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    So this isn't necessarily about Guild Ball but it is happening as a direct result of my going to SteamCon. Nearly 4 years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a really great girl who supports me in everything I do. She is coming with to Chicago but not attending SteamCon, as she is going to be doing a lot of shopping and doesn't care for miniatures. This Sunday night we are going ice skating at Millennium Park after the convention and I'm going to ask her to be my wife. I'm pretty excited and I spend more time here (to my boss's dismay) than I do with most of my friends and I consider a lot of you to be brothers and sisters in our big Guild Ball forum family. Just thought I'd share with everyone. I'll post pictures sometime Monday morning as I am feeling pretty confident. **Added an image, others on my friends' phones. Will put them up when I can. Center ice was a little crowded to do it in front of everyone so I pretended my lace came undoneand when I got down to "tie it" I popped the question. Great grandma's ring. She was as happy as can be. Had great friends willing to just hang out for a bit to get pictures. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Had a great weekend.
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    Idea for Thresher Change

    I'm gonna say a couple things I said over the weekend while at SCUS, because obviously this is a super hot topic right now. 1. If the rules for Obulus or Corsair or Ballista or insert-good-captain here were released 6 months ago and one of the best players in the world picked them up and played 50-60 games with them while most other people had only played 2-3 games against them, yeah, that person would probably do pretty well with that captain too. 2. Thresher requires players to modify the way they play against him. Playing the usual way you're used to playing the game will probably net you a lot of losses against him. I believe as players get more experience against him in the next few months, this will start showing. 3. It's much, much too early to nerf anything right now. Obviously, we'd be fools to ignore the high win rate, but we'd also be fools to hastily nerf something in a panic. Please bear in mind that we have to look at the health of the game across the next year, two years, five years, not just the next three months. If there is a problem, taking the time to get the correct fix to the problem is just as important, arguably more important, than fixing it in the first place. A fix that we then have to fix again in three months time is not a fix. 4. None of this is denying there is a problem, or us being blind to anything. When I used to play other games, I'll admit, I was frequently in the 'omg nerf this now' faction, and the fact that I've changed my opinion is basically a result of seeing the inner workings and considering the issue from another point of view. It's actually sort of amusing for me to be sitting here typing this when three-years-ago-me would likely have been howling for blood. But hey, we grow as people, and sometimes the biggest thing you can do is acknowledging that there are other perspectives and that your opinion is just that; an opinion. This is something I genuinely strive to be better at in my personal life a lot. I'm not necessarily saying anyone on this thread is wrong, like, just that there are a wealth of opinions out there. And we read all of them! And finally, hey, guys, I ran events at SCUS. I was there. We see the same tournament data as you, we talk to players about the game probably more than you do. We read these forums, we read social media, and we spend (amazingly!) a hell of a lot of time thinking about GB. It's not like we have some evil master plan here; we want the game to be as well balanced as we can make it. That's good for us just like it's good for you guys. So in summary: we're aware there might be an issue and we're watching very carefully but we're not going to jump the gun on anything. Cheers!
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    The survey that came out today asked whether people want the season 1&2 guilds re-released in PVC. I answered yes because personally I've decided I'm not interested in buying any more than the three guilds I already own in metal. Part of this is I'm impressed by the value offered by the plastic boxes, and part of this is because I don't like the move away from blisters to 6 player boxes. The bundling doesn't add any value like the PVC boxes do and it makes roster customisation more expensive as you may end up having to buy some models you don't want to get some you do. This is the same for the PVC boxes yes, but it's less egregious because they're significantly cheaper and give you more than just the player models. What the survey doesn't mention, but that they casually mention in the video is that they don't plan on giving the season 1&2 guilds the same treatment as the Farmers/Blacksmiths. Instead of two 6 player boxes they'd be sold as one 12 player box. Isn't the point of the new £35 boxes that they're a cheaper more accessible route into the game? These aren't just being sold to the existing playerbase. And it's a lot easier to say here this box of farmers gives you a full team you can start playing the game with straight away for £35 than here buy this £70 Fisherman's box. If this 12 man box did come out it would actually make the initial buy in to get a playable fish team more expensive than it is now with the metal models. I really hope SFG reconsiders on this, if they want the plastic re-releases to sell then they should stick with the strategy they're taking with the new guilds. It's a good one and there's no sense abandoning it now.
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    An open letter to Obulus

    Ferryman, take heed. There have been rumblings. Dark words whispered in underground vaults regarding our precious Guild and your command over it. It is no secret that the Solthecians seek to ‘purify’ our sport by tearing up age-old contracts sealed in blood between the Union and other Guilds. Regardless of the impact this has on our opponents this puts us in grave jeopardy as we face the loss of a shining star of the game. I of course speak of the one known as Mist. We are not savages. We do not hack and slash like Fillet’s brutes or squabble in the muck with the drunkards. Ours is a more elegant, graceful game. The loss of our contract with the Solthecian will cost us gravely. And may cost you most of all. If your control over the Guild’s dealings are not strong enough to retain the services of one measly player then I fear your grasp on power is not as complete as you might hope. One tiny chink of weakness may be all it takes for your enemies to plot all the more. The sharks will begin to circle. I offer you an alternative. If our Guild fields energising star players, the crowds are happy. If the crowds are happy then the sponsors are happy. If the sponsors are happy then your power remains unchallenged. I urge you, for your own sake, to consider retraining our protegé, the ex-monk Bonesaw. The boy has talent but could be much, much more if allowed to come out from Mist’s shadow. Simply put, needs to be better. His future performance on the field could be all that prevents the masses abandoning the Guild. - a friend
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Hey guys, first time poster but I was directed here by the GuBS facebook group Here's my two goal posts, one for my fishermen, the second one for the Union:
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    Folks, I certainly won't stop people from complimenting me, but I promise the disclaimers aren't necessary. As far as I'm concerned, if you are taking a tournament seriously, it's up to you to make what you see as the best decisions, including choosing the guild that will work the best for you specifically and the game generally. In this case I decided that Farmers were both very strong and up my alley in terms of playstyle so it would be stupid for me NOT to play them. I'm proud of how I practiced and how I played and think it's perfectly natural for the winner of a big tournament (especially someone who had to go through a three-day gauntlet) to most likely be playing one of the two or three best guilds. I promise my feelings aren't hurt. Thanks MWWG for the interview!
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    Jamie P

    Idea for Thresher Change

    Hey guys, I just wanted to take a second to say that this is probably one of the most well mannered discussions on 'I think X model is OP' that I've ever seen. So well done and carry on playing nice Secondly, of course we are always watching
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    Ha small update. She was supposed to be working tonight and while she was at work I was going to drive to my folks' place and drop off our dog and pick up my grandmother's ring. Afterward I was planning to head to her folks' house and get her dad's blessing (really more for him than for me.) I get home for my lunch break and she says "I got the night off so I'll come with to take the dog to your parents' house." I stood there with no back up plan for that. I paused, it got really quiet then it went like this: "No." "No?" "No. You can't come." "What do you mean I can't come?" "Umm... You just can't." "Well why the hell not?" "Because... I... uh... the hot wings last night gave me gas and you won't want to put up with it for an hour and a half." *Her eyes narrow* "You're sleeping on the couch if your stomach is that upset." It was the best I had. Didn't know what to do. Luckily my folks are going to meet me south of town and then I'll just go to her parents' house right after so the timing isn't weird.
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    Dude, not everyone got a fiancee at SteamCon. That was just you.
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    Morning guys! Just a quick update - at the SteamCon US we had a couple of art briefs with older (and incorrect) names from Doug. The correct names for these players are Minerva (Minnerva), and Mataagi (Falcon). Sorry for the mix-up. If any of you guys had seen my hastily concealed look of confusion last night, I imagine it was quite a picture!
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    Lightning Reflexes - "ends a dodge"

    Catch more sick Guild Ball action at the Momentous Doge channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaK5nh-vD9tJIO4mJvM_a-A/videos
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    Been a little while since I've painted any Guild Ball models, but I got some serious urges after watching the Steamcon stream... to play some BALLS So, I cracked open an Honest Land box yesterday, and whipped up this team today. I I didn't spend a lot of time on this team, only seven hours in total, but it reinforced my opinions of the PVC: it is without a doubt the way of the future. So easy to work with, ready to play from the box, detail is really very good (and will only continue to get better as they improve their processes) and they are exceptionally priced. I am playing a game tomorrow!
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    Idea for Thresher Change

    We will get to there but first some personal things before the main course. - I played 20+ games with or against Thresher (I won all of my games with him) - I consider myself a wargame veteran with a decade of experience in three systems, I usually play competitively and with good success rates both in national and international events - I'm a Farmer player and would like to play with Thresher - I like Guild Ball a lot, I'm a Pundit and my goal is to bring the game to the highest possible levels and the widest possible audience The previous points are here because I want to make clear that my below opinion is a) based on actual play experience, b ) not a knee-jerk haters gonna hate reaction, c) is not about "witch hunting" Thresher so that I can finally get some wins without the need to "git gud". So here are the aggregated statistics of the 10 most played captains in the 3 main events of the recent Steamcon US (mirrors not included): As you can see, Thresher was oppressive. All the rest makes a pretty good spread around 50% with the exception of Shark who had a really bad weekend. (Maybe that nerf was a bit too much?) It's worth to mention that the 71% win rate was reached with a lot of not so experienced or overly competitive players. They usually switched between Thresher and Grange during the tournament which I consider a clear sign of not being supercompetitive. Lets check the most common arguments of the camp who think Thresher doesn't need some "looking into it": 1. It is too early to decide about this yet Thresher and his Co. are out from about early May or so. The most eager (competitive) players could and did test him extensively for a long time. He is definitely not a fresh toy that popped out of nowhere last weekend. 2. It is stupid to nerf him just because he won an event or two. Actually he won 4 out of 5 major events in the last two weeks. This in itself should flag him but the way he achieved these wins, the extent of his domination on the top tables is what makes this a valid concern. 3. He hasn't even released yet to the general masses, give some time and the meta will come up with the necessary solutions, adjustments. Last weekend was probably the strongest show in view of accumulated player strength. In Chicago the best of the best faced each other. Make no mistake, most of these guys made their homework and tried to come up with something against Thresher. They tried and failed. Most of the time they were washed over the board without any chance. It was depressive to watch. So what is the chance that in a few months Average Joe will solve the problem what happened to be unsolvable by the best players of the world? Finally my fears and concerns about Thresher: - He is too good with Millstone and Tater. That triangle of doom gives too much upper hand for a player who knows what he or she is doing. The Thresher team is OP in that way. (A good player still could and most of the time will beat a Thresher player if the later is not on the same level of experience, skill.) - Without some tone down, he will dominate and terrorize big events and local metas where he is in the hands of a good player. - The sooner SFG realizes the need for change the better will be for the community as a whole. I think we could not afford a year and wait for S4 to solve this because that will damage the player base a lot. (Fun fact: I was a KS backer but did not play the game until S3 when a sudden interest arose locally. At that time I was on the verge of not committing to it because I saw the results of the 2016 World Championship aka the World Obulus Ball final.) AND A BIG DISCLAIMER AT THE END: With all that said I'd be the last person to deny or even minimalize the fact that @Slothrop played a stellar weekend. He is one of the best players out there and no one should make any connection between this topic and the value of his win. Congrats to him. Well played, mate!
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    I at least did a little painting today. Step by step stuff is slow, because I can't just work back and forth but have to get one layer down then go take a photo, but here's a guide that @carver72 requested for my blacksmith metals. I've used Scalecolor paint, but I won't list specifics as anything similar will do: First up is a nice smooth basecoat of a dark silver, if in doubt add more black to it. Then gently layer on a mid silver, focussing on where the light would hit. Mostly this means a thin line on each edge, and a broader stripe across the bottom of each dent. Follow that up with a narrower edging in a bright silver, again concentrating on the lower edges of the dents. The paints should be thin enough to need two or three coats to build them up properly, which gives a smoother result. With that done, it's colour time. Change your water - this is important, you don’t want metal flakes in your inks... This part of the process involves ignoring the realities of heat treating and blacksmithing, in favour of breaking up the colours to give more visual definition. I divided the colours on the straps mostly vertically, with a more diagonal pattern on the main body (and a different diagonal on the grate). Both sides of the ball got the same colour placement. Green first in two thin coats, usually at the top centre (or closest to the hand on gauntlets). Then blue ink, again two thin coats, at the edges of the green. Same again with purple, and finishing up with chestnut ink (any brown is fine). On a round surface with patterns down both sides, its important to space the colours so your brown band sits between the purples without being too broad or narrow. This is all about building up the colour, blending the ink colours across surfaces, and using that to define the shapes. The thin band round the ball got no green ink, which provided a long blue/purple/brown stripe down through the sideways bands of green/blue to break the parts up. The rivets were just done with blue and purple, as they're too small for anything more. The final touch on the metals is to go back over it with the bright silver, just in the bottom of each dent and on the edges of surfaces. All this does is mute the colour a bit and enhance the shiny look. The grate got a quick stippling of black around each slot first. To brighten the colour inside, but not make it cartoon bright, I used a mid cream-grey to fill the slots. Then I painted over that with dark red, first getting the main colour down and then making sure to run thinned paint as a glaze round the edges of the slots (for a faint glow effect). I worked that up through bright red, orange and a little hint of yellow at the end - not much, as I wanted a fairly sullen glow rather than an intense blazing furnace. And that's the ball done Feel free to ask if any of it doesn't make sense, but like most things it looks more complicated than it is
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    Cheers guys, was good to talk in person for once! I had fun catching the train home with a bag full of new toys and the giant heavy brick that is dark souls Just to catch my thread up, I did this just before setting off for Steamcon: Which finishes a basic 6 model team for the morticians (it's only taken me three seasons...)
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    Idea for Thresher Change

    I fear any discussion on Thresher will always have the Ghost of Obulus Past appear. Half the forum said he was more broken than Humpty Dumpty, other half said 'Get Gud'. In the end we all remember how that worked out...(after 8+ players took Obulus in the world finals they really had nowhere to go). It's made everyone very touchy about OP models - when people call OP they are more inclined to say 'yeah, but look at Obulus...'. And they might be right - Obulus was awful. Having played with Thresher and against him I would say this - I had not played a single game with Thresher (Millstone or Buckwheat) prior to Steamcon and managed to go 4-2. I'm not that great a player. I'm not surprised that an excellent, practiced player such as Alex (who deserves the credit for more than just play - top table play is a pressure environment, every distraction a nightmare and he kept it together and smashed it) was able to smash players. Yeah they probably hadn't seen Thresher played much - but these are the BEST players in the world and they folded like a wet paper towel into Thresher. They probably knew what he could do. My opinion: The Thresher TEAM is is just too optimised (Thresher himself is just a piece of the puzzle) and has a solution for everything. Conditions? Millstone absorbs so you don't care, Counter charges from Tater, Thresher's easy Tackle and 8" kick making goal runs pretty easy, extra influence far above other teams for free, Millstone being a master of all trades (MOM DMG 3 on 4 with a short playbook?? Hello wrap city), Buckwheat being a better striker than some Strikers in the game (*cough Hunters cough*). They get too much for free and have a solution to everything. I think if I was driving the bus, Thresher would drop to DEF 3, Dont Fear proc range drop to 2" (all Reaper abilities trigger from too far away in my view), Poised range reduced to 2" & uses up the Marker. I might also consider giving him Hearth's ability - ie melee 2" with 3" on legendary (and maybe 5/7 MOV). Tater Fork Off reduced to 2" and uses up Marker, Millstone Take One for the Team reduced to 4" and OPT, lose MOM 3 DMG on 4 (make it 2 with a push), drop INF to 2/3. Buckwheat reduce to 1/6 KICK, Carrot & Stick reduced to 2" Territorial uses up marker. But that's just my opinion.
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    Idea for Thresher Change

    Thresher witch hunt? First of all, all credit to @Slothrop for your incredible wins. Nothing takes away anything from your flawless play and excellent execution. Thresher just won the american LCQ, Nationals AND World Champs. What more does the team (Thresher, Peck, Millstone, Harrow, Jackstraw & Tater) need to do prove the team is overtuned? Win every single event in the next 6 months? Hell Alex JUST took Thresher in the world champs, he had a 8 man roster. His 6 man line up was practically telegraphed before the draft and HE still crushed every game, like literally crushed them. This weekend I attended a event (14 players, 5 Farmers). I came second, having to play the above line up 3 times in a row. I beat it twice because two Thresher players made mistakes, hell one game we even agreed with my opponent making mistakes if he had just rolled average he STILL would of won. I lost the last game to Thresher against a player who made 0 mistakes and the best I scraped was 15-6. The whole "He's not too good, we shouldn't nerf him, he's new" is already grating on me. It's SO obvious at least Thresher, Millstone & Tater are overtuned both in their rules and the numbers they put out. Not to mention the team starting on 13 influence, being able to go to 17 without rolling a dice (Though realistically 16 as you keep one out for Tater's counter charge) and that's BEFORE you take into account passive use of goal markers (Counter-charge, Poised).
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    Idea for Thresher Change

    Does a single international competition you didn't take part in affect how you enjoy games you personally are playing? For me, I don't care how Alex Botts and Shane Wattie play their Farmers, I only care how my opponents play theirs (if they are even playing theirs). Luckily, Guild Ball isn't like Magic - you won't turn up at an event and find 90+% of the player using the same 2 lists. There will always be variety and personal choice and playstyle in how people play this game, and some see the fun in the challenge of taking down the hearty beast. If you only 'enjoy' a game when you are winning and beating everyone you meet, and are convinced Farmers beat everyone, just play Farmers yourself. Everyone else can just enjoy playing their way. Just make sure for the sake of the people you play against you are a gracious winner/loser (if by some catastrophe of dice your Farmers lose - even if you don't believe that's possible, dice can run cold), and you make sure your opponent is enjoying at least some of the game, because I think most of us play this game to have fun and meet up with people, regardless of whether we win or lose.
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    Not About Guild Ball

    That's how you bonus time a marriage proposal! ...I'll get my coat...
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    I guess it must come down to where in the world you play, I guess in Australlia the results would be the exact opposite of the UK because it's like upside down land. That is my best explanation.
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    New Home Field!

    Inked gaming had a sick black Friday sale so I decided to spoil myself. Thought my fellow fishies would appreciate It! Won our first home field match vs Union!
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    Hey guys, Thought you might like to see this blog: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/guild-ball-2018-world-championship This weekend we crowned our 2017 Guild Ball World Champion, Alex Botts. Firstly, allow us to congratulate Alex on a fantastic victory after many months of practice and hard work, well done! Today though, we’re already looking onward to 2018 and an even bigger and better Guild Ball World Championship! Eight? Nah, SIXTEEN! In both 2016 and 2017 the Guild Ball World Championship was an 8-Coach event meaning that very few countries have had their own National Championships to date. However, from 2018 onwards we will be expanding the Guild Ball World Championship to 16-Coaches. Obviously, this means that we have more National Championships to announce! Right now we can tell you that Belgium is confirmed as the first new Country to get a National Championship. We can also tell you that we are planning to add a second qualifying spot for both the USA and Canada. More details will be announced about brand new National Championship events as we get them confirmed. We expect that the 2018 Guild Ball World Championship will take place at SteamCon UK, this will be confirmed as soon as we know for sure. For those who don’t know, here is a full list of the confirmed countries with National Championships so far: Australia Belgium Canada (x2) Germany Republic of Ireland Sweden United Kingdom United States of America (x2) + SteamCon Last Chance Qualifier This means that there are still five more National Championships to be announced! For those coaches who’re based in the USA and are curious to know how this will interact with the previous US Regional system, we will also shortly be announcing changes to that system. These changes will make the whole thing much simpler and inclusive of independent (non-convention affiliated) events! The Growth of Guild Ball At the end of the day, we’re all here because we love Guild Ball. We all want to see this game and its wonderful community continue to grow. At the same time, we want to see National Championships become highlight events in your gaming year. Therefore, we’re introducing the following rule that will apply to all existing and brand-new Guild Ball National Championships in 2018: “The winner of a National Championship will receive complementary entry to SteamCon (UK) and an invitation to the World Championship. If the National Championship has at least 30 paid sign ups before the event takes place, Steamforged Games Ltd will also cover the SteamCon (UK) flight and hotel costs for the winner.” This means that as soon as you see your National Championship announced, you need to get out there and support it! Push it in your local communities and help make your National Championship the biggest and the best it can be! Watch your community grow around it, and celebrate your Champion’s journey to the World Championship.
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    Idea for Thresher Change

    It was already posted in this thread, but worth mentioning again that if you remove Shane and I from the pool at SCUS, Farmers had a winrate below 50% over the weekend. Even if they need a nerf, the argument that they automatically win an event in anybody's hands is not consistently upheld by evidence. And even if qualitative arguments are persuasive, I really don't think there's enough data yet on them to build something meaningful out of winrate alone.
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    You can't make me.
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    So the event went well. 14 Players with three of us from the UK top 20 there. Out of the 14 players, 5 farmers... I played Hunters mirrors round one and then played Thresher, Peck, Tater, Millstone, Harrow, Jackstraw the next 3 rounds. Took second place, will be writing this up this evening
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    Idea for Thresher Change

    I don't think anyone can argue against this. @Slothrop played like a beast all weekend, every streamed game he was in was in fact worryingly depressing to watch - even to the point where the German champ conceded the semi-final while being down 0-5 because he could see the writing on the wall. More in line with the thread, Botts had identified that Thresher Farmers were ballbusting from the get go, releases hours of discussion about why Thresher is so good, how his team works around him, how you can possibly beat him - then went out and demonstrated it. The only game he lost all weekend was against another Thresher player (who himself was undefeated outside playing against Thresher). Pete Williamson, Kiwi Wargaming Legend who played vs Botts in the final, only lost 2 games in the SC UK qualifiers - both 0 -12 against Thresher. All Hail our Sun-Tanned Overlord Thresher, Father of Bryce, and His High Priest Alex "Some kind of Opinion Maker" Botts.
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    I think you should make this sheet your desktop background. That way every time you turn on your PC it is there shaming you, reminding you what you should be doing instead of..... Anyone else read that as @Mako now has to commit to a my little pony horse paint scheme?
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    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Farmers and Blacksmiths updated, should be rolling out to devices now
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    Wild Speculation on Minor guilds

    So, I guess we all want a flying circus guild then?
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    Union-in-Chains Results

    I'll ask the ever beautiful Giblinio about this tomorrow, but today was build day and we spent a VERY LARGE PERCENTAGE of today carrying things in and out of vans and building stands and moving stock and setting up tables and streaming gear and god I'm so tired. I'll see what the score is tomorrow.
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    Random Thoughts after a Tournament

    Hi guys. I finally took the leap of faith and brought my Hunters to a tournament this Saturday. (I have always chickened out in the last second for another guild - the woes of owning to many guilds ) I have done some reflection and thoughts since and I did not originally intend to post this, but work is slow and I thought maybe someone could find it interesting. As such it is just my own opinions with rather small sample size and not facts, so treat it as such. Preface: Local 14 man tournament so 3-4 rounds. I was going to try Hemlocke as my Union slot as there were going to be some brewers, masons and farmers present. And for science. The Line Up: Skatha Theron Snow (shut up, I frikkin love the dog ) Jaecar oHearne Egret Ulfr Seenah Hemlocke Chaska Game 1: Thresher So first game I got matched with one of the top contender for the tournament rockin' his Farmers. So, obviously a though pairing, but I was glad I got try Hemlocke right off the bat. Skatha, Snow, Jaecar, Ulfr, Egret, Hemlocke v Thresher, Buckwheat, Millstone, Tater, Harrow, Jackstraw. I received. Score: 11-12 loss. 2 Ulfr goals (and one missed shot), Jaecar kills Tater and 1 clock point - Thresher/Tater kills Skatha and Jaecar, Jackstraw goal, Buckwheat goal. Hemlocke kept Thresher blinded. But he legendaried to counteract it one turn. So didn't feel super exciting. Her mT on 1 was at least a reliable ball steal threat. Ulfr was great. Easy access to momentum, wtg to get around counter charge or getting bogged down was really useful. Egret felt superflous here, but at least she is slippery. Snow is great. He makes it risky for Thresher/tater to go in, since missing the KD lets me dodge out, or they choosing a < instead of damage, or being forced to commit deeper. He was a missed tackle, a bad scatter upfield or a missed buckwheat goal from losing on time. I could have positioned Hemlocke to screen off a bit of the scatter angles, but I didn't see the ridiculous movement and kick range from Bucky. As close as it gets and a great game. Game 2: Midas Skatha, Snow, Jaecar, Ulfr, Chaska, Seenah v Midas, Naja, Vitriol, Mercury, Calculus, vKatalyst. I received. Score: 16-12 win 3 goals (2 Ulfr, 1 Skatha), Seenah killed Calculus, vKat Witnessed himself - 1 Midas goal, Vitriol pushed Chaska off the pitch after he received a super wide kick off, Mercury killed off Ulfrs last 3 hp with a flame jet after vKat failed to finish him off, vKat killed Seenah with witness me getting us both to 12 simultaneously. Ulfr slotted the goal after that. Ulfr was great. 2 goals, and got an opportunity for another but missed the tackle on Midas. While Seenah was pretty great. Influence was pretty tight receiving turn 1 when you want to pass around and have a goal run inf gets eaten up quickly. So I will probably use Seenah more when kicking, to have a powerful last activation. Chaska, gotten pushed off early did not impact too much (3/6 kick was useful though), the choice however was to let vitriol have the ball but I figured the ball was more important. Jaecar mostly kept Vitriol in check on a flank. Game 3: Blackheart Skatha, Snow, Jaecar, Ulfr, Chaska, oHearne v Blackheart, Strongbox, Mist, Minx, Gutter, oRage. I received. Score: 12-8 win 2 goals (Ulfr, Skatha), oHearne/Jaecar killed off mist after a failed goal run (missed his m< on Jaecar who promptly dodged away due to pack mentality leaving him stranded to kick the ball home) and Chaska caught a Gutter within 8" of the table edge and boomed her off - 1 Blackheart goal, Ulfr and Skatha both died after scoring. I really liked this line up. oHearne once again cemented to me his superiority over vHearne, he just runs so smoothly even without a forest. My heart ached a little leaving the lovely model home in the morning, but I am now firmly set on leaving vHearne out of the 10. Chaska was solid. Received and kicked it back, while setting up a trap to lower mists ball threat and tough skin on himself to prevent momentum farming. Ulfr was great. With blessing of the moon goddess, snowball momentum, pass dodge, fast ground, and a model he got a charge off, he zoomed over the board and was in tap in range with blood scent end of turn 1. What a rock star. Paid the iron price for it though, as he is wont to do. Tournament ended at 3 rounds. End result 2-1 (and 39vps in 3 games despite losing one ) End thoughts I received every game. This obviously is nice and makes the Ulfr experience better than might be the average (that 1st turn goal is sweet). But I have been pretty down on Ulfr before, and he smashed my previous beliefs by scoring 5 goals even after 1 missed shot and 2 missed tackles on Midas for another (not being able to charge UM models makes it less consistent) Skatha. She might have had an edge in stealing the ball from unexpected opponents due to them never seen her. But her 4" (snowball) + 9" (fast ground sprint) + legendary + 2-3" (m><</><<< off an nearby model) + 1" (mT>< off the ball holder) + 6" (shot) = a very non linear 22" Blackhearty kind of goal run. Takes 6 inf for this particular move though. Otherwise she just turns up the turn 1 of Ulfr and the Bear to 11 or just gets 2 inf for snowballing herself or someone else out of danger or just a cold snap. I actually never missed Minx. This was surprising to me. She will probably still be in over Hemlocke, but I didn't feel like the world depended on her. Snow is bae. Fits my noncommittal playstyle better than Fahad. Ooh ball and extra kick dice helps a bit when passing around and such, and anatomical is just the cherry on top. Hunters are bloody fun! And I really liked the dodgy/trappy playstyle with a lot of movement and goals. I was never ever near timing out, whilst some opponents were and did. This takes a lot of mental stress away from me during tournament days - hence why I prefer Skatha over Theron, since his games tend to be more grindy and ending with a goal. I probably will try to fit in Zarola in the 10. I think Seenah and Egret are the most likely to go, but both have their uses. So we will see I guess. If you read this far, thank you for your time and Happy Hunting!
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    The competitive 10

    Ok, let's take a quick stab at this. Hopefully, it doesn't turn into another 1500 word tactica like it did last time I tried to help someone out in the Alchemists thread. The 10 I played in Nationals was: Midas, Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Compound, Katalyst, Vet Katalyst, Mercury, Vitriol, Decimate. I managed to take 3rd losing only to Alex "Guild Ball God" Botts. Midas/Smoke: One of the better captain pairings in guild ball. I play primarily an un-interactive Smoke control list with a pocket super striking Midas. Mascot: I think I am far in the minority on which mascot I prefer to play, but really both are good. Once lines meat no one wants to kill flask and naja is more trouble than she is worth. It's really personal preference. I like flask since his cloud brings influence efficiency to the Smoke list and Sic'em is still in the plot deck. Calculus: Blind is dumb and one of the only 2 AOE throwers in the faction. A staple in Smoke decent flex pick in Midas. Compound: I'm not sure if I made this up or not, but Mat Hart once told me that Compound was one of the highest win rate models in all of guild ball. I don't think this is far off. Maybe the best flex pick in all of guild ball. He turns off nearly all turn 1 pressure your opponent can put on you. I play him as a flex into Butchers, Shark, and Alchs (when receiving) Katalyst: Absolutely nuts. One of the best models in the game but influence hungry. A must take for Midas and playable in Smoke although not my first choice. Vet Katalyst: Total garbage model saved by a heroic that helps you be un-interactive. I play this in every Smoke game as it enables me to gain points without giving up momentum or control of the game. Mercury: Must take with Smoke. Leave him at home for Midas Vitriol: Not what she once was and a bit over-nerfed IMO but still worth the include. Union: This is a complex issue with only 4 real options. A&G, Decimate, Harry, Mist. I don't like mist. We are in a renaissance of ball-killing and if you are playing mist and trying to score as many goals as possible you are on the wrong side of history. And even if you are convinced I'm wrong Decimate can do 80% of what Mist does and has fighting ability. Harry has been nerfed to the point where he is barely Harry anymore but a second fire AOE and low pushes are good in smoke. Avarisse and Greede are a duo I need to play more but if you are considering Midas as your main captain I think this is worth a look (I have not fully explored this pick). Decimate is my choice for a few reasons. Grace absolutely hoses Smoke with her remove an AOE nonsense making it difficult to play Smoke into grace. By taking Decimate we are giving Midas a list he can win with into Vet Rage and Farmers. Decimate also help so much in the Corsair matchup allowing us to second wind Calculus blind corsair and run away. Decimate is also the second highest damage output model in our union picks. Decimate also helps our Masons matchup and I think that the main reason Alchemists are strong right now has to do with our favored matchup into masons (one of 2 "S tier" factions.) Crucible: Crucible is my 11th slot. Back when Midas was very strong I used her as a flex slot into Alchemist's (when kicking,) Engineer's, Hunters, and Morticians. The idea was to tax low momentum teams by having her follow around Katalyst and apply her aura. She can jog 6" and is likely close enough to one of Kat's victims to dodge 4". She is fragile but if they go after her they will likely have to overcommit right next to Katalyst. Venin: A lot of people accuse me of hating on Venin thinking that I haven't given him a fair shake and believe me I have. The unfortunate truth is that he is outclassed in his role by a bunch of the alchemist's roster. He suffers from a ton of design issues (he wants to be both the first and last model to activate and isn't that great at either.) Venin's mini is sweet but unfortunately, his rules are not. Whoops, guess I did it again.If you guys have questions about guild ball hit me up on twitter: @TheCurkov. Check out my YouTube: Vincent Curkov. An listen to Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast.
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    Tough hide does nothing when a friendly gutter scyths him. Otherwise agreed on all fronts.
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    Beginners tips for Farmers?

    Step 1 - Take Thresher, Millstone and Tater Step 2 - Give Thresher 5 Influence Step 3 - ?????? Step 4 - Profit
  35. 4 points

    Puppet Mark

    Correct, the Teamwork Action occurs after the pass is completed but before resolving any further attack results or moving onto the next step of the attack sequence. The On My Mark victim of Puppet Master remains friendly until the attack is fully resolved. Note: the important difference between a Puppet Master pass and attack action is that while a teamwork action and Football Dervish are not part of the attack or pass, in the case of the attack they occur before the attack is fully resolved. For a pass they occur after the pass has resolved.
  36. 4 points

    Beautiful and Shoemerang

    Beautiful only works during targetting. The knock down effect of Shoemerang doesn't target (effectively it is a choose enemy model within 4") , so not only is it not affected by Beautiful, it also doesn't require LOS.
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    Yes, a player must select enough results to exhaust all net hits, i.e. they must select a result when an attack wraps the playbook.
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    Pending Forum Suspension


    Chaskas I'm a nice guy I won't Minx words with you. Messing with Obbie is a good way to wind up bearied. I really think you'll Egret your decision to step to him. I'm Hearne what you're saying but it is time to drop the Fahad that we have any power against the Ferryman. I think you oughtta just accept his Ulfr and be content. Snow what I mean?
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    I think your forgetting the majestic Ceelo
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    Cacklad's Hunters

    Zarloa's playbook gets a lot of flak but the model itself is stunning... definitely one of my favourites in the GB range. I wanted some height so she got a post to perch on, but that left her hand dangling. To continue the cannibal theme she got a freshly skinned trophy skull and some clothes made from the same victim:
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    Idea for Thresher Change

    I think it's way too soon to be crying "OP" and begging for a ban hammer.. it just happens that Thresher counters the two biggest teams currently being used in the competitive meta, that being Masons (primarily Hammer) and vRage Union.. When S3 came out everyone was afraid of Fish and Alchemists, so the meta switched to people taking Engineers at this years Vengeance to counter those.. After the errata people were less scared of Shark and Midas so Engineers fell off and Masons became the go to team due to their competitive flexibility built within their roster.. With Farmers and Blacksmiths recently released I think we will see people going back to a more condition and control playstyle that takes advantage of their low defense values such as Smoke Alchemists, Ballista Engineers and maybe even a rise of competitive Hunters... If Thresher is still the number one captain come Vengeance 2k18, then it may be time to start looking at rebalancing certain players, but for now it really is too early to say..
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    Life has been busy but here's an update that we've been working on. Enjoy! http://tooledup.solaristudios.com/packs/
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    The despair of a castaway

    Now I’m lost, alone on my poor island, crying my overboarded companions and asking myself: is there a reason to live without Gutter? Please, leave me at least Avarisse and Greede, or Hemlock , even Fangtooth... and the corpse of Snakeskin, can I claim it? Greyscale is dead, are you not sated? You already have hard nerfed Shark and both Sirens, do you really need more to satisfy your hunger? You make a fool of Fishermen by giving better kick statistics to the Farmers and Blacksmiths, in addition to increase the mz 2 " to all the other guilds... Even the concept of the hurdy-gurdy stunted is copy… BUT WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ? What is the next step? Do you also want the skin of Corsair? Will you sell Tentacles to japanese for sushis ??? Moreover, to a fluff point of view, don’t give rum to the Brewers or I swear that I will come in person to your office with two glasses to debate this (and be prepared…. J) What minor guild will be suited with Fishermen? Shell’s collectors? We have been so much used to bend forward to be set from behind that nothing will surprise us!!! So to conclude, please, be a little nice with us if you still want to eat fresh fish.
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    How are you going to pick up the pace to manage that level of output?
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    Not About Guild Ball

    Congratulations! Before you do, I wish for you to know, you saw the opening and went for it and it was a heroic play.
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    Placement off of the board

    AOEs and markers, with the exception of the ball marker, must be placed completely within the pitch.
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    My Fishermen

    I'd like to present my Fishermen for your review. Took the best part of a year, on and off, to paint these, and I'm glad they're done. A particular highlight for me is the varied skintones, many of which I'd not attempted before. Shark Angel Greyscales Jac Kraken Sakana Salt Angel Goal posts Team shot C&C greatly appreciated. I hope you've enjoyed them
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    GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    I've been working on it.
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    Release Schedule - what we know

    Unless you're extremely fortunate and go after morticians/ratcatchers. Fixed that for you! I can't wait to not get union options.
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    Release Schedule - what we know

    So unfair! I’m from yorkshire and have the restraint of... well, something without any restraint at all