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    I'll repeat this here: It's funny that he's ARM 1
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    Forum, Welcome to the fourth episode of Guild Ball Gotchas where I go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in Guild Ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering the three abilities in the game that allow your opponents to take control of your models. Please Note: This was filmed before the July 2017 errata. Special thanks go out to Pat Vanvalzah, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Botts for assisting with this video. The GBG Logo was designed by Dano Amonette. His Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/deadpoolxanko/?hl=en Games were filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
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    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Took some updated pictures of models I painted during the year since I started
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    Yes, the active player's clock should be running at all times. What I recommend is to declare your action (say, "Model X will Charge model Y") then say something along the lines of "Any response?" before you move the model. If your opponent says no, then continue with your turn, if they pause and start to consider, then it's acceptable to tap the clock to them since they shouldn't be burning your clock with their thinking time. Which I appreciate raises the question 'how long can they pause for'? Generally, a pause of a couple of seconds is fine, but certainly if it were five seconds or more, it's acceptable to tap the clock. One other thing I do recommend players do is if your opponent declares an action and you know you need to think about the reaction, just tap the clock to yourself. It's a small thing, but a nice thing to do that eases relations in the game. Both Players should also remember that this reaction window is likely to come up for both of them many times over the course of a game, and therefore being sporting about it is key. If you've just spent 20 seconds on your opponent's clock making a decision about a reaction, it's churlish in the extreme to tap the clock over to them the second they pause to think about a Counter Attack. Functionally, this question boils down to a human interaction part of the game that it is reasonably difficult for us to make hard and fast rulings on. However, I hope this post presents a few guidelines on how to resolve this situation. In an event of course, if anything comes up that you don't feel comfortable with, alert a judge who will deal with the situation.
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Hello again! Apologies for my absence of late but due to a horrible bloody company trying to hold mine and many others pictures to ransom I've spent many an angry hour or 10 trying to resolve the issue, thankfully a good mate of mine gave me a few suggestions and here I am again all rage free . As mentioned in the post before I'd started working on a Masons team in a Gladiatorial theme, most of the work was to give them some a bit more armour and a change of weapons, here's a few pics of the team all finished.
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    Just Something Short

    It would give a whole new meaning to Fangtooth Unleashed. William
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    Pending Forum Suspension

    Just Something Short

    What're you talking about? Esters, Fangtooth, Casket, Hag, Compound, and Truffles. New 6 man starter. Flesh of the Homeland.
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    Or more likely, Giblin made a booboo when he made the blog post. Who can say!?
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    Apprentices need to complete a shield to become a master , not sure if having one means they are or not though. His family are bonded to the Blacksmiths guild by a debt which is why he plays for them. Other Blacksmith info was that from now on most releases will be 6 player boxes with a second Blacksmith (and Farmer) box coming in the q1 2018 (probably).
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Final pre-gencon update time! I had a bunch of stuff to do before I could finish, so I didn't hit my target of a fully painted team - Silence is only primed, and Dirge is still on the sculpting table. But I did get Ghast finished, complete with scarred skin, and painted up the goal. And a group shot, without the ball as I forgot I'd done that...
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    Holy Crap... You guys/gals are so good.

    Like the title says... Wow... I am constantly amazed at the quality and the creativity. Thank you all for the continuing inspiration. I have finished painting my Kick Off starter figures and am happy with my results for a first time attempt. They are not even close to being of the caliber that you all post! HA! Must keep practicing... must keep practicing...
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    Cats are better than dogs

    As much as it pains me to agree, yes, I can't find a reason to play Snow when Fahad just gets so much done without taking any Influence. Wait....
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    Damn you, you overtalented person!
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    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Some new WIP in the works
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    Just Something Short

    I almost want to pick up another Fangtooth now so I can sculpt him wearing a thong.
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    Future Guild Ideas

    Just from a thread on Gu.B.S about future guilds, what do you guys think future guilds could be, ideas for players, positions, basic stories etc. Just a fun discussion and ideas trading The Bakers Guild Griddle - male, Captain, Defender Flour - Female, Captain, Striker Bun - female, winger Muffin - Female, Striker Bundt - Male, Defender Peel - Male, Midfield Sourdough - Male, Winger Crust - Female, Goalkeeper Sugar - Female, Midfield Pancake - Mascot, Duck Butter - Mascot, Cow Waffle - Male, Midfield The Bakers have recently started to make a move on the big stage, never really heard anything of them 'till Griddle took the reins. Slow as they are, they can move the ball around the field better than most, almost seems as if they spent the past few years learning to pass the ball and beat anyone who got close enough. Seems everyone wants something fresh these days and this lot delivers, group of new players ready to play all fresh out the oven, mind the pun. Saw them play their first big game against the messengers, seemed slow at first, then out of nowhere that girl Bun hit the ball so hard she nearly broke the damn goal. Got me hooked watching after that, entertaining game right down to the final whistle, always looked close, but they just kept the ball moving around, ever last one of them passing back and forth, up and down the pitch. Had the messengers running around like headless chickens. Something I never seen before on the field in my whole time playing Guildball that's for sure.
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    KD and Sturdy

    Everyone is correct, but @Pending Forum Suspension is the most correct.
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    Mystery box!

    They are back in stock and Paypal credit is an option. Just a heads-up!
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    Let me recap everything, so we have it in one place. This is what's included in your kickstarter package: The first column is the core game and column 2 & 3 is what you will get in october. PLUS Solaire of Astora and the metal Aggro Token! That's a whole lot of stuff right there you allready paid for! Any additional expansion will cost extra and these are what you could order via backerkit: Mega Boss Vordt of the Boreal Valley Mega Boss Old Iron King Mega Boss Asylum Demon Mega Boss The Four Kings Mega Boss The Guardian Dragon Mega Boss Black Dragon Kalameet Mega Boss The Gaping Dragon Double Sided Gaming Tiles Expansion Darkroot Basin Expansion (containing Sif, Artorias and 6 different Darkroot Basin Enemies) Also, there are as of now 3 retailer exclusive expansions you can only get from a retailer: Mega Boss Executioner's Chariot Mega Boss Last Giant Mega Boss Manus, Father of the Abyss
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    All aboard the ghost train

    So I took the spooks to the British champs. In a wild, unexpected and craxy turn of events I won the first 4, lost the 5th and won the 6th. I placed 3rd AND got best in guild. Blown away!
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    I didn't attend either. Just watched the video coverage https://m.twitch.tv/videos/166463027?desktop-redirect=true fast forward to around 18:30 mark.
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    The Perfect Guild Ball Gaming Table

    Cup holders!
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    Hi guys, We're back with a new match report as we see how the recently errata'd Alchemists fare against Pin Vice! As always please feel free to have your rulebooks at the ready if we (inevitably) forget something (like our chat about Magnum Opus) and please do let us know if there are any teams or lineups that you'd like to see make an appearance over the rest of the summer!! We've updated our editing software so any feedback on the editing in particular would be awesome!! Enjoy!
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    Dark Souls card game announced

    The thing is though, board games are a pretty easy medium to make rule changes and provide instant value for players. Machi Koro is a good example of a game that published a new rule-set based on fan feedback and made a great improvement in gameplay for people. I understand that DS is a final product, but cycles of user feedback and revision are how well polished products are made, not just board games. It would be a shame to not take points of feedback and make a game that has great potential into a game that's just plain great.
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    Strictly the Worst: Episode 22!

    Good episode, guys. Keep up the good work!
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    No, you can cast it on any model, whether they have activated or not. The only requirements are that the model is a friendly guild model within 4". They can choose to take both activations one after the other (with your opponent going in between the activations if they have someone to go with), or they can split them however they want. A popular strategy in season 2 was the mallet missile, or the chisel missile. Where you throw strat on to them, they take your last activation and just walk. Then your opponent takes their last activation. Then you go again with your missile who activates normally. Hopefully that answer your question.
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    Holy Crap... You guys/gals are so good.

    @Selfyis right - every painter I know has at least one other person they look at and go "damn you, you over-talented &@£#%£". Including top end multiple award winners... So the only sensible solution is to ask if you're personally happy with where you are - if you are, then you're winning already
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    I mean, we couldn't not.
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    Cards design idea

    I don't even think the second row thing is a problem. There's always a full row, just count that. Otherwise the playbook might look cluttered.
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    Pending Forum Suspension

    Just Something Short

    So uhh.... This is football (soccer) right? What is the deal with no one wearing shorts? Like a vast majority of models are wearing trousers. I get that they are hacking each other up and all but are you really telling me that Flint is the only striker that wears shorts? In the whole game? And he even cops out with those sweet leggings. Haha not complaining but it was an observation I hadn't seen on the forum yet. That being said... Alt sculpt teams in soccer jerseys and shin guards anyone? I'd buy a few of them.
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    Who Dis.?

    It's in the rulebook. They player with initiative is the player who takes the first activation, irrespective of who won the die roll.
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    @Malritch Yeah name is JJ. Thanks for the message! I haven't watched back what the commentary guys said about my matches... I know I made mistakes and it was a long car ride home ruminating on them!
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    Flurry + Glutonous Mass

    The first time each turn this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. Gluttonous Mass only takes effect if the model is the target of, and is hit by, an enemy Attack or Character Play. If the model is not the target (i.e. is affected by a pulse from Flurry) then Gluttonous Mass has no effect.
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    New Brewer's Player Starting Ten

    Hi, I am playing Brewers, believe me you will love oSpigot. He is so good, 'cause he stands in his own aura. And tooled up on Hooper or Esters is really good. If you want to play vetSpigot, Harry the Hat will be interesting 'cause of double goad. In my opinion you only neee one mascot, and this is Scum. She is so much better.
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    Exactly that , just don't put it near water until all the paint is brushed off.
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    Second Wind lets Stave walk forward, lob a barrel and walk back, allowing him to avoid retaliation from anyone with a 10" or less threat.
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    That will you earn you a righteous crushing of Hunters / Union / Masons (delete as appropriate) in the not too distant future
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    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Next up is the Kick Off Masons (only Marbles left). Really happy how they turned out.
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    I have stuff turn out badly all the time, it's how I know I'm learning something new I originally primed and started painting Silence, Cosset and Ghast in a different method. It sucked, so I stripped them. Unfortunately the resin SFG used did not like my paint stripper (which has worked fine on everything else I've tried, metals, plastics and about a dozen different resins) and it swelled. I had to trash all of them and buy in new copies (which also meant buying Obulus and graves in metal too... Cosset was an expensive mistake!) For everything except SFG resins I use iso-propyl alcohol, the 96% kind not the 70% rubbing alcohol kind. SFG resins I have no good solution for, so I won't be testing things out on models I can't replace individually (which may be a bigger problem in the future of course...) That said, if the paint is put on thin and smooth enough, sometimes I just re-prime and paint over it. Lazy but it works
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    Mystery box!

    They're a fun guild. A little transparent at times though. On a side note, I should really slow down and actually read my auto prompts...
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    Mystery box!

    Just purchased one myself. Using this as a tool to decided which new team to pick for the escalation pack if my local pundit hopefully recieves one soon. Nothing like fate deciding on who you should play next. Also hoping I dont get duplicate teams, thankfully a friend in our gaming group has also put in for one. Going to be interesting.
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    Standardized Legal Terrain Sizing

    Ah.. so it is that document. Thanks much @LeadDiceandBeers ... leaving this here for any others that might be making terrain for the game. Obstructions’ must be no larger than a 3” by 3” square. Barriers’ must be no larger than a 4” by 4” square. Rough Ground’ and ‘Forests’ must be no larger than 6” in any dimension. Fast Ground’ must be no larger than 3” in any dimension
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    Who Dis.?

    Yeah, Pin Vice seems like the kind and generous type that just hands out that kinda stuff to anyone that needs it 🤔😜
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    Who Dis.?

    I bet they're all amputee puns. Iron Fist One Hand Stance Lend a Hand
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    Hi guys, We're back with a new match report as we see how the recently errata'd Alchemists fare against Pin Vice! As always please feel free to have your rulebooks at the ready if we (inevitably) forget something (like our chat about Magnum Opus) and please do let us know if there are any teams or lineups that you'd like to see make an appearance over the rest of the summer!! We've updated our editing software so any feedback on the editing in particular would be awesome!! Enjoy!
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    Worst Team Lineup

    Butchers: Ox, truffles, rage, Shank, Boiler (without princess), Boar. Not enough INF to go around, shank is a deadweight, boiler neutered without assist and everyone apart from boiler has sub-par DEF/ARM. That said, it's not much worse than the best Ox team you could put out 😉
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    I think Jamie's point is not that this shouldn't be something to aspire to, but something that should be VERY hard to achieve. You can still win with 3 goals, but you might suffer 4 or 5 takeouts on the way. One thing I take from other games that some people don't seem to factor in to guild ball much is that the health of your models is a resource that you spend to achieve your goals, same as INF, momentum and actions. I think it's become relatively too easy for some teams to just completely avoid combat that the skill behind the selection of and timing of sacrificing models into the meargrinder, to minimise VPs given up and maximise board position and ball control to enable you to score the 3 goals you're after. A really good example of this was an early game in S1 where Chris Hay played fish into my son's union. He managed to keep feeding Jacob players to beat down on, but never giving him one that he could fully take out. There's a real skill to managing that (even if it is against a 12 year old in his first tournament game ever) that feels lost in some of the games I've played vs fish and alchemists, and even some engineers teams, in S3. I may be being harsh, but (as this is really a pet peeve of mine in S3) it feels that a lot of people have a sense that this non-engagement goal scoring play style is the only the way the game should be played and that if you don't like playing against it you should just ditch your current team and play style instead because "guild ball is a football game." That's not how GB was sold to me originally, with reference to "Gangs of New York with a football". Even in actual football, hard men are an important part of the game - Roy Keane, Vinnie Jones, Graeme Souness, Ron Harris, Franny Lee... Fighting should be a part of the game and teams that don't use fighting to score VPs should learn to use their models' HP as a resource in the same way as fighting teams need to be aware of ball control. There is often talk that 2-2 should be the easiest path to victory. IMO the game is balanced if all 4 possible paths to victory are equally valid. Sorry. I'll get off my soap box now.
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    Sorting out the tournament nine

    Greetings All, Some context first - I have a big tourney coming up and the teams I have the most experience with are Masons, Alchemists and Union. I expect to see a lot of Alchemists and Union there and I've never been someone that follows the popular trends so I'm likely fielding the Masons. Some things I have learned in Season 3: Vet Harmony - I have tried her as a counter to Alchemists but Smoke just destroys her, I'm also finding Honour to be the better Captain to drop into Alchemists so oHarmony would edge out Vet in list selection Granite - she's getting work done for me in teams with Hammer and Minx who both help extend her limited threat range On to the tournament 9 and the choices I'm waffling on: Honour Hammer oHarmony Mallet Flint Tower The above six make every tournament nine I've used so far Granite (or Brick) - I know Granite gets a lot of hate, but with Hammer I'm liking her more than Brick and I've been using Brick less and less with Honour - that said the Counter Charge bubble has uses and he happily donates his 2 INF to others Wrecker (or Marbles) - if I switch to Brick then I am tempted to take Marbles Minx (or Chisel) - Minx is a great player for Masons but Chisel is a good drop into Shark and that smug so and so is everywhere right now I know many will suggest that I go down to just one Captain (Honour) but I'm finding Hammer to be a good drop into Union, Fish and Brewers. And lets be honest - he's Captain Hammer Captain Hammer (to Flint): Because these (holding up his fists) are not the hammer. Flint: . . . Captain Hammer: The hammer is my . . . You get what I'm saying Thanks in advance for any advice/input from those wiser in the ways of Guild Ball than me
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