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    Organized Play Update

    Everyone that plays a major guild and plans on doing so even once this becomes tournament reality, take a step back, think about HOW you're going to counter Piper and the other Ratties with your own players and get some practice going. We all have a distinct advantage of knowing EXACTLY the captain choice of this team, which you can't really say about other guilds. Plus, if you don't like your main captain's matchup against Piper... time to learn the other captain of your guild. C'mon people! Let's be challenged instead of crying for nerfs!
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    Morticans and mercenaries

    Hello there! I finished the Bonesaw! At least without the base.... I still have to build and paint it, and certainly put some blood on the blades. But it will be done with the last Mortician: veteran Grave!
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    Darn SJW's *shakes fist*

    https://store.steamforged.com/collections/guild-ball/products/the-exiles-new-alliances The new Alliances box is ALL WOMEN!!! REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! How DARE they patronize their consumer base by providing them a unique and interesting cast of characters who deviate meaningfully from norms to fill interesting design spaces among aesthetic fantasies! GRRR!!! I wish SFG would quit pandering to the overly sensitive hordes of ESS JAY DUBYAHS!!! It's probably because there are hordes of snowflakes who get offended at the merest thing. Such as representation of a demographic which doesn't align with their worldview! My women friends who totally exist feel infantilized by this shoehorned representation which only exist to tick diversity boxes! Don't they know that women have naturally less upper body strength and thus are ill suited to the sport of Guild Ball! (Disregard the practicality of scythes, wooden robots, magic, and the egregious amount of dangling blades each of the butchers carry) *shakes fist impotently* But actually SF, this is awesome and I wanted to thank you. A greater diversity of stories is always welcome, and whether that variety is an accident or a conscious awareness of tropes and trends to avoid is beyond the point. My daughter was born 10 months ago and I'm hoping that by the time she's old enough to begin identifying with fictional characters she'll be able to find herself reflected in any archetype she wishes. Also more pretty women are always welcome.
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    I agree with Gauntlet and I've actually had the conversation a lot locally with people in the South of the U.K. Guildball doesn't really have a off mode, it's hard to draw an example from another game but let's use 40k. 40k you can play narrative games, you can recreate hugely cinematic moments, you can forge your own characters, make your own scenarios and run campaigns. Guildball really lacks the capacity for a lot of what "Casual" games normally offer. Guildball is 1 scenario, 6 players with only 2 ways to "win" the game. For example say you're playing Age of Sigmar and you make crazy scenario where deamons are pouring out of realmgates and victory conditions aren't anything to do with achieving a points it's purely a narrative victory / loss. Guildball ultimately a mechanical game about achieving your 12 VPs to win the game. I think the toughest for me is trying to sell the game to newer players that are trying to break into a community of experienced players. There is no two ways about your first 3 months of Guildball against players that know the game mechanics just somewhat are either them letting you win the game, or them beating you and explaining the mistakes you made. It's not exactly a "enjoyable" learning curve losing over and over again. I don't think Guildball can never be played casually but I think Guildball at it's core is a competitive game with a ultra tight ruleset that allows people to compete at high skill levels very well due to the nature of the rigid mechanics it has.
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    Back to the Caress

    The start of an activation and end of an activation are both single points in time. Work out what triggers at that single point. Once you begin resolving an effect you have gone past that trigger point. So in your example Minx ends her activation and determines what triggers at the end of her activation. In this example Back to the Shadows triggers, Grim Caress does not. Once you begin to resolve Back to the Shadows, no further end of activation effects will trigger as you have gone past the end of activation trigger point. Grim Caress does not trigger.
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    Darn SJW's *shakes fist*

    I have an issue with SFG producing interesting and varied models... I’ve had to clear space in a second cupboard for things
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    Morticans and mercenaries

    I continue with the Morticians and Bonesaw! It is still in progress. But it is already well advanced and I will finish it soon One gave me that for the colors: The orange on the wrists will certainly be more ... orange at the end
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    Jamie P

    Organized Play Update

    Well, firstly I'd be interested to see if anyone actually does that. Secondly, if it really is an issue just call a judge over for time wasting. Lets give people a chance before we convict everyone without trial.
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    Game Plan deck discussion

    Wow I'm impressed. 1. "does he have a 7+ card?" is functionally the same as "is he going to roll a 6?". 2. If you always go for the autowin you're playing cards with poor effects or downsides while the opponent gets to take anything they want. This is a major downside. 3. The trick is that if you're going to lose init anyway, you get a nice benefit out of it now where before you got stone cold nothing. This is definitely not a downgrade. There's also the mindgame - if you're 2 up, your opponent is likely gonna pick a +2 or something this turn, so you can afford to do the same, but then they might take the 7 on the offchance.. etc. It adds strategy. 4. Dig Deep is really good if you are behind on initiative. Being behind on initiative is not uncommon. If your opponent has a +3 to their roll, what would you prefer - a 1 in 12 chance of going first, or +1 influence and +~2 momentum? Because I know which of the two options I would pick. 5. Sure. Then if your opponent has a high number (or just more momentum) suddenly they get the benefit instead of you. Remember that you have to play all five cards. If it gets to turn four and you're in a situation where giving your opponent a free 4" dodge is a problem, tough, you're playing that card anyway. 6. And there are games in the previous ruleset where you never got to contest initiative, too. The difference si that this way round, you at least get to choose when you get your highest number on the turn where it's most important to you. And when you lose initiative, you still get a solid benefit out of it rather than just being screwed. 7. I don't get how having all of these decisions and possibilities is a bad thing. This looks like an upside to me? 8. Like I said earlier, just put player B on the clock from the point player A has chosen their card. ---- I feel like you are overvaluing the 'but I might win!' factor of the old die roll. The old momentum odds were: +4: 1 in 34 +3: 1 in 11 +2: 1 in 5 (ish, it's 3 in 16) +1: 1 in 3 (ish, it's 10 in 31) The idea that in the old system there was a chance of winning even if you were some momentum down is true, but it was also never something you could plan around. You would never make a play assuming you were going to win initiative, without more momentum, unless it was your only chance of winning the game. Now, if you're down momentum, you can still try and play your 7 and hope for the best if you need to. That is an additional option you never had before, or rather it had way too low odds for you to ever attempt it. Alternatively you can get an actual benefit when you end up going second. Choosing which of the above you want (or somewhere in between, if you think your opponent is going to play a +2 for the more powerful benefit) is an additional strategic decision, where previously you just had to roll the dice and hope for the best. It's also way less grim when you lose initiative you 'should' have won. Previously if you had +4 initiative and you lost that 1 in 34 roll, you just got wrecked. You got no benefit whatsoever. Now, you have a choice. Take a calculated risk and play that +2 or +3 for a strong benefit Play it safe and drop your +4 or higher If you lost initiative when you played a +2, you took a risk and got punished for it - but that is fine if you did so deliberately. If you lose initiative you can think 'well, at least I turned my momentum advantage into a powerful card and my opponent is down inf / doesn't get much benefit' or 'I made the wrong decision'. That is way better than the old 'Oh, I'm screwed, and there are no decisions I could have made that would have been correct'. That just sucks because the advantage you built last turn doesn't reward you in the slightest, and it also sucks for the person who won initiative because you aren't winning it off your own correct decisions, you're winning entirely through luck rather than strategy. That's an awful point of the game for both players.
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    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    The Alchemist pairings as I see them are as follows. Worst: Farmers with Grace Grace is essentially the hardest counter to Smoke in the entire game and until they give us a player that can throw both types of AOE it will continue to be this way. She picks up the fire AOE right after the model that placed it activates and then quick foots the most dangerous model on their team. Farmers are the worst due to the constant healing of harrow that can counteract the poison condition. Farmers also have some of the largest HP pools in the game so waiting for them to bleed out to conditions takes the longest. The reason this falls into our worst matchup is that the team is well set up to deal with Katalyst. Counter charge and Millstone's aura means that they can control where Katalyst attacks and end his activation prematurely with well-timed counter-attacks. Furthur controlling Kat is their easy access to knockdowns preventing him from coming into them while on fire. The best thing going for us in this matchup is the fact that they don't control the ball particularly well allowing us to play an all in goals plan. The downside here is our guild is not great at the 3-0 plan. Pretty Bad: Union with Grace This is bad for similar reasons. The main thing here is that without counter charge your Midas list has more control over when and where you get them and they don't control kat that well. However, they do kill him very well. Skill-based: Alchemists, Brewers, Engineers, Hunters Obviously, the Alchemist mirror is a straight 50/50. Brewers, Engineers, and Hunters are here because they have the ability to shoot back at you, have control elements, and/or tough hide. Typically the better player wins these games. Advantaged: Blacksmiths, Farmers without Grace, Fisherman, Morticians, Union without Grace Blacksmiths are a guild all about insane turn 1 pressure and the ability to ride a lead all the way to the finish line. Smoke is very good at denying turn 1 pressure this combined with the fact that apprentices have below average health gives Smoke a leg up here. Morticians also struggle into Smoke due to the fact that they have the lowest health pools in the entire game. The fisherman matchup should largely be about how well you can kill the ball vs shark. If they drop corsair into you hide your entire team behind a wall and throw bombs on them till they die. This works because Lure and Drag cannot move models over an obstruction and Corsair is pretty bad without access to lure and drag. Farmers and Union lean on grace really hard to deny your control and if they leave it at home they have the same issues as everyone else. Heavily advantaged: Butchers, Masons, Ratcatchers Alchemist's is an absolute nightmare for Butchers. Filet has very few ways to deal with Compound and Ox should never be able to get to you. Masons have a ton of really interesting ways to counter smoke but all of them look better than they actually are and can be played around fairly easily. Smelling salts only works if you have the last activation then the first activation otherwise smoke just puts the conditions back on or Calculus blinds the model coming into your lines. Lucky can be countered by holding the fire AOE until late. The biggest tool they have is the vet harmony aura that absorbs damage. If they use it to prevent a witness me it can invite disaster. You will need to put pressure on her life total. Ratcatchers will suffer from condition control super hard due to the nature of disease. They can play the ball against you but their ability to get it back from you is severely worse than the Fish. Like it or not a competitive Alchemist players mindset need to be "I am a Smoke main with a pocket Midas for her bad matchups."
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    Hunters.. done!

    So I bought my first box of Hunters in November 16. It's now March 18 and I finally got the bloody buggers done - no more proxies for the younger brother! After managing to make the alchemists more drab than a goth funeral, I decided to try and perk up my painting. I still can't decide whether I like the result or not. I've bought Fish for my next team and I think I'll paint them up in classic colours, just to get my mojo back.
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    Group shot, everybody squeeze in! (Ug, I probably need to use a real camera and not my phone) Super quick and cheesy goal marker I whipped up the night before playing in my first local tourney.
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    Morticians post rat catchers

    I’m hoping when Hemlocke arrives the ladies murder squad vecomes a thing: Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, Pelage, vHemlocke, oGraves Edit: all I need to do now is take my spare oGraves and sculpt him into a pretty frock
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    I'm of the opinion that casual Guild Ball where you're just messing around isn't a particularly good game, and that style is done better by other games. If you're not trying to actually win, the game tends to stall out for a long time - either in repeated tackling of the ball off the enemy, then them doing the same back again, or in damaging an opponent and healing yourself, then they hit you back and heal themselves, and so on. If neither player has an actual plan for ending the game it tends to stall out into a grind. 'Sillier lists' aren't really a thing in guild ball because there are not many list building decisions to be made. Sure, you can play all-goals Butchers or try to go 6-0 in takeouts with Shark fishermen or something, but there aren't that many options for that sort of thing and normally it's just trying to make a team do something it's naturally bad at, rather than something that is actually any more amusing or interesting than the meta teams. I guess you could play for ringouts if that's what you want? The clock helps games not stall out so much. A lot of teams do have a split between takeouts and goals - many top teams get both goals and take outs. I wouldn't call casual GB particularly relaxed or fun - there are still a lot of decisions to be made at every point in the game, and it tends to take a long time. Most other games have a natural end (since your models die and don't heal much / come back) and are less prone to getting into loops where players end up repeating the same actions. For casual gaming these are important things to consider. In a game like 40k, you can take whatever army you like, move towards the enemy and shoot whatever's in range and 1) you'll probably get something done and 2) what you 'should' be doing with your models is relatively obvious. That isn't really the case in GB.
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    All praise the plastic!

    Well I'm a gamer long before a modeler, so no surprise that I'm 100% behind plastic or even PVC over metal. But I'm an old gamer, was a GW player in the 80's and on through. I hated the initial plastic/PVC gaming models which were simply awful. But the quality has improved and most gaming companies are now either fully polymer or at least partial (see Wyrd, GW, Privateer as big market examples). I've adjusted. Of course as a major gamer > hobbyist I acknowledge that the process for me is less traumatic. Metal is heavy, it is a pain in the butt to assemble and when assembled it is more vulnerable to breakage. The materials are also increasingly expensive. Plastic (by which I mean the classic plastic which can be glued with plastic cement) is very expensive to prep initial molds. The detail can be (see Wyrd mini's) superb and while assembly can be tough (also see Wyrd mini's) the ability to use plastic cement glue and the lighter parts mean the models go together far easier and are more durable (but snipping off sprues and losing pieces does suck). Lighter models are easier to transport. While prices are rising I think long term plastic is a more cost effective and stable material than metals. PVC (which includes all polymer materials that require super glue for modeling) is not as detail sharp consistently as either of the other two materials. However improving CAD imaging, molding techniques and good quality control should mean that the difference is (1) small and (2) ever narrowing. If multi-part they need super glue which is more of a pain to work with than plastic cement but the lighter parts (compared to metal) still makes it easier to work with. Also the PVC molding makes single piece or pre-assembled models more realistic while maintaining acceptable visual quality. Lighter. While the cost of molds is very high initially long term this is probably the most economical material to use. There are other potential methods of mass model production being developed in PVC style composites, notably 3D printing style production line, not sure on cost or quality available at the high end here, but do know its improving. So my preference is Plastic > PVC > Metal. But I imagine PVC is the genuine future (for example Wyrd's new game release is a PVC composite). So I'll learn to love my PVC and imagine (and hope for) a steady quality improvement. Also with the increase quality of 3D printing and CAD design the simple fact is that more and more people will be able to manufacture limited runs of average quality (and steadily improving) PVC mini's. Companies need to get in front of this market. While metal mini's could (and I knew folks who tried) be 'home-made' the process was intensive, difficult and not a little dangerous, ranging from burns to toxic fumes. A home 3D printer is not the same. A recent Kickstarter for PVC 'fantasy-soccer goals' in a prime example of the creep of small PVC manufacture into the gaming market. This will get worse not better and I honestly believe the answer is to compete fire with fire, for long term viability the future is in PVC, as Guildball is tacitly acknowledging with its most recent releases. I am simply sad that the broader foundation early models are not getting the coverage in PVC, was disappointed with the Fishers/Butchers approach, Indiegogo was the wrong platform and the campaign itself was limited in coverage and incentives. I think with a different strategy this would work and will inevitably be the future. I acknowledge the distress and qualms of the modelers but ultimately I think the best idea is for Steamforge to drive innovation in this area to improve, narrow and eventually eliminate the disparity in metal-detail vs PVC-detail. In terms of long term profitability, I imagine they will eventually have no choice, it will be adjust or face market elimination. So I guess everyone needs to adjust.
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    Against other guilds

    Anyone that can apply lots of burning can be tough for us to deal with. This includes, especially, Smoke and Burnish. I used Burnish in to other smiths to really shut them down. Smoke can really struggle to get the ball back though, as mentioned. In my last match against her, I had the ball on Farris, who was in cover. Unfortunately my opponent forgot about this and stacked her up for an easy goal run. Sadly, Smoke's 4 tac, 3 because of cover, simply couldn't get past the 3 armor, and thus a lot was wasted there. A Ballista line-up also gives us a lot of trouble. They can beat us out of momentum by easy ranged plays like Deadbolt and Blasted Earth. I really struggled in my matchup against an amazing engineers player. Unfortunately for me, my kickoff was not accurate and scattered off the pitch, which allowed him to give Colossus the ball in the corner. I made the mistake of moving up anyway, which made it extremely easy for him to just wail on me from range lol. I did eventually score, but the snap-back goals are easy for engineers. I think the most important thing I learned at that tournament (Beer City WarmUp) was that if you cannot get the ball immediately, simply stay back by your goal and let your opponent come to you. Even if they are a beating team, hang back. We smiths have a lot of great tools against teams that want to group up, such as the obvious One at a Time, Lads! and burnish being able to throw out 2 rings of fire at a time if captain. We have amazing control pieces with Iron's double push and Hearth's mom-KD one. So even if you want to score, just be patient. Learn to strike at exactly the right moment for the greatest effect. This, however, is one of the hardest things to learn. We can't really waste any activations, right? All of our players want to contribute usefully and have something they can do. All the other teams have options such as batteries and mascots that they can use to waste an activation or two until their key player (a la Shark or Hammer) is primed to go in without worry. Thankfully, though, we also have players that want to do one easy job pretty early and, in fact, the wasted activations are actually to our benefit. For example, we typically want to use hearth to buff up other players with Instruction and Use This, as well as get in a position where 2-3" melee is useful to protect. We also want to use someone like Furnace for Tooled Up pretty early too, and to place his OaaTL in a good spot. 2" melee again is useful. Or we want to use ferrite for her legendary and debuffs to set up anoether player. So the longer the opponent takes to pull their trigger, the longer we have to prepare ourselves to fire the cannon. This timing, then, requires patience, practice, and foresight. If you adopt the visualizations of the essence of a Blacksmith, and then apply those to how you play them, I think you will be very successful as a player with them. Obviously it is easier said than done, but we can all do it with enough practice.
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    Character plays and Reanimate

    Sustained effects of character plays are resolved using the standard checks for taken out, i.e. if a model is reduced to zero health. In the case of simultaneous effects (such as several character plays applying damage at the end of activation), a single check for taken out is made once they've all been applied unless there's a specific check for taken out step during resolution of the effects. Effectively a bunch of end of activation effects will all be applied with a single check for taken out afterward, while multiple cps from an attack each have their own.
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    The Rookies are here!

    I like the rookie Salt model but did it need such a large scenic base?
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    Organized Play Update

    I don't like that they changed an unrelated variable to address a roster issue. They 'should' have fixed the roster problem - not opened Pandora's box by changing a 50/50 roll off. Shifting a fair roll-off to a weighted one is not a fair move. And doesn't address the underlying problem of only have 8 models. People have a perception of probability and what they think is 'fair'. This shifts that and in my view triggers my 'well that's now unfair' view. I don't mind losing - I mind losing a weighted roll. This change might also have unintended consequences (people might start shifting their rosters knowing that as more Minors are released, their chance of deciding kick/receive will go down).
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    Falconers pics

    Want now. NOW. Sad that it's Egret and Hearne2 as the 7,8 as those players have severe problems that SFG refuse to address.
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    Kdogs completed stuff

    ...and winter is neverending where I am it would seem...
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    TanE's Morticians, Union and Blacksmith

    Started yesterday with the "serious business" of my Blacksmiths. To test my scheme, shading and more I began with the largest parts which were available: the shields of Anvil and Burnish. Anvil's shield need some more highlights but Burnish's one is OK so far. The Flame Belcher isn't finished yet.
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    Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Have you thought.? I know this is probably going to come off sounding a little blunt and so I apologise for that, but you have created this forum post to ask for support and advice regarding using Tapper but you already seem to be stuck with a slightly bias opinion that he is an ineffective super solo beater similar to Hammer or Thresher, which he is not.. Tapper is a "mobile" (4"/7" lol) support captain who sets up and enables the rest of his team to do what they do best... Anyway, starting from the top : He has a 2" melee, more importantly he is a captain with a 2" melee.. While I understand the pool of captains with this ability has become slightly over crowded since the release of the release of the Farmers and Blacksmiths, it is probably one of the most important stats in the game, so much so that the world almost ended when Thresher got boosted to 3" for free during his activation.. What this means for Tapper is he is able to cover an expanded area in the scrum he creates with crowding out bonuses, it's also a good way to neuter "Unpredictable Movement" on most characters, even if he does occasionally need to get base to base to continue swinging away. Regarding him being "Influence Efficient", in most cases Tapper can turn 1 influence into 1 momentum and it is not uncommon for him to receive 2 momentum on a charge or with enough crowding out bonuses in his favour. On top of that, at any time he can convert one of these momentum back into two influence and distribute it freely back to his team so they can use it to generate more momentum. The only non-efficient part of his tool kit is "Commanding Aura" and there has been an ongoing debate since s1 regarding you spend the influence to set up this up or roll it off the playbook, and honestly it largely depends on the board state.. Personally I always prefer to try and set this up from his playbook where possible, either by targeting KD or low defence miniatures (preferably both) or charging if required.. Looking at Tappers playbook directly, I understand what you are saying when compared to Grange who has a momentous KD on 1, or Thresher who has momentous damage all over the place.. I don't necessarily feel it is in a bad place though as in most cases you should be rolling 7+ dice under "CA" which gives you a momentous 4 damage on 4 successes which is far better than either Farmer captain if you just want to go the straight damage rout.. I would however suggest taking either the momentous push or double push on 3 or 5 respectively to re position your target deeper into your scrum.. Also, as a last highlight of Tappers playbook, if you are able to wrap due to hot dice or having correctly set up the scrum your bonus successes become +2/3 damage as a kicker.. Putting both his 2" melee and potential playbook results together, Tapper is quite capable of taking a full stack and knocking down 2-3 opposing pieces with no reprise then push them around with any remaining influence he has left which gives your opponent one activation to decide which piece he wants to save and may result in disrupting their preferred activation order.. In a worst case scenario they will be able to stand up a 2" melee piece, spend 2 momentum to pick up another team mate and then have a swing at Tapper in an attempt to run away from the scrum. I've already mentioned the main strength of "Old Jake's" and it's ability to increase the influence / momentum efficiency of the guild, but in a more linear context it increases the team to a pseudo 15 Influence / Turn team which is only really rivalled by Farmers (who recently took a hit with the nerf bat on this).. Not only that but it allows the distribution of this last bit of influence till later in your order activation so your opponent will never really know where the full stack is going.. In most cases I tend to use it to top up Spigot, Hooper or Pintpot before going in for a KO, but Scum is a surprisingly effective target for this and one a lot of players may not directly see coming.. While it's about to be a little toned down with the removal of "Sic 'Em" you can still give the cat a free charge which in the right circumstance can easily wrap for 6-9 momentous damage. I've also used this to fuel the cat at the beginning of a round before using Friday to re-position him for a charge / tackle / dodge / goal to win a game as a last activation when my opponent thought the ball was safe on his mascot at the back of the field. (although none of this really has anything to do with Tapper, Scum is just awesome) Getting back to my opinion of "Old Jake's" and why I feel it is the best non-legendary legendary play in the game, It is most easily comparable to Honour's "Topping Out", in a perfect situation that will hand out 5 Influence at once which can dramatically change the face of the game and be a huge boon for one turn, it does however require an early (if not first) activation to get the most out of.. Tapper on the other hand can give out 2 Influence every turn when it's needed (at the cost of one momentum).. While I understand this is not as overbearing as "Rigor Mortis" or straight up as damaging as "Get 'Em Lads!", or "My Gang", it is something you can use to your advantage each and every turn and it only increases in power the longer a game goes.. While I understand Tapper initially looks underwhelming when compared to the Farmer options (especially pre nerf Thresher) you can't just look at the cards side by side. Tappers main strength comes from the synergy of what he can do to magnify the output of the "squaddies" under him and then what they can do in return. For example, you could have Hooper on the field with one influence which you opponent is ignoring become a Tac 8 monster with a full stack to swing away with and +2 to any damage results.. As mentioned previously I think a lot of this comes down to your preferred playstyle and what you want to get out of the captain. In a lot of cases, Esters is a "safer" captain I just never seem to get enough work out of her, and while I do feel like the guild as a whole has fallen slightly behind the power curve / creep although I'm expecting this to be addressed in the s4 errata / update... Anyway, I hope that gave a little more insight as to why I feel Tapper is the "better" Brewers captain and didn't just come of as incoherent ramblings.. I know I didn't directly compare him to Esters but in reality they are hard to compare as they are two different captains with two completely different playstyles.. If you were looking for opinions comparing the two directly I can attempt to do so but it's currently 6am here and adding that onto this post would have created an even bigger wall of text.. TLDR: Tapper is an awesome front line support captain that can turn on and enable the rest of the Brewers lineup, he is not a super solo.. **edit** Preferred line up in draft order : Tapper / The Cat / Friday / Hooper / either Spigot (based on opponent and previous drafts) / Pisspot, Mash or Stoker (optional depending on opposing guild and previous draft picks).. I need more field time with Lucky and increasingly excited for the new Decimate as I have a feeling she will be huge in a Tapper lineup..
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    Kdogs completed stuff

    So Finally finished the first four of my original Hunters (which were derailed by the winter painting comp). Pretty pleased with how they turned out. Found Egret a challenging mini, Absolutely loved painting Hearne and Theron. I was really worried about screwing up the bases, but they came out better than I hoped for (they look better in person). I tried a new skin recipe for these guys. Wanted it to look a little more tanned than what I normally do, with the exception of Egret who I felt should be paler due to less time as a hunter... I also wanted to do most of the metallics a bronze colour which I find a little more foresty (true word) than silver. As per norm excuse sub par photography, either too dark or too light. First pic of theron seems to be best one (probably as it was the last one I took). First up, my regular crutch. Theron!!! Next up, my hardly ever see the field number 1. Egret!! Followed closely by my hardly ever see the pitch number 2. Chaska!! Lastly my pretty much alway KD'd, TO'd or kicking nads Hearne!!!!!!!!!!
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    Minx. For more go here.
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    Organized Play Update

    In line with my typical - "need more game experience, wait and see" approach I think it's too early to understand the full impact of that +1 for Ratcatchers. That said, there are many Guilds where my captain selection options open up when I receive the ball - Hammer, Grange, Ox, Tapper, etc are all much better with control of the ball turn 1 - the Ratcatchers don't have that impactful decision as an option. If Piper turns out to be too strong with this rule Steamforged will adjust (see Threshermania). Us gamers often complain about balance but (in my experience) we value roster options/custumization even more so long as "game balance" between teams remains a narrow gap instead a a huge gulf. If balance was the most important thing we'd all be playing Chess instead At the risk of sounding like a fan boy, I've been at this whole miniature gaming thing since 1980 and have played a lot of games made by different companies. Steamforged has a strong " give a shit" factor for both their game and players plus are ballsy enough to try different design ideas out to allow for the above mentioned roster building stuff. That is a rare and beautiful thing.
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    I've mostly played casual, but that doesn't mean I'm not trying to win. If the game wasn't something I could play for fun, I'd have stopped by now (what with my terrible 90% loss rate... )
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    Organized Play Update

    No. This would just further favour players who play more games and plan more, and pile more pressure and stress on newer or less frequent players, creating more turn off from the game. Some people just naturally process faster or slower. We want more players to keep the game fresh and interesting, not to make events restricted to the core 100 or so regulars/'VIPs' (talking UK rather than global here). Just keep to Wheaton's Law.
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    I can have as much fun playing a long casual game while chatting to a gaming friend at our local shop and losing as I can winning a tense, close tournament game. GB really is both for me.
  30. 2 points

    Organized Play Update

    #rabble #pitchforks 🙂 Seriously though shouldn’t players who make quick decisions be rewarded? I like the idea that the first person to choose starts opponent clock.
  31. 2 points

    Organized Play Update

    You could reasonably argue that the following captains could be dropped from a roster: Ox Esters Midas (?) Scalpel Brisk3t (but there's still Rage and BH) Skatha Not saying they should be, but it's something that could be discussed.
  32. 2 points

    Organized Play Update

    I am probably over reacting here, but the "balancing" mechanism for minor guilds seems like a colossally bad idea. It screws up the math significantly. I would gladly play play and 8 man roster for that advantage, and if I recall correctly Botts won worlds with and 8 man roster.
  33. 2 points
    Can easily be both with the right crowd and mindset.
  34. 2 points

    Game Plan deck discussion

    As far as the clock goes, I'd have the clock remain paused until one player has picked a gameplan. Then the other player's clock starts until they also pick a plan. That way you don't have silliness with both clocks running at once. If one player takes 1 minute and the other takes 5, they lose 4 minutes of clock time which seems fine to me.
  35. 2 points

    Estus match-ups

    Esters is good into just about everything, but she needs to be invested in. Put in a few games with her and she'll be your main, I gaurentee. Here are some helpfully tips I learned; Lob barrels first turn, set her up to do what she can, I usually put 4+inf on her every round for this reason alone. Being pushed away or escaped from isn't the end of the world because you can still deal damage. she is at her best as a early or last activation, empowering then throwing barrels or getting in to setup other nearby squaddies. If last, soothing voice can save you some hassle the next round, or she can finish a target. She is a great charger. Gluttonous mass can prevent a lot of counter attack knockdown nonsense. like all brewers, you want to push opponents into the best crowd out position, and she is really good at this. Pulling people from cover and knocking them down are sometimes better then Raw damage. But it's situational. Her legendary should be used as soon as she and two others are in range of a takeout opportunity. Don't wait for a late game miracle. Dont get tunnel vision on empowering damage, speed can set up some good stuff. She needs nearby support. she isn't by any means a solo. Dont forget: she's a solid striker. Use the aoe's to make a difference in advancing models. Fire and rough grown can grind or prevent hope that helps, but reps are the best teacher.
  36. 2 points
    I will see about adding photos at the weekend Football vs Football. Honour, Wrecker, Chisel Flint, oHarmony and Mallet vs Ferrite, Iron, Farris, Bolt, Hearth Alloy. Takeout on oHarmony after I mess up placing. 2-0 to Blacksmiths. Flint picks up a lose ball after Wrecker knocks down Ferrite. He passes to Chisel. She gets a crazy, Singled out, ganging up charge on Farris bounces off her with a triple dodge and taps in a goal in. 2-4 Farris gets taken out. 2-6 Ferrite gets the ball bounces around and scores. 6-6 Goal kick goes to Mallet who charges Hearth smacks her out the way and slots in my second. 6-10 Alloy is passed the ball and slots another home 10-10. Blacksmiths fail to take out Flint and I half kill Hearth after tackling the ball from her (terrible scatter). But I am unable to take a shot as ran out of influence. Blacksmiths win initiative due to the old dice roll system (haven't printed new cards yet) and Iron kills Flint taking it to 12-10 loss for me. Chisel spent the game providing crowd outs and scored my first goal. She never went below 8 health.
  37. 2 points

    Game Plan deck discussion

    @Csonti said it’s 0,0031423% in the other game plan deck thread. The odds of you rolling 3 or less on 7 initiative rolls in a row is much bigger.
  38. 2 points

    Game Plan deck discussion

    Did you try to count the chance for being dealt only >3 cards?
  39. 2 points
    The Old Buzzard

    All of my Blacksmiths

    Alloy. Every team should have one! How many weapons? ! Farris Bolt & ball. He had to be jumping over something! Ferrite And the boy Iron. Burnish & goal post The splendid "Miss Cast" I will put some more up tomorrow
  40. 2 points
    Yes, Tap In and Tryhard would stack to give a [-2] TN.
  41. 2 points

    Estus match-ups

    Your hollow is showing.
  42. 2 points

    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Finally got some more painting done And WIP of Buckwheat
  43. 2 points

    My Blacksmiths (:

    Alt Bolt
  44. 2 points

    The Goal Post Thread

    I made this goal marker some time ago, maybe someone remembers it from Vengeance 2016 I made it from plasticard and some spare cogs.
  45. 2 points

    Morticans and mercenaries

    Hello! I finally finished Casket yesterday. It was waiting on my desk for 4 months I 97.9% copied the official sheme for this one I only have 2 morticians left to do before starting the blacksmith, can't wait!
  46. 2 points

    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Quickly (well, for me) finished up calculus to test out the rest of my Alchemists colour scheme:
  47. 2 points

    Morticans and mercenaries

    Hi! I finished the painting of the Puppet Master and its puppet
  48. 1 point

    Morticans and mercenaries

  49. 1 point
    My main game is tournament Malifaux, so I can't help but view guild ball as a "casual" experience (No offense, but the scenario system in Malifaux has become incredibly dense). Not in saying it isn't as competitive or it isn't as well put together, but I can play to a medium level without hurting myself. There are several of us locally who like to pull out figures and screw around a couple times a month, and it works great for us. Guild ball is a big step up from 40k or similar games, and I don't think that mindset would work as a casual baller. So I guess what I'm saying is your "casual" might not mean the same thing as the next fellow, and the folks most likely to be talking on the official forums are those who lean towards the competitive side of the game.
  50. 1 point

    Game Plan deck discussion

    HOT TAKE: They are sort of fun - but they are also really bad and I'm not sure about the design at all. 1. Open Information vs Hidden Information: Before you and your opponent new the score - you could see who had what MOM and new the probabilities of winning the roll off - now it's a crap shoot. Does he have a 7+ card etc - it's all hidden making in turn decisions about initiative weak. 2. Weight of Momentum: Before having +2 MOM was good but not great - you still could easily lose the roll-off going first. Now having even +1 MOM gives you ALL the power - if you have +1 MOM, you can play a 7+ and just win it or even a 6+ and roll it off if your opponent tries a 7+. If you have 3+ MOM, you can play anything you want (7+,6+,5+ auto win, 4+ roll off). That's a massive shift in weight of momentum - and it means that if you have even a tiny bit more momentum than your opponent, you are in charge. These two things make playing for momentum to try to win initiative now pointless unless you know you can get more than your opponent. And its equally frustrating to watch a last activation just gobble up momentum like Pac-Man and know that player is now going first despite your entire turn of setup. 3. The only thing that matters is the INIT value (blue circle). The text is largely pointless because the primary concern is going to be going first. Going first in GB wins games - that shot on goal, that captain take out, that casket time etc - priority is super important. The INF value is also pointless - who cares about +/-1 INF. If you go first you stomp on someone and take out 4x that amount! This is a shame and poor design I think - the high INIT cards should have come with much more penalty to make you think about playing them - currently, why would you not play the highest you have and auto win initiative? No text effect (bar maybe Shove the Boot In) is better than initiative. 4. Some of the cards are crap. Dig Deep, OffSide Trap are pointless cards. These are both low INIT cards - why on earth do they have such awful abilities (and the +1 INF is not good as discussed above). They are just bad - auto drops. If you get both...oh well, your cards are chosen for you. 5. Inequality of cards. Um, Seize the Initiative is ridiculously good and Lone Striker is only good for +7?? STI auto wins the roll for you, has no INF penalty (?!?) and the card text is insanely good - sure your opponent can move, who cares? I get to push Ox 4" you say and go first? Well your team is in a world of trouble. Bonkers. Why this card isn't -1 INF I have no idea. 6. It hasn't eliminated random chance rolls - it just shifted it to BEFORE THE GAME starts. What I mean is a bad draw of cards (and yes 1,1,2,2,3,33 is never going to happen - getting 6+,4+,3+,3+,3+,2+,1+ is possible i.e. one high card that isn't a 7+) is very possible - and that could mean you never get to even contest INIT. 7. Game Theory says that while it looks like both players have a decision - they actually don't. Remember the thing I said about +1 MOM meaning you basically control the INIT race, well that means your opponent doesn't have much choice at all. Consider this case. My opponent has +1 MOM. I have a 7+ card in hand. Do I play it? Consider the outcomes - 1. My opponent plays a 7+ and my card is wasted, 2. My opponent plays a 6+ and we roll for it and I lose, 3. I win the roll off 4. My opponent plays a 5 or lower card - I win INIT. Would you play it? Now consider this - my opponent has +2 MOM, he can win on 7+,6+ and roll off on 5+, would you play it? Now consider 3+... 8. Clock problems - this needs to be worked out. You can't have people taking infinite time to decide their card. Game theory indicates that the best outcome is to HOLD the 7+ until you have +1 MOM yourself and then play it. So actually there is no choice in the card playing at all - the player with most momentum will probably win it. So what this means is that the player losing INIT needs to play their LOWEST card with the BEST text (and maybe INF). That is the only logical choice in the absence of information. So what do I think went wrong with these cards. Firstly and I said this about Plot Cards - DRAFT not RANDOM DEAL. Draft means that you can ensure you pick the cards to either counter your opponent or at least ensure you don't get left behind in the INIT race. INIT-based trigger - rather than the card just doing 3 things (INIT, TEXT, INF) the card should have a trigger so that INF say triggers off winning initiative. Imagine if say Seize the Initiative worked like this: +7 INIT. +4" Dodge thing. IF YOU WON INITIATIVE, -3 INF this turn. Now you'd be much more like...woah, do I REALLY want to go first this turn? You could also put the trigger into the TEXT. E.g. If you won initiative this turn, your opponent picks one of your models - make a 4" dodge with it. Either way, you are making going first cards more of a choice, where as now they are auto plays. Another system that could be used is the 2-pack concept. Both players have a pack of GamePlay Cards - THEY PICK FROM THEIR PACK EACH TURN. You could refine this to say before the match, coach must pick 5 cards from the deck. Those are his GP deck. This give the player the agency again - he can choose 7,7,6,6,5 or he can choose for the effects that suit his team. Frankly choosing before the game makes much more sense than a random deal. What sort of coach are you?? Wenger doesn't roll a die before making a coaching decision. The TEXT abilities need to be stronger on the lower INIT cards. Those 2 cards need reworking, and the rest need bulking up - if I am forfeiting INIT I should get a perk of a good card TEXT. Currently, this isn't that great (outside of Kick 'Em, Midfield General and Keep the Ball Moving). INF values need reworking - high cards need worse penalties, low cards better bonuses. +/-1 is just annoying book work that doesn't impact the turn. I think given the play testing of GICs, I really wish we'd been exposed to these before release. Now we're stuck with 2 dead cards and a system that rewards high momentum teams and actually not much choice when playing the card.