back on to my website managment system I will be removing the rankings. I will be using Longshanks from now on. You should too. Thanks to everyone. /drops mic/ (PS I will still be running the UK masters if there's still interest, in Feb, but it will be based on Longshanks data)
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    Ideas for Harvest Markers

    Well I asked my wife to see what she could come up with. Her sculpy skills are far superior to my own. This is what she came up with.
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    Shiny New Section

    Hey folks, welcome to the shiny new previews section - when there's an official spoiler going out, it will also go here when possible for you all to enjoy/discuss and so on. Things posted in here are obviously safe to discuss all over the forum, but it seemed useful to have a place to go for everything new. As things get released, threads will get moved out into the relevant sections so if a thread leaves here it's likely to be in a different section, and what's more it'll be on sale Bear with us while we put up the metaphorical wallpaper and find chairs, it's a little empty at the moment but you've got to start somewhere, right?
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    A quick note to SFG

    This isn't dark souls specific at all - but this is the board that I use so i'll post here. As steamforged games are based in greater Manchester i just wanted to say I hope none of your friends / family were affected by the recent attack in the city. Stay safe guys
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    Vengence 2017 - Stats

    MOD EDIT: This is a forum for discussing Guild Ball. This is not the place for making personal attacks on our staff.
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    What's your S3 NPE?

    Well so far my biggest NPE is highly competitive opponents with a poor sense of sportsmanship or table manners. It's a problem when certain people register for an event and half your friends drop out just because of particular names, and it's unpleasant when a game goes sour and taints the day.
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    As I sit with a very strong cup of coffee and try to sort things out on my work desk my mind wanders...and mostly, these days, it treads on Guild Ball pitches. I am about six months into this hobby...the game...the painting...the terrain making...and it has been a wonderful ride thus far. My win/loss ratio is horrendous. I think I've managed to win about 15 of 50 matches and yet I have only occassionally become frustrated by my lack of victories. Perhaps I measure success differently than many. To this point I have taken great delight in small victories... scoring on a well executed goal run (rare for me), killing Ox with Flint (it happened... I tell you the whole tale over a beer some time)...great close games (lost 12-11 to Morts last night when Harmony missed a goal with me clocked out and I had to give my opponent the winning VP). Eventually I hope that patience and practice will pay off and I can claw my way to mediocrity! That, however was never the point of my entering the Guild Ball rank and file. I'm challenging myself to get out and socialize more than I have in years. Challenging myself to make some new friends... most of which seem to be 20-25 younger than I am... and give me wonderful new perspectives on things. Challenging myself to get better each and every time I square off with an opponent. I am not sure when I might get past the current plateau that I am on and make more progression on my resolution to become a 50/50 player... but I know it will come. I play against much more experienced players for the most part. I play against opponents who are more tuned to this type of thing than I am. This is my first foray into a miniature game...and I just don't naturally think the way they do. It is not a bad thing that I am forced to expand my faculties... it is just as challenging, refreshing, and rewarding as it is occassionally frustrating. The relationships developed and the time spent having fun together playing and discussing Guild Ball are, to me, far more valuable than whether or not I crush my opponent. (No real crushing on my part has been witnessed as of yet... although there was that practice game on Vassal where I just played both teams and kicked the crap out of myself) I know there are many who are a good deal more competitive than I am. I know some who just hate to lose. I know some who seem to want the winning to come easy and give up before they actually put in the time to get better. To each, their own, I suppose. I am sure there are a few out and about that perhaps are struggling a bit like myself. I would encourage everyone to find their own little successes beyond the win column. It make everything just a bit more enjoyable. ....and in conclusion to the rambling.... my thanks... my thanks to those of you who continue to support and inspire those around you. You make a huge difference... and often probably don't even know you are doing it. Cheers all!
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    The survey that came out today asked whether people want the season 1&2 guilds re-released in PVC. I answered yes because personally I've decided I'm not interested in buying any more than the three guilds I already own in metal. Part of this is I'm impressed by the value offered by the plastic boxes, and part of this is because I don't like the move away from blisters to 6 player boxes. The bundling doesn't add any value like the PVC boxes do and it makes roster customisation more expensive as you may end up having to buy some models you don't want to get some you do. This is the same for the PVC boxes yes, but it's less egregious because they're significantly cheaper and give you more than just the player models. What the survey doesn't mention, but that they casually mention in the video is that they don't plan on giving the season 1&2 guilds the same treatment as the Farmers/Blacksmiths. Instead of two 6 player boxes they'd be sold as one 12 player box. Isn't the point of the new £35 boxes that they're a cheaper more accessible route into the game? These aren't just being sold to the existing playerbase. And it's a lot easier to say here this box of farmers gives you a full team you can start playing the game with straight away for £35 than here buy this £70 Fisherman's box. If this 12 man box did come out it would actually make the initial buy in to get a playable fish team more expensive than it is now with the metal models. I really hope SFG reconsiders on this, if they want the plastic re-releases to sell then they should stick with the strategy they're taking with the new guilds. It's a good one and there's no sense abandoning it now.
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    Idea for Thresher Change

    I'm gonna say a couple things I said over the weekend while at SCUS, because obviously this is a super hot topic right now. 1. If the rules for Obulus or Corsair or Ballista or insert-good-captain here were released 6 months ago and one of the best players in the world picked them up and played 50-60 games with them while most other people had only played 2-3 games against them, yeah, that person would probably do pretty well with that captain too. 2. Thresher requires players to modify the way they play against him. Playing the usual way you're used to playing the game will probably net you a lot of losses against him. I believe as players get more experience against him in the next few months, this will start showing. 3. It's much, much too early to nerf anything right now. Obviously, we'd be fools to ignore the high win rate, but we'd also be fools to hastily nerf something in a panic. Please bear in mind that we have to look at the health of the game across the next year, two years, five years, not just the next three months. If there is a problem, taking the time to get the correct fix to the problem is just as important, arguably more important, than fixing it in the first place. A fix that we then have to fix again in three months time is not a fix. 4. None of this is denying there is a problem, or us being blind to anything. When I used to play other games, I'll admit, I was frequently in the 'omg nerf this now' faction, and the fact that I've changed my opinion is basically a result of seeing the inner workings and considering the issue from another point of view. It's actually sort of amusing for me to be sitting here typing this when three-years-ago-me would likely have been howling for blood. But hey, we grow as people, and sometimes the biggest thing you can do is acknowledging that there are other perspectives and that your opinion is just that; an opinion. This is something I genuinely strive to be better at in my personal life a lot. I'm not necessarily saying anyone on this thread is wrong, like, just that there are a wealth of opinions out there. And we read all of them! And finally, hey, guys, I ran events at SCUS. I was there. We see the same tournament data as you, we talk to players about the game probably more than you do. We read these forums, we read social media, and we spend (amazingly!) a hell of a lot of time thinking about GB. It's not like we have some evil master plan here; we want the game to be as well balanced as we can make it. That's good for us just like it's good for you guys. So in summary: we're aware there might be an issue and we're watching very carefully but we're not going to jump the gun on anything. Cheers!
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    An open letter to Obulus

    Ferryman, take heed. There have been rumblings. Dark words whispered in underground vaults regarding our precious Guild and your command over it. It is no secret that the Solthecians seek to ‘purify’ our sport by tearing up age-old contracts sealed in blood between the Union and other Guilds. Regardless of the impact this has on our opponents this puts us in grave jeopardy as we face the loss of a shining star of the game. I of course speak of the one known as Mist. We are not savages. We do not hack and slash like Fillet’s brutes or squabble in the muck with the drunkards. Ours is a more elegant, graceful game. The loss of our contract with the Solthecian will cost us gravely. And may cost you most of all. If your control over the Guild’s dealings are not strong enough to retain the services of one measly player then I fear your grasp on power is not as complete as you might hope. One tiny chink of weakness may be all it takes for your enemies to plot all the more. The sharks will begin to circle. I offer you an alternative. If our Guild fields energising star players, the crowds are happy. If the crowds are happy then the sponsors are happy. If the sponsors are happy then your power remains unchallenged. I urge you, for your own sake, to consider retraining our protegé, the ex-monk Bonesaw. The boy has talent but could be much, much more if allowed to come out from Mist’s shadow. Simply put, needs to be better. His future performance on the field could be all that prevents the masses abandoning the Guild. - a friend
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    Morticans and mercenaries

    Hi! I finished the painting of the Puppet Master and its puppet
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    Played or watched five games this weekend in this style, doing more tonight I think. Initial thoughts— It doesn't change a lot about the rest of the game. The first turn is definitely more interactive, and with so many models within threat ranges of each other there is pretty strong pressure to start fighting immediately. That said, in most of the games we played turns 2 and onward, and especially turns 3 and onward, looked very much like those matchups tend to look for us with normal deployment rules. Teams playing against Fish are still heavily incentivized to disengage and kill the ball, for example, and that happened approximately at the same time it would in a game with standard deployment in our experience. I didn't even feel like the scores at the end of turn one were dramatically different than they would be in the old system—scores like 4-0 and 4-2 are fairly likely to happen by the start of turn 2 in either format, though outliers of 6-4 or 8-4 do seem more likely in the new format. It's extremely punishing for new players, both players new to Guild Ball and players new to this deployment style. You already got a few horror stories about people being up 10 points at the end of turn one, or people expecting to get three goals turn one. I don't really think that's a thing that will keep happening as people learn the format better, but anybody introduced to this format seems pretty likely to have a very one-sided first impression if they're playing against an experienced player. Deployment mistakes will be very very punishing in some cases, and if people don't like killing the ball then they will suffer the predicted 10-x game starts, which probably is too much. So ball interactivity is likely to not increase over where it was before—not sure if that was an intent of the design. In part because deployment is so punishing, the deployment draft is a really interesting addition to the game. It's certainly still early days but we learned some interesting ideas about how to deploy well in this format and if this system became standard I think that strategic level would be a welcome addition to the game. That said, it probably would need to be on the clock for tournament games. We played without Jamie's suggested test of the kicker starting with a Momentum on turn one, so the receiving team's first activation in all five games was brutal. A receiving team that has a model that can lock down another model nearby (Harry is the obvious example, but anybody with a combination of pushes and KDs can do this; the Goad is probably extra good though) can really screw up the kicking team's forward players. Perhaps just as important as it being strong, this first interaction is effectively non-interactive, which I know is against what Guild Ball has been going for in its design and balance decisions over the last year or so. I'm going to test the Momentum addition tonight; I'd also suggested elsewhere that, if this becomes standard, the kicking player could receive a special plot card that says something like "This card may be used in place of 1 Momentum for any use except a Goal Shot or Snap Shot" since I know there are concerns about non-interactive goals as well. The main purpose would be for the kicking team to be able to heal or clear conditions at the beginning of their first activation, basically, or to CA/DS in the game's first activation. Overall I like it so far, I do think it will need some tweaking and if it gets adopted as standard in the future it may need some balance adjustments across the board (but I already think the game needs some balance adjustments anyway so hopefully that's happening). At the very least it's exciting to have something actually new to fiddle with in GB, and something that adds strategical considerations. If this did not become standard, I'd still happily play events using it every so often. EDIT: Also quickly wanted to mention that this deployment looks more like how I picture a soccer/football pitch would be arrayed during a game. A minor concern compared to the health and interest of the actual game, but I like it anyway.
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    There's been a few posts here recently, and some side discussions on podcasts, where sporting conduct has been mentioned. Guild Ball is a fairly new community, so I thought it might be worth having a discussion as to what was considered sporting and unsporting within the game. Firstly, what do we mean by sporting conduct in general? My answer would be that it is "to try and make your opponent's game as enjoyable as possible despite trying your best to beat them, within the rules of the game." I think it's important that you try to beat your opponent, as this shows them respect, but you can also do everything in your power to help them enjoy the game, even if you're smashing them. Another key issue here is "within the rules of the game" - if you are doing something that is entirely within the rules of the game, even if it creates a negative experience for your opponent, I don't think that should stop you from doing it, and sometimes trying to account for things outside the rules of the game can lead to some messy grey areas that can cause more problems than they solve. So what about some specifics? Here's some rules I set for myself when playing to try to be as sporting as I can be. You may or may not agree with them, so feel free to chip in with your thoughts. Those who've played against me may not agree that I keep to them, but I do try - honest. Avoid Dice Moaning: Much as it can be frustrating to get that bad roll at that crucial time, it is not your opponents fault that it went wrong for you. Try not to react to strongly to when dice go badly for you, as it can make your opponent feel guilty and hence make things less enjoyable for them. Dice probability will invariably even out over shorter or longer periods of time so keep it in perspective. Its probably something we will all do from time-to-time, but if you're aware of it it might help you do it less. Open Information: Be as informative to your opponent as you can be. Explain what you're trying to achieve in the activation, when you have a few plays that combo up, explain the combo, be open to answering as many of your opponents questions as you can. But in a tournament setting you also need to be mindful of the clock, so I wouldn't spend any longer describing what I'm doing as it takes me to do it itself if it was during my activation, and if my opponent asks me a question I will put the clock onto them whilst I answer it. Conversely, be mindful that too much questioning can put your opponent off their game and disrupt their concentration. Ideally, rather than asking them, ask to see their card and find out the answer to your query yourself. Precise measurements: Measure your movement precisely, being aware of the gaps between models, when moves need to be in straight lines and where there are melee zones you're trying to avoid. The measuring widgets from Frozen Forge are great for this. You don't always need them, and often the narrow sticks or multi-sided widgets are fine, but when you start having to move around other models those narrow sticks might end up cutting a corner the base wouldn't allow. When making a complex move, discuss and negotiate with your opponent what sort of position you want to get to, what you want to avoid getting there. Use proxy bases to check for gaps and positioning for where you want to move to. When you've got to generate some dodges to get into range for a shot or into melee with a specific target model, its worth pre-measuring and discussing with your opponent so that you know how many inches of dodges you're going to need to pull the move off. Offer Chances to React: When I declare an attack or charge I will try to ask my opponent whether they want to counter or defensive stance. Admittedly sometimes I forget, but I'd rather my opponent had a clear cut chance to think about it before just picking up my dice and rolling them. Now if my opponent starts to spend a while pondering the decision I might switch it over to their clock, but I will always try to ask. Clock Discipline: Keeping track of the clock in a tournament game is a common issue. It's easy to forget to switch your clock over, and when your opponent forgets and you end up taking a long activation on their clock it is can create awkward situations and it can leave you feeling that you should offer to allow your opponent to do their next activation on their clock. I recently had a situation where my opponent let me do this early in the game, but then he ended up clocking out later on. I have no idea whether my activation was longer or shorter than the one he let me do on my clock, and felt guilty afterwards as a result. Because of this I am setting myself the rule that I will never take an activation on an opponent's clock when I failed to switch the clock over at the end of my activation. I will also try to be vigilant about the clock and remind my opponent to clock out at the end of their activation as much as I can. No Gotchas: I suspect this might be the most controversial of the things I'm suggesting here. There are only a few gotchas in Guild Ball: Unpredictable Movement, Countercharge, Clone, Glut Mass, Gravity Well. There's a lot to keep track of in the game and it's easy to forget something like this despite it being open information. I don't like it when I forget about these rules, so I will always try and pre-warn my opponent if they are likely to trigger one. If I'm playing tenderiser, I will often place a 6" measuring stick down next to him during an opponent's activation so that they know the danger zone to avoid. Similarly when someone moves to engage brisket I will remind them about UM. Sometimes I forget to prewarn, and when I do I will always let my opponent choose to take back their move if they like. No Messy Takebacks: Takebacks are an issue and it is often considered sporting to offer a takeback where you made a mistake. I suppose the best situation to be in is not to have made the mistake in the first place, but we're human so it happens. Its can put you in a difficult situation if you don't offer a takeback after you made a mistake to your advantage, but you need to also remember that it is your opponent's responsibility as much as your own to check you've got the rules right. I think when it comes down to sporting conduct, this is a rule that you apply to yourself when it comes to whether you accept an opponent's offer of a takeback, i.e. you don't. You might come across as unsporting if you don't offer a takeback when it was your mistake to your advantage, and if it happens several times people might start to get suspicious, so I won't go so far as to say don't offer the takeback, but I think the sporting thins would be to refuse one if offered. That said, I think there are plenty of occurrences where a takeback is a minor matter and not a problem. One example is on a dice roll: if an opponent rolls too few dice on a roll during an activation I will quite happily let them go back and roll another dice and add it to their result, I'd even be happy to do this if it was a few attacks ago where it's not going to have a massive difference on the result, such as the chance of a few extra points of damage. But if someone rolls too many and I don't realise until after they've rolled again, I've lost my chance and there's no takebacks. I think the key here is how much would the takeback result in a change to the state of play. If it's something minor like a few extra damage before the next activation occurs, then that's not going to affect choices that might have been made or dice rolls that have happened since, whereas if it changes the positioning of models or one players chance to react or make different choices, it best left as it was. If it's within the rules, it's all good: There's been some talk about specific moves or plays and whether they are unsporting or not, or whether if something causes your opponent a NPE you shouldn't do it. Some examples: deliberately kicking out of bounds to get the ball thrown in, a Fillet activation that takes out 3 or 4 models in a turn (perhaps more common in S2), or a Shark activation that gets you a goal with no chance for countering from your opponent. If something is legal and within the rules it shouldn't stop you from doing it. If you're playing against me I want you to try and beat me as fast and as comprehensively as you can. That in itself shows me respect and I appreciate it. Even though I may have a moan on here about Shark or Vitriol, it doesn't mean I don't want you to use them to the best of their abilities against me, nor do I want to put you under any sort of pressure not to play whatever guild you want for whatever reason you want. There's an important saying here: "hate the rule, not the player." If something you do in trying your best to beat me with the tools you have chosen to bring gives me a NPE, that is not your fault, and I should not make you feel that it is. (However you should perhaps allow me the right to blow off steam and push for rules changes on forums like this afterwards.) What rules do you have for sporting conduct? Would you change any of mine? Cheerio, Ben
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    New Lawyers

    Hello all. We've been in the process of recruitment for the last few weeks, and I'd like to welcome @Henry, @MilitaryCoo, and @LeadDiceandBeers to the Lawyer's Guild. These chaps are regulars on the Rules Forum already, and they have exceptional rules knowledge. I'm sure they'll get right into the rulings right away. On another note, it was gratifying to see the amount of interest there was in these positions. Thanks once again to everyone who applied. Cheers!
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    New Hunters info in SFG blog

    If Hunters got a version of Tooled Up, it would only affect the target's next attack and would cost either 2 INF or 3 MOM (your choice!). Then there'd be a tactical tip on Steamforged's website saying how the flexibility of paying for Hunter's Tools with either INF or MOM really allows Hunters players to adapt to the changing gamestate
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    Well I got Santa Graves and his 8 reinde...rats finished this week so I guess I can start the ball rolling You'll hopefully note there is a Rudolf rat
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    Folks, I certainly won't stop people from complimenting me, but I promise the disclaimers aren't necessary. As far as I'm concerned, if you are taking a tournament seriously, it's up to you to make what you see as the best decisions, including choosing the guild that will work the best for you specifically and the game generally. In this case I decided that Farmers were both very strong and up my alley in terms of playstyle so it would be stupid for me NOT to play them. I'm proud of how I practiced and how I played and think it's perfectly natural for the winner of a big tournament (especially someone who had to go through a three-day gauntlet) to most likely be playing one of the two or three best guilds. I promise my feelings aren't hurt. Thanks MWWG for the interview!
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    Jamie P

    Idea for Thresher Change

    Hey guys, I just wanted to take a second to say that this is probably one of the most well mannered discussions on 'I think X model is OP' that I've ever seen. So well done and carry on playing nice Secondly, of course we are always watching
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    Not really important... but....

    This has no great bearing on anything important going on here... but I won't lie... I am pretty damn excited. Tomorrow is the first event I will attend, a Farmers Guild launch event... and I can't wait to actually participate and see some other guilds besides my kick off models. Fully prepared to get wrecked and have a wonderful time doing so. HA!
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    Jamie P

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    I will reiterate that my earlier points are important, testing the wider implications of lower Heal Rates. However, it is likely that we will advance the release of the remaining cards to this Friday (8th), rather than next Friday (15th). Never tell me I don't do anything nice for you
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    Hello Forum! I have started a new series on my Youtube channel that I hope you guys will like as much as Run the Length. This is Guild Ball Gotchas! Welcome to the inaugural episode of guild ball gotchas where we go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in guild ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering Mist and Vitriol's kickoff pressure. Special thanks go out to Nick Kleeman, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Bots for assisting with this video. Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
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    I [Mat Hart] was lucky enough to get to Adepticon in Chicago this year. I met a load of great people and had an absolute blast. During the weekend, I got to spend a fair amount of time chatting with the players vying for the US Qualifications and observed a heck of a lot of games. These conversations and observations got me thinking…mostly about how the Organised Play Rules can massively influence the game. Today we roll out an updated Organised Play Rules document with several key changes. These changes are detailed below. Tiebreakers Guild Ball was designed as a win or lose game, a simple binary state if you like. The intent was that it really doesn’t matter if you win 12-0 or 12-10, a win is a win. However, tiebreakers that are calculated using Victory Points and VP differences goes against this original intent. Furthermore, they can lead to some weird situations where a first-round loss of 11-12 could actually help you finish higher up the table! We’ve overhauled the tiebreakers to use percentage win rate, or Strength of Schedule as its more commonly known. Players are ranked in order of the following: Their Tournament Points Scored Their own Strength of Schedule Their opponents Strength of Schedule The new Organised Play Document goes through in detail how this is calculated and the Tiebreak platform has been updated accordingly. Drafting The way drafting worked, gave some teams an unnatural power bump due to the way their rosters could be constructed, meaning it was possible to keep their captain selection until very late in the draft, resulting in an unfair advantage. Basically, it meant that if you played some teams and knew how to draft properly, then you could almost always be able to counter pick your captain against your opponent. This ended up lifting some teams unnaturally in the meta whilst forcing others down. To address this, we’ve tweaked the order in which teams are drafted to the following: Deal and decide on Plot cards, as normal Simultaneous reveal of Captains and Mascots Roll to decide who kicks off (and who receives) Draft the remaining 4 players for each team starting with the Receiving player Roster Size Another unusual one, we observed an impact on certain teams that the roster size of 9 was causing. Looking at these teams, whilst the models seemed perfectly strong and competitive enough individually, the team itself struggled to put together a meaningful 2 captain roster of 9 models without severely limiting the remaining choices. Guild Ball is a game of choices and so we have expanded the roster size to 10 players. The 1-2 model restriction on both Captains and Mascots remains unaffected. Draws As mentioned earlier, Guild Ball is a game of winning or losing, there really is no room for a draw and it only served to make the math complex in the rare situations where it came up in competitive play. We have removed draws from competitive play. The long and short of it is if the players are still tied at the end of the game, after dice-down has been called by the event organiser, then the win is awarded to the player that kicked off at the beginning of the match. Simple. Round Length A simple change, we have extended the round length back up to 110 minutes to allow a little more breathing room for people to prepare for the next round. So there you have it, a handful of changes to the Organised Play document that we believe will make the game healthier and more fun for everyone. Obviously, these changes are effective immediately for any Steamforged Games organised events but, TO’s of upcoming events have the option, for the remainder of May, to revert to the previous system on tiebreak should they wish. If you’re attending an event in May do please check with your TO which system they’ll be using – the old system will be gone forever 1 June 2017. Let us know below how this will impact your Tournament Roster choices.
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    Hunter's Current State

    Hunters are such odd ducks. I think the new releases sort of help but it doesn't fix some of the questionable design decisions they already have. Zarola's playbook still makes no sense for the model or background and is just plain bad. Seenah being 0/2, doesn't affect Seenah but her team for bringing her. Theron's second half playbook is junk (why is his 3 on a 6 - what other captains, who have access to low KD , have such poor DMG output). Egret having Snap Fire which is a crap shoot of a play. Etc. Hunters are not unplayable, heck they just won a local tournament I ran. But they require everything to go right, otherwise their inconsistent design exposes itself. They have no comeback options and sometimes it feels like you can see the gears grinding against each other. No other guild has this issue. What the new models do is offer pseudo footballers. But they still have the same questionable design ethos - Tackle on column 2 of a TAC 5 model does not a good striker make (compare Fillet...), nor does having to hurt someone to get Super Shot when it opens himself up to getting tackled. I like Hunters. I like running, shooting and stabbing people. But...they are hard work and I don't think the new models are a panacea. If you want something different and frankly odd, they are fun. If you want a reliable team you can play the game with any sort of predictability then look elsewhere. Best models in the game though. No question.
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    First of all... I'm blame @Mako (you inspired me to share - this is all your fault!) But here's the start of my Hunters team, with no thanks to the iPhone camera (hence that HUGE shadow across Theron's leg) Comments welcome...
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    ANIMAL BALL (Created by Lon Sims) Special thanks to everyone in the Guild Ball Zone discord channel who provided playtesting and feedback for these rules. Ever wonder what your creatures are up to when not with their teams? What Fun does Fahad have in her free time? How does Salt spend his Summers? Well… They play Ball of course! WELCOME TO ANIMAL BALL!! The next evolution in sport which is taking the Empire of the Free Cities by Storm! In this ferocious show of fang and claw - onlookers come to realize just how essential and talented these balls of fur (or scales) can be. The speeds are blistering, the teamwork is crucial, and the brutality is downright lovable. Never so quickly have you seen a crowd go from “aww” to “ouch”! Draft your squad from ALL AVAILIBLE mascots and use your limited resources to pilot your critters to victory. Rules: Animal Ball is played on a 2ft x 2 ft pitch. The proving grounds mat has this built in (demo) If you are using a standard mat, square off the center 2 feet. The front of the goals are placed 4 inches from the back line. Deployment is 6 inches from the back line. Each team is comprised of 6 MASCOT models chosen via Draft (See Draft Section). The game is played to 6VPs. (mascots are still worth 1vp per take out) For a slightly longer game, you may opt to reduce goals to 3VPs. All friendly models count as friendly guild models. NO HEALING via “take a breather lad” or “come on mate”. You may clear conditions as normal. Plot cards are not used in this format. Unless mentioned above, all standard rules from the core Guild Ball game apply. For a slightly more action packed game, you may opt to increase each team’s influence pool by 2 during allocation. (see standard rules for goal influence) Proxies may be necessary. Ensure you and your opponents are clear on exactly which model is what mascot. Write it down if necessary. Drafting: All Mascot cards from the Guild Ball Universe shall be available to draft. Place all of the cards on the middle of the pitch. Roll off to determine who goes first. Bans: Banning a Card/Model removes it from the pool. It may no longer be selected. The first player will Ban a single card. The second player will Ban a single card. Draft: This is a snake draft. The first player will pick a single model, followed by the second player picking two, followed by the first player picking 2 until each has 6 models. Player 1 picks 1. Player 2 Picks 2. Player 1 Picks 2. Player 2 Picks 2. Player 1 Picks 2. Player 2 picks 2. Player 1 picks 1. After the draft is complete. Roll off to determine Kicker/Receiver. The kicker deploys their entire team and nominates a kicker. The receiver deploys their entire team. Kick off and enjoy the game! Tips: The Small field and generally high MOV of mascots make for an extremely dynamic game. Use it to your advantage. The combination of low TAC and high DEF/ARM make crowd outs EXTREMELY important. A low INF pool means Mascots which have free abilities are at a premium. Goals, while worth proportionally more points, are also much riskier due to low KICK stats. Not all Mascots are created equal. Some may seem highly effective versus their counterparts. If you are worried about a particular model – use your ban or make sure to pick it first! HAVE FUN! This is Animal Ball. This is a living rule set hosted here: http://www.guildball.zone/animal-ball/ http://animalball.guildball.zone (coming soon)
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    Masons at the Rusty Cup

    So this weekend i decided to take masons to a 64 player event mainly because im fed up of the whinging on the forums about them being bottom tier and uncompetative. To preface this, this is the first event ive played them in on a table, i havent been practicing with them and in my last event i won with morts. My 9: Honour, marbles (because worst mascot in game apparently), harmony, vet harmony, brick, flint, tower, mallet, granite. Game 1 - Neil Pecket - Shark. I was concerned with the fish match up as apparently its terrible. He played a standard line up if i remember and i kicked. Alas two day events and a lots happened since but 12-4 to me, prior to the game Neil was saying he has practiced a fair bit against masons so was fairly confident. I think 2 goals and 2 take outs. Game 2 - Craig Butler - Midas Craig was also someone ive not played before and another match up i was dreading, he was fairly confident especially as he chose to receive . His line up was vet kat, midas, naja, vitriol, harry and i think compound. I kicked and flint got a great scatter where he couldnt retrieve it just over the line on the opposite flank. Harmony retrieved i passed around to sup strat flint to score end turn 1, he kicks out to land on midas. Turn 2 i win initiative and honour manages to go in, engage compound, dodges to engage midas and tackles, tackles again after the counter and then shoots and scores 8-0, honour dodges to engage vet kat. Flint also has 4 sitting on him. He kicks out and harry collects and passes to vitriol for the dodge. Marbles trundles over and bonus times a goad positioning so that if vitriol advances brick can counter charge. It ends with a 12-4 to masons after i take out vet kat and he times out. Game 3 - Jamie Giblin - Ox. He played ox, harry, truffles, boar, vet brisket, meathook. Jamie is fairly new with butchers but i played him in the final at the last event i went to. I kicked, he retrieved and passed around. A sup strat harmony with tooled up went into boar end turn 1 and left him on 6 boxes or so, i won initiative. Harmony went first and finished him off and came back to safety going 2-0 up. He brought Ox and meathook in with the ball on vet brisket. Bit of a scrum in the middle working aound the double counter charges. I won initiative dodged marbles to engage ox and honour and harmony killed him before he could legendary. Trying to remember the rest of the game but i won 12-4, he scored and i killed meathook, and scored and he times out but im in position to kill harry if game continues. Game 4 - David Mustin - Blackheart. I havent played much against union in a while so was pretty concerned going into this. He picked blackheart, strongbox, harry, decimate, rage, minx (i think). He won the roll and elected to kick with blackheart. I collected the ball and tried to set up a cage, blackheart legendaried and came in and ping ponged to get the ball and some MP. He elected not to shoot due to crowding outs, and models in path. Blackheart goes first and generates some mp and scores and i play vengeance. I kick out and black heart dies to honour etc. He comes in with a few things but counter charges etc cause issues. I end up winning initiative a couple turns by +5 and kill harry and decimate and then rage. He times out and i score to finish 12-4. Game 5 - Bryce Johnston - Shark. He plays sakana, salt, siren, greyscales, hag and shark. I won initiative and elect to kick with mallet. He collects and positions ball around ending on shark. Harmony had 3, mallet 3 and honour 6, id moved harmony up 6 as first activation. Shark receives the ball centrally and honour sup strat harmony, dodges her and legendaries and linked play. Harmony charges sharke who elects to counter (no def stance, he had 2mp at this point). Harmony at tac 10 with mom tackle on 1 rolls 1x 4 and whiffs. He counters and dodges away. This was going to be a trend fo this game. Harmony acrobatics back, tackles, damages momentously and back to the shdows to within 4 of brick with the ball. Shark now comes in and engages marbles, brick and harmony. Hits brick who declares a counter. Shark fluffs the roll due to cover, crowding and poor dice. Brick lines up and also whiffs the counter getting no hits. Shark ping pongs and tackles to take a shot on goal on 3 dice and scores, dodging away. I play vengeance on him. Kick out which goes a little of plan but mallet gets it and runs, passes to honour and dodges to now be in range of sakana who he hits and gemerates mp to win initiative. Honour goes first and drops the ball onto harmony, due to shark standing 1mm to far into rough ground has to charge him for range rather than walk (could have passed dodged to similar effect). Shark counters, honour gets 4 after arm so has to burn the veng token to get the kd and 2mom damage. She wails on shark taking all the damage and leaves him on 6hp. Linked play and i decide to drop the ball onto marbles (seduce!) And harmony finishes shark off and i have a stack of mp, 2-4. He has to come in to retrieve the ball and after lots of working out greyscales comes in and he generates mp. Hes unable to get the ball due to crowdings and cover but we finish the turn with marbles out of cover, over 1" from greyscales who is engaged by brick and mallet and has harmony over 1". He wins initiative from siren hitting mallet with crowd outs and getting a wrap with seduce and dodge etc. Dice roll +2 or +3. Greyscales has 4 and tries to get the ball but fails due to a couple of poor rolls and crowding. Honour walks and then dodges in and push/dodges him to be engaged by marbles and 2 others and kills him. Middles of game is bit confusing but shark comes back on and grabs the ball and scores again and legendaries catching my whole team. I was at 4mp at this point - i kick out to the left flank and get a 1/6 scatter which puts the ball behind my lines so no more mp for me which is really what screws me over. Remainder of that turn honour and harmony kill 1 players but cant generate mp and take the score to 6-8 and he has +1mp. If the ball was over the line id be hugely up on mp and flint would get the ball and hes unlikely to score. He rolls a 6 for initiative when at +1 and salt collects the ball, where you go etc and passes to siren who has returned to the pitch, fails the pass but scatters to her. Honour and harmony link and kill shark and go into hag. Honour whiffs a roll to damage hag at tac 8 or so and they leave her on 1 box. Sakana uses 4 and generates some mp, i cant get the ball and although i could kill hag with flint who has 4, if i do it stops there being a player in the way. Siren passss to returned grey scales who dodges forward just outside flints threat range. Grey scales does his stuff and is just in range of the goal and takes a bonus timed shot (3dice player in way) and scores to win the game. Had it missed i had mp to go first and kill hag on 1 and sakana start of next turn through linked or alternatively position to link score a goal from flint retrieving and passing to honour/hamony after the missed shot. Final score 12-8 to Bryce. Due to not killing hag i dropped to 6th instead of 3rd overall. Whilst we both had some proper screwy dice, we both adapted recovered well, a couple of crucial moments like the kick scatter i think cost me the game. Bryce played it very well and ended the game on 5min with myself on 12, but a tight game and well deserved win for him Summary. This is short and sweet, anyone who states masons arent competative is just plain wrong. They have answers, amd tend towards a 2-2 finish. Just play more and play better. I played a core of 5 players - honour, harmony, flint, marbles, brick and then swapped mallet, tower depending on what i was facing. Whilst keen to play granite due to my opponents line ups i didnt think she'd do to much. Vet harmony was for smoke and condition heavy which i didnt face.
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    As forum mods, we've been letting this thread go on (because we're not here to purge complaints or force people to like things), but I do need to say one thing - please watch the language and post mostly calmly. I know that's easy for me to say, and it's massively frustrating and annoying for things to have gotten to this point, but there's a limit to the behaviour we can allow on the forum before stepping in. We don't want to have to start moderating things because people are swearing and raging.
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    Organised Play Document Update 9/5/17

    I'd also be really interested to hear the reasoning behind this. Why did SF feel revealing captain last was a problem? There is a whole lot more strategy behind looking at the non-caps and anticipating picks than "derp, kicking captain, better take <insert ball control/goalie here>". I feel more hurt by the loss of the captain last strategy than the kicking/receiving choice. Potential Rant: My gut reaction is this punishes Brisket (and Skatha if viable) heavily while having almost zero impact against Midas. It could effectively remove Shark from the Meta. The difference is Brisket and Shark have a divergently different game plan from their other captain choice. Midas, while individually different than Smoke, has a much more similar overall plan. A lot of times you just play Midas and don't care who they drop as the flexibility is in your team comp, not your captain. It hurts Shark more than Brisket because at least Brisket can play for a fairly consistent 2-2 game because of her supporting cast of murderous goons. Lets look at an example: Engineers vs Fish. Under the old scheme if I hold my captain until last, even if I ultimately plan to use Shark, the opponent still has to respect the fact I have a reasonable beat um up option. Conversely, even if I play to drop Corsair, they still have to respect the most well rounded/consistent striker in the game. Choices like Compound, Colossus, and Velocity are a lot stronger against one or the other. Now that they see the captain first... the draft is a cinch. You see Shark and you go for ball control. You see Corsair and you drop the easier TO models. The team flexibility is IN THE CAPTAIN. Basically, if you opt to play a heavily skewed strategy, it is much easier to be countered via the draft. Furthermore, the 10th model allows for a lot of rosters to explore goalie options they may have not considered in the past. Anywho, if you hate getting netted, but don't mind Midas, I guess this change is for you. #WelcomeBackPegLeg #PrayersForEisnorans #QQcrymoreTehlon
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    [spoilers]Season 3 fluff

    (Caveat, I have about as much input on the fluff as anyone else on here, so this is pretty much just my thoughts/wishes as well) Couple of points: On Hammer, I actually really like that he has some strong reasons for being somewhat unhinged. I'm hopeful that maybe he'll get some peace now his wife and kid are safe, and can actually potentially get a redemption arc. Also, Loxam has very little to do with the background, I think you mean @Sherwin. Kutte: It actually comes from motorcycle gangs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cut-off Anyone who's watched Sons of Anarchy will immediately pick up on some influences it had on the Brewers story direction. Thresher: This is the model who looks like my dad, who is actually a farmer in real life. One day Sherwin called me on Skype and went "Sorry mate, I've got some bad news, I've just killed your dad." Pretty sure he died just so Sherwin got to make that call.
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    Guild vs. Guild stats

    Recently, I've been developing a ranking system for Guild Ball that works by recording the winner and loser of each game, rather than the placing of players at the end of each tournament. This style of ranking does a few things: Removes game score from determining ranking - a win is a win, a loss is a loss Incorporates strength of opponents - a win against a high-ranked player should be worth more than a win against a low-ranked player Allows non-tournament games to be included in the rating and ranking system (but can be filtered out if desired) The ranking algorithm I settled on is based on the one used by the NCAA and uses win percentage, opponent's win percentage, and opponent's opponent's win percentage. Each player is given a rating that's intended to reflect not only rate or number of success but also the difficulty of his or her games. A secondary benefit of using each game for ranking rather than only tournament results is that the guild-versus-guild matchups can be recorded. This allows the win percentage of each guild to be compared both in total and against each other guild individually. Take a look at the player rating page and the guild stats page to see the current rankings, which include every event on TieBreak (as of about an hour ago) that includes game-by-game results since January first. Some interesting things I noticed in the guild rankings: Hunters are no longer in last place Alchemists don't have a less than 50% win-rate against any guild Fishermen have a greater than 50% win-rate against every guild except Alchemists Fishermen are being played about 20% more than any other guild
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    Thought I'd enter My Tentacles! Such a fun mini to paint!!