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    How to buff Angel?

    Please forgive me if my english is not that good or my written is a little muddled. I will try to put down my thoughts on Angel and why I think she doesn't need a buff. Or why she is good as she is. Where to start? Maybe in correcting Mootaz (missunderstanding in a german forum where i wrote something about WTC): I played Angel in all 5 matches at WTC. Shark I played in every Game except the Final against Martin Koch of Team Germany 1. That was due to Gentleman's Agreement that we both play Corsair. And I'm totally satisfied of the performance of Angel. BTW my Roster for WTC was: Shark; Corsair; Tentacles; Greayscales; Sakana; Hag; Siren; vSiren; Angel; Jac I lost the first match against Ignacio Lozano Ramirez of Spain 1, a real nice guy. I missed a few dice rolls and his dice worked. At a certain point I was that far behind that I couldn't manage to stablize against Hunters. And I lost the final against Martin Koch, by missing 2 Goalshots in a row. I went 4:0 against him and while he took out Siren I missed the snapshotgoal with Angel. (1,2,3,3; so even normal shot would have missed) After that I really tried hard to get in possesion of the Ball again and missed with Greyscales too. Martin Koch is a brilliant Fisherman and at that point it wasn't possible to win against him any more. But he said one thing: "I was short of peeing my pants as I realized what Angel was capable of doing at that point. Simply magnificent" (hopefully translated that correctly) But enough from WTC atm. Angel seems like she isn't doing much on the field. And I sign that to a certain amount. Her Playbook seems difficult to get to second column, 3rd or 4th not to mention. She got no 2" melee zone like 99% of the Fish do have and when you take a look at her card, she seems to have the same role as Greyscales or Sakana. Maybe fighting with Sakana the most for a place in the roster. I don't see her in the same role as anyone else of the fish. All are capable to score goals. All are fast. All can exert pressure on the Ball. Where I see the difference in role comes from, is in her high DEF, the ability to push it and her superb Kickstats. If you want a Model charging into someone, tackling the ball, where'd they go somewhere else and score a Goal she definately is not the model you're looking for. If you want a model "seducing" the oponnent or "lure" it anywhere else, Angel again is not the model you're looking for. If you look for a model you can place in "snapshotrange", after scoring a first turn goal, which just says: Hi, I'm here. I'm DEF 6 and a real "snapshotthread" better do soething. Angel is definately the model you're looking for. At this point I wan't to make sure: I'm not trying to convince you all, that you have to play her. Nothing I write is ment irrefutable or absolut. I just want to let you know why I like her and why I think she is good as she is. Angel has momT on 1 hit which will deny placing a model in possession of the ball in 9" (or 11" with Quickfoot/Fisher's Reel or 13" when both or 15" when both+Call of the Sea) But this is theory, not a gameplan. You just can use it, if it occurs. (Passive 9" Aura of NOT STAY IN HERE WITH THE BALL) Place her in shot range to the enemy Goalpost and she is a "snapshot threat" while threatening the Ball in a certain area around her. This is a gameplan. DEF 5 or even 6 makes her really hard to get rid off. Important Result (KD, >>,...)on 3 hits with TAC 6 against DEF 6 is 6,228% chance. And even on 2 hits just gets to 26,32% with TAC6. While passing her the Ball, when she is engaged by one Model, still has a 80,24% to succeed. Although beeing engaged, by one model, a snapshot with bonustime still has 68,75%. Add "Supershot" and it goes up to 81,25%. (Passive GOAL THREAD) Sakana only gets to 25% or 50% with bonustime, when engaged. She is a "Snapshotmachine" who is very furious shooting goals. Due to beeing such a thread, the opponent has to do something against her. If he engages with only one model, she can still be a serious thread. If he engages with 2 models, the rest of the Pitch is empty for the rest of the fisherteam. (Passive CONTROL/DENIAL) Next Point DEF 5 or even 6: Pushing her out of goalrange isn't very effective or easy, see example above. Yes there are models able to KD,>>,.. on 1 hit, but then you can't just place her in Goalrange, you have to think a little about placing. Or maybe you pick someone else. And even if the oponnent manages to get rid of Angel (TO or push out of "Snapshotrange") it probably was very INF inefficent. Spending 4 INF to nonmom> Angel out of "Snapshotrange" but has to be done. That's another point of Angel bringing to the Pitch. Letting the opponent spend INF in an inefficent way. (Passive HARD TO GET RID OFF) All I have written above, seems more like "passives" than an active plan you follow. For me it's her "passives" what makes her shine. On top "light footed" so she ignores "Blasted Earth" She either is a hard thread on the enemy goal or "controlls/denies" the enemy by forcing the opponent to handle her somehow due to beeing such a thread. (see example above of engaging her but openning the Pitch) And all of that by just placing her in "snapshotrange" with Nimble and Supershot.That's why I love playing her. Her >< is not very likely to hapen but with a little help ( ganging up, KD, Singled Out, or combination of it) it happens more often than you would imagine. The possibility to give her 5 INF when starting next to Shark will allow you to activate her first (if you can move up tackle the ball and score a goal. Jog to engage, 1Nimble, 1Attack for momT, 1 Supershot, 1Goal, 1 reserve if need to sprint/charge or 2nd Attack if Counterattack...) So while borderline case, not useless. So no point for me that "needs" to be changed. All of this in mind I'd like to say asking for a change, only looking at the cards of the models is the wrong way. (No Offense here, just the impression i have) It is always how the model affect the match and Angel does this completely different to all other models of the Fish. But this always depends on your own playstyle and the opponent setup. Short to the match against JJ Layfield. I knew how good he is. And I knew Engis have the better odds to win. (personal opinion) That's why I decided not to go Corsair, what would have been "the standard choice". I thought I have to go full risk/reward and it payed off. I played Shark Tentacles Greyscales Sakana Siren and Angel. He played Ballista Mother Compound Hoist Ratchet and vVelocity (picked her last pick after i called Angel) He was suprised by my model choices and I think he really didn't expect my list. I did a snapshot goal with Angel in Turn 1 which had only 40,xx% chance to succeed. I did it because I knew I have to put up very high pressure or I will loose. Could have waited and just score next turn, but this is a lot if and when. I then started next turn and scored again with Shark and Legendary with 80% chance. 8-0 what allowed me to go full pressure on the ball. Then I missed a goal with similar odds, think this makes up for the snapshot turn 1 (again If and when) The next shot was a success 12-2. He was a little suprised and told me he hasn't seen something like this before. AND YES I KNOW I WAS LUCKY. Maybe @JJLayfield himself can write a little to the match. Don't want to embezzle something by not remember correctly. So that 's a lot of text and I hope I missed nothing. Sorry if it is a little muddled. Hope you can see what is my point (way of how to play a model). I'm interressted what you all think. Something you agree/disagree. Can't consider everything, so if I missed something specific you want to know my thoughts about let me know. With this I wish you all a good night. Greetings from Germany Ascobol
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    Thank you Steamforged

    Thank you Steamforged. The last few months things have just been awesome! Pitch formations was a great new idea, and involving the community in the playtest process for the first time since the kickstarter was welcome. GICs are another great little addition to the game, and again the playtest opportunity very welcome. When they first came out there were, shall we say, one or two I wasn't keen on, and given that the thing I was most bothered by (bonus vps) seemed so fundamental to the approach that is thought it'd never get changed. But I made my arguments, other agreed and Steamforged listened. Now I am genuinely excited to play the game with GICs. But the biggest takeaway from the process is how much Steamforged have listened. There's a ton of salt to wade through on the first draft and differentiating genuine issues and concerns from overreactions must have been quite the task. And now I get to play in a tournament testing them out, too. Finally, we've got the Union in Chains... just WOW! The butchers civil war was a lot of fun, but then I'm a butchers player. This year we've got so many more guilds directly involved, and a tantalising mystery as to what the "prize" at the end of it all might be. Some of the banter already kicking off between butchers and fishermen is awesome and I take my hat off to the those involved - you've made my week. I almost don't want to know the final outcome because it's so much fun speculating. Almost. And shortly down the road is Steamcon. A Skulk model for everyone, blacksmiths and farmers 2 on pre-release (hopefully), and a new model to be designed for next year. And undoubtedly a whole host of spoilers: Ratcatchers guild? New 6 man boxes for each guild? What has happened to the Union? I just can't contain myself. So thank you Steamforged, you're smashing it right now! Much love, Ben
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    How do i play Smoke well?

    Alright, let's take a quick crack at this question. I played a smoke skew list at WTC this past weekend going 4-1 losing only to a player on Germany1. Smoke has a unique play style that is somewhat counter-intuitive to how you win guild ball games with any other captain. This is both a blessing and a curse since it makes her difficult to learn to play and difficult to play against. Let's start with the list. Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Katalyst 2, Harry. Flask: We could play naja here for more ball protection but sic'em is too good on flask to leave him at home and oddly putting 5 influence on Mercury is sometimes really good. Plus the cloud brings influence efficiency to Smoke. Calculus: one of only 3 models in the faction that can proc Smoke's aura you need to take her. Also blind is really good. Mercury: Same as above but the ability to knock someone down with Harry then reliably put 10 damage on them with Mercury will surprise people, but he is mostly here for that sweet fire Aoe. Katalyst 2: Is bad for a lot of reasons but he is good for just 1, witness me, and that is why he is on the team. The ability to remove himself from the pitch thus preventing your opponent from farming momentum off of him, clearing your conditions, and taking control of the game is extremely powerful. The downside to this list is if you never get witness me off you will not win. Harry: Harry is not what he once was but he still reliably pushes allowing you to set up vet kat and allowing him to use his furious. Also, don't forget that he can easily condition players by placing his Molotov and pushing them into it or just pushing someone into Mercury or Calculus' auras. He also brings a second fire AOE which is very important more on that later. The only time the list changes is if you are playing against butchers. Compound will come in for harry since compound hoses Filet so badly. Overall Gameplan The list is a very painful attrition list. We are shooting for 3 takeouts, and a goal. This is our point breakdown. 4pt goal 4pt Witness me takeout 4pt 2 take outs using conditions and Smoke feat. This can also come from a second witness me. It is a bit of a pipe dream but I think you will be surprised with how often you get it. Smoke, her Conditions, her Legendary and You. Activating smoke can get very complicated but the general idea goes like this. Allocate her four, leave the ball on her as much as you can, then activate her last. If at any moment you realize that if you do not activate her she will die or the goal will be taken away from you activate her and take the goal. To take the goal you need 3 influence and in all honesty, you can really get away with 3 on smoke almost always, but the 4th influence allows a lot of flexibility and gives you a chance to fix your mistakes. The reason we always activate Smoke last is that it gives them no time to respond to the conditions we place on their players. They can bring a player with smelling salts but if you have the last activation it doesn't really do anything. Having the last activation with her can also make her legendary substantially stronger. If say you are going to legendary on 3 players who do not have poison on them pushing the clouds onto them effectively makes you legendary do 5 damage. This 3 player legendary is 15 damage! That's insane! No dice involved, ignores tough hide, and this legendary is fairly mediocre. But the most important part of the legendary is to hold it for as long as you can. Ideally, you want to end the game by using the legendary and taking the goal. Let's Talk Allocation. With the exception of turn 1 which has a few different permutations, your allocation will be 4 on Smoke, 3 on Calculus, 2 on Mercury, 2 on Harry, 2 On Kat. This allows for maximum condition placement and is a full allocation to Kat. Calc can blind and AOE, Merc can AOE or charge (looking for the 2 damage double push to set up Kat,) and Harry can attack and Molotov or just charge. You can stray from this but you very rarely will. Placing AOE's Mercury and Calculus want to place their AOE's on players to gain the momentum, but be careful placing them on fast players. We are trying to deny them as much momentum as possible and often placing in front of fast high defense models is just better. Also when placing AOE's be as far away as possible this will force them deeper into your lines once they get to you. Make them go first There are only 2 situations where you want to go first. Kat can witness me someone as the first activation or allowing them to go first will be a total disaster and you can prevent it by going first. This is to guarantee the last activation for smoke and to keep that condition damage coming. Kicking vs Receiving This list wants to receive so bad. But it is not a total disaster if you do not. The main thing you need to admit to yourself is that you have no ability to fight for the ball. Your tackles are actively bad and more than half your list is tac 4 or lower. So when you kick keep the ball as close to you as you can and steer clear of the goal. You want them to take an early goal before they close with you. If they are wise to what you are doing and use the ball to fight you stand in cover and make sure that Kat threatens to kill anyone that they send in. It is also important to keep in mind that Harry, Calculus, and Mercury are very hard to kill with just one model. Most captains will need 2 damage buffs to get there and that will likely give you the time you need to get that target out of harms way. Plot Cards The 2 most important plot cards to have for this list are Knee slider and sic'em. Knee slider is a card that can ruin your game if they have it and they received allowing them to take their goal and not give you any points in return. When combined with a superstar captain it is incredibly dangerous. Ironically though it does almost nothing for the list since you will only be taking a goal to win discard it if you draw it, but pay very close attention if you don't have it. Sic'em is just pure @VanV alue. With all the conditions flying around a flask charge can be world ending. My personal record is 30 damage. After those 2 the cards are about the same as usual. Who are ya is always great, Match fixing really helps when recieving since the list is not the most mobile, and good marker can really help keep an AOE thrower safe for a turn. Bad Matchups So your worst matchup is still Corsair. Tough hide, sturdy, close control is just a huge kick in the nuts for alchemists and this list doesn't fix that. Also with lure, drag, and rough seas, he doesn't have to play the threat range game and it is hard to starve him for the ball. Engineers can be tough since reanimate is strong vs conditions and there is a lot of tough hide in that faction. I still think it's a 50/50 match heavily depending on who has the ball. It is also not really that great into the mirror since lure of gold really skews the threat range game plus they have a model that is essentially immune to fire. Ok wow. I did not intend for this to turn into a full blow tactica but here you go. If you have any questions about the list let me know. There are also 2 good smoke games on my YouTube channel that you can check out.
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    Pushes & Straight Lines

    Something that's easy to get wrong is making sure Pushes are actually in a straight line, particularly when models are base-to-base. Suppose you've got Ox and Midas base-to-base. Ox wants to bring Midas further into the rest of the Butchers team, so with his attack he takes the Push. He wants Midas engaged by Boiler and Princess - where can he actually Push Midas? Not where he wants. Because Midas has to travel in a straight line, he can't cross the common tangent line through where the two bases meet - otherwise he'd go through Ox's base. In the same way, if Ox was KD and Midas declared a Charge on Boiler or Princess, he couldn't cross the tangent line, so couldn't actually reach. That means that Midas can only end up in the green part of the pitch and not in the red part. When Midas suffers a 2" Push into the green part of the pitch, the path is clear and he's definitely not going over Ox's base. If Midas were able to be pushed into the red part of the pitch, he'd have to end up passing over Ox's base, which he can't do!
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    The events are resolved in sequence as a last-in-first-out (LIFO) queue: Grange ends his advance. Effects that trigger on the advance ending are declared, Masons player declares counter charges. He declares in any order he chooses. After all counter charges are declared, Grange declares Defensive Stance/Counter Attack for each attack as he wishes The first charge advances and Attack is resolved The counter attack (if declared) for this attack is resolved The second charge advances and Attack is resolved The counter attack (if declared) for this attack is resolved Grange continues his activation Grange ends an Advance, within Counter-Charge range of Brick and Marbles. End-of-Advance triggers occur Brick declares Counter Charge Marbles declares Counter Charge Grange declares Defensive Stance and/or Counter Attack for each Counter Charge Brick Advances for his Counter Charge, ending within Counter Charge range of Tater End-of-Advance triggers occur Tater declares Counter Charge Brick declares Defensive Stance and/or Counter Attack for Tater's Counter Charge Tater Advances for his Counter Charge End-of-Advance triggers occur Tater performs his Attack, with Charge bonus Brick resolves his Counter Attack, if it was declared Brick performs his Attack against Grange, with Charge bonus Grange resolves his Counter Attack, if it was declared at 1.3.1 Marbles Advances for his Counter Charge End-of-Advance triggers occur Marbles performs his Attack against Grange, with Charge bonus Grange resolves his Counter Attack, if it was declared at 1.3.1 Grange continues his activation, if able The steps that resolve Attacks only occur if the game-state allows it (e.g. attackers are not KD, are still in melee range etc). Credit to @WCWW podcast and @TimW for actually putting sequences together, I'm really just copy-pasting from internal discussion.
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    Guild Ball Tonight

    Phil, i personally want to give you a thank you for all of the work that you have put in to this community, and game. I also appreciate the strength it took to come out with your last podcast update. Not many would take the time to acknowledge a personal struggle on the open air as you did. You may feel personally as if you have failed to deliver. I want you to know that is not the case. That speaks to your commitment to this community and what you are trying to bring to us all. THANK YOU! You are correct that we are all just playing with toys out here. The real world sometimes get in the way of our fun. I unfortunately do not know you on a personal level, but it is our turn to give back to you. That is what a community does. if you have needs, please reach out. I know it sounds weird, we don't know each other and hitting that send button to a stranger may feel awkward at first, but I am willing to listen/send what I can to help with storm recovery/just be a dude on the other end of the Internet. head up man. We all got you! ps I am serious if you need to reach out. I will do what I can.
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    Congrats to Germany 1 winning WTC!

    For interested parties, the match results are up on Longshanks. My two-bit summary of how WTC affected the worldwide rankings: Botts is more firmly in first place but Tim W is coming up like a freight train.
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    DTTB 11: Obulus Vs Grange

    Don’t think I put this up here last week so have it now!
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    How to buff Angel?

    Hi Together, I am the Fishplayer from Germany 2 of WTC, Mootaz has mentioned. I will try to write down my thoughts on Angel this evening when I get home from work. Greetings from Germany Ascobol
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    I'll start with the TL:DR - I have fallen back in love with Ox in a big way and the fix is really the reason why. I am sorry @Jamie P for being so hostile to this change. I was right about one thing, he does play differently now, but it is for the better and his is still the king of support captains. So firstly, what was I so hostile about, and why was I wrong about it: Well, to clarify, I didn't feel his errata made him worse, overall. I was a little salty over the loss of the 2>>, which I would often take over his higher playbook results if I got it, but mainly I felt the changes to his playbook would go some way to diluting his playstyle and mean that he would get less out of his support abilities and you'd be more likely to stack him up and throw him in and he'd just effectively become a slower fillet with a more achievable KD. Having played him, I can conclude that this was mainly wrong. There's elements of truth in it - you are (well, I am anyway) much more likely to stack Ox up with 5 than I was before, but that is far from making him a slower Fillet, and his support play is still very relevant to how you get the most out of captain Ox. With old Ox it was always a dilemma about giving him any influence at all, as it was invariably better spent on models who would be better at changing that INF into higher damage results if they could operate inside Ox's aura. However, if you stack up a model with 4 INF and have Ox lurking, it's very easy for your opponent to simply move them away or only feed you a model they don't need that turn, or someone with awesome counter attacks to mess with your activation. The frustrations of playing Ox are in failing to make those activations count. The new Ox, I find, tends to allow you to spread your influence more evenly across your team and have several activations that threaten to be relevant whilst if a model gets denied doing anything useful with its activation you're not losing out so much. So here's how it works, and (hopefully) why it's so fun to play: 1. Influence Flexibility: I think the primary advantage of an Ox team is how flexible you can afford to be with your INF allocation. It's not like a Fillet team that always wants to give Fillet 6 and then struggles with where to put what's left. You can stack up Ox with 5 and he'll go to town, but similarly, if you don't you can still give him 2 or 3 and he'll do a lot of work for you. Tough skin can be life saving, Butchery and They Ain't Tough are also pretty decent little abilities. Even of Ox gets counter attacked he can still have a pretty relevant activation and get the rest of his team going. He's not, however, like the old Ox that you don't might not assign any influence to at all. Other key components to the team are other models that can be flexible in their use of INF. Meathook is a great example. with just 1 INF she will still have a very relevant activation, able to hit one player for hooked, bleed and -4/-4 MOV (if she spends the MP), or tool someone up. With 2 she can do that and tool someone up. With the full 3 she can get the hooked and bleed and also probably deal the equivalent of 13-14hp damage (including bleed) under Ox's aura. Shank is another key player under Ox - he's perhaps not as flexible as he wants his full 3 every turn, but he's very flexible in where he can spend it and what he can spend it to achieve. You can even cope with a model being taken out fairly reasonably. Even a 5-stacked Ox (although that does hurt), as you've still got plenty of relevant activations that at the very least are going to earn you momentum and help you claw back the next turn. This provides you with so much more flexibility of approach that can make your games much more interesting and mean you're never falling too far behind. 2. Efficiency: INF efficient players (Boar, Minx, Rage, Truffles) are also pretty good with Ox as they're not taking INF from other players, and can get a lot of value from the rest of the team's support play. Even Rage (let alone Minx) can benefit from Hooked, They Ain't Tough and the ARM penalty component of Ox's legendary. Rage can be targeting a DEF 3/2 model as if it were DEF 2/0 when the stars align. When truffles comes in for a charge on Ox's legendary turn he can wrap multiple times for 3-4 DMG a go. And if you don't find that fun, you're playing the wrong guild! ;-). If you think about it in one way, Ox himself if fantastically efficient. His aura is basically Tooled Up for any models in range to use it. He's definitely going to use it himself, and if you can use it with other models you're clocking up it's value. But I think now, even if he only get's to use it himself, it's still a high value tool. You could see him as a 5/6 captain with tooled up. If you're managing to use the aura for other models his effect just increases. The extra free effects Meathook and Minx earn could, too, be seen as free character plays that might otherwise cost you an INF. The list I've largely settled on now that uses Meathook, Truffles, Boar, Rage and Shank can have the effect of something like 23 INF effect if you can maximise Ox's aura. 3. Don't depend on the aura: Ox's aura is certainly powerful, but don't be to tied into making it pay. In an old Ox team I was too concerned with trying to make the aura work through a couple of 4-stacked models that were going to have big activations inside the aura and win me the game. But I find the way the new Ox plays I'm less fussed about this, and finding models can be perfectly valid when operating outside the aura. Taking Rage again was a key aspect of this. Rage will quite happily charge into anyone without unpredictable movement and earn you a stack of momentum and damage. His output is pretty much identical to Boar's but he doesn't get anything from Ox, so why worry about Boar being inside the aura quite so much. Shank, too, can be equally useful inside the aura as outside it. Given that he's not going to be hitting 4 lots of 3 DMG anymore like he used to, his primary function is about getting MP and/or the ball. Spending his INF to get a couple of MP at the end of turn 1 can be crucial to winning first turn. But likewise, acting inside Ox's aura and hitting his 3dmg result 3 times for 12 DMG can be decent, as can sweeping in from a distance to finish off someone left on just a few HP. 4. Keep Your Options Open: I think all of these points can be summed up in one word: flexibility. Its never really been a butchers thing before now, but think this Ox enables you to play a team that can adapt to things really quickly on the fly. Lots of models in the Butchers have support plays they can use when not wanting to spend their inf on attacks: Dirty Knives, Swift Stance, Thousand Cuts, etc. These plays give you options when you can't engage. On the other hand, there are some models that specialise in output (Boar, vet Brisket*) or support effects (Meathook, Minx). It's important to get the team's balance of output to support plays right. I recently swapped Rage in for Minx as my union pick because I felt there was too much support for too little output in the overall team. This way you've always got a range of options for each activation, both in terms of the model you choose and what you do with it. *Yes, I know you can use Quick Time to dodge other players around. I'm just not sure you should. Your opponent will get an activation in between to chase down whoever it was you were trying to free up, and it signposts what you're next move is going to be. The end result is a team that can adapt, and that means that you're not suffering as much from the "bad times" you get when your opponent seems to be able to just roll the game against you and deny you any ability to do anything. It's a great way to play the game. Building a Team: Personally I like the following team: Ox, Truffles, Meathook, Shank, Boar, Rage But that's not to say other teams aren't valid. Practically every model has it's uses, I'd just be thinking about the mix of support to output in your team. In my team, Ox and Meathook are support focused, Shank, Boar and Rage are output focused and Truffles is kind of in the middle (I see KD as a support ability). I think you want three or four output models in your team as Ox brings an extra emphasis on support as the captain. I see vet Brisket as an Output model, so would probably swap her in for Boar or Rage if I was going to use her, Boiler and og Brisket are more mixed, but Princess is support all the way. Tenderiser is perhaps the odd-one out, but he's definitely a support model, but probably best as a sideboard piece for taking against certain teams. Find the models that suit your style of play. I love running at my opponent looking to get into combat, so Boar and Rage are perfect for my playstyle, but if you prefer more careful set up, control, or clinical precision in your play, other player mixes may suit you better. Just bear in mind that mix of support to output in your final team and you should be alright. Anyway, I'll sign off for now, but I'd love to hear how others were getting use out of Ox since the errata. Cheerio, Ben
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    Sin City Butchers

    Here's one of my main teams, done in what I thought at the time was an original concept. Not so much anymore. If you're ever interested in future stuff, be sure to follow me on My Facebook or on Instagram @gameglazingguru Fillet Boiler Princess Meathook Shank Boar Vet Ox Tenderiser Truffles Vet Brisket
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    Slight delay this week due to impromptu A&E visit, but behold!
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    Tapper chewed thoughtfully at the end of his pipe. True, he had expelled the upstart Erskirii from the Guild some years ago. But back then, she was all too full of herself and her admittedly impressive abilities with her twin blades. She also had a pole stuck up her arse and worst of all, didn't drink proper ale. With the Union crumbling around her, her over confidence had now dimmed and she looked more malleable and less likely to piss off the other lads with her airs and graces. She might even be useful in strengthening his grip on the Captaincy. He was sure he would be able to persuade the Guild to apply its influence in bringing her home. There was however an obstacle standing in his way and it was a rather large one... Esters glowered at him from across the table. She was naturally opposed to the idea, possibly because she thought all Union untrustworthy, but more likely because Tapper had thought of it first and it was just another issue to argue over as though she was having another domestic disagreement with her great oaf of a husband. They had of course reached an impasse. Esters was the first to offer a way forward. "We will resolve this on the pitch." Without thinking, they both launched into the draft and as usual sought to confound the other by choosing the favoured players of their rival... "Spigs," growled Tapper. "Friday," Esters replied. Bollocks, Tapper thought. The girl could always be relied at closing out a game that was grinding on too long. "Stoker," he countered. Hah, you'll not be only one throwing fire about, lassie. "Hooper," she replied smiling. He cursed again inwardly, but two could play at that game. "Mash," laughed Tapper and this time it was Esters turn for a look of fury. "Pint Pot," she roared back. Tapper shrugged. Let her have the weasel. He paused momentarily for thought. Stave was loyal but something of a liability these days. The new lad looked interesting though. "Lucky," he concluded. "Stave," Esters finished looking mildly dissatisfied with the final pick afforded to her. They both took a last swig from their respective beverages, before leaving to round up the lads.
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    Egret joins the ranks. At this rate of painting I think it's your turn @Mako
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    Terrain Placement

    Shameless plug time!
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    Union worth fighting for?

    What @Gauntlet said :-D There's also the chance that it'll be an entirely new-rules veteran/seasoned model, so what might seem lacklustre now (although I would seriously echo the point about gutter with Ox) might be something worth fighting for when it comes to it. Plus - and I can't emphasise this point enough - THE FISH MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO WIN. ANYTHING. EVER. :-D Ben
  17. 5 points
    Here is a picture of Hemlocke naked... to spur you on to victory!
  18. 5 points

    Morticans and mercenaries

    Hi! I finished the painting of the Puppet Master and its puppet
  19. 5 points


    Nothing fancy here. Just wanted to share my WIP for Corsairs best friend
  20. 5 points

    PSA – Adding pictures to the forum

    Hello All. As I browse the forums over the past few days I notice more than a few ‘union in chains’ posts with only one picture, teeny tiny pictures, or even worse, broken pictures. As such I thought I’d take a moment to explain how to add larger images to forum posts. Many of you probably already know this, but this is for those who do not. There are probably also different ways to do it as well, but I find this to be the most reliable. Step 1) Take your picture! Step 2) Upload the picture to Imgur! If you are on your phone you may have a *share to* feature which is pretty easy. If you are on a PC you will need to go to imgur.com and drag the photo into your browser to upload. Step 3) Obtain the DIRECT LINK from Imgur. It should be i.imgur/somecharacters.jpg (sometimes .png). It should not have “Gallery” or “Album” in the URL. Copy this link. Step 4) Type out your forum post. In the bottom right corner there is a drop down which says “Insert other media” click it and select “Insert image from URL”. Step 5) Paste the imgur link you obtained in step 3 and click “insert into post”. From here you can resize the photo, large or small, inside the post to fit your needs. Step 6) Enjoy your beautifully formatted forum post! Hope this helps a few people. Now back to your regularly scheduled memery.
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    Ever Wonder Why No Referees in Guild Ball? Tenderiser...that is all.
  22. 5 points
    The Pitch is a new podcast straight out of the Midwest. Lance Becker and Dan White are both Iowa coaches who love the game and wanted to promote Guild Ball more in Iowa area as well as give another perspective on tactics and teams. In Episode 1 Lance & Dan recap the latest news from Steamforged, Union in Chains, as well as talk about new players to the Blacksmith's Guild, Alloy and Hearth. At the 32:00 mark Dan & Lance do a battle report from their recent tournament in Minneapolis. http://museonminis.com/the-pitch-ep-1/
  23. 5 points

    First light of Solthecius

    And Grace is done too :
  24. 5 points

    If the face fits...

    Archery targets arrived today. What does everyone think of my Hunters goal idea? 🤔
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    In the case where Minx ends her activation inside Molotov's AOE and has caused damage this turn, the trigger for both effects (Burning from Molotov and the Dodge from Back to the Shadows) has been satisfied. While the controlling player can choose the order the effects are applied in, dodging out of the AOE using Back to the Shadows does not change that Molotov has been triggered, and Minx will suffer Burning either before or after dodging, depending on the order chosen.
  26. 5 points

    Union in Chains initial rankings

    I may not be the tournament rankings guy any more but that doesn't mean there aren't other things I can rank, so let's have a look at the Union in chains responses and get the guilds ranked. 8th place: Enginners 2 posts, and one of those is a Fisherman trying to get them going. Only 5 replies, and two of those are @AaronWilsonCB who's arguing on the alchemists forums too. Verdict F. wake up engineers 7th place: Masons Only one post, 12 replies. But most of those are just trying to figure out what is going on. Co e in Masons fans, you're not normally backward on the forums. You could at least get salty about not knowing what's going on. Verdict D-. Stop worrying and start giving those brewer's some gyp. 6th place: Alchemists 2 posts, 11 replies. And one of the posts is suggesting they just share Harry with the engineers. Real world academia is ruthlessly cut throat, time to sharpen your quills, guys and gals. Verdict: D. Too amiable. 5th place: Hunters Only 1 thread with 10 replies, and that gets side tracked by discussion as to whether Minx is figuratively or actually Hearne's sister, but there's at least some interest shown in the result. Verdict: D+. Keep focused on the goal, hunters. 4th place: Brewers 2 posts and 14 replies is a better start than most others, and it initially starts off like warm to decide of decimate, but things seems to becoming up in the most recent couple of posts. Verdict: C. Other guilds, this is the bare minimum I would expect. 3rd place: Morticians Only one post and 11 replies, but at least thibgs are positive. A decent start, Morticians, but could be better. Verdict: B-. A solid start but room for improvement. 2nd place: Fishermen With 6 threads and 53 replies, the fishermen are certainly prolific, but with one thread dedicated to "how do I add my avatars image" and a variety of inferior responses to smackdowns but butchers fans, the quality is not there to match the quantity. Verdict: A-. Some good banter, chaps, but your wit is not yet matching your kick stats. 1st place: Butchers With 3 threads and 40 replies the butchers forum is lagging behind the fish in quantity, but every post is gold. From "Corsair ate all the pies.. which keeps us in business" taunts, to a collaborative work of fan fiction, the quality from banter to enthusiasm seeps through. Verdict: A*+. This is what you other quilts should be aiming for. (Note this is just for fun, and I realise I am both decidedly biased and blowing my own trumpet when I rank butchers first, but thats kind of the point. The banter between butchers and fish players has been lots of fun, and I hope this post might inspire some of the other guild's to get involved)
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    GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    I have released GBKeeper 1.5, check out what's new below, but first: I would greatly appreciate if folks could go and rate the app in the App Store. User Ratings can now persist between releases, so if we could get some ratings out there it would help new users know what everyone thinks of the app. Ratings used to reset with each release, so right now there are not enough ratings to calculate a average rating. NATIONALITIES - Added listing of all player nationalities and the ability to create teams based on them, perfect for the Homelands Cup format BLACKSMITHS - When starting a game you now choose which Master to use as your Captain - The Captain's max influence will be increased by two and shown in red in the Play team view GENERAL FIXES - Increased font size for Play view stats - Show important model types in player listings (e.g - Apprentice and Master for Blacksmiths, Planter and Reaper for Farmers) - No longer show empty sections (i.e. - Captains and Mascots sections no longer appear when viewing Blacksmiths guild)
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    I'm sure you can find the exit door so that we don't need to Hammer you out. :)
  29. 5 points

    Gut and String (fan fiction)

    I have no idea what's actually going on here, but based on the first story alone, it has inspired me to write a bit of fan fiction, and hopefully give the Butchers a little head start on teh road to claiming Gutter... It was raining. The sort of clinging, dripping rain Mald seemed to specialise in. Shivering under his cloak, Boiler flattened the note to check the address. Yep, this was the right place: Back Glen Kilmarron Street. There was nothing here, just a back alley near the docks in the shitty end of Randal, littered with the remnants of empty crates, excrement and the occasional huddled form of some wretch with nowhere better to go to keep out of the rain. "Why have I come here?" He asked himself. But he knew the answer. The handwriting on the note. It was hers. He'd found the note in his special box after the game. The one he locked his match-day knives up in. Only a teammate would know it existed, and only she would know how to open it. The skipper may have branded her a traitor, but Boiler still felt a loyalty to her; an affection for her. If she had wanted him to come here there must be something for him here. Boiler started to walk down the alley, drawing a dagger beneath his cloak in case of ambush. A beggar coughed as he passed, and he absent-mindedly tossed down a coin. He'd spotted a glint of something at the other end of the alley; a flash of something metallic. "I know you!" The voice came from behind him. It was a female voice, broken and harsh, but aristocratic and haughty at the same time. Boiler span around, dagger drawn, but there was no one there. "Where's your dog, little boy?" The beggar groaned as she drew herself, clinging to the wall for support. She let out a cackling laugh but it soon turned to a wracking cough, and she slumped back to the alley floor. Boiler crouched down, taking the poor woman's chin gently in his hand, pushing her matted hair out of her face. "Gutter?" "That's one of my names, boy." "What happened to you?" "That's too long a tale for now." She coughed again. "I fought for my beau out of love. I fought for his murderer out of... some twisted form of punishment for letting him die. But 'They' don't want me for anything other than their dungeons; their racks and screws. Oh, but I know pain. It is a balm to my soul. They could break my body, but not my spirit." She dragged herself back up to her feet and grasped Boiler's thick locks between her bony fingers, holding him face-to-face. "I escaped," she told him with glee. "Hid on a ship and rolled out in this Svantelit-forsaken piss hole of a country." Boiler put an arm around her in support. She barely weighed a thing. "Let me take you back. The guild will look after you. You have been a good help to us over the years. The Old Master will look favourably upon you," he assured her. She nodded and tensed against him, readying to move, but suddenly boiler felt a pain behind his knee and his leg buckled beneath him. He was falling to the ground, but time seemed to pass in slow motion. He saw Gutter, surprise on her face, then being pulled away from him as fast as he himself was falling. A cloak whisked past and together Gutter and his assailant were gone into the shadows. Boiler threw a knife in vain after them, hearing it clatter against the brick of the alley wall. In pain he slumped back. Nervously, his hand went to his wound. He'd been ham strung, no wonder he'd fallen. He raised his bloody finger tips to his tongue, tasting for poison, and was relieved when all he could taste was salt. He quickly fashioned himself a tourniquet from a strip of his cloak, dragged himself up on his good leg, and half staggered, half hopped back down the alley. It was then that it struck him. His blood, if anything, tasted too salty. One might even say "fishy".
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    How did you choose your Guild?

    I usually like tanky stuff so was looking at Brewers. Then I saw Shark's art and thought, "Whoa, that's a hot slab of man". Then I read his back story and thought "Whoa, that's a hot slab of nordic fisherman". Then I read his card and thought, "Whoa, this guy can attack people without retaliation and then stop them moving. What a dick." So I picked Fishermen. RIP G&S.
  31. 5 points

    How did you choose your Guild?

    There was a bear.
  32. 5 points

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Added Alloy and Hearth to the blacksmith lineup, rolling out now.
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    Just some random stuff I found from the WTC Longshanks data... Alchemists winrates: 37.5% against Brewers [8 games], 0.0% against Butchers [1], 60% against Engineers [10], 11.1% against Fishermen [9], 50% against Hunters[4], 0.0% against Masons [1], 50% against Morticians [4], 62.5% against Union [8]. Brewers winrates: 62.5% against Alchemists [8], 50% against Butchers [2], 33.3% against Engineers [3], 25% against Fishermen [8], 25% against Masons [8], 66.7% against Morticians [3], 80% against Union [5]. Butchers winrates: 100% against Alchemists [1], 50% against Brewers [2], 50% against Engineers [6], 42.9% against Fishermen [7], 33.3% against Hunters [6], 46.2% against Masons [13], 60% against Morticians [5], 40% against Union [5]. Engineers winrates: 40% against Alchemists [10], 66.7% against Brewers [3], 50% against Butchers [6], 46.7% against Fishermen [15], 57.1% against Hunters [7], 87.5% against Masons [8], 80% against Morticians [5], 40% against Union [5]. Farmers winrates: 40% total. Wins against Butchers and Morticians, losses against Brewers, Engineers and Union. Fishermen winrates: 88.9% against Alchemists [9], 75% against Brewers [8], 57.1% against Butchers [7], 53.3% against Engineers [15], 60% against Hunters [5], 71.4% against Masons [7], 40% against Morticians [5], 33.3% against Union [6]. Hunters winrates: 50% against Alchemists [4], 66.7% against Butchers [6], 42.9% against Engineers [7], 40% against Fishermen [5], 0% against Masons [3], 100% against Morticians [2], 75% against Union [4]. Masons winrates: 100% against Alchemists [1], 75% against Brewers [8], 53.8% against Butchers [13], 12.5% against Engineers [8], 28.6% against Fishermen [7], 100% against Hunters [3], 75% against Morticians [8], 60% against Union [5]. Morticians winrates: 50% against Alchemists [4], 33.3% against Brewers [3], 40% against Butchers [5], 20% against Engineers [5], 60% against Fishermen [5], 0% against Hunters [2], 25% against Masons [8], 66.7% against Union [3]. Union winrates: 37.5% against Alchemists [8], 20% against Brewers [5], 60% against Butchers [5], 60% against Engineers [5], 66.7% against Fishermen [6], 25% against Hunters [4], 40% against Masons [5], 33.3% against Morticians [3]. This WTC was sponsored by Engineers vs Fishermen (15! games) and Butchers vs Masons (13!) and Alchemists vs Engineers (10!) There were also 9 (!) Fish v Fish games. In total, there were 45 Alchemists, 41 Brewers, 50 Butchers, 64 Engineers, 5 Farmers, 71 Fishermen, 31 Hunters, 54 Masons, 39 Morticians and 45 Union matches played, including the mirror matches. [Some teams have one too many games, while others are missing one. I'm guessing something went wrong in filling in the data at the event.] Quite a nice spread! We can even see a trend coming along in the form of balanced teams vs hard-counters. While Butchers and Masons have played 13 games against each other, their overall matchup is still almost 50%, which is awesome to see. In terms of hard-counters, it seems Fishermen are the hard-counter to Alchemists, Brewers and Masons. Another hard-counter for the Masons are the Engineers at 87.5% over 8 games, while they themselves seems to hold the high ground over their Kick Off mates, the Brewers, with a winrate of 75% over 8 matches. The Brewers, in kind, seem to have a slight edge over the newly nerfed Alchemists with 62.5% over 8 matches. The rest are actually quite balanced (between 40%-60%), or there is (in my opinion) not enough data to provide 'accurate' results. [Of course, you can only get decent results after 50+ games, but one must make do with only a WTC datapool to make use of )
  34. 5 points
    I think there are a lot of interesting stories from WTC, data wise * Germany 1 dominating even with the highest SOS * Germany 2 having the second highest SOS, and only winning 9 games out of 15, meaning they walked a razor's edge * England 3 beating USA1 for 3rd on the THIRD tiebreak * There were a number of 5-0 players that were dragged down by their teams (@TheLieutenant) * Frank from USA3 went 4-1 and gave up ZERO POINTS outside his loss (what????) Congrats to Kant for the win. I can't wait to dig into the data on Longshanks.
  35. 5 points

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    This is not really about the GIC's themselves, but I wanted to acknowledge how incredibly well I think SFG has handled this open play testing. They have addressed almost every issue I saw people complain about (and as a Butchers player I am so incredibly stoked about our new set) while obviously working hard to maintain balance. I think Blood Thirst is a great example. The community says 2 heal rate is not good enough it needs to be fixed and even though they clearly think its going to be overly powerful ("We decided to allow Butcher coaches to experiment with Blood Thirst at a heal rate of 3 and decide for themselves whether it's too powerful or not") they gave the community a chance to test that our for themselves. Having played miniatures games where the goal was clearly to sell models as opposed to making a good game *cough... 40K ...cough* I can truly say I find this incredibly impressive. So kudos SFG I for one really appreciate the work you put into game design.
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    As shown in today's blog post the Hunters' had a strong showing and reduced the Morticians lead to only 2%! This is thanks to all our efforts over the last week so I am taking a moment to say well done everyone. With two more weeks to go at this rate it will be a landslide victory for us come the end of the Union in Chains. We can do this! Victory is within our grasp! This is our chance to have a significant impact on the game we love! Remember the Hunt is on. For the Sun Father! For the Moon Goddess! For Hemlocke!
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    Per the ruling @MechMageposted above, the movement should be rewound to the last legal position. This applies to both advances and repositions.
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    A rare away game for the Hunters, will the icy wastes of Corsair's home ground prove too tough to overcome? The Fish kicked off, and Egret ran forward eagerly to collect the ball. However, despite the calls of her teammates to pass, her eyes glazed over and she simply rolled the ball back to Siren. This began a lengthy exchange down the Hunters' right where Jac, Siren and the vicious sea-weasel Salt tried to engineer a run on goal while Theron, supported by Egret and Jaecar, used every trick he had to stop them. Meanwhile, in the centre, Corsair began to question the wisdom of actually encouraging a bear to get closer, as with roars and swipes of her mighty paws Seenah broke clear of the attempted scrum before turning and descending on Sakana, already beleaguered by attacks from Hearne and Fahad, and sending the Fisherman back to the sidelines. First blood to the Hunters. Undeterred, Corsair and Kraken backed away from the bloodied and angry ursine to support the Fish attack down the flank, trapping Egret with her back to the crowd. She had nowhere to go, yet she ducked and weaved and somehow managed to stay in play. The pressure began to tell, and the triumvirate of Jac, Siren and Salt moved inexorably closer to goal. Theron found himself caught on the prongs of Jac's trident and pushed off the field before he could act, and Siren found herself with an easy shot on goal, albeit at the expense of leaving Salt lying bleeding and motionless on the field. Hearne sprinted back towards his own goal, in a desperate attempt to prevent the inevitable, and despite appearing to emerge from thin air within touching distance of Siren, couldn't do enough to prevent the goal. The Fish take the lead. Seenah looked around and scented the air, fixing her gaze on the Fish Captain, who found himself off balance and exposed after his attempt to send Egret into the crowd. Charging at full speed into the old pirate, the bear condemned Corsair to the fate he sought to inflict on others, driving him clean off the pitch and into the stands. Meanwhile, the mercurial Siren found herself at the wrong end of the wily old man's spear. Having been unable to prevent the goal, Hearne determined he wouldn't let Siren escape his clutches. Unable to bring her down, he called to the jungle cat prowling nearby, dragging Siren directly into the animal's path. Fahad hunkered down and was about to pounce when Siren, fearful for her life, tried to flee. She found the old man wise to her trickery, and as she tried to run, he flipped his spear in his hands, stuck the end of the haft between Siren's ankles, and sent her stumbling off the pitch. This would be the last action of the match, as the sun began to set and the light was failing. While neither team had scored the decisive win, the Hunters walked away with a 7-6 lead and were declared the victors, and the Fish ruing the fact they hadn't had a larger than standard pitch!
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    Episode 11 of DTTB sees the Morticians struggle with Grange’s planters despite getting HIM LOCKED (see what I did there? ) up! Greater knowledge of the living world clearly needed
  40. 4 points

    First light of Solthecius

    Painting this guys for my Farmer's lineup Starting fron the easy one, Benny! Comment and critics are welcome!!
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    I think the worst thing a game can do is stagnate.
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    Snarles Darwin

    Some Morticians propaganda

    Hello all, iv never been really active on the forums but I figured id post some propaganda to start things off with the upcoming war. Let me know what you think, I want to do more and hopefully nudge the contest in our favor even if its just a bit.
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    WTC with Masons

    I just thought I could write a short summary about last weekend's games where I played my beloved Masons. As a member of Team Hungary I wasn't sure how we and personally I could fare against the best of the rest. We are a small country and GB started to get rolling here only last fall when Kick Off got released -> limited meta, limited experience... My 10 was: Honour, Hammer, Marbles, Harmony, Mallet, Brick, Flint, Tower, Lucky, Minx The initial plan was to play mostly the Kick Off 6 and maybe substitute Tower (against tougher opponents) or Lucky (against Ballista). But as a sudden idea I played two warm-up games with Hammer on Friday night. That essentially doubled my experience with that selfish bastard. 1st game against Brewers - Tapper, Scum, Friday, Spigot, Hooper and Stoker (Pawel Korpal, Poland) I went with the Kick Off 6. I couldn't remember all the details but I think I had to kick it off. Scatter was fine for me and Flint could retrieve the ball. With the mobility on my side I could lay down some pain and bank a few MPs. Start of next turn Honour wiped out (most probably) Tapper and I was in a good spot. Unfortunately for me, my opponent played well and with determination. I got a bit overconfident and made some misplays which allowed the Brewers to steal the ball and go for a snapshot try. Luckily 5 dice failed to produce enough 4+s and I could seal the game. 12-9 2nd game against Morts - Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, Graves, Silence, Brainpan&Memory (Stefan Benediktsson, Sweden 2) Again went with Kick Off 6, and I was again forced to kick it off. Scatter was not bad but I didn't want to risk Flint to get the ball. I was very cautious not to offer anybody important to get Puppeted. Ball eventually landed on Obulus who moved in Marbles. He was beaten up but not killed (memories are hazy about why/how he survived the deathball of Morts). I double activated Flint and went for a goal run. Dodged near Obulus from Brainpan, tackled, dodged away and scored (Loved Creature helped a lot here). Ball went back near Silence who gathered it. I won 2nd turn, went with Honour, shot legendary, tackled the ball then destroyed Silence without any problem since the ape was there to assist. With tons of MP in the bank I went for a bonus timed snapshot with Flint but he missed it. (I guess karma hit me back after first game's luck.) So instead of going up 10-0, I was "only" at 6-0 and my most important players were in lethal proximity of a tooled up Cosset. I could save Flint but the ape and the captain went down easily. I tried to reorganize myself at the left flank while the Morts continued with their plan to kill everybody who is moving on the pitch. Eventually the center was cleared and he scored. The scoreboard was at 6-11 when I received the ball back. I played fast to put time pressure on my opponent and force him to move towards me hastily. That paid off since Obulus and Cosset arrived at an unfortunate moment. Honour was unactivated and she held the ball. After a pass I could reach Cosset and start the catfight. With the momentum gained I got the initiative, killed Cosset, run back near the sister to provide Family who linked activated and went on a goal run. It was a 5 dice tap-in attempt and my rolls were something like: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3. Pheeew, that was close! 12-11 3rd game against Brewers - Esters, Scum, Friday, Spigot, Hooper aaaand Stave (Russ Charles, Steamforged Paint) I brought in Tower instead of Flint. (Sidenote: Russ is not just an awesome sculptor but a really lovely guy.) Not much detail remained in my head about this game since it was clear from the start that Russ plays for fun. We were casually talking and joking through the whole match which was a one-sided affair after I could lay my hands on Stave and do horrible things on that 2+/0. Russ could muster a goal so we ended with 12-4. 4th game against Butchers - Fillet, Princess, Boar, Meathook, Boiler and Minx (Jay Finnegan, Steamforged Sponge) This was on the second day and I was brave enough to send Hammer up the pitch with Marbles, Tower, Flint, Brick and Mallet. I received and got the ball safely back with Flint. Meanwhile Fillet was buffed up to the skies (def6, tooled up and marked target on Brick). At the last activation I leached my team dry to get everything to Hammer and went after a very unwary Boar who charged upfield a bit too much. With only 4 hits the tooled up, superbuffed Hammer smashed him into little pieces and at the end Hammer was back in the relative safety of his teammates. Before that I made a huge mistake and positioned the monkey too close to Brick so that Fillet could charge Brick and kill the Counter Charge by engaging Marbles. Blood, blood and a little more blood everywhere. After the legendary and the bleed damages Marbles was dead and everybody was in a bad shape except for Flint. Thanks God I could win the initiative with +1 MP and Hammer hammered the brave Fillett into the wall of Masons and to the turf. She was left on 1 HP and KD-d but my opponent couldn't save her. After that I was in a good spot. Boiler was too far away, Boar was at the side and Meethook and Minx was just not enough to keep the pressure. We exchanged some hits, Brick went down but the VPs started to rack up on my side much faster. In the third round I had the ball on Flint who was around my deployment line. Jay tried to save the game and went in with Boiler but the CC pair returned to the pitch and made short work on the youngling. Flint hit for some extra dodges and scored the necessary points. 12-6 5th game against The Union - vRage, Strongbox, Benediction, Hemlock, Gutter, Minx (Shane Wattie, Canada) After the last game I was pretty pleased with Hammer so went with the same six. I kicked again but Flint made a perfect scatter. I retrieved the ball and landed it on Hammer to send him out hunting. My opponent was forced to pull back Gutter with Rage because of that and position his line very conservatively. Luckily he couldn't save everybody so Hammer knocked around Beny, made MPs and destroyed the giant at the start of turn 2. I kicked but now I had the ball, 2 VPs, activation advantage and a good many momentum. Unfortunately first game's problems arose again. In a confident state I made a few slight mistakes and didn't play as safely as I should. I used a lot of clock too, so time pressure was not on my side. At least for the first half of the game since I shifted gears and regrouped on the left flank while Rage and Co. destroyed Brick, Marbles and Tower one after the other in the center. Meanwhile Hammer caught Benediction again and pushed him out of the pitch. Sadly I was very bad at winning initiative rolls in the game (not even with +2) so I was suffering from activation control. Hammer was pushed out in return by Beny and things started to look bad. Both of us went very low on time and I had miserable rolls with the returning Hammer who tried to knock out Gutter near the left side. To make things worse I miscalculated my opponent's VPs in the state of time rush. I thought he was only at 9 points and went for a TO exchange so that I could reach 8 points and win with a Flint tap-in goal. Unfortunately he was at 11 so Shane won the game with something like 23 sec left from overtime in his last activation. A really, really tense game where my first turn scatter gave me a royal position but a series of inaccuracies and a truckload of bad dice ruined my perfect score. 8-12 All in all I was very happy with my performance and the 4-1 is pretty fair. I could win the last game with just a tiny bit of more luck (or brain) but on the other hand, first game was sort of a gift. Team finished 19th out of 32 with 2 wins and 3 losses. We would like to be a little bit higher but as a first try, middle of the pack is good enough.
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    Blacksmiths (:

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    So we got a striker....

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    Superior Strategy vs Shutout

    @Mechmage is correct. Once Honor activates, Shut Out is effectively "off" and another model can activate through Superior Strategy. Tricksy Masons'ss's.
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    yes.... the best bit is I'm the one who suffers off a shit charge... my good friend Sheeny pointed this out to me in the context of... be less shit Campbell.... I took his advice!!!
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    I think the Masons, played well, are bar none the most powerful guild. This isn't to the exclusion of the other power players, but I can't see how there's any dispute. They excel in combat, through an excess of defensive tech and Combat modifiers, and excel in Football through the excess of dodges and Low Tackles/Accurate Kicks. I feel that "Jack of All Trades Master of None" isn't remotely accurate to the power of the Masons, they can express total dominance over whatever portion of the game they decide on playing.
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    Hunters win the Canada nationals?

    Yea theRon, JarJar, Hearne, Sexy zar, the Kat and minxy poo were the 6 that always took the field. cuz they are awesome. Tough matches every one. Lots of good dice on my side of the table. Don't worry after the worlds I'll theory craft with you guys and fill ya in on the cool things Hunters can do. I can say that before I went I lost the last 4 games in my local meta. Lots of lessons learned and I owe a lot of my success to them. In fact most of my strategies come from much better players than I who just couldn't make it to the event, so I had to represent ;>