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    Well I asked my wife to see what she could come up with. Her sculpy skills are far superior to my own. This is what she came up with.
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    I took Morticians along to A Midsummer Night's Scream yesterday for a 5-round event in pretty incredible heat. It was a really well done event (one highlight being the themed scenery!) and best of all I was guaranteed best in guild going into it... Here are some very brief reports - the heat means I've probably forgotten a few things, sorry if I got something wrong! R1 vs Charlie (Hunters)Obulus, Dirge, Casket, Ghast, Avarisse&Greede (A&G), oGraves vs Theron, Fahad, oHearne, Jaecar, Chaska, ZarolaI kicked off with Obulus and he passed the ball around a bit to Hearne, with Theron giving him Blessing and putting down the forest for him. Obulus stole the ball with Puppet Master and ran away a bit. Hearne managed some damage on Obulus with Skewered and hit someone for a bit of damage, but I had the ball reasonably safe so A&G could go in to punch Hearne a bit (I think?). This set up a Casket Time on Hearne, then I just played very negatively and picked off Hunters whilst killing the ball on Obulus. Casket got pushed off from a Chaska Boom Box / Quadruple Push combo, but I slowly ground out the takeouts to win.12-2 WIN (0 goals, 6 takeouts vs 0 goals, 1 takeout)R2 vs Greg (Fish)Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, Brainpan&Memory (BPM), oGraves vs Corsair, Tentacles, oSiren, Jac, Kraken, A&GI kicked off with Obulus, and Greg pulled him towards Corsair with Lure from Siren. I didn’t really want Obulus dead so had to activate him next to run away. Obulus ended up in 3” of Siren so he Puppet Mastered her into my lines and then ran away. Kraken moved up to protect her, but I managed to push Siren around a bit, get some crowdouts and dodge Memory into her and do some damage. Next turn I got the takeout on Siren and a nonsense A&G goal, but he managed a takeout (maybe Graves?). At some point I got another goal, and he took out Avarisse and Greede to make it 10-6. I was really low on clock at this stage, but I just needed one more takeout. Kraken seemed the easiest option so I kept hitting him. I lost 4 clock points, Graves took Kraken to 2 to make it 10-11. End of turn, and it was all over for me - but then we remembered bleed damage on Kraken.12-11 WIN (2 goals, 2 takeouts vs 0 goals, 3 takeouts, 5 clockouts)R3 vs Henry (Fish)Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, BPM, oGraves vs Corsair, Tentacles, vSiren, Greyscales, Gutter, HagI thought BPM worked well in the first game against Corsair so stuck with them, mainly for the extra crowdout / momentous damage. I kicked off with Obulus and he moved the ball around a bit by snapping / unsnapping because of Puppet Master. Ghast and Graves moved up staying just out of walk + Harpoon of Corsair, but Hag dodged Corsair up so that he could drag Graves and start setting up for Gutter. He might have overextended a bit here - Obulus dragged him in and I was able to hit Corsair with Greede and Memory, generating plenty of momentum. Next turn Memory was hitting Corsair with 5 crowdouts to finish him off. I think once Corsair was dead there just weren’t enough damage dealers for the Fish. Some unlucky dice (lucky for me!) meant Graves took more to kill than he should have done, buying a bit of time. I think the number of crowdouts I had available compensated a bit for (vet) Siren’s Dread Gaze, and I was able to set up a kill on Gutter for 4-2 after fortunately winning an even initiative roll. A&G got a nonsense goal scooping up an unsnapped ball for 8-2, but Avarisse died to a returning Corsair.Obulus got the takeout on vSiren - being able to dodge in with Shadowlike then walk after Escaping Fate has been triggered is very helpful - then a Dirge Sic ‘Em charge put Singled Out on Hag for Memory to finish (as the puppet’s attacks get round Fear).12-4 WIN (1 goal, 4 takeouts vs 0 goals, 2 takeouts)R4 vs James (Masons)Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, Casket, oGraves vs Hammer, Wrecker, Brick, Granite, Tower, vHarmonyObulus kicked off again, and he was careful of Puppet Master, just moving the ball around by unsnapping then tooling up Hammer. It looked like he was setting up for Hammer to jog then dodge into Obulus with a pass, and that didn’t seem ideal at +2 DMG so I just Puppet Mastered Hammer backwards. Unfortunately I’d still left him in sprint + dodge range, so Hammer KD Obulus and did 6 DMG. Trying to save Obulus I sent Greede into Hammer to generate momentum, but just ended up with a KD damaged Greede.Turn 2 Hammer managed to finish off both Obulus and Greede to make it 0-4. This was not ideal. I think if Hammer had just run away here it could have all been over, but he moved to engage Avarisse to set up for the next turn. Avarisse, Graves and Ghast were able to push Hammer towards Casket and do some good damage so that Hammer would be on 2HP after bleed. vHarmony was just out of range on a goal run, even with dodges off Avarisse, but I was 2 down on the roll.My dice saved me - I won the roll and I could go with Casket, putting Heavy Burden on Granite, Casket Timing Hammer and dropping a Ghostly Visage to protect against Brick. vHarmony scored and I just kicked it into space to where Obulus had returned. Ghast, Graves and Avarisse spent a turn denying Granite anything by pushing her away, and doing some damage on Granite and Brick.The next turn I got the takeout on Brick and left Granite low, but vHarmony got the takeout on returned Greede to make it 6-10. I still had the Obulus legendary so he was able to move up towards Granite with the ball and guarantee the roll-off. Obulus finished Granite off, sprinted to goal range and scored.12-10 WIN (1 goal, 3 takeouts vs 1 goal, 3 takeouts)Things looked pretty grim there for a bit!R5 vs Aaron (Engineers)Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, Casket, oGraves vs Pin Vice, Mother, Harry, Ratchet, Hoist, VelocityObulus, as always, kicked off. Ratchet and Hoist lobbed some Blast Earths at him and Pin Vice looked to be setting up for a Legendary goal run. I used Obulus’ Legendary, stole the ball from Pin Vice, dodged away and dropped it for A&G to collect. Pin Vice couldn’t do anything so I was able to get the standard nonsense A&G goal. The ball went out to Velocity. I lost the roll, but he went with Mother first into Greede. Obulus went for another goal run, dodging round Mother and using Puppet Master to get the ball off Velocity and dodge into Tap-In range. Then he missed so badly the ball went off the pitch, luckily dropping onto Ghast.Pin Vice got the takeout on Greede and did plenty of damage to Avarisse, taking damage from Deletion. Avarisse got taken out too, but I was able to nearly kill Pin Vice and Harry and then Casket Time Harry. 8-4. Pin Vice ran away but was on 3HP with Reanimate triggered, so Graves sprint after and finish her. Pin Vice returned to kill Graves in revenge and Hoist got a goal, but Obulus and Ghast combined to kill Ratchet.12-10 WIN (1 goal, 3 takeouts vs 1 goal, 3 takeouts) Thanks to all my opponents for some great games!
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    The legendary "Tested mettle" grants covfefe in 6"!
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    Jesus Christ how did we end up tagged in this shitshow? We have no particular aspirations beyond having fun and taking the piss. Something something Fosters and Didgeridoos. Cheers mates.
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    It's summer, it's hot (except in England where we've had our three warm days already), and it's time for a new contest! Given the weather, it seemed like a good time of year to go for a writing challenge - why not dust off the keyboards and flex those literary aspirations while your paint is drying out too fast... The Rules The challenge will close at 23:59 on the 31st of July, at which point all entries should be posted up in their own threads in a folder that will appear for that very purpose in mid-July. Judging will happen over the next week or so, being wrapped up before Gencon on the 17th August One entry per person, so pick your best if you write more than that. You can post up works in progress and get community feedback if you want to, they don't have to be kept secret. Stories should be no more than 1000 words long, excessive length may well count against you. The theme of the story should be 'the rookie' - maybe it's their first game in the minor leagues, or the week after they're accepted to the training program, whatever you come up with and whichever guild you like (although... family friendly forum, so careful with the Seamstresses guild ). Entries will be judged by none other than the Magister of the Scholar's Guild, @Sherwin! The Rewards Naturally, there's bragging rights. There's also a nice bit of prize support from SFG: First Place will get a Farmers starter set box Second Place will get a set of Farmer's Guild dice Third Place will get a Farmer's Guild patch So who can I tempt to give it a shot? #saveAmber
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    Episode 18 of Double Dodge is live! http://doubledodge.com.au/ We are also on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/double-dodge-guild-ball-podcast/id1140110129 In this episode we chat with Alex Botts about WTC, the Evil Empire of Chicago, and what it’s like to be part of a nefarious band of roaming trophy hunters. We then jump in the car for the inaugural Car Ball: Slug F#@k where we take a ridiculous matchup suggestion to its logical conclusion. Double Dodge!! Diggle Diggle!! Double Dodge is sponsored by Nerdvana Games SA: https://nerdvanagamessa.com/ and Soupcan: https://www.soupcan.com.au/
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    My Art Of War tokens arrived today, lovely stuff! Thanks @Grantt Half an hour later, I've now got a shiny colour coded measuring stick set (and many more unpainted widgets!) A quick view of the process: Blob on paint, peel away most of the paper, use the back of some tweezers to push the rest of the paper away and wipe with a piece of cloth to be sure, peel off the backing and lo, finished result (with white edge markings for easy sight)
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    Some of us flew 5000 miles to attend a tournament at EG. You're just not committed.
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    They arrived this lunch, and with seven measuring sticks the colour scheme was fairly inevitable!
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    I don't think I've ever seen a forum for a non-gw game that didn't have someone saying "I'm worried the game is dying off". Not sure I've seen a game actually die though The forum is still growing, which is my only available metric for these things. And I checked, it's not all people joining to ask where their dark souls pledge is
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    @masterkdog I hope you do continue with your vet Brisket buddy, she a lovely model and at 85% done you just need one more session to get her finished. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the pics! @maiquelPS I am always up for taking advice and I thank you for it. Vet Brisket was for an existing team so I had to match the colours and style, I hope to push the contrast on newer models but I have to admit it can be a struggle for me to highlight up to white, i'll give it a good attempt though . Took a few pictures of the latest model i'm working on, it kinda sets the theme for the team even though he's not the captain. Here's a remodelled Brick, hopefully looking like he's ready for a fight. He'll be leaning forwards slightly more than in the pics here.
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    Please, no talking about killing the ball. Makes it easier for me when people aren't prepared for it.
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    The lull in actual new models has gotta be it, imo. No new models between May and August except for Lucky, who isn't tournament legal and we don't even know if he has rules(?)... Tough look to find stuff to talk about. I have definitively determined that scoring is both too good and not good enough, anyone who doesn't play Midas hates fun AND should git gud, and the only real NPE is playing against @Isante, any other opinions are just baseless whining.
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    In unprecedented news steamforged games reveal the new mascot for the upcoming Blacksmiths team is in fact a pistol toting bad mounthed mutheffer Penguin named Pepper. Also leaked is that he will act as an apprentice to Veteran Salt who joined the Blacksmiths after a binge on a bloated washed up corpse gave him guts of steel.........
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    01010111 01101000 01111001 00100000 01101010 01110101 01110011 01110100 00100000 00100010 11110100 00011 00100010 00101100 00100000 01010100 01101111 01110100 01100101 01110011 00111111 00100000 01010111 01101111 01110101 01101100 01100100 01101110 00100111 01110100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110010 01100001 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110011 01100001 01111001 00100000 01110011 01101111 01101101 01100101 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01101001 01101011 01100101 00100000 00100010 01100111 01101001 01110100 00100000 01100111 01110101 01100100 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100010 01110010 01101111 01110101 01110100 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01100001 01100011 01110100 01101001 01110110 01100101 00100010 00111111 This joke is either terrible, or hilarious and terrible, depending on your tastes. Seems apropos for this podcast.
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    Weirdly, I'd warn new painters off the scale75 stuff - it's lovely paint for glazing, but it needs serious thinning to avoid going on like mashed potato and doesn't cover well when it is thinned. Both of which make me use it a lot (they're my favourite paint make), but if I'd started out using it I'd have hated every second! Vallejo are much more forgiving in that sense, they're my second go-to brand. The others all have good points too, often its down to availability to pick between them I think. @squirtis is dead on about the brushes - good brushes with a decent point will do more for you than any number of paint additives, fancy palettes and so on. I do a lot of my work with a rosemary and co series 22 or 33 size 2, dropping to size 1 for details and eyes. The bigger the brush, the fewer strokes you need to cover the area and the smoother it goes down, I was always told So a basic list for me would be: Paints - white, black, and a handful of colours you like or want to use (a metal or two, some good strong colours, and maybe a muted brown or the like) Spray primer - black is more forgiving, white gives brighter results on pale colour schemes. Black is my usual suggestion for new painters Brushes - Size 2, 1 (and maybe 0) in reasonable kolinsky sable. Don't go nuts though, some brushes get crazy expensive Palette - A cheap 6 well plastic palette or similar from a craft store will do, something with smallish wells for preference Water pot - a cup, but not one you want to drink from any time soon (says the man who regularly leaves his coffee next to his water pot and forgets which is which...) If you want to play with them once you've painted them, you'll probably want some varnish too - brush or spray gloss to put a few protective coats on, then something like testors dullcote in a spray can for a quick dust of matte to take the shine off. Try to avoid spirit based varnishes though, they can react oddly to acrylics.
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    Pre-orders are literally the cancer of the video game industry. People pre-order and then find a game is full of bugs and terrible. Worse, they give exclusive content to pre-order people which unbalances the game or is insulting to Day 1 players who pay the same price. It is the WORST thing about the VG industry and people should NOT pre-order. I don't think SFG should steer the ship too violently, and we all need to accept that guilds might be getting close to saturation point such that existing guilds are 'closed'. People need to be encouraged to try new teams rather than just waiting for more models for their existing team.
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    All modifiers are effectively added at the same step and only the total dice-pool can't be reduced to zero. In the above example Meathook's dice-pool would be 3 from her base kick, +2 from Composure and -3 from the engagements leaving a 2 dice kick.
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    If I were SFG? Fix the weak models nobody takes: I would sort out the weak models so people want to buy them (Fangtooth - god his Heroic is sooooo baaaaddd and he's 1/3...eurgh) which will also have a net effect of mixing up the meta a bit as people adjust to more varied team choices. Fix the auto-include models everyone takes: Everyone takes Harry, Meathook, Kat1 - these models are just too good for their situational cost slot. Having auto-includes makes the game boring - every team looks the same. Tweak these down a bit to good but not auto-include and the game will be fresh once more. Sort out their release windows: I don't like the staggering of the Farmers. It will make them weird to play for 1-2 months, won't have the big impact on the meta they could have and it's just annoying (look at Hunters and their 1 year between releases...eurgh). Look at changing Plots into something else: Plots are at the moment a bit stupid - the random draw meaning you can get 3 of the best cards (getting Knee Slider and Who Are You is back breaking for opponent) at top play is just bad design. I would increase the number of plots but turn it into draft - I pick, you pick etc. That way if you pick Knee Slider, I know I can get Who Are You etc. Alternative is to turn these into some sort of list building collectible - BUT you are going to potentially piss people off if the game devolves into who has the best stuff. I favour releasing 20 Plot Cards and creating a draft system. You'll still have tiers of cards, but a) one guy doesn't get all the tier 1 stuff, b ) there is a wider selection so it could be tailored more to factions (e.g. something stabby for take out teams, etc). You could even release 1-2 Guild Specific plots like in Big League (but not as broken as some of those!) that people could collect. You could churn the Plot Cards much more frequently than every season - that will mix things up on the pitch every say 6 months. Keep it fresh. If we are stuck with Knee Slider for another year and half until Season 4 I think I might scream. Release alt-sculpts/terrain packs etc Release prize kits tailored to larger events or randomise what's in the prize kits. Every kit having a Mist is going to get a little old soon. Sure you'll have the a-holes that ebay stuff but in the main you'll offer random collectibles that will make events interesting. Sort out the OPD - I'm not sure the captains pick change has helped the game at all. Now people (as expected) are dropping certain captains (sBrisket) because that kick/receive roll is huge. People like creating kick off/receive strategies. I would just push the captain/mascot pick to immediately after the roll off. Either simultaneous or consecutive choice - I don't know without play testing which is busted. The kicker being able to pick their captain based on knowing they are kicking and what the opponent receiver is doing sounds powerful - is it as powerful as receiving the ball? Don't know. Also increase the squad size. It's not actually helping the game because the idea of forcing meaningful choices on Guilds penalizes adaptability - which makes teams more samey (and affects different Guilds differently - Alchs don't care, Masons are sad). Just let people take their whole guild - see what happens - you might start seeing more Fangtooths and Granites. Release more dual guild models - Compound is great, and the fact he works for 2 guilds adds interesting flavour to both. I want to see a Butcher/Mortician player or a Mason/Blacksmith player etc. This will spark people into buying those one-off models and mix up metas. If I were SFG. Which is why I don't run games companies probably...
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    Someone on Facebook suggested Tabletop World groceries. They also have grain-related stuff. Toss a few chickens on there and you're good to go I should think.
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    Kingdom Death, my good man.
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    Well it's done! Here is the finished goal post. I have a full article on my blog about how I made it. Blog post about a goal post... https://splayedpaintbrush.com/2017/06/21/making-a-guild-ball-goal/ Just gotta paint it next right!? (and add a couple of finishing touches i think)
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    I have finished some of the terrain I was working on. Hope you like it. Here there are two rough ground, one fast ground, and five obstacles. Barrier, forest, and another smaller rough ground are in process.
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    Cheers! Dark skin is weirdly daunting, I haven't painted enough of it. Went ok though, I'll probably add a few more glazes later in the process to finish it up but for now it's on to the clothing. The bag came about because I only had smaller bags that would barely take my old Kickstarter dice in, and I figured if I was going to make one specially for guild ball, it may as well be an actual ball Im starting to think I can fit a whole set of muse on minis tokens in it on top of 30 dice, the square top instead of a drawstring setup gives a lot of space... Oh, and because I found a passable photo of bonesaw when he was almost finished, here's a reveal of my mortician's guild colouring, taken from mourning colours in various parts of the middle east and subcontinent:
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    I have this opinion of your teams! Brainpan is table ready, but need some improvements. Today I finally finished Fangtooth. I needed some space on my workbench. In the last time he stand's there and roared: "Paint ME, NAO!" but I had to paint other one's with priority. But today was his day... (click for larger images)
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    Congratulations on being a statistical anomaly....
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    So helpful and adding to the discussion as a pundit.
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    Played and won a tournament game against a very good player this weekend without Ghast or Casket. I used: Obulus Dirge BP&M Bonesaw Graves Minx It was a tough game against Midas Alchemists but I managed a 12-10 win. So yeah you can win without them but you need control that ball. Good luck to you.
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    Hey guys, unsure if this is a dirty statement here or not, but *whispers* I used to work for Games Workshop... my job was pretty much to get new people into the hobby, mainly people with no gaming experience whatsoever! When it comes to someone's first ever game, the main thing you learn is that explaining the rules in detail isn't important whatsoever. The whole objective (in my opinion) is to develop an excitement for the game! For most people, this comes from having fun, not from being bogged down in the mechanics. An example of this would be 'Influence tokens are used to carry out an action, like sprinting, kicking, attacking someone etc. Your team has 13 influence, which you can spread out amongst your players. Most players can have a max of 4 influence, but because your captain is amazing he can have up to 6!' At this stage, explaining that each character generates x amounts of influence feels a bit superfluous to the objective of the game... My goal would be to ensure it's a smooth, fun, fast paced game. If it's their first time playing, no longer than 20-25 minutes; skip the intricate rules where necessary, don't worry too much about even showing the exact stats on the cards. Instead, use descriptive language to engage their imagination. For example - 'Boar is an insane, damage dealing brute of a man, so he'll get a massive 12 attacks on the charge!' etc. However, you would adapt your game based on audience. If you have a super experienced wargamer, who has seen the game before, watched videos, has friends in the hobby etc. then you may want to be a bit more technical, as this person is looking for an entirely different experience. Once they've had their first ever taster game and they want to get into Guildball, that's when i would advise going into the rules in detail. What do you guys think? Have any pundits run demo games in this style, or do they find a different experience works?
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    I have played a few Guild ball doubles games, 2v2, each player bring 3 non captain models to form a 6v6. Each player generates and allocates their own influence to their own models. This makes it a completely different game. Inf gets really spread out. No mascots for "dead" activations, and no captains for "overloaded" activations. It really makes it feel more like a team game. I really liked it. (Granted, there's naturally some powerful interguild combos that can be done)
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    you'll want to get a paint set. i grabbed the army painter 2017 paint set with like ~50 paints included, probably a bit overkill, if you're ok mixing to get your colors you can get away with only buying a few colors and mixing. citadel, scale75, vallejo, or army painter are all good paints. get a spray can of primer, too. you can brush on primer but i find it's easier to get a thin even coat with a can. i bought black so everything would be dark for dark souls but many people paint with white or gray as their primer. white will make the colors pop a lot more. you'll want a few brushes, i'd recommend windsor and newton kolinsky sable series 7 sized 1 or 0, or both. you don't need to get a super tiny brush as long as your brush keeps a nice point. many high level painters only use a size 1 brush for everything. (https://www.amazon.com/Winsor-Newton-Kolinsky-Sable-Watercolor/dp/B0013E68T4) only time you'd need a different brush is if you're dry brushing. the dry brush i use is from army painter. other than that you might want a wet palette or some brush cleaner. you'll also want to watch some videos about thinning your paints. i most always add water to paints after i get them out of the bottle. you could also buy a hobby knife if you're worried about mold lines or anything. you'll probably want some blu-tac or something to stick your mini on a pill bottle or something as it's way easier to hold that than trying to hold the mini's base. cheers and happy painting
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    SFG will do their part to grow the game, and we'll all praise/bash those choices here. Altering gameplay for the sole purpose of increasing sales (as opposed to altering gameplay in order to create a better play experience, which will then hopefully generate more sales) seems dangerous to me, though. It's hard to accept for some, but much of the growth of the game depends on us. I love a game at home as much as anyone, but I still try to get out to my local FLGS and play, because every time I do, someone stops by and asks about it. Every time. I'll then take a break from the game and tell them more about the game, in-store events, and how to connect with local players (we use a private FB group). I'm working on creating opportunities to play in public elsewhere, as well, because 1) it's fun to play in new places and 2) it gives even more people the chance to be exposed to the game. SFG has given the game some amazing tools to make itself known - Kick Off! being one on the best, but also incorporating sportsball into the core design of the game. If we as players do not use these tools, or if we present negativity as being a core component of the local playgroup, people will stay away, and the longevity of the game will be affected.
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    I do get most of that, and I'm not saying that guild ball will ever compete with xwing, but if stores are stopping selling it, surely that is a problem. I drew comparison with xwing's commercial model, not it's IP. Yes it wouldn't see the groth id it wasn't star wars, but also it wouldn't see the growth if they didn't have the commercial model right, as several earlier star wars games have proved. To be commercially successful Guild Ball will need to both attract new players and keep existing players spending money. I love this game and would choose to play it over any other game, but since steamcon I've bought vOx, sBrisket and the rules (and TBH brisket was a mistake, I've not taken her out if the box yet). That's not a lot of shelling out for my 'main' game, but I've just not got an interest in playing anything other than butchers, so why buy anything else? I've spent much more money on board games, xwing and arkham horror lcg than guild ball. There are those people who buy the whole collection, but in any game you're going to find there's one-faction players and you need to keep them spending if you're going to be commercially successful. I would hapily spend all my gaming budget on guild ball every month if there was something I could get use out of, but things just aren't there for me to buy. I'm not saying my ideas are the solution, but I found some if the things mentioned yesterday very worrying. There has to be a careful balance struck, but if guild ball is to survive it needs to keep growing. That said, I'm not sure anything introduced to give people reason to buy stuff would cause the game to haemorrhage players, even if it did mess about with the balance. You see many more complaints about balance in xwing than guild ball, but as each wave inevitably brings new problems, it also solves old ones and brings players back into the game who were growing tired of the meta after the last wave. Essentially if stores don't see guild ball as commercially viable for them it will fade into obscurity. I dont know if this a trend that is likely to continue, but the northern England meta is the oldest in the game, so if we're going where others will follow a few months or a year or so from now I'd be getting very worried.
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    Yeah, that's not a problem - I did it all the time with vallejo matte varnish before I get my airbrush. Just don't use a thick coat, you can dilute it a little with water and paint it on nice and thin to take the shine off a gloss underlayer.
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    i did a full series for all of the models in the main game to help out anyone thinking of painting them all up. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFNT81W0VVi_ug5fHOEnvZ4uBnjryh233 hope it is helpful for you all. the rest of the kickstarter stuff will get vids once they arrive
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    the snek is cuter, that is enough reason to bench flask forever besides, more 2" models to rub in your opponents face the better. Especially when its on a danger noodle
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    Oh aye, I don't think anyone'd tell you that playing the game in person isn't better. But if it's a choice between not playing at all or playing on Vassal, I'd at least be considering Vassal.
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    I blame the summer... it's hard to have any enthusiasm when you're sweaty and overheated! Maybe it's a good time for another little contest?
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    Correctly answered, cookies all round.
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    And now I want them to have a penguin mascot...
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    Ok that s was just to have fun and trying to use liquid stuff I only use 2 colors (3 with white) for miniatures in a really fast painting , and the result after was surprising. So i let them like this. for the base i was beginner with many stuff, so it was more a try than anything.
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    I'm mainly speaking of Turn 1, where Fillet activates last and blood rains quite a few people. Yes, quite a few will die at the top of Turn 2, but the ones who don't, you can't move out of the 6" at the end of T1, so you'll have to spend 1 MP to heal 1 HP (heal 4, lose 3 more from bleed) or 2 MP to do something similar, or just keep losing 3 HP until Fillet gets to you. Fillet is probably the captain I played against the most in S2, and I still have nightmares about how broken she was. As for being harsh, I'm not intentionally harsh; just speaking what I believe is true. yes, it's good player skill for vOx and Harry to set Fillet up, but it's also about player skill to avoid that. Again, Fillet is one of the captains I play against the most, and these days it's all about being very vigilant in keeping people far apart and letting her kill 1 or at most 2 models per turn. I usually stay the hell away from Harry too for that same reason. vOx I'm a little less concerned about. But I think we're just fighting to agree right now, since ultimately, the S3 Fillet is how she should have been in S2, well balanced, very skill dependent, and fun to play and play against.
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    Erm, he has a 9% to do that wrap to a 4+/1 model, and a 38% to do that to a 3+/1 model. I dunno about "quite consistently." Even with Singled Out the chances of that happening to a 4/1 just make it up to 27%... Even just getting to the 7 with Piledriver on a charge versus a 4+/1 is only a 50% chance, and given a 3+/1 can Def Stance I don't think he'll do that super often without a lot more setup than just PD. Of course, the dude is clearly meant to be set up as much as possible, and there will be games where he makes heads explode.
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    Take Stave and push her off the table 2 ez
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    I’ll be honest, sometimes I find using greenstuff easy, other times it’s a right pain in the arse. Those ears for example were starting to annoy me – I was mostly having difficulty attaching them, I guess because I’d already primed the model. Then once they were on I just couldn’t get the result I wanted, they are much thicker then I intended them to be. However the sculpting of the GB symbol actually went a lot better than I’d hoped it would – although I noticed when I was posting the picture a skewing of the ball’s patterning on the lower edge. As the GS still hadn't fully cured I went back and managed to correct this afterwards. The symbol is sculpted onto a round shield, it’s actually a Spartan shield with the lambda symbol removed before adding the greenstuff. I’d just blue tacked it to a 30mm base to make it easy to hold while I was sculpting the GB symbol. The shield is for a statue that’ll form part of my first goal. I’ve been lazy with my goal, just using a 50mm base. So lazy that i never actually got round to attaching the KS resin goal base topper. Its also starting to bug me just using a base, especially when you see what my regular opponents use (example link), and what other forum members have created in the goal post thread. I’ve had a few ideas about various goals for most of the teams I own, and I’ll be honest for some reason I keep coming up with ways of making even the simple ones complicated to make. Hence I never actually get round to making one which is a very lame excuse. My latest idea for a Masons/generic goal is to have a bronze statue stood on top of a stone column. I’ll just base the goal to match my team. Simples! Here is a rather crude photo-shopped mock-up I put together on the PC of what I have in mind. And you can see what the shield is for now.