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    A Game Of Whifs

    Trying to get together a themed game as well as finally get to try out my Skatha and winters moon, but my opponent and I did not expect to have a game run 4+ hours with enough whif rolls to make the game last two more turns after my opponent originally wanted to call it. This was only my second game with hunters, so having Skatha I decided to recieve and I managed to get the ball to Skatha, then after a move and snowball get her into the rough ground. My opponent, having had a Jaecar doing hit and runs from rough ground knows the pain I can do, with Jaecar eyeing that rough ground like a starving jackal. Obulus moved up and dragged Ulfr towards rage. This starts a scrum directly in the middle with my opponent not quite able to seal the deal with both Cosset and Rage hammering on Ulfr. Then comes bear, and bear does what bear does, which is managing to kill rage and leave me with some good set up for next turn. Cosset also ends up taking a nap with bear hug. Skatha then sinks a goal, and the ball goes to my opponents left. He finally manages to kill Jaecar with a tooled up memory along with Ulfr, but the problem is he had to ignore a relatively vunerable Skatha to do it. Bear moves in for the kill and manages eventually to kill Graves. This is when things get weird. Cosset gets down the pitch and passes to Dirge, who flys straight on looking for the once dice kick, and fails. This leaves him in a terrible spot, and thinking about it, I went with Skatha on 6 influence to try and deal the 5 damage I need to kill the bird. She fails in that, only doing a total of 4 damage. So now my opponent has to figure he has to get the bird to safety and try another kick. He manages to kill VHerne on the next turn and go for a bonus time bird kick. He fails again. It's 11 to 6. I just need one more to close this, but Jaecar goes in on 4 influence and whifs some more. He goes back to his home in the rough ground, and I'm sitting scratching my head. The game feels like its on borrowed time. Finally V Herne comes on from the bench with an angry, twitching face and smacks the bird off the pitch, leaving the score 12 to 6.
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    Love your hunters and snowman goal! Hope you don't mind me taking the liberty of linking the pics (obviously I'm super busy at work) 
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    https://imgur.com/gallery/m3Anb My first match with Hunters against fellow Hunter player who wanted to use Masons. Masons took an early lead with Skatha take out. Though I was able to come back with an Ulfr goal. Overall the score was 11-2 in my favor after Jaecar started laying traps and doing what he does best.
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    First, a little background. Yesterday, we were invited to present Guild Ball at a Board Game festival at the Polish National Stadium (as in the Stadium where the 2012 Football European Champions were held), so of course we were excited to play there. The first football player to score at this stadium was Robert Lewandowski, so the question was which Guild Ball player will score first. @Silvs went with Pin Vice Engineers as he usually does, and I decided to go with Obulus Morticians as Obulus has great potential to score early. Engineers: Pin Vice, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity, Harry and Clockwork Perfection for GIC Morts: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Graves, Brainpan & Memory, Ghast and Misery for GIC As for GICs. Silvs went with Clockwork Perfection to maximize his scoring potential and I went with Misery as I knew goals would scored this game I won the kick-off roll and decided to kick the ball and hoped for a cheeky puppet master and score early. Greedy? Maybe, but knowing that eternal glory was on the line I decided to go with it. It didn't work out as Silvs kept the ball lying on the pitch behind his players and only decided to pick it up with Pin Vice when he passed to Velocity, who also got Controller and went for the goal and scored. The score was 0-4. Later that turn, Obulus passed the ball to Brainpan and Obulus dodged and jogged to beat with Tooled Up Ratchet and won the momentum race. Next turn Obulus finnished off Ratchet and Used Puppet Master to push Velocity out of range to reach the ball. Enginners struggled to get the ball off Brainpan as he was way at the back of my team and in the meantime I did some nice setup for Memory to Take Out Harry. Then we got a huge scrum near my goal post with all the players apart from Velocity and Obulus. It ended with Engineers taking out Brainpan and Obulus found an opening the collect the ball from Hoist and scored for 8-6. The last turn of the game was Graves trying to Take Out Hoist and Pin Vice with Scyting Blows but it turned out I would Take more of my players if I went for the second SB and ended up just triggering Reanimate on both of them. Next activation Ghast went for the TOs and the game closed at 12-6. Later I'll add some photos.
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    Paul Waters

    The Field of Screams

    With Halloween approaching and the release of the Dark Harvest I though I would rework a story written around 1066 Wargamings in Hastings tournament brand "Field of Screams", 4 events have been held so far with a 5th being planned. Few remember the names or the rites of the old gods anymore, but there are corners of the world where their power can still be felt. There is an island several miles from the coast of the free city of Hastyngs that harks back to those old ways. Nobody living knows the reason why the ancients painstakingly carved away the granite to form a huge, plateau so far out to sea. The few select scholars who ventured to the island to study the strange carvings and monuments were unable to ascertain even the merest hint of its original purpose. They all reported that after they returned to the mainland an unnatural feeling of malice and fear followed them where ever they went. Bad dreams soon turned to night terrors, each waking up every night drenched in a cold sweat, screaming from some unrepeatable horror. Dreading the inevitable next sleep, they eventually all succumbed completely to the madness. In the taverns near to the docks, travellers will often hear tales of the eerie wailing that can be heard rolling across the waves on nights when the moon is full. Certainly, the resident fishing fleet keeps a wide distance from the island named by the locals as the “Field of Screams”, and they all continue the bizarre custom of spitting overboard when sailing past. However, there are a few days each year when the abnormally treacherous currents subside and the sea mists clear gifting those desperate enough a short window to row out, weaving through the rocky outcrops with offerings of food or coin, to petition the forgotten gods for favour. When Hastyngs hosted its first Guild Ball tournament, after heated deliberations following the bountiful gifts of a mysterious benefactor known only as the Quartermaster, the Elders shocked everyone when they announced that the Field of Screams would make the perfect pitch to not only test the skills but also the bravery of the finalists. Those that have witnessed the violence and bloodshed of the game all agree: The old gods would certainly approve. However the Elders worried that something even more sinister may be involved and feared the consequences of their unexpected decision, but the Quartermasters pockets ran deep and his lackeys were extremely convincing.veller will often hear tales of the eerie screams that can be heard rolling across the waves on nights when the moon is full. Certainly the local fishing fleet keeps a wide distance from the island with it's Field of Screams, and it is customary to spit overboard when sailing past on the way out of the bay. All recognise it as a bad place. Having worked his way round many of the groups in the tavern Greyscales noticed a disheveled, malnourished looking beggar tucked away in the darkest corner, his stench far stronger than the rest of the locals, everyone else was giving him a wide berth. Ordering another drink and a bowl of the local hearty stew Greyscales approached having identified a new ear for his tales. As Greyscales sat opposite the beggar he realised he was quietly muttering to himself, repeating the same phrases over and over, “don’t listen to ‘em…island’s evil… island wants you…it collects your screams”. As Greyscales looked round he could see the barmaid laughing, “that’s all you’ll ever get from him, been like it for years”. Knowing that having a worthwhile conversation with a madman was as likely as the chances of the Farmers winning a game, Greyscales wasted no more of his precious shore leave and moved on to some newly arrived locals, donating his stew to the beggar who clearly needed the meal more. As the fool’s hand reached out for the spoon Greyscales failed to notice the Scholars Guild ring on his finger.
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    So the event went pretty well despite it being the Shark Tank it was. I went 4-1 and placed 5th out of 32, will do some sort of write up soon
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    Should A Missed Trigger Clear?

    Someone made an interesting comment recently: we play the game against each other, but we also play together. Both players should work to make sure declared effects are marked with a token, and in cases if things like Clone, Gluttonous Mass, or Unoredictable Movement both players need to accept responsibility for making sure that all abilities, optional or otherwise, are acknowledged and handled appropriately.
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    New guilds in Doubles Format

    Following internal discussion: 1) The player that placed the marker may use the influence. 2) The player may choose either Apprentice or Master for the odd numbered Blacksmith.
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    S brisket plays at 1066 ( 2 games )

    Good Write up (: Put each game as separate post with pictures to get two results, so we can get Hemlocke!
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    S brisket plays at 1066 ( 2 games )

    Another 2 games played last night , Both games were cage ball as playing in the escalation league at the club Game 1 , union Vs alchemists Teams = s brisket , mist , a&g Vs Midas , vitrol and o katalyst Memory is a little sketchy but here goes Mist kicks off , vitrol collects and passes to Midas , mist runs from cover tackles Midas and scores , dodges to cover Ball is kicked out and scatters back to towards vitrol , Avarrise picks up greede , runs forward and drops off the little fellow Midas beats mist up to win the momentum race , s brisket legendary towards greede then charges vitrol , bounces off and scores . Ball kicked back out towards Midas , katalyst beats mist up, End of turn 2 Alchemist win turn 2 and go first , Midas snaps ball beats mist to 2 pts left while >< his way to the goal Ball kicked out to the middle of the pitch , mist goes , shadow likes out of combat runs to collect lose ball , pass to s brisket who snap shots for the win Final score 10-4 Game 2 Same union team as above but with strongbox Vs blacksmiths , not sure of the players names as he was playing standies Union kick with mist , sledge collects and passes to iron , strongbox moves up , iron moves and kicks to momentus 7 guy and adds the extra Def, to him 4/2 Def , mist goes and gets the tackle but can't get the moment to score , dodges to cover . Rest of the team move about to get positioning , end of turn Union win turn 2 ,steal the ball and score , mist gets taken out , a&g beat up ferrite , s brisket then scores again ... The blacksmiths then beat up s brisket to bring the score to 8-4 to the union , with ferrite on the deck and a&g standing over her , the ball out with the blacksmiths a last chance goal to draw the game is on the cards , iron kicks to mon7 guy ( can't remember his name ) makes the pass , a&g beat up ferrite , mon7 guy moves forward going for the snap shot with sledge , makes the pass but strong box is standing in the way of the goal , sledge kicks needing 2 5+'s on 3 dice. Alas the shot missed and the club night comes to an end Final score 8-4.to the union .... Great nights gaming with Aaron Cornwall and Paul waters And another 2 games for hunters hemlock !
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    Just taking a little look at the posted results for the Hemlocke challenge, and I can see we are simply miles away from catching up with the Morts let alone beating them. From what I'm seeing I can only assume that Hunters are basically everyone's second team and most peeps are playing for other Union models. if this is not the case then PLEASE remember, you do not have to play a Hunters team and win to post, you just have to be backing Hunters to impress Hemlocke by the amount of games played in SUPPORT of the Hunters and to do that we need to REPORT games on the Union in Chains (Hunters) thread (With at least THREE photos per game). It is my hope to play a few games this weekend and fly the flag, hopefully having the games up as soon as poss,
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    The Fishermen started off well early with Shark scoring 2 goals in the first 3 rounds leaving me 8 - 0 and ina diffulcut position to come back, As you can see in the first Picture seenah managed to gett into a position where the fishermans were "hiding" And the angry, Hungry bear started to have at them! With fahad's Help the Companion animals managed to take out siren jac and shark and bring their team back into the game, We held on and managed to end the game at 12 - 10 after 2 and a half hours. It was close, Stresssful and alot of fun!
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    not going to lie this was played 2 weeks ago so can't remember everything that happened so I won't right it up nicely and just give the highlights. even though the other 2 I posted happened after this it still ended a wining streak as I was previously undefeated since moving to the area. grange lead his team of peck, windel, jackstraw, harrow and tater against Shark, salt, Jac, Hag, siren and grayscale's. shark scored a first turn goal and knee sliders to safety, windel takes out Salt (snake break) Jac pushes tater of the pitch windel takes out Grayscales (Snake break), hag denies Jackstraw a goal run as he is more than 8 from the edge and can't wingback to charge her to dodge into scoring range with momentum and an influence due to fear. Jackstraw then plays keep away with the fish windel take out Jac (snake break) siren snap shot goal tater takes out shark score is 10/10 farmers have top of turn and are with in scoring range and just need momentum. activate tater to charge and generate momentum failing to notice that jackstraw is on 2 health and with in range of shark who has a full stack of influence shark takes out jackstraw game ends 12-10 to fish if I had noticed jackstraw was low on health I could of either healed him or jumped to safety wining the game. sadly I missed it again only one photo.
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    Farmers break in their new team uniform (paint job) with an epic game against the engineers for control of Hemlock for the Hunters. Grange lead his team of Bushel, Windel, Jackstraw, Harrow and peck against the Pin-vice lead engineers of colossus, hoist, velocity, mainspring and decimate. Farmers receive the ball and swiftly move up the pitch passing as they go. velocity attempts to steal the ball from bushel but fails leaving her venerable for a take out by grange. pine vice tries to save her but fails and is left vulnerable to a take out by windel whist he eats a snake. bushel scores whilst her brother and boss hold down the centre of the pitch. at this point decimate has also come in to the scrum in a desperate attempt to dig out her employers to no avail and is taken out by windel (still eating I might add) but not before pine vice scores a goal as retribution for being taken out. ending the game 12-4 to the farmers again only one photo as we keep forgetting
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    Here is a picture of Hemlocke naked... to spur you on to victory!
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    In Episode 2 Lance & Dan provide an update on Steamforged’s Union in Chains global event and let you know which guilds are currently winning and throw our two cents on the new models. After news they proceed to do a battle report from a recent Des Moines tournament, Lance played his Blacksmiths and Dan brought Morticians for the first time. Lastly, Lance and Dan combine all of their combined intelligence to figure out Scalpel. The Pitch is a podcast focused on discussing Steamforged’s sport-themed-wargame, Guild Ball. Lance Becker and Dan White are both Iowa coaches who love the game and wanted to promote Guild Ball more in our area as well as give a midwest perspective on tactics and teams. http://museonminis.com/the-pitch-ep-2/
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    We need to win! We need to beat the Spooks and we need that mini! We need the bragging rights! We need the extra piece! I'll get in as many games as I can but we need everyone to be putting in match reports, with pictures! Saw a few people "holding out" for vMinx, which is madness, because firstly - we've had no indication that will happen. Secondly, if Minx is already our best union pick, we don't need vMinx! She's perfect as is. With an improved vHemlocke, we'll be stronger! Play more games! Take pictures! Post your match reports! Let's do this!
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