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    Just Something Short

    It would give a whole new meaning to Fangtooth Unleashed. William
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    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Some new WIP in the works
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    Just Something Short

    I almost want to pick up another Fangtooth now so I can sculpt him wearing a thong.
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    Future Guild Ideas

    Just from a thread on Gu.B.S about future guilds, what do you guys think future guilds could be, ideas for players, positions, basic stories etc. Just a fun discussion and ideas trading The Bakers Guild Griddle - male, Captain, Defender Flour - Female, Captain, Striker Bun - female, winger Muffin - Female, Striker Bundt - Male, Defender Peel - Male, Midfield Sourdough - Male, Winger Crust - Female, Goalkeeper Sugar - Female, Midfield Pancake - Mascot, Duck Butter - Mascot, Cow Waffle - Male, Midfield The Bakers have recently started to make a move on the big stage, never really heard anything of them 'till Griddle took the reins. Slow as they are, they can move the ball around the field better than most, almost seems as if they spent the past few years learning to pass the ball and beat anyone who got close enough. Seems everyone wants something fresh these days and this lot delivers, group of new players ready to play all fresh out the oven, mind the pun. Saw them play their first big game against the messengers, seemed slow at first, then out of nowhere that girl Bun hit the ball so hard she nearly broke the damn goal. Got me hooked watching after that, entertaining game right down to the final whistle, always looked close, but they just kept the ball moving around, ever last one of them passing back and forth, up and down the pitch. Had the messengers running around like headless chickens. Something I never seen before on the field in my whole time playing Guildball that's for sure.
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    KD and Sturdy

    Everyone is correct, but @Pending Forum Suspension is the most correct.
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    Or more likely, Giblin made a booboo when he made the blog post. Who can say!?
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    Mystery box!

    Next Tuesday at the earliest. The dispatch date was the 21st.
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    I was there, finished 63rd! My first tournament! Had some close games and some not so close games! Still learned a lot from the weekend and had a great time! Going to be hanging up the Butchers cleaver for a while and accepting the Bloody coin from Rage until Blacksmiths land. Well done to @JJLayfield for a great win and good luck in the USA!
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    My Engineers :)

    Veteran Velocity
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    Pending Forum Suspension

    Just Something Short

    So uhh.... This is football (soccer) right? What is the deal with no one wearing shorts? Like a vast majority of models are wearing trousers. I get that they are hacking each other up and all but are you really telling me that Flint is the only striker that wears shorts? In the whole game? And he even cops out with those sweet leggings. Haha not complaining but it was an observation I hadn't seen on the forum yet. That being said... Alt sculpt teams in soccer jerseys and shin guards anyone? I'd buy a few of them.
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    Some new details for those who can't listen at the moment. Ferrite is the 3rd master and is female When building a roster you can have as many masters as you want but you still need to be able to build a legal team. So half masters, half apprentices Sledge used to have momentous 8 damage Nice talk about masons vs blacksmiths no union There's some other neat disccusion bits in there but thats some of the new/confirmed stuff.
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    There's a bit of an assumption here that a goal scoring team is only doing well if it is completely unengaged from the opponent, or only engaging on their own terms. But the issue is that this type of style isn't always fun to play against and it is one of the key aims of Pitch Formations to experiment with lessening the regularity of this type of game. Essentially, having more games finish with both players scoring at least 8-10 points is certainly part of the aim here as well, reducing 12-0 score lines is a good thing for everyone's enjoyment of the game. No one likes losing 12-0 and everyone enjoys a 12-10 nail biter right?
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    I love the Masons, always use both captains in my tournament 10 and have had success with them in my local meta. I have a theory on why they seem to get more than their fair share of "internet hate" - they are stronger in a tournament setting than they appear to be in casual play. My reasoning is that in casual play most players do not use a game clock. With their counter charges, linked/extra activation and re-positioning shenanigans via knockback Masons can put a lot of clock pressure on an opponent. This increases the chances that your opponent makes a mistake and Masons excel at capitalizing on misplays because of their adaptable playstyle. Another tertiary benefit is that a lot of players will regularly measure your counter charge bubbles which hands you free information that can speed up your own game play. Take everything said above with a grain of salt - they are the rambling of an average skill level, aged miniatures gamer (I remember when White Dwarf was a magazine that primarily featured D&D) who thinks Steamforged gave us gamers one helluva gem with Guild Ball.
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    Football Dervish

    Very much so, nice to know I am playing it correctly thank you very much.
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    Football Dervish

    Does this help?