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    This may not be the most sensible thing I've done. Still, just painting the minis didn't seem enough somehow.
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    Well I asked my wife to see what she could come up with. Her sculpy skills are far superior to my own. This is what she came up with.
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    I think you've missed the point, mate. To often when these types of discussion come up this proposition is put forward, but it oversimplifies the problem into one of winning or losing. Maybe for some people this is indeed the sole purpose of the reason they play games such as guild ball, but I suspect for most of us (certainly for myself) I play the game to have fun. Some of the best games I've had have been ones I've lost, some of the worst have been ones I've won. Yes, there may be a problem with goalscoring and the overall balance of the game, but I think overall this is a very minor issue and the stats show that the problem is at worst no worse than Fillet was in Season 2, and probably not quite as bad. (Stats for S2 dates Show Butchers at 57% win rate with Union 2nd place at 50%, S3 dates show Alchemists also at 57%, Fish at 55% and Union 3rd on 49%, but on Ranking Points/game Butchers were 62 and Alchemists 61, so very similar range of figures). The real problem with goalscoring, for me at least, isn't particularly an issue of balance, it's an issue of enjoyment. Of the games I've had in S3, the games where I've played against someone willing to come at me and fight me (even against Shark teams that have been using players like Jac and Kraken to punch holes for Shark to run through) have been much more fun than the games I've played against teams that aren't. Probably the single least-fun game in S3 I've had was one I won with 3 goals because my opponent refused to come forward and fight me, so I just had to steal the ball to score VPs without running down my clock. The fighting game in S3 has got more fun IMO (as reasoned in my previous). Certainly, objectively, we can say it got toned down in it's effectiveness, and I would add to that that doing so has made the game more fun for people who want to play the take out game as much as for those who don't. In S1/2 you could argue (and indeed I've heard it argued by some of the top players) that takeout play was low-risk because you're reliably just building up damage and constantly working towards achieving your goal of reducing a model to 0hp. In S3 takeout play has become much more of a risky strategy, due to the better ability of models to escape with a counter attack and leave a stack of INF unspent, and requiring of a greater investment to convert your INF into VPs by virtue of the new Icy Sponge and Mascot rules, and the need to spend INF setting up your targets so that they can't just dodge away. IMO these make the game better. I find trying to play the takeout game much more fun now as I have more branches on my decision tree at the start of each activation. As a result, when I achieve a takeout, or if I've set things up particularly well, a multiple takeout activation, I get much more of a buzz than in S2. Making things harder has made it more rewarding, emotionally, when things come off. It is the very nature of risk in a game that makes it exciting. In contrast the goalscoring game has become less risky, and hence less emotionally rewarding when you score. Now, I appreciate all this is a matter of opinion, and there will be several players who disagree with my point about goalscoring, but to such people I would argue this: If I'm now finding takeout play more fun because of the adjusted risk, might this not mean that you might enjoy the game more if a similar adjustment was made to the risk. At the very least, if a change can be made that makes the game more fun for people like me without having a detrimental effect on the enjoyment of people who enjoy the goalscoring game, why not make the change? To add some personal statistics, in all of S1 and S2 I had one game that I didn't enjoy out of 33 tournament games, under S3 it's been 6 out of 17 tournament games so far. I've been lucky that I've never played a bad opponent, so I can't put any of it down to that, it's been purely about the experience of playing against teams that only want to score goals and the lack of interplay that that strategy allows me. Finally, when people talk about the spread of scoring for a victory there's often an assumption that the desirable state for the game is some kind of bell curve, with 3-0 and 0-6 being minor outliers, with most games being 2-2 or 1-4. Unfortunately I have no hard data to go off, but my anecdotal evidence suggests that this is currently more skewed towards 3-0 and 2-2, so I would suggest that no, it is not acting as intended currently. But I would also argue that the healthiest state for the game is that all four possible outcomes are equally possible, as this will provide the most variety in gameplay that you will likely experience. I would like to see changes in S4 to make goalscoring more interactive for the opponent as I believe this will make the game more fun for both players. I've made some suggestions for how this could be achieved, but I'm confident that SFG will be able to come up with something decent whether it bares any relationship to my idea or not. The problem will be (IMO) if they listen too much to the "everything is fine/git gud/working as intended" people and don't consider the the issues raised. We all just want the game to be as good as it possibly can be.
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    I took Morticians along to A Midsummer Night's Scream yesterday for a 5-round event in pretty incredible heat. It was a really well done event (one highlight being the themed scenery!) and best of all I was guaranteed best in guild going into it... Here are some very brief reports - the heat means I've probably forgotten a few things, sorry if I got something wrong! R1 vs Charlie (Hunters)Obulus, Dirge, Casket, Ghast, Avarisse&Greede (A&G), oGraves vs Theron, Fahad, oHearne, Jaecar, Chaska, ZarolaI kicked off with Obulus and he passed the ball around a bit to Hearne, with Theron giving him Blessing and putting down the forest for him. Obulus stole the ball with Puppet Master and ran away a bit. Hearne managed some damage on Obulus with Skewered and hit someone for a bit of damage, but I had the ball reasonably safe so A&G could go in to punch Hearne a bit (I think?). This set up a Casket Time on Hearne, then I just played very negatively and picked off Hunters whilst killing the ball on Obulus. Casket got pushed off from a Chaska Boom Box / Quadruple Push combo, but I slowly ground out the takeouts to win.12-2 WIN (0 goals, 6 takeouts vs 0 goals, 1 takeout)R2 vs Greg (Fish)Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, Brainpan&Memory (BPM), oGraves vs Corsair, Tentacles, oSiren, Jac, Kraken, A&GI kicked off with Obulus, and Greg pulled him towards Corsair with Lure from Siren. I didn’t really want Obulus dead so had to activate him next to run away. Obulus ended up in 3” of Siren so he Puppet Mastered her into my lines and then ran away. Kraken moved up to protect her, but I managed to push Siren around a bit, get some crowdouts and dodge Memory into her and do some damage. Next turn I got the takeout on Siren and a nonsense A&G goal, but he managed a takeout (maybe Graves?). At some point I got another goal, and he took out Avarisse and Greede to make it 10-6. I was really low on clock at this stage, but I just needed one more takeout. Kraken seemed the easiest option so I kept hitting him. I lost 4 clock points, Graves took Kraken to 2 to make it 10-11. End of turn, and it was all over for me - but then we remembered bleed damage on Kraken.12-11 WIN (2 goals, 2 takeouts vs 0 goals, 3 takeouts, 5 clockouts)R3 vs Henry (Fish)Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, BPM, oGraves vs Corsair, Tentacles, vSiren, Greyscales, Gutter, HagI thought BPM worked well in the first game against Corsair so stuck with them, mainly for the extra crowdout / momentous damage. I kicked off with Obulus and he moved the ball around a bit by snapping / unsnapping because of Puppet Master. Ghast and Graves moved up staying just out of walk + Harpoon of Corsair, but Hag dodged Corsair up so that he could drag Graves and start setting up for Gutter. He might have overextended a bit here - Obulus dragged him in and I was able to hit Corsair with Greede and Memory, generating plenty of momentum. Next turn Memory was hitting Corsair with 5 crowdouts to finish him off. I think once Corsair was dead there just weren’t enough damage dealers for the Fish. Some unlucky dice (lucky for me!) meant Graves took more to kill than he should have done, buying a bit of time. I think the number of crowdouts I had available compensated a bit for (vet) Siren’s Dread Gaze, and I was able to set up a kill on Gutter for 4-2 after fortunately winning an even initiative roll. A&G got a nonsense goal scooping up an unsnapped ball for 8-2, but Avarisse died to a returning Corsair.Obulus got the takeout on vSiren - being able to dodge in with Shadowlike then walk after Escaping Fate has been triggered is very helpful - then a Dirge Sic ‘Em charge put Singled Out on Hag for Memory to finish (as the puppet’s attacks get round Fear).12-4 WIN (1 goal, 4 takeouts vs 0 goals, 2 takeouts)R4 vs James (Masons)Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, Casket, oGraves vs Hammer, Wrecker, Brick, Granite, Tower, vHarmonyObulus kicked off again, and he was careful of Puppet Master, just moving the ball around by unsnapping then tooling up Hammer. It looked like he was setting up for Hammer to jog then dodge into Obulus with a pass, and that didn’t seem ideal at +2 DMG so I just Puppet Mastered Hammer backwards. Unfortunately I’d still left him in sprint + dodge range, so Hammer KD Obulus and did 6 DMG. Trying to save Obulus I sent Greede into Hammer to generate momentum, but just ended up with a KD damaged Greede.Turn 2 Hammer managed to finish off both Obulus and Greede to make it 0-4. This was not ideal. I think if Hammer had just run away here it could have all been over, but he moved to engage Avarisse to set up for the next turn. Avarisse, Graves and Ghast were able to push Hammer towards Casket and do some good damage so that Hammer would be on 2HP after bleed. vHarmony was just out of range on a goal run, even with dodges off Avarisse, but I was 2 down on the roll.My dice saved me - I won the roll and I could go with Casket, putting Heavy Burden on Granite, Casket Timing Hammer and dropping a Ghostly Visage to protect against Brick. vHarmony scored and I just kicked it into space to where Obulus had returned. Ghast, Graves and Avarisse spent a turn denying Granite anything by pushing her away, and doing some damage on Granite and Brick.The next turn I got the takeout on Brick and left Granite low, but vHarmony got the takeout on returned Greede to make it 6-10. I still had the Obulus legendary so he was able to move up towards Granite with the ball and guarantee the roll-off. Obulus finished Granite off, sprinted to goal range and scored.12-10 WIN (1 goal, 3 takeouts vs 1 goal, 3 takeouts)Things looked pretty grim there for a bit!R5 vs Aaron (Engineers)Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, Casket, oGraves vs Pin Vice, Mother, Harry, Ratchet, Hoist, VelocityObulus, as always, kicked off. Ratchet and Hoist lobbed some Blast Earths at him and Pin Vice looked to be setting up for a Legendary goal run. I used Obulus’ Legendary, stole the ball from Pin Vice, dodged away and dropped it for A&G to collect. Pin Vice couldn’t do anything so I was able to get the standard nonsense A&G goal. The ball went out to Velocity. I lost the roll, but he went with Mother first into Greede. Obulus went for another goal run, dodging round Mother and using Puppet Master to get the ball off Velocity and dodge into Tap-In range. Then he missed so badly the ball went off the pitch, luckily dropping onto Ghast.Pin Vice got the takeout on Greede and did plenty of damage to Avarisse, taking damage from Deletion. Avarisse got taken out too, but I was able to nearly kill Pin Vice and Harry and then Casket Time Harry. 8-4. Pin Vice ran away but was on 3HP with Reanimate triggered, so Graves sprint after and finish her. Pin Vice returned to kill Graves in revenge and Hoist got a goal, but Obulus and Ghast combined to kill Ratchet.12-10 WIN (1 goal, 3 takeouts vs 1 goal, 3 takeouts) Thanks to all my opponents for some great games!
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    Alright guys, I want to start this out with the fact that I am a big fan and I am really rooting for your cast to do well. With that out of the way I'm disappointed with this episode. Ball killing and its place in the game is an interesting topic, but it isn't an interesting one if you all agree about it. Get a guest that disagrees with you about the topic or nominate someone to fight for the merits of ball killing so that you can create the most interesting discussion possible. You guys described the strategy as unfun. I whole wholeheartedly believe that you haven't fully thought this statement through and don't actually think that ball killing isn't fun. Playing a striking team and having the ball killed against you is rough but the process of getting that ball "unkilled" and solving the puzzle that the ball-killer has placed in front of you is one of the most rewarding things in all of guild ball. There is this statement made a few times in the cast and forgive me for paraphrasing but it is something along the lines of "I would only kill the ball in a competitive game." I think this is the moment you really get yourselves in trouble. Implying that killing the ball was not something one did to ones friends when it is such a large part of the game is not wise. This pretty much guaranteed you the ire of half the beer and pretzel gamers that listened to you. Then later in the episode you poured gas on this fire by saying that good players don't kill the ball. When in fact it is the opposite putting most competitive players against you. (Fast proof of this: More dice rolls over the course of the game reduces the amount of luck involved there for the skill requirement goes up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNlgISa9Giw) "There should be a rule against killing the ball." You know I actually agree with you here, but there is one little piece of information that you guys don't seem to know. There already is an anti-ball killing rule! It's on page 42 of the season 3 rule book. . What this rule does is soft ban absurd ball killing by shrinking the field space that the ball-killer can be on. Allowing the strategy to be employed, but not to be overly oppressive. The design is actually very clever. You guys missed the mark this time around, but I have total faith you will come back strong with a great episode 5.
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    Greetings forum dwellers! Episode 7 of Run The Length is up! This time I play against Zachary Gray's Hunters. Zach is on the USA's WTC Team and was nice enough to play his off guild for me. Due to very fortunate timing the game uses the new OPD. Let me know your thoughts on the game by commenting here or on the video. Hit the like button it helps others find the series and share this with your buddies. Thanks for watching!
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    So I started painting Dark Souls the boardgame as fast as I can.The miniatures are a lot more fun to paint then Shadows of Brimstone, the detail is nice. So I started my engines and am putting my painting time at the moment in Dark Souls models! I am painting the miniatures in the actual colorscheme from the game. The bases are just 'themed' around Dark Souls, desolate, kinda ... dead. Here are the 3 Silver Knights and the 3 Silver Knight Greatbowmen. Next up the 4 player characters! We already played a game and intend to run more. We want to run through the Dark Souls 1 'campaign' which means my paint order will be: 4 PCs, 3 Hollow Soldiers, 3 Hollow Crossbowmen, 3 Large Hollows, the Gargoyle, 2 Sentinels, the Titanite Demon and finally Ornstein & Smough. The other (mini-)bosses don't appear in that 'campaign', so they are up after all of this is done! Critique welcome. They are tabletop quality, I want them done, but I want them to look nifty.
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    "You best believe in Blacksmiths OP threads, Miss Turner. You're in one."
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    Metal. It'd be pretty lame to release a box called 'Master of Puppets' and it be plastic.
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    I have been painting, but I've not got anything to show for it yet (bonesaw needs his base doing and a matte coat to knock down the gloss varnish that protects him...). Instead today, when it was too warm to paint, I made myself a thematic dice bag for my guild ball stuff. It has a bit more room than I anticipated despite being in (fake) suede with a fake sude inner lining and a layer of padding
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    The legendary "Tested mettle" grants covfefe in 6"!
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    That sounds like just the sort of inocuous comment to launch Missilegate.
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    After 94 responses and altogether too much playing time spent playing with the data, I've decided to close it off for now. I've done a first pass at a writeup at some of the data here: http://www.guildball.zone/blog/2017/6/11/player-power-survey I don't think it's especially surprising when looking at the results, but it's interesting to see what lineups you can build purely using community consensus. Obviously there are better lineups since you can't simply use consensus to find the best team, but nonetheless it's interesting to see how all the guilds rank against each other.
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    I don't think the solution to goals being prominent is to drastically increase the odds of random failure. There is enough chance in the game already.
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    Enjoyed the episode. Unfortunately you have left me in a position where I find myself agreeing with @Slothrop insofar as I completely disagree with you about killing the ball. Whilst GB is a sports game, it is not solely a game about goal scoring hence takeouts as a victory condition. Further, the Guilds exist on a spectrum from kill-team to goal-team which defines their approach to achieving victory, ergo killing players and killing the ball may not be your preferred approach but it is an approach explicitly endorsed by the very mechanics of the game. If you take the current goal-heavy meta and the prevalence of Fish and Alchemists, the only rational response for a team that tends toward a 0-6, 1-4 or even 2-2 game is that at some point you are forced to kill the ball because you flat out lose if you don't. I get that you feel aggrieved by the (actually quite forseeable) shift in the meta but as a player who tends more toward the kill side of the game, my biggest negative play experience is having to effectively start the game at 0-8 after Shark has scored twice on me and shot Fish DNA all over my team meaning I have no counterplay options. I would be a frickin' idiot if I didn't kill the ball and start chopping my way through before i let it go. Further, killing the ball in a specific spot dictates the movement of your team and lets me play my counter-strategy. That said, it is a difficult prospect shutting down that last Shark goal and if I balls-up an activation, the game is likely over for me. It's all relative I guess but f*#k you lot for making me agree with Botts. Keep up the good work.
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    Episode 17 of Double Dodge is live! http://doubledodge.com.au/ We are also on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/double-dodge-guild-ball-podcast/id1140110129 In this Episode we talk to Swedish National Champ, Rickard Andersson about Fish, arson and Swedish Easter. We then stuff ourselves into the hatchback for another tournament edition Car Ball where Blackheart rides again! Double Dodge!! Let’s all play with matches!! Double Dodge is sponsored by Nerdvana Games SA: https://nerdvanagamessa.com/ and Soupcan: https://www.soupcan.com.au/
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    Will Steamforge release a PDF for collected Rules Clarification in the future, for official use? A lot of the mechanics stated in the Collection are not well known. For example the Furious or Counter Charge, where you can charge into space if you cannot engage an enemy, as they are not aware that it can be played in a specific way. I save the Collected Clarification page on my phone just to show and validate that what I said is a legal play. By having some official document it saves time for people reviewing a specific play to decide whether it's legit or not. I think the Collected Clarification covers majority of the often asked questions. What do people think of this, or maybe have it in S4 book?
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    Greetings people of the Forum! My new Guild Ball YouTube Series continues. This is Guild Ball Gotchas! Welcome to the second episode of Guild Ball Gotchas where I go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in Guild Ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering The Pat Cat. Special thanks go out to Pat VanValue, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Botts for assisting with this video. The GBG Logo was designed by Dano Amonette. His Instgram is https://www.instagram.com/deadpoolxanko/?hl=en Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ The Dice Math was done by RedSam and his Dice Math App can be found at http://redsam.xyz/guildball/dicemath/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
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    Just because I wanted a picture for Twitter, had enough light and some time:
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    Corsair plays a slower, tankier, killier game than Shark does. That's not to say you'll end up ignoring the ball - He's still a Fish, after all - just that Shark pushes an extremely aggressive stance with the ball and Corsair's a bit more cagey. Whereas a Shark team usually goes for 3-0s but can stretch for 2-2s in a pinch, Corsair's built the opposite, tending to aim for 2-2s. Generally, with Corsair you build what's often referred to as "the scrum" or " the tarpit", a collection of center-pitch models with large melee zones, easy access to pushes and KDs, and abilities that make opponents attacking difficult. Usually you have Corsair and Kraken, Jac, or Avarisse in the middle; Corsair or Kraken use Drag to pull models in, and the others make sure they stay down. Then there are some models near but not necessarily in the scrum; particularly Veteran Siren, but you may run Sakana here as well. Veteran Siren's Dread Gaze can be used to, combined with crowdouts, make your opponents barely able to do anything on the attack. Minx isn't very scary when she's only rolling 3 dice, let me tell you. After that, you're the Fish, so you'll have dedicated strikers. I like Greyscales personally. My Tourney Ten are Corsair, Shark, Salt, Greyscales, Hag, Jac, Sakana, OSiren, VSiren, Avarisse and Greede. When running Corsair, my list is probably going to be Corsair, Salt, Greyscales, Jac, Sakana, VSiren. Corsair and Jac hold down the middle while VSiren Dread Gazes. Sakana aids the scrum unless he's needed for goals on one wing, and Greyscales pushes the football game on the other wing. Salt gets right up by the opposing goal for snapshot potential. Jac could just as easily be Kraken, and if you do that you probably wanna switch Salt for Tentacles, who runs like a targeted, swingier Vet Siren (Blind instead of Dread Gaze). You could also replace Sakana with A&G; start off sacrificing Greede to get a goal, then put Avarisse up in the middle and farm momentum and Singled Out in the scrum. I tend to drop Corsair into killy teams or control teams - in particular Butchers, Engineers, and Morticians. In all cases you can shut down important models of theirs very quickly with crowdouts. Basically, teams that you can't race or shut down effectively with Shark. Engineers is the one case I bring OSiren with Corsair; they have so much ball-holding tech that your normal tools might be ineffective, so being able to force them to pass to you is clutch.
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    Jesus Christ how did we end up tagged in this shitshow? We have no particular aspirations beyond having fun and taking the piss. Something something Fosters and Didgeridoos. Cheers mates.
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    It's summer, it's hot (except in England where we've had our three warm days already), and it's time for a new contest! Given the weather, it seemed like a good time of year to go for a writing challenge - why not dust off the keyboards and flex those literary aspirations while your paint is drying out too fast... The Rules The challenge will close at 23:59 on the 31st of July, at which point all entries should be posted up in their own threads in a folder that will appear for that very purpose in mid-July. Judging will happen over the next week or so, being wrapped up before Gencon on the 17th August One entry per person, so pick your best if you write more than that. You can post up works in progress and get community feedback if you want to, they don't have to be kept secret. Stories should be no more than 1000 words long, excessive length may well count against you. The theme of the story should be 'the rookie' - maybe it's their first game in the minor leagues, or the week after they're accepted to the training program, whatever you come up with and whichever guild you like (although... family friendly forum, so careful with the Seamstresses guild ). Entries will be judged by none other than the Magister of the Scholar's Guild, @Sherwin! The Rewards Naturally, there's bragging rights. There's also a nice bit of prize support from SFG: First Place will get a Farmers starter set box Second Place will get a set of Farmer's Guild dice Third Place will get a Farmer's Guild patch So who can I tempt to give it a shot? #saveAmber
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    Episode 18 of Double Dodge is live! http://doubledodge.com.au/ We are also on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/double-dodge-guild-ball-podcast/id1140110129 In this episode we chat with Alex Botts about WTC, the Evil Empire of Chicago, and what it’s like to be part of a nefarious band of roaming trophy hunters. We then jump in the car for the inaugural Car Ball: Slug F#@k where we take a ridiculous matchup suggestion to its logical conclusion. Double Dodge!! Diggle Diggle!! Double Dodge is sponsored by Nerdvana Games SA: https://nerdvanagamessa.com/ and Soupcan: https://www.soupcan.com.au/
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    My Art Of War tokens arrived today, lovely stuff! Thanks @Grantt Half an hour later, I've now got a shiny colour coded measuring stick set (and many more unpainted widgets!) A quick view of the process: Blob on paint, peel away most of the paper, use the back of some tweezers to push the rest of the paper away and wipe with a piece of cloth to be sure, peel off the backing and lo, finished result (with white edge markings for easy sight)
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    Some of us flew 5000 miles to attend a tournament at EG. You're just not committed.
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    Hello everybody. I wanted to share some of the stuff I create for this fantastic game. I must say that I love it, not only because it is a great game, but also because it doesn't need a lot of things to be able to play it and let us spend time not only painting miniatures but other things as well. This is one of the things I made for my mason team. A box to keep all mason related in just one box. If you like it I can post some pictures of the process I followed to make it. Hope you like it.
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    A new blog article has been posted about the Blacksmiths: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/eydng420tpbkicocc5nnr3rb0pnsy0 What do people think of Anvil's newly revealed abilities? His legendary play gives him +1 TAC, but there's more to be revealed.
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    Bit too upright to be canon but once you start sawing you can't go back.
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    I hope the counsel will confirm that I am not personally under investigation regarding Missilegate.
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    To make the top of the box we are going to use a product to transfer photographs to wood. I have tried several different productos but the one I have got better results is this one (link). Just remember to sand very well the surface and let it dry for at least a day. First we print the image. Depending on what we want to do, we should flip the image horizontally to keep the same orientation once we transfer it over the box. I am sorry but I don't have any pictures of that. Once you have the picture you have to put the photo transfer all over the picture (on the side with the image printed) and in the box (where the picture will go). Then, with a scraper or something similar, we push over the paper, pasting it on the box and removing any excess. This is the only tricky part, so do it with care triying not to break the paper. It should look more or less like this. Once it has dried, we start to wet the paper little by little and then removing the paper with a towel, a napkin or even our own fingers. Remove only the parts of the paper that have become transparent, not the white parts. For these ones, we have to wait until they get wet and will get transparent. In this picture I thing you can see what I am talking about. Sometimes, after removing the paper and once it has dried, could appear like a thin shadow of white over the picture. Those are small pieces of paper, so we will have to wet them again and rub the surface again, this time with your finger and you will see how that little shadow will disappear. Sometimes, once I finished I smoothly sand the surface. Depending on the effect you want to achieve you can sand with a stronger sandpaper and even remove some parts of the picture to make it look a bit old. I hope I made myself clear. Just ask any doubt.
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    No, it's not. Each individual roll in a goal-sequence - all of the passes and kicks and what not - is much more important than any individual roll in combat; you miss an attack, you're being slightly inefficient. You miss a pass and your plan for the turn needs to change immediately. Goals are high-risk, high-reward, whereas killing is slower and has less of a reward but is much, much more consistent. For most goal-scoring teams, lengthening the game makes it progressively harder, and it's the other way around for kill-focused teams. Not to mention, killing does have other benefits beside points; you're more consistently able to generate momentum, you can use kills for positional advantage and to create activation advantage, and with killing you're less likely to end up with a sacrificial model deep in enemy territory that you simply write off as part of the cost of getting points (barring supersolos like Fillet, I guess). Finally, the game is Guild Ball. If you played season 2, you know what I'm talking about - killing was so much more consistent than going for the ball that the ball often played like an afterthought. The only things that really changed for the Fish, for example, were icy sponge making them slightly more survivable, and Tap-In, which they don't even use for most goals. It's not that goal-scoring got better, for the most part; killing got worse. And frankly it should have gotten worse.
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    Some people have fun winning, some people have fun complaining about how they lose all the time because they refuse to use unfun strategies
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    Difference of opinion I suppose but I don't think ball killing is the "meta". Ball killing is the answer to the meta. The meta is fish and alchs running amok with tools for scoring that other teams don't have access to. It's not someone trying to be unfair or unsportsmanlike but if their guild doesn't have models that can race someone to a 3-0 win, they have to try and slow the game down to keep up on points from kills. The ball and scoring is certainly a key component of the game like you said, but not every guild has the tools to make the most of that side of the game. Killing is just a big part of the game whether or not you think its the fun part, otherwise it wouldn't also award points. You shouldn't be looking to make rules to punish people for killing the ball when their entire guild is designed to get kills and not goals. If anything you should be making rules for new guild members to fill the gaps in those areas (although that is sort of against the steamforged design philosophy) or making goal scoring wins a bit slower (goals at 3 points?). Steamforged designed goal teams, killing teams, and mixed teams. The episode comes off a bit whiny about people playing guilds that were designed around killing rather than scoring goals. Those people are also trying to enjoy the game and remain competitive with the models and guilds that they enjoy. It's not their fault their team was given a different win condition by design.
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    I had a chance to break out the airbrush and finish up the last 2 bosses, The dancer and titanite demon. The picture doesn't do it justice, but the veil/drape/cape is painted in a green/blue color change prismatic color, so it looks neat as you look at different angles. I'll be honest, the sculpt on the Dancers sword is really bad. It looks nothing like the game sword, and I still don't know if the swirly bits on the top are supposed to be flames or ornate detailing. I'm mostly happy with how it turned out, but I think it would have been alot easier and more fun to paint with a better sculpt. Titanite demon on the other hand I am really happy with. Its not as obvious in the pictures, but its super glossy and high contrast. I think I ended up really close to the in game look, or at least the way I interpret it in the really dark murky game lighting. Still have to do bases obviously. Anyways, let me know what you think. Oh, and full credit to Gervill Froad for the idea to take pics with the box as background.
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    Please calm down. No one's scamming anyone and no one is calling the police. I understand it's frustrating having to wait for the game and I understand you've paid a lot of money for it, but that doesn't give you the right to falsely accused them of scamming. If you have proof that they're scamming us, and I mean physical proof and not just people not having their copy yet, then that'snot something you can just say. We don't know the circumstances surrounding the problem and remember it's a small company. Also please refrain from venting your frustration out on others. I'm not saying you are, but you're coming across as quite aggressive and some people on here aren't very comfortable with it when there are genuine want for discussions about the game. Thank you, and Praise the Sun.
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    Finally managed to get some painting time in and finish off the Winter Moon set, here's my attempt at Vet Hearne.
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    I don't think I've ever seen a forum for a non-gw game that didn't have someone saying "I'm worried the game is dying off". Not sure I've seen a game actually die though The forum is still growing, which is my only available metric for these things. And I checked, it's not all people joining to ask where their dark souls pledge is
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    @masterkdog I hope you do continue with your vet Brisket buddy, she a lovely model and at 85% done you just need one more session to get her finished. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the pics! @maiquelPS I am always up for taking advice and I thank you for it. Vet Brisket was for an existing team so I had to match the colours and style, I hope to push the contrast on newer models but I have to admit it can be a struggle for me to highlight up to white, i'll give it a good attempt though . Took a few pictures of the latest model i'm working on, it kinda sets the theme for the team even though he's not the captain. Here's a remodelled Brick, hopefully looking like he's ready for a fight. He'll be leaning forwards slightly more than in the pics here.
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    The lull in actual new models has gotta be it, imo. No new models between May and August except for Lucky, who isn't tournament legal and we don't even know if he has rules(?)... Tough look to find stuff to talk about. I have definitively determined that scoring is both too good and not good enough, anyone who doesn't play Midas hates fun AND should git gud, and the only real NPE is playing against @Isante, any other opinions are just baseless whining.
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    In unprecedented news steamforged games reveal the new mascot for the upcoming Blacksmiths team is in fact a pistol toting bad mounthed mutheffer Penguin named Pepper. Also leaked is that he will act as an apprentice to Veteran Salt who joined the Blacksmiths after a binge on a bloated washed up corpse gave him guts of steel.........
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    After much deliberation and inner raging at many of the suggestions here, I really think the answer to this scoring issue is 'git gud'. The ball is a resource. Control it better. I am of the apparently radical opinion that goal scoring is ok atm, and that players should instead focus on denying ball control to their opponents in a strategic fashion. Do all guilds have the option to successfully do this to the same extent? That is another question entirely. Sidepoint: I think the actual issue with pace is not really that scoring goals is easier, but that 6 takeout games (ie. the ones that often follow from a ball killing strategy) are slow, often undynamic grinding affairs that destroy your soul. The Icy Sponge and Mascot VP changes were both pretty hard blows to the takeout game. The Mascot changes overall I quite like (ie. multiple mascots in a roster is a viable choice for many teams -> more meaningful choices = more van value). I'm so-so on the Icy Sponge changes, especially with a player like Shank that excels at controlling the wings and forcing that choice getting nerfed on top of that. I recall a statement from Mat early in Season 3 that getting 6 takeouts is now as hard as getting 3 goals. That might be true, I dunno. But it's way more interesting to get 3 goals than to get 6 takeouts. Even the killiest teams tend to aim for 4 takeout, 1 goal these days. Is that a problem, or working as intended?
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    We try to be less isolationist than some. It's a low bar thanks to Trump and Brexit. Are you even allowed out of the meme mines? Who even knows what is real and what is imitation anymore? It's all one big shit-blancmange these days. Maybe the only thing that's really real is the Nach-shaped hole in our collective hearts?
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    About halfway through - several good memes identified already. I like how you guys are actively shoring up your lack of culture by consistently bringing on quality European guests. Also if Rickard needs to get better at dice rolling, he can join the GBZ Discord - we have very strong wrists.
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    That's all well and good for a Captain striker, but consider Mist, another high end striker who isn't on par with captains and competes with a wide range of flexible in faction wingers. At 8" with no other negative modifiers, Mist has a 42℅ chance of making the goal under your system and 52℅ if he bonus times. The chance of failure is so high that no reasonable player would make this shot except in desperation. At 6", where most in faction wingers and midfielders could make the shot with even odds, Mist has a 70℅ or 80℅ chance to score, low enough that most games where 3 such shots are made at least one will miss but sometimes the won't. It's pure luck. You system doesn't increase counter play to goal scoring teams, it adds random failure to artificially reduce skill desperity.
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    I know people don't see SFG as a source of reliable communication at the moment, but I'd also be wary of anyone not part of steamforged that claims to know why they did something - like the tax thing, unless they're a tax accountant and have seen the KS accounts they're just guessing (that includes me, as an outsider to the KS I can't know what's going on). Having seen inside other kickstarters though, they look really profitable and simple from the outside but that money gets consumed really fast. And one small delay means work hours to pay for, extra stock, other work not being done... I've seen more than a couple of KS be a net loss because of stretch goals needing extra moulds tooling and a problem with shipping. Throwing extra staff at the problem often means more confusion and mistakes as people get used to the work, and external partners adds another layer of complexity. I'm not saying this has gone well. It hasn't, or people would have their games by now! But Kickstarters are a difficult and messy beast to try and tame, and it's useful to remember that speculation about what's going on is just that - speculation.
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    Partly answered correctly, as Scores for Fun is only during an activation. However, snap shots have to be out of activation, so an I'm open pass to sBrisket cannot result in a snap shot.
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    Answer... Stop Slacking may be used on the kick off. The limitation on actions at a kick off are only for the kicker model, not other models. Note: Stop Slacking differs from a number of other traits, which is why it may be used at kick off. It is not limited to being used in a turn or an activation, unlike traits such as Tag Along which may only be used during a turn. Stop Slacking is also an active character trait that may be chosen to be used when defined requirements are satisfied, unlike Get Over Here! which is an active character trait that may be chosen to be used during an activation.
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    That would certainly not be justice for all. Quite the opposite, it'd be a black day with death magnetic anger, you'd be hardwired to self-destruct or just want to load and reload and kill 'em all.