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    Here is a picture of Hemlocke naked... to spur you on to victory!
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    Morticans and mercenaries

    Hi! I finished the painting of the Puppet Master and its puppet
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    Nothing fancy here. Just wanted to share my WIP for Corsairs best friend
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    Ever Wonder Why No Referees in Guild Ball? Tenderiser...that is all.
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    As shown in today's blog post the Hunters' had a strong showing and reduced the Morticians lead to only 2%! This is thanks to all our efforts over the last week so I am taking a moment to say well done everyone. With two more weeks to go at this rate it will be a landslide victory for us come the end of the Union in Chains. We can do this! Victory is within our grasp! This is our chance to have a significant impact on the game we love! Remember the Hunt is on. For the Sun Father! For the Moon Goddess! For Hemlocke!
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    Per the ruling @MechMageposted above, the movement should be rewound to the last legal position. This applies to both advances and repositions.
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    A rare away game for the Hunters, will the icy wastes of Corsair's home ground prove too tough to overcome? The Fish kicked off, and Egret ran forward eagerly to collect the ball. However, despite the calls of her teammates to pass, her eyes glazed over and she simply rolled the ball back to Siren. This began a lengthy exchange down the Hunters' right where Jac, Siren and the vicious sea-weasel Salt tried to engineer a run on goal while Theron, supported by Egret and Jaecar, used every trick he had to stop them. Meanwhile, in the centre, Corsair began to question the wisdom of actually encouraging a bear to get closer, as with roars and swipes of her mighty paws Seenah broke clear of the attempted scrum before turning and descending on Sakana, already beleaguered by attacks from Hearne and Fahad, and sending the Fisherman back to the sidelines. First blood to the Hunters. Undeterred, Corsair and Kraken backed away from the bloodied and angry ursine to support the Fish attack down the flank, trapping Egret with her back to the crowd. She had nowhere to go, yet she ducked and weaved and somehow managed to stay in play. The pressure began to tell, and the triumvirate of Jac, Siren and Salt moved inexorably closer to goal. Theron found himself caught on the prongs of Jac's trident and pushed off the field before he could act, and Siren found herself with an easy shot on goal, albeit at the expense of leaving Salt lying bleeding and motionless on the field. Hearne sprinted back towards his own goal, in a desperate attempt to prevent the inevitable, and despite appearing to emerge from thin air within touching distance of Siren, couldn't do enough to prevent the goal. The Fish take the lead. Seenah looked around and scented the air, fixing her gaze on the Fish Captain, who found himself off balance and exposed after his attempt to send Egret into the crowd. Charging at full speed into the old pirate, the bear condemned Corsair to the fate he sought to inflict on others, driving him clean off the pitch and into the stands. Meanwhile, the mercurial Siren found herself at the wrong end of the wily old man's spear. Having been unable to prevent the goal, Hearne determined he wouldn't let Siren escape his clutches. Unable to bring her down, he called to the jungle cat prowling nearby, dragging Siren directly into the animal's path. Fahad hunkered down and was about to pounce when Siren, fearful for her life, tried to flee. She found the old man wise to her trickery, and as she tried to run, he flipped his spear in his hands, stuck the end of the haft between Siren's ankles, and sent her stumbling off the pitch. This would be the last action of the match, as the sun began to set and the light was failing. While neither team had scored the decisive win, the Hunters walked away with a 7-6 lead and were declared the victors, and the Fish ruing the fact they hadn't had a larger than standard pitch!
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    A Game Of Whifs

    Trying to get together a themed game as well as finally get to try out my Skatha and winters moon, but my opponent and I did not expect to have a game run 4+ hours with enough whif rolls to make the game last two more turns after my opponent originally wanted to call it. This was only my second game with hunters, so having Skatha I decided to recieve and I managed to get the ball to Skatha, then after a move and snowball get her into the rough ground. My opponent, having had a Jaecar doing hit and runs from rough ground knows the pain I can do, with Jaecar eyeing that rough ground like a starving jackal. Obulus moved up and dragged Ulfr towards rage. This starts a scrum directly in the middle with my opponent not quite able to seal the deal with both Cosset and Rage hammering on Ulfr. Then comes bear, and bear does what bear does, which is managing to kill rage and leave me with some good set up for next turn. Cosset also ends up taking a nap with bear hug. Skatha then sinks a goal, and the ball goes to my opponents left. He finally manages to kill Jaecar with a tooled up memory along with Ulfr, but the problem is he had to ignore a relatively vunerable Skatha to do it. Bear moves in for the kill and manages eventually to kill Graves. This is when things get weird. Cosset gets down the pitch and passes to Dirge, who flys straight on looking for the once dice kick, and fails. This leaves him in a terrible spot, and thinking about it, I went with Skatha on 6 influence to try and deal the 5 damage I need to kill the bird. She fails in that, only doing a total of 4 damage. So now my opponent has to figure he has to get the bird to safety and try another kick. He manages to kill VHerne on the next turn and go for a bonus time bird kick. He fails again. It's 11 to 6. I just need one more to close this, but Jaecar goes in on 4 influence and whifs some more. He goes back to his home in the rough ground, and I'm sitting scratching my head. The game feels like its on borrowed time. Finally V Herne comes on from the bench with an angry, twitching face and smacks the bird off the pitch, leaving the score 12 to 6.
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    Fisherman South Pacific Scheme

    So after painting two Guilds it more-or-less standard colours I've decided my next Guild will buck the trend. I don't know why; I hate coming up with colour schemes. Still, I'm doing it. I decided to move the Fisherman from Nantucket to the South Pacific. Currently the yellow and red are much stronger than I'm planning. I will be muting the colours later but at this stage I'm just adding flat colours to figure out colour separation. I do have to swap Angel's bandana and shirt colours. I'm trying to keep the scheme red with yellow trim. Greyscales is problematic as I'm having trouble interpreting what his outfit is supposed to be. I don't mind the amount of yellow on him, it'll be a counter-point to Kraken who will have none. Other major colours planned is a vibrant green for the scale armour to call back the woven leaves, plus straw and driftwood white. I also need to refine the skin tone and if I'm feeling really confident I will be adding lots of tattoos. This is for a Kick About Escalation league so I only have 6 weeks to paint everything. At least Salt will be quick.
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    Amazing effort, but let's not forget they're still in the lead! We need to smash this and can't afford any complacency! Get in as many games as you can manage and remember to take a few photos We are the hunters and we will take them down!
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    Hello Guys Here is my classic butchers team
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    Slight delay this week due to impromptu A&E visit, but behold!
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    Fire and Ice

    Hunters come from behind to win!
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    Post errata Theron match reports?

    British Nationals had a round match streamed... available here at YouTube.... the fella ran a Theron team
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    The Hunters met the Alchemists for a training game. Minx had joined the Hunters to get a little break from all the Union infighting. Little did anybody notice that Hemlocke watched the game from a hidden spot, to measure if the Hunters might be a good place for her. The Alchemists came to the game with Smoke Flask Mercury Calculus Crucible Vet Katalyst The Hunters countered with Theron Fahad Jaecar Zarola Hearne Minx Here's an image of the team. Am I shit at taking photos? You bet. Theron kicked off and the game was on! The Alchemists collected the ball and threw some templates around while Minx and Fahad advanced. Theron got some shots off against Calculus, thus generating the Momentum to Bless Zarola. He then went out to the flank, far from Katalyst. In an unexpected move, Smoke jumped forward, shuffled a template to poison and burn both Theron and Minx, then charged into Theron while carrying the ball. Theron counterattacked, knocking her on her arse. The ball scattered into space. Hearne took advantage of the situation, jumping forward an laying into Smoke. Crucible advanced to make removing conditions more expensive for the Hunters. However, Zarola moved Jaecar up who was now in range to stab Crucible and push her into a pitfall trap. First activation of Turn 2, Theron killed Smoke, collected the ball, killed Crucible, and passed to Minx who went to the far flank. Jaecar and Hearne teamed up to nearly kill Calculus. Katalyst charged into Theron and killed him, using Witness Me. Minx charged back in, killing Calculus. Winning Initiative at the onset of Turn 3, Minx charged Flask, bouncing off the little robot into Tap-In range and put the ball in for a Hunters victory. Final Score: Hunters 12 - 4 Alchemists
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    Once again, this upstart new captain had performed abysmally. She had watched as Brisket failed to tackle the ball from that damn Spider, even with Mist's help. Sure, the girl can score, but what use is that if she can't get the ball? That foolish newcomer (who looked suspiciously like Rage a few seasons ago...) had charged off on his own, and was now being pummeled by the majority of the Engineers team. Minx had just fallen for the same trick. This wasn't going well...
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    Tonight's second match was more of a quick pissup to celebrate the hunters successful wooing of Hemlocke in their game Engineers dodge around the refreshments to score the first goal... ...but the waiting brewers were ready to pounce with their secret weapon!... With that screamer from the mascot, the screaming wives called the revelers back home. An honourable 4-4 draw and a few beers for the hunters and Hemlocke!
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    Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    Nooooooo!! I demand realism from my games involving bears with human souls, magic-grade physicians and trained chickens Granted, I miss the two blade duellist look, but if there’s a compelling fluff reason for it I’ll forgive most things!
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    Power creep

    Having read to most of this, and playing the Smiths myself, I have to agree on a few points. I wouldn't want them to be nerfed the way Morts were nerfed. Since BS were "released" I stopped playing them, because I prefer the Smiths control mechanisms. Now, on the topic: Cinder is a good ball retriever. I prefer to give her at least the +2 net hits, but ball retrieval after kickoff then becomes an up to 5 Inf costly action. Running, tackling, Decoy for safety and kill the ball. The +2 net hits from hearth make it 5 Inf. Also on the argument that "most teams have only 12 aswell", the difference here is that most teams also have free chargers or berzerk models, one or the other. Minx, Rage, Cosset, Marbles, Brick, Windle, vetKat, every mechanica model of the Engineers due to Ratchets heroic, Boar, kind of Brisket2, kind of the Pig, kind of vetOx, the list goes on. Blacksmiths dont have that, and I'd prefer if it stayed that way. Sledge has momentous 7, Iron has momentous 7, but without setup it just won't happen. Simple as that. "Blacksmiths are really slow, good thing they are fast as fuck!" - Someone They are super dependant on Teamwork plays. Flunk the pass and you won't get to the front. If you want to have a super turn, you can't just move a model up and wait for the second activation. They don't have players comparable to Hammer or Thresher, but if you set them up correctly, you can certainly control the board, which is what they do. Control via strong Melee. Now, what do I actually think is too strong? Ferrite: I think she would be fine if her momentous GB would go to 2nd column. The most terrible thing you can do to a player is get that stuff on a single hit due to some insane crowded out. I know, everyone is good when wrapping, but what I realized when I studied some playbooks is, that certain results were put in spaces so that even with a wrap it is unlikely to get it a second time. So I think having it in the 1st column makes it too good, not her simply having it. That's it. No, I'm honest. That's it. And just a friendly tip, if you have a lot of crowded out or Anvil on your heels and Singled out, don't let Alloy come near you. He might be a striker, but he's still a blacksmith. The nonmomentous 5 is real. Honestly... don't let anyone come near you in that case. Let them chase you. They have their ball handling tricks, but if they need to chase you, they have a huuuuuge problem.
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    We don't really have a summer. We do however have one of the best gaming venues going, castles and are in the process of destroying our economy to give you guys a good exchange rate. Some mug is also going to be making a lot of guild ball terrain.
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    Another 2 games played last night , Both games were cage ball as playing in the escalation league at the club Game 1 , union Vs alchemists Teams = s brisket , mist , a&g Vs Midas , vitrol and o katalyst Memory is a little sketchy but here goes Mist kicks off , vitrol collects and passes to Midas , mist runs from cover tackles Midas and scores , dodges to cover Ball is kicked out and scatters back to towards vitrol , Avarrise picks up greede , runs forward and drops off the little fellow Midas beats mist up to win the momentum race , s brisket legendary towards greede then charges vitrol , bounces off and scores . Ball kicked back out towards Midas , katalyst beats mist up, End of turn 2 Alchemist win turn 2 and go first , Midas snaps ball beats mist to 2 pts left while >< his way to the goal Ball kicked out to the middle of the pitch , mist goes , shadow likes out of combat runs to collect lose ball , pass to s brisket who snap shots for the win Final score 10-4 Game 2 Same union team as above but with strongbox Vs blacksmiths , not sure of the players names as he was playing standies Union kick with mist , sledge collects and passes to iron , strongbox moves up , iron moves and kicks to momentus 7 guy and adds the extra Def, to him 4/2 Def , mist goes and gets the tackle but can't get the moment to score , dodges to cover . Rest of the team move about to get positioning , end of turn Union win turn 2 ,steal the ball and score , mist gets taken out , a&g beat up ferrite , s brisket then scores again ... The blacksmiths then beat up s brisket to bring the score to 8-4 to the union , with ferrite on the deck and a&g standing over her , the ball out with the blacksmiths a last chance goal to draw the game is on the cards , iron kicks to mon7 guy ( can't remember his name ) makes the pass , a&g beat up ferrite , mon7 guy moves forward going for the snap shot with sledge , makes the pass but strong box is standing in the way of the goal , sledge kicks needing 2 5+'s on 3 dice. Alas the shot missed and the club night comes to an end Final score 8-4.to the union .... Great nights gaming with Aaron Cornwall and Paul waters And another 2 games for hunters hemlock !
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    Good Write up (: Put each game as separate post with pictures to get two results, so we can get Hemlocke!
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    Pending Forum Suspension


    Do the right thing @Steamforged just hire @Anphiarus. You know you want toooooo.
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    Keep it up guys! Only a one percent swing will even us out. http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/the-union-in-chains-week-two-results-so-far Keep posting your results here: http://forums.steamforged.com/forum/61-hunters-guild/
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    Hunter versus Farmers

    Second match: hunter versus famer Nice try for Jackstraw who make a goal at the second turn: one of the most faster character of farmer guild! But Theron and his team massacre all the team with his conditions, and shot a goal at the end... 15-8 for the hunter!
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    Hunter versus Brewer: massacre

    First game for Union in chain today! 12-7 for the hunter, with 2 goals and 2 taken out! The poor brewer just shot one goal, and slaughter snow and hearne veteran...
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    C'mon Crew!!

    It wouldn't surprise me if you beat the meat because you guys are, after all, the master baiters.
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    Brewers Out-Brew Alchemists

    In a stunning display of chemical competency, the stalwart Brewers Guild smashed the opposing Alchemists in the latest small team match. Smoke and her band of magical misfits were no match for the brave brewer team of Tapper, Friday, and Spigot. The wayward Decimate will no doubt be stirred by such a stunning victory. Lads and Lassies, we salute your efforts! Cat Tax:
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    It's probably just some alternate sculpts, and they will probably only be available through the webstore.
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    Actually, the venue I have In mind has a place that sells deep fried mars bars literally across the street. You’d never be more than 10 meters away from a heart-attack all weekend
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    Cabbage punt and bonus time

    The dice pool is not regenerated, and the Bonus Time! dice is included with no additional momentum expenditure. Page 15, under Conventions: When a re-roll is required, all bonuses and penalties which applied to the original roll also apply to the re-roll.
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    ...by administering their own to Theron Eager to repeat the victory of his first game my friend took on my Hunters with his Brewers last night but decided to try out some of the other paper figures available for free on this very 'site. The line-up: Hunters: Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Minx, Egret, Zarola Brewers: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Spigot, Friday, Lucky. The Hunters won the "coin toss" and chose to receive. Tapper kicks-off, the ball scatters towards Jaecar and the match begins. Turn 1 Theron places Nature's Growth between himself, Spigot and Friday; Sprints to ball marker and passes to Jaecar. Uses Snipe on Tapper with his last two Influence. Spigot Sprints towards Fahad and uses Tooled Up on himself. Zarola jogs toward and uses Chain Bolas on Spigot. Friday uses Shadowlike, Jogs towards and uses Dirty Knives on Theron but misses. Uses Get Over Here to have Scum Dodge towards Jaecar. Fahad Charges into engagement with Spigot: Momentous [5] <<. Dodges directly away from Spigot. Lucky uses Stack the Deck. Sprint and uses Raise the Stakes to move into base contact with Theron (Egret Dodges towards Theron) then Attacks: Momentous [2]. Attacks again [1]. Egret uses Flurry with Bonus Time on Friday which pulses onto Spigot and Tapper. Uses Snap Shot on Lucky; Swift Strike and Back to the Shadows to other side of Theron. I think I forgot to use Egret's Standard-Advance but oh well. Tapper uses Old Jake's to allocate two Influence to Scum then uses Marked Target on Theron three times before succeeding and Sprints 3" towards Theron. Jacear passes to Minx, who uses Pass'n'Move to Dodge out Scum's threat range, then Charges into engagement with Lucky and places the pitfall-marker behind lucky: Momentous ><. Lucky triggers Pit Fall. Back to the Shadows to block Scum charge lane to Minx. Hooper Charges Theron: Momentous knockdown. Minx Sprints. Scum Shadowlike and Charges Minx: Miss. Minx Counter-Attacks: [2]<<. Minx Back to the Shadows towards Brewers' goal. I know this is wrong I think I must've gotten confused about who's was the active player. Ah well, it is only a friendly match. Turn 2 - Hunters have initiative. In the maintenance phase Lucky takes [3] from Bleed, Tapper, Spigot and Friday each take [2] from Poison. Zarola Charges into base contact with Spigot: Momentous [2]<. Fahad uses Linked(Zarola) activates and Charges into engagement with Spigot: Momentous [5] <<. Spigot is Taken Out. 2-0 Hunters. Fahad Dodges behind Zarola. Friday uses Shadowlike towards and Charges into engagement with Minx: Momentous tackle & Dirty Knives on Jaecar. Minx Counter-Attacks: Momentous [1] < to Dodge out of engagement. Friday passes to Tapper. Uses Get Over Here(Scum). Minx Charges Tapper, Friday makes a Parting Blow: miss, Charge Attack: Momentous tackle [3]<<. Tapper is unable to Counter-Attack. Takes a Shot: Goal! 6-0 Hunters. Uses Marked Target on Friday and Back to the Shadows into engage with Tapper. Goal Kick scatters towards Minx. Tapper activates Commanding Aura, Attacks Minx: Momentous Knockdown. Charges into engage Theron: Momentous [6]. Uses Old Jake's to allocate 1 Influence to Hooper & Lucky each. Jaecar Sprints towards the Brewer's goal, Ball Snaps To him and he make a Tap In Shot. Goal! 10-0 Hunters. Goal Kick scatters to Scum. Egret uses Flurry which pulses onto Hooper, Lucky & Theron; Charges into engagement with Friday, who declares Defensive Stance: Momentous ><, Dodge to engage Scum but not Friday. Back to the Shadows to put Scum in between Friday and herself. Hooper activates True Grit and removes the Poison condition, Attacks Theron: Momentous [5]. Attacks Theron: [4]. Attacks Theron: Momentous [7]. Theron is Taken Out. 10-2 Hunters Lucky uses Sleight of Hand to remove Poison. Uses Stack the Deck. Uses Raise the Stakes to Dodge towards Egret (Minx Dodges towards Zarola). Charges into base contact with Egret: Momentous [2], Egret Counter-Attacks: Momentous < Scum uses Shadowlike to Dodge out engagement & Sprints towards Hunters' Goal and 4" of Tapper. Turn 3 - Hunters have initiative. In the Maintenance Phase Friday, Jaecar & Tapper take [2] from Poison. Jaecar charges into base contact with Friday, who declares Defensive Stance: Momentous [6]. Friday is Taken Out. The final whistle blows. In the end the score is: An exciting match. I made several mistakes but nothing very beneficial to my team I think. Clearly I'm still learning the rules so would appreciate where I broke them being pointed out. Also any suggestions on how I can make these match reports more enjoyable to read is welcomed. Remember, the Hunt is on!
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    Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    I think everyone needs to stop the sword-shaming lol. Sword or paddle, as long as she isn't holding a hammer, i'm happy.
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    Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    Steer clear of the magic mushrooms, mate!
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    First Tournament With My Butchers

    A little write up of my first ever tournament. https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/10/17/Guild-Ball-Athena-Games-Report
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    Played: Skatha, Snow, Vet Hearne, Jaecar, Ulfr, Minx Against: Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, oGraves, Brainpan and Memory, Mist Deployment: Opponent kicks off and I use Vet Hearne to control the board, knocking down Cosset and engaging her to prevent her charge. I also kick the ball back with Snow chasing after if and grabbing the ball. Next few turns are a blur. Mist barely squeezes by Hearne, steals the ball and scores. I kick off with the ball in line for an Ulfr Charge. Ulfr charges, dodges up and kicks a goal with my blood scent bonus. Opponent kicks off and leaves the ball unattended as he thinks the ball is safe and instead chooses to Tool Up Cosset with Graves. Opponent was wrong, Skatha sprints on her fast ground, pops legendary, dodges up from a Snow Ball pass and is forced to score a goal while engaged by Obulus. I start trying to build momentum to win initiative with Obulus killing that dream with his "Why do you even try to play when I exist" mentality. Obulus passes the ball to Cosset who dodges four inches. I try to kill Cosset leaving her on two boxes as I really could not tackle and do much with the ball in my position. Cosset scores and I give the ball to Snow using Super Fan then use my last activation to walk Snow into cover to make tackling more difficult. I lose initiative and Minx tackles the ball as I forget his TAC increases when I am in cover. He dodges and does his floaty BS and scores the final goal. Pardon his proxies galore. He made me retake the first pic to have actual models instead of his proxy's seen in this pic. Also forgot to remove Skatha's fast ground from the previous turn. As these pics were taken almost back to back with how the game ended.
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    Theron, Fahad, oHearne, Jaecar, Zarola, Minx  Alchemists chose to receive, but leave ball for Hearne to collect and pass back to Zarola who kills the ball with Fahad for the rest of the game, whilst the hunters collect some scalps... Zarola and Fahad attempted to set up Jaecar for a snapshot winner with their linked activation, but fluffed the crucial pass. After being beaten to within an inch of his life by Katalyst, man of the match Jaecar gathered the loose ball and tapped in the winner for a 12-0 victory to the hunters. Jaecar was on fire this match. Not only metaphorically, but also literally - no doubt expiring from burn damage shortly after winning the game! 
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    Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    William Wallace wears a claymore on his back in that timeless classic depicting how Australia fought against English domination. Therefore it is possible because Braveheart is totally true.
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    My Hunters pack traveled to the Alchemists home pitch at the Gaming Vault in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada twice over the past week and while the opposing coach is always treated with the utmost respect and kindness... not so much for the opposing team! @Serkesul brewed up some seriously potent poisons, fires, and smoke... winning both matches handily! (Only have pictures from the one match... sorry!) Vitriol put the home team up by 4 in the second turn of the first game. Katalyst, Harry, and Naja beat Theron then lay a beating down on captain Theron to make it 6-0 Egret managed to make her up the field only to be blocked by Midas and Compound who then quickly recovered the ball, passed over to Old Gold Finger himself who then dodges up the field into scoring range and blasts another goal. The merry band of chemical addicts are now ahead 10 to Nil. (Seriously... are there no doping restrictions? Never going to be an Olympic event ) Hunters final get on the board as Vitriol is taken out by Jaecar and Fahad! Jaecar then proceeds to move up the field and totally screws up a pass to Hearne...but with some luck.... the ball lands within range and he gets it anyways! Even manages to score a goal! (I have to make more sacrifices to the dice gods apparently) Hunters Fans, in their wild exuberance, toss the ball back onto the pitch but it gets snapped up by sneaky snake and Naja manages to get it over to Golden Boy Midas who then fires home the winning goal. Final outcome 14-6 for the Alchemists! Outcome notwithstanding... a wonderfully fun match! ! If you are ever in the Red Deer, Alberta, Canada area.... come find myself, a few others, and my good friend @Serkesul at his game shop... the Gaming Vault. We are just getting going with this whole Guild Ball thing....and enjoying it immensely!!!
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    couple things. first, there is a recent thread about hemlocke I recommend skimming through as blind is good vs masons. though staves barrel is a range of 6" it does not require a target. the center of the AOE is just placed 6" from him so if brick is who you want to hit you can stay just out side of 6" and place it right in front of him to knock him back. if you opponents are good though he still may not be much of an answer for you. I am one of those who believe that Esters is the answer to questions like "who could use a buff" and "who am I leaving out of my ten" so unfortunately you will never get that recommendation from me. there definitely a rough game right now but keep at it. if you smash you head into a wall enough you'll eventually break through.
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    Coyotebd's Kickoff

    Wow, I guess I became so focused on painting I never came back to post. Here's the finished Kick Off teams. All together it took three months to paint. There are close-ups on my blog.
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    Power creep

    Honestly, there’s never been a release wave that wasn’t called OP or UP. Sometimes that’s been right, sometimes not, but it’s rarely as bad as the worst predictions. Like @EpicChris says, it’s the internet I class things as OP when I can win with them, because my skills are legendary (in the “how can you play that badly?!” way!). My usual opponent beat me in a close game when I first got them using the masons including vHarmony, granite and chisel. So they can’t be *too* badly broken
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    Ferrite and Iron can't manage to escape Pinned and the Snared condition until it's too late. Seenah records 2 Bear hug TOs, Theron finishes off Ferrite and scores in a 12-5 win. Sledge takes out Fahad with 1 swing and Ferrite scores late for the Blacksmiths. Bring Hemlocke to the forest!
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    Power creep

    Going the good ole Games Workshop way.
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    back to shadows thendrop the ball

    No. "At the end of the activation" means that no more actions can be made after the effect or ability (or several of them simultaneously) take place. And although giving up possession of the ball is not an action by itself, it can only be done "during activation", which is a previous step in the sequence. So effectively Back to the Shadows would be the last thing Minx can do.
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    Hunters get a little Salty

    Hunters: Theron, Fahad, Seenah, Minx, Vet Hearne, and Chaska Fishermen: Shark, Salt, Jac, Siren, Greyscales, and Sakana. Hunters made a bunch of ball handling mistakes this game. Turn one: Hunters choose to receive the ball. Chaska receives and kicks the ball to Seenah giving him a 4" dodge (where I should have dropped the ball) as Shark proceeds to quick foot/ charge Seenah steal the ball and tidal surge off wrap and kicked a goal. Shark legendary hitting 4 of my team. Minx and Vet Hearne manage to leave Shark on 3 health. Jac slingshots salt to grab the ball but lacks the influence to score, stopping 4" from side of the table. 4-0 Fish Turn two: Hunters win initiative and send Chaska to boom box Salt off the pitch... miss... Salt scores! Seenah retaliated and killed Siren and Vet Hearne killed Shark! 8-4 Fish ... thought I killed the ball and 2 Fish were looking to die turn 3... Turn three: straight roll off for iniative... Fish win roll. Salt charges Chaska snaps the ball, and Chaska defensive Stances and Salt needs 3 4+ on 6 dice... just 3... where did they go... tap in goal... Salt scores! 12-4 Fish moral of the story even if you slaughter and bog down fish you gotta keep an eye out for the slippery otter!!
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Ok, I've not been doing much painting lately. Well, not of models. I have however been making cakes:
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    How to buff Angel?

    Please forgive me if my english is not that good or my written is a little muddled. I will try to put down my thoughts on Angel and why I think she doesn't need a buff. Or why she is good as she is. Where to start? Maybe in correcting Mootaz (missunderstanding in a german forum where i wrote something about WTC): I played Angel in all 5 matches at WTC. Shark I played in every Game except the Final against Martin Koch of Team Germany 1. That was due to Gentleman's Agreement that we both play Corsair. And I'm totally satisfied of the performance of Angel. BTW my Roster for WTC was: Shark; Corsair; Tentacles; Greayscales; Sakana; Hag; Siren; vSiren; Angel; Jac I lost the first match against Ignacio Lozano Ramirez of Spain 1, a real nice guy. I missed a few dice rolls and his dice worked. At a certain point I was that far behind that I couldn't manage to stablize against Hunters. And I lost the final against Martin Koch, by missing 2 Goalshots in a row. I went 4:0 against him and while he took out Siren I missed the snapshotgoal with Angel. (1,2,3,3; so even normal shot would have missed) After that I really tried hard to get in possesion of the Ball again and missed with Greyscales too. Martin Koch is a brilliant Fisherman and at that point it wasn't possible to win against him any more. But he said one thing: "I was short of peeing my pants as I realized what Angel was capable of doing at that point. Simply magnificent" (hopefully translated that correctly) But enough from WTC atm. Angel seems like she isn't doing much on the field. And I sign that to a certain amount. Her Playbook seems difficult to get to second column, 3rd or 4th not to mention. She got no 2" melee zone like 99% of the Fish do have and when you take a look at her card, she seems to have the same role as Greyscales or Sakana. Maybe fighting with Sakana the most for a place in the roster. I don't see her in the same role as anyone else of the fish. All are capable to score goals. All are fast. All can exert pressure on the Ball. Where I see the difference in role comes from, is in her high DEF, the ability to push it and her superb Kickstats. If you want a Model charging into someone, tackling the ball, where'd they go somewhere else and score a Goal she definately is not the model you're looking for. If you want a model "seducing" the oponnent or "lure" it anywhere else, Angel again is not the model you're looking for. If you look for a model you can place in "snapshotrange", after scoring a first turn goal, which just says: Hi, I'm here. I'm DEF 6 and a real "snapshotthread" better do soething. Angel is definately the model you're looking for. At this point I wan't to make sure: I'm not trying to convince you all, that you have to play her. Nothing I write is ment irrefutable or absolut. I just want to let you know why I like her and why I think she is good as she is. Angel has momT on 1 hit which will deny placing a model in possession of the ball in 9" (or 11" with Quickfoot/Fisher's Reel or 13" when both or 15" when both+Call of the Sea) But this is theory, not a gameplan. You just can use it, if it occurs. (Passive 9" Aura of NOT STAY IN HERE WITH THE BALL) Place her in shot range to the enemy Goalpost and she is a "snapshot threat" while threatening the Ball in a certain area around her. This is a gameplan. DEF 5 or even 6 makes her really hard to get rid off. Important Result (KD, >>,...)on 3 hits with TAC 6 against DEF 6 is 6,228% chance. And even on 2 hits just gets to 26,32% with TAC6. While passing her the Ball, when she is engaged by one Model, still has a 80,24% to succeed. Although beeing engaged, by one model, a snapshot with bonustime still has 68,75%. Add "Supershot" and it goes up to 81,25%. (Passive GOAL THREAD) Sakana only gets to 25% or 50% with bonustime, when engaged. She is a "Snapshotmachine" who is very furious shooting goals. Due to beeing such a thread, the opponent has to do something against her. If he engages with only one model, she can still be a serious thread. If he engages with 2 models, the rest of the Pitch is empty for the rest of the fisherteam. (Passive CONTROL/DENIAL) Next Point DEF 5 or even 6: Pushing her out of goalrange isn't very effective or easy, see example above. Yes there are models able to KD,>>,.. on 1 hit, but then you can't just place her in Goalrange, you have to think a little about placing. Or maybe you pick someone else. And even if the oponnent manages to get rid of Angel (TO or push out of "Snapshotrange") it probably was very INF inefficent. Spending 4 INF to nonmom> Angel out of "Snapshotrange" but has to be done. That's another point of Angel bringing to the Pitch. Letting the opponent spend INF in an inefficent way. (Passive HARD TO GET RID OFF) All I have written above, seems more like "passives" than an active plan you follow. For me it's her "passives" what makes her shine. On top "light footed" so she ignores "Blasted Earth" She either is a hard thread on the enemy goal or "controlls/denies" the enemy by forcing the opponent to handle her somehow due to beeing such a thread. (see example above of engaging her but openning the Pitch) And all of that by just placing her in "snapshotrange" with Nimble and Supershot.That's why I love playing her. Her >< is not very likely to hapen but with a little help ( ganging up, KD, Singled Out, or combination of it) it happens more often than you would imagine. The possibility to give her 5 INF when starting next to Shark will allow you to activate her first (if you can move up tackle the ball and score a goal. Jog to engage, 1Nimble, 1Attack for momT, 1 Supershot, 1Goal, 1 reserve if need to sprint/charge or 2nd Attack if Counterattack...) So while borderline case, not useless. So no point for me that "needs" to be changed. All of this in mind I'd like to say asking for a change, only looking at the cards of the models is the wrong way. (No Offense here, just the impression i have) It is always how the model affect the match and Angel does this completely different to all other models of the Fish. But this always depends on your own playstyle and the opponent setup. Short to the match against JJ Layfield. I knew how good he is. And I knew Engis have the better odds to win. (personal opinion) That's why I decided not to go Corsair, what would have been "the standard choice". I thought I have to go full risk/reward and it payed off. I played Shark Tentacles Greyscales Sakana Siren and Angel. He played Ballista Mother Compound Hoist Ratchet and vVelocity (picked her last pick after i called Angel) He was suprised by my model choices and I think he really didn't expect my list. I did a snapshot goal with Angel in Turn 1 which had only 40,xx% chance to succeed. I did it because I knew I have to put up very high pressure or I will loose. Could have waited and just score next turn, but this is a lot if and when. I then started next turn and scored again with Shark and Legendary with 80% chance. 8-0 what allowed me to go full pressure on the ball. Then I missed a goal with similar odds, think this makes up for the snapshot turn 1 (again If and when) The next shot was a success 12-2. He was a little suprised and told me he hasn't seen something like this before. AND YES I KNOW I WAS LUCKY. Maybe @JJLayfield himself can write a little to the match. Don't want to embezzle something by not remember correctly. So that 's a lot of text and I hope I missed nothing. Sorry if it is a little muddled. Hope you can see what is my point (way of how to play a model). I'm interressted what you all think. Something you agree/disagree. Can't consider everything, so if I missed something specific you want to know my thoughts about let me know. With this I wish you all a good night. Greetings from Germany Ascobol