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    I believe guild ball is in a great place regarding balance, varied play style and competitive play. The Masons, my original guild, are still competitive and great fun to use on the table. I want to be positive about the guild and help some new players. Let's talk about the Kick Off set. Honour, marbles, brick, mallet and Flint is a great team to begin with. First of, double counter charge waiting in front of your goal can deter strikers and really protect other players. Don't give them any influence and you have two models who provide board controll and potential damage/ momentum for free. That 3 influence you didn't use on them is great for Honour. Honour. I love Hammer but man is Honour amazing. She breaks the game with linked and super strategy. If you set up the counter charge you can get marbles engaging a model for her to then batter. But here is the thing, it's linked that enables her and her sister to murder payers and get crazy goals. I played an event two weeks ago where Honour finished off VKat, killed Vitriol, then activated Harmony for a goal run. 8 VP at the start of turn 2 - yes please. So her sisters amazing when benefiting from family. Don't over extend her and she will usually survive. Don't feel you have to keep her near brick either. Her back to the shadows move is great when you are activating her late in the turn. She can get to safety and set up another sister act double activation easily. Flint. Flint scores goals. He is great with super strategy and likes hunting the ball. Don't stick him too far out, I often find having him near the centre means my opponents fear for ball placement. Mallet. He might be slow but having singled out on a player makes the sisters even more happy. The football legend is great to make him a 3/7 kick when he does need to put it in the goal. However, the greatest benefit is his 3" mele. Use it against shark and smash his shins in for days. I honestly think the kick off team is great. I'm playing it on the BattleHammer YouTube channel tomorrow if anyone is interested. Let's keep this positivity going. Masons are a fantastic guild with so much flexibility. The Kick off 6 can switch between goals and take outs in an instant.
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    (Created by Lon Sims) Special thanks to everyone in the Guild Ball Zone discord channel who provided playtesting and feedback for these rules. Ever wonder what your creatures are up to when not with their teams? What Fun does Fahad have in her free time? How does Salt spend his Summers? Well… They play Ball of course! WELCOME TO ANIMAL BALL!! The next evolution in sport which is taking the Empire of the Free Cities by Storm! In this ferocious show of fang and claw - onlookers come to realize just how essential and talented these balls of fur (or scales) can be. The speeds are blistering, the teamwork is crucial, and the brutality is downright lovable. Never so quickly have you seen a crowd go from “aww” to “ouch”! Draft your squad from ALL AVAILIBLE mascots and use your limited resources to pilot your critters to victory. Rules: Animal Ball is played on a 2ft x 2 ft pitch. The proving grounds mat has this built in (demo) If you are using a standard mat, square off the center 2 feet. The front of the goals are placed 4 inches from the back line. Deployment is 6 inches from the back line. Each team is comprised of 6 MASCOT models chosen via Draft (See Draft Section). The game is played to 6VPs. (mascots are still worth 1vp per take out) For a slightly longer game, you may opt to reduce goals to 3VPs. All friendly models count as friendly guild models. NO HEALING via “take a breather lad” or “come on mate”. You may clear conditions as normal. Plot cards are not used in this format. Unless mentioned above, all standard rules from the core Guild Ball game apply. For a slightly more action packed game, you may opt to increase each team’s influence pool by 2 during allocation. (see standard rules for goal influence) Proxies may be necessary. Ensure you and your opponents are clear on exactly which model is what mascot. Write it down if necessary. Drafting: All Mascot cards from the Guild Ball Universe shall be available to draft. Place all of the cards on the middle of the pitch. Roll off to determine who goes first. Bans: Banning a Card/Model removes it from the pool. It may no longer be selected. The first player will Ban a single card. The second player will Ban a single card. Draft: This is a snake draft. The first player will pick a single model, followed by the second player picking two, followed by the first player picking 2 until each has 6 models. Player 1 picks 1. Player 2 Picks 2. Player 1 Picks 2. Player 2 Picks 2. Player 1 Picks 2. Player 2 picks 2. Player 1 picks 1. After the draft is complete. Roll off to determine Kicker/Receiver. The kicker deploys their entire team and nominates a kicker. The receiver deploys their entire team. Kick off and enjoy the game! Tips: The Small field and generally high MOV of mascots make for an extremely dynamic game. Use it to your advantage. The combination of low TAC and high DEF/ARM make crowd outs EXTREMELY important. A low INF pool means Mascots which have free abilities are at a premium. Goals, while worth proportionally more points, are also much riskier due to low KICK stats. Not all Mascots are created equal. Some may seem highly effective versus their counterparts. If you are worried about a particular model – use your ban or make sure to pick it first! HAVE FUN! This is Animal Ball. This is a living rule set hosted here: http://www.guildball.zone/animal-ball/ http://animalball.guildball.zone (coming soon)
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    I'll repeat this here: It's funny that he's ARM 1
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    No more "Likes"?

    I'm cautiously pleased to say that things should now be fixed - it has involved a fairly extensive upgrade and rebuild of the forum theme system, but people should now be seeing their like buttons again If there are any glitches we didn't spot in testing, send me a message and I'll look into them.
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    Holy Crap... You guys/gals are so good.

    Like the title says... Wow... I am constantly amazed at the quality and the creativity. Thank you all for the continuing inspiration. I have finished painting my Kick Off starter figures and am happy with my results for a first time attempt. They are not even close to being of the caliber that you all post! HA! Must keep practicing... must keep practicing...
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    Lucky will be tournament legal from the 18th of August.
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    Mechanical Heart Broken

    The [Mechanica] stipulation in Overclocked is a targeting requirement, rather than one that needs to continue for the play to activate later, so in the example given Salvo would still be able to sprint or charge for free.
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    Forum, Welcome to the fourth episode of Guild Ball Gotchas where I go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in Guild Ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering the three abilities in the game that allow your opponents to take control of your models. Please Note: This was filmed before the July 2017 errata. Special thanks go out to Pat Vanvalzah, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Botts for assisting with this video. The GBG Logo was designed by Dano Amonette. His Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/deadpoolxanko/?hl=en Games were filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
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    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Took some updated pictures of models I painted during the year since I started
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    Yes, the active player's clock should be running at all times. What I recommend is to declare your action (say, "Model X will Charge model Y") then say something along the lines of "Any response?" before you move the model. If your opponent says no, then continue with your turn, if they pause and start to consider, then it's acceptable to tap the clock to them since they shouldn't be burning your clock with their thinking time. Which I appreciate raises the question 'how long can they pause for'? Generally, a pause of a couple of seconds is fine, but certainly if it were five seconds or more, it's acceptable to tap the clock. One other thing I do recommend players do is if your opponent declares an action and you know you need to think about the reaction, just tap the clock to yourself. It's a small thing, but a nice thing to do that eases relations in the game. Both Players should also remember that this reaction window is likely to come up for both of them many times over the course of a game, and therefore being sporting about it is key. If you've just spent 20 seconds on your opponent's clock making a decision about a reaction, it's churlish in the extreme to tap the clock over to them the second they pause to think about a Counter Attack. Functionally, this question boils down to a human interaction part of the game that it is reasonably difficult for us to make hard and fast rulings on. However, I hope this post presents a few guidelines on how to resolve this situation. In an event of course, if anything comes up that you don't feel comfortable with, alert a judge who will deal with the situation.
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    There's a bit of an assumption here that a goal scoring team is only doing well if it is completely unengaged from the opponent, or only engaging on their own terms. But the issue is that this type of style isn't always fun to play against and it is one of the key aims of Pitch Formations to experiment with lessening the regularity of this type of game. Essentially, having more games finish with both players scoring at least 8-10 points is certainly part of the aim here as well, reducing 12-0 score lines is a good thing for everyone's enjoyment of the game. No one likes losing 12-0 and everyone enjoys a 12-10 nail biter right?
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    I'm getting a little tired of people deciding that the way to solve disagreements over the errata is to insult each other. We take a lot of care to allow people to voice their opinions, positive or negative, but if said negative opinion is about members and not the game it has no place here.
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    Yeah I don't totally understand the allure of this thing, it seems like it takes away a ton of what I like about the alternate deployment, that is the deployment countering and draft. That's a big strategy addition I don't think should be taken away. Got another couple games in over the past week, really feeling the momentum is needed. With momentum and without alternate-alternate is how I would want it to stand.
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Hello again! Apologies for my absence of late but due to a horrible bloody company trying to hold mine and many others pictures to ransom I've spent many an angry hour or 10 trying to resolve the issue, thankfully a good mate of mine gave me a few suggestions and here I am again all rage free . As mentioned in the post before I'd started working on a Masons team in a Gladiatorial theme, most of the work was to give them some a bit more armour and a change of weapons, here's a few pics of the team all finished.
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    Strictly the Worst: Episode 22!

    A screaming came across the sky. Ahoy, m80s! Our latest episode is pipin' hot and ready for your consumption. This episode is, of course, dedicated to the errata that dropped last week!! We hope to make up our lateness with high quality takes. Check it out: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-22-errata-oxpocalypse Let us know what you think about the errata! Who lost, who won, where is the game going, and how is it getting there?? Thanks as always for listening, you guys are the BEST You can follow the cast here: Twitter — https://twitter.com/strictlyworstgb Facebook — facebook.com/strictlytheworst You can follow the individuals here: Alex's Twitter — Bottsonbottom.online Pat's Twitter — Scum.online Vince's Twitter — https://twitter.com/TheCurkov Vince's YouTube — Shortened Link
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    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Some more models completed this weekend>
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    Grange Surprise

    I like Grange, but I'm finding that even with a huge amount of health, he doesn't last long in the scrum, where arguably he needs to be for Honest Labour to work for you. So... how to get Grange into position and not have your opponent see him coming a mile off ready to take him out Step 1 - Activate Grange and trigger Honest Labour. Step 2 - Wait while your opponent moves into a midfield position, "safe" in the knowledge that Grange has already activated Step 3 - Use Bushel to pass Grange the ball and then call it back again for 8" worth of dodges for the Captain so that he is engaging he target model. Bushel makes another pass to dodge a big hitter 4" towards the target. Step 4 - Now move your big hitter to attack the target to benefit from Grange's Honest Labour bonuses.
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Finally got some pictures sorted for a decent update First up, models people have seen before, except now with bases: And of course, the inevitable ball... Followed by Ghast, with his skin, trousers and some of his leathers sorted: Still lumbering towards gencon, if I can get ghast silence and the goal painted up I'll consider it a success - dirge is still on the sculpting table and I've been doing other things instead of working on him (because deadlines are so tedious )
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    Putting as few people on the goal line as possible (and more on the deployment line) is pretty much always an advantage. Whichever team is advantaged in a brawl will want as many models on the centre line as possibl. The other team will want as few models on the centre line as possible (most of the time). Additional formation options don't really change that. 1-3-2 is strictly better than 2-2-2, and 2-3-1 will be taken by whoever is going to lose the fight. That's it. I don't think it really makes decisions / options any more interesting.
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    5 Things Less Ridiculous than Stagger.

    Additional Comments: Ok I understand what @Trygle is getting at (separate convo). Basically the thread is devolving because we can't stay on a singular topic. Lines are getting crossed (get it?). So as self proclaimed master secretary of this thread: Please ensure your commentary specifically addresses - A ) Strictly a power level issue (too far / just right / not enough) as it relates to competitive gameplay (if casual specify as such, not because your opinion is worth less, but because it is important to keep things in perspective.) B ) A flavor issue: "Shark should be/do/have blah blah because he is a fish/captain/cool bro" C) A communication issue - "Steam Forged said blah blah" type stuff. It's fine to have a mix of all 3, but I guess make sure you specify the primary reason behind your post - that way these things don't get cyclical. Thus far I've primarily argued C as it relates to A. My opinion is the change is poor because multiple interviews / blog posts state this was not a change due to power level, yet it is strictly power decrease. If you think he was too strong, cool, that's your opinion. But I'm not arguing what *you think*. I'm arguing what *the change was* versus *the reason supplied*. The OP was meant to express dissatisfaction and point out potential missed opportunities which more clearly align with Steam Forged statement. Cary on :-)
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    You have to deploy more than 2" from enemy models - you can't engage Boar during deployment.
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    Hammer's melee output

    @Mako please lock this thread. Doesn't serve any purpose at all and doesn't help anyone looking into using Hammer. From the sound of Korak he enjoys his self indulgence of trolling.
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    Hammer's melee output

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    Andrew Jones

    Hammer's melee output

    As Dan here is the highest ranking Masons player in the world at the moment, I do believe that his opinions hold some weight. However, this is an open forum, and discussing guild ball (and comparing real game, not just theory) is very important, if you could let us know your position in the rankings, or recent tournament scores @Korak, it would be good to share and compare notes to see what weight your opinions have held in real life, not just on the internet.
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    The three results are applied simultaneously at step 2.5 of the Sequence of a Character Play. You then proceed to step 3 (Check for Taken-out) and Reanimate triggers at step 1 of the Sequence of Taking a Model Out. The result in your example is that Locus would be on 3 HP.
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    Just Something Short

    It would give a whole new meaning to Fangtooth Unleashed. William
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    Pending Forum Suspension

    Just Something Short

    What're you talking about? Esters, Fangtooth, Casket, Hag, Compound, and Truffles. New 6 man starter. Flesh of the Homeland.
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    Or more likely, Giblin made a booboo when he made the blog post. Who can say!?
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    Apprentices need to complete a shield to become a master , not sure if having one means they are or not though. His family are bonded to the Blacksmiths guild by a debt which is why he plays for them. Other Blacksmith info was that from now on most releases will be 6 player boxes with a second Blacksmith (and Farmer) box coming in the q1 2018 (probably).
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Final pre-gencon update time! I had a bunch of stuff to do before I could finish, so I didn't hit my target of a fully painted team - Silence is only primed, and Dirge is still on the sculpting table. But I did get Ghast finished, complete with scarred skin, and painted up the goal. And a group shot, without the ball as I forgot I'd done that...
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    Cats are better than dogs

    As much as it pains me to agree, yes, I can't find a reason to play Snow when Fahad just gets so much done without taking any Influence. Wait....
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    Damn you, you overtalented person!
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    Thousand Cuts

    It's quite handy on turn one, too. 4 inf on Decimate can be a threat itself, or if enemies are out of range you can sprint and Thousand Cuts. Dealing 1 damage and -2 def increases Minx's threat range to 12" (with Damaged Target) or 14-16" with Rage/Grace support, and probably means she's doing some reasonable damage and momentum.
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    Pick Me Up! and KD

    Since it's Greede spending the influence I guess its more like him climbing on. A snuggly little koala bear climbing into his tree for safety. If the tree falls down well....its still his home 😓
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    July 2017 Errata Changes!

    I'm going to preface this with the fact that I am only 2 games deep in this errata (our regular game night is tonight.) Quite a few of my thoughts have changed. I did not expect A&G to be as good as they are and as a result, Midas is not as dead as I initially thought. I am currently exploring 2 different rosters. Midas, Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, oKat, A&G, Crucible, Compound, and Vitriol. Midas, Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, oKat , vKat, Harry, Compound, and Vitriol. The first roster is a Midas focused roster with Smoke as a masons option. We have a new set of bash brothers with A&G and oKat able to one round just about anything they can get a hold of. And we have 2 flex slots. we bring in vitriol for kicking and not a lot else. I think the roster can out fight most teams probably not masons or brewers. The second roster is some serious science. We are playing smoke into everything except character play focused teams (she doesn't really win gunfights.) The ideal roster is Merc, Calc, vKat, Harry but we drop merc for vitriol if kicking. The plan is to play a heavy conditions game and get 3 take outs, 2 with the condition damage and feat, 1 with vKat setup by Harry and take a smoke goal. We are playing Harry for the hat aura and the control with pushes able to keep people off of vKat. Losing easy access to the KD is an issue but I don't think it is a deal breaker. I have a lot more thoughts on the alchemist roster but I want to get a few more games in before sharing further and I also need to keep some content for Strictly the Worst later this week.
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    The folks I play with regularly are fairly certain Masons are on the come-up in a big way after this most recent errata. The Hammer changes are solid, not a giant leap in strength at first look but at least a small improvement. But more importantly, I think the guild is suddenly in a great meta spot—Shark got a lot worse and he seemed like a huge problem for Masons, the other top-performing guild went down as well, and Harry was nerfed. Harry being nerfed should be a big deal for Masons, since 5 guilds lost a great player who was good at engaging Countercharge models and moving around Masons so they lost positional synergy, but the Masons never had Harry so they didn't lose anything from the change. It's certainly not as exciting as a new player or a suite of buffs would be, but with Shark and Midas diminished I think the metagame at tournaments will trend toward a place where Masons are among the top two guilds. They have a lot of tools for breaking stalemates and playing a mixed game with defensive tech that other fight-y teams—like Butchers and Brewers—will struggle to consistently overcome.
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    Hammer's melee output

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    Why not just call it a 'Hooked' and make it a character trait that triggers on damage? That'd be pretty butchery ability that would also suit the Fisherman theme perfectly. Wait a minute....
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    Vitriol got nerfed too much?

    She will still do her job, which is to score goals from a reasonable distance. It just won't be a given any more and if she succeeds, she may get taken out as a consequence. Welcome to the world of all other Guilds
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    Hammer's melee output

    I'm actually laughing at this post. Today i took out mallet who has healthy before I iron fist and walked up to kill him. I consistently remove models with Hammer. His legondary is also really good at supporting the team. You also might want to listen to the singled out podcast I was on at start of season 3 where I explained the difference between 6inf and 5 inf Hammer. Welcome to the party 8 months on.
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    Red Skies at Dawn

    The team sat around, looking up at the stern face of their captain, his arms folded, staring into space amongst them. He took in a sharp breath, daring himself to speak, but the words stuck in his throat, hesitant. It hadn’t been easy for him, taking on this mantle, and he was doing his best to honour the memory of his predecessor. The assembled figures before him looked on in anticipation, offering their wholehearted support. “I know this is hard, but we’ve come through worse in these few months.” Grange managed at last, steeling his nerves. “We can’t go on short-handed, and that’s a fact. The Guild has sent us a new player, all the way from Castellya, and I’ve been assured he’s capable.” The assorted figures around him gave a variety of reactions, from nods to grunts to intakes of breath, to a stony silence that possibly showed a lack of understanding for the situation. “First and foremost, we’re a family,” he continued, “and we look out for each other, and we get the work done.” Signs of approval began to flourish around him. “The coach says he’ll be a great asset to our mid-field, and from what I’ve seen I’m inclined to believe her.” Turning his head slightly, Grange called back over his shoulder. “Come on in, boy.” The door opened, creaking on its old hinges, as in stepped a young lad, on the cusp on manhood, lanky and tussle-haired. He looked nervous to be presented to the room, and stooped in hesitantly, one hand reaching absentmindedly for the back of his great mop of pale brown curls to scratch his scalp, the other raised lightly in greeting. “This here shepherd boy is dab-hand with his tool of the trade. That’s why they call him Crook. Good at chasing people down and keeping them penned in.” Grange reached up and clapped a hand on the lad’s shoulder, making the boy smile awkwardly, a mix of pride and discomfort. It was Millstone who first stepped forwards to shake the newcomer’s hand, followed by Harrow and then Tater. Bushel led her brother Windle up to do the same, and sensing the embarrassment that Crook was obviously undergoing at being made the centre of attention, wiggled her fingers in a nervous wave, which seemed to bring a genuine smile to his face. “Training begins again tomorrow, and Crook will be joining you. We’ll have to get him used to the animals, and Jack, in due course.” Crook noticed Grange quirk a brow as he added the last part, which didn’t do a lot to help his jitters. *** There was no doubt the boy was nimble, Honour mused to herself, as she watched the practice from the sidelines. He was agile and accurate with his namesake, swinging it with great effect, keeping other players close when they tried and escape, and tripping them when it suits. What worried her was whether or not he had the guts to really lash out. She’d caught him being gentle with Bushel already, and he’d let Windle scare him off of a well-timed trip. He was raw talent, that was for sure. She cupped her hands around her mouth and bellowed “Shepherd boy” across the dusty scrub ground, when it was safe to distract him; although she noted that was another area in which he would need to be put through his paces. As she caught his eye, and waved him in, Crook came jogging across to her, leaving the others to their jostling and passing, a little out of breath from work he had put in this morning. “How are you enjoying your first practice?” She asked, testing him on his honesty, and his diplomacy. “I’m...” he stuttered, taking in a new breath, “I am finding it challenging.” He was a little nervous as he spoke, and Honour reasoned this was something that would fade in time. Currently, he was like a fish out of water, or a Brewer out of cups, as the saying went. If he was to have a lingering anxiety about playing the sport, he would not have agreed to come here. There must be a passion in him that’s buried behind his natural shyness. “That I can see.” The words were matter-of-fact, but as he looked upon her face, she softened to a smile. “What you need to help you overcome this challenge is a sense of your place in the team. It’s obvious, watching you, that you’re unsure of yourself. You’ve only ever played in the sticks, am I right?” “Mostly with the other shepherds, and some other folks from my village.” He leant on his staff, finding a little support whilst his legs screamed at him to unburden them, stooping a little as he did so, bringing his eye line down closer to hers. “I know what this team needs, and I know what you can give them. You’re not a beater, and we’re going to have to work on your skill with the ball,” he blushed a little as she gave her critique, “but you’re a guardian. You need to think of your teammates as your flock. If someone is coming to hurt one of your flock, you trip them. If someone raises a weapon, you hook their hand and stop them striking. If someone is trying to get away, you pull them back in. Those other teams, they’re all wolves, and they’re all after that flock out there.” She gestured to the rag-tag group of Farmers players still practicing. “You are their shepherd. So go, and watch over them.” She nodded, and the boy turned a smile at her, a sign of genuine pride painted on his face. As Crook hobbled back onto the pitch, a pang of nerves hit him again. He swallowed it down, picking up his pace into a stride, taking the weight off of his stick. He’d never lost a sheep before, and now seemed like a bad time to begin.
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    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    With the new Errata the tournament will continue on using the new changes to the game Please view the Errata if you have not already here http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/guild-ball-balance-errata
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    Blacksmiths forever regretting not getting a pony.
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    Snapping after being placed

    A model that had been placed has not moved, so cannot snap a free ball. The model would need to advance or reposition after the placement.
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    Cincinnati GBC


    I was able to get two games in today with the alternative deployment. Both games used the alternating placement version but had the kicker start with a momentum. I felt the alternating deployment and drafting as you deployed added a bit of strategy that was really nice for the deployment phase. It was nice to have some decisions to make during that step of the game. After that, beyond the first turn of the game, and really after the first 3 or 4 activations, the game played like a normal game of Guild Ball. I do think having the kicker start with a momentum is pretty important though because without that there could be some pretty rough first turn activations. I was nervous about the Hunters in this format at first since I felt they didn't have great frontline options, but feel much better after today. I used Jaecar and Theron up front in game 1 when I kicked, and Hearne and Theron in game 2 when I received. Having Theron that far up the pitch at the start allows him to threaten Pinned on nearly the entire team and can force them to advance away from your goal depending on who you target. Shark still scored despite that but there aren't any other models in the game I'd really expect that from. Having Seenah threatening models from the start was also a huge boost for the team. I still needed the Fish to miss a goal to pull off the wins though. Overall I loved the format. I'd like to get some more games in against other guilds, but I'd definitely be willing to play this at events.
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    It's because Hunters get the short end of every stick. Literally.
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    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Some new WIP in the works
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    Hi guys! Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who took part in the Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge. It's been great to see so many of you get involved, and I've had an awful lot of fun reading through your submissions. I especially loved how several of you interwove existing characters and the Guild Ball universe into your stories, often in subtle and characterful ways. Choosing winners was very difficult as so many entries were of a very high standard, but I've read through them all and posted winners below. Congratulations to @TwoBands, @Paelan, and @Cutegoth13! 1st Place - Red Skies at Dawn, by TwoBands. 2nd Place - Bag of Tricks, by Paelan 3rd Place - Waiting for the Wheat Poppy to Ripen, by Cutegoth13 Also, just a quick shout-out to the following - each of your stories were extremely close to the top three, and I wanted to just give you a well-deserved word of appreciation. Seyfret, Astronomer Savant, by Siberys A Rookies Reflection, by Charlie Call of the Wild, by Lumpyseven Welcome to the Big Leagues, by Redtiger7 Thanks everyone for taking part, and I look forward to the next one! Sherwin
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    I'm in a little bit of shock here. I nearly didn't write anything and then when I finally did, I nearly didn't submit. Kind of glad I didn't read the other entries beforehand or I definitely would have been too nervous. Thanks so much. I'm so glad you liked it.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Something my Fish dredged up and started worshipping: And lord only knows where they got this thing from: