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    The survey that came out today asked whether people want the season 1&2 guilds re-released in PVC. I answered yes because personally I've decided I'm not interested in buying any more than the three guilds I already own in metal. Part of this is I'm impressed by the value offered by the plastic boxes, and part of this is because I don't like the move away from blisters to 6 player boxes. The bundling doesn't add any value like the PVC boxes do and it makes roster customisation more expensive as you may end up having to buy some models you don't want to get some you do. This is the same for the PVC boxes yes, but it's less egregious because they're significantly cheaper and give you more than just the player models. What the survey doesn't mention, but that they casually mention in the video is that they don't plan on giving the season 1&2 guilds the same treatment as the Farmers/Blacksmiths. Instead of two 6 player boxes they'd be sold as one 12 player box. Isn't the point of the new £35 boxes that they're a cheaper more accessible route into the game? These aren't just being sold to the existing playerbase. And it's a lot easier to say here this box of farmers gives you a full team you can start playing the game with straight away for £35 than here buy this £70 Fisherman's box. If this 12 man box did come out it would actually make the initial buy in to get a playable fish team more expensive than it is now with the metal models. I really hope SFG reconsiders on this, if they want the plastic re-releases to sell then they should stick with the strategy they're taking with the new guilds. It's a good one and there's no sense abandoning it now.
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    New Home Field!

    Inked gaming had a sick black Friday sale so I decided to spoil myself. Thought my fellow fishies would appreciate It! Won our first home field match vs Union!
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    what I truly feel Brewers need

    Pretty horribly if you're the next best option
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    Random Thoughts after a Tournament

    Hi guys. I finally took the leap of faith and brought my Hunters to a tournament this Saturday. (I have always chickened out in the last second for another guild - the woes of owning to many guilds ) I have done some reflection and thoughts since and I did not originally intend to post this, but work is slow and I thought maybe someone could find it interesting. As such it is just my own opinions with rather small sample size and not facts, so treat it as such. Preface: Local 14 man tournament so 3-4 rounds. I was going to try Hemlocke as my Union slot as there were going to be some brewers, masons and farmers present. And for science. The Line Up: Skatha Theron Snow (shut up, I frikkin love the dog ) Jaecar oHearne Egret Ulfr Seenah Hemlocke Chaska Game 1: Thresher So first game I got matched with one of the top contender for the tournament rockin' his Farmers. So, obviously a though pairing, but I was glad I got try Hemlocke right off the bat. Skatha, Snow, Jaecar, Ulfr, Egret, Hemlocke v Thresher, Buckwheat, Millstone, Tater, Harrow, Jackstraw. I received. Score: 11-12 loss. 2 Ulfr goals (and one missed shot), Jaecar kills Tater and 1 clock point - Thresher/Tater kills Skatha and Jaecar, Jackstraw goal, Buckwheat goal. Hemlocke kept Thresher blinded. But he legendaried to counteract it one turn. So didn't feel super exciting. Her mT on 1 was at least a reliable ball steal threat. Ulfr was great. Easy access to momentum, wtg to get around counter charge or getting bogged down was really useful. Egret felt superflous here, but at least she is slippery. Snow is great. He makes it risky for Thresher/tater to go in, since missing the KD lets me dodge out, or they choosing a < instead of damage, or being forced to commit deeper. He was a missed tackle, a bad scatter upfield or a missed buckwheat goal from losing on time. I could have positioned Hemlocke to screen off a bit of the scatter angles, but I didn't see the ridiculous movement and kick range from Bucky. As close as it gets and a great game. Game 2: Midas Skatha, Snow, Jaecar, Ulfr, Chaska, Seenah v Midas, Naja, Vitriol, Mercury, Calculus, vKatalyst. I received. Score: 16-12 win 3 goals (2 Ulfr, 1 Skatha), Seenah killed Calculus, vKat Witnessed himself - 1 Midas goal, Vitriol pushed Chaska off the pitch after he received a super wide kick off, Mercury killed off Ulfrs last 3 hp with a flame jet after vKat failed to finish him off, vKat killed Seenah with witness me getting us both to 12 simultaneously. Ulfr slotted the goal after that. Ulfr was great. 2 goals, and got an opportunity for another but missed the tackle on Midas. While Seenah was pretty great. Influence was pretty tight receiving turn 1 when you want to pass around and have a goal run inf gets eaten up quickly. So I will probably use Seenah more when kicking, to have a powerful last activation. Chaska, gotten pushed off early did not impact too much (3/6 kick was useful though), the choice however was to let vitriol have the ball but I figured the ball was more important. Jaecar mostly kept Vitriol in check on a flank. Game 3: Blackheart Skatha, Snow, Jaecar, Ulfr, Chaska, oHearne v Blackheart, Strongbox, Mist, Minx, Gutter, oRage. I received. Score: 12-8 win 2 goals (Ulfr, Skatha), oHearne/Jaecar killed off mist after a failed goal run (missed his m< on Jaecar who promptly dodged away due to pack mentality leaving him stranded to kick the ball home) and Chaska caught a Gutter within 8" of the table edge and boomed her off - 1 Blackheart goal, Ulfr and Skatha both died after scoring. I really liked this line up. oHearne once again cemented to me his superiority over vHearne, he just runs so smoothly even without a forest. My heart ached a little leaving the lovely model home in the morning, but I am now firmly set on leaving vHearne out of the 10. Chaska was solid. Received and kicked it back, while setting up a trap to lower mists ball threat and tough skin on himself to prevent momentum farming. Ulfr was great. With blessing of the moon goddess, snowball momentum, pass dodge, fast ground, and a model he got a charge off, he zoomed over the board and was in tap in range with blood scent end of turn 1. What a rock star. Paid the iron price for it though, as he is wont to do. Tournament ended at 3 rounds. End result 2-1 (and 39vps in 3 games despite losing one ) End thoughts I received every game. This obviously is nice and makes the Ulfr experience better than might be the average (that 1st turn goal is sweet). But I have been pretty down on Ulfr before, and he smashed my previous beliefs by scoring 5 goals even after 1 missed shot and 2 missed tackles on Midas for another (not being able to charge UM models makes it less consistent) Skatha. She might have had an edge in stealing the ball from unexpected opponents due to them never seen her. But her 4" (snowball) + 9" (fast ground sprint) + legendary + 2-3" (m><</><<< off an nearby model) + 1" (mT>< off the ball holder) + 6" (shot) = a very non linear 22" Blackhearty kind of goal run. Takes 6 inf for this particular move though. Otherwise she just turns up the turn 1 of Ulfr and the Bear to 11 or just gets 2 inf for snowballing herself or someone else out of danger or just a cold snap. I actually never missed Minx. This was surprising to me. She will probably still be in over Hemlocke, but I didn't feel like the world depended on her. Snow is bae. Fits my noncommittal playstyle better than Fahad. Ooh ball and extra kick dice helps a bit when passing around and such, and anatomical is just the cherry on top. Hunters are bloody fun! And I really liked the dodgy/trappy playstyle with a lot of movement and goals. I was never ever near timing out, whilst some opponents were and did. This takes a lot of mental stress away from me during tournament days - hence why I prefer Skatha over Theron, since his games tend to be more grindy and ending with a goal. I probably will try to fit in Zarola in the 10. I think Seenah and Egret are the most likely to go, but both have their uses. So we will see I guess. If you read this far, thank you for your time and Happy Hunting!
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    The competitive 10

    Ok, let's take a quick stab at this. Hopefully, it doesn't turn into another 1500 word tactica like it did last time I tried to help someone out in the Alchemists thread. The 10 I played in Nationals was: Midas, Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Compound, Katalyst, Vet Katalyst, Mercury, Vitriol, Decimate. I managed to take 3rd losing only to Alex "Guild Ball God" Botts. Midas/Smoke: One of the better captain pairings in guild ball. I play primarily an un-interactive Smoke control list with a pocket super striking Midas. Mascot: I think I am far in the minority on which mascot I prefer to play, but really both are good. Once lines meat no one wants to kill flask and naja is more trouble than she is worth. It's really personal preference. I like flask since his cloud brings influence efficiency to the Smoke list and Sic'em is still in the plot deck. Calculus: Blind is dumb and one of the only 2 AOE throwers in the faction. A staple in Smoke decent flex pick in Midas. Compound: I'm not sure if I made this up or not, but Mat Hart once told me that Compound was one of the highest win rate models in all of guild ball. I don't think this is far off. Maybe the best flex pick in all of guild ball. He turns off nearly all turn 1 pressure your opponent can put on you. I play him as a flex into Butchers, Shark, and Alchs (when receiving) Katalyst: Absolutely nuts. One of the best models in the game but influence hungry. A must take for Midas and playable in Smoke although not my first choice. Vet Katalyst: Total garbage model saved by a heroic that helps you be un-interactive. I play this in every Smoke game as it enables me to gain points without giving up momentum or control of the game. Mercury: Must take with Smoke. Leave him at home for Midas Vitriol: Not what she once was and a bit over-nerfed IMO but still worth the include. Union: This is a complex issue with only 4 real options. A&G, Decimate, Harry, Mist. I don't like mist. We are in a renaissance of ball-killing and if you are playing mist and trying to score as many goals as possible you are on the wrong side of history. And even if you are convinced I'm wrong Decimate can do 80% of what Mist does and has fighting ability. Harry has been nerfed to the point where he is barely Harry anymore but a second fire AOE and low pushes are good in smoke. Avarisse and Greede are a duo I need to play more but if you are considering Midas as your main captain I think this is worth a look (I have not fully explored this pick). Decimate is my choice for a few reasons. Grace absolutely hoses Smoke with her remove an AOE nonsense making it difficult to play Smoke into grace. By taking Decimate we are giving Midas a list he can win with into Vet Rage and Farmers. Decimate also help so much in the Corsair matchup allowing us to second wind Calculus blind corsair and run away. Decimate is also the second highest damage output model in our union picks. Decimate also helps our Masons matchup and I think that the main reason Alchemists are strong right now has to do with our favored matchup into masons (one of 2 "S tier" factions.) Crucible: Crucible is my 11th slot. Back when Midas was very strong I used her as a flex slot into Alchemist's (when kicking,) Engineer's, Hunters, and Morticians. The idea was to tax low momentum teams by having her follow around Katalyst and apply her aura. She can jog 6" and is likely close enough to one of Kat's victims to dodge 4". She is fragile but if they go after her they will likely have to overcommit right next to Katalyst. Venin: A lot of people accuse me of hating on Venin thinking that I haven't given him a fair shake and believe me I have. The unfortunate truth is that he is outclassed in his role by a bunch of the alchemist's roster. He suffers from a ton of design issues (he wants to be both the first and last model to activate and isn't that great at either.) Venin's mini is sweet but unfortunately, his rules are not. Whoops, guess I did it again.If you guys have questions about guild ball hit me up on twitter: @TheCurkov. Check out my YouTube: Vincent Curkov. An listen to Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast.
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    Tough hide does nothing when a friendly gutter scyths him. Otherwise agreed on all fronts.
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    Beginners tips for Farmers?

    Step 1 - Take Thresher, Millstone and Tater Step 2 - Give Thresher 5 Influence Step 3 - ?????? Step 4 - Profit
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    Game too Swingy?

    I'd actually say Guildball is one of the few games I play that enables players to claw back from huge deficits MUCH more than any other game. I play Horus Heresy, 40k and Age of Sigmar, a strong alpha in 30/40k can cripple you for the whole game. I've seen games shaken hands on from some horrendous alphas in 40k & 30k due to the lack of player interactivity the games have (Seriously I've watched some bat reps that are one player shooting at the other player for 50 mins, post editing). Age of Sigmar has the rolling for initiative mechanic and can allow for double turns which can somewhat offset a alpha, but double turns leads to it's own problems. There's a couple of mechanics and reasons I think clawing back from a big point deficit is more feasible than in other games - 1 ) The I go you go system, not only does it allow for player urgency (again ^ the above situation can leave you feeling very detached from a game after not interacting with it bar rolling armor saves for a hour) but it always gives a chance a player to react what's going on in the game. Yes bad dice totally do happen but it typically leaves players with options to react to what the opponent has just done. 2 ) There's very things in the game that can be done without a opponent being able to take something back. Opponent scores a goal? You now have the ball as a resource. Player comes into kill one of your players? In theory you should be in a position do retaliate to that players and give back some pain. There's things in the game that somewhat circumvent this (Corsair being to drag in players, Obulus being able to Puppet Master) etc, but those players come with shortcomings which players can capitalize on. In short, there's very few actions you can take to get VPs that shouldn't give your opponent at least a chance to get some back. I could go on but I think those two summarise it best, I've been 0-6 0-8 down before and gone on to win the game. Typically 0-6 will mean they've got a goal and killed a player, you now have the ball and in theory one of your opponent players is vulnerable due to taking out one of your players. Similarly at 0-8 I'd expect the opponent to be somewhat out of position to have scored 2 fast, early goals maybe? You can use those players to bully and try and hold the ball. I appreciate everyone has bad games and as a new player sometimes Guildball can seem tough and unforgiving, but I think once you have a good grasp of the rules and how to handle the game I've found that in nearly every single game I've always had a chance to come back If I've given up a early lead. Alternatively if I've got super head by taking a risky goal or two or over-committed my opponents have found a route back in due to the board state and the fact my resources have been spent getting that early rather than developing a good board state / position of control for my self. I'm often happy to give up VPs knowing this will give me time to develop a position where I can snapback goal / kill 2 players the turn after, etc. Jeez, sorry that wall of came real quick. TL;DR - I think out of the current table top wargames on the market Guildball's ruleset is one of the few that allows coming back from a large deficit due to the core rules / mechanics of the game.
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    Game too Swingy?

    Swingy is sort of the opposite of what your players are suggesting, but here's my take on it. When I started playing I would think I was losing the game as Butchers, often 6-0 or 8-2 or something. Butchers have a great mid-late game, and I found by turn 3-4 I was cleaning up, often ending up on 8, 10, 12 points by then and sealing it early the following turn. If you were playing against Shark it would be easy to think 'damn it's 8-0 and only second turn'. Teams score the game differently, and a strong early game may be necessary to shore up a weak late game or vice-versa. Ballista Engineers seemed to punch out damage to my Butchers from range, but really they had to do enough to finish the fight when the Butchers got there otherwise it was game over. Another argument that might help is to understand how to position for snap-back goals. In most cases it should be fairly simple to get into a position to equalise after a goal, or kill it against a scoring team. Lastly, when learning my buddy would often concede early on when he lost a few key pieces or his plans failed and he was behind. As he started to play it out he realised all wasn't lost (I think in this game it rarely is) and could often come back from a losing game. Being behind makes you think harder and play better, use it to an advantage and play it out.
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    @Zarodis and I, being local players together, have started a batrep series of written battle report articles. We hope to vary up our guilds and get a nice variety, but he is mainly Masons, while I've played a lot of Brewers, Union and Farmers. Between the two of us, we've got every guild but Engineers, so we do plan to get some different reports going. http://midwestwargaming.com/guildball-batrep-1-blacksmiths-vs-farmers/
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    Teach me how to vHearne

    The model is indeed awesome. He looks at me with sad, betrayed eyes everytime I leave him out of my carrying case.
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    Winter Painting Contest

    I got a massive tub of Woodlands Scenics snow effect to base my Masons and theme my Frostgrave (think it was £11 from Hobbycraft). I was inspired by a blog entry on From The Warp - it has a great variety of different snow effect methods and shows each in simple step by steps. Digital badge, you say? I'm not going to win any painting competitions, but I can certainly enter one! Now to decide on either a wintery Mason, or Yuletide Buckwheat with a little snow sprinkled on his presents...
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    This, and also as a heroic play BotSF lasts until the end of the turn. Even after the "once", the effect is still in play and cannot be further stacked.
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    From the rulebook, page 13 (online version): A model may perform actions in any order and, unless stated otherwise, an action may be repeated. Your opponent may have been confused by the rule on page 15: Bonuses and penalties from the same named sources are not cumulative. Effects and abilities of the same name are not cumulative. Cumulative means "successive additions". A slang term for this is in gaming is "stacking". It's when you receive a bonus multiple times from the same named source at the same time, i.e. one bonus ADDS to another. In GuildBall the rule exists to prevent that happening. As well as preventing the effects from plays adding to each other, it also prevents the stacking of bonus attacks from Berserk and the stacking of Teamwork Actions, among other effects. In the case of Red Fury, you use the play and then it is ended. Any further instances of Red Fury are not at the same time and are not added to the previous effect, so it is not cumulative and you can use it multiple times.
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    Idea for Thresher Change

    So we had a tournament today. For the first time we split the participants in two according to Longshanks ranking points. (The idea behind this was to be able to finish with 3 rounds. The Major/Minor league split also helped to arrange more equal games regarding player skills and last but not least we had two winners in this way.) Before today I polled the meta in advance whether or not I should bring Thresher. They said bring it on and so I did. I won by 12-4, 12-0, 12-0 even with a missed 4 dice goal, a missed 3 dice tap-in and I could even get away with a huge mistake in one of the games by letting UM trigger on Greyscales. To be fair, I'm the highest ranked player around and I won a few events before with Masons. However I consider one player roughly equal to my skills and another 4-5 who could give me hard games, all of them played in this higher bracket. The ease I could destroy my opponents was frightening and not fun for anyone. In order not to dishearten the guys even more I decided not to bring him to domestic tournaments until a patch comes.
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    Just feel like I need to remind you guys that no, Botts didn't actually win all 3 tournaments at SCUS... He actually lost his first game of the week-end against Shane Wattie who went on to win the LCQ
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    So he is good, tried him out verse Fish and really hampers what they want to do, and could see this verse a lot of goal scoring teams. With fish teams they like to dodge off a back line models to set up the goal. His close in verse a dodge, horrific odor, and free counter attack is all good verse this tech. Also I know from playing Compound, players during a game will tend to forget to allocate the extra influence for the goal kick, making the horrific odor that much better. Also with Obulus, if you can tell who the goal kicker is going to be you can always steal that one extra they want to use for the turn effectively shutting down their goal run. Another cool dodge trick if for models passing the ball and using give and go, you could end up engaging the model who is hoping to score, so so good. A lot of cool synergies. I am really liking this guy. He will see a lot of play in my lists, especially verse goal heavy teams.
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    NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    You could hypothetically take only 1 captain 1 mascot and 4 players. It doesn't reach 10 but there's no requirement that you actually bring a full 10
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    Millstone and timings

    Pretty sure you select all results before you get to resolve them. Yes, this all happens during Step 2.5, and the exact timing within that step hasn't (unfortunately) been defined. But the rulebook says, on pages 34 and 35, regarding Wrapping: In this instance, the active model counts up to the last column and selects a single result. The active model may then continue counting columns from the left, selecting an additional result each time they reach the last column or run out of net-hits. By this wording, you MUST select you first (full playbook) result before you count up how many hits remain on your wrap(s) and the select a result each time. But you then chose in which order the results are resolved. This would be impossible to do if you didn't have to select all the results before resolving any of them.
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    I very rarely troll people, good sir. Far too much of that already existing on the internet. Yes, you can safely assume the Alchemist's Guild do not have a seat on the Shadow Council.
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    what I truly feel Brewers need

    Right, what we have to do is start making you guys feel good about yourselves. So, the first thing to do is start lying when putting in your tournament results, then we'll start heading up the rankings and look better. This is the six I usually take: Tapper, Scum, Friday, Spigot, Mash and Hooper. My usual tactic is to sprint Tapper 8 inches just to get a bit of extra range. Dont do it every time, just in case anyone notices. Tooling the cat up for +2 damage is fair, and quite funny. You guys have got loads of options, you just need to get creative.
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    ...perhaps not. Worth mention that having a team in the game at present does not equate to a place on the shadow council. At present, I count mentioned by name Butchers, Morticians, Fishermen, Astronomers, Engineers, and Messengers. Blacksmiths were only fairly recently confirmed also.
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    There is no requirement to announce the trigger at the start of each activation. It may be useful to mark by Fallow's base how many activations have passed as they occur (to avoid confusion and resultant clock-waste where a model does not activate due to taken out), but it is not necessary as it's possible to calculate from the game state at the time Fallow activates.
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    I think that the move to pvc is a very good thing. I am very happy with my farmer box and won’t buy metal model any more. The new sculpt of the fishermens are, in my opinion far better than the old ones. So i answer yes and i will buy the pvc fishs. But i think a 12 mans box for 100 dollars is not a good thing for the game. 2 box of 6 player as farmer and blacksmith is, in my opinion, the way to go. Of course i don’t know the cost of production and this kind of things. Sorry i don’t speak english well. Edit : when I say it won’t be a good thing for the game, it’s because of the cost. A new player in a store will maybe look around for what cost 100 dollars (boardgame, gw box, warmachine starter). I don’t say that this products are better (I don’t think so !), but of what he could have for the same prices. Now with a 6 man box like the farmer, he could began the game at a very interesting cost if he doesn’t want to buy kick off.
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    Hungarian Nationals 2018

    I already told them about your event Some talks about going started and I will try to motivate them to go.
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    Hungarian Nationals 2018

    We invite all Guild Ball enthusiasts to take part in the first ever Hungarian Nationals! Hungarian Nationals 2018 Date: 28th of April Place: Gep-Haz (map) Gep-Haz Facebook Address: Hungary, 1082 Budapest, Nap street 13. Format: one-day tournament played according to the most recent OPD and errata Longshanks link: http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=668 Entry fee: 10 GBP Prizes: Swag bag for all participants and various prizes for the best players and painters. The winner of the tournament earns a place in the 2018 World Championship final. In case we can sell at least 30 tickets, SFG will cover the traveling and hotel costs of that trip. Registration: You need to pay the entry fee through PayPal to csontpet@gmail.com. Please, make sure that we receive the exact amount so any fee in connection with the transaction is on you. Please, write your name, contact e-mail and the probable guild selection (which can be changed even at the start of the event) in the notes section. We can accept multiple registrations in one go but don't forget to give us the necessary info about all players. Please note that due to logistics reasons we can only accept 32 players. So don't hesitate to grab your ticket if you want to be there! In case of overbooking, we will refund the money for those who are above the limit according to the order of payments. We will form a waiting list and will reach the first person there if a dropout happens. Schedule of the event: We will give you detailed information later but we plan to start the first games 9:30 am and the last round will end well into the night. Possible hotels very close to the venue: Prater Residence http://prater-residence.com/ Corvinext Apartments http://corvinext.com/ Corvin Point Rooms and Apartments http://www.corvinpoint.com/ Prince Apartments https://princehotelbudapest.com/ Bo18 Hotel http://www.bo18hotelbudapest.com/en/ Corvin Plaza Apartments & Suites http://corvinbp.com/ Corvin Lux Aparthotel corvinlux.com Sun Resort Apartments http://www.sunresortapartments.eu/ Hotel City Inn http://cityinn.hu/en/ or you can try Airbnb Please, come and teach us how to play this bloody game properly! With love, Gergely & Peter, the Hungarian Pundits
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    So this isn't necessarily about Guild Ball but it is happening as a direct result of my going to SteamCon. Nearly 4 years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a really great girl who supports me in everything I do. She is coming with to Chicago but not attending SteamCon, as she is going to be doing a lot of shopping and doesn't care for miniatures. This Sunday night we are going ice skating at Millennium Park after the convention and I'm going to ask her to be my wife. I'm pretty excited and I spend more time here (to my boss's dismay) than I do with most of my friends and I consider a lot of you to be brothers and sisters in our big Guild Ball forum family. Just thought I'd share with everyone. I'll post pictures sometime Monday morning as I am feeling pretty confident. **Added an image, others on my friends' phones. Will put them up when I can. Center ice was a little crowded to do it in front of everyone so I pretended my lace came undoneand when I got down to "tie it" I popped the question. Great grandma's ring. She was as happy as can be. Had great friends willing to just hang out for a bit to get pictures. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Had a great weekend.
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    But that's the point - until you've tried the game out, you don't know if you want to play it properly. If someone walked into a shop interested in trying a miniatures game and is confronted with those two boxes, the GW one has more models, variety and lower price point. There is also something to be said for anticipation and collecting - one and done does not inspire excitment. Planning your next purchase gets you interested, excited, engaged. There is also the element of buying 2 £35 boxes so you can play with a friend/sibling/partner. I was going to write more, about the lower risk and ability to move on, but then I thought SFG surely must have thought about this stuff. They must have some proper marketing discussions and advice. What worries me is that if they did, and are still saying 12 player or nothing, then who is their target audience? Are they now only targeting 'vets'? What does that say for the future of Guild Ball? Is this a closed loop now, no new blood? Combined with other things, it does make me feel GB is closer to its expiry date than we thought. I think you're right, those will be major reasons, but from talking to LGS staff, since the move to plastic/removal of singles their sales on Guild Ball have nosedived. They have considered dropping the game altogether. Doubling the cost and size of the boxes doesn't sound that helpful. The bit highlighted in red relates to what I said above - who is the target audience? Doesn't look like they're interested in new players. EDIT: This does sound a bit like 'sky falling' thinking, but it isn't intended to be - people will keep playing and people will buy the 12 player boxes. I won't, and some people will be put off from playing by the pricier boxes and reduced choice, which is a shame. I'd love to see Guild Ball continue to expand, as it's a great game, but it needs new players, not just more models, and I think SFG might be missing out if they stick with the 12 player box.
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    Hey you marketing students looking for topics to your thesis, look no further!
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    Wow, I know I missed whatever they cooked up.......
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    Memory doesn't become active until the dodge, by which time he's on the pitch. The trigger can happen while he's off the pitch, but he musty be in the pitch to resolve it. Happily, by the time we come to resolve the dodge he is on the pitch.
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    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Well thats not intended, I'll get it fixed in the next release Thanks for the feedback, I'll definatly impliment some of this
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    I'd leave Granite, Wrecker & Chisel at home. If you're a fan of wrecker just drop him into the 10 if not a Union slot is never bad to use.
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    Getting ready to invade Canada. Look out friendliest people on earth.
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    The trigger point (starting Bolt's activation) is a single point in time and although the two Traits can be resolved in any order, the check to see whether the conditions are met for them to take effect takes place before they are resolved. In this case it would mean that the position for Tutelage would be assessed at Bolt's position before any movement due to Stamina.
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    Are we all plastic now?

    I really hope for 6-man boxes with a goal post, perhaps some terrain, and paper tokens. Easier entry into the game, ready to play, not too expensive.
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    Are we all plastic now?

    Nothing ever pointed to that, but I wouldn't say no to a 12 man box of the other guilds. I wouldn't mind duplicates that much either, because I am not a metal fan.
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    Why doesn't anyone use Colossus?

    Colossus has a 2" melee zone to easily provide gang ups without being caught by Scything Blows. Tough Hide means that if he is caught in it, he'll probably survive. He's got Singled Out on one hit and he's fast enough to keep up with Gutter or go in first if he has to. He also has a relatively easy momentous knock down. The end result is that with 2 influence, or 1 influence and Overclock, Colossus can grant Gutter +3 Tac and -1 TN which makes both Chain Grab and Scything Blow very achievable. oRage comes close since he can Tooled Up Gutter and gang up safely with Maverick but it means forgoing his Berserk attack which is painful. vRage is obviously great but he's a captain so it's not a fair comparison. Corsair can Drag and KD, but he needs to gang up with friendly models which makes Scything Blow unwieldy. No butcher tech works on oGutter.
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    My Morticians >:)

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    Beginners tips for Farmers?

    I've actually had the most success with Bushel when she starts the turn with the ball on her for a 20" goal threat. Super reliable if you can bonus time the pass back, and I'm usually swimming in momentum from Grange's activation by that point. -Eat a harvest marker -Pass to someone within 6" of Grange -Dodge Bushel forward 4" -I'm open to get the ball back -Dodge 4" again -Walk 6" and shoot an 8" goal
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    Traits - the Active and Passive list

    OK folks, some of you asked for it, so here’s the big break down of all traits that are currently in the game and whether they are active or passive. This list is up to date as of September 17, including all rules and errata available from the Resources page. If you spot any errors then please comment below. I’ll be hiding responses once they’ve been answered to keep the thread short. This guide is not a rules clarification as such and is not definitive, it is a simple tool to help you. If you want to know whether a trait is passive or active, rather than searching through a big list, ask yourself some simple questions: 1) May I choose to use the trait during my model’s activation? 2) May I choose to use the trait when the trait’s defined requirements have been met? If the answer to either of these questions is YES, you have an active trait. 3) Does the trait have an effect at all times? 4) Does the trait automatically have an effect when the requirements have been met? If the answer to either of these questions is YES, you have a passive trait. Remember that active traits are actions, they may not interrupt another action unless a specific timing step has been triggered. Active traits a player may choose to use during a model’s activation At Your Post Bag of Coffers Bag of Quaffers Big Breakfast Big Game Traps Cabbage Punt Cloud Jumper Crazy Empowered Voice Fixer Get Over Here! Hot Shot Incensed Launch Control Look Busy! Nature’s Blessing Pit Fall Planting Season Purity Six Pack Smoke Cloud Spider Nests Talisman Territorial Webbing Active traits a player may choose to use when the defined requirement are satisfied Arsenal Ass Kicking Back to the Shadows Berserk Between a Rock… Blood Dance Control Strings Counter Charge Escaping Fate Family Fertiliser Fly Keeper Follow Up Football Dervish Forceful Blow Foundation Give it a Whack Gravity Well Hundred Hand Stance Impact Intimidating Roar I've Been Burnt Before... Knockback Linked Long Legs Lunar Eclipse Match Experience Nature’s Chill Nature’s Growth Ooooh… BALL! Pack Mentality Pain Response Poised Reactive Solution Rollerball Rush Keeper Scything March Shadow Like Sleight of Hand Stamina Stop Slacking! Swift Strikes Tag Along Take One for the Team Team Player The Last Straw Tutelage Unpredictable Movement Close Control Fire Forged Hidden Damage Life Drinker Rapid Growth Regenerate Reinforced Plating Stoic Sturdy Passive traits Above and Beyond Ambush Anatomical Precision Animosity Assist Battering Ram Beautiful Benched Blessed Blood Scent Breaking Play Burning Effigy Burning Passion Burning Spirit Burning Strike Charmed Chemical Admixture Chemical Frenzy Contract Covalence Cover of Darkness Crow Scarer Crucial Artery Damaged Target Dark Doubts Defence support Deteriorating Determination Extended Reach Fear Floored Flying Football Legend For the Family Fork Off! Foul Odour Furious Gluttonous Mass Go Ape! Goal Defence Goal of the Month Haemophilia Hale and Hearty Hit That One! Hobble Hooked Hunter’s Prey Impart Faith Impart Wisdom Inanimate Object Inspiring Hat Isolated Target Kick Support Kindled Lash Out Lend a Hand Light Footed Lone Hunter Loved Creature Magical Brew Match Fit Make it Rain Maverick Momentous Inspiration Motivated Mud Concealer Never Say Die Noxious Death Offensive Defense One, Two! Overheat Painful Rage Paint on your Boots Poisonous Fumes Protected Pyromaniac Ready to Go Reanimate Resolute Rising Anger Rowdy Scores for Fun Searing Strike Sentinel Shelling Out Shove the Boot in Showboating Skilled With Shadow Slippery Smell Blood Stack the Deck Support from the Wing Sweeping Charge Tactical Advice That’s Not the Ball The Old Ways The Owner Thought Thuggery Tough Hide Usurper Venomous Strike Vindictive Volley Threat Winter’s Blessing
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    Old Jakes Howzat 2018 April 7th

    Hey Mike & Jake, I just registered #7 for Old Jakes’s and I’m psyched for this awesome event as always hosted by the DOJO! I finish #4 at BTO last year with some really good games and solid competition and a great event! I had a hoot drinking Bourbon in the Distillery while playing GuildBall but I’m confident your event with cold Beer in the Brewery will be even better! See y’all again soon!
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    Did you know in the year 2546 the Otters have discovered the superior answer to Science's greatest question in that atheists should call themselves the Allied Atheist Alliance so that there are 3 "A's" in the acronym? Now we've both learned something today.
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    'smiths experiences so far?

    Man my Win to loss ratio is terrible I played Hunters as my "first guild" (they weren't but they came out shortly after I properly started playing the system and stuck with them until Smiths came out..... felt like forever and this was well before I knew smiths were becoming a thing :D) But here I am. And yeah I see now that you weren't being totally defeatist, just making that a point. In comparison Blacksmiths aren't as thinky, and really most guilds are thinky but in different ways. Sure Butchers just get stuck in, but they set-up and go after specific targets etc to get the best out of themselves, we aren't much different. I've struggled and still do with Morticians, but thats mostly due to the guy using them being top 3 material in our local meta and I'm a scrub in comparison lol But Morticians have the benefit same as Alchemists have against us... our medicore DEF stats. If you want that powerful play to go off, smiths will allow it to happen for the most part. But with low def means higer playbook reaches but thankfully at least in that depo we have high armour. Out of Box 1 my opinion remains as such Anvil - Love the big guy and he does what he does well, but it's hard to get him into position to really utilise his good points and eventually becomes a rather hard to kill (if you keep him topped up of course) 3INF battery (do we really need that though? not really....) Sledge - Take-outs many times with him, but he's likely the first to die shortly if not immediately after. But sadly he really does need the big guy to shine so take both or leave both and more often than not, you'll not take them. Furnace - Tooling up himself can mean he can fairly reliably deal 6-8 damage, so as a finisher he does well. Generally he's been my captain for the most part sharing the spot with Ferrite so he's usually sorted to do what he does best. But he does have pushes so he can be handy to bring people into the scrum and searing strike is nice with Masons etc. And because he is usually the most forward character, he has became a goal scorer a good number of times. Cinder - My you will get INF target for the most part (yes that means I prioritised giving INF to anvil over her) SHe does well but I found I put myself into positions where she is no longer needed or ideal to invest in. Hot shot is great and has caught off a few opponents and the lucky ones have won me games (her last short for me did that, was a hail mary cause I could and bam it did....never felt so good in my puff :D) but really I haven't had use out of her. Her outing with Hearth around didn't go well but first game with the combo, not taking sides yet. Ferrite - Does what she does and does it well. Once i learned how to turn 1 goal I kept doing it, kicking or reciving didn't matter. Feels great. But she is also a good utility player and shouldn't be discarded as such. Disarm and Weak Point are great and easy to aquire. Even if Ferrite runs into a scrum, gets to go first/early, she can hit a few folk and debuff them before acrobatting out and legging it to safety/set up for a goal next turn. Don't throw her a side, play with her and you'll find a niche you like with her. Iron - Ahh the locomotive, love this guy (haven't actually used him in a while) but actually thining about it, he hasn't done a HUGE deal for me Actually think he has netted me only about 2 goals and I've had the team since not far off earliest release. But he is also a beater and can be better than sledge simply due to more INF allocation. He's finished/ crippled enough folk for me than he has been a footballer and i think I'll keep in that niche for me the now (Going to try a full football team shortly, but next game is Morticians so not entirely sure...) Anyway my 2 cents, most problems you are having will be sorted once you have swapped them out so keep at it and just enjoy it. There is no "This guild makes you win" and it's why I love the system.
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    Blacksmith basics

    Shameless plug but this is kinda been my journey using them. But key things I've learned. - Don't over-set up. We have a LOT of debuffs from our Masters, but our apprentices don't need that many of them on someone to shine. The more you set-up the more activations you give to your opponent to put pressure/undo some of your work. - Huddle up. Coming from Hunters I found it a bit off keeping everyone within comfort hug range. But once you get comfortable with the extreme close up play you learn that you do have some breathing space and only need to huddle some of the time. Basically, don't forget Sentinel, for the most part it's the only defensive thing for our "target on the back" apprentices. -We cater fairly well to a 2-2 style play and we can generally go after them in whatever order we want. Pretty much all our guys are handy on the ball, I mean Furnace is the second person to get the most goals for me (Ferrite is still No.1). Getting it and keeping it are different stories though. And well it's easy to see how well we handle take-outs. - Love them, but once they leave the nest, it's time to say bye. What I mean is, if Sledge has slung out and done what Sledge does but then you find he is too far away to save, don't. You'll spend too much time trying to dig him out and getting nothing for it. Take it on the chin and begin setting someone else up (for Damage that will be Iron, who don't forget has a MOM 7 as well) to recoup the loss. - TRY and keep your cards to your chest. Blacksmiths have the problem of having HUGE signals of what you are about to do. "Oh, my guy has weak point, searing strike, singled out and he's knocked down all within Sledge's un-activated threat range" Don't get me wrong, sometimes you put someone in that position and your opponent can't do anything about it, but we can be predictable. Try and set-up a few people (if you are going to Melee win) and/or try and keep premeasuring to a minimum, nothing worse seeing a goal opportunity and you sitting there premeasuring everything out to say to your opponent "don't stop me this will happen.
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    what I truly feel Brewers need

    To me, "Good Marker" is the second best plot for brewers (after Sic'Em). It can really surprise an opponent who places a player 10 " away from Tapper or 8" and half with a rough ground or a fire AoE beetween them. Aranud
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Promised I'd put up my Farmers goal, so here we go: The pitchfork is loose/removeable for transport, and due to the points and spaces between the wheat can be put pretty much where you want (looks nice on top though). Also happy times today:
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    Why doesn't anyone use Colossus?

    In general Colossus is great. He has the densest playbook in guild and he's the best Gutter buddy in the game. Personally I run him more than oVelocity. I just didn't happen to run Engineers at SCUS.