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    Appropriate that on this, the US election day, Seenah is exercising now more than ever his right to bear arms.
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    So this isn't necessarily about Guild Ball but it is happening as a direct result of my going to SteamCon. Nearly 4 years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a really great girl who supports me in everything I do. She is coming with to Chicago but not attending SteamCon, as she is going to be doing a lot of shopping and doesn't care for miniatures. This Sunday night we are going ice skating at Millennium Park after the convention and I'm going to ask her to be my wife. I'm pretty excited and I spend more time here (to my boss's dismay) than I do with most of my friends and I consider a lot of you to be brothers and sisters in our big Guild Ball forum family. Just thought I'd share with everyone. I'll post pictures sometime Monday morning as I am feeling pretty confident. **Added an image, others on my friends' phones. Will put them up when I can. Center ice was a little crowded to do it in front of everyone so I pretended my lace came undoneand when I got down to "tie it" I popped the question. Great grandma's ring. She was as happy as can be. Had great friends willing to just hang out for a bit to get pictures. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Had a great weekend.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Here's my Alchemist goal:
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    THIS THREAD IS NO LONGER LIVE, PLEASE LOOK AT THE ALL NEW SEASON 2 ONE PINNED AT THE TOP OF THE RULES FORUM Generally, the first place to check is the errata available here: S1 Errata v2.1 Then look here, to see if someone has asked it before and been told the answer. If you can't see the answer to your question, ask away - but please follow the rules for queries as laid down in the guidelines here: guildlines fort the rules forum schedule of rulings Clarifications as of 29 Feb 2016: General Advance Jog, sprint or charge are advances, any other type of movement of a model is a Reposition. Dodges and Pushes are Repositions. ARM: Does not have any effect on plays, only attacks. Negative values do not increase numbers of hits Charges Must be in a straight line May result in a model charging 'past' the target, so long as the charging model ends its advance engaging the target the charge is successful.

Do not need to be 'towards' the target model if target model is out of range. I.E. Furious models may use this as a free Sprint as long as the Charge is still in a straight line and the charging model's activation is ended immediately if the Charge move ends without the charge target in melee. Cover: Cover templates such as smoke bombs do not affect LoS, only TAC Crowding out: Ignores the target model in both Character Plays and Attacks. AOE plays may be crowded out, however there is no target model. Dodges See Pushes below Engaging the goal: You cannot engage the goal token to make a shot more difficult, but you can be an intervening model. Entering an Aura: Defined as the following: 'When a model Advances, Repositions or is placed and that movement takes the model 'within' another player's aura'. Mercury and Calculus can’t move up to other people to have them enter it. Entering an AOE: "Models entering or ending their activation in this ongoing-effect AoE suffer the XXX condition." If a model is pushed into the AoE, or in any way moves into the AoE during its activation, or outside its activation, it has entered the AoE and will trigger the effect. The 'enter' and 'end activation' triggers are separate. Friendly A model counts as friendly to itself Icy sponge: No icy sponge tokens means no coming back onto the pitch even if you have health. if a player is pushed off the pitch and Taken Out with a number of HP above their first Icy Sponge level and below the second, they may remove the single Icy Sponge to recover health up their their second Icy Sponge level. Kick Scatter: Used for missed shots on goal, centered on the goal and pointing away from the kicker as usual. The goal token is a barrier. If, after the scatter, the ball path passes over the goal token, the ball would contact the goal token and stop, as per normal for a barrier. Kick modifiers You may engage the kicker or count as intervening but not both You may be engaging the kicker and receiving player. You may be intervening and also engage the receiving player You may be intervening, engaging the receiver and also blocking LOS all at the same time Knocked Down: KD models still have active auras and a melee zone (for the purposes of unpredictable movement). Traits remain active and can be used when knocked down. They may not engage a kicker but can intervene (no TN change, but -1 dice pool) Sacrificing movement to stand up does not count as an advance, so does not trigger things that are reliant on a model 'ending an advance' such as unpredictable movement, counter charge, responsive play etc. Leaving the Pitch: A model gains MP for the friendly team if it pushes an enemy model off the pitch causing it to be Taken Out. Named source: Means plays of the same name, so 2x gut and string does not stack, but Super Shot and Football Legend do. Parting Blow: Occurs any time you leave a melee range, even if you entered it during the same movement action. Does not apply to Repositions (dodge, push). You are hit after leaving range, so are not still engaged with the person hitting you after the blow (eg if KD). Playbook Damage Result A playbook damage result is a playbook result which contains a damage component (i.e. a number). Plays triggered from a playbook result are not playbook damage results (for example scything blow). Pushes/Dodges: Single push of length defined by the number of arrows, not a series of 1” pushes. Dodges don’t have to be in a single straight line, while pushes do. When selecting a playbook result with a dodge, you may choose not to dodge (see dodge wording on pg 47). In the event you choose not to dodge minefield, or similar, would not trigger. Pushes do not need to be directly away, unless specified otherwise (brick, mallet, tower etc) Pushes / dodges are repositions Pushed off the pitch a model being Taken Out due to being pushed off the pitch by an opponent counts as having been caused by the enemy, A model gains MP for the friendly team if it pushes an enemy model off the pitch causing it to be Taken Out; and The Vengeance plot card can be revealed in response to having a friendly model suffer the Taken Out condition as a result of being pushed off the pitch by an enemy model. The previous clarification which contradicts this has been removed. Loved Creature triggers if pushed of the pitch Pulses Pulses do not target, you do not roll to hit. Snap to: Does not apply along the ball’s path, just at the final landing spot. Standard Scatter: The ball cannot be intercepted during a Standard Scatter. Normal Snap To rules apply. Tackle: Cannot select a T result if the target doesn’t have the ball. You may select a playbook result comprising multiple components as long as you can resolve at least 1 component. E.G. you may select a result that contains T and < even if the opponent has not got the ball since you could still resolve the dodge. Terrain/Obstructions: Cover applies if the target model is within 1” of the obstruction, regardless as to where the attacker is positioned. Applies to parting blows if the target is still in cover. Wrapping the playbook All happens simultaneously, so while you can choose any order for the multiple results, no bonuses from those results apply to others – only bonuses active before the attack started. Momentum All Momentum is used up when it's added to the Initiative roll, there is no carry over into the next turn. Bonus Time: Applied after all other modifiers have been calculated Come on Mate DOES require LOS - this is a change within S2 Counter Attack You may not counter attack a counter attack. Defensive Stance You may Defensive stance when knocked down. You may Defensive Stance and Counter Attack in response to the same charge Run the length: Occurs before your activation ends, goal kick happens after. Plots Plot Decks: Players share a Guild Plots deck Sideline Repairs: Works as Icy sponge does (arrive and move), but on any edge in your half. Vengeance: Can be revealed when a model is pushed off the pitch by an enemy model. Counts as that enemy inflicting the taken-out condition. Conditions Take a Breather: Poison, KD, Burning, Snared and Bleed are the only current conditions (and so can be cleared by Take a breather). Taken out by Conditions: VP awarded as normal (2VP). No momentum gained as not a model taking the model out. Icy sponge happens after conditions so could come back on immediately. Stacking: The same conditions cannot be stacked, such as Bleed x2 for 6 damage Traits Berserk: The free attack does not have to be against the same target, or even immediate – you can move before taking it if you are eligible. You cannot berserk outside your activation (eg when seduced). Counter Charge: Does not cost influence. Occurs before the Attack part of a Charge Is an Attack (ie is not a counter attack) and therefore does generate momentum as normal. Cover of Darkness The [+2/+2] MOV is only gained for the duration of an Advance that begins while a model is within cover. It does not grant [+2/+2] MOV for the duration of an activation. Fear: If you are not spending Influence to make a Play or Attack targeting the Fear model, you do not trigger Fear (includes furious, puppet master attacks, and bezerk attacks) Charges that are paid for with Inf cost extra. character plays that cost extra, also get the extra dice on the play. AOE Plays and Attacks (such as Lob Barrel) do not target a model and so do not trigger Fear. Follow up: Reposition, not advance, so does not take parting blows. Parting blows by the following up model are resolved prior to the follow up reposition. Glut Mass Negates the entirety of a playbook result, including parts like dodges and momentum generation. The result basically just doesn’t happen. You have to get at least one net hit (i.e. after Armour) to trigger it. AOE Plays and Attacks (such as Lob Barrel) do not target a model and so do not trigger. Lifedrinker: 1HP regained per attack – each new attack can generate 1HP Single attacks with multiple playbook results or multiple targets only get 1HP (eg scything blow). Maverick: Ignores friendly Foul Odour, or in fact any friendly play (lob barrel, scything blow…) anything benefiting Rage, so Singled Out increasing his TAC, or Marked Target increasing his MOV, would not affect Rage due to Maverick. Anything that debuffs an enemy model (Thousand Cuts, Dirty Knives) would still have the effect as it's not affecting Rage. Doesn't affect rage's own traits or plays. i.e. he can tool himself up. Momentous Inspiration: Triggering a play off the playbook (such as scything blow) does not generate hits for the character play so does not grant the extra momentum. Triggers on hit when using a character play that has a damage component, does not need the damage to actually occur. Responsive play. Does not cost influence. Occurs before the attack part of a charge Is an Attack (ie is not a counter attack) and therefore does generate momentum as normal Regeneration: Works off field (while taken out), occurring before conditions and icy sponges are resolved. Rush Keeper: Does not cost influence. Occurs before the Attack part of a charge Is an Attack (ie is not a counter attack) and therefore does generate momentum as normal. Skilled with Shadow Does not negate the -1 dice due to cover so the net effect is +1 Tac. Swift Strikes: If damage is reduced to 0 (such as by tough hide), no damage has been caused and therefore the dodge does not trigger (apples for other 'on damage' effects, such as venomous strike, life drinker, crucial artery). Tough hide: Works on all plays – normal, legendary and heroic. does not work on character traits or condition-damage. Unpredictable Movement: From base contact, a 2” move leaves model still within 2”. Occurs before the Attack part of a Charge. Plays AoE plays: Roll for each model hit separately. Do not need LoS. DO not roll to hit a target spot, only for models under the AoE. Ball’s Gone: Overrides Close Control as it is not a tackle result, but a play incorporating a tackle. Does not trigger Protect your Balls (Plot) for the same reason. May give the ball to the model triggering Ball's Gone!. (ie Greyscales can give it to himself) Clone Negates the entirety of a playbook result, including parts like dodges and momentum generation. Creation: If a model is returned to play, it does not get a second activation if it has already activated. It does get to activate if it hasn’t already done so that turn, and returns with whatever influence it had when taken out in order to do so. It cannot be allocated any new influence. when a player who can subsequently be 'created' is taken out the first time, VP's are generated as normal. If they are taken out again, following use of the creation trait, they do not give VP's Forceful Blow Forceful Blow will only trigger once in the case of a wrapped Playbook. Goad: If you can charge/counter charge while still advancing directly towards the Goader, it is fine to charge someone else. Otherwise, you can’t move so the charge would fail. Horrific Odour: As fear, only triggers if INF is being spent. So no impact on snapshots etc. Lob barrel: Push and KD are simultaneous, active player chooses the order in which they resolve. (This is a change from the previous ruling.) Cannot push the ball. Centering the template over a model lets you choose the direction of the push. Lure: Movement caused by this play is a Jog, i.e. an Advance, so can trigger Parting Blows. Puppet Master: The opposing model forced to perform actions generates MP for the active team. Becoming friendly to the opposite team makes you enemy to your own team (for parting blows etc). Being friendly prevents you ‘voluntarily’ walking off the pitch. Play can be applied to friendlies and even the origin model. Ramming Speed works on models who is base to base at start of advance (assuming ramming speed has been used) Second Wind Ramming Speed applies during it Is outside activation. May not unsnap the ball or spending MP. May snap the ball to itself. Choose order of overclocked / second wind use. Applies to all of the models activations (i.e. superior strategy models would get it twice) May be used after scoring a goal (and after doing a dodge following scoring a goal) Seduced: The opposing model forced to perform actions generates MP for the active team. Becoming friendly to the opposite team makes you enemy to your own team (for crowding out etc). Seismic Kick Hits models under the ball path (except the receiver) automatically True Replication: Can steal plays with GB icon costs, allowing Midas to use them from his playbook. Requires you to Target (and therefore pass a TN test) the enemy model. Legendary Plays Bloody Coin Requires target to be engaged by 'another' friendly guild model Casket Time: Play must be activated before an attack that takes out a player (not after discovering that you are able to take them out). Mine Field: Works on all Repositions, in and out of activation
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    How to objectively examine spoilers: Step 1: Look at card. Step 2: Compare to Stave. Repeat for each model.
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    Just Thought You'd Like to See This

    Rich's thought process over last week
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    Reference Cards v2

    When I did the last Vassal upgrade I did a once over on the Quick Reference cards.
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    How to buff Angel?

    Please forgive me if my english is not that good or my written is a little muddled. I will try to put down my thoughts on Angel and why I think she doesn't need a buff. Or why she is good as she is. Where to start? Maybe in correcting Mootaz (missunderstanding in a german forum where i wrote something about WTC): I played Angel in all 5 matches at WTC. Shark I played in every Game except the Final against Martin Koch of Team Germany 1. That was due to Gentleman's Agreement that we both play Corsair. And I'm totally satisfied of the performance of Angel. BTW my Roster for WTC was: Shark; Corsair; Tentacles; Greayscales; Sakana; Hag; Siren; vSiren; Angel; Jac I lost the first match against Ignacio Lozano Ramirez of Spain 1, a real nice guy. I missed a few dice rolls and his dice worked. At a certain point I was that far behind that I couldn't manage to stablize against Hunters. And I lost the final against Martin Koch, by missing 2 Goalshots in a row. I went 4:0 against him and while he took out Siren I missed the snapshotgoal with Angel. (1,2,3,3; so even normal shot would have missed) After that I really tried hard to get in possesion of the Ball again and missed with Greyscales too. Martin Koch is a brilliant Fisherman and at that point it wasn't possible to win against him any more. But he said one thing: "I was short of peeing my pants as I realized what Angel was capable of doing at that point. Simply magnificent" (hopefully translated that correctly) But enough from WTC atm. Angel seems like she isn't doing much on the field. And I sign that to a certain amount. Her Playbook seems difficult to get to second column, 3rd or 4th not to mention. She got no 2" melee zone like 99% of the Fish do have and when you take a look at her card, she seems to have the same role as Greyscales or Sakana. Maybe fighting with Sakana the most for a place in the roster. I don't see her in the same role as anyone else of the fish. All are capable to score goals. All are fast. All can exert pressure on the Ball. Where I see the difference in role comes from, is in her high DEF, the ability to push it and her superb Kickstats. If you want a Model charging into someone, tackling the ball, where'd they go somewhere else and score a Goal she definately is not the model you're looking for. If you want a model "seducing" the oponnent or "lure" it anywhere else, Angel again is not the model you're looking for. If you look for a model you can place in "snapshotrange", after scoring a first turn goal, which just says: Hi, I'm here. I'm DEF 6 and a real "snapshotthread" better do soething. Angel is definately the model you're looking for. At this point I wan't to make sure: I'm not trying to convince you all, that you have to play her. Nothing I write is ment irrefutable or absolut. I just want to let you know why I like her and why I think she is good as she is. Angel has momT on 1 hit which will deny placing a model in possession of the ball in 9" (or 11" with Quickfoot/Fisher's Reel or 13" when both or 15" when both+Call of the Sea) But this is theory, not a gameplan. You just can use it, if it occurs. (Passive 9" Aura of NOT STAY IN HERE WITH THE BALL) Place her in shot range to the enemy Goalpost and she is a "snapshot threat" while threatening the Ball in a certain area around her. This is a gameplan. DEF 5 or even 6 makes her really hard to get rid off. Important Result (KD, >>,...)on 3 hits with TAC 6 against DEF 6 is 6,228% chance. And even on 2 hits just gets to 26,32% with TAC6. While passing her the Ball, when she is engaged by one Model, still has a 80,24% to succeed. Although beeing engaged, by one model, a snapshot with bonustime still has 68,75%. Add "Supershot" and it goes up to 81,25%. (Passive GOAL THREAD) Sakana only gets to 25% or 50% with bonustime, when engaged. She is a "Snapshotmachine" who is very furious shooting goals. Due to beeing such a thread, the opponent has to do something against her. If he engages with only one model, she can still be a serious thread. If he engages with 2 models, the rest of the Pitch is empty for the rest of the fisherteam. (Passive CONTROL/DENIAL) Next Point DEF 5 or even 6: Pushing her out of goalrange isn't very effective or easy, see example above. Yes there are models able to KD,>>,.. on 1 hit, but then you can't just place her in Goalrange, you have to think a little about placing. Or maybe you pick someone else. And even if the oponnent manages to get rid of Angel (TO or push out of "Snapshotrange") it probably was very INF inefficent. Spending 4 INF to nonmom> Angel out of "Snapshotrange" but has to be done. That's another point of Angel bringing to the Pitch. Letting the opponent spend INF in an inefficent way. (Passive HARD TO GET RID OFF) All I have written above, seems more like "passives" than an active plan you follow. For me it's her "passives" what makes her shine. On top "light footed" so she ignores "Blasted Earth" She either is a hard thread on the enemy goal or "controlls/denies" the enemy by forcing the opponent to handle her somehow due to beeing such a thread. (see example above of engaging her but openning the Pitch) And all of that by just placing her in "snapshotrange" with Nimble and Supershot.That's why I love playing her. Her >< is not very likely to hapen but with a little help ( ganging up, KD, Singled Out, or combination of it) it happens more often than you would imagine. The possibility to give her 5 INF when starting next to Shark will allow you to activate her first (if you can move up tackle the ball and score a goal. Jog to engage, 1Nimble, 1Attack for momT, 1 Supershot, 1Goal, 1 reserve if need to sprint/charge or 2nd Attack if Counterattack...) So while borderline case, not useless. So no point for me that "needs" to be changed. All of this in mind I'd like to say asking for a change, only looking at the cards of the models is the wrong way. (No Offense here, just the impression i have) It is always how the model affect the match and Angel does this completely different to all other models of the Fish. But this always depends on your own playstyle and the opponent setup. Short to the match against JJ Layfield. I knew how good he is. And I knew Engis have the better odds to win. (personal opinion) That's why I decided not to go Corsair, what would have been "the standard choice". I thought I have to go full risk/reward and it payed off. I played Shark Tentacles Greyscales Sakana Siren and Angel. He played Ballista Mother Compound Hoist Ratchet and vVelocity (picked her last pick after i called Angel) He was suprised by my model choices and I think he really didn't expect my list. I did a snapshot goal with Angel in Turn 1 which had only 40,xx% chance to succeed. I did it because I knew I have to put up very high pressure or I will loose. Could have waited and just score next turn, but this is a lot if and when. I then started next turn and scored again with Shark and Legendary with 80% chance. 8-0 what allowed me to go full pressure on the ball. Then I missed a goal with similar odds, think this makes up for the snapshot turn 1 (again If and when) The next shot was a success 12-2. He was a little suprised and told me he hasn't seen something like this before. AND YES I KNOW I WAS LUCKY. Maybe @JJLayfield himself can write a little to the match. Don't want to embezzle something by not remember correctly. So that 's a lot of text and I hope I missed nothing. Sorry if it is a little muddled. Hope you can see what is my point (way of how to play a model). I'm interressted what you all think. Something you agree/disagree. Can't consider everything, so if I missed something specific you want to know my thoughts about let me know. With this I wish you all a good night. Greetings from Germany Ascobol
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    The Goal Post Thread

    just finished this off....
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    Pocket Guildball Rulebook

    I've been getting equally frustrated with the big floppy rulebook (as beautiful as it may be) and trying to swipe through the PDF on a tablet, and was thinking what I could do with was a nice small version of the rulebook to flick through when I needed to look something up at the table. With a bit of squeezing and reformatting I've managed to get the whole rulebook content down to 32 pages of A5. It's nothing like as pretty as the original, but should be fairly kind on your printer, with a splash of colour to keep it interesting. If you want a copy you can download it from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ynanmyhehahv14y/GB_pocket.pdf?dl=0 If anyone at Steamforged has a problem with me doing this, just let me know and I'll take it down. Cheerio, Ben
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Masons goal, you can turn the big roof to change the score in the window, my opponents say it's intimidating.
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    Hyrune's painted models

    Hi, Here is my first painted Guild Ball model, the mighty lady Ester. I followed the very good tutorial video from Kujo for the Tartan pattern, available here. I'm currently on Hooper, but I'm very slow.
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    Hunter's Guild Goals

    Ive not done my goal yet, but ive done my Hunters ball
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    Collated Season 3 Spoilers

    I'm surprised nobody seems to have done this already, but I thought it would be worth putting together a list to collate all the spoilers, seen and heard, for Season 3. I'll post it first empty first, then go about collating what we know and edit the post, but feel free to chip in and I'll try to keep the first post updated. ALCHEMISTS Midas Blog article including full card: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/2016/11/14/the-man-with-the-midas-touch Smoke Front of card seen on shop image for S3 cards: http://store.guildball.com/new-releases/-season-3-player-card-deck (seems to be identical to S2 version barring Icy Sponge changes). Flask card fully spoiled: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d6ad1b631b37ff4364a8/1476843198974/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d6c9ebbd1a790b74e961/1476843228646/?format=500w Mercury full card seen: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35238-season-3-dont-worry-we-havent-alchemissed-you/ BREWERS Partial card info for several players: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/34996-season-3-brewers-changes/&do=findComment&comment=88251 Tapper full card seen: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/34996-season-3-brewers-changes/&do=findComment&comment=88813 (shows changes to Commanding Aura that will likely have implications for other players) Friday loses mom on 2 DMG result. Hooper front of card seen: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/57fee5d1f7e0abb9f7acdfcb/1476322844109/Hooper_S3?format=500w Mash note changes to Long Bomb as seen on Ratchet (unconfirmed that Mash will keep Long Bomb). Spigot front of card: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CwBz1KpWIAAc5CD.jpg:large (shows changes to Ball's Gone and Tooled up that will likely have implications for other players) Stave seen at Spiel, reported unchanged Stoker full card seen (albeit in S1/2 card format): https://thebattlehammer.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/gbseason1-cards-brewers-stoker4.pdf New player Pintpot: http://store.guildball.com/brewers-guild/pintpot BUTCHERS Fillet full card shown: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5822f4ff2994ca525dd00a74/1478685956268/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5822f51e9de4bb3933799980/1478685985082/?format=500w Princess full card shown: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d7dce3df28f4c604ef76/1476843504048/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d7ae3e00becea2cb1df6/1476843454559/?format=500w Boar full card seen: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35176-season-3-boar/&do=findComment&comment=90958 (includes change to Life Drinker which may have implications for other models) Boiler Blog post on Fillet and Minx (http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/2016/11/9/8g5v9hu7qca0ykq7z0bqbrnpqak8z4) mentions that Fillet will still have access to Swift Stance, suggesting that Boiler retains this play. Meathook full card seen: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35123-meathook-revealed/&do=findComment&comment=90078 v.Brisket note changes to Ball's Gone on Spigot (unconfirmed that v.Brisket will keep Ball's Gone) ENGINEERS Ratchet full card spoiled: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35125-season-3-ratchet/&do=findComment&comment=90089 (includes changes to LongBomb which will likely have implications for other models, also includes previously seen changes to Tooled Up and Creation) FISHERMEN Salt card fully spoiled: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d8a6e4fcb54c53110c99/1476843711455/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d8cb579fb31fdfe91776/1476843745543/?format=500w Greyscales note changes to Ball's Gone on Spigot card (unconfirmed that Greyscales will keep Ball's Gone). Kraken Full card spoiled: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35273-season-3-release-the-kraken/&do=findComment&comment=92617 HUNTERS Fahad full card seen: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d5b1f5e2310c4eb4411f/1476842950135/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5806d5e3e58c62d93f0f62a0/1476842999041/?format=500w Seenah full card seen: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35212-season-3-seeeeeeeeenaaaaaaah/&do=findComment&comment=91698 MASONS Partial card info for several players: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CuJYqI1UAAAoMH0.jpg Honour front of card seen: http://theblackorifice.co.uk/honour.png (I'm sure the back has been seen, too, as I'm fairly sure Responsive Play has been dropped for Poised, perhaps someone else can supply a link) Marbles loses Tooled up but gains Go Ape, which gives him Countercharge if within 4" of Brick. Front of card yet to be seen. (http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35193-back-of-marbles-card/&do=findComment&comment=91253. Flint Mat confirmed Flint is 4/8" KICK but loses Super Shot on Singled Out Podcast. Harmony full card spoiled: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/57ff3471d1758eabfac83f11/1476342923330/Harmony_Front_S3?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/57ff349b6b8f5b964da704e5/1476342967749/Harmony_Back_S3?format=500w Tower full card seen (albeit in S1/2 card format): https://thebattlehammer.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/gbseason1-cards-masons-tower3.pdf New player Granite: http://store.guildball.com/masons-guild/granite MORTICIANS Vileswarm: full card seen: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/580a4864197aeaafb111c74a/1477068917448/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/580a4c43f5e231d0f4b83c7d/1477069914372/GB-S3-Morticians-Vileswarm-back.jpg?format=500w Cosset full card seen: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/58106b81be6594a6e2aa6d77/1477471110389/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/58106b699de4bb7cf18063d1/1477471087645/?format=500w (Includes changes to Crazy that may have implications for other models, but changes to playbook length for Crazy have been confirmed as NOT necessarily indicative of how other models might be changed) Graves confirmed by Mat that he will have Tooled Up (see Spigot for S3 rules for this play) v.Graves full card seen: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/580a47b8d1758e8877060f72/1477068747189/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/580a47d7d1758e88770610b3/1477068778124/?format=500w (includes changes to Creation that impacts on other models) UNION Selective: There is no longer a Selective trait on a model, instead guilds will have a reference card each season showing the union models they may use (mentioned in Harry the Hat spoiler thread: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35297-season-3-who-has-the-best-hat-in-town/) Blackheart Full card seen, and blog post discussing his design: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/2016/11/16/a0qlkkqiyjx6c4ese7mzh5r4mnigsr Rage note changes to Tooled Up seen on Spigot and Ratchet (unconfirmed that Rage will keep Tooled Up). New Rage Limited Edition model available at Steamcon Gutter note changes to Life Drinker on Boar (unconfirmed that Gutter will keep Life Drinker). Harry the Hat full card spoiled: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35297-season-3-who-has-the-best-hat-in-town/ Minx full card seen: (front) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5822f5439de4bb3933799a24/1478686029605/?format=500w and (back) https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5822f55b2994ca525dd00c6d/1478686046489/?format=500w
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    Deflater Mouse

    Guild Ball in the town square

    Thought I'd show off my new pitch... The edge of the center square marks deployment lines, the French drains mark the goal line, and there's a subtle brick pattern for the goal locations... Brickwork was made with sticky back foam, then sand and PVA for grout... Hope you like it...
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    Hi all! I wanted to make a collected thread for my series of articles while I'm writing them over at Midwest Wargaming, both to not clog up the forum and to keep discussion in one place. I've just put out the second article, with the link below. Please let me know what you think, what you'd add to the article, and maybe what you'd like to read next! I know strategy tips aren't necessary for everyone (and I'm sure a lot of you already know this stuff), but I'm hoping to slowly expand to general Morticians stuff. I just really love our guild! On to the links: #1: What to Do With Rigor Mortis #2: How to Win Turns and Knock People Down #3: Presenting Threats and the Tug-of-War of Positioning #4: The Curious Case of Doctor Graves #5: Scalpel Review and Tips #6: Scoring Thanks a ton for the read!
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    This was a lot of fun to do. I went with the Tortoise and the Hare.
  19. 19 points
    Broken Clock

    My Fangtooth Mod!!

    I promised I would post this. I don't normally do this, but I'm really proud of the results! It's Fangtooth having his brains eaten by our beloved mascot! I carved out his belly with a knife and drill and then made some intestines out of green stuff. I did the same thing with a few other places on his body. I wanted to make it look like the chains were holding him together. I then carved out a hole in his head and sculpted a little brain. I glued a raven on his shoulder and then used UHU glue to make a brain string. It's all turned out great and I'm happy with my first model modification.
  20. 19 points
    I glad we have this opportunity to be so up in arms about toy soldiers. I think the harsh reality many people turn a blind eye to is that Steamforged isn't making this game for you specifically. Sure, they want your support and enjoyment of the game, but were you to leave the game tomorrow forever, life would go on and Steamforged would continue. This hurts people's feelings, because Steamforged (or any business really) makes decisions on what's best for the company as a whole. You as an individual do not factor into the calculation at all. And the reality of business is that ideals change as time, experience, and real life factor into them, so there's nothing wrong with Steamforged changing a stance on something (say convention exclusives) if that's the decision they want to make to give those people willing to spend money on an untested convention put on by a small company a special thank you by allowing ONE model to start off as limited to SteamCon goers. That's it, one model (well, you know A&G). Everything else will be available online, and A&G will likely be available online during future conventions, like other models. You'll just have to wait. And that's the real rub of it: many of you are being selfish, self-centered brats stomping your feet because someone is telling you "No, you can't have that." You are missing the forest for the tree by ignoring that so many good things are coming from SF because there's one or two things you may have to wait for. You should be ashamed of your behavior. I'm just going to ignore this childishness and keep waiting for the S3 cards to be released FOR FREE next Monday so I can keep playing this awesome game that these folks are working damn hard to make it the best they can for everyone who plays.
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    New Hunters info in SFG blog

    He's about to excel at being brutally taken out of my team
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    Welcome to the Farmer Sub-Forum

    Welcome to the Farmer's Guild Sub-Forum! We thought it was time to start sowing the seeds of excitement, so here is a clear version of Windle, you have to admit he looks prett sWHEAT. Like damp hay we spoiled Windle on our recent Facebook Live video showing off the Season 3 Rule Book. The book is packed full of brand new stories, a full colour map (including National Emblems to paint on your National Team) and all characters have had their personal 'fluff' updated to fit with the timeline.
  23. 18 points

    Captain Rage's Bloody Coin

    The wording on this Heroic Play is, sadly, not as precise as it should be. I take responsibility for this since I was involved in checking the card before it went to print, and I'm supposed to be good at this sort of thing. We've been, well, hectic is the word really, since a great deal of the Season 2 models and core rules have been getting locked in over the last few weeks. That doesn't necessarily excuse this, but I hope it helps explain it. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, and this has been one of them. I can only apologise for the lack of clarity. This will be reflected in an upcoming errata, but until then, please play this Heroic Play with the following wording: "When making an Attack against an enemy model that is engaged by one or more other friendly Guild models, this model gains [+1] TAC and [+1] DMG to Playbook damage results."
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    Bob Hambleton

    Blinging up Dark Souls

    This may not be the most sensible thing I've done. Still, just painting the minis didn't seem enough somehow.
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    So i started working on a website last week as i (and a number of other players in my area) had no way of easily accessing the player cards on our android phones/tablets. The website only shows the season 1 cards but will soon be updated to allow players to save their own teams and then track player wounds/icy sponge tokens. The website requires an active internet connection for now but once the above has been done i will make it available offline for those who want it. http://cards.playguildball.com/ I have not heard back from Steamforged Games on the website yet (I have contacted them by email, but no response yet) so the website may be taken offline at any time in the future if they do not want it. EDIT: I have published my first version to Android. Currently you can download the app at http://tavern.playguildball.com/ and currently works like the app showing current players, minus Corsair who will be available when the next version is released. Please give me feedback on the app and any changes you would like to see. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have any problems or any ideas for the website please leave a post below.
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    Terrain and Scoreboard

    Took some time out from painting minis to make a set of tournament equivalent terrain...and something to help keep track of scores. Fast Ground Obstacles Rough Ground LOS Blocker Tourney Terrain Magnetic Scoreboard
  27. 17 points

    The new mascot

    "Please let its stats be really bad, i have a wife and 8 kids, i have to play with my team"
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    Once I went to Kyoto on holiday. Got in after a long flight and not much sleep and decided I wanted to get out and see the city then and there. Didn't really check a map because I was sure that I would be able to find all the awesome stuff without it. Ended up in the industrial part of the city. It was drab and ugly and nowhere near what I had imagined. I was bitterly disappointed - like, just gutted that this legendary city was in no way what I imagined it to be. Next day I went up the Kyoto Tower and got an awesome look at the whole of the city from up high. Did my research. Ended up at an ancient temple pretty soon after that, went to the Kyoto markets, even found some sweet bikes to ride. Turns out Kyoto is awesome. Your post reminds me of that first day in Kyoto, when I was full of assumptions but didn't really know anything. Climb the tower, friend. Climb the tower.
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    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I know a number of apps have bean posted but this is my version For android and on the web, an app for viewing Guild Ball Cards and resources and tracking basic stats during a game. Features Season 3 Card viewing Roster Creation with Plot cards HP tracking Score keeping (Goals, VP, and MP) Clock - implements the standard Guild Ball Clock Quick Reference Rules reference Organized play reference Download links and a bit more info can be found on my website and - Direct link to Google Play 2/23/2016 - updated to fix the health modifying on the roster screen (found by DamasterZ) 2/23/2016 - fixed spelling and minor content issues (found by tonio) 2/29/2016 - fixed shanks stats (Razcalking), added some confirmations to the roster screen (henke), and updated to the latest card data (Includes new players) 4/26/2016 - updated to add Season 2 rules and cards, as well as FAQ's etc.., also some minor fixes to card viewing / navigation as well as fixing a bug with the timer, updated to the release build insteat of a dev build 4/28/2016 - updated to better support the big league, including plot deck building, plot generation for a match, and basic sponsership for players, as well as full plot display (season 1 & 2) 5/6/2016 - updated to version 2, better interface and more extensible, yadda yadda its better, take it at that. 5/9/2016 - fixed a couple of minor bugs 6/8/2016 - fixed quick ref cards not displaying, and added compound into the alchamists roster 7/1/2016 - fixed season 1 plot cards and big league card viewing, fixed vitriol's stats and sakana HP 11/29/2016 - updated to season 3 cards and plots
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    How do i play Smoke well?

    Alright, let's take a quick crack at this question. I played a smoke skew list at WTC this past weekend going 4-1 losing only to a player on Germany1. Smoke has a unique play style that is somewhat counter-intuitive to how you win guild ball games with any other captain. This is both a blessing and a curse since it makes her difficult to learn to play and difficult to play against. Let's start with the list. Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Katalyst 2, Harry. Flask: We could play naja here for more ball protection but sic'em is too good on flask to leave him at home and oddly putting 5 influence on Mercury is sometimes really good. Plus the cloud brings influence efficiency to Smoke. Calculus: one of only 3 models in the faction that can proc Smoke's aura you need to take her. Also blind is really good. Mercury: Same as above but the ability to knock someone down with Harry then reliably put 10 damage on them with Mercury will surprise people, but he is mostly here for that sweet fire Aoe. Katalyst 2: Is bad for a lot of reasons but he is good for just 1, witness me, and that is why he is on the team. The ability to remove himself from the pitch thus preventing your opponent from farming momentum off of him, clearing your conditions, and taking control of the game is extremely powerful. The downside to this list is if you never get witness me off you will not win. Harry: Harry is not what he once was but he still reliably pushes allowing you to set up vet kat and allowing him to use his furious. Also, don't forget that he can easily condition players by placing his Molotov and pushing them into it or just pushing someone into Mercury or Calculus' auras. He also brings a second fire AOE which is very important more on that later. The only time the list changes is if you are playing against butchers. Compound will come in for harry since compound hoses Filet so badly. Overall Gameplan The list is a very painful attrition list. We are shooting for 3 takeouts, and a goal. This is our point breakdown. 4pt goal 4pt Witness me takeout 4pt 2 take outs using conditions and Smoke feat. This can also come from a second witness me. It is a bit of a pipe dream but I think you will be surprised with how often you get it. Smoke, her Conditions, her Legendary and You. Activating smoke can get very complicated but the general idea goes like this. Allocate her four, leave the ball on her as much as you can, then activate her last. If at any moment you realize that if you do not activate her she will die or the goal will be taken away from you activate her and take the goal. To take the goal you need 3 influence and in all honesty, you can really get away with 3 on smoke almost always, but the 4th influence allows a lot of flexibility and gives you a chance to fix your mistakes. The reason we always activate Smoke last is that it gives them no time to respond to the conditions we place on their players. They can bring a player with smelling salts but if you have the last activation it doesn't really do anything. Having the last activation with her can also make her legendary substantially stronger. If say you are going to legendary on 3 players who do not have poison on them pushing the clouds onto them effectively makes you legendary do 5 damage. This 3 player legendary is 15 damage! That's insane! No dice involved, ignores tough hide, and this legendary is fairly mediocre. But the most important part of the legendary is to hold it for as long as you can. Ideally, you want to end the game by using the legendary and taking the goal. Let's Talk Allocation. With the exception of turn 1 which has a few different permutations, your allocation will be 4 on Smoke, 3 on Calculus, 2 on Mercury, 2 on Harry, 2 On Kat. This allows for maximum condition placement and is a full allocation to Kat. Calc can blind and AOE, Merc can AOE or charge (looking for the 2 damage double push to set up Kat,) and Harry can attack and Molotov or just charge. You can stray from this but you very rarely will. Placing AOE's Mercury and Calculus want to place their AOE's on players to gain the momentum, but be careful placing them on fast players. We are trying to deny them as much momentum as possible and often placing in front of fast high defense models is just better. Also when placing AOE's be as far away as possible this will force them deeper into your lines once they get to you. Make them go first There are only 2 situations where you want to go first. Kat can witness me someone as the first activation or allowing them to go first will be a total disaster and you can prevent it by going first. This is to guarantee the last activation for smoke and to keep that condition damage coming. Kicking vs Receiving This list wants to receive so bad. But it is not a total disaster if you do not. The main thing you need to admit to yourself is that you have no ability to fight for the ball. Your tackles are actively bad and more than half your list is tac 4 or lower. So when you kick keep the ball as close to you as you can and steer clear of the goal. You want them to take an early goal before they close with you. If they are wise to what you are doing and use the ball to fight you stand in cover and make sure that Kat threatens to kill anyone that they send in. It is also important to keep in mind that Harry, Calculus, and Mercury are very hard to kill with just one model. Most captains will need 2 damage buffs to get there and that will likely give you the time you need to get that target out of harms way. Plot Cards The 2 most important plot cards to have for this list are Knee slider and sic'em. Knee slider is a card that can ruin your game if they have it and they received allowing them to take their goal and not give you any points in return. When combined with a superstar captain it is incredibly dangerous. Ironically though it does almost nothing for the list since you will only be taking a goal to win discard it if you draw it, but pay very close attention if you don't have it. Sic'em is just pure @VanV alue. With all the conditions flying around a flask charge can be world ending. My personal record is 30 damage. After those 2 the cards are about the same as usual. Who are ya is always great, Match fixing really helps when recieving since the list is not the most mobile, and good marker can really help keep an AOE thrower safe for a turn. Bad Matchups So your worst matchup is still Corsair. Tough hide, sturdy, close control is just a huge kick in the nuts for alchemists and this list doesn't fix that. Also with lure, drag, and rough seas, he doesn't have to play the threat range game and it is hard to starve him for the ball. Engineers can be tough since reanimate is strong vs conditions and there is a lot of tough hide in that faction. I still think it's a 50/50 match heavily depending on who has the ball. It is also not really that great into the mirror since lure of gold really skews the threat range game plus they have a model that is essentially immune to fire. Ok wow. I did not intend for this to turn into a full blow tactica but here you go. If you have any questions about the list let me know. There are also 2 good smoke games on my YouTube channel that you can check out.
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    Journey into the painted world.

    Of miniatures... Got my box a few days ago and decided to paint it all up. My hands aren't as steady as they once were so I rarely do fiddly edge highlighting and try to keep it as simple as possible. Will most likely be tackling all the original dark souls miniatures before moving onto the newer baddies. The Chosen Undead. Executioner Smough Dragonslayer Ornstein Duo shot
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    I've recently been on the receiving end of an unexpected and amazing display of generosity from members of this community, and I would like to express my thanks to these members who decided to help out a complete stranger... About a month ago, as I was on my way to a local tournament here in Montreal and, as I am wont to do, I foolishly fell asleep in the subway on my way there. Unfortunately, as I came back to my senses a station away from destination, I realized that the case I'd been carrying my team in had been had been stolen, probably by someone expecting some expensive electronics or musical instrument in there (it was a TABLEWAR hard case). Not only was Benoit, a local pundit, gracious enough to lend me a team so I could at least get to play, but @Tonio, the Pundit who was running the event, reached out to fellow Pundits and managed to get a replacement team sent his way on my behalf. So, last Thursday, he handed the models he had received, along with a few extra freebies the generous donors had decided to include too. Thank you, so much, to both Jesse Heis, owner of Freecity Games in Victoria, Australia, and to Nicholas Robertson, Pundit operatinf off of the Hobby Bunker, in Malden, Massachusetts, who volunteered a full replacement of the team I lost (I never played or purchased Hammer, the only model missing here), including not only some new off-the shelf models, but an almost fully painted team to boot! While postal services broke Honour off her base, everything else is in top condition and I'll be giving that team new life on a pitch here in Montreal as soon as my schedule allows! If anyone knows either of these two gentlemen, please tag 'em so I can send thanks their way directly!
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    A model cannot generate VPs from inflicting the taken-out condition on Memory, including from any abilities like Witness Me!, Gravedigger, etc etc. The friendly team would still generate 1 MP from inflicting the taken-out condition on Memory, however. And would gain any bonuses to this, like from Shelling Out.
  34. 16 points

    Is "Snap To" an action?

    Snapping the ball is not an action. As an aside, good lord folks, chill out. We're playing a game of toys. There's absolutely no need to get heated about, well, anything.
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    My focus here was to create a display base and accessories to enhance the models through a strong theme. Because this game is new to me, I used greenstuff only on the display and extras, leaving the miniatures purely stock. I had two concepts for my Fishermen's goal. This Corsair ship w harpoon cannon was the second. The challenging part was getting a boat to fit on a 50mm base within just doing a dissection of a larger ship. This is more of a one man skiff. I wanted to highlight the ball from the team and so I threw it in the water surrounded by sharks. It flows into the the rest of the team on the dock through the fishing crane, which is there purely for aesthetics.
  36. 16 points

    Hyrune's painted models

    Hooper is done. The model was super fun to paint. I tried to learn as much as possible on this model. Honestly, I feel guilty for copying so much from the Kujo's version. For the face, I experimented the stubble with a small beard and brushy eyebrows. (I think Hooper is not supposed to look like a nice guy to meet on the pitch). I used the videos from Kujo to do the wooden parts and the tartan pattern; available here and here I'm now painting Friday.
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    Hello. The reason I left this thread open was because we've been discussing Counter-attacking Counter-attacks for a while, and have come to an agreement that this is unintuitive and leads to other interactions we don't feel are right. Therefore, we are ruling that it is no longer legal to declare a counter attack against a counter attack. Thank you.
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    Morticans and mercenaries

    Hi there! I started to paint a team of Morticans with 6 minis: Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Cosset, Graves and Silence. Four are finished but I will maybe add some tatoos around the eyes, like "the Crow". The bases are not done yet. I still don't know exactly how they will be, but with some snow. I will do them when the painting will be finished. Tell me what you think! Obulus: Cosset: Silence: Graves:
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    Collected Guild Ball Resources

    Surprised we don't yet have one of these so here we go. If you wish to have anything added or links are wrong, either post or drop me a message :-) 3rd Party Tokens: Who Cares Who Wins Token Sets, Support the podcast become a Friend of the Show! Bendy Boards, Tokens, Templates and Trays (UK) Counter Attack - Tokens and Templates (UK) Custom Guild Ball Pitch (Instructions to order via a printer) Armada Games - Templates and Tokens (USA) Advanced Deployment (USA) Solid Ground Studios - Terrain (UK) Blotz - Tokens and Templates (UK) Art of War Studios - Tokens and Templates (UK) Broken Egg Games - Tokens and Terrain (USA) Youtube Channels Guild Ball Informer Steamforged Battlehammer Hot Gates Gaming Armada Games GBHL Crit Damage Who Cares Who Wins Podcasts Guild Ball Tonight Who Cares Who Wins The Kick Off Singled Out Flock and Awe (Not GB dedicated) Blogs OzBall - Australian News and Resources Parting Blow The Wargaming Monkey Lead Dice And Beers Dead Tau Musings of a Bear Momentous Dodge Guildball New Zealand Mountaineers Guild Singled Out Icy Sponge Frozen Pitch Facebook Groups Guild Ball Supporters (Public) Guild Ball Player's Club (Closed) Guild Ball Informer (Closed) Misc. Guild Ball Pundit Map Guild Ball Players Map Rankings Guild Ball RPG - Fan made Pocket Rulebook - Fan made Google+ Community Page Pocket Rulebook - Fan made (Printer Friendly)
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    I just thought as Santa revs up the sleigh and 2017 goes off to the hall of the ancients, I would post a cheerful thank you for all the things I love about GB. Firstly, thank you for the Longshanks website @RedSam . Even thought it torpedoed my ranking (lols! ) it's a fantastic site and I'm glad we have an alternative to TieBreak as well as somewhere for armchair coaches to mull over stats. Great work - thanks for the effort. On to App makers. OMG I bloody love apps. While I prefer cards be used in play (so you don't make it obvious or remind someone how close to death a player is), being able to look up cards and theoryball on the train is brilliant. That they even allow rules looks ups and hobby organisation - all for free - is simply amazing. You guys work hard and I know I can't imagine living without them now. Thank you for your free time and hard work. SFG - yep I've not forgotten you. While I might disagree with you over er, certain work, I am ever grateful you have created and continue to support a great game that has introduced me to a world of new friends and like minded coaches. Thanks for the beautiful models and design work. Thank you also for not being too proud to change your game when needed - it shows you really care. My fellow Pundits. Pundits are key to pushing this game out to the local FLGS and clubs and they work bloody hard so everyone gets to play toy soldiers. I am glad we have a group of such dedicated players that are keen to promote a game they love. While we might not always agree with each other over certain er, policies, I know we are all working towards making this a successful game and I can call upon help for my local area if needed. 3rd party support. How would I play this game without widgets?!? You know bizarrely I think my favourite thing about GB is that I haven't used a tape measure in 3 years. It's just so nice to make neat movements (well I try). All the tokens and widgets really help me keep track of this game and while not essential, I love them. Thank you for you faith in this game and I hope we both continue to profit from its success (you with $$$, me with even MORE tokens). Finally my fellow players. What would this game be without such a fantastic group of lovely people. I've met so many of you over the years and I am thankful for it. What is a game without an opponent - and you guys are the best. We love a bit of rough and tumble on the forums/Facebook but we all have our heart in the same place. I'm especially glad to have such a great group of people playing this game - and I look forward to meeting new players we bring in. So, while I might not be as active a player in 2018 (wait until I raise my new minion to conquer the GB world in 2028!) I really hope I can get out and continue to play this brilliant game with you fantastic people. Roll on 2018! Chris
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Hey guys, first time poster but I was directed here by the GuBS facebook group Here's my two goal posts, one for my fishermen, the second one for the Union:
  42. 15 points

    Thank you Steamforged

    Thank you Steamforged. The last few months things have just been awesome! Pitch formations was a great new idea, and involving the community in the playtest process for the first time since the kickstarter was welcome. GICs are another great little addition to the game, and again the playtest opportunity very welcome. When they first came out there were, shall we say, one or two I wasn't keen on, and given that the thing I was most bothered by (bonus vps) seemed so fundamental to the approach that is thought it'd never get changed. But I made my arguments, other agreed and Steamforged listened. Now I am genuinely excited to play the game with GICs. But the biggest takeaway from the process is how much Steamforged have listened. There's a ton of salt to wade through on the first draft and differentiating genuine issues and concerns from overreactions must have been quite the task. And now I get to play in a tournament testing them out, too. Finally, we've got the Union in Chains... just WOW! The butchers civil war was a lot of fun, but then I'm a butchers player. This year we've got so many more guilds directly involved, and a tantalising mystery as to what the "prize" at the end of it all might be. Some of the banter already kicking off between butchers and fishermen is awesome and I take my hat off to the those involved - you've made my week. I almost don't want to know the final outcome because it's so much fun speculating. Almost. And shortly down the road is Steamcon. A Skulk model for everyone, blacksmiths and farmers 2 on pre-release (hopefully), and a new model to be designed for next year. And undoubtedly a whole host of spoilers: Ratcatchers guild? New 6 man boxes for each guild? What has happened to the Union? I just can't contain myself. So thank you Steamforged, you're smashing it right now! Much love, Ben
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    Assessing the new plastics

    I’ve gone on a bit of a journey since the announcement of the new guilds, so I thought I’d offer my thoughts now I’ve had chance to prep/paint/play with the metals, resins and plastics. Full disclosure – I’m primarily a painter, but I do sometimes play as well. Being a picky display painter, I heard the phrase “pre-assembled plastic” with a sinking dread. I’ve worked on Super Dungeon Explore stuff, and PP’s restic, and the thought of that amount of work disassembling or cleaning respectively, was not a happy one. Since I was at Gencon though, I wanted to get a look at the blacksmiths to assess them properly, buying them if I liked them. I never trust photos, too many models photograph badly and look nice in real life. Plastics reflect light very oddly when fresh from the mould, so I like to rely on good old-fashioned eyeballs. These scores out of ten are my personal opinions having tried all three materials, and thinking about them in the context of various types of use. They're a bit of a blunt tool, but you get the picture. Poses – Resins 7, Metals 7, Plastics 6 – some static, some more active (looking at you, ferrite). For the most part, not bad although I don’t think we’ve seen the best it can get so far. And no tiny contact points, even when I cut the little furnace off Ferrite’s knee when I change the base. Casting Quality – Resins 9, Metals 8, Plastics 6 – It’s a little softer on the sharp edges, but the plastic hasn’t lost the detail of the originals. Just the crispness a little. Prep – Resins 7, Metals 5, Plastics 6 – Having to get into the mould lines under assembled parts costs plastic here, though it’s much easier to carve and file into shape than the metal. Resin of course can snap while scraping, which plastic won’t. Assembly – Resins 7, Metals 6, Plastics 10 – Plastic of course is stupidly easy to assemble, it’s already done. Not so much difference between the others, but resin takes glue better so it leads by a point. Converting – Resins 8, Metals 6, Plastics 7 – The pre-assembly makes extensive conversions trickier, but a lot of more minor recutting, posing etc is not actually difficult. Metals take too much work to cut and reassemble to come close, although nice soft unassembled resin is still the best option. Painting – Resins 8, Metals 8, Plastics 8 – Metals tend to rub and chip more, as the paint doesn’t bind quite so well and the weight makes any little impact more damaging. It would cost it half a point, but I didn’t want to use halves so it’s a three way tie. Basing – Resins 7, Metals 7, Plastics 6 – not much in it really, but I did need to strip the bases off the models (which is really quite easy) so it lost a point there. Weight – Resins 9, Metals 6, Plastics 9 – I personally don’t like heavy models, and don’t instinctively equate weight to quality. They’re harder to balance on interesting bases, they like to topple when sitting on a pin vice during painting, and so on. Survivability – Resins 6, Metals 8, Plastics 9 – The thinner resin parts can be a pain, and once they snap there’s no getting them to hold back together again. The metals stand up to minor knocks better, but If they get dropped they’re done for. The plastics I dropped, poked, even bent the thin parts a bit and they settled back into shape happily. Display painted pieces (Casting, Prep, Conversion, Painting, Basing): Resin 39/50, Metals 34/50, Plastics 33/50 Resin is always the choice for display pieces, but second place is really a choice of the slightly higher cast quality or the much easier prep and conversion work. Depends on the specific project, I’d say, but typically Metal would win out here. Assembly isn’t included as I’m assuming anyone painting for display is able to glue models together Best Painted Team at events (Casting, Prep, Painting, Basing, Survivability): Resin 37/50, Metals 36/50, Plastics 35/50 The need to move them to the occasional event skews things towards metal and plastic more, so at this point it’s really about the exact circumstances – if you’re flying, weight can become a factor. If it’s a long bus ride, survivability is more useful. Given how close it is, I’m not bothering picking a winner here. It really depends on personal circumstances. Regular gaming teams (Assembly, Painting, Basing, Weight, Survivability): Resin 37/50, Metals 35/50, Plastics 42/50) The convenience, lightness and toughness of the plastics puts them ahead. As an extra bonus, I played a game with them the day I bought them - not so easy with the other two materials. Granted, I prefer to play with painted teams, but I could buy a new guild at a convention and have it on the table immediately without needing tools, glue or any time and effort. Made things more fun. Summary – The models lose a little crispness of detail in plastic, but gain some advantages in convenience and survivability. I don’t think they’re going to result in a poorly cast, low grade model range as I’ve had worse casts in metal from many companies (my Ghast needed several belt buckles slicing off and resculpting thanks to pitting from the cooling process). Given the resin’s issues in terms of breakage, hidden air bubbles and strange reaction to paint stripping, that’s not without its problems either. All in all, the plastics are great for gamers, and only a minor change for painters. Later today or tomorrow I'll have some painted plastic on my thread in the Display Cabinet, and there's some nicely painted Farmers already kicking about in there A little guide to working with the plastics: Cleanup is best done with an old knife blade and some needle files, scraping/slicing the majority of the mould lines away and finishing up with a sharp edge or round file as needed. A damp toothbrush is useful for scrubbing the dust/flakes away and giving you a good look at what you’ve done. Give the model another scrub in soapy cold water and rinse it off to make sure any mould release and cleanup residue is gone. Any bent parts (Furnace’s sword seems to be regularly guilty of this) respond well to hot (not quite boiling) water for 5-15 seconds, followed by holding it in place until it cools again. Green stuff goes on as normal, no problems getting it to stick to the plastic. Primer is standard, I airbrush on Stynylrez primer and it holds beautifully. Painting as normal didn’t seem to bother the plastics, I did exactly the same style as I have with my morticians and the results were pretty much identical. Basing is already done for you, but if like me you want your own custom bases, removal is easy. Clip the underside lugs, give it a quick prod with a knife down the sides of the foot lugs if there’s any visible glue, then gently pry it loose: Given the way primer and paint went on, I’m not anticipating any issues sealing the paintwork with varnish.
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    Someone go look in on the Mason forum and see if they are happy about the 10 man roster change. I am too afraid to venture there.
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    Who Dis.?

    Man, I thought we weren't giving away spoilers at Salute, but now everyone knows he has 1 ARM.
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    He got the bear necessities, those simple bear necessities: a free push and a truncated play book. (Yeah, man!) I mean the bear necessities, the Hunter Guild's old recipes, to rob unfriendly models of their life. ... I regret nothing.
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    After a much longer time than I thought it would take I've finally managed to finish off Seenah. This model is my favourite of the group I think, an incredible amount of movement in such a big model and absolutely packed with detail. Just Fahad to go and the team is complete .
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    Hope you like it.
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    Your statement regarding 3000 rules queries is misleading. Of course that's the total number of posts in the rules forum which dates back to pre the game release and includes discussions on the pre release versions of the rules. Unfortunately it also includes the number of posts in the internal rules discussion sub forum. ' Respectfully it additionally it covers the many, and there are many, repeats of the same questions getting asked. Extracts from the rules thread have been used in the creation of both the errata and the rules clarification document A more representative set of numbers to quote are: - the eratta contains 25 points which have been serious enough to warrant formal recognition and correction. These points are wordings will be corrected as identified above. - the collected clarifications thread contains a list of commonly asked questions and the official responses. There are 80 or so of these in total. Probably half of these deal with things already covered by the rules which for whatever reason people have repeatedly asked questions about. That leaves probably 40 or so things that have needed consideration and response from the lawyers. The vast majority of these things have been flagged for tightening in the future. Critically for a game that's actually very complicated and has only been out for 8 months or so there are only therefore 65 or so (25 errata and 40 clarifications) things that people playing competitively have needed responses to. Unlikely as it sounds non of these things have been brought in to correct a massive exploit or balance issue that if not corrected resulted in a broken game. Now to my mind for people playing casually, or just getting into the game they don't actually make much difference and so don't need to be worried about. Those people playing competitively they are all captured and collated into once place for ease of reference and the card updates are freely available for download and print out. of course it would be great if the game was perfect with no ambiguities or inconsistencies and needed no tweaks for balance. However realistically this will never be the case and I look at other games, pp stuff, malifaux, infinity, pretty much any game you can think of and they have all required corrections and adjustments in their first incarnation (and second or third in some cases) i do not realistically think the number of rules questions in unreasonable and I absolutely believe everything is being done to minimise the impact on the game. Despite this impact actually being a very small impact as I have identified above.
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    Hyrune's painted models

    Friday is done. With Rage, she is my favorite Guild Ball miniate. Hope you like her as much as I do Now painting Stave. Note: I had to use photobucket to host the pictures but I have no idea how to scale them down a bit in the forum post :s