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    In my day...!

    ..back in my day, painting miniatures was part of the hobby... now apparently it's elitist and exclusionary....
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    So last week I went to the Spring Fling. As I said before on the Anatomical Precision podcast I planned on getting the ratcatchers the morning of the event, since Cincinnati lacks reliable LGS to get products. I ended up going 5-1 and you can hear more about that whenever Mike releases the cast. The point of this post however is to review the new OPD approach of allowing unpainted plastics, and that "Christmas day test" SFG is fond of. And spoiler alert: it's excellent. I've been excited for rats since their rules started rolling out, had planned on getting them at adepticon early release and painting them up by spring fling, but as we all know things happened and the prerelease fell through. Bummer! Fortunately I knew Huzzah Hobbies in Virginia, where the event was being held, was a reputable store and could get things in a timely manner so I placed a pre-order through them from my home 8 hours away. Friday after work I pack my bags for the weekend. I borrow a Bonesaw (for some reason) and vGraves from my friend who I painted them for earlier in the year, and the only nerd stuff I bring along is my laptop full of half finished final reports, dice, and measuring widgets. Saturday morning of the event I bought the Ratcatchers just as planned, start opening the box and filling out my roster. I take some time to admire the improved plastic quality and then the first games are announced and it's to the table we go. We get to the table and set up per normal. The plastic toy holder of the box served as a nice tournament tray, but without room for vGraves and that weird 50mm ball and chain I opted to use my little dice tray per usual. Had I used the box though the space under the toy holder conveniently has enough space to fit all the widgets, dry erase markers, and cards I used. Having exactly enough influence in the cardboard tokens was nice. Meant that I could just proof count after popping them out. Influence was a bit smaller than I like, and I'll probably upgrade tokens when I'm somewhere that I can purchase them. That said the cardboard was more convenient than a package of premium tokens unless you also own a tackle box to separate the tokens into types/players. At the end of every game I would pop all of the tokens back into the carboard sheet for maximum convenience (no rifling through the box during set up). I could see the lack of measuring widgets being less than convenient for a 100% new player Christmas day test, but I knew they wouldnt have them included going into it and prefer hard acrylics anyway. With each game the cardboard became looser, which never became an issue over 6 games, but long term I could see popping them back in would stop working. I also opted out of using cardboard dials since I own a dry erase markers and 6 sleeves and I think cards provide MUCH cleaner play than apps and dials. The dials were a much tighter fit this time compared to kick off. The tighter fit is a good thing since I could accidentally move the kick off dials when picking them up, while these I would have to intentionally turn. No idea how long they'd stay tight. The lack of painting requirements is a god send for my busy college+full time employment life. The plastic quality is better than it's ever been and the consistent improvement sounds good for future releases. I'll still paint them once summer rolls around in a few weeks, but for now and for the purposes of playing a tournament straight from the box it works great. The widely varied sillhouettes of the models made it impossible to mix up who was who. Overall if the Christmas day new guild baller knows going into it that they need measuring devices and dice they get a good experience. Setup and clean up is super easy and quick by popping tokens back into the sheet. This new approach is brilliant and thanks to SFG for dropping the paint requirements in the OPD so I don't have to either shirk my real life responsibility in order to paint, or be stuck playing boring old Corsair again.
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Hello again, it's been a little while since I've updated things on here but life has a funny way of getting in the way of our hobby at times. I've still been pottering way on some of the Brewers and I thought I'd share my process for doing the tartan. Now this little guide is what worked for me and I'm sure you may find a few guides that may be better suited (and worded for that matter ) but I think it may be of help to some. The colours I've used can pretty much be swapped out for any others that you may fancy for your team. Firstly I undercoated the tartan with Vile Green (citadel colour) once I got a good coat it was time to lay down the first lines of the pattern. This I did freehand but you can use a soft leaded pencil to help map it out. As I'm sure you're aware there are many folds on most models clothes so with that in mind I chose to put the first lines (scaly Green, old citadel colour) going in the same direction as those folds. This not only helps with making it easy for the painting but it also helps giving the cloth that depth you need as the further you go along with the pattern the flatter it can look, this is purely down to the fact that you can't highlight as you normally would. With the first set of lines done I would normally move onto the second set, creating that square pattern. For this though I wanted to show how I go about adding in some shadows to give it a 3 dimensional look, not a flat area with a pattern on it. First thing I do when tackling this is to paint the model upside down (models feet pointing up, not me painting whilst doing a headstand ). With the model upside down I can add shadows as if I was highlighting, targeting the upper edges with a glaze of a warm brown, it's important the glaze is kept nice and thin and built up over a few layers. As I mentioned before, this step I would normally do once the whole pattern was completed but I feared it would show up as much it does now. The next step was to do the intersecting lines to create the square pattern, the most important part of this for me is to keep the line the same width apart as the first set otherwise you will have different sized squares across the model, again you can use a soft leaded pencil to aid you at this point. At this stage it's still easy enough to tidy up any uneven lines with your basecoat colour. This next step is to paint a small square where each of the lines cross each other, I did this by mixing a small amount of black into Scaly green. You want mores lines to paint you say? Well here you go . This step is to paint a small (Scaly green again) line either side of the main lines, you'll see that I do one set all around the model before I tackle the other, this is just to break up the process and make it a little easier as you go (not that painting lots of little lines is easy). You can of course use the pencil as a guide for your lines. The final stage of the pattern is to mix your base colour (Vile Green) and some white to give you an off white colour of your choice. This colour will be used to paint a thin line in the middle of your main lines creating another set of squares across the model, as yo can see in the above picture I have marked out the first area for this line as a marker. With both sets of the off white lines you should have something a bit like this. This is the stage I would add a few more glazes (Agrax Earthshade watered down) to help emphasise the folds of the cloth using the same process as described before. I know this isn't the easiest of things to do at all but with a little help from a pencil and keeping your colour palette pretty limited you can give yourself a better chance of success. Please feel free to ask any questions if I've not explained things well enough and I can amend this post accordingly. Here's a pic or two of the rest of the ones I've finished
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    Okay, so I told myself I wasn't going to drag out and start flogging this horse again, however in light of the most recent announcement that coloured resin "Legacy" teams do not require painting to be used in tournaments under the OPD has me increasingly annoyed. First of all let me start by saying that in my opinion painting miniatures is part of tabletop hobby war gaming and should be enforced in any "high level" tournament play. I understand that some people claim they don't have time, patience or ability to paint 8-10 miniatures and know that some people will accuse me of being "elitist" or "gate keeping" because of that opinion and that is fine, people are entitled to their own opinions. I also understand that SFG are becoming more lenient with painting requirement to promote the "pick up and play" nature of the pre-assembled PVC teams and minor guilds and while I could probably rant on for hours about this decision, that is not my main concern or objective of this post. In short:... METAL REQUIRES PAINTING, COLOURED PVC & RESIN DOES NOT..!!?!?!?!?!???!!!! I don't understand why this is a thing, either have painting restrictions or don't have them, this half arsed approach is just stupid.. Currently as it stands, a player can purchase the Ratcatchers Minor Guild Box and both "Legacy" Morticians bundles and field any combination of 8-10 players without requiring any paint... Unless they want to use vHemlock, then she needs painting.... or the Halloween LE Obulus and Dirge which are currently on sale, they would also require painting... or the alt sculpt "prizes" from the Ratcatches launch event, yep, metal, need paint... Same goes for the Hunters/Falconers with vMinx, Young Theron and the alt sculpts from the Falconers launch event when they are released.. Also the LE sculpts of Bolt, Millstone and Piper that came as a pre-order bonus.. The point I am attempting to get across is that while partially lifting the painting requirements is s'posed to allow newer players to enter tournaments right from the start, it actually puts some weird jank on the players they are able to include in their roster.. What if they purchased Kickoff and want to play either of those guilds.? As only 6 players are available in PVC they will need to purchase and paint at least another four minis to participate in tournaments.. What about Lucky.? He's coloured PVC, he also doesn't fit in with the colour scheme of either guild.. What if they look at the miniature range or artwork and are really inspired by one of the original Major guilds but have no idea where or how to start painting miniatures.? Guess they are shit out of luck, Blacksmiths, Farmers or Morticians for you... Honestly I don't see the difference between using unpainted pre-coloured miniatures and getting a metal team, and spraying them the same colour and calling it a day.. End of the day, while I personally feel like painting requirements should stay intact for the benefit of visually promoting the game, if SFG want to remove the painting aspect of the hobby they should just do it wholesale, none of this half and half BS... Anyway, that's me done for now, hope no-one was too offended by any of the points I raised and I hope it can get some "friendly" banter going around this..
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    Model distribution needs to change

    Please keep it civil so this thread doesn't get locked too. Distribution of guild ball models has been a mess since they switched from blisters to multi model boxes and we're the ones suffering from it. First we had the issue where if you only owned part of a guild before the switchover the only option to complete that guild was to buy the expensive 6 model boxes even though they likely contained models you already owned or scour games stores for leftover blisters. Then we had Faithful of Solthecius where 5 of the models were released separately or in other boxes which many Union players had already bought... but it's the only way to get Pride. Now we have not one but two £50 boxes which contain models split across 5-6 different guilds. It's starting to get ridiculous. Yes I recognise there's ways around this. Splitting boxes up with friends, selling what you don't want, etc etc. But that's not really practical for everyone, my own GB group is small and pretty casual and it's unlikely I could part it out efficiently. But that's besides the point. Just because there are solutions doesn't mean that it isn't a problem, in fact it's indicative that it is a problem. Steamforged is basically just chucking random models in a box at this point and telling us to deal with it if we don't own every team in the game. It's a poor way to distribute a miniatures game and doesn't bode well for its future. Because short of releasing a new box of players (like they're doing with the minor guilds) it seems like this is what we're going to have to deal with every time they release new models for existing guilds. SFG either needs to find a better way to sell boxes of models or go back to blisters.
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    Pay the piper and bonus time

    Answer: Pay the Piper: Each time an enemy model spends MP within this aura, the friendly team gains [1]MP. Each separate declaration of spending MP counts as a separate time. For example, an enemy declaring a defence stance and counter attack in response to a charge would net Piper's friendly team 2 MP. A further 1 MP would be gained if the counter attack then uses Bonus Time!
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    Model distribution needs to change

    Just because a solution exists to this problem doesn't mean there isn't a problem. SFG is showing some very real growing pains here caused by the departure from single model blisters, and people shouldn't have to be jumping through secondary market hoops to get the product that they want. I'm hopeful that there are long term solutions in the works, because I'd be disappointed and concerned if this continues into next year.
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    My Union

    Hi all! This past weekend I finally played in my first Swedish GB-tournament (my previous GB-tournament experiences were from 2016 when I played in two small tournaments at the Daffcon event in Cardiff), and I had such a blast! Prior to the tournament I added a few players to my painted lineup so I could field a full roster of ten. Luckily I managed to snag best painted at the event, and as such I thought I should post my team here. The ones painted this year were vRage, Decimate, Benediction and Strongbox, while the rest were painted in 2016 (you can definitely see some improvements on my NMM, I should really go back and redo Blackhearts sword at some point). Edit: Now with an actual working image, need to figure out how to add the rest. /Martin
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    Hi there, in this thread I'd like to post collections of photos of Guild Ball figures I painted over the years. Which means we're hopping back to (late) 2015 for starters, but it won't be long until we're up to date! First two teams I painted were Butchers and Morticians (naturally): On I went to do some Fishermen! Shortly thereafter I also painted Captain: Thanks for having a look, hope you like the minis and stay tuned for more!
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    (...and subsequent posts on the same topic.) My thought on this is that at the start of Season 3, when sBrisket, Benediction, and Grace all came out, they didn't know this was the direction they would end up taking a year and a half later, so I don't think it's fair to attribute malice aforethought here. As far as the Minor Guilds go, I agree, it would be nice if there was a way to get the "crossover" models from the Major Guild without having to buy one or two whole team boxes to get them. The Launch Party packs have alt sculpts for them (that are amazing!), and I thought I heard rumblings that those might be available down the line...? Don't remember where that is sourced from, though. Whispers in the wind or me hallucinating, perhaps (I'm still pretty tired from the Spring Fling this weekend)... As far as the Exiles and Faithful boxes go...if they can't be singles, if I were SFG, I'd make them individually available on the webstore, maybe a month later than the box releases, to give FLGS a chance at getting sales on the release day, but still give everybody access to the models. I totally understand the frustration with this one, even if I'm planning on buying both. (Heck, I'm crazy enough to buy the Solthecian box for the alt. Harry and Pride, with the intent to turn the doubles of the other four into statues/terrain/goalposts or RPG models.) Still, making people buy stuff they don't need/want is a dangerous game. It'd be one thing if there was one repeat model in the box. More than that starts to get dicey. In the long run, if they can resolve the crossover models problem and stop putting out multi-guild boxes, this "transition from blisters to boxes" is a good move for the company- once all the boxes are out and the blisters have been phased out, players switching over to a new guild or especially new players getting into the game (which are vital for its long-term health) will benefit tremendously from the consistency of a "buy it and use it" box system. The transition is going to be painful, however. It would have been nice if SFG had given the players a few months' warning before it happened (maybe they did and I didn't know? Want to give them the benefit of the doubt, here), but it's the right move for the long-term health of the game once we're past the immediate growing pains and turbulence. I do 100% believe that SFG is doing the best they can and that they do care about their players. They may make mistakes from time to time (I know I do at my job), but their hearts are in the right place and they're working hard to make the best game, company, and community that they can. I think that's important for us to remember!
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    Model distribution needs to change

    First of all I love that we are getting new products. Everyone loves new toys. But, I do agree the distribution for the minors and Exiles/Faithful is not good. I see two separate problems here: Minor Guilds - whichever way you slice it the model won't appeal to everyone - having to purchase a minor guild box for 2 players for your major is annoying but at least the minor is playable. Having to purchase two MAJOR guild boxes to add to your minor is unacceptable. Not everyone will want to transition this way and it flies in the face of the play it out the box approach the minors will foster - new players may not even own Super Glue! Second issue is the Exiles/Faithful situation. This is bad for most players as they probably only own 1-2 guilds (unlike idiots like me) so now they have this awful decision - drop £50 on two models and hope they can resell the rest (with all the hassle that involves) or miss out on the new shiny (and in many cases ridiculously good). That shunts the issue to players but that's not going to attract people in or make them feel loved by SFG. The way I see it the ONLY solution that meets all the requirements (simple SKUs, simple shelf space, everyone getting what they want) is for SFG to offer through their OWN WEBSTORE blister packs. They can add 10% to the price to cover manual handling and the FLGS don't lose out as they didn't want the fiddly blisters. The problem will of course be that if players buy blisters they will then go - 'oh...now I have to waste money buying the whole Mort box' unless SFG let EVERYTHING be a blister - but that seems unlikely... So maybe that just kicks the problem down the road unless they are willing to go full blister. And everyone knows you never go full blister...
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    Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    I'll help you out with alchemists. Here is who I am. Here is my YouTube Channel where I played a lot of competitive Alchemists against some of the best players in the world. Me playing what I consider the current best Smoke list. Me playing Post errata Midas. Here is GBG Episode 1 which talks about Vitriol's kick off pressure. It is a bit out dated since she was errated but I'm sure you can get some value out of it. At the end of my WTC Blog I talk about the Smoke skew a bit. Talking about Alchemists on Strictly the Worst. (Pre Errata) Talking about Alchemists on Rage Quit Wire. (Post Errata) Below are some of my best Alchemist related posts. If you have any questions about alchemists I will do my best to answer them here, but no promises I don't watch the forums super well. A better place to ask me questions is Twitter @TheCurkov. Hope this helps. -Vincent Curkov
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    Model distribution needs to change

    I have two main issues with these multi-guild boxes; On of the major points of going from single-model to box-set sales was to make every product playable out of the box. These boxes fly in the face of that goal completely. If a new player goes to a store and sees a bunch of team boxes, they're going to be pretty upset when they go home and realize that the one they picked is actually one model each for six different teams. Some will say that the LGS owner should help them not pick the wrong box, but good luck finding an LGS owner that happens to know that much about this single specific product line. This is, and I mean this as politely as possible, a giant thumbing of the nose at people that don't buy every single thing SFG sells. It's been clear for a while that they want to encourage people to buy multiple teams, but these new boxes are a whole new level. Players are now actively punished for playing fewer teams (by having to buy excess product or work harder to find the pieces they actually want on the secondary market). What if my two teams were Butchers and Masons - I'm just double-hosed by this new set? And the idea that the number of SKUs needs to be reduced ... What? Every LGS I frequent still has Guild Ball blisters for sale and I'm not aware that any of them have complained about the space the game takes up. Even with a full complement of blisters, GB required far less space than most miniatures games and vastly less than the MtG singles counters that every LGS in the world has.
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    In my day...!

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    Jamie P

    Kickoff Stolen

    Hey dude, Did you order this direct from us? There will be something we can do to help you out if so. Send an email to support@steamforged.com soonish and you will get a response today.
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    In my day...!

    Back in my day the Gargoyle was always located in the centre room on the board and everyone wanted to be the Barbarian.....
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    I love the painting and the crafting side of things... I'm still just learning but it is extremely enjoyable... to me. Having said that, as a TO I would rather have 24 players rolling dice, laughing, and learning and having a grand old time...with unpainted/semi-painted models... than 8 players with the most beautifuly creations ever crafted by man. I truly believe Growing the Game > Growing the Hobby. Get them in, get them hooked... then gift them a paintbrush and offer advice and help if they would like.... but at the end of the day... I just want to PLAY!
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Maaaaybe I haven't based him, but since I need to actually make some bases for my butchers before I can do that... I present Ox en camaieu (which sounds vaguely like a fancy french dish). Basically, painted entirely using different tones of a single colour. The lurid, showy version of monochrome It's a ton of fun to do though - no fighting to get things looking the right colour, just concentrating on form and focal points.
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    Two Men Enter Two Men Leave

    Doing this is legal by the text of the rules. We'd recommend that everyone engaging in a fun launch event play in the spirit of that event (which may be exactly like this, who knows what excites you weirdos?).
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    Model distribution needs to change

    My secret identity is revealed!
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    My Undead Farmers!

    Please excuse the poor lighting and bad pics! I need to get myself a decent camera! Also have WIP Buckwheat It's not easy to see but the whole of his underside has been removed and his guts are hanging out Also, funny story, my Original idea was for Thresher to be the only one alive and for him to be in a red jump suit similar to Michael Jackson in the Thriller video. However after painting him up like this it became painfully obvious it didn't really fit in with the style... but here he is anyway!
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    My Union

    Thanks everyone! Here's a close-up of Strongbox.
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    Swissmade is painting Masons

    Malritch recommended me to post my Pictures here in the display cabinet. So, here are my masons. Currently i'm experimenting with taking the photos. Hammer: The dynamic duo: For the Masons i switched back from nmm to tmm and im quite happy with the result. I'm looking Forward for you're critics, comments and suggestions!
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Been doing a little work on boiler today, mostly just getting the basics down: You can see I started with the focal point, and every so often I've gone back and pushed the contrast on it a bit further. I'm finding that useful for balancing everything out, letting me avoid too much contrast in less important areas. Also means I can retouch areas, or add in some darklining to split things up if need be. I don't like dark lining generally, but in limited palettes it can be useful. Speaking of palettes, this is my wet palette before and after a session. I don't often use it as I don't consider it necessary for most painting, but since I'm using the same colours for a long period and its warm here, it makes life easier.
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    Negative kick shot on goal.

    You played it correctly. As per page 25 of the rulebook, the TN number can affect the dice pool but the dice pool has no effect on the TN. Also remember that bonus time is applied after the dice pool is generated so you could bonus time for a 2 die shot.
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    Possibly tweeks in S4

    WHHHAAAATATTTTATATATT?!??! *mind blown* I totally 100% agree. And fix Snow so bloody 'Oooh Ball' actually FRICKIN WORKS (hint: lose DIRECTLY, make it work at kick off). Yes the Winter people need buffs. Skatha just needs her blessing to self-target I think and 6" range. Hearne2 needs a re-work - he looks like the intern copy pasted Hearne1 and changed a few bits - job done. Re-work his playbook, move him to TAC 6, Give him 2/4 INF. Lose stupid Lunar Eclipse (OMG what was the design team smoking that day) and replace with some actually WORKABLE teleport tech (easy fix - make the teleport work on any successful attack). Egret - GIVE. HER. LIGHT. FOOTED. She is the only human that doesn't have it in the team and is irritates me sooooo much. Seenah - Harrier helps her a lot but still I would like her to gain KNOCKBACK. I mean she's a goddamn bear - you get hit by a 500 kg bear, you're going to move. Zarola - I don't want to hear it people - she has the worst playbook in the game. I could't care less that Midnight Offering is amazing - Hemlock2 has shown that you can have that AND 2" AND a great playbook. She needs a re-work.
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    Bad blog about the Rats

    Well I guess I am going to do it. I started a blog to keep myself interested in the Rats before they came out and to log some of my games. It was really for myself and my locals, but I have decided to open it to everyone else due to lack of Ratcatcher content out there. Be gentile, I am a poor writer at best, and like I said it is mostly for myself to stay motivated, but I wanted to share in hopes others will write about their Rat conquests as well! https://ratrantz.wordpress.com/
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    Spooks in Budapest

    Hi there, last weekend I took part in Hungarian Nationals. It was a 32 players event and I guess I'm getting too old for playing 10 hours straight. Even though I had lots of fun as my opponents were relaxed and funny guys. http://longshanks.org/events/?event=668 Event included Ratcatchers (plenty of theam actually) but Exiles were not in. I decided to go single captain and don't regret it. My 10 was: Obulus, Dirge, Graves, Brainpan, Cosset, Ghast, Bonesaw, Silence, Pelage, Skulk Obs, Dirge, Graves and Brain were played every single game, Cosset, Ghast, Pelage and Skulk were flex slots and BSaw and Silence never left the bench. I don't trust Bonesaw (and in 5 games rolled "1" 3 times on kicking/receiving roll) and Silence was a counter-pick in some specific matchups that I didn't encounter. I went 3-2 on that event, ended up on 10th place, not a spectacular result for sure but it was fun. Game 1 vs VRage I decided to take Skulk and Pelage in flex section and met standard vRage crew but with Coin. I knew that I can't outfight Union so I have to spread my players and outscore them. Round 1 my opponent misscalculated his influence and Skulks Horrific Odour ruined Mists goal run. I stole the ball and scored top of turn 2 with Memory. He managed to deliver it back to Mist and shot, making it 4-4. And then Scoreticians surprised him - I scored with Obulus after PM pass from one of his players (Benedcition?) and, after he kicked it off on the other side Brainpan reached it, passed to Memory and ended the game. In the meantime Graves and Skulk were torturing Mist for some MP and he died in the process. Game was fast, it ended in 3 rounds if I remeber correctly, vRages Gang didn't have enough time to punish my players in combat. 12:4 for Spooks Game 2 vs Piper (my first geme vs Rats) I chose clean Mortician line up with Ghast and Cosset. Even though I was receving I knew it's a trap - Pipers kick-off pressure would surely ruin BSaws goal run so I left him on the bench. My plan was to kill the ball on Memory, fight for 4 kills and score to seal the deal but that didn't quite work out. I realised that I can't stop Scourge from killing player after player, Piper gives him so much mobility and even with his low def I can't really kill him in one activation. And his killing is monstrous. I scored once, managed to take 2 players out and it was 8-9 (Rats gained 9 vp via 3 take-ots, Gravedigger and Snacking did it's job), I managed to win the initiative and had +2/+2 move for returning players active. Cosset covered crazy 9" form the edge of the pitch, grabbed the ball, went Crazy and charged Squeak for another 11" (thats just insane threat to be honest). Unluckily, I was 1" short for the shot. Squeak used def stance and my dice betrayed me, I didn't hit that sweet result. I could either take , leave melee and go for 1-die shot due to Miasma blocking the ball-path or attack again for more MP for Bonus Time and risk being unable to shot at all if I don't reach the dodge. The first sounded like less of a gamble and I took the dodge and the shot. 4+ would win the game for me but Cosset is no striker. After rethinking the story I should've attacked once more, 2 net hits with TAC6 (crazy+cover) vs 3+/1 def is almost granted and that would increase chances for the goal greatly. Ended up 8:12 Game 3 vs Fillet My flexes were Pelage and Skulk. Enemy team was: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Shank, vOx and Meathook. Shank was kicking I guess. I juggled the ball for a while and then set Pelage for a goal run on the wing as my last activation. She has plenty of range with PM jog and teamwork dodge and doesnt let farm momentum. She scored and dodged out of Fillets range, catching both Boiler and Princess in her dilemma range. Fillet recovered the ball, passed it to Shank and dodged forward trying to kill Graves. Even thugh she over extended it was a tough nut to crack. Finally i managed to slay here and Shank, not before these duo scored a goal and killed 2 of my players though. It was 6:8 and then Graves became my MVP. There was a clash ont my right wing, inlcuding both captains, Skulk, Shank, Graves and the ball, everyone on low health. I won the initiative, killed Fillet with Obulus, Butchers retaliated with another kill and then Graves went for 6 point activation, finishing Shank off and scoring. 14:10 for Spooks Game 4 vs Piper again I picked Cosset and Ghast, encountered Ratcatchers box with vGraves instead of Skulk. Obulus kicked off, making Miasma the only model able to recover the ball and putting her in a terrbile spot after that. I killed Miasma, Rats scored, I passed the ball to Memory and then scrum created. Once more I was unable to kill Scourge but managed to achieve 3 more kills before they did. Cosset scored for 12:8. Game 5 vs Theron I was 3-1 after 4 games but all I wanted at this point was a dinner and cold beer. Yet I had one more game to play. Picked Pelage and Skulk in a hope to outscrum Hunters and score a sneaky goal (Theron, Fahad, vHerne, Chaska, Jaecar, Minx). Obulus kicked off and Hunters killed the ball deep within their teritory. Not what I expected but it all looked fine at the beginning. Jaecar activated early and came a bit too close. I dragged him even closer, triggering his own trap and then gangbanged mercilessly. My opponent even missed most of his CP turn one. And after that it all went south. Every plan I came up with failed beacuse of terrible rolls and Hunters dice just exploded with fives and sixes. Nothing to write home about, I was burning thorugh influence achieving nothing and hunters just wrecked my team. 4-12, if Graves didn't fail to push vHerne out of melee (2 succes on 6 dice, def 3+/1, c'mon!) I would at least score on more goal and stay in game. He did fail and I need new set of dice. 3-2 after 5 games, I feel like 4-1 was within my reach but sometimes there is nothing You can do. Event was great but 5 games in a row is way to many for mu taste. I'd like to do it again next year As soon as vHemlocke is released (1 more week!) BSaw is out of 10. I'm thinking about swapping Silence for Scalpel but I need more games with her.
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    This touches an interesting discussion about what constitutes "used" versus used. To use an analogy. No one says that you have to get rid of all your cards when MTG's Standard Format rotates. All that is is Wizards of the Coast saying, "these cards aren't allowed anymore." But they're not going to come battering down your door if you don't play by their rules right? It's entirely feasible if you enjoy Khans of Tarkir Standard that you can just continue to play and ignore Wizard's format changes.... right? If you've played Magic, you know that this isn't true. Rotation kills your deck, and you have to make a new one. Whether this is good or bad is beyond the point. Wizards defines the way you have to play the game and the meta, even if it doesn't like the definitions Wizards has set out, will adhere to it. E.G. Everyone HATED Battle For Zendikar Standard, but my LGS continued to run it on Fridays. I feel like there's another interesting discussion in there about WHY this happens, but suffice it to say it does. So while the cards that rotated out can be, "used," they can't actually be used. Yea I can dig up a ton of commons and make a cape out of them, or do some neat crafts and stuff, but if we're talking about uses that aren't playing the game, then we're not talking about uses. We're talking about "uses." Bringing it back to Guild Ball, if the foundational rules of GB were changed, then it's still technically possible to play by the version of the rules you still liked. Alternate Deployments as an example, but unless there's unanimous agreement among your community, you're going to be split off from it. I've mentioned it before, but GB is struggling where I am, to even pull off a casual event, let alone a consistent night at any LGS. Networking with players to sell or trade models, or test out different rules sets, like GIC's, or Alt Deployment or agree on an alternative to the ruleset that SFG defines is..... difficult... if at all possible. sBrisket becoming invalidated for the Union, and then requiring a new box with mostly redundant models be purchased to become playable in her own Guild, is a pretty crap deal. I don't assume ill will about SFG, I just think the decisions they made about how to distribute models has a number of unintended consequences, and I think a solution should be looked into for the players it's affecting. SFG gives a lot of shits about their game and their community, that's very clear. But from my perspective, it feels like quite a bit of an "in" group. Especially with releases like Lucky floating around, and for how long people were playing with the Farmers and Blacksmiths before they became available. I don't know if the players this distribution affects, the ones not connected to a strong community, are in and of themselves enough incentive for SFG to provide an alternative. No one's arguing that you unanimously CAN'T work around the distribution methods in place. Only that the level of effort and success involved will be highly variable, and just isn't feasible for all players.
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    Just because she's been available for that long doesn't mean that's when people purchased her. And it still doesn't change the fact that people aren't going to be happy to find they can no longer play with her without making additional purchases (and currently one of those additional purchases required includes rebuying her!). You seem to be forgetting that miniatures are an investment in time, not just in money. I have precious little time to paint so I wouldn't be pleased to find out I'd used that time on something temporary. Also sorry but this second paragraph is nonsense. You are forced to buy miniatures you don't want if (if being the keyword here) you want to buy the models you do want. You aren't forced to buy the models you want however, that part is voluntary. The issue is people want to buy the models for the guilds they do play but don't want to be stuck paying for models for guilds they don't play. Saying it's a luxury product is no excuse for poor selling practices. Also the pricing on Guild Ball isn't that amazing if we're being honest here. It's a low buy in to a playable standard but frankly you don't get a lot for your money. If you want to compare it to big war games like 40k or Sigmar then yeah you pay a lot more to get into those games. But it's a false comparison. If you put Guild Ball against Games Workshops smaller scale games then it comes up short. A warband for Warhammer Underworlds is £17.95 RRP (and can be bought for as low as £13.50) and contains between 3-7 miniatures and a deck of cards. A Blood bowl team is £20 RRP (can be found for £17) and has 12 miniatures. The cheapest you can buy a new team box for Guild Ball is £35 RRP (£31.50 online) which has six miniatures, eight if you count the goal post and terrain piece, tokens and cards. But for most guilds it's £50 RRP (£45) for 6 miniatures and 6 cards. Six! And future plastic releases aren't much cheaper if the pricing on the minor guilds is anything to go by. And while I like the Blacksmiths I got during the sale I'm not going to pretend they have the same crisp detail as the Warhammer Underworlds miniatures I've been painting lately. It's not the worst offender on the market but it's hardly the best. £50 is a lot of money to be spending on 6 small miniatures you can use, it's an absurd amount to spend on 1-2 you can use and 4-5 you can't. I disagree that this keeps FLGS happy, I've noted here that messing around with the distribution is why my local store have stopped stocking it and judging by other responses in this thread they're not the only ones. Also a store can't easily sell a box that requires a customer own half the factions in the game to get the full value of it. Hard to convince someone who's just picked up a £50 box of Engineers to pick up another £50 box that contains precisely one model they can play in their new team. Also as has already been noted stores don't seem to have a problem stocking a mix of blisters and boxes for every other miniatures game on the market.
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    Veteran Chisel

    I'm hoping she takes after her Energetic Darling rookie type. Honour-lite, with a touch of Flint, at 2" melee.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    My Union/ Solthesian goal
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    Well yeah....
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    S4 arrives october 12th

    There is four weeks in between. I think anyone that has qualified for Worlds will be fine.
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    The Casual Mortician

    The trouble with Silence is that he has too many quiet games.
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    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    See, I played a lot of Scalpel in season 2 when she was ignored because of Obs. At this time, the player losing the roll off had no mp and she could go first with no fear of being pushed out of melee, cause huge disruption, and Second Wind to safety. Team generated almost Butchers levels of mp so first turn was likely every turn. What I'm getting at is that when Scalpel fears no counter attacks, she is really strong and flexible. Nowadays she has to pick her targets carefully, and perhaps too carefully. Could do with a change definitely, but I feel a kd on 3 might be a bit to easy for her. 4 would put her at 50/50 against 4/1. edit - ignor me, I completely misread your chart, it is on the 4. Curly Approves
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    Hawkeye Flash is DC btw, not Marvel. Sledge - Thor Anvil - Hulk (or maybe Odin) Ferrite - Black Widow Iron - Iron Man (Hulkbuster!!) Furnace - Nick Fury (eyepatch!) Cinder - female Hawkeye? Hearth - I have absolutely no idea... Aunt May? Alloy - Ant-Man (or maybe Ronin, although less known) Farris - I have no idea. Maybe a Horseman of the Apocalypse, although that's one of the X-Men's opponents, not a Marvel hero. Bolt - Quicksilver Burnish - Warmachine Cast - female Captain America
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    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Final two Rat catchers done Have also painted their rat ball, as well as the Farmers pumpkin ball. Try and post them later today.
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    The Captain: Devana

    Here I put more statistical info about Devana. First of all, all we'll agree that the sweet spot with Devana with an Attack is getting 6 net-hits. With 6 net-hits, Devana gets her first wrap, with an important increase in her damage output. Every wrap is desirable with her but getting the second wrap (11 net-hits) is either statistically unlikely or it would require an excessive setup in Influence and activation terms. ARMOR 0 1 2 3 4 DEFENSE 2+ 7,2 8,4 9,6 10,8 12 3+ 9 10,5 12 13,5 15 4+ 12 14 16 18 20 5+ 18 21 24 27 30 6+ 36 42 48 54 60 Necessary TAC to assure at least a 50% success rate to get 6 of more net-hits with 1 Attack I used the expected value definition for binomial distributions to make this chart: Net-hits expected = [TAC * (7-Defense) / 6 ] - Armor This value allows us to calculate quickly the median (that's it, half of the times you will get a lower (or equal) result than the median, half of the times you will get an upper (or equal) one). OK, let's interpret this chart. I'm going to assume Devana needs at least 2 requirements to consider her minimally prepared: the target is within a Harrier AOE and engaged by Frelsi. That means she makes the Attack with TAC 11 (base-TAC 5 + DOA 4 + Frelsi 2). So, the chart indicates us she will have at least a 50% success rate to get 6 net-hits against DEF 3+, ARM 1 (or worse) and DEF 2+, ARM 3 (or worse) objectives. Some conclusions I can get: 50% of success rate is pretty unreliable (like tossing a coin or scoring a goal with 1 dice). Devana will need a greater setup than the expected. Without help, Devana can't Attack reliably against DEF 4+ or greater enemy models (without spending her Legendary). It's preferable to lower the enemy DEF (with KDs , snareds or Dirty Knives) than to gain more TAC (Spy Eye, Gang-Ups). Careful with Momentum gain: the 5th-column 3 DMG result doesn't generate any MP.
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    @Nykolae: Thanks very much. Well, it happened over the course of two years or so... @Lena: I was a bit underwhelmed with the plastic. I mean it's the bendy kind you see on many Kickstartered figures these days. I can't say it's bad, it's just very bothersome to clean. What irks me more is the models coming all pre-assembled and if possible cast in one piece. Especially on the Farmers this led to some nasty undercut-filling in places and a surprising number of static and flat poses, which I think is just unnecessary. If plastic is deemed necessary, why not at least make them multi-part? Especially on the Blacksmiths' Arsenal box one of the players comes in a leaping pose with clear plastic rods built between the model and the base. Which of course is just majorly annoying for painting purposes. Once they're painted, the models are almost as good as the newer metals, but the road to that point can be a bit rocky. As for forums: I absolutely agree; Facebook is a medium of 3 second memory threads and kneejerk reactions. With forums you know threads will be there (and possible to be found) even after three days, people usually take more time to reply, forums are an archive as well as just a place to post chatter. Facebook just isn't a suitable replacement. It's a completely different thing, isn't it. @Kueller: Thank you! Well, speaking of the Blacksmiths, here's part 1 of the Blacksmiths: ...and some more! The Brewers&Masons terrain pack.
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    Hey all, in the last month I've been mucking around with Butchers. I went 3-1 in my first event with them and went 4-0 this weekend with them. I was going to write a breakdown of the event etc, would this something people would be interested in?
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    I really enjoy the painting aspect of the hobby. I even have had copious amounts of time to paint at different stages of my life. And I appreciate looking at teams where their owner has taken the time to make them their own. I don't expect to see everything painted to a high standard or anything of the sort, just some personal touch. And that is what I think the end goal of the painting "requirements" should be. The plastics/resin being getting waived for the requirements seems bogus to me, but not because I want to look down my nose on players who don't paint. It's because I believe it should be the same standard across the board. If you pick up ANY models the day of the event and want to play with it, it should be allowed regardless of what the model is made out of. It isn't the player's fault that the only Boar or Chaska option is metal. Maybe Harry the Hat is one of the hardest to find models and the tournament venue is the first place you've managed to find him. Any model bought at the venue should be waived for playing. If this is already how places run it, kudos to them. I do however like having some set standard for painting with stuff you've brought for home for two reason. One is differentiation, being able to tell two player's models apart. Saying that the dyed resin or plastic is enough is woefully wrong. Just go to a release even for any guild. At our Blacksmith release I gazed upon a gaggle of grey engaging another gaggle grey. I don't even think a requirement needs to be out there to a 3-color minimum. Just prime it and base coat it and maybe add a splash of color purely for the purpose of telling models apart in the event of a mirror match. There is also a commercial aspect to making people bring painted minis. It helps to draw in spectators who become our future players. We want more people to play in order to keep the game alive. Making pretty and shiny stuff helps to grab their attention. So instead of making a requirement to paint, maybe offer incentives, beyond a "best painted" which I never anticipate winning. The Kickabout campaign came with a bunch of Lucky's. Maybe future OPD kits could come with a few LE models just for those who take the time to paint to a minimal level of completion. I know it isn't realistic to think that the models wouldn't leak out to everyone, but it would still be good to put it into people's heads that painting comes with rewards. In short, I would like to see the same standard and rules applied across the board regardless of material. I do want to see personalization, but I don't care for elitism. If you say it's good enough with primer white bodies and purple heads, then it's good enough for me. However I would love to see some reward for those who make an effort to try and make their tabletop gaming cool to look at.
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    Low entry cost (even after buying tokens and dice for the factions). Dynamic gameplay, particularly with drafting teams. Unless you play the same faction against the same opponent running the same roster, the game feels fresh and fun, despite win conditions being the same every time. Unique models means you aren't creatively blocked by having to paint a horde of identical models. Combos well with the low model requirements, allowing you to paint each faction as a faction of characters, rather than an faction of rank and file. Variety. I play a large number of games (Warhammer 30k and 40k, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing, Infinity, and formerly Firestorm Armada, Warhammer Fantasy, Flames of War). It's always nice to just have another game in the repertoire to break out for variety, and because of it's low model count and low entry cost, Guild Ball remains a refreshing game to always pick up or expand with whatever new guild tickles my fancy without heavy investment in time or money. - Terminus -
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    Guys don't worry about offending me / taking anything away form my wins. It's just toy soldiers at the end of the day, we're all adults here I think both of you make fair points
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    The pictures I've shown you may make it look easy, but I assure you there is many an expletive when I paint the tartan. Looking though my pictures I realised i hadn't shown you a couple, I think it was mainly because the owner got a model a little early and Harriet I've not long completed. Harriet is the second model I've painted from the Exiles box set, for me it's one of the best boxes Steamforged have done. I've painted both of the Ratcatchers to match the pumpkin head themed Morticians I previously worked on. As I've mentioned before my favourite model in the Guild ball range can change, this month and for the foreseeable future it's this Skulk version.
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    Masons: ..and a few more additions to existing teams: Fillet (weird name) might just be my favourite GB figure altogether. Great face on her. Here's the Hunters team! The camo pattern was requested by the customer (well, some kind of woodland-y camo pattern was, the exact look was up to me), which gave me a bit of a headache integrating it into a colour scheme, but I think it worked out in the end. On this team I also added some fallen leafs to the bases, in part to cover up the traps a little bit. Doesn't actually cover them up of course, because it would be daft painting them and then covering them up. It's like with painting camo. You want it to look like camo but you really don't want it to work like camo of course. Oh yes, and the bear is huge. Probably the nicest bear mini I know of too, that I have to admit. Oh, and i like the hair on the red haired lady in that team. About the crouching bald guy: completely bald guys are boring. Usually I paint some stubbly hair on them or some sort of half-bald stubbly hair (my favourite). On this one I just painted some tattoo over half of his face and scalp. Works as well for making the mini a bit more interesting. I've also seen the Avatar arrow been done on him, but I don't really dig that look. I also never watched the show. So yeah, swirly, tentacly tattoo it was. Hope you like them!
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    To be honest, in my opinion Bonesaw (and the other player with the same issues, Angel) could do with a full rework. A striker that isn't good at getting the ball back is just pretty much never worth a slot in a team. The only models whose primary purpose seems to be to score goals, that don't have a buyable dodge or 2" melee, are: - Bonesaw - Angel - Brisket1 (who has a damage dealing backup plan if the ball isn't available) - Brisket3 (who has Route One to help her reach a ball carrier) - Friday (who has a damage dealing backup plan if the ball isn't available) - Piper (who has a ringout or takeout setup backup plan if the ball isn't available, and has Haunting Melody to help him reach a ball carrier) - Pin Vice (who has a damage backup plan) - Snakeskin (who is instead good at killing a ball, and has a damage dealing backup plan) Angel and Bonesaw have the unique issues of being bad at getting the ball back, and at the same time do stone cold nothing if they don't have it. I don't think there is any easy fix for these two models beyond giving them one of the two solutions above - either a use when they don't have the ball, or a better way of retrieving it.
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    1st Event

    So decided to play Rats at a tournament, and had fun playing them. Here’s a light breakdown of the games. Brewers round 1 This was a newer player he used the kickoff set, so really hard to judge how this matchup played, I would assume against a seasoned player they’d play Ester’s gun line. I was able to lock down Stave, performing a grave digger/snack break. Graves is good, but wish he was a TAC 6 still, don’t know why is TAC went down in the veteran version. I created two goal runs with Piper one after receiving with Graves, and one with Pelage. Won the game on top of three. 12-0. (Line up for Brewers, kick off Rats Piper, Squick, VGraves, Miasma, Scourge, and Pelage) Morticians round 2 Obulus, wasn’t as concerned with this match up, I’ve played quit a bit using Morts, so felt I had advantage. I received and went on the set up a goal run with Pelage, I thought having her into the back line of Morts would be good, she just walked or ran setting up dilemmas most of the game, and with Scourge in their face they didn’t mess with her much. This game was Miasma double rataclysm crazy. Think every turn I did it twice, and felt like an Alchemist player using a big gun followed by VKat, but it was Miasma/Scourge. I got a mascot snack break, two take outs from Miasma/Scourge combo damage, and a second goal by Piper himself. 12-2 (Line for Morts Obulus, Silence, Dirge, Cossit, Ghast, Graves; Rats Piper, Squick, VGraves, Miasma, Scourge, and Pelage) Hunter round 3 Theron, this is the match up I felt was going to be the hardest. Was playing a good player and Hunters just really mess with my plans. Pin on Scourge is hard to deal with. I did go for a goal turn one with Graves, but Minx, was able to tackle off the ball and dodge away from me. Had to settle to on beating her up some. They forest port and Jaecar midnight offering took out Miasma. I was playing down two points round 1. Though I had Minx between Scourge/Graves. Hunters used Pin on Scourge to keep him from Minx. So I used Graves pushes and Pipers to get her back to Scourge. Scourge even had to pass to get there. Took her out, got the ball and Scored with Piper. They returned goal with Hern, 6/6 at the point.I had the momentum and then between Scourge and Graves I took out Theron, and the mascot. Then I was a dumb dumb. Graves was bleeding with three health, he had 4 momentum, and was engaging Squick with the ball. I should have used Piper’s heroic to push Hern out, and then sprinted Squick using reverie, the used my momentum to heal Graves. But forgot the bleed, so on the maintenance phase loss Graves score was the went 9-8, then he won initiative, got the ball from Squick in cover, and got the double dodge to goal range, shot and made it. Think I could have won, but good play by my opponent and bad inexperienced play by me cost me the game. 9-12, (Hunter line up, Theron, fahad, Hearn, jaecar, minx, zarola; me the same). In the future think I grab the ball at kick off with Pelage, if they head hunt her they gain no momentum and I keep Miasma active turn one and gunning more. Blacksmiths round 4 Furnace was the captain. This list was anti conditioning, they ran Burnish, so I ran with much sadness Bonesaw. Figured I wasn’t going to disease the way I wanted so went all in goals for the most part. I received and got turn one goal with Bonesaw setup from Piper, dodging behind a barrier at the end of his goal run to protect him. They then threw in and Alloy went for the goal. This allowed me to throw back out at the end to Piper. Score 4-4. The second turn did Piper dilemma, they had me come up, so I legendaryed to their goal forcing them back to their goal post, and all mine as well. I got some momentum from a couple of attacks, and passed to Bonesaw. Used reverie and scored a tap in with Bonesaw. 8-4. Well he then decided to kill the ball and make it a drag out scrum. This is where Miasma/Scourge combo became huge. The apprince models got blown up and Scourge finished off, took two turns to make the last four, but I ended up winning. 12-8. I almost had a third goal with Bonesaw stealing the ball but missed the kick. It would have been 12-6 if he had made it. Hard match up for sure! (Line Blacksmiths, Furnace, Burnish, Cast, Hearth, Alloy, and Cinder; Rats but took out Pelage for Bonesaw.)
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    Model distribution needs to change

    Yeah the minor guilds are also just problems waiting to happen if they split the players that can play for the minor guilds across boxes. And it sounds like this will be the case with Falconers as the crossover players are apparently Egret and vHearne who are in different boxes. Not quite as bad as the multi-guild boxes though as at least if you buy a box of Morticians or a box of Hunters you can play all of those models. And it isn't as egregious since the expectation is that you get the minor guild if you play the major guild. Where as the UiC and Faithful boxes seem to expect you play every single guild. Funnily enough switching to single boxes actually ensured my FLGS did have dead product sitting on the shelves, i.e. blisters that nobody wants to buy. And it's why they won't carry the game anymore. New players won't want to touch the singles because they'd just end up buying the same model twice when buying the 6 player boxes. Also while I can appreciate the reasons for reducing SKUs and not having your entire range available as single blisters I think this is taking SKU reduction a step too far. Bundling related product together is rational, bundling unrelated product is not. It's also worth noting that the repackaging was originally predicated on metals being eventually replaced with cheaper plastic boxes. Not only has that not happened for the older guilds (and likely never will happen now) the price of the plastic boxes has also shot up. They're now releasing new teams as plastics but new players as metal and it's confusing what direction things are actually going in. Also if you're forced to buy models for guild you don't want right now, you may ultimately just not end up picking those models and being annoyed at the fact they chose to sell them this way. It can be just as bad for the game as it can be good. And ultimately I think more people are going to choose not to drop a load of money on models they don't want than drop £50 to make a model they've ended up with usable. This inconsistent packaging strategy has actually made me hold off on buying models because I don't know if I'm going to get screwed by a repack. When I was hunting out the Union players I was missing I didn't buy Seasoned Brisket or First Light of Solthecius because I had a gut feeling they were going to get reboxed into something else, and I was right. But I bet there were plenty of people who bought those models when they came out and are now looking at a £50 box where they own 5 out of 6 models (and I still own 2 of those 6). And it's entirely possible those models might get repacked again when the Church minor guild comes out so I still don't want to buy it. Releasing product and then repacking it later down the line with new product not available anywhere else? That's just going to annoy people, and isn't going to be good for the game. Implicitly. The solution you presented was one I recognised in my original post. The point of this thread isn't to find workarounds for the problem, we're already aware of them, the point is to make SFG (if they even read these forums) aware that the way they're distributing these models is problematic. Also buying a box and selling out the singles may work for these boxes, but it doesn't work for the other problems outlined. No one is going to buy Faithful of Solthecius and just sell Pride as he's the main reason to buy that box. And there's little market for selling the other models in that box. I don't disagree but the compromise is a mix of boxes and blisters. Like pretty much every other miniatures game on the market does things. The only time a box should contain models for multiple sides/teams whatever is when those models can be used together or it's a 2 player starter box. For a game like Guild Ball where sides are made up entirely of single character miniatures packaging them all in individual blisters probably wasn't the best idea. But having some blisters isn't the end of the world and pretty much every mini game on the market has blister packs for single characters that aren't easily packaged with other models. At the very least they should sell the singles on their webstore. Yes it isn't friendly to local game stores, but neither is selling them a box where they have to convince their customers to buy it despite 5/6ths of it being worthless to them.
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    After 5 games with the Ratcatchers I have to say they are one of the most fun play experiences I´ve had with a new guild. Just some random musings: * Piper almost always get 3 influence to threaten the reverie. But when do you give him more? I find that I often over allocate influence to him, and while he can do fun stuff, it doesn´t always feel as useful. the Haunting Melody is great, even though it´s almost always piper that has to move. Take advantage of the "towards" wording and be creative! It´s especially great against opponents with the ball if you start within 7 inches and load him up with 6; I come to you, tackle, heroic push, sprint somewhere else, pass the ball, reverie. WHAT JUST HAPPENED. * Scourge is a tricky piece to play, and you have to be able to change his playstyle based on the opponents team. If they are a beater team, you have to keep him back, otherwise he just melts. Vs a scoring team, he can be an excellent tank, because he never really dies if you can´t burst him down quick enough. The damage he can do for next to no setup is good and reliable, the damage he can do with setup is great ++. *Miasma is a good player, her character plays are great, clearing conditions is great, and her playbook is pretty good aswell! The -1 TAC if diseased aura can be hard to remember, but fighting around cover + this can sometimes lead to really bad situations for your opponent that they might not have planned for. * Skulk is usually hit or miss, but I like having him in my lineup. If nothing else, he is a good player to tackle the ball from far away, especially against UM teams and the like. Just having another TAC 6 player seems strong. He isn´t very tough, so positioning is key with this guy. Also remember that Lightning Reflexes and Follow Up are "Directly Towards", so keeping him around barriers and other terrain can often be detrimental to him and easily exploited. Still, a great player in his own right, and when meeting his favorite opponents he can be a nightmare, or simply turn off certain goal threats. * Pelage is the player I´m having most difficulty in placing. She can be a great, annoying, damage dealing supporter striking threat, but also sometimes she just dies. Her dilemmas are great, but her skills are extremly dependent on what you are facing. I think she is the player who´s most often sidelined for a Mortician player, even though I think she´s situationally great. In a situation where she can hang around a bit, healing a couple of times and triggering multiple dilemmas while applying singled out here and there, she is great. Hitting a soft male player? Great! Also, in a guild where many players want to max out, having a player who has a detrimental passive effect is great. Just walking up to people and saying "Snared or 3 damage?" can be worthwhile. Her weakness is the usual weaknesses that 1¨ models usually have, in addition to her relative squishiness. Squeak seems like an OK-Good mascot, even though he doesn´t usually get any influence. His character play is a strong threat, and I think opponents should always be aware of it. * While I see the benefits of Vgraves (KD + Disease, Gravedigger, 2¨ etc.) I just don´t fancy him. Tac 5 is still bad when fishing for a KD on 3, and while singled out helps, I don´t feel like that 1-2 punch is good enough to warrant his inclusion. I´m very open to the idea that I could be wrong here, but he doesn´t really entice me. Bonesaw just doesn´t bring what I want. I feel like scoring a goal in rats is very easy, the hard part is regaining control of the ball. Bonesaw doesn´t really help here. I´m continuing to test them both, but these are my thoughts so far on these two! I really like the guild so far, and plan to continue practicing with them. Might even bring them to the WTC! The limited roster size is a problem though, but getting an extra game plan has, in 2 out of 5 games, given me an extra 7 card, so theres that. Keeping 6 instead of 5 also opens up a tiny bit of flexibility that has helped me in a couple of games aswell. Interested to see how the guild evolves as people get better with them!