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    Assessing the new plastics

    I’ve gone on a bit of a journey since the announcement of the new guilds, so I thought I’d offer my thoughts now I’ve had chance to prep/paint/play with the metals, resins and plastics. Full disclosure – I’m primarily a painter, but I do sometimes play as well. Being a picky display painter, I heard the phrase “pre-assembled plastic” with a sinking dread. I’ve worked on Super Dungeon Explore stuff, and PP’s restic, and the thought of that amount of work disassembling or cleaning respectively, was not a happy one. Since I was at Gencon though, I wanted to get a look at the blacksmiths to assess them properly, buying them if I liked them. I never trust photos, too many models photograph badly and look nice in real life. Plastics reflect light very oddly when fresh from the mould, so I like to rely on good old-fashioned eyeballs. These scores out of ten are my personal opinions having tried all three materials, and thinking about them in the context of various types of use. They're a bit of a blunt tool, but you get the picture. Poses – Resins 7, Metals 7, Plastics 6 – some static, some more active (looking at you, ferrite). For the most part, not bad although I don’t think we’ve seen the best it can get so far. And no tiny contact points, even when I cut the little furnace off Ferrite’s knee when I change the base. Casting Quality – Resins 9, Metals 8, Plastics 6 – It’s a little softer on the sharp edges, but the plastic hasn’t lost the detail of the originals. Just the crispness a little. Prep – Resins 7, Metals 5, Plastics 6 – Having to get into the mould lines under assembled parts costs plastic here, though it’s much easier to carve and file into shape than the metal. Resin of course can snap while scraping, which plastic won’t. Assembly – Resins 7, Metals 6, Plastics 10 – Plastic of course is stupidly easy to assemble, it’s already done. Not so much difference between the others, but resin takes glue better so it leads by a point. Converting – Resins 8, Metals 6, Plastics 7 – The pre-assembly makes extensive conversions trickier, but a lot of more minor recutting, posing etc is not actually difficult. Metals take too much work to cut and reassemble to come close, although nice soft unassembled resin is still the best option. Painting – Resins 8, Metals 8, Plastics 8 – Metals tend to rub and chip more, as the paint doesn’t bind quite so well and the weight makes any little impact more damaging. It would cost it half a point, but I didn’t want to use halves so it’s a three way tie. Basing – Resins 7, Metals 7, Plastics 6 – not much in it really, but I did need to strip the bases off the models (which is really quite easy) so it lost a point there. Weight – Resins 9, Metals 6, Plastics 9 – I personally don’t like heavy models, and don’t instinctively equate weight to quality. They’re harder to balance on interesting bases, they like to topple when sitting on a pin vice during painting, and so on. Survivability – Resins 6, Metals 8, Plastics 9 – The thinner resin parts can be a pain, and once they snap there’s no getting them to hold back together again. The metals stand up to minor knocks better, but If they get dropped they’re done for. The plastics I dropped, poked, even bent the thin parts a bit and they settled back into shape happily. Display painted pieces (Casting, Prep, Conversion, Painting, Basing): Resin 39/50, Metals 34/50, Plastics 33/50 Resin is always the choice for display pieces, but second place is really a choice of the slightly higher cast quality or the much easier prep and conversion work. Depends on the specific project, I’d say, but typically Metal would win out here. Assembly isn’t included as I’m assuming anyone painting for display is able to glue models together Best Painted Team at events (Casting, Prep, Painting, Basing, Survivability): Resin 37/50, Metals 36/50, Plastics 35/50 The need to move them to the occasional event skews things towards metal and plastic more, so at this point it’s really about the exact circumstances – if you’re flying, weight can become a factor. If it’s a long bus ride, survivability is more useful. Given how close it is, I’m not bothering picking a winner here. It really depends on personal circumstances. Regular gaming teams (Assembly, Painting, Basing, Weight, Survivability): Resin 37/50, Metals 35/50, Plastics 42/50) The convenience, lightness and toughness of the plastics puts them ahead. As an extra bonus, I played a game with them the day I bought them - not so easy with the other two materials. Granted, I prefer to play with painted teams, but I could buy a new guild at a convention and have it on the table immediately without needing tools, glue or any time and effort. Made things more fun. Summary – The models lose a little crispness of detail in plastic, but gain some advantages in convenience and survivability. I don’t think they’re going to result in a poorly cast, low grade model range as I’ve had worse casts in metal from many companies (my Ghast needed several belt buckles slicing off and resculpting thanks to pitting from the cooling process). Given the resin’s issues in terms of breakage, hidden air bubbles and strange reaction to paint stripping, that’s not without its problems either. All in all, the plastics are great for gamers, and only a minor change for painters. Later today or tomorrow I'll have some painted plastic on my thread in the Display Cabinet, and there's some nicely painted Farmers already kicking about in there A little guide to working with the plastics: Cleanup is best done with an old knife blade and some needle files, scraping/slicing the majority of the mould lines away and finishing up with a sharp edge or round file as needed. A damp toothbrush is useful for scrubbing the dust/flakes away and giving you a good look at what you’ve done. Give the model another scrub in soapy cold water and rinse it off to make sure any mould release and cleanup residue is gone. Any bent parts (Furnace’s sword seems to be regularly guilty of this) respond well to hot (not quite boiling) water for 5-15 seconds, followed by holding it in place until it cools again. Green stuff goes on as normal, no problems getting it to stick to the plastic. Primer is standard, I airbrush on Stynylrez primer and it holds beautifully. Painting as normal didn’t seem to bother the plastics, I did exactly the same style as I have with my morticians and the results were pretty much identical. Basing is already done for you, but if like me you want your own custom bases, removal is easy. Clip the underside lugs, give it a quick prod with a knife down the sides of the foot lugs if there’s any visible glue, then gently pry it loose: Given the way primer and paint went on, I’m not anticipating any issues sealing the paintwork with varnish.
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    Not really important... but....

    This has no great bearing on anything important going on here... but I won't lie... I am pretty damn excited. Tomorrow is the first event I will attend, a Farmers Guild launch event... and I can't wait to actually participate and see some other guilds besides my kick off models. Fully prepared to get wrecked and have a wonderful time doing so. HA!
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    Jamie P

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    I will reiterate that my earlier points are important, testing the wider implications of lower Heal Rates. However, it is likely that we will advance the release of the remaining cards to this Friday (8th), rather than next Friday (15th). Never tell me I don't do anything nice for you
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    Opinion: Well done SFG!

    Going to share a personal opinion about something that I hope won't upset those who may not agree with me. I am an amputee. Below knee, left leg, 5 years ago...diabetic old guy stuff. Just another speed bump on the highway of life...carrying on with the same positive outlook that I ever had.... SO.... I just wanted to point out that, whether it is/was intentional or not... SFG has done an amazingly good job, in my opinion, at the inclusion of amputees in Guild Ball. I think the depiction of them as continuing to be the able-bodied players that they always were sends a very positive message and one that should be applauded. Thanks for that SFG...I appreciate it...even if no one else has given it much thought or even more than a passing glance. Cheers!
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    I want to come back on this a little, but not necessarily respond to the whole thread, although of course, we do read threads like this. We've spoken about this on a few podcasts, but any time we make changes to the game, we have to weigh how many changes to make. Probably the two most common complaints I see are 'you make too many changes, how is a casual player supposed to keep on top of it?' and 'you don't make enough changes, X, Y, or Z is OP/garbage, why aren't you fixing it?'. We have to make decisions that make the most practical sense all round. Constantly changing model rules via errata puts people off playing. That's a problem. However, of course, leaving something in the game that's obviously causing some NPEs is also a problem. So with the recent errata, we fixed what we viewed as the most egregious problem in Theron and oHearne. That doesn't necessarily mean we think that the whole Hunter's Guild is 'fine'. It means we had limited space and chose to make the most impactful changes we could in that space. We are always watching to see how the game and the meta is shaking out, and if it becomes apparent that other Hunter models need to be changed, well, sure, I'd say we have a record of making good changes to the game. As an additional point, we're in an odd place where we have to take into account things that we know are coming down the pipeline later, which can obviously have a massive effect. I would say, (accurately, if a touch glibly) that Hunters are in the best place they've ever been. That does not mean that we think they are 'fine' or 'finished', just like any other Guild. We're constantly looking at the balance of the game and will make adjustments in future as necessary.
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    So, my wife likes to draw but she hates doing commissions. However, each year she draws me a commission for my birthday. Previous years I had her draw Warmachine art but this year since I've been playing more GB (and rapidly consumed all the fiction) I asked for a GB commission. Here's my gift She even added symbolism with her flower choices. Here's the flower meanings: bluebells (two clusters, on either side) : humility oak-leaf geranium (under his arm): true friendship zinnia (the cluster on the foot of the grave): thoughts of absent friendspink carnation (on top of grave): remembrance hyacinth (under and behind his head): games and sport blue hyacinth: constancy (faithful, dependable) violet hyacinth: regret yellow hyacinth: jealousy
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    @Kueller I honestly couldn't tell you what parts Kev had used in the conversions, I think he mentioned Malifaux at one point but I could be imagining that . Making the additional coins for the base is really quite simple, it can be a little time consuming though. All you need to do is roll out "sausages" of green stuff and allow it to cure, the thicker the sausage (oooh er missus !) the larger your coins will be but if you're planning on scattering them I really wouldn't worry about the coins being too uniform in size. Try to make the sausages about 2" in length and that'll give you about 75-100 coins each. Once it's fully dry you can then take a sharp knife and cut your coins out individually (this will be the time consuming part). I used more green stuff to attach the coins to the base as its easier than glue and helps create the impression of large piles of gold without cutting out a million more coins , this should hold them in place but if you want to make sure they stay in place I suggest some watered down PVA glue once the green stuff has fully dried. I hope that makes sense @S_A_T_S but feel free to ask more questions if it doesn't. The Union team is starting to gather a little pace now, here's the latest additions A group shot of the team so far. Just Grace, Benediction, Minx, Avarisse and Greed to go .
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    No, don't. That stopped being about general sportsmanship several posts back, so the next person to drag it out will get a warning. Personally, I think one reminder about a gotcha they look like triggering (or more, if you're feeling generous or it's not a top table tournament game) is the nice thing to do. Or even saying "would you like to see X model's card?" to subtly say "you've missed something" without having to spoon feed them. Though it of course depends on the game, and the player. Some don't need or want any reminding, some are newer/more delicate and would benefit from a gentler touch. You can usually tell quite early on. Generally speaking, as long as you're not an ass about the gotcha, I think most people would go "damn it, forgot that" and laugh. If I can't remember things (especially after being told once) I reckon it's on me ask to see the cards, which I do a lot as my memory sucks (it does annoy my opponent when he forgets his physical cards and keeps having to hand me his phone though ). My usual opponent knows what I'm like so will usually remind me of where'd they go when he sees me measuring from a model he has with it (but he knows he can beat me without my memory helping him ) The important thing is to remember the difference between being a competitive player and being an ass - they're not the same thing by a long way!
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    Jamie P

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    Just to draw a line under the slightly sideways track this theory thread seems to have gone. While the proposed idea for GICs to interact with Dodge movements is an interesting one. As a few people have noted, it adds a further level of complexity that is probably pushing it a little too far for newer players. So while we thank you a lot for the suggestion, this is idea is outside the scope of this preview.
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    First of all... I'm blame @Mako (you inspired me to share - this is all your fault!) But here's the start of my Hunters team, with no thanks to the iPhone camera (hence that HUGE shadow across Theron's leg) Comments welcome...
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    Watch the Parting Blow Burn

    And as an extra, I don't expect to see people insulting others for asking questions, regardless of how corner case they might feel they are. Play nice people.
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Work on the Union team has been rather enjoyable of late, I'd saved the models I liked the most and this certainly helped in keeping the momentum towards the end of this team. Here's a few pictures of the the final models and a team pic, just the goal to go now . Apologies for the picture spam in advance and thank you for all the kind words during this project as it really does help me to stay motivated.
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    I think it would look somewhat like this (GIC is selected and revealed at [using this timing sequence] Step 2.4, as per last time I checked) : 1. Pregame 1.a. Select roster Each player selects a 10-man roster as per the Regional Cup Organised Play Rules, page 6 2. Pre-match sequence 2.a. Discuss terrain Discuss and agree the type and placement of terrain features on the Pitch. If either Player is unhappy with these, they may contact a Judge to examine the Pitch. However, it is not guaranteed that the Judge will see fit to alter anything. 2.b. Swap rosters Swap hardcopies of team rosters and set the chess clocks to show the allotted time (as decided by the T.O.) for each Player. 2.c. Deal Plot Cards Deal and select Guild Plots from a shared Guild Plot deck as per the rulebook. 2.d. Players select their [Captain] and [Mascot] In secret, both Players select [1] [Captain] model and [1] [Mascot] model for use in the match. Both Players simultaneously reveal their selected [Captain] and [Mascot] models. If playing with Guild Identity Cards (GIC), both Players select and reveal their cards at the same time they select and reveal their [Captain] and [Mascot]. 2.e. Determine the Receiving and Kicking Player Both Players roll a dice and compare their results, rerolling dice in case of a tie. The Player who rolls highest decides whether he wants to be the Kicker or the Receiver. 2.f. Select additional players Both Players, starting with the Receiving Player, select in turn from their respective roster one additional player to add to their team until both players have a full team of [6] players. 2.g. Deployment of the Kicking team The Kicking Player chooses a deployment zone, deploys their team & designates one model to be the kicker. 2.h. Deployment of the Receiving team The Receiving Player deploys their team taking the opposite table edge. 2.i. Kick-off The Kicking Player performs a kick-off action. 2.j. Initiating the chess clock The Receiving Player starts the chess clock and then allocates their Influence. From this point onward the active Player must have their chess clock running. 2.k. The Kicking Player allocates their Influence. 2.l. The Receiving Player takes their first activation. 2.m. Follow the Normal Turn Sequence as outlined in the Guild Ball rulebook.
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    Hi guys, I've found some time to blog on Fridays and today I've taken the time to take a deep look into the two Morticians captains, as well as what you can expect from the Mortician team and what you can do handle the spooky critters. http://rtoahb.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Man, the metals are bad enough to do, tie dye would kill me Have at least finished Sledge, just before @Kueller starts and finishes the whole box
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    Jamie P

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    I lied, its today. To the Steamforged blog whoop whoop! http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/guild-identity-cards
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    Jamie P

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    Just an update for everyone folks. I can confirm the remaining Guild Identities will be released to you all on Saturday 9th of September around UK Lunch-Time. Spread the word!
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    Too bad there isn't a down vote. If you are just going to hit all the highlights from above posters you could at least hold off on being smug about it. The guy has 20 posts and you are trying to make him feel dumb about being upset about a team with a storied tradition of being mediocre at best. Cool. Back on topic. I don't think they've been swept under the rug. It is easy to be salty about stuff on another team, especially a new team, that you wish were on the team you like/play. Trust me I get it. Shark loses G&S but Ferrite has and can hand out hobble. All is not doom and gloom though. There are talks of another update to the OPD in the near future. While it is a no brainer that Hunters got shafted on the first GIC there is another one the the man himself said will more than likely make itself seen THIS Friday instead of the following one (worst case it comes out the 15th when it is supposed to.) I think with a game shaking mechanic like GICs just getting thrown into the mix we need to bide our time for just a bit. SF has shown they are aware that Hunters are/were below the power curve even if they didn't blatantly come out and say it. I don't know how long you have been around but if you were here for Season 1 then I'd ask you to remember how poorly engineers were doing. It took a little while but SF saw they were under performing and made huge changes to them slowly. Engineers are a success story. Brewers seem to get closer and closer to a great spot every time something happens. SF will adjust things. I know it feels like they are dragging their feet on Hunters. Test out the GICs, give your input, tell them what works with the team and what doesn't. They are actively watching and communicating in those threads. This is your chance to have an impact on the direction of Hunters.
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    GIC General Theory Thread 

    Hear me internet for I have opinions! *chuckle* So, after letting these digest here's my feedback without playtesting: Alchemists: Good synergy with Smoke and many models on the team (since Kat1 is pretty much auto include you'll take burning to 2 DMG from 1) which combined with the new average 3HR will make this a good pick, potentially a good default pick. Rating: Good Tough as Nails: Synergy with ARM2 faction means that while KD's you go to 2+/3 which is Wrecker town and that little critter is hard to do much with. Combined with Disarm as well as 4HR (above new average) this is a great pick for any situation. Rating: Good Blood Thirst: I understand that on first pass this looks horrible but actually don't think it's as bad as the internet think. Firstly the Butchers like to hit things and do DMG so they are going to be healing while doing what they want. Sure Come On Mate becomes condition only probably but spending 1 MOM and some INF for punches seems to put you about even or above healing curve and while 2HR seems rough, the new average is 3HR so it's not that bad. Rating: Average Another Round: Flippin' amazing. In a faction with numerous Heroics, especially Spigot1, being able to fire them without MOM seems fantastic (or when going 2nd, being able to clear conditions/heal and fire them as great). Combined with the 4HR (above average) and Spigot being a thing this has great faction synergy. Rating: Excellent Tracer Rounds: So good. Just insane that this is a thing. In faction that already has access to multiple ranged attacks, this makes the Grenadier Gunline strategy even better (which is bad for the game) and encourages non-interaction play. 3HR is pretty average and Engineers are hardly that easy to kill anyway with multiple abilities to negate damage. Synergy with Ballista is off the charts (momentum and better accuracy), synergy with PinVice is merely good (more accurate so more likely to do the extra DMG). Rating: Ridiculous. Eat Hearty: Nice synergy with Farmers. Farmers take a lot of DMG easily so 5HR is very good. The 3HR bonus is situational but also nice to avoid instant takeouts. Rating: Good Football Champions: Every player benefits. That's nice. However 3HR is going to hurt the faction (although it is the new normal). Not terrible but +1" is going to be situational. Nice synergy with Corsair I guess. Rating: Average Nature's Bounty: So awful it's hilarious. No synergy with team beyond Hearne1 (1 model). Makes Theron's wood harder to place. Completely random on benefit as based on rough ground placement on table (or if there even is rough ground), helps/hurts both teams. 3HR makes team squisher. There is going to be 1 game in maybe 20 this is even worth playing. And worse it's unplaytestable - how do you playtest a 'random' rough ground without influencing the outcome. Rating: Awful, by far the worst card in current form. Built to Last: Nice, similar to Tough as Nails, this keeps the 4HR (above average) while synergising with high ARM values. Tower synergy a nice bonus. 4/3+ is a terrifying defence stat. Rating: Good Inheritance Tax: Hmmm. Hard to see this anything but very situational. Requires close models, requires a take out and models being able to use that 1 INF. Allocate not gain is also frutrating. Combined with 3HR, not good. Rating: Bad. Pirate's Ransom: 2MOM for going 2nd. Situational as Union love to go first, but has options - defensive stance and counter attack, clear conditions and activate heroics, it's a 'reward' for losing that initiative roll. It's not awful but it won't be your first pick. Maybe a go to if nothing better to pick for match up. 3HR is the new normal. Rating: Average
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    Ideal roster for a Rage/Blackheart team

    Ok sorry this is hella late but hopefully this will be helpful to the OP My WTC roster is VetRage, Blackheart, Strongbox, Gutter, Benediction, Mist, Minx, Grace, Decimate, Hemlocke I tend to think of rosters as having a "starting point" or "baseline" where I will go if I'm not sure I want anything specific for a matchup. In this roster that would be Rage, Box, Gutter, Benny, Mist, Minx Gutter's my favorite and basically always useful, Benediction fills roughly similar roles that old Harry did, losing the high damage ceiling and easy KD but gaining better Red Fury positioning and more durability. Mist is a must if you're kicking, I think Mist is the best non-captain kickoff model in the game. Mist is also good when receiving, and if you need to hard kill the ball at least Mist can still provide 2" melee gangups. Minx is secondary damage output and Snared which is a big deal, I also tend to at least try to gamble on Marked Target when there's a stalemate situation as it makes you more threatening. Rage is the default captain because his two worst matchups, Shark and Midas, got nerfed with the latest errata. Gutter's the only model in the list (I guess other than Box) who is 100% in every match, but the others need good arguments for why they get replaced. Basically the plan is to pull people into the Danger Zone with Gutter and pushes from Benny, then kill them with Rage, Gutter, and Minx. Blackheart Sorry but I actually wanna keep this kind of under wraps for the moment, I don't want to reveal when and where I play Blackheart or if he's just a bait to get people to play something different. That said, I highly recommend him against Farmers generally (not an issue at WTC but still good advice IMO). He loves seeing armor-less people and his playbook + movement really light up against the Farmers' particular brand of defenses. Grace Grace is effectively for kicking off against teams with ranged plays (particularly AoEs but any abundance of ranged plays). The plan when playing Grace (typically in place of Minx) is to use multiple Quick Foots in the first two turns to rush down the opponents or force them into a corner where I can surround them and control the engagement of the fight. The difference between 8" threat Rage and 10" threat Rage (ignoring Quick Time for efficiency's sake) is gigantic as a large amount of models in the game sit between 8" and 10" one-activation threatrange, inclusive. I've found that having Gutter on a 10" walking threat and Rage on a 10" charging threat put my opponents in a really bad spot. Also of course Grace is great versus anything like Smoke or Ratchet + Hoist when they receive, and occasionally (very occasionally, like once every 3-5 games) can take a 5 INF stack to end the game on a goal run. Decimate We in Chicago predicted a lot of Masons players at WTC, more than ended up being there. I like Decimate into Masons if the Masons player plays a fast striking lineup, because her 10" threat and dodging lets her get to stuff like strikers and stick to them as they come back on the field. She (and Gutter!) pretty much victimizes Flint especially if she can sit in cover when he counterattacks, and she can do respectable and consistent damage to Honour too which I appreciate. Also, Masons players typically tend to have endgames that are in the center of the field, close to their goal, in my experience, and Decimate is very good at taking the ball and getting a opportunistic goal in that situation. She loses stock with beefier models and is probably not worth into Hammer, but she's always up for consideration due to Second Wind turn one being generally great. Hemlocke This is another Masons tech piece, plus a Corsair deal. Poison turn one is nice as the combination of poison on a couple key characters and the consistent damage of the Union core tends to really eat into peoples' momentum pretty quick. Blind is of course huge--I like it into Masons and Corsair because they all rely on 3+-DEF captains to do the vast majority of their work, especially midgame when goals aren't as live. Occasionally in these matchups my opponent will fully commit to a brawl against me and I'll find Mist or Minx aren't doing enough; Hemlocke comes in if I expect a big fight since I'm still confident Union can win Momentum 2ish turns in a row midgame. (Not) Harry Harry is still fine after the nerfs, but I dropped him because after the errata I didn't feel like there was enough difference between his upsides and Benediction's upsides. Going through matchups, I felt I more often wanted Benediction than Harry and had trouble fitting both in since neither brought momentous good damage. If I had an "infinite" roster I would bring in Harry sometimes, e.g. against Corsair, but with the limit of 10 players I felt pressured to choose between the two and Benny is better more often imo. (Not) A&G I kinda think A&G are overrated? They remain some of the easiest models to kill in the game and once they are taken out they are typically done. I see them being successful in rosters with Corsair or Ballista, and I think that makes sense--those teams have great ways to pull opponents in one-by-one and let Avarisse kill them without ever really being threatened. But our guild doesn't do that, and even though I'm a devout member of the Church of Gutter, she needs a fight to properly start before she can start fucking with opponents' positioning, so she can't convert a stalemate into a murder scene as easily as Siren + Corsair. (Not) Coin, Fangtooth, Snakeskin Coin is hard to use due to activation issues, Fangtooth's INF stat and victim defenses leave him in the dumpster for me, and Snakeskin is too passive and defensive for the plan I think works best for both of the above captains. Hope that helps!
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    Thresher Thread 2.0

    I've posted something similar to what I'm about to say before, but I can't find it so I will try to summarize again. I really feel like there is a huge difference between reach for Fish and reach for other teams. Mainly 2" on a fish team is a defensive trait whereas 2"/3" reach on a farmer team is an offensive trait. Corsair is the exception to prove the rule I suppose. Players like Sakana, Greyscales, and Shark really are never going to delete a model from the table in the way Tater, Windle, and Thresher are going to do - and I think that matters in how we should evaluate this discussion. Being my 3rd season as a mainly Fish player I've heard it all about how too much 2" melee is unfair and my retort has always been the same. It boils down to "yeah, but I'm not trying to kill your model". My reach is there to ensure I don't take unnecessary damage as well as being used as a positioning tool for dodges. It's not there to score a take out without threat of reprisal. You're model is most likely always going to get a meaningful activation later in response to what the Fish player did. Even the big bruiser Corsair, without heavy assistance, can't take out a lot by himself aside from last into first activation stuff. Thresher, and farmers as a whole, don't fit this model. I do think that makes them a bit dangerous. Not necessarily dangerous from a balance perspective, but dangerous from a design idea. It's actually reasonably rare to see more than one 2" heavy beater in a given team. I'm not saying I don't believe they'll get solved eventually, but I am saying I don't think it is an unreasonable opinion to think thresher might become particularly troublesome. However it's not specifically a problem with reach in general. It's more of a problem of being careful what types of models receive it. This is a slightly different discussion, but SF tends to have this issue of... to put it nicely... "unintended consequences"... in their design space. The erratas we've got confirm this and it has been seen elsewhere plenty of times before. Just for example, and certainly not the most egregious, would be the S3 redesign of A&G. Apparently SF had no idea they created one of the best stand alone strikers the game has ever seen. To paraphrase an interview "We released a model, which we had play tested, and thought 'yeah this is great its doing what we wanted'. Then 4 seconds after release someone points something out and we go 'oh...yeah...ok. That's not what we wanted' ". I kind of feel like something similar probably happened with Thresher and I think we're going to get a standard response of "get gud" followed by a substantial change six months down the road. The fix might not even be Thresher's card per say. If they were to edit the OPD captain selection I actually think you see a big rise in stock for Grange, and if that happens, there probably doesn't need to be a huge change on Thresher.
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    Code Ronin

    First Game, I'm hooked!

    I've been watching GB videos for a while, and this last Friday I finally got someone to play a game with me. I'm hooked! It's a very 'deep' game tactically, and one I think I will enjoy very much. Now to convince the other half to let me buy more figs...
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    OK, so I've had to edit a couple of posts and issue a couple of warnings for bad language here, and I can see the conversation veering into the territory of personal attacks. This is a friendly nudge to steer away from that. Let's be nice and stick to hyperbole about model stats, shall we?
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    Forum, We are mixing it up for episode 10! You guys asked about getting my opponents thoughts so we are trying that out. This is the tenth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. In honor of the tenth episode, we are changing up the format slightly. Instead of me explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match Alex and Pat are playing and we will hear their thoughts throughout the game. Both Alex and Pat are on USA's WTC Team as well as hosts of Strictly The Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Alex's Twitter: @LeftSlothrop https://twitter.com/LeftSlothrop Pat's Twitter: https://twitter.com/PatVanV Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov
  26. 5 points

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    For what it's worth, Masons won NOVA which also had a mirror match in the finals, and if you follow Tim W.'s Twitter you'll find that Masons have been winning and/or participating in the finals of a ton of German tournaments this year. Maybe those don't qualify as major tournaments(?), but the German ones were attended by the reigning world champ (which the Masons would have had to beat), and NOVA I can promise you had some strong players. In addition, three of the top 10 players on Longshanks right now have Masons as their most-played and most-successful guild, which is the most of any guild. Those top 10 players' records with Masons combine to a total 41-5, which is a fair sight better than the Alchemists' 69-19, the Fish's 41-8, and the Union's 37-7 among the same players. In fact, the only guild with a higher win percentage than Masons among the top 10 is Morticians with a 15-1, which is impressive but less than a third of the Masons' amount of games and less than a fifth of the Alchemists', so I'm not sure it's meaningful. It takes going down to top 17 before another guild becomes more top players' most successful and played guild (Engineers gets to 4 representatives there). Happy to agree that Longshanks is not a perfect indicator of skill or strength, but the implication that top players either don't play Masons or don't find success with Masons is pretty demonstrably wrong.
  27. 5 points
    Jackstraw can use The Last Staw after scoring a goal. Additionally you may choose to use it either before or after using Run The Length. Effectively its use aligns with Second Wind in the timing sequence.
  28. 5 points
    Well after a nice long holiday (which was lovely, thanks for asking) DTTB returns with the channel debut of the forged from steel models freshly Ninja’d off of that there Gencon.
  29. 5 points
    Hey all I have been kicking around the idea of a blog for a while and finally bit the bullet. Here is the link to my first article. Feedback would be super appreciated! https://hubpages.com/games-hobbies/Guild-Ball-Guild-Identites-First-Impressions
  30. 5 points

    Theresher. Fix before he hits please.

    I saw Thresher at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.
  31. 5 points

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    A couple more all ready for the Union The model used for Coin is from Otherworld miniatures I think, Kev thought it looked much more imposing than the original and I have to agree. That being said I really like the redesigned Coin. The plan for the standard was to have crossbones behind the symbol but I couldn't get it to look right, I think it was too busy though so I went for the basic symbol (on both sides) and dirtied them up. I painted the symbol freehand using the same technique as I mentioned when painting Compound, all the way back on page 1. @Malritch Those guys hit the nail on the head. It's a very useful tool for a hobbyist, great for filling in gaps on models and once you have a little confidence you can make all manner of gubbins.
  32. 5 points
    Pssh talkin' about equality without a single Kronenberg model in the game. Need to get with the times SteamForged. #NeverForgetC137 #KronenbergLivesMatter But in all seriousness it really is a cool deal. I didn't think twice about Lucky's inclusion but with that not impacting my life in any real way I guess I wouldn't have a reason to. It is refreshing to see that something as goofy as miniatures could make someone feel more included. Despite all our whining it really is a great community and SF does a great job supporting it. Even if that thought wasn't at the forefront of their minds when creating the character; a happy coincidence is just as good.
  33. 4 points
    Team England 2 would like to challenge the STW guys on the USA "red". And in a strange sequence of events (because we don't need any practice) me and Greg won't play the teams we are taking to the actual event. We thought you guys might want a chance.
  34. 4 points
    WCWW podcast

    Health bubbles on cards

    You of course have to use your common sense but if the use of an app were causing delays you could simply put the clock on you opponent. obviously simply asking lots of questions to wind the clock down is somthing that should be referred to the TO. dont use aps for tournament games kids, dry wipe and card sleeves is the way to go.
  35. 4 points

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    I don't understand the 'quick' game idea. If you enjoy GB you want it to take as long as it takes (which currently is not long - what 1.5 hrs at most?). I don't want super quick games where one slip up and BOOM, game over because the other team goes 8-0 up and you've got no comeback. Making the game faster like this is a slippery slope. I said it at the start of S3 and I was right (all the quick models got nerfed) - a quick game will definitely lead to instances of one-sided games because everything went right for your opponent or you deployed wrong and made a mistake or you simply can't wrestle tempo back. Longer games even out dice spikes, positioning mistakes and control problems. Quick games will exacerbate that. I'm not sure I want to play super-fast GB. I mean 4+ hr games for beginners will happen regardless as they learn the game. I see this as a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
  36. 4 points

    Union GIC Theory Thread

    Possible Union card suggestions: Heal: 4. Effect: Gain an additional Goal influence in the following Maintenance phase (so +2, inf basically). Heal: 3. Effect: The model gains +2 Tac for the remainder of the turn when it inflicts the taken-out condition on an enemy model. Heal: 2. Effect: One friendly model gains Shadow Like until the end of the current turn. Heal: 3. Effect: The friendly team may use Defensive Stance and Counter Attack for a combined cost of 1 momentum. Heal: 4. Effect: The friendly team may spend 7 momentum at the end of the turn in order to gain 1VP. Just some thoughts, I could keep going.
  37. 4 points

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    I'm going to weigh in after digesting and playing a bit. 1) These cards might be about balance, but if SFG wants players to get behind them they need to be exciting as well. 2) Cards granting extra VPs are lazy design, they'll create gotcha moments and lead to negative play experiences. They aren't fun. I'm not adverse to the cards, I just think SFG has missed the mark with about half of them.
  38. 4 points

    MO-Ball Episode 6

    Josh here. I usually abstain from internet discussions, but I guess it's time to jump in. It'll be shorter than I'd like, but I'm trying to get to dumb ole work. First off, thanks for the feedback. I actually mean that. We usually go into these casts with minimal prep (in case you hadn't noticed), so the fact that anyone listens at all is pretty amazing. I think the reason we didn't break down the shark nerf is that other podcasts have already done a better job of that. As a note, I also agree with a lot of the "things less dumb than stagger" thread. My main point was, try it for yourself and see if you agree. I have a very young GB community that is actively growing and I often have new players who have an idea of what they want to play, but read somewhere that it was a bad idea. I think that is what prompted the rant, which I am prone to. My main goal is to grow the community. Games, for me, are really about people. Few things in this world are as satisfying to me as meeting someone I have never met who already loves the same thing I do. So if at any time my actions are divisive or polarizing, that is a failing on my part. I clearly have some work to do. Thanks for reading. It's time for coffee.
  39. 4 points

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    So I posted some games over in the other thread but at the moment it feels like if you don't take a +1VP card (*lols Hunters*) you are playing at a severe disadvantage. Games can be closed out much faster with the +1VP benefit (and that Fish one is rather silly - allowing a 6 VP goal run!). I think ALL +X VPs should be removed. My view is GICs should enable something in your team (+1 TAC, +1 KICK, +2 " MOV etc) but NOT direct VPs. They should be enablers to change how your team plays NOT rewards for winning - otherwise you're just creating WIN MORE cards (i.e. a reward for someone already winning). And the +VP cards are basically better than other cards because of that win more effect.
  40. 4 points

    MO-Ball Episode 6

    @Poetica You lead off with "it's a f***in salt mine these days" and "if you want negativity just go read the forums". This starts the discussion off already tainted. You then proceed to give your opinion. The segment is actually a good reminder to everyone. I don't think it was particularly nuanced or enlightening, but reminding folks "arrive at your own conclusion" is never bad advice. @JS responds to your cast. He gives you detailed thoughts as well as a link to a thread which elaborates on what many folks have *actually* said on the issue. Yes some folks are moaning, I know I was, but there is analysis there. Such an analysis was largly lacking from your segment. JS points this out which gives you the oportunity to elaborate on your thoughs beyond "I played Shark and he's fine". Enter the problem. Rather than take the time to address his talking points... you got petty. You didn't brush it off. You taunted. If you don't want to admit it fine, but back to productivity... So how to do better: -Don't be dismissive on your cast. There is a fine line between humor and coming off condecending. If there is an opinion you disagree with give a deeper critique than "Character x still does character x things" or "I tried it and disagree". We're still looking for that elaboration. -It's also important to understand the thoughts your criticizing. I really don't feel you have/had an accurate grasp on what folks were saying (although our circles could be different, but lets admit it GB isn't that large). Maybe read up a bit more, or if you did, at least give a better summary than "people say character x sucks". -When someone comments on your cast thread, treat it with respect or don't say anything at all. Anywho. Take it as feed back. Really it's up to you to decide what you do in the future. Good luck on future productions.
  41. 4 points

    MO-Ball Episode 6

    If this thread is only going to involve people trying to subtly insult each other over their different opinions on Shark, I suggest everyone lets it go before I feel obliged to put a stop to it. I don't mind what people think of Shark, as long as they can discuss it sensibly and civilly without resorting to insulting the opposing view.
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    Jamie P

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    Maintaining the balance between scoring goals and inflicting take-outs is and always will be one of our highest priorities when developing Guild Ball. Unfortunately, there will be times when this balance tips one way or the other because of new models entering the game or as a result of changes that we make, whether intentional or not. That said, whenever the balance it tipped we always put plans in place to redress it as quickly and effectively as possible.
  43. 4 points

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    Well if you don't give us all the cards, it's hard to know that, no?
  44. 4 points

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    This is the part I think that tips it away from being good, this isn't actually true. VetOx, Shank, Meathook, both Mascots of course, and any Union pick cannot generate more than 3 and will generate less if they charge. Of the models that can literally generate >3 (both captains, Boar, Boiler, Tenderiser, both Brisket's), Boar doesn't actually benefit from this card since he already has Life Drinker, Ox1 lost his only damage+push result so he can't push and heal, and Fillet cannot Blood Rain and heal. Given all the restrictions above (especially Meathook, who is the only model in /every/ WTC Butchers list for what it's worth), I think Butchers will be healing a very small amount with this card. All of them also lose out on potential HP from KDing or doing character plays too, of course. If there is a benefit to the card, it's definitely being able to heal a tiny amount and still clear conditions in the same activation. But whether that's worth the weakness in the face of a lot of other cards is dubious at best. All that about Butchers said, I LOVE the GIC in general and really hope we see expanded and balance-patched cards soon. Would love to see this get a bunch of testing and become standard, having an extra pre-game decision point can only help the game in my opinion (especially if coupled with an OPD change to make this and captain selection after initiative roll, just sayin')
  45. 4 points
    Jamie P

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    This is not an option when playing with GICs as it disrupts the level playing field that they create. What some people seem to be struggling with is that the average heal rate of GICs is 3, not 4. Taking some time to let that digest will help a lot when considering these cards.
  46. 4 points

    Important Rankings Announcement

    Thanks @Skinnydookie Just got those finished this morning. You can also get the the guild-specific rankings from the "guild stats" page. Just click on the guild and a button will appear below. I've also added everyone's guild-specific ranking data to their player profile page, so you can see how well any player has performed with each guild they've used.
  47. 4 points

    The Goal Post Thread

    Couple of my more resent efforts. Hunters goal (shrine of the sun god) won best goal at the UK national championship this year, which I was very proud of. The Farmers windmill is my latest design. Its been up on facebook but I was asked to shear it hear as well.
  48. 4 points

    Trying to deccide whether to buy

    You may actually be referring to a entirely different game here, me old chestnut!
  49. 4 points

    The Goal Post Thread

    Time to join this excellent thread with my own goal post... Blog posts on building the goal, part 1 and part 2, and painting the goal.
  50. 4 points

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Fixed Also added blacksmiths, added lucky, fixed the union players available to farmers and improved the quality of some of the farmers cards, you can specify a captain for the blacksmiths once you are in the roster view via the menu for that player. Note: you will need to remove players from your roster and re-add them to see their updated stats (only for harry).