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    I just thought as Santa revs up the sleigh and 2017 goes off to the hall of the ancients, I would post a cheerful thank you for all the things I love about GB. Firstly, thank you for the Longshanks website @RedSam . Even thought it torpedoed my ranking (lols! ) it's a fantastic site and I'm glad we have an alternative to TieBreak as well as somewhere for armchair coaches to mull over stats. Great work - thanks for the effort. On to App makers. OMG I bloody love apps. While I prefer cards be used in play (so you don't make it obvious or remind someone how close to death a player is), being able to look up cards and theoryball on the train is brilliant. That they even allow rules looks ups and hobby organisation - all for free - is simply amazing. You guys work hard and I know I can't imagine living without them now. Thank you for your free time and hard work. SFG - yep I've not forgotten you. While I might disagree with you over er, certain work, I am ever grateful you have created and continue to support a great game that has introduced me to a world of new friends and like minded coaches. Thanks for the beautiful models and design work. Thank you also for not being too proud to change your game when needed - it shows you really care. My fellow Pundits. Pundits are key to pushing this game out to the local FLGS and clubs and they work bloody hard so everyone gets to play toy soldiers. I am glad we have a group of such dedicated players that are keen to promote a game they love. While we might not always agree with each other over certain er, policies, I know we are all working towards making this a successful game and I can call upon help for my local area if needed. 3rd party support. How would I play this game without widgets?!? You know bizarrely I think my favourite thing about GB is that I haven't used a tape measure in 3 years. It's just so nice to make neat movements (well I try). All the tokens and widgets really help me keep track of this game and while not essential, I love them. Thank you for you faith in this game and I hope we both continue to profit from its success (you with $$$, me with even MORE tokens). Finally my fellow players. What would this game be without such a fantastic group of lovely people. I've met so many of you over the years and I am thankful for it. What is a game without an opponent - and you guys are the best. We love a bit of rough and tumble on the forums/Facebook but we all have our heart in the same place. I'm especially glad to have such a great group of people playing this game - and I look forward to meeting new players we bring in. So, while I might not be as active a player in 2018 (wait until I raise my new minion to conquer the GB world in 2028!) I really hope I can get out and continue to play this brilliant game with you fantastic people. Roll on 2018! Chris
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    Well I got Santa Graves and his 8 reinde...rats finished this week so I guess I can start the ball rolling You'll hopefully note there is a Rudolf rat
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    Phew!! Made it.. Photography remains a !!@#$*** black art I swear. Constructive criticism always welcome but please be gentle on my ego!
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    As I sit with a very strong cup of coffee and try to sort things out on my work desk my mind wanders...and mostly, these days, it treads on Guild Ball pitches. I am about six months into this hobby...the game...the painting...the terrain making...and it has been a wonderful ride thus far. My win/loss ratio is horrendous. I think I've managed to win about 15 of 50 matches and yet I have only occassionally become frustrated by my lack of victories. Perhaps I measure success differently than many. To this point I have taken great delight in small victories... scoring on a well executed goal run (rare for me), killing Ox with Flint (it happened... I tell you the whole tale over a beer some time)...great close games (lost 12-11 to Morts last night when Harmony missed a goal with me clocked out and I had to give my opponent the winning VP). Eventually I hope that patience and practice will pay off and I can claw my way to mediocrity! That, however was never the point of my entering the Guild Ball rank and file. I'm challenging myself to get out and socialize more than I have in years. Challenging myself to make some new friends... most of which seem to be 20-25 younger than I am... and give me wonderful new perspectives on things. Challenging myself to get better each and every time I square off with an opponent. I am not sure when I might get past the current plateau that I am on and make more progression on my resolution to become a 50/50 player... but I know it will come. I play against much more experienced players for the most part. I play against opponents who are more tuned to this type of thing than I am. This is my first foray into a miniature game...and I just don't naturally think the way they do. It is not a bad thing that I am forced to expand my faculties... it is just as challenging, refreshing, and rewarding as it is occassionally frustrating. The relationships developed and the time spent having fun together playing and discussing Guild Ball are, to me, far more valuable than whether or not I crush my opponent. (No real crushing on my part has been witnessed as of yet... although there was that practice game on Vassal where I just played both teams and kicked the crap out of myself) I know there are many who are a good deal more competitive than I am. I know some who just hate to lose. I know some who seem to want the winning to come easy and give up before they actually put in the time to get better. To each, their own, I suppose. I am sure there are a few out and about that perhaps are struggling a bit like myself. I would encourage everyone to find their own little successes beyond the win column. It make everything just a bit more enjoyable. ....and in conclusion to the rambling.... my thanks... my thanks to those of you who continue to support and inspire those around you. You make a huge difference... and often probably don't even know you are doing it. Cheers all!
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    This competition was a much needed excuse to get back into painting. It's my first bigger experiment with green stuff (hated the hair, so had to do something about it)
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    It's been a little while since I was last in and around the forum but I've been keeping myself pretty busy with a rather exciting commission. Ritch from Beard minis contacted me and asked if I wouldn't mind painting up his Blacksmiths for his channel. This is what I've managed to do over the past 5 weeks of painting and converting. The Forged from Steel set were a joy to paint, the cleanup and prep was as awkward as ever with the new plastics but you can certainly see they've made improvements on the first Farmers set. The only conversions I did for this lot was to bore out the furnaces on Cinder and Furnace and then remove that thing attached to Ferrite's knee. The Master Crafted Arsenal set is jam packed with lots of little details and was for the most part a joy to paint. Prep wise I must say was a total pain, Hearth alone sent me a little crazy chasing all manner of mold lines on multiple planes. Conversion wise I decided to cut away those clear poles on Bolt and use the anvil from the scenery piece to make him look like he was hurdling it. With Cast It was a simple turning of the disc in her left hand (apologies for the glare on her discs but seen as it was a skill of hers I glossed them to hell and back). Farris was somewhat a larger conversion but I have to say that the fact they are plastic makes converting a whole lot easier, just remember to pin where you can as glue alone wont be strong enough in my opinion. Finally here's a full team shot. Overall I must say that Steamforged are making some good progress with the plastics and I look forward to seeing just how far they can push it. I can't help but feel they shouldn't glue these multi part plastics together as some of the cleaning is a serious pain in backside but |I understand they want people to play straight from the box. Finally a big thank you to Pete for recommending myself to Ritch in the first place, much appreciated buddy!
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    Someone was very nice, didn't know what is in that blue present... Hope you like it! Finished my ballmarker more or less. Not sure if I get it a little bit better tomorrow, so it's a shot, that I'm in for the contest first. A WIP shot is in my thread.
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    I painted buckwheat as part of an Xmas present.
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    Hello, my name is dan, I like to podcast and blog. That was my icebreaker. And this is my other icebreaker.
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    terrible at photos... Oh well.
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    For whatever reason, I mistakenly thought this was a Christmas-themed competition, and not Winter-themed. *face palm* Either way, I present Christmas Tapper: - Terminus -
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    This will be my first post on this forum! Im not so technical and havent figured out how to post pictures on here. I usually post things on Facebooks GB supporters group. I finally got a theme for my Blacksmiths and thought I could participate with my Anvil for the winter painting contest. GillaVisa fler reaktioner Kommentera
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    Santa Ox, with his candy cane axe and lump of coal.
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    ...and here is my entry...cheers everyone!!!
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    Winter Painting Contest - Finished Entries

    I'm hoping I get Lucky with this entry
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    Next Errata?

    I think the sub text to my comment is that the idea of what needs a nerf is very subjective to individuals and likely to be very different depending on who you ask. I genuinely find shark the hardest (and perhaps more importantly, most dull) captain to play against, but many others think he has been nerfed so badly he's unplayable. Who's to say who is right? (Answer: the design team). By allowing people to voice their concerns, frustrations and problems it allows them to be challenged on their opinions and develop their argument or change their minds. I've had my mind changed on the Ox buff that I was initially quite negative about, and to some extent about Shank (although I still think he could be tweaked a little), but i still think the shark nerf was the wrong nerf and didn't make him any easier to play against, for me (I can go into why, but its not really relevant to the point I'm trying to make here). One thing I believe these discussions can allow but rarely do, is for other more experienced players to help the casual players get around the problems they're having against player X by suggesting ways to deal with them. Unfortunately it seems more likely that the more experienced players will just dismiss the concerns of others and forgo the opportunity to actually help someone out. Yes, I know that often such helpful advice can often just get attacked, and that some people don't want to listen, but for every person spouting off about something and refusing to listen, there's probably a few others suffering the same problem who are willing to listen. I know from my own experience when I had a particular hissy fit after my first S3 tournament back in Feb, there were hundreds of people lining up to tell my I was wrong, but then Pat Vance and Alex Botts actually have me some advice on how to solve the problems I was facing and helped me go 4-1 at the rusty cup. Anyway, this has been a bit of a rambling post, but I am essentially saying that people's ideas of what needs a nerf will be very different. If you disagree (and I say this to everyone, not just Aaron), listen to them and help them rather than dismiss their comments as wrong. Cheerio, and Happy New Year
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    Best of the Season to You!

    An ideal Christmas. Take a moment of Silence in Memory for those that can't be with you, and be with your family in Harmony. Remember to Honour your Mother who worked to make Christmas dinner. Quaff some beers, roast some Taters with a pinch of Salt. Maybe some chocolate Coins for dessert if you're still Peckish. Head out into the Snow with your Sledge, if you're Lucky and the weather's not too Misty. Finally enjoy your time resting by the Hearth. And for those of you that find being with family a stressful time. Well....just try not to Rage and lose your Marbles Happy holidays
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    Hi everybody !!! Santavarisse and Greench are in the building !!! Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeeee ! (if somebody didn't understand, it is an allusion about Santaklaus and the Grinch )
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    So Time for my two cents worth. I swear if there was a miniature photography for Dummies class I would be turned away for being under qualified!! Any way big thanks to @Mako for running this, never in my life did I think I would be melting little plastic rods over a candle to make icicles!! Ans so here is my "Ice queen" version of Skatha including one of her with the custom made snowball marker I made during the many waiting for her to dry moments.
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    I finally got round to finishing Brainpan and memory, after a lot of distractions (some important ones, but still...) And because this also slowed the process up, here's the other bases I did. That leaves me with all my morticians bases completed except for vileswarm and skulk, who doesn't fully count
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    Here she be.
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    Best of the Season to You!

    I will mostly likely be popping in regularly over the holidays to read and post... but I still wanted to take the opportunity to wish all of you the best during the holiday season and the incoming new year. A newcomer just a few short months ago, you have all shown me nothing but respect and warm welcome as I navigate my way through rookie waters! Guild Ball is a tremendous game...over shadowed only by the exceptional individuals who play it... that's all of you fine folks. Thanks for the friendships, advice, and kind words many of you have shared with me thus far. Hoping to meet a lot more of you in the coming year! Merry Christmas all!
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    Building a bigger base

    Latest painting project is done and, unlike my last effort I have remembered to take so work in progress photos as I went along. I don't normally take photos as I'm working but a couple of people of late have asked so here goes. Why build a bigger base at all? In this case because I'm starting to paint a new Hunters team but I also hade one eye on the winter painting contest and that rather left me thinking I need something that really stands out but will still work on a gaming table. Building up gave me more room to decorate but also let me overhang the area normally occupied by a gamming base without getting in the way of measuring aids or other bases. this is what I came up with..... What follows is something of a step by step of how I built this base. Ok the first thing I did was prep Hearne, assemble him and lightly glue him to a 40mm base for when I painted him. I do this first because it gives any glue or green stuff I've used plenty of time to dry . step one. find an other 40mm base and a candle! WTF? answer - it shapes well and has a bit of weight to it. Herne is a big lad and putting him up off of the table is asking for him to fall over. this one also has a shape that is slightly wider at the top than the base so giving me I little more room to work. Wick out. just pulls straight through. Add more weight. Hearne is a big lump after all. this is a fairly dense ball bearing from a washing machine. hole gouged into base of candle before it is then attached to the gaming base. Cut cave shape into wax. PVA and sand for areas of exposed rock. small bits of wire pushed into wax for icicles A few rocks for the top and PVA brushed on to wire to build up the ice. Undercoat by hand after sealing the whole thing with a layer of PVA. Paint ice and snow now because it will be harder to work with once you start on the top. Nothing looks more like trees than small bits of tree. just have to make a couple of adjustments... cut and pin to achieve new shape twig. And the same at the bottom to attach tree to base. Like so. Add climbing plants to break up the large area of grey rock face. This stuff can be picked up at most hobby stores that cater to model railway fans. woodland scenic produce it. I found however that the flower arraigning area in my local hobby craft had the same thing. it was called "moss effect decoration" and for some reason cost less than the same stuff packaged for gamers. go figure. Grass. These are from army painter. Last job. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. this was from GW. I find with snow it works best to build up light layers rather than go to heavy to soon as it can smother other details. Final step was to give the ice a heavy coat of gloss varnish and touch up the highlighting on the rocks in the middle of the ice. And that's how its done. I hope its of interest to some and maybe even helps try something new. there is a lot more space on a model base than some people realise
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    Ratcatchers Guild

    Each to their own, I suppose, although there's a lot more to this game than just hitting things without worrying about scoring goals, especially when compared to blood bowl of all things. Me, I find sitting there while an opponent works out another shark goal run that I have literally zero interaction with is a very dull way to play the game, but I guess some people enjoy it. Talking about football as a direction the game could go in worries me. It's a game with several different ways of scoring VPs, the more diversity there is in that, the better the game will be IMO. There should be as much a place in the game for teams that hit things as teams that score goals, and for teams that do other janky things to score VPs (e.g. morticians). There seems to be an opinion that everyone should be aiming for 2-and-2 wins, but to my mind that destroys the diversity of the game. all routes to victory should be equally valid and different factions and team builds should allow you to focus on each strategy - that's a healthy, balanced and diverse game IMO. That said, I think we're pretty much there at the moment and I'm very happy with the game balance overall. I'm finding 6 takeout wins possible again, for example, and still finding it just as difficult to stop Shark scoring 3. I'm not arguing for more hitting in the game than there already is. I expressed a feeling that the ratcatchers may not suit my tastes, but they may suit others, that's fine. What worries me is when people talk about takeout play like it is a bad thing or something that needs to be reduced or removed from the game. Lets try and add to the variety and range of options in the game, not see them whittled away.
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    New year New Channel

    Hey everyone, i am proud to announce a new guild ball channel! It is called Give n' Go, a YouTube channel giving helpful advice, and tactics to new players. I will be posting my first video in the next couple of hours, please watch it and let me know what you think. I have plenty of ideas for videos already including more strategy, guild intros, and commentary on games. Thank you for watching! Give n' Go
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    Midas post-nerf? Little buff pls?

    Midas is fine. He is almost as strong as he was before the nerf. You are under valuing the legendary. The fact that it lasts across the turn line is very good. What Midas actually needs is 1-2 players that support him well. The midas nerf was fine what destroyed him as a captain was losing Harry and Vitriol. Decimate helps but she is a far cry from being as strong as Harry was and Vitriol losing her ability to fight is a pretty big deal. If Venin or Mercury gets a buff and they become higher tac pushing, knockdown, fighting models Midas will make a big come back. I would just hate to see a buff for our faction wasted on a good mini when we have other ones that desperately need it.
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    In what is an ongoing 'what grinds my gears' sort of post I wanted to highlight to the designers that whilst the current nerf/buff arguments are focussed on Farmers, the poor old Hunters released in wave 2 still need some serious love as they are sub-standard. Skatha - lovely model, great abilities but Blessing of the Moon Goddess is too short ranged and having to target other models (when Sun Father now self-targets) is awful. I have never used this play seriously as Skatha just cannot be close enough to another player to use it and really would benefit from self-casting. I don't think Skatha is bad but this ability is junk and needs fixing. Snow - Oooh..BALL! needs to be made towards rather than DIRECTLY towards as currently it's too easy to block it making the play pointless and her Jog should be 6". Also it should work on kick-offs - seems the one time you might want it and it makes no sense it doesn't work. Ulfr - yeah, he's a bit of a car crash with conflicting abilities that don't work but the 2 issues I have is 1. His Speed (why is a striker with a 6" kick reduced to 5/7"?) which needs to go to 6/8 minimum and maybe 7/9 like Jaecar 2. He needs to lose Lone Hunter (which penalises players for playing GB properly) and instead get Crazy - which would be more thematic for a 'werewolf' and match the model. Crazy's controllable +3 TAC fixes his wrapping abilities (which mathematically are currently so unlikely as to be useless) so that he can try to unlock his conflicting abilities. Hearne 2 - Hearne1's upgrade is making me wonder why I take this guy. Hearne1 has a KD on 3 and access to SO on 1, so can KD if he wants to, or T. Hearne 2 has TAC 5 and T/KD on 2...which is okayish but Last Light is now junk compared to Blessing of Sun Father and Lunar Eclipse is pointless. I suggest to improve Hearne2 he go to 2/4 INF characteristic and Lunar Eclipse be re-written to be any successful attack OR placed within 2", so at least it has some benefit for mobility or allow him to T/score like designed. Anyway, I don't know if the design team will see this but these 4 models really need help because Theron's changes are starting to make Hunters a legit threat (and yes blah blah someone got to Worlds - that's 1 person, not the average) but Skatha's crew are just poor in comparison.
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    Vet Hearne all done. guess i have to do 9 more now
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    My Young Theron on Winter/Ice themed base
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    Well, the last model I painted fits the theme, so I'll try for a badge:
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    GB resolution for –18?

    Hit 1,000 subs All three STW members qualified for Worlds. Paint a guild in monochrome Learn to use my dremel. Find another Guild for RTL
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    What about a "Creator" sub?

    I have no problem reversing the move, if it’s not achieving what it was intended to. I’ll get on it when I can get to a computer later today. I’m always prepared to change things when I’m wrong (as long as someone points it out to me!)
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    Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    Here are the initial informations about the Canadian Eastern National Guild Ball Championship. It will be held in Montréal, QC, June 2nd at l'Abyss. 7355 St-Michel, Montreal, Quebec. The National Championship will strictly follow the rules in the Organized Play Document for a Regional Cup format that are current at the time of the event. The Championship will be limited to 32 players. Tickets will be $25.00 and available for purchase on the hosting store website soon, and includes lunch for the day. We are looking at hotel blocks right now. More information to follow soon.
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    Winter Painting Contest

    And that's it closed folks, at 25 entries! I'm always happy to see how enthusiastic people are about these little contests, if I can get people painting stuff then it's worth it The next steps then - Judging will go on this week, balancing the two criteria of Theme and Painting, and next weekend (with a bit of luck and no major disasters) we'll announce the winners. Then I'll get in touch with them to sort out getting their prizes sent out. But regardless of who takes the top spots, you've all made it to Apprentice Artisan so there's bragging rights for you
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    Winter is there and it's becoming hard to find something to eat..
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Speaking of photos, here's the traditional first step in bust painting for me:
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    Need Help !!!!!

    How to build a new GB meta in 5 easy steps: 1) Buy some GB stuff. At least 2 6 man teams. PAINT EVERYTHING TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. 2) Recruit a good friend who is also interested in the game. 3) Find a local store and ask if they wouldn't mind you and your friend played for a few hours once a week, preferably on a night which hosts other war games 4) SHOW UP EVERY WEEK! seriously, keep showing up. People will see the cool painted minis / low model count and start asking you questions. 5) PROMOTE AND RUN DEMOS for these interested people. Before you know it you'll have a small little group on your hands. After that I'd talk to the store about carrying product / having an official GB night / running events.
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    So this has been a rock in my shoe for some time now and I haven't seen it officially addressed. Per rulings that have happened in the past, a re-roll can never be re-rolled for any reason. So in Nationals my round 1 opponent and I tied our initiative roll re-rolled the dice then tied again. Per this previous ruling, the game cannot progress in any way. I asked the judge and he told me to re-roll again. (which is how I would rule it.) What's going on with this? Is the initiative roll immune to this rule or is Match Fixing a good card again?
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    Forum! Run the Length is back and it is a brand new year. We are kicking things off with my last Alchemists game (for a while at least.) This episode has everything there is action, there are goals, there is new OPD. And best of all the longshanks is guest starring! Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Follow Sam on Twitter: RedSamNotBlue https://twitter.com/RedSamNotBlue Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ The Longshanks.org
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    TanE's Morticians, Union and Blacksmith

    Yay, we bought a new camera for holidays... and you don't believe it, it can take pictures of miniatures, too! So I took some of my SteamCon entry and something fresh work for my blacksmiths: My tray (smoke and light off) I had to change my goal-marker, because the miniature on it before was from Confrontion. So it wasn't allowed: I changed it vs. a resin casket, made some handles for it, cut an Omega into it and now the lamp in the marker illuminate the guild sign from behind. My ball marker: The flowers are selfmade of green stuff and wire. With the new camera, the pinstripes on the trousers of Avarisse can be seen! Not new, but I like the picture : New, but only a decoration my VetGraves - playing doctor at the sideline: Maybe it's better not to get injured... Aaand a small conversion of my Cinder. In my opinion, her neck was to long. So I padded her breastplate with some greenstuff. In my eyes the proportion is better now: At the moment I get closer for priming my BS. Yesterday I got a laser cut kit for my goal marker and have to scratchbuild some things for it. Will take pictures, when it's done.
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Brainpan is finally painted, and I've made a start on memory at least:
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    Merry Xmas and prosperous New Year to one and all. Here is the Don’t Touch The Beard Christmas spectacular and Yuletide Hearth give away! https://youtu.be/OdP6dpFLZ9w Loxam bless us, everyone.
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    Follow up to the article from a few weeks ago, How to get through an Activation, is another one focused on newer players. Surviving your Opponent's next activation. This one will focus on Defensive Stance, Counter Attack, when to do one, the other, both and how to maximize their efficiency with positioning and character plays. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmidwestwargaming.com%2Fguildball-new-guys-surviving-opponents-next-activation%2F&h=ATNDXQiwPdw2FyMBLXqdRq64pLspUYXrto0QDatVs9HsfJU7Uk2bRYU95kPbqgl-M2O-shddaLPUbn-zSp-H7WBVitUIBePy8FG-rNv1c1LGVNIgNF6mpF1ZFLDvUynNibULvMpD9AmRakM_HL9eCc4tLiSRQxdBp6U0atRiUxiRV4EZZ8YNaBwg7TPY_4flW9qpfK4uhBm_Yz9vQU2IkWDiioIy8c9HX_O0AaMFMadbPdMqffdVo_bZXHEn1w
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    The Goal Post Thread

    My Brewers goal post
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    LOL, Skatha's frost tokens are cooler. I think I enjoyed that a bit too much
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    If the ball is placed within 1" of a model that is not Knocked Down, that model may take possession of the ball. The ball does not become a free ball until after this step; as such models within 1" of the ball may take possession before Goal Rats is triggered.