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    Welcome to the Farmer's Guild Sub-Forum! We thought it was time to start sowing the seeds of excitement, so here is a clear version of Windle, you have to admit he looks prett sWHEAT. Like damp hay we spoiled Windle on our recent Facebook Live video showing off the Season 3 Rule Book. The book is packed full of brand new stories, a full colour map (including National Emblems to paint on your National Team) and all characters have had their personal 'fluff' updated to fit with the timeline.
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    A model cannot generate VPs from inflicting the taken-out condition on Memory, including from any abilities like Witness Me!, Gravedigger, etc etc. The friendly team would still generate 1 MP from inflicting the taken-out condition on Memory, however. And would gain any bonuses to this, like from Shelling Out.
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    Episode 4 of Run the Length is up! Hope you guys enjoy this one! I added a bunch to the draft section let me know if you enjoy it. This week I am playing against the infamous Jordan who clearly needs no introduction. This time around I would love feedback on the intro to the video. Do you think I need a graphic? Should I just get right into it. Would you like a brief summary of the players accomplishments if any? Etc. Strictly the Worst Guild Ball PodcastGame was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov
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    GBKeeper data update is out: v10: Added Veteran Ox (Butchers), Hag (Fishermen), Brainpan (Morticians) and Memory (Morticians)
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    Amusing aside: I know you mean that as in "maybe there's good synergies there" (which is possible, and that could save him -- access to large patches of rough ground placed by say Skatha similar to Theron's forest would improve him tremendously for example), but I can't help but interpret your post as "just you wait there's probably someone even worse coming".
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    Aye, Remote Control doesn't cost an additional Influence, the Kick is included in the 2 you pay for the Character Play.
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    Well this is exciting! The World Team Championship, the premier international competition from Warmahordes, will be hosting a GB event this year and in future years! Not much detail other than that yet... For this year I expect it'll be pretty small. March to September is pretty short notice for international travel and I expect a lot of people won't be able to budget for it despite being great players who would otherwise wanna rep their nation. But man, this'll be great! I love spectating the WMH event every year. EDIT: Full info here https://wmhwtc.wordpress.com/guildball/
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    Thank you for your kinds words everyone. Sonny, I love Ash vs Evil Dead so it may have had some influence. Whilst I painted her all I could think of was an old UK show called Terrahawks, there was a character called Zelda that has a striking resemblance. naiconn1981, thank you very much. This is the first site I've shared my work with so I've never really thought about using Facebook for that reason. On average a model will take me about 8 hours to paint depending on detail. Kujo is a very talented fella so I appreciate the comparison. I spent my earlier years in the hobby looking exclusively at Eavy Metal articles so I guess my style is close to theirs although maybe not as clean. One more model for the Morticians, I think this team is all done now . Mist just had to have the last Pumpkin head .
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    I've never seen the two of you in the same room, that's all I'm saying.
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    Can I suggest a possible topic for a future episode (unless it's already been covered and I've just forgotten / blocked it from my memory)? When to charge. I noticed some of the newer players charging models who were clearly in jog and attack range the other day. When I was playing one of them, and it came up again, I asked what they were hoping to achieve by charging over having 2 attacks, and as we discussed it, it became clear that they hadn't really considered what they were trying to achieve properly here - he was just looking for damage, and he had better odds of rolling better damage across 2 attacks than on one charge, and he was giving me the opportunity to defensive stance and lower his effectiveness further. All this got me thinking about whether some players can judge a good time to charge or not?
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    Receiving the ball gives tons of benefits, no doubt, but there are a lot of subtle (or even not that subtle) things for the other side to mitigate or even totally neutralize this advantage. Just a few things worth of mentioning: Draft: The kicking player will pick his/her players second through the whole process. Chosing sides: The kicking player can go for that half of the field that looks more charming tacticswise. Extra movement & pressure: The kicker can move up the field before the game begins. This is not just an extra move but a serious tactical weapon that can put a lot of pressure on the other side with certain players. Shark, Flint, Obulus etc. Good kick: If you have a fast, good kicker, you can try to risk a bit with your kick and aim for a shot that barely moves over the halfline and it is somewhere at the edge of the field (kicking from middle and aiming for the side in a low angle). With a reroll opportunity the chances are quite good that you land the ball in a very annoying place for the attacker. Last activation: Unless you play against Harmony, you will have the opportunity to finish the first turn. This is a key element that could win you the next initiative and/or secure the ball after your opponent scored in his last activation. Time: I found that the receiveing player usually consumed much more time from the clock than his/her opponent, who was usually forced into a passive mode until opportunity arrised. That time difference yields pretty good dividends during the final stage of the game.
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    Well.... My theory is that it's the Church that's been behind the Union all along. Guild Ball comes from 'Mob Ball', which is what the priests called the game the villagers made from kicking around the blessings from their holy day. So of course the Church is pissed that the Guilds have used the slander of their holy day to earn political pressure, something the Church may have had plenty of before the invent of Guild Ball. So they hire Blackheart to spearhead the effort, and his job is to come in and disrupt the game of Guild Ball, and start reducing the Guilds power by pitting them against each other. But then Rage screws everything up by killing Blackheart, and the Union becomes an unorganized band of riffraff under his leadership. Enter Ox and Brisket. We know Ox didn't die after getting captured, so perhaps they wanted him to replace Blackheart, but were having a hard time bending him to their purpose. But then here comes Brisket, and she pleads to make a deal on Ox's behalf. So in return for releasing Ox, she agrees to replace Blackheart as the leader of the Union, and regroup them to disrupt Guild Ball on their behalf. But the church isn't playing around this time, and send Grace and Benediction as enforcers and Briskets bodyguards, to reduce the chance of their plans getting derailed again by some psycho. But that's just how I would write it.
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    Ok, played Snakeskin in my Vet Rage Union team for all 3 games at a small casual tournament today. I think she has a solid place in my T9 now because of all the crazy footballing teams out there. First Round: Shark Fish team. I received (whew), got the ball, passed the ball and kicked it to Coin who hid behind Harry/Rage to avoid Siren getting the ball. After passing it around, it ended up on Snakeskin, and she ran off to the side of the pitch with Sakana around. Next turn, I went first, with 3 INF, just turned on Nimble and Clone. Sakana tried getting the ball and failed (trying to hit DEF 6 just to trigger her clone). Ball stayed on her. More killing ensued with Rage. Next turn, Shark is there (after dying), spent 6 INF trying to get 2 hits to tackle (after an initial clone), got it once, triggered clone, and never was able to get it again. Eventually they got the ball, but Rage already killed too many people. Oh, can't remember how, but somewhere along the way Snakeskin did a 4 dice tap in. Second Round: Fillet Butchers. I received and ended up playing normal football and killing. After Mist and Brisket counterscored each other, Snakeskin got the ball and got in position to score, but ended up getting threatened by Fillet and gave the ball for the finally winning goal. Third Round: Midas Alchemists. I kicked with Mist, stole the ball and kicked it to their corner where not even Vitriol with Lure of Gold can get in 1 turn. After that, it was a bloodbath (reg Katalyst is the most underrated model in the game... he out killed a Vet Rage team!). Finally, Mist got the ball out and handed it to Snakeskin, and she just sat far away by herself waiting to score. when I got to 8 points with killing, She went in for the tap in for the win. I think in this day and age of players that can score from everywhere and a loose ball equals 4 points for your opponent, I am loving what Snakeskin brings. I'm even happy giving her 3 INF for Nimble+Clone (if I don't have an easy way to trigger clone) if that means the opponent can't get the ball for the entire turn. Call me a convert!
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    Welcome everyone to the second Sanchex Cup! For this we have 14 competitors with most of the guilds being represented. The tournament will go on until April 16th with rounds being played every week. After the 4 games the champion will be announced! Here is a recap of the rules for this tournament. Rules: Games will be announced every Sunday and must be completed before the start of the next week (00:00 GMT every Sunday) We will be using the OP document rules. You may record/stream games. Games will be organized by you and your opponent for that week. If a agreement can not be decided on a date to play, you will both receive a lost on your record. If you drop out of the tournament you will be black-listed and banned from any future Sanchex Cup tournaments This will be a 4 round tournament, a 5th round will be announce if there is no clear winner. Now here are all the players! For this tournament i am using a new online system to set up rounds. Anyone can click this link and get live updates during the week for the scores of the games. Sanchex Cup 2 Please report your games here in this thread and i will update the sheet asap.
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    To be very honest, much like with most freehand stuff I lightly map it out with a soft pencil and then paint over it. Another season 3 model i'm working on at the minute the eye challenging Hag, a face that surely on a mother could love . Still trying to work out a suitable base for her but I can honestly say I was massively inspired by the official paint job for her.
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    After a bit of discussion within the Lawyers Guild, we have decided that in this situation you would resolve a normal scatter centred on Avarisse's base. Cheers
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    Hey now. Let's be nice. Sometimes a new player comes along and loves the game but just "has to have" that ltd edition KS captain and thus all good pundits should have a stockpile to sell at an appropriate market value. Its not a pundits fault they they cleaned up in the great resin sale of 2016 to resell at up to £50 in the name of building the community.
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    Both Greede and Memory start the game on the pitch like every other model. Think of it this way--if they were to do otherwise, it would be specified on the card.
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    I laughed but it hurt a little
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    They are WIP i imagine... Kirk Knight of Thorns: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZoKzw Black Dragon Kalameet: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VN6xR Old Iron King: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/5bXJ8 Not sure if these are old news XD
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    Episode 13 of Double Dodge is live! www.doubledodge.com.au We are also on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/double-dodge-guild-ball-podcast/id1140110129 In this episode we once again talk to the Jamie Perkins, 4 x consecutive Stockport Fast Talk Champion about Season 3, new players, design, tournaments, singing clocks and the benefits of a well-planned caffeine regimen. We then match up Shark against Fillet in Car Ball in an elemental battle of fire versus ice to see whether opinion is, in fact, fact. Double Dodge!! Piss Excellence!! Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, please keep them coming either here on the forums or on Twitter via @dubdodgecast, @stubbyholders and @scrub_random Double Dodge is sponsored by Nerdvana Games SA: www.nerdvanagamessa.com and Soupcan: www.soupcan.com.au
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    Don't forget the change to Mascot VPs. It's odd that people think that a small statistical increase to shots made under particular circumstances is more significant to the balance of football versus fighting than: - Models coming back on to the pitch with several more HP than they did previously. - Giving the second player the ability to declare a counter attack or activate defensive stance on the first activation of a turn. - Halving the VP gained from what is usually the easiest model to take out. And yeah as someone else noted the model balance for this season favoured improving ball handling and nerfing fighting. In all that tap in is just a drop in the bucket.
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    The Active Player can resolve either 'at the start of this model's activation' effect first, so Memory can Dodge [2"] from the start of Brainpan's activation even if he is placed due to Thought.
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    Art of War has guild specific tokens, all S3 updated, including all the newly released models. Drop an email to enquiries@artofwarstudios.co.uk to let them know that it's a rush and they'll take care of you. I should know, I own the company. ^^
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    Kidding aside: play quickly, brings snacks and water, get a good nights sleep beforehand, and have fun.
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    Hey all, I just wanted to share my experience with the Steamforged customer service recently and their fantastic handling of things. I paid an absurd amount of money for a resin limited edition Shark but when I got it in the mail I discovered two things. First, the spear appeared to be miscast, lacking the rear end and there was a wedge of resin essentially under his butt, obscuring his leg and connecting to his raised heel (in addition to just being a wedge of resin sticking out). I contacted customer service and they rustled up a last remaining one they had in the warehouse and promptly sent it to me. I had a Hag and VetSiren on order so I asked they simply put it in with them, which they did. I was stupendously happy. I gave the other Shark to a friend who now wants to start a Fish team and has the perfect excuse and the skills to clean up and resculpt the wedge area. Fast forward a little while and my package arrived. I pulled out everything and was quite happy. Then somehow, in a manner I cannot even begin to explain, I lost VetSiren's left arm. It was definitely packed, as I pulled all the bits out and toyed with them before putting them back (or so I thought) and going to bed that night. After literally hours of searching I decided to contact customer support again and ask if I could give them a bit of cash for a replacement arm. Given this was wholly my fault it seemed only right I should pay to fix it. Once again though they came through, offering to not only replace the arm but at no cost. I just wanted to say I think that's how customer service is done at it's best. I've only been playing GB a few months but I already have 3 teams and this kind of treatment only inclines me to get more. Thank you Eleanor (the Chief Happiness Officer of the support team) for being awesome!
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    Yeah I don't understand how tough hide has basically disappeared from the Brewers but been on the rise in all other factions. Out of our three models with it Stave is never played and Tapper is a captain. That means in a lot of lists we only have legitimate access to one tough hide player and our defense are still . . . questionable. When the Fish can build a lineup with more 2" reach, more KD, and is tougher to kill than a Brewers lineup something about Guild identity has gone amiss.
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    I'm always surprised at what people think is junk. At the end of the day people are entitled to their opinion and some players just support certain play styles. But with regards Brisket1, people do remember she has a T on a 1 and a << on a 2 right? On a 2. I often charge, <<, supershot and score. Her goal threat range is INSANE. Love Brisket1. . Also 5/1 is horrible to fight. And Dirty Knives is a thing. But I agree Quick Time is awesome.
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    I went all the way to Paris, Kentucky (5 hours) for the BTO. It was a 5 round tournament and I had a great time. I finished 1 and 4. My brain was half scrambled by the end of the third round (my one win 11-12 PV over Ballista). I'm afraid I made the tournament last longer for everyone. My table was the last to finish every game. I clocked out every time but one. I think I gave up more clock points than goals and I KNOW I gave up more clock points than takeouts. It was fun in the last round watching Fillet and Shank sink stack after stack of influence into trying to take Hoist down. Fillet got him to 1 box left after reanimate 3 times at least. It finally took Brisket coming back in from Colossus taking her out to finish Hoist. It probably took 25 influence or more. By the end I was cheering on the Butchers to roll enough damage to kill him. They finally did and the game ended 12-6. In my game v. Ballista I used Pin Vice for the only time that day. I won with a Volicity takeout when my opponent was at 11 points and I was clocked out. I chose a fully loaded Pin Vice to go and proceeded to attack her taking non-momentous damage every roll, usually just one. I didn't have the sense to use Deletion before I started or it wouldn't have taken till I had 13 seconds left. Overall it was a great time and a fantastic experience. I hope I get to go next year. Maybe next year I'll have worked on my stamina through a couple of 4 round tournaments and get my speed of play up where I have time to walk around and visit.
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    My only criticism of the video is that you call Katalyst "Katie" and vet Katalyst "Joe". I get it, but it's super jarring at first and might take a second for newer players to parse. Other than that I really like what you're doing and hope you continue!
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    I think you guys are also underestimating just how useful it would be for Witness Me! to not cost Momentum.
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    2+/1 models being considered OP, what a time to be alive.
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    Hard to believe it was nearly two years ago when I first posted up about the Morticians, they're still on the go though...
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    Great report! I have to disagree on Mallet. I rarely play without him. I do agree that the 10 INF Honour/Harmony pain train or scoring train has lessened Mallet's role in Season 3 (mainly because you just don't have the INF to give him unless you scored 2 goals or use Honour's Legendary that turn. But Mallet actually works quite well as a semi-battery because with 1 INF he can easy get 1 MOM with Singled Out or a key Smashed Shin (super important these days in the scoring meta) on a striker parked in front of your goal waiting for a snapshot (try snapshotting with 1 die - bonused timed to 2 - and trying to get 2 successes - 25% with 4+, 44% with 3+). They literally must have 2 MP before attempting the first pass to snapshot so they can bonus time the snapshot itself. Mallet is usually central to the pitch, so he can easily move back to get someone who's parked to snapshot with his 9" threat. Otherwise, he just hangs out using his 2" melee zone as gangup or crowdout bonuses, and give off the free Football Legend for more accurate passes. If Honour is taken out or can't kill someone easily, then 4 INF on Mallet with Tooled Up can deal 9-10 damage on 6-7 results, which is not out of the realm of possibility if you attack a DEF 2 model or DEF 3 model with some gangups. In a game when you're kicking off, you can still use him as the Mallet Missile for 4 almost guaranteed MOM generation thanks to the repeatable single result GB icon. Unless you miss your first attack, you're going to be able to get 1 result in most of your 4 attacks. This puts pressure on the receiving team since they generally only pass 4-5 times for 4-5 MP, and if they try to score, usually they spend 1 extra for bonus time and drop down to 3-4 MP, giving you 65% chance to win the init for the next turn and bring on the Honour/Harmony pain train on the striker (unless the Knee Slidered away) So overall, Mallet is still super useful because he is FLEXIBLE. He can support actively (Singled Out/Smashed Shins/KD), passively (Football Legend), generate momentum, or go on the attack (+2 DMG on forceful blow or just solid momentous 2 dmg per INF). I generally start all my Masons lineups with Honour, Marbles/Wrecker, Harmony, Flint, and Mallet. Then it's a fight to take Brick or Tower, and if I'm cheeky, I drop Mallet only for Chisel (for the 2" reach, fast speed, and shinanigans DevilSquid taught me).
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    As a player who has focused fishermen since day one: There’s nothing wrong with Shark. Card for Card he is balanced against other captains. When you skew a player so far towards one aspect of the game it is ok for him to be the best at that aspect. The issue is season 3 has “warped the game around him”. His card saw no changes in season 3, but the changes to game mechanics are buffs for goal scoring teams. First: Tap in mitigates the variance which plagues 3 goal teams. Second: Home Crowd is huge for a team which loves to counter attack, but can tend to run dry for momentum. Third: Global icy sponge change makes a second take out harder. Fourth: Knee slider is here, but Protect your Balls and Get it Back are not. I could talk about any one of these topics for hours, but the point is Shark, in and of himself, is not too strong or too broken. In fact I’d argue, from a variance perspective, he may still be a sub optimal choice if your aim is to achieve 1st place at a lengthy competitive event. Yes, it is going to seem super broken when you end up wasting a bunch of influence because of The Net or Gut and String, but at the end of the day it is a survival mechanic. The team can’t out fight you so it needs a creative way to not die. Expand your skill set. If you’re seeing more Shark in your meta, make it a point to play against more Shark. A lot of people in this thread are saying “just let him score then kill him”. That’s exactly what the skilled fish captain wants you to do. Figure out a better way! You think you’re going to 0-6 him before he can go 3-0 you’re probably wrong and need to adjust accordingly. Add in some close control. Add in glutinous mass. Use Brisket. Learn how to place the ball after a goal. Bring Compound/Tenderizer/Vvelocity. Draft characters who can still use influence when netted. Even if these additions don’t strictly prevent a goal you’ve made the Shark player commit to certain sub-optimal expenditures of resources. The only way to learn the matchup is to play the matchup. To Summarize: We’re still early days in season 3. The meta is shifting away from 4-1 in favor of 2-2 or 3-0. This is something which wasn’t great is now perfectly viable – and that scares people.
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    Played in Caledonian Carnage yesterday so 5 games with the Morts coming up, for some more pictures of models etc. Have a look at the organisers Twitter. https://twitter.com/kingpash The final breakdown of teams can be seen on Tiebreak, though don't click this for spoilers. https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/the-caley-carnage-cup/standings My 9: Scalpel Vileswarm Cosset Graves Ghast Casket Silence A+G BPM Game 19 - Engineers (Caledonian Cup 1) Scalpel, Vileswarm, Graves, Casket, Silence and A+G Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Ratchet, Velocity and Colossus I kicked off with Scalpel and done the usual trickery to set up a turn 2 Casket time kill on Ballista. Avarisse and Greede scored quickly afterwards and Velocity countered immediately dispite being heavy burdened and slowed by Casket, it pushed dodged off. I booted the ball into safety and she went to collect with Colossus but unfortunately strayed very close to the edge of the pitch and Graved managed to push him off the board even after the stoic kicked in. The end of the game was a case of Scalpel and friends chasing the last 2 points, eventually killing Salvo. It was a pretty rough match as my opponent had never played Scalpel Morticians before, with a fairly easy to access Casket time on the captain and Avarisse and Greede on hand for goals it was an uphill struggle for my opponent 12-4 win. Game 20 - Fish (Caledonian Cup 2) Scalpel, Vileswarm, Graves, Casket, Silence and A+G Corsair, Otter, Greyscales, Sakana, Vet Siren and Gutter I kicked off again with Scalpel and he collected with Sakana. I definitely had the chance to go for the t1 goal but went for the safe option of killing Sakana. I made a mistake t2 going for Corsair with Scalpel after I had knocked the final wound off Sakana. Really should have went for Gutter as it would have been a much easier kill. He scored with Greyscales and I returned with A+G. I offed Gutter (definitely should have done this one turn earlier) and he managed to get another goal in. With it sitting 8-8 my play was to kill the ball with Scalpel miles away from everyone else as I couldn't see him getting 2 take outs. He time out letting me get the win but a couple of moves later and I think I just had to generate a momentum to get a last Scalpel goal. Leaving Corsair alone seems the sensible option. Never set up the Casket time properly. Could easily have got Gutter in the box without too much difficulty. 12-8 win Game 21 - Alchemists (Caledonian Cup 3) Scalpel, Vileswarm, Graves, Ghast, Cosset and A+G Midas, Robot, Vitriol, Vet Kat, Calculus and Harry Game 22 - Brewers (Caledonian Cup 4) Scalpel, Vileswarm, Graves, Casket, Cosset and A+G Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Pintpot, Friday and Stoker Game 23 - Fish (Caledonian Cup 5) Scalpel, Vileswarm, Graves, Ghast, Silence and A+G Corsair, Otter, Kraken, A+G, Vet Siren and Hag
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    League Night - Game 2: Engineers v. Hunters I tried using the original Season I lineup again: Belocity, Salvo, Ballista, Ratchet, Colossus & Mainspring. They were opposed by Theron, Jaecar, Egritt, Sena, Herne and a panther. Turn 1 - Hunters win the toss and decide to kick. I line up in the middle, with Salvo spread out to the right, and give the ball to Velocity. He lines up on the left. I kick the ball to the right into empty space on the right side of the field. Herne teleports into a forest than runs to the middle of the field. Salvo comes forwards, hits the ball with a Tetherball and passes to Velocity. Theron steps forward an misses Velocity with an arrow. Velocity charges Herne, bounces off with an extra momentum, kicks and scores. 4-0 Engineers! My opponent uses a plot card to hand the ball to Sena and I use one to reposition Velocity The Panther charhes Velocity, but she had gone nimble and it does only a little damage. Colossus comes in and punches Herne a bit. Herne ends up singled out and knocked down (he may have taken a point or two of damage also, I cannot remember). Jaecar runs into the center of the field and engages Velocity (only had one influence). Ratchet tools up Ballista. Sena positions to charge the following turn. Ballista charges Herne and does a pretty significant dose of damage. Sena comes forward, shoots somebody, and then flees with the ball into a forest on the side, with the clear intention of ending the football match and starting a brawl. Mainspring toggles about. Turn 2: I go first. Colossus singles out Herne again, maybe a little more damage also. Theron comes in, drops a forest near Herne, and attacks Colossus. I skip over tooling up Ballista, because I fear Herne may escape. Instead Ballista drops Herne in two hits, steps over to Theron and attacks him two times. Theron ends the turn beaten up pretty good, and knocked down. Ballista then fires a drop-bolt at Sena, knocking her down, pushing her back, and making it impossible for her to get a charge. 6-0 Engineers! Jaecar takes offense and beats up on Colossus as well as he can, he then tosses a trap beat velocity. Velocity activates, dodges out of the Panthers melee, sets off the trap, clears the conditions, and sprints over to the left to get back the damned ball. Panther does nothing with no influence. Salvo does something with no influence. He walks over into Ballista's aura and shoots a flurry of arrows at the bear, damaging Jaecar and the Panther as well. Egret stick her head out of the forest, shoots an arrow at somebody, and then runs away. Ratchet uses the one influence he had been given to tool-up Ballista and instead attacks Theron, he does some damage. Mainspring toggles about some more. Turn 3: I go first for the last time. Colossus is pretty hurt, and he uses what he can to single out Theron. Egret moves about and passes the ball off to Herne, recently returned from the Physicians tent. Ratchet fires a rough terrain bomb onto Sena, Jaecar and the Panther. The former two each take damage, the panther is Wiley. Ratchet then moves to the right. Theron stands up, puts a forest on Velocity, attacks Colossus. Ballista does for Theron and then heads leftwards with his team. 8-0 Engineers. Sena charges in and does for Colossus rather handily, finishing him in a Bear Hug. 8-3 Engineers. Salvo comes between the triad of angry Hunters and the Engineers, he shoots Sena with another flurry and since he had some influence, he adds an arrow to the knee for good measure. The panther charges Velocity again, and does little or no damage. Velocity dodges out of the woods and runs over to the left. Herne moves up, passes the ball back to Egret, and takes a swing at Velocity, again to little or no avail. Mainspring toggles about. Turn 4: My opponent goes first, starting with Theron, who comes running up the left to get into another fight with Colossus. Colossus, who came on and jogged into a spot engaging Herne and Egret, and who is now also engaged by Theron, activates and starts punching Herne. On punch three I hit the unexpected arrival, only to find out that it does not knock people down. Instead a bunch of people get pushed around. Sena puts the boot (paw?) to Salvo. 8-6 Engineers (another Bear Hug). Ballista shoots Egret with a drop-bolt to end this ball-hogging nonsense. Ball scatters off the pitch, it then scatters from the center into the Engineers' half. Ballista tosses up a minefield. The panther grabs the ball and edges away. Ratchet fires out another rough terrain bomb to generate momentum and then uses it to Overclock Velocity. Egret braves some mine damage to kick Colossus in the shins. Velocity has no straight line to her target so she runs to reach Jaecar, attacks Jaecar twice to dodge into range of the panther, but it takes two attacks to steal the ball from the panther, so no shot on goal. Herne attacks Colossus. Mainspring ambles about. Turn 5: The play is pretty simple for both sides. Velocity is on six health and engaged with Jaegar. My opponent wins initiative and goes first, I get a consolation momentum. Jaecar does his worse to Velocity and forces a reanimate, but then he's put of attacks. Velocity activates, takes a 2" acrobatics dodge putting her within 8" of the goal and then shoots, scores, and wins. 12-6, Engineers. Games like this make me reluctant to give up Colossus. When the Hunters decided to run for the woods and kill the ball he kept the whole team busy on the right flank while my players moved to force the Hunters to put the ball back into play. He also tossed around singled out like a boss. I am not certain how that game would have gone without him. Conversely, I think I should finish painting Mother, because Mainspring spends a lot of time ambling from place to place.
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    Season 3 is football season, and football teams are naturally in ascendance. Alchemists have Midas and Fish have Shark, both can be bonkers good. Other teams will catch up when people work out anti-football tactics (similar to the anti-beatdown in S1), but Fish & Alchemists play into S3's natural advantages (weaker beatdown, stronger footballing, momentum to shake KD/counter attack). Going to be seeing a lot of them this season I suspect. So find a Fish player and get good against his moves! If the trend continues I'm sure SF will adjust in S4.
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    Also that it's pretty easy to switch Guilds due to low entry points, unlike several other minis games. Without seeing the full data set, I'd hazard a guess that the football-heavy teams are slightly more represented than other guilds, if only because of the perception that they are better. Self-fulfilling prophecy in a way, although granted that is not the full picture.
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    Hey, thanks for bringing this up. @Paul Waters and I are going to be working together with the events folks at SFG to make sure this kind of information is current and up to date. We've got a lot of new moving parts when it comes to Events for 2017, so we'll get it sorted.
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    That's like 90% of the Mortician gameplan, isn't it?
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    Updated for season 3 and with Union options added: Guild 2” melee ranges (guild + Union) Alchemists 4/11 + 2/7 Brewers 3/12 + 2/7 Butchers 4/12 + 2/7 Engineers 2/11 + 2/6 Fishermen 9/12 + 1/6 Hunters 2/8 + 0/4 Masons 3/12 + 1/6 Morticians 4/13 + 1/6 Union 4/15 Total 35/106
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    The more I play her, the more I think that if her 3" Jog when friendlies are damaged gets changed to a 3" DODGE, it would solve a LOT of issues and open up fun shinanigans similar to Hag/B&M/Vet Ox
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    And there he is....Obulus !!!!!! I'm pretty satisfy even if some details (cloak, hairs, MNM) could be better. I just have a doubt about hair color for red/orange, something like that, what's your point of view?? Enjoy !
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    I am looking forward to using Memory as a mobile source of Crowding Out. Using either Graves or Ghast to Charge near Memory, get the Crowding bonus, using thier pulse damage to take them off the board, and then having Brainpan re-spawn them on another part of the field the same turn.