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    Appropriate that on this, the US election day, Seenah is exercising now more than ever his right to bear arms.
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    How to objectively examine spoilers: Step 1: Look at card. Step 2: Compare to Stave. Repeat for each model.
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    Collated Season 3 Spoilers

    I'm surprised nobody seems to have done this already, but I thought it would be worth putting together a list to collate all the spoilers, seen and heard, for Season 3. I'll post it first empty first, then go about collating what we know and edit the post, but feel free to chip in and I'll try to keep the first post updated. ALCHEMISTS Midas Blog article including full card: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/2016/11/14/the-man-with-the-midas-touch Smoke Front of card seen on shop image for S3 cards: http://store.guildball.com/new-releases/-season-3-player-card-deck (seems to be identical to S2 version barring Icy Sponge changes). Flask card fully spoiled: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d6ad1b631b37ff4364a8/1476843198974/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d6c9ebbd1a790b74e961/1476843228646/?format=500w Mercury full card seen: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35238-season-3-dont-worry-we-havent-alchemissed-you/ BREWERS Partial card info for several players: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/34996-season-3-brewers-changes/&do=findComment&comment=88251 Tapper full card seen: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/34996-season-3-brewers-changes/&do=findComment&comment=88813 (shows changes to Commanding Aura that will likely have implications for other players) Friday loses mom on 2 DMG result. Hooper front of card seen: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/57fee5d1f7e0abb9f7acdfcb/1476322844109/Hooper_S3?format=500w Mash note changes to Long Bomb as seen on Ratchet (unconfirmed that Mash will keep Long Bomb). Spigot front of card: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CwBz1KpWIAAc5CD.jpg:large (shows changes to Ball's Gone and Tooled up that will likely have implications for other players) Stave seen at Spiel, reported unchanged Stoker full card seen (albeit in S1/2 card format): https://thebattlehammer.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/gbseason1-cards-brewers-stoker4.pdf New player Pintpot: http://store.guildball.com/brewers-guild/pintpot BUTCHERS Fillet full card shown: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5822f4ff2994ca525dd00a74/1478685956268/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5822f51e9de4bb3933799980/1478685985082/?format=500w Princess full card shown: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d7dce3df28f4c604ef76/1476843504048/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d7ae3e00becea2cb1df6/1476843454559/?format=500w Boar full card seen: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35176-season-3-boar/&do=findComment&comment=90958 (includes change to Life Drinker which may have implications for other models) Boiler Blog post on Fillet and Minx (http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/2016/11/9/8g5v9hu7qca0ykq7z0bqbrnpqak8z4) mentions that Fillet will still have access to Swift Stance, suggesting that Boiler retains this play. Meathook full card seen: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35123-meathook-revealed/&do=findComment&comment=90078 v.Brisket note changes to Ball's Gone on Spigot (unconfirmed that v.Brisket will keep Ball's Gone) ENGINEERS Ratchet full card spoiled: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35125-season-3-ratchet/&do=findComment&comment=90089 (includes changes to LongBomb which will likely have implications for other models, also includes previously seen changes to Tooled Up and Creation) FISHERMEN Salt card fully spoiled: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d8a6e4fcb54c53110c99/1476843711455/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d8cb579fb31fdfe91776/1476843745543/?format=500w Greyscales note changes to Ball's Gone on Spigot card (unconfirmed that Greyscales will keep Ball's Gone). Kraken Full card spoiled: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35273-season-3-release-the-kraken/&do=findComment&comment=92617 HUNTERS Fahad full card seen: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d5b1f5e2310c4eb4411f/1476842950135/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d5e3e58c62d93f0f62a0/1476842999041/?format=500w Seenah full card seen: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35212-season-3-seeeeeeeeenaaaaaaah/&do=findComment&comment=91698 MASONS Partial card info for several players: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CuJYqI1UAAAoMH0.jpg Honour front of card seen: http://theblackorifice.co.uk/honour.png (I'm sure the back has been seen, too, as I'm fairly sure Responsive Play has been dropped for Poised, perhaps someone else can supply a link) Marbles loses Tooled up but gains Go Ape, which gives him Countercharge if within 4" of Brick. Front of card yet to be seen. (http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35193-back-of-marbles-card/&do=findComment&comment=91253. Flint Mat confirmed Flint is 4/8" KICK but loses Super Shot on Singled Out Podcast. Harmony full card spoiled: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/57ff3471d1758eabfac83f11/1476342923330/Harmony_Front_S3?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/57ff349b6b8f5b964da704e5/1476342967749/Harmony_Back_S3?format=500w Tower full card seen (albeit in S1/2 card format): https://thebattlehammer.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/gbseason1-cards-masons-tower3.pdf New player Granite: http://store.guildball.com/masons-guild/granite MORTICIANS Vileswarm: full card seen: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/580a4864197aeaafb111c74a/1477068917448/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/580a4c43f5e231d0f4b83c7d/1477069914372/GB-S3-Morticians-Vileswarm-back.jpg?format=500w Cosset full card seen: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/58106b81be6594a6e2aa6d77/1477471110389/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/58106b699de4bb7cf18063d1/1477471087645/?format=500w (Includes changes to Crazy that may have implications for other models, but changes to playbook length for Crazy have been confirmed as NOT necessarily indicative of how other models might be changed) Graves confirmed by Mat that he will have Tooled Up (see Spigot for S3 rules for this play) v.Graves full card seen: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/580a47b8d1758e8877060f72/1477068747189/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/580a47d7d1758e88770610b3/1477068778124/?format=500w (includes changes to Creation that impacts on other models) UNION Selective: There is no longer a Selective trait on a model, instead guilds will have a reference card each season showing the union models they may use (mentioned in Harry the Hat spoiler thread: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35297-season-3-who-has-the-best-hat-in-town/) Blackheart Full card seen, and blog post discussing his design: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/2016/11/16/a0qlkkqiyjx6c4ese7mzh5r4mnigsr Rage note changes to Tooled Up seen on Spigot and Ratchet (unconfirmed that Rage will keep Tooled Up). New Rage Limited Edition model available at Steamcon Gutter note changes to Life Drinker on Boar (unconfirmed that Gutter will keep Life Drinker). Harry the Hat full card spoiled: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35297-season-3-who-has-the-best-hat-in-town/ Minx full card seen: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5822f5439de4bb3933799a24/1478686029605/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5822f55b2994ca525dd00c6d/1478686046489/?format=500w
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    This was a lot of fun to do. I went with the Tortoise and the Hare.
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    Broken Clock

    My Fangtooth Mod!!

    I promised I would post this. I don't normally do this, but I'm really proud of the results! It's Fangtooth having his brains eaten by our beloved mascot! I carved out his belly with a knife and drill and then made some intestines out of green stuff. I did the same thing with a few other places on his body. I wanted to make it look like the chains were holding him together. I then carved out a hole in his head and sculpted a little brain. I glued a raven on his shoulder and then used UHU glue to make a brain string. It's all turned out great and I'm happy with my first model modification.
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    I glad we have this opportunity to be so up in arms about toy soldiers. I think the harsh reality many people turn a blind eye to is that Steamforged isn't making this game for you specifically. Sure, they want your support and enjoyment of the game, but were you to leave the game tomorrow forever, life would go on and Steamforged would continue. This hurts people's feelings, because Steamforged (or any business really) makes decisions on what's best for the company as a whole. You as an individual do not factor into the calculation at all. And the reality of business is that ideals change as time, experience, and real life factor into them, so there's nothing wrong with Steamforged changing a stance on something (say convention exclusives) if that's the decision they want to make to give those people willing to spend money on an untested convention put on by a small company a special thank you by allowing ONE model to start off as limited to SteamCon goers. That's it, one model (well, you know A&G). Everything else will be available online, and A&G will likely be available online during future conventions, like other models. You'll just have to wait. And that's the real rub of it: many of you are being selfish, self-centered brats stomping your feet because someone is telling you "No, you can't have that." You are missing the forest for the tree by ignoring that so many good things are coming from SF because there's one or two things you may have to wait for. You should be ashamed of your behavior. I'm just going to ignore this childishness and keep waiting for the S3 cards to be released FOR FREE next Monday so I can keep playing this awesome game that these folks are working damn hard to make it the best they can for everyone who plays.
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    New Hunters info in SFG blog

    He's about to excel at being brutally taken out of my team
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    Welcome to the Farmer Sub-Forum

    Welcome to the Farmer's Guild Sub-Forum! We thought it was time to start sowing the seeds of excitement, so here is a clear version of Windle, you have to admit he looks prett sWHEAT. Like damp hay we spoiled Windle on our recent Facebook Live video showing off the Season 3 Rule Book. The book is packed full of brand new stories, a full colour map (including National Emblems to paint on your National Team) and all characters have had their personal 'fluff' updated to fit with the timeline.
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    Bob Hambleton

    Blinging up Dark Souls

    This may not be the most sensible thing I've done. Still, just painting the minis didn't seem enough somehow.
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    Journey into the painted world.

    Of miniatures... Got my box a few days ago and decided to paint it all up. My hands aren't as steady as they once were so I rarely do fiddly edge highlighting and try to keep it as simple as possible. Will most likely be tackling all the original dark souls miniatures before moving onto the newer baddies. The Chosen Undead. Executioner Smough Dragonslayer Ornstein Duo shot
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    I've recently been on the receiving end of an unexpected and amazing display of generosity from members of this community, and I would like to express my thanks to these members who decided to help out a complete stranger... About a month ago, as I was on my way to a local tournament here in Montreal and, as I am wont to do, I foolishly fell asleep in the subway on my way there. Unfortunately, as I came back to my senses a station away from destination, I realized that the case I'd been carrying my team in had been had been stolen, probably by someone expecting some expensive electronics or musical instrument in there (it was a TABLEWAR hard case). Not only was Benoit, a local pundit, gracious enough to lend me a team so I could at least get to play, but @Tonio, the Pundit who was running the event, reached out to fellow Pundits and managed to get a replacement team sent his way on my behalf. So, last Thursday, he handed the models he had received, along with a few extra freebies the generous donors had decided to include too. Thank you, so much, to both Jesse Heis, owner of Freecity Games in Victoria, Australia, and to Nicholas Robertson, Pundit operatinf off of the Hobby Bunker, in Malden, Massachusetts, who volunteered a full replacement of the team I lost (I never played or purchased Hammer, the only model missing here), including not only some new off-the shelf models, but an almost fully painted team to boot! While postal services broke Honour off her base, everything else is in top condition and I'll be giving that team new life on a pitch here in Montreal as soon as my schedule allows! If anyone knows either of these two gentlemen, please tag 'em so I can send thanks their way directly!
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    A model cannot generate VPs from inflicting the taken-out condition on Memory, including from any abilities like Witness Me!, Gravedigger, etc etc. The friendly team would still generate 1 MP from inflicting the taken-out condition on Memory, however. And would gain any bonuses to this, like from Shelling Out.
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    Someone go look in on the Mason forum and see if they are happy about the 10 man roster change. I am too afraid to venture there.
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    Who Dis.?

    Man, I thought we weren't giving away spoilers at Salute, but now everyone knows he has 1 ARM.
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    He got the bear necessities, those simple bear necessities: a free push and a truncated play book. (Yeah, man!) I mean the bear necessities, the Hunter Guild's old recipes, to rob unfriendly models of their life. ... I regret nothing.
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    Shiny New Section

    Hey folks, welcome to the shiny new previews section - when there's an official spoiler going out, it will also go here when possible for you all to enjoy/discuss and so on. Things posted in here are obviously safe to discuss all over the forum, but it seemed useful to have a place to go for everything new. As things get released, threads will get moved out into the relevant sections so if a thread leaves here it's likely to be in a different section, and what's more it'll be on sale Bear with us while we put up the metaphorical wallpaper and find chairs, it's a little empty at the moment but you've got to start somewhere, right?
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    A quick note to SFG

    This isn't dark souls specific at all - but this is the board that I use so i'll post here. As steamforged games are based in greater Manchester i just wanted to say I hope none of your friends / family were affected by the recent attack in the city. Stay safe guys
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    Vengence 2017 - Stats

    MOD EDIT: This is a forum for discussing Guild Ball. This is not the place for making personal attacks on our staff.
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    What's your S3 NPE?

    Well so far my biggest NPE is highly competitive opponents with a poor sense of sportsmanship or table manners. It's a problem when certain people register for an event and half your friends drop out just because of particular names, and it's unpleasant when a game goes sour and taints the day.
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    Played or watched five games this weekend in this style, doing more tonight I think. Initial thoughts— It doesn't change a lot about the rest of the game. The first turn is definitely more interactive, and with so many models within threat ranges of each other there is pretty strong pressure to start fighting immediately. That said, in most of the games we played turns 2 and onward, and especially turns 3 and onward, looked very much like those matchups tend to look for us with normal deployment rules. Teams playing against Fish are still heavily incentivized to disengage and kill the ball, for example, and that happened approximately at the same time it would in a game with standard deployment in our experience. I didn't even feel like the scores at the end of turn one were dramatically different than they would be in the old system—scores like 4-0 and 4-2 are fairly likely to happen by the start of turn 2 in either format, though outliers of 6-4 or 8-4 do seem more likely in the new format. It's extremely punishing for new players, both players new to Guild Ball and players new to this deployment style. You already got a few horror stories about people being up 10 points at the end of turn one, or people expecting to get three goals turn one. I don't really think that's a thing that will keep happening as people learn the format better, but anybody introduced to this format seems pretty likely to have a very one-sided first impression if they're playing against an experienced player. Deployment mistakes will be very very punishing in some cases, and if people don't like killing the ball then they will suffer the predicted 10-x game starts, which probably is too much. So ball interactivity is likely to not increase over where it was before—not sure if that was an intent of the design. In part because deployment is so punishing, the deployment draft is a really interesting addition to the game. It's certainly still early days but we learned some interesting ideas about how to deploy well in this format and if this system became standard I think that strategic level would be a welcome addition to the game. That said, it probably would need to be on the clock for tournament games. We played without Jamie's suggested test of the kicker starting with a Momentum on turn one, so the receiving team's first activation in all five games was brutal. A receiving team that has a model that can lock down another model nearby (Harry is the obvious example, but anybody with a combination of pushes and KDs can do this; the Goad is probably extra good though) can really screw up the kicking team's forward players. Perhaps just as important as it being strong, this first interaction is effectively non-interactive, which I know is against what Guild Ball has been going for in its design and balance decisions over the last year or so. I'm going to test the Momentum addition tonight; I'd also suggested elsewhere that, if this becomes standard, the kicking player could receive a special plot card that says something like "This card may be used in place of 1 Momentum for any use except a Goal Shot or Snap Shot" since I know there are concerns about non-interactive goals as well. The main purpose would be for the kicking team to be able to heal or clear conditions at the beginning of their first activation, basically, or to CA/DS in the game's first activation. Overall I like it so far, I do think it will need some tweaking and if it gets adopted as standard in the future it may need some balance adjustments across the board (but I already think the game needs some balance adjustments anyway so hopefully that's happening). At the very least it's exciting to have something actually new to fiddle with in GB, and something that adds strategical considerations. If this did not become standard, I'd still happily play events using it every so often. EDIT: Also quickly wanted to mention that this deployment looks more like how I picture a soccer/football pitch would be arrayed during a game. A minor concern compared to the health and interest of the actual game, but I like it anyway.
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    GBKeeper 1.3

    Just pushed out GBKeeper 1.3! Should be making it's way through the App Store now. With the new All Guilds option you can build a team from members of any guild, perfect for those Captain, My Captain!, Homelands Cup or any homebrew formats you find along the way. Let me know how it goes! What's New in Version 1.3.0 - Added an All Guilds option for creating teams with players from different guilds - Added the Organized Play Document alongside the Mob Football Rules - Including Avarisse or Greede will automatically include the other - Fixed a bug where Roster team selection would appear to let you select multiple captains and mascots ***NOTE: As with 1.2 and all future updates, this update will automatically migrate the card data to Season 3. If you want to continue using Season 2, do not update the app until you are ready to proceed.***
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    Ideas for Harvest Markers

    Well I asked my wife to see what she could come up with. Her sculpy skills are far superior to my own. This is what she came up with.
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    There's been a few posts here recently, and some side discussions on podcasts, where sporting conduct has been mentioned. Guild Ball is a fairly new community, so I thought it might be worth having a discussion as to what was considered sporting and unsporting within the game. Firstly, what do we mean by sporting conduct in general? My answer would be that it is "to try and make your opponent's game as enjoyable as possible despite trying your best to beat them, within the rules of the game." I think it's important that you try to beat your opponent, as this shows them respect, but you can also do everything in your power to help them enjoy the game, even if you're smashing them. Another key issue here is "within the rules of the game" - if you are doing something that is entirely within the rules of the game, even if it creates a negative experience for your opponent, I don't think that should stop you from doing it, and sometimes trying to account for things outside the rules of the game can lead to some messy grey areas that can cause more problems than they solve. So what about some specifics? Here's some rules I set for myself when playing to try to be as sporting as I can be. You may or may not agree with them, so feel free to chip in with your thoughts. Those who've played against me may not agree that I keep to them, but I do try - honest. Avoid Dice Moaning: Much as it can be frustrating to get that bad roll at that crucial time, it is not your opponents fault that it went wrong for you. Try not to react to strongly to when dice go badly for you, as it can make your opponent feel guilty and hence make things less enjoyable for them. Dice probability will invariably even out over shorter or longer periods of time so keep it in perspective. Its probably something we will all do from time-to-time, but if you're aware of it it might help you do it less. Open Information: Be as informative to your opponent as you can be. Explain what you're trying to achieve in the activation, when you have a few plays that combo up, explain the combo, be open to answering as many of your opponents questions as you can. But in a tournament setting you also need to be mindful of the clock, so I wouldn't spend any longer describing what I'm doing as it takes me to do it itself if it was during my activation, and if my opponent asks me a question I will put the clock onto them whilst I answer it. Conversely, be mindful that too much questioning can put your opponent off their game and disrupt their concentration. Ideally, rather than asking them, ask to see their card and find out the answer to your query yourself. Precise measurements: Measure your movement precisely, being aware of the gaps between models, when moves need to be in straight lines and where there are melee zones you're trying to avoid. The measuring widgets from Frozen Forge are great for this. You don't always need them, and often the narrow sticks or multi-sided widgets are fine, but when you start having to move around other models those narrow sticks might end up cutting a corner the base wouldn't allow. When making a complex move, discuss and negotiate with your opponent what sort of position you want to get to, what you want to avoid getting there. Use proxy bases to check for gaps and positioning for where you want to move to. When you've got to generate some dodges to get into range for a shot or into melee with a specific target model, its worth pre-measuring and discussing with your opponent so that you know how many inches of dodges you're going to need to pull the move off. Offer Chances to React: When I declare an attack or charge I will try to ask my opponent whether they want to counter or defensive stance. Admittedly sometimes I forget, but I'd rather my opponent had a clear cut chance to think about it before just picking up my dice and rolling them. Now if my opponent starts to spend a while pondering the decision I might switch it over to their clock, but I will always try to ask. Clock Discipline: Keeping track of the clock in a tournament game is a common issue. It's easy to forget to switch your clock over, and when your opponent forgets and you end up taking a long activation on their clock it is can create awkward situations and it can leave you feeling that you should offer to allow your opponent to do their next activation on their clock. I recently had a situation where my opponent let me do this early in the game, but then he ended up clocking out later on. I have no idea whether my activation was longer or shorter than the one he let me do on my clock, and felt guilty afterwards as a result. Because of this I am setting myself the rule that I will never take an activation on an opponent's clock when I failed to switch the clock over at the end of my activation. I will also try to be vigilant about the clock and remind my opponent to clock out at the end of their activation as much as I can. No Gotchas: I suspect this might be the most controversial of the things I'm suggesting here. There are only a few gotchas in Guild Ball: Unpredictable Movement, Countercharge, Clone, Glut Mass, Gravity Well. There's a lot to keep track of in the game and it's easy to forget something like this despite it being open information. I don't like it when I forget about these rules, so I will always try and pre-warn my opponent if they are likely to trigger one. If I'm playing tenderiser, I will often place a 6" measuring stick down next to him during an opponent's activation so that they know the danger zone to avoid. Similarly when someone moves to engage brisket I will remind them about UM. Sometimes I forget to prewarn, and when I do I will always let my opponent choose to take back their move if they like. No Messy Takebacks: Takebacks are an issue and it is often considered sporting to offer a takeback where you made a mistake. I suppose the best situation to be in is not to have made the mistake in the first place, but we're human so it happens. Its can put you in a difficult situation if you don't offer a takeback after you made a mistake to your advantage, but you need to also remember that it is your opponent's responsibility as much as your own to check you've got the rules right. I think when it comes down to sporting conduct, this is a rule that you apply to yourself when it comes to whether you accept an opponent's offer of a takeback, i.e. you don't. You might come across as unsporting if you don't offer a takeback when it was your mistake to your advantage, and if it happens several times people might start to get suspicious, so I won't go so far as to say don't offer the takeback, but I think the sporting thins would be to refuse one if offered. That said, I think there are plenty of occurrences where a takeback is a minor matter and not a problem. One example is on a dice roll: if an opponent rolls too few dice on a roll during an activation I will quite happily let them go back and roll another dice and add it to their result, I'd even be happy to do this if it was a few attacks ago where it's not going to have a massive difference on the result, such as the chance of a few extra points of damage. But if someone rolls too many and I don't realise until after they've rolled again, I've lost my chance and there's no takebacks. I think the key here is how much would the takeback result in a change to the state of play. If it's something minor like a few extra damage before the next activation occurs, then that's not going to affect choices that might have been made or dice rolls that have happened since, whereas if it changes the positioning of models or one players chance to react or make different choices, it best left as it was. If it's within the rules, it's all good: There's been some talk about specific moves or plays and whether they are unsporting or not, or whether if something causes your opponent a NPE you shouldn't do it. Some examples: deliberately kicking out of bounds to get the ball thrown in, a Fillet activation that takes out 3 or 4 models in a turn (perhaps more common in S2), or a Shark activation that gets you a goal with no chance for countering from your opponent. If something is legal and within the rules it shouldn't stop you from doing it. If you're playing against me I want you to try and beat me as fast and as comprehensively as you can. That in itself shows me respect and I appreciate it. Even though I may have a moan on here about Shark or Vitriol, it doesn't mean I don't want you to use them to the best of their abilities against me, nor do I want to put you under any sort of pressure not to play whatever guild you want for whatever reason you want. There's an important saying here: "hate the rule, not the player." If something you do in trying your best to beat me with the tools you have chosen to bring gives me a NPE, that is not your fault, and I should not make you feel that it is. (However you should perhaps allow me the right to blow off steam and push for rules changes on forums like this afterwards.) What rules do you have for sporting conduct? Would you change any of mine? Cheerio, Ben
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    New Lawyers

    Hello all. We've been in the process of recruitment for the last few weeks, and I'd like to welcome @Henry, @MilitaryCoo, and @LeadDiceandBeers to the Lawyer's Guild. These chaps are regulars on the Rules Forum already, and they have exceptional rules knowledge. I'm sure they'll get right into the rulings right away. On another note, it was gratifying to see the amount of interest there was in these positions. Thanks once again to everyone who applied. Cheers!
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    Brainpan and Memory

    So now that the card is gone, I wanted to share a story for those who missed it. I once worked for a company, that was crafting Mannequins. Though they were not durable at all. Worst thing, when someone pushed them over, they couldn't even lift themselves up! I know, I know, first world Problems. Our employees were nice bunch too, everyone would help getting them from A to B, though the temp agency workers were too lazy for that. One day someone tried to ruin our business by burning down the company and destroying all the Mannequins, but luckily they didn't gain anything from that. RIght after they were destroyed our boss arrived on stage and immediately pulled out new Mannequins so we could continue with our work. Sometimes he was really helpfull when it came to transporting the Mannequins to their destination, but usually when everyone started their work at the company, he was the only one who wouldn't do that, though it was dependant on the contract and what goal we wanted to achieve that he would transport them. And boy if he did he went miles. Another fun thing is, that guy was extremely good at football but only when ricocheting the ball off of a Mannequin. His accuracy was astonishing though, I guess it is easier to kick a ball in the face of an inamiate object than a moving person.
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    Guild Ball Player Diversity

    You've made a lot of statements and points that touch on a number of things I want to address, I can't quote them all because I'll probably make myself more frustrated trying to find them and dissect exactly what fallacies are being used, as well as going over the passive-aggressive tone with which you refer to diversity as an abstract concept. I'm going to try and split your argument into 2 main headings and address each of them in isolation to create a better holistic picture of why Diversity in Guild Ball matters to me. If it sounds like I'm frustrated with your argument it's because I am (though I'd say I'm more frustrated at the tone with which it sounds like you're carrying out your argument), but I'm going to try my best to explain myself from a position of clear-headedness because I have found myself asking these questions to myself before. 1. "Diversity for Diversity's sake." Okay, so I do like your analogy of the forced stock photo. It makes sense. If you make a special snowflake character in order to appease some quota... yes, you're doing it wrong, and that is bad. However I think the thing you're losing sight of is that EVERYTHING can be done badly. Guild Ball has already done things badly. Remember the Butcher Civil War ending? Take a look at Dragon Age Inquisition, which received a lot of flak for "pandering to the SJW's." The reality of this game, is that it's various attempts to portray a number of social issues fell victim to extreme variation in writing quality. Some of the topics were great, Dorian, while others, Krem, were mediocre. However, the mere fact that Bioware addressed these issues, even with the variation in quality, instead of shying away from them like a spineless bitch too afraid of backlash is a good thing. Because now they're going to learn from what they did wrong, and soon others will too, and we'll get more good and proper explorations of these kinds of characters. (I'll come back to why this is important) Whenever a writer is sitting in a room and thinking, "what do I do to make this character compelling?" Kill a family member! Perfect! And yet, with that exact plotline you can get Joel from The Last of Us (Glass from The Revenant also contested for this spot.), or you can get Jake Conway from Ride to Hell: Retribution. And yet I see very little backlash whenever the topic of killing family members for the sake of character development is brought up. (probably cause it's never brought up, but you get my point.) The execution is what matters, you can do everything and anything badly when creating a character, and Diversity is no different. Don't make a character a stereotype of the elements that make up their character. Don't make a transgender dwarf because diversity, make an interesting character who has a complex relationship to the aspects that make up their character. You know... like real people. Because in truth, real people have a complex relationship to their heritage. You might say it doesn't matter, but your views that it "doesn't matter," are reflective of your relationship and experiences with race. It would be more correct to say that it "shouldn't," matter I do agree Eric Lang should be remembered as a great designer period. And the fact that that's what you believe is indicative of how your experiences with race has shaped what you believe. (Sorry to get all armchair psychologist there, that felt more than a bit condescending, for what it's worth you'd make a compelling game character.) 2. Why does diversity matter? It's a fair question to ask. We're already both in agreement that Diversity creates a more aesthetically interesting cast of characters. I'm already disappointed with Skatha because she just sorta looks like Striker Chick with Pigtails. Well for one reason. It makes a more interesting character. Or more specifically it CAN, if handled well. Lee from the Walking Dead, Kanji from Persona 4, Tracer from Overwatch, the 5 clans of Tarkir, Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones. These are characters who are not defined by their race, but instead have a complex relationship to it. It informs their view of the world and themself. And this is something that IS done with straight, white, men as well. However due to the fact that this is often seen as media's 'status quo,' it unjustly goes unnoticed. Rob Stark is a boy who is forced to become a man when his father is executed. He's young and impulsive. But he's been trained to do this, it's his honor-bound duty to wage the war in his father's name. That's a complex dynamic that makes it even more believable and human when he makes extremely naive mistakes. It's the exact same as saying a character likes orange juice and chocolate. In fact, I'd honestly say that it feels MORE unnatural if you were to make a character, and make them perhaps gay. And then NEVER address that aspect of their character throughout a story and pretend like it didn't matter. *cough* Dumbledore *cough* Once again, you do not have to hinge their character upon those aspects of themself, but make sure it matters. If your character likes orange juice, don't just mention it in a conversation where it doesn't belong. Secondly, it DOES allow players to connect to their characters better. I'm a native american person, with not extremely dark skin. But I'm certainly darker than caucasian. Every game in the vein of Dark Souls or Skyrim I play, if I get to customize my character, assuming I am attempting to RP some envisionment of me. I will take their skin tone few notches darker. I look for long haired characters, or light builded characters. These are the people I like playing as, and in heavily implicit narrative games like Dark Souls, these are my conduits to experience the game. Even in movies where there's a clear "forced" diversity, such as Star Wars Rogue One, I've heard stories of people being ecstatic to see a "Latin American" character exist in the Star Wars universe. This doesn't ever have to be a "black," or "latino," or "native american," person in these games. This is where I think fantasy has the upper hand to actually go wild with applying these to a wide range of characters and create an assembly of FANTASTIC characters anyone can relate to, is because they're not bound by the real world. I had a Mexican friend who had the cutest proud smugness that the Borderlands universe would constantly refer to "Truxicans." The Dalish in Dragon Age stand in as a surrogate to talk about issues that affect native american peoples whether intentional or not. Alien races and fictional nations that exist in the fictional universe you've created can be your means by which to create this dialogue. Which leads me to my last point, and I'll try to make it short. "White," is seen as a 'status quo.' This fucking sucks. It sucks because white people have to bear the brunt of "there's no diversity because too many white people, it's all white people's fault!" type rhetoric. And it fucking sucks because the complexities of the stories told about them, which sometimes utilize their race can go unnoticed. It sucks because it can sometimes blatantly overshadow a story that attempted to tell someone else's story, Windtalkers, and it sucks because it puts a stranglehold on what kinds of stories people are willing to tell for fear of backlash. It sucks because it's part of a larger problem that exists within the Ethnosphere of the world where entire languages like mine are dying off, and our stories are becoming less and less relevant, not because no one is interested, but because no one is telling them. No one is to blame for this, certainly not the tiny percentage of the world made up by white people. If anyone or anything is to blame, it's the media and cultural goliath that is North America. If you can't sympathize with this point, and it's fine if you can't. But I'd like you to consider what our world would be like if we all spoke a single language, and it was Mandarin. What would it be like to never be allowed to speak your own language, or tell your own stories. Now that all got a bit big picture-y, and I'm sure you're asking "but what the hell does this mean to Guild Ball?" Like I said. I feel SFG is ahead of the curve already, they don't really have to go through a ton of growing pains regarding diverse character design, and I feel like the game has a fantastic palette not only to create a diverse cast of characters, but to explore them. Raedland, Castelliya, Figo, Erskirad, Eisnor, Indar, Sultar and all the nation's I missed exist. But there is a HUGE incentive to do so in creating an aesthetically engaging cast of characters for every guild, and relative to trying to explore this in an open world Triple A title and meeting various levels of success, the exploration only has to go as far as a well written piece of fluff and a cool model. Not that that's easier to do, per se. I hope I've made my point clear and I hope I've not come off as too angry or frustrated or condescending, as I'm told I do that. Once again this is why diversity in games, not just Guild Ball, matters to me. I don't expect everyone to agree, but I can hope everyone can sympathize, and I think the last thing I have to say in this post is how happy I am that this discussion is actually taking place at all. (Seriously why is no one mad at how many family members are killed for the sake of fiction!)
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    I managed to finish off the Morticians last night, Avarisse being the final addition. Here's a quick snap of the team all together. Thanks once again for all the great comments and help, it's very much appreciated.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    My Masons goal:
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    New Hunters info in SFG blog

    If Hunters got a version of Tooled Up, it would only affect the target's next attack and would cost either 2 INF or 3 MOM (your choice!). Then there'd be a tactical tip on Steamforged's website saying how the flexibility of paying for Hunter's Tools with either INF or MOM really allows Hunters players to adapt to the changing gamestate
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    June 2017, where do you see the meta?

    In terms of consistency: I played 45 tournemant games, in 13 tournemants, lossing 7 games, winning 6 tournemants. I tend to be a pretty controll based player, but sometimes,when i expect myself to lose the attrition i am going for the aggressive plays.After sleeping 3 hours max and having some drinks i didn't though i could win a slow game.
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    Alchemists Goal

    I've had a fairly long term project that I've just completed, making a goal marker for my alchemists Guild Ball team. Not having seen any ideas from anyone else that I really liked that I could steal I set about doodling and came up with something I thought I could make. It's meant to be a giant flask with a big wooden and metal Alchemists logo (Circle within square within triangle) attached to the top... Set to making - first thing, the base. Looked up lots of images of alchemical symbols, with the intention of them being cast into a stone plinth... Then the daunting bit - setting to making the flask and the logo. I didn't refer to the sketch all the way through to there are differences because I'm a bit stupid :loopy: With the construction done it was on to painting: And the finished piece: It's a bit wonky and bits could be neater, but I'm pretty happy with it
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    How about some more Spoilers for S3?

    English only on this board, please. Wynter was merely stating an opinion - shared by many - that there is no reason for an Alchemist player to ever leave Vitriol on the bench, as she does everything really well - very survivable, very good damage, excellent goal scoring and mobility. When a player is so good as to remove the choice of whether you take it or not, this usually means the model should be toned down in some form in order to make it a more competitive choice. This is colloquially referred to as 'getting nerfed', hence the nerf bat reference. I hope this clarifies things for you.
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    Hello Forum! I have started a new series on my Youtube channel that I hope you guys will like as much as Run the Length. This is Guild Ball Gotchas! Welcome to the inaugural episode of guild ball gotchas where we go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in guild ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering Mist and Vitriol's kickoff pressure. Special thanks go out to Nick Kleeman, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Bots for assisting with this video. Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
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    I [Mat Hart] was lucky enough to get to Adepticon in Chicago this year. I met a load of great people and had an absolute blast. During the weekend, I got to spend a fair amount of time chatting with the players vying for the US Qualifications and observed a heck of a lot of games. These conversations and observations got me thinking…mostly about how the Organised Play Rules can massively influence the game. Today we roll out an updated Organised Play Rules document with several key changes. These changes are detailed below. Tiebreakers Guild Ball was designed as a win or lose game, a simple binary state if you like. The intent was that it really doesn’t matter if you win 12-0 or 12-10, a win is a win. However, tiebreakers that are calculated using Victory Points and VP differences goes against this original intent. Furthermore, they can lead to some weird situations where a first-round loss of 11-12 could actually help you finish higher up the table! We’ve overhauled the tiebreakers to use percentage win rate, or Strength of Schedule as its more commonly known. Players are ranked in order of the following: Their Tournament Points Scored Their own Strength of Schedule Their opponents Strength of Schedule The new Organised Play Document goes through in detail how this is calculated and the Tiebreak platform has been updated accordingly. Drafting The way drafting worked, gave some teams an unnatural power bump due to the way their rosters could be constructed, meaning it was possible to keep their captain selection until very late in the draft, resulting in an unfair advantage. Basically, it meant that if you played some teams and knew how to draft properly, then you could almost always be able to counter pick your captain against your opponent. This ended up lifting some teams unnaturally in the meta whilst forcing others down. To address this, we’ve tweaked the order in which teams are drafted to the following: Deal and decide on Plot cards, as normal Simultaneous reveal of Captains and Mascots Roll to decide who kicks off (and who receives) Draft the remaining 4 players for each team starting with the Receiving player Roster Size Another unusual one, we observed an impact on certain teams that the roster size of 9 was causing. Looking at these teams, whilst the models seemed perfectly strong and competitive enough individually, the team itself struggled to put together a meaningful 2 captain roster of 9 models without severely limiting the remaining choices. Guild Ball is a game of choices and so we have expanded the roster size to 10 players. The 1-2 model restriction on both Captains and Mascots remains unaffected. Draws As mentioned earlier, Guild Ball is a game of winning or losing, there really is no room for a draw and it only served to make the math complex in the rare situations where it came up in competitive play. We have removed draws from competitive play. The long and short of it is if the players are still tied at the end of the game, after dice-down has been called by the event organiser, then the win is awarded to the player that kicked off at the beginning of the match. Simple. Round Length A simple change, we have extended the round length back up to 110 minutes to allow a little more breathing room for people to prepare for the next round. So there you have it, a handful of changes to the Organised Play document that we believe will make the game healthier and more fun for everyone. Obviously, these changes are effective immediately for any Steamforged Games organised events but, TO’s of upcoming events have the option, for the remainder of May, to revert to the previous system on tiebreak should they wish. If you’re attending an event in May do please check with your TO which system they’ll be using – the old system will be gone forever 1 June 2017. Let us know below how this will impact your Tournament Roster choices.
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    Hunter's Current State

    Hunters are such odd ducks. I think the new releases sort of help but it doesn't fix some of the questionable design decisions they already have. Zarola's playbook still makes no sense for the model or background and is just plain bad. Seenah being 0/2, doesn't affect Seenah but her team for bringing her. Theron's second half playbook is junk (why is his 3 on a 6 - what other captains, who have access to low KD , have such poor DMG output). Egret having Snap Fire which is a crap shoot of a play. Etc. Hunters are not unplayable, heck they just won a local tournament I ran. But they require everything to go right, otherwise their inconsistent design exposes itself. They have no comeback options and sometimes it feels like you can see the gears grinding against each other. No other guild has this issue. What the new models do is offer pseudo footballers. But they still have the same questionable design ethos - Tackle on column 2 of a TAC 5 model does not a good striker make (compare Fillet...), nor does having to hurt someone to get Super Shot when it opens himself up to getting tackled. I like Hunters. I like running, shooting and stabbing people. But...they are hard work and I don't think the new models are a panacea. If you want something different and frankly odd, they are fun. If you want a reliable team you can play the game with any sort of predictability then look elsewhere. Best models in the game though. No question.
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    GBKeeper 1.3

    GBKeeper data update is out: v10: Added Veteran Ox (Butchers), Hag (Fishermen), Brainpan (Morticians) and Memory (Morticians)
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    The linked post does not accurately reflect my current stand point on the issue of tiebreakers. In a nutshell, and this is a sentiment that has been expressed multiple times in this thread already - There are a LOT of different ways in which we can control tiebreakers and how player to player match ups are generated. All of these changes are more subjective than you would believe. Almost every change with a positive intention may also cause a different player to have an equally more negative experience. I take the construction of our tournament rules very seriously but we all need to bear in mind that our rules are an attempt to maximise the enjoyment of every participant at an event, not just those at the top, and not just those at the bottom. If we do make any changes in the future, they will be with this principal at their centre.
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    Shark to strong?

    As a Shark player, I'd like to chime in. As far as Shark is concerned, nothing really changed between seasons 2 and 3; I've started winning with him but personally that has more to do with improving my skill than with the rules changes. Often I'm not able to get him to Tap-In range or choose not to for positioning reasons, and the Home Crowd bonus is often as not helping the opponent's counterplay. If I were to play against Shark, I'd keep my eye out for a few of things; - Don't bunch up until he's used his Legendary or you are in a position where the lack of movement isn't such a concern. Force his Legendary to be poor. - Pay close attention to activation order. If you're afraid a guy'll get hit with G&S, move him. G&S is still good for a momentum and a DEF penalty, but negating the move penalty cuts out some of the sting. - A Shark that is focusing on destroying your mobility is also a Shark that may not be scoring, so as frustrating as it is it's probably not a terrible deal. This is mostly true on the first turn or on turns when he returns to the pitch. Delaying a score makes your opponent spend more resources for the same amount of points, and that also means you have more time to get in the TOs you need. - If possible, once he's used his Legendary or you're confident that a cut to your speed wouldn't be overly detrimental to your game plan, mob him. Resist the temptation to kill him, though. A top-of-turn Shark run-on is practically a guaranteed goal if you haven't very carefully killed the ball. - Speaking of which, you either need to kill the ball - you'll outpace the Fish in TOs - or you need to race on the ball and rely on your better facility with getting 2-2s. Games I lose tend to happen because I forget how easily some of my opponent's pieces can pile on damage. - When scattering off of a goal, place the goal-scatter *very* carefully. This is where I see people lose against me. You scatter that ball incorrectly and the Fish can get it. If the Fish can get it, the Fish can score. Only push the ball up if you'll get a rebound goal on the next activation, and even then be careful. Goal pinball is a game Fish like to play. Shark is good, but he's one-dimensional and rather easy to predict as a result. Not to mention that playing the ball can still suffer from consistency issues; failing a pass or a goal kick is much more detrimental to a goal-based game plan than missing an attack is to a TO-based plan. Predict who will need to have the ball on your opponents team and use crowd-outs to increase the chances your opponent fails a kick, then enjoy watching your opponent scrambling to fix their game plan and consequently wasting a bunch of influence, momentum, and/or activations. EDIT: To boil it down to a pithy one-liner "Don't let the Fish pick your gameplan for you". If you try and engage them on the ball-game and you aren't prepared for it - with some clutch TOs and control pieces - the Fish will win. Make their gameplan costly and constantly work toward yours.
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    A computer has already been designed for Guild Ball. It's faster, more efficient, more calculating than the best human player in the world. It "has excellent mathematical skills for both precise calculation and on-the-fly estimation. It also has what I would call great respect for the results of these calculations, and uses them to determine the most likely path to victory". Its only weakness is the inability to make 2 die shots on goal. And this is why, in spite of their mathematical perfection and stunning good looks, the machines will never take over. Because at the end of the day, at the finish line, what stands between them and total domination over the human race, is an insurmountable and timeless ghost which takes many forms, one of which is that of an intoxicated German going full YOLO: the Human Spirit. Terminator 8: The Jordanating.
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    Tournament Day!

    Whew, long day. Went 3-1 with the Masons, coming in 5th over all out of 20. I gave up points due to being rusty with the Masons, but the team did their work. Chisel was in every game, and there was always something for her to do. I set her up near harmony for the Chisel Missile option if I wanted to put her up to generate momentums, but she contributed to every game. Her 2" melee was clutch, and her Momentous Tackle on 2 came into play plenty of times. She tied up Boar for two turns with the FMP/Sadism combo, but eventually got taken out by him (first she went down all day). Marbles and Brick were in the center of my team, threatening counter charges from a lot of angles. Marbles himself got a lot of CC off due to people being careful to avoid Brick, and forgetting he was there. Mallet is still my favorite backbone player, as his 3" melee overcomes a lot of defenses and he sets up opposing players for the rest of the team. W: Engineers (R1), Fishermen (R3), Butchers (R4). L: Alchemist (R2) Overall, had a great time against great opponents. I'm looking forward to honing my skills with the Masons in S3.
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    GB keeper s3?

    While I did give it serious consideration, maintaining both versions of the the cards would have been a significant time investment which would only be useful for the next month or two. As a result I decided to just move ahead with Season 3 alone. Another benefit is that I can bundle all the new S3 cards right in the app, minimizing the amount of downloading required for new players. Once it's available, when you download the new version of GBKeeper from the App Store it will automatically upgrade you to Season 3. So if you want to stay with Season 2, you'll need to not update to the newer version of the app.
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    Kickstarter Captains, 40% of all resins, Promo Mist & Rage, Show Dice and team discount bundles not good enough for you?
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    It's just a truth than not every reveal can be enormously exciting. A lot of models who have had changes have just had, like Mercury, small, sensible changes to bring them up or down to where they needed to be. Those changes aren't always super exciting, by their very nature, but they are valuable, important changes. And we don't wanna do all the big reveals now and end up with nothing left to show off at Steamcon, obviously.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    My Alchemist goal:
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    Fillet- a REAL Blood Dance

    Hello all! I just had it in my mind that I wanted to have my Fillet really do a Blood Dance. It's a bit over-the-top and anime-esque. But it turned out how I imagined it to. Just thought I'd share. http://trollpatrolgaming.blogspot.ca/2016/09/try-converting-model-guild-ball-fillet.html