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    This was a lot of fun to do. I went with the Tortoise and the Hare.
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    He's about to excel at being brutally taken out of my team
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    I've recently been on the receiving end of an unexpected and amazing display of generosity from members of this community, and I would like to express my thanks to these members who decided to help out a complete stranger... About a month ago, as I was on my way to a local tournament here in Montreal and, as I am wont to do, I foolishly fell asleep in the subway on my way there. Unfortunately, as I came back to my senses a station away from destination, I realized that the case I'd been carrying my team in had been had been stolen, probably by someone expecting some expensive electronics or musical instrument in there (it was a TABLEWAR hard case). Not only was Benoit, a local pundit, gracious enough to lend me a team so I could at least get to play, but @Tonio, the Pundit who was running the event, reached out to fellow Pundits and managed to get a replacement team sent his way on my behalf. So, last Thursday, he handed the models he had received, along with a few extra freebies the generous donors had decided to include too. Thank you, so much, to both Jesse Heis, owner of Freecity Games in Victoria, Australia, and to Nicholas Robertson, Pundit operatinf off of the Hobby Bunker, in Malden, Massachusetts, who volunteered a full replacement of the team I lost (I never played or purchased Hammer, the only model missing here), including not only some new off-the shelf models, but an almost fully painted team to boot! While postal services broke Honour off her base, everything else is in top condition and I'll be giving that team new life on a pitch here in Montreal as soon as my schedule allows! If anyone knows either of these two gentlemen, please tag 'em so I can send thanks their way directly!
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    Well so far my biggest NPE is highly competitive opponents with a poor sense of sportsmanship or table manners. It's a problem when certain people register for an event and half your friends drop out just because of particular names, and it's unpleasant when a game goes sour and taints the day.
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    Hello all. We've been in the process of recruitment for the last few weeks, and I'd like to welcome @Henry, @MilitaryCoo, and @LeadDiceandBeers to the Lawyer's Guild. These chaps are regulars on the Rules Forum already, and they have exceptional rules knowledge. I'm sure they'll get right into the rulings right away. On another note, it was gratifying to see the amount of interest there was in these positions. Thanks once again to everyone who applied. Cheers!
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    If Hunters got a version of Tooled Up, it would only affect the target's next attack and would cost either 2 INF or 3 MOM (your choice!). Then there'd be a tactical tip on Steamforged's website saying how the flexibility of paying for Hunter's Tools with either INF or MOM really allows Hunters players to adapt to the changing gamestate
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    Recently, I've been developing a ranking system for Guild Ball that works by recording the winner and loser of each game, rather than the placing of players at the end of each tournament. This style of ranking does a few things: Removes game score from determining ranking - a win is a win, a loss is a loss Incorporates strength of opponents - a win against a high-ranked player should be worth more than a win against a low-ranked player Allows non-tournament games to be included in the rating and ranking system (but can be filtered out if desired) The ranking algorithm I settled on is based on the one used by the NCAA and uses win percentage, opponent's win percentage, and opponent's opponent's win percentage. Each player is given a rating that's intended to reflect not only rate or number of success but also the difficulty of his or her games. A secondary benefit of using each game for ranking rather than only tournament results is that the guild-versus-guild matchups can be recorded. This allows the win percentage of each guild to be compared both in total and against each other guild individually. Take a look at the player rating page and the guild stats page to see the current rankings, which include every event on TieBreak (as of about an hour ago) that includes game-by-game results since January first. Some interesting things I noticed in the guild rankings: Hunters are no longer in last place Alchemists don't have a less than 50% win-rate against any guild Fishermen have a greater than 50% win-rate against every guild except Alchemists Fishermen are being played about 20% more than any other guild
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    Man, I thought we weren't giving away spoilers at Salute, but now everyone knows he has 1 ARM.
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    So this weekend i decided to take masons to a 64 player event mainly because im fed up of the whinging on the forums about them being bottom tier and uncompetative. To preface this, this is the first event ive played them in on a table, i havent been practicing with them and in my last event i won with morts. My 9: Honour, marbles (because worst mascot in game apparently), harmony, vet harmony, brick, flint, tower, mallet, granite. Game 1 - Neil Pecket - Shark. I was concerned with the fish match up as apparently its terrible. He played a standard line up if i remember and i kicked. Alas two day events and a lots happened since but 12-4 to me, prior to the game Neil was saying he has practiced a fair bit against masons so was fairly confident. I think 2 goals and 2 take outs. Game 2 - Craig Butler - Midas Craig was also someone ive not played before and another match up i was dreading, he was fairly confident especially as he chose to receive . His line up was vet kat, midas, naja, vitriol, harry and i think compound. I kicked and flint got a great scatter where he couldnt retrieve it just over the line on the opposite flank. Harmony retrieved i passed around to sup strat flint to score end turn 1, he kicks out to land on midas. Turn 2 i win initiative and honour manages to go in, engage compound, dodges to engage midas and tackles, tackles again after the counter and then shoots and scores 8-0, honour dodges to engage vet kat. Flint also has 4 sitting on him. He kicks out and harry collects and passes to vitriol for the dodge. Marbles trundles over and bonus times a goad positioning so that if vitriol advances brick can counter charge. It ends with a 12-4 to masons after i take out vet kat and he times out. Game 3 - Jamie Giblin - Ox. He played ox, harry, truffles, boar, vet brisket, meathook. Jamie is fairly new with butchers but i played him in the final at the last event i went to. I kicked, he retrieved and passed around. A sup strat harmony with tooled up went into boar end turn 1 and left him on 6 boxes or so, i won initiative. Harmony went first and finished him off and came back to safety going 2-0 up. He brought Ox and meathook in with the ball on vet brisket. Bit of a scrum in the middle working aound the double counter charges. I won initiative dodged marbles to engage ox and honour and harmony killed him before he could legendary. Trying to remember the rest of the game but i won 12-4, he scored and i killed meathook, and scored and he times out but im in position to kill harry if game continues. Game 4 - David Mustin - Blackheart. I havent played much against union in a while so was pretty concerned going into this. He picked blackheart, strongbox, harry, decimate, rage, minx (i think). He won the roll and elected to kick with blackheart. I collected the ball and tried to set up a cage, blackheart legendaried and came in and ping ponged to get the ball and some MP. He elected not to shoot due to crowding outs, and models in path. Blackheart goes first and generates some mp and scores and i play vengeance. I kick out and black heart dies to honour etc. He comes in with a few things but counter charges etc cause issues. I end up winning initiative a couple turns by +5 and kill harry and decimate and then rage. He times out and i score to finish 12-4. Game 5 - Bryce Johnston - Shark. He plays sakana, salt, siren, greyscales, hag and shark. I won initiative and elect to kick with mallet. He collects and positions ball around ending on shark. Harmony had 3, mallet 3 and honour 6, id moved harmony up 6 as first activation. Shark receives the ball centrally and honour sup strat harmony, dodges her and legendaries and linked play. Harmony charges sharke who elects to counter (no def stance, he had 2mp at this point). Harmony at tac 10 with mom tackle on 1 rolls 1x 4 and whiffs. He counters and dodges away. This was going to be a trend fo this game. Harmony acrobatics back, tackles, damages momentously and back to the shdows to within 4 of brick with the ball. Shark now comes in and engages marbles, brick and harmony. Hits brick who declares a counter. Shark fluffs the roll due to cover, crowding and poor dice. Brick lines up and also whiffs the counter getting no hits. Shark ping pongs and tackles to take a shot on goal on 3 dice and scores, dodging away. I play vengeance on him. Kick out which goes a little of plan but mallet gets it and runs, passes to honour and dodges to now be in range of sakana who he hits and gemerates mp to win initiative. Honour goes first and drops the ball onto harmony, due to shark standing 1mm to far into rough ground has to charge him for range rather than walk (could have passed dodged to similar effect). Shark counters, honour gets 4 after arm so has to burn the veng token to get the kd and 2mom damage. She wails on shark taking all the damage and leaves him on 6hp. Linked play and i decide to drop the ball onto marbles (seduce!) And harmony finishes shark off and i have a stack of mp, 2-4. He has to come in to retrieve the ball and after lots of working out greyscales comes in and he generates mp. Hes unable to get the ball due to crowdings and cover but we finish the turn with marbles out of cover, over 1" from greyscales who is engaged by brick and mallet and has harmony over 1". He wins initiative from siren hitting mallet with crowd outs and getting a wrap with seduce and dodge etc. Dice roll +2 or +3. Greyscales has 4 and tries to get the ball but fails due to a couple of poor rolls and crowding. Honour walks and then dodges in and push/dodges him to be engaged by marbles and 2 others and kills him. Middles of game is bit confusing but shark comes back on and grabs the ball and scores again and legendaries catching my whole team. I was at 4mp at this point - i kick out to the left flank and get a 1/6 scatter which puts the ball behind my lines so no more mp for me which is really what screws me over. Remainder of that turn honour and harmony kill 1 players but cant generate mp and take the score to 6-8 and he has +1mp. If the ball was over the line id be hugely up on mp and flint would get the ball and hes unlikely to score. He rolls a 6 for initiative when at +1 and salt collects the ball, where you go etc and passes to siren who has returned to the pitch, fails the pass but scatters to her. Honour and harmony link and kill shark and go into hag. Honour whiffs a roll to damage hag at tac 8 or so and they leave her on 1 box. Sakana uses 4 and generates some mp, i cant get the ball and although i could kill hag with flint who has 4, if i do it stops there being a player in the way. Siren passss to returned grey scales who dodges forward just outside flints threat range. Grey scales does his stuff and is just in range of the goal and takes a bonus timed shot (3dice player in way) and scores to win the game. Had it missed i had mp to go first and kill hag on 1 and sakana start of next turn through linked or alternatively position to link score a goal from flint retrieving and passing to honour/hamony after the missed shot. Final score 12-8 to Bryce. Due to not killing hag i dropped to 6th instead of 3rd overall. Whilst we both had some proper screwy dice, we both adapted recovered well, a couple of crucial moments like the kick scatter i think cost me the game. Bryce played it very well and ended the game on 5min with myself on 12, but a tight game and well deserved win for him Summary. This is short and sweet, anyone who states masons arent competative is just plain wrong. They have answers, amd tend towards a 2-2 finish. Just play more and play better. I played a core of 5 players - honour, harmony, flint, marbles, brick and then swapped mallet, tower depending on what i was facing. Whilst keen to play granite due to my opponents line ups i didnt think she'd do to much. Vet harmony was for smoke and condition heavy which i didnt face.
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    Thought I'd enter My Tentacles! Such a fun mini to paint!!
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    I also like to participate with my retro mascot for the hunters
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    My entry!!! I wanted to give more life to the wodden parts, so I put some red tones on the shadows but the NMM on the legs, body and gears took me about 70% of the time to finish it. I also added some blue OSL lights to the eyes to give it the colour of my Engineers team. For finishing, since I'm spanish I gave to the ball the strange colours of the ball which is played in La Liga.
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    8 hours is very much an average time, my first model of any team is considerably longer as i'm getting a feel for the colours etc. Guild ball figures, more than any other I paint seem to flow that much easier, I have no idea why to be honest but they seem to me at least to almost paint themselves. Another season 3 miniature for today, this time it's Locus. Did a little bit of conversion work on him just to change it from the "stock" pose. Apologies for the glare off of the metallic sections, he's a pain to take a picture of. @MetacarpiUG You are more than welcome to copy the pumpkin head idea, I believe the heads were from the Rackham Cadwallon range, aptly named Pumpkin heads.
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    Sneaking in just before the deadline after a lot of contemplating and struggling, the judges final picks are in! First place: Beto, With Mainspring Second Place: kvcpero, with Strongbox Third Place: orange, with Dirge Favourite Theme: Elektroschnitzel, with Fahad None of that was an easy choice, but we have learned that nostalgia for old cartoons is a powerful force indeed Congrats to the winners, and to everyone else too. From experience, actually getting things done and entered is trickier than it looks, so anyone that managed it did well in my book! I'll be in touch with the winners to get some details off them soon (by the early part of next week, this weekend being Salute is a little tricky for actually achieving things...)
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    There's been a lot of what has been labeled "saltiness" by many on these forums of late, and it is arguably creating some division within the community, so I thought it might be helpful to have a bit of a meta discussion about it and try and build some bridges. Without rubbing salt in the wounds (dadum-tish). Firstly, the most important thing for everyone involved in such discussions is to remember that everyone involved in the discussion loves this game and wants it to be the best it can be. Expressing a negative experience with one part of the game does not mean that someone hates the game and wants to see it fail, nor does it mean that someone who defends the game can't see anyway of improving it. I also think it is inportant for everyone involved to be willing and able to do, is admit when they're wrong. I think the so-called "salty" people need to admit when they have changed their mind and realise that some of their initial experiences may not be quite so dominating as they might have previously thought, but also other people need to admit it when there is evidence that proves there may be more of a problem with a particular guild, player or rule in the game. Now that some basic points have been made that affwct everyone, lets have a look at some of the specific issues and behaviours that effect each side of any such debate... I think it is important to let people share their negative experiences. We can call them NPEs or not, and we can argue over what that means later, but fundamentally I think it is important that people can post about when they've had a negative experience (of whatever level, for whatever reason) without being shouted down. It can form an important catharsis for people just to get it off their chest, it can allow helpful people to give them the hints and tips they need to handle whatever the situation is better, or it can show them that they're not alone if a lot of other people show that they agree with them. Further, if one person's NPE is shown to be shared by many, it possibly highlights to the game designers where some tweaks might be targeted. If people hadn't been complaining about gutter, Mist, A&G, Fillet and Obulus we might not have had the improvements made to each of these models in S2 and S3. We can maybe argue over how well these inprovements have been implemented, but I don't think anyone would argue that they weren't a problem before. (I may be wrong on this, but please don't argue the point as it will derail the main purpose of this thread). However, that said, I think it's important that us salty types make sure we are talking about negative experiences. And that we acknowledge where our experiences are limited. Arguing over stats on a card is pointless and doesn't help you argue for the changes you're looking for. Build your argument on solid evidence from your own experiences and robust data. It's about so worth noting that any negative experience is a personal thing and you don't have to agree that something is negative, but similarly dismissing it simply because you disagree is equally unhelpful. More helpful is to root out why they are having these problems that you are not and either suggest options to help them avoid the experience they are finding negative are persuade them that it can be an enjoyable experience. I also think there us a problem on both sides of any such debate with dismissiveness. "Git Gud" is a common argument used against people stating their negative experiences. I think this type of reponse often completely misses the point. A negative experience does not (and should not, IMO) be different whether you win the game or not, it's just something that makes the game less enjoyable for you. In such cases just knowing how to deal with a problem in the game doesn't necessarily help you avoid the negative experience. Similarly by saying that someone's negative experience isn't your experience on its own doesn't help either. It can be a good qualifier to explaining why your advice might not be helpful, but is not a helpful argument in itself. Finally, and perhaps a personal point, the data can tell you a lot, but I've also heard it being either dismissed or misused/misquoted. It is still early within S3 for the data to show a complete picture, but trends are starting to emerge and comparisons can be made with previous seasons to highlight where there are, or are not, problems with the overall balance of the game as interpreted by the players. If the data doesn't back up your argument, you need to consider why. Just dismissing it if it doesn't fit with your opinion isn't going to help. To sumarise, discussing NPEs has its place and if we all treat it as an opportunity to help each other it needn't be "salty" Cheerio, Ben
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    Hello Sports Fans! The Season 3 Book is nearly released (April 21), when it is available you'll be able to continue you to follow the overarching story in the world of Guild Ball. If you've been neglecting the story, joined recently or want a refresher then read these summary stories. Season One It’s the opening day of the season, and the Fisherman’s Guild face off against their fierce rivals in the Butcher’s Guild. But this is no mere game for the Butcher’s Guild, and unbeknownst to the men and women of the Fisherman’s Guild, tragedy awaits. At the behest of a mysterious figure from the Union known only as Longshanks, Ox, the Master Butcher, brutally maims Corsair, captain of the Fisherman’s Guild. The Fisherman side take away a victory, but leave behind their captain… It is but a handful of days since the bloody events of match day, and already the Master Butcher is back on his feet, overseeing the training of new recruits. He lords over a brutal regime in the yard, an exercise in drumming out the weak from the strong. Meanwhile, the Union are active once more; from the safety of the shadows, Avarisse and Greede break into the undercity, under contract from their shadowy and unknown Principal. Are these orders from the Union itself though, or another party? Guild Ball is not just about the action on the pitch, and the Union’s vile reach pervades everywhere. Whilst emissaries from the Butcher’s Guild and the Mortician’s Guild meet to settle old treaties and bonds of favour behind the scenes, it is the fraternity of Longshanks pulling the strings. In the ruling house of the Fisherman’s Guild, Vincent de Laurentis, Lord Chamberlain of the Fisherman’s Guild, also encounters such an individual. The demand is simple… exile the injured Corsair from the team, and replace him with Shark. It is a dark humour indeed that possesses a man such as the Master Butcher, his cold eyes finding mirth in the death and destruction left behind by rioting during a match between the Brewer’s Guild and Mason’s Guild. Although no man alive would dare cross his path, the same is not true of the dead; on his return to the Butcher’s Guild, Ox is forced to confront the memory of his long-lost brother, Jacques, a ghost from his past. His brother has been cold in the ground for decades, but what about Ox’s honour? With Shark at their head, the Fisherman’s Guild resume their Sovereign State Championship campaign, their opponents for this game the Alchemist’s Guild, led by the inimitable Midas. It is a young and untried squad which the Fang of the Seas has inherited, and they are pitted against a strong team, but through sheer determination he is able to steer their course true and take home a much-needed victory. And so, is the reign of the pirate over, and does that of the predator begin… Once more the Fisherman’s Guild faces the Butcher’s Guild in the semi-finals of the Sovereign States Championship, with more at stake than ever before. Yet, again it is Union involvement which will rule the day. Disguised as a rookie Fisherman, Snakeskin savagely attacks Brisket and leaves her for dead, distracting the Butcher’s Guild and allowing the Fisherman side to claim victory over their rivals. But even as the game is won by the Fisherman team, the Master Butcher vows a bloody oath of retribution… Frustrated beyond compare at the recent bloodshed, Vincent de Laurentis finally sees his opportunity to be rid of the meddling Union once and for all. Seizing his moment, he captures the Longshanks appointed to the Fisherman’s Guild, and imprisons the duplicitous man in the dungeons below the Fisherman’s Guild. Avarisse and Greede are charged with investigating their associates disappearance, their methods brutal, and their hunt relentless. Before long, they discover the truth – but what will be their next step? It is the final of the Sovereign States Championship, and the Fisherman’s Guild face the Mason’s Guild, led by Honour, the First Lady of Guild Ball. Their opponents take an early lead, and it falls to the old veteran Greyscales to guide the team, Shark’s natural talent and athleticism unable to replace a lack of experience. Despite dramatic attempts to keep the Fisherman’s Guild in the game, it is thanks to the tactical acumen of the First Lady and her inspirational leadership that the Mason’s Guild emerge victorious, and take home the title. The final may be over, the fanfare of the crowds now past, but the Master Butcher remembers his debt of vengeance all too well. After nightfall, Ox leads a gang of Butcher henchmen through the shadows, breaking into the Fisherman’s Guild’s ruling house, and assassinating Vincent de Laurentis in cold blood. As he drives the blade home, the Master Butcher leans in, and whispers the last words that the Lord Chamberlain will ever hear… ‘That was for Brisket.’ A disguised Snakeskin watches from the shadows, her satisfaction clear. But the evening is yet over. Even as the Butcher’s make their escape from the guards alerted by the fighting, Snakeskin must make her own escape. Fate is a fickle mistress, and for all that the darkness conceals the Chameleon from those who would seek to do her harm, so it conceals her enemies also. Mortally wounded in her flight, she escapes to the sewers, where she discovers the Union have been divided; Avarisse and Greede have turned on their masters, murdering both the Longshanks held by Laurentis, and then Snakeskin herself. Ox and Boar, the only survivors of the raid on the Fisherman’s Guild, are confronted by the Solthecian church as they return to the sanctuary of the Butcher’s Guild. Confrontation seems inevitable, but first, Boar is given a choice. Stand with the Master Butcher, and fight by his side, or walk away, and abandon Ox to his fate. In an evening of betrayal, this is but the last, Boar’s promise to his captain that the Butcher’s Guild will live on as hollow as it sounds. As the last moments of the night flee before the rising sun, Ox prepares to sell himself dearly… Season Two Months have passed since the final of the Sovereign States Championship, and the assassination of the Lord Chamberlain of the Fisherman’s Guild. All of the Guilds reel from the death of such a prominent figure, a vicious attack the likes of which have been unknown before. Whilst no-one knows who truly ordered this dark deed, one thing seems obvious – none of the Guilds can trust each other, any more than they did before. Is anyone truly safe? In the aftermath of the assassination, not all are at a disadvantage however, and for a pragmatic soul, there is opportunity. Free at last from his exile, Corsair is returned to the Fisherman’s Guild to retake his place at the head of the crew. Although Shark is content to step aside for the good of the team, others cannot but wonder what this might mean for the team; Corsair brings with him unknown allies from his travels in the far east, and a vicious approach to the game that the Fisherman have shied away from until now. The Alchemist’s Guild are the first to try and capitalise upon the upheaval, investing heavily in the opening tournament of the new season, the Frontiers Cup. Despite being a minor event, the prestige for a team that takes home the Frontiers is enormous, a statement of intent for the rest of the season. Manipulating the Alchemist’s Guild’s High Council into sponsoring Smoke as captain, Calculus intends for this to not only provide her Guild with fame and fortune, but to steal power from Midas also… The Alchemists are not the only figures with plans in motion, or that scheme and plot from the shadows. The strings of the puppet master, Obulus, captain of the Mortician’s Guild, are everywhere. At last is the time for a scheme he has nurtured for decades to go into motion, beginning as a clandestine meeting with the mysterious and savage Hunter’s Guild. The men and women of this brotherhood have not seen civilization of generations – what will they bring to the world of Guild Ball? Without the Master Butcher, missing since the night of Laurentis’ assassination, the Butcher’s Guild has been thrown into turmoil. The Guild have appointed a new captain, a young woman known as the Flashing Blade, rumoured as the most lethal duellist of her time. Still, Fillet is unable to unite the old guard behind her, clashing with a returned Brisket, now finally recovered from the grievous wounds she suffered at Snakeskin’s hands. The future of the Butcher’s Guild is uncertain for the first time in years… The Engineer’s Guild defeat the Alchemist’s Guild in the early stages of the Frontiers Cup, and they crash out of the tournament. In the aftermath of the game, their team has been decimated, a result of internal bickering and politicking. Midas has been forced out of the team, but Calculus’ own support will likely dry up in wake of their failure. Worse still, in wake of betrayal from within by Venin, Katalyst is reduced to a hulking monster, completely incapable of rational thought and leaving little trace of the man which once was. In a day that promises to change the face of Guild Ball, Blackheart, the Pirate King that terrorised an entire nation, and leader of the Union, is betrayed by Rage. The Usurper cuts down his master during a game, even a bloodthirsty crowd muted by his barbarity. But the deed is not done there, for next Rage guts Coin, and wrenches free the Pirate King’s fortune. If ever there was proof that jackals know only loyalty to the coin it is proven this bloody day, as one by one they cross the threshold to join their new captain, each taking a grisly doubloon in hand. With the dominant Mason’s Guild already through to the final, the second semi-final pits the Mortician’s Guild against the Hunter’s Guild. The team that wins will face the reigning champions, but the Ferryman remembers his debt all too well. With his scheme still in motion and his hand yet to be dealt, Obulus orders Scalpel to stand aside and not avert disaster; and so it comes to pass that whilst the horrified crowd and players look on, Ghast is sacrificed to the Hunters primordial gods, their fealty now sealed by the lifeblood of the Silent Terror. It is the day of the final, but only one team is here to play. Ignoring the proud banners and the glory at their fingertips, the Hunter’s Guild fulfil their promise to Obulus, leaving Honour crippled and unmoving, even as the crowds cheer Flint scoring the winning goal. The Mason’s Guild take the title once more, to add to a cabinet already full of trophies, but leave their honour behind, as the sun sets… what might this mean for the future of the most successful team in recent Guild Ball history? Well there you have it. You're all caught up with the Story of Guild Ball, let us know what you though by commenting below or by speaking to us on Facebook.com/guildball or twitter.com/guildball
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    Here is my Springbox (Strongbox) entry. I had a couple more angles but gave up trying to shrink the file, crop and find better lighting. As noted, taking a proper photo is tough, hah. I hope you all enjoy this seasonal upgrade. Thanks for hosting this paint challenge.
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    So I just attended a 3 round tournament (which was fun) and I figured out that my S3 NPE is playing as the Hunters.
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    I think this thread missed a few game design points that are integral to Vitriol's design. Vitriol is a staple model for Alchemist's. She is part of the faction's identity and one of the ways alchemists entice you to play them. A lot of what balances her is the color pie of alchemists. Low tackles are few and far between and the ones we do have are on models that are very low on the power curve. Outside of lure of gold we have no access to huge threat ranges and lure needs to be telegraphed. Vitriol is a kick off pressure piece. She is used to effect your opponents first turn by threatening a goal. This is an essential part of the game since choosing to receive the ball is so strong and there is an absurd amount of counter play here. So much counters the turn 1 goal from vitriol. Close Control, Gluttonous Mass, 2" Counter Attacks, Clone, Staying outside 13", Goad, Pinned, Deadbolt, Counter Charge, 2" Unpredictable Movement, and Horrific Odor. This is great design. Vitriol asks a really tough question, but every faction has access to an answer and nearly all have one better than stay outside 13." Vitriol is the best non-captain striker in the game and that's OK. Someone has to be on top and there are quite a few models that can do what she does and do it arguably better. Flint has similar turn 1 pressure and when Honor casts superior strategy on him a lot of these counters go away. Mist has the same ability to threaten the turn one goal but does it at -1". If we hit Vitriol she will either cease to be played at all (which is not what we are going for in a balanced game) or she will still many of these things since this is her design space. Man I don't agree that she even compares to Shark's kick off threat or general goal threat. The difference between 4 and 6 influence is enormous. Models with close control or glutmass don't do anything but tax shark while for Vitriol they completely shut her down due to her lower top end. The other thing to keep in mind when comparing the two is that Shark is significantly more mobile after he advances than Vitriol is Shark's double dodge is on 2 while vitriol needs to get to 5. This is further compounded by the top end influence since Shark can take the double dodge 2 more times than vitriol ever could. In general it does really matter that she is more efficient than Shark be cause his top end is 50% higher. If I were to look at bringing something down in alchemists it would be Kat1. 8 TAC 2KD on 3 c'mon lets put that at 4.
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    The idea of ranking Farmers power level before they're even released is really weird, you guys.
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    This forum has become such a dark place. Talking about power levels, fine. Incessantly demanding buffs (and conversely sulking when they do not happen mid season) as well as employing phrases such as "never hit" etc. without talking about propabilities, not helpful. Personally mocking/insulting a game desiner and demanding his job is crossing a line IMO. I got frustrated with S3 Hunters and stopped playing them. However, I believe that pouring venom all over these forums does not make SF change them. I am very happy with the new releases, by the way. I already did a test game and for the first time had no problems scoring with Hunters (shot 3 goals). Skatha is really good, Snows aura is better than I thought (we now have 2 perfectly viable mascots) and Ulfr...well, he shot 2 of those goals. He feels janky, but these are Hunters were talking about, right? ;-) I do not like vHearne so far (played 2 games with him). But I'm willing to give him more testing. oHearne revealed his potential only after extensive playing, and now I somehow miss him when I'm not playing with him. All in all, I'm a very happy Hunter right now. No suboptimal examples in an article can change that, but I seem to be one of the few who is not focused on the PR strategy of SF rather than the cards...or not? Please prove me wrong..
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    My friend and I were having the same conversation offline. Their write up is just crazy. At some level do you think they are straight up trolling us? When Skatha wraps with her base tac of 5 , triggering cold snap from the playbook, the daisy chain, inability to recognize lack of 2" on hunters negates 50% of their tactics, snow passing to space and getting the perfect scatter, on and on and on. Most of their examples require 1) the opponent to do nothing in between activation of two hunter models 2) 2" melee zones don't exist for anyone 3) straight up incompetent playing from your opponent. As others pointed out this is a dream world where you do three things in perfect sequence that all have a chance of failure to achieve a result most other teams get with much less risk or setup. I think I about lost it reading how Ulfr should go first as due to ambush "Being able to charge a target and not worry about a Defensive Stance is doubly important for Ulfr because he benefits so much from wrapping his Playbook for multiple results." Except to have a decent chance of wrapping the charge target needs to already be snared or KD (but the model that did the KD can't be still engaging that model or bye bye +2 TAC). How did they write this with a straight face. I will say the new options provide a lot of nonlinear, unexpected moving parts. This opens up lots of cool and fun shenanigans. When they work. I also wonder how much this is a drain on the clock time. It seems again like many of the mechanisms need such careful planning you will burn through time.
  28. 8 likes
    Really looking forward to discussing this series with you guys. It was a blast to write, and a story arc that I've always wanted to explore in more detail.
  29. 8 likes
    These were posted in the KS comments .....HOLY SHIT!!!!! Executioner's Chariot:
  30. 8 likes
    I dunno man, of all of those points only the Hunters not receiving changes seems like Steamforged is actually ignoring the community/current meta. There's a legitimate difference of philosophy between updating constantly and updating very infrequently, and even if I would prefer more frequent updates I understand there are downsides. Updating cards constantly (especially without an official app) is a huge pain for anybody who plays casually. Besides that, the arguing in this and other threads shows that the community is at least partially divided about who is too strong, who needs nerfs, who is making for a NPE, etc. Again, only Hunters being awful is basically agreed upon by everyone, so it's really only that that Steamforged looks like they're totally ignoring since it's been close to a consensus for a while. Also don't think that the Kick-Off was made with the idea that the two teams were "low tier,"... the plans must have been in place for a while, and in Season 2 at least I considered Masons to be in the top half of teams and Brewers to be middling. The idea that Steamforged was like "mua ha ha, give the new players garbage so they have to buy more!!" seems totally ridiculous. A new game being in the works would only worry me if Steamforged was unable to expand. Especially during S3 rollout they felt strained and sluggish while working on their various products and projects, but if the company gets bigger then they should certainly be able to update and balance two games! You should absolutely vote with your wallet, that's the best way to do these things. But not immediately changing Shark or Midas or Vitriol or whoever as soon as someone on the forums says "fighting this guy sucks" doesn't really make Steamforged look like cackling masterminds or unscrupulous corporate conmen to me.
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    Back from Adepticon and she is ready to go!
  32. 7 likes
    Hello unkindled! Very excited to kickstart a series of videos on Hot Gates Gaming covering Dark Souls: The Board game, starting off with this "Initial Impressions" video, unboxing and looking at the contents. Please head over and have a look and help shape the series going forwards. Next up will be a review vid, how to play vid and then aiming to film an actual campaign.
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    this is going to get really flavourful when i have dirge running around eating harvest markers and a scarecrow will be trying to chase him off
  34. 7 likes
    I think the new players make the Hunter's stronger, but they don't actually fix anything except the, "how do we tackle the ball," issue. We still have to jump through 12 hoops to get our models to accomplish the most basic of things that other teams can. But please can we not be calling for anyone's jobs, that's downright childish.
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    This is my attempt at an Easter Strongbox. He is definitely a fun model to paint. http:// http://
  36. 7 likes
  37. 7 likes
    They look interesting (Althought a few things don't look quite right) - but until we get the whole cards, I will temper my optimism... I mean that blurb about Theron at the beginning make him sounds like guild ball jesus... marketing, imma right?
  38. 7 likes
    He's been moved the the 'Invaders' expansion, this felt like the right place and enabled us to keep all the invader rules in one place... which was the reason for his removal from the core game. 11 is a perculiar number of invaders to have though, eh? Remember when I mentioned the 'Old Dragonslayer' behaviour deck to give you guys an exta mini boss, that everyone can use with the Ornstein model from the core game? I wonder which invader seemed like a good fit to give an additional behaviour deck to, to give us a nice round 12 behaviour decks... I guess someone who crops up more than once... someone who even crops up across multiple games... someone thorny... Cheers, Alex
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    I'm not quite sure how serious you're being, but rules development has precisely nothing to do with model development. We actually have entirely separate departments. I as part of the Development Team work on the rules. That has no bearing on what Rich or Russ down the hall is doing with sculpting and physical model design. The only parts that overlap are parts that mean we can't change rules, i.e. basic character design. X model has a scythe, so Russ is sculpting it with a scythe, so we can't decide halfway through rules development 'oh, actually, we changed our minds and came up with some cool rules where the model is driving a tractor and smoking a pipe. Russ, sorry mate, can you just change everything?' (The tractor is a patently ridiculous example, not a cleverly hidden clue. ) You are of course welcome to dislike the sculpts, that's your prerogative, but you shouldn't draw conclusions about model rules based on disliking the sculpt. The sculpts also aren't even that similar, tbh.
  40. 7 likes
    In all seriousness, I'm of the opinion that most forum toxicity is caused by people who call attention to the so called, "forum toxicity." It creates a passive-aggressive atmosphere and sends the message that some kinds of discussions are unwelcome. I personally enjoy, "is ____ OP" threads and the like, at the very least they provide some measure of catharsis after a bad game, at their worst they reinforce echo chambers about models or strategies that any good player or designer is going to ignore anyway. At their best they can lead to discussions about that strategy that can lead to epiphanies in tackling it. League of Legends has a notorious "the boards are terrible" problem on its boards, which makes pretty much any discussion except for memes (ironically) a joke.
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    Hello. The relevant sentence is on Page 36 of the Kick Off Rulebook, fifth paragraph. Please treat the final sentence of this paragraph as if it says: “A Parting Blow cannot cause a Reposition or Place, or trigger a Character Play." This will be reflected in an upcoming errata. Veteran Hearne may not, as a result, be placed as a result of Lunar Eclipse if he damages an enemy model with a Parting Blow. Thank you.
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    Have not watched it to the end yet. Figured I'd share immediately, because I love you all so much, obviously edit: SPOILER ALERT: game is bloody awesome!
  43. 6 likes
    Now that the Guild is starting to come together in Ultra Official™ form, I thought it'd be helpful to post all Ultra Official™ spoilers in one place so you can compare synergies with ease. I'll update it as new stuff surfaces and I'm aware. All officially spoiled cards together http://imgur.com/a/Ws0QC Individual links to the official source Windle http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/36541-welcome-to-the-farmer-sub-forum/ Harrow http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/36688-harrow/ Bushel http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/36687-bushel/ All others from book
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    No, the harvest-marker would not be removed unless any part of the Sprint or Charge would take the Sprinting or Charging model's base over the base of the harvest-marker.
  45. 6 likes
    @LeadDiceandBeers I definitely prefer kicking from roughly the center, though terrain considerations (especially in Mist's case obviously) can make me move somewhat to one side or another. The middle both gives the most options in terms of where and what angle you can kick and lets your kicking model threat more of the board generally, which whether it's a striker like Mist or a beater like Fillet is important to exert pressure. In terms of where I kick, that depends on the opponent's deployment. Generally you want to limit how many of the opponent's models can get to the ball so they have a less flexible turn one overall, but determining where the kick actually goes is based on how they deploy. A couple examples (with opposing players listed as though reading them across the pitch) Mash -- Harry -- Spigot -- Tapper -- Scum -- Friday Kick laterally towards Mash, both because Mash might be so slow that he can't the ball and because in order to use the ball they have to move it away from Mash, limiting their ability to kill the ball on him. Also he'll likely kick to either Harry or Spigot so the ball will be sitting on low-DEF models early so I can maybe go for an early suicide goal. Midas -- Katalyst -- Compound -- Harry -- Flask -- Vitriol Wherever you kick, the ball is eventually gonna end up on Midas or Vitriol to score on the bottom of one. I think I prefer kicking towards Vitriol here—if it gets far enough away from her and she has to kick to Flask, that's your moment to go for a goal. If she can kick to Harry you might be in trouble cause Compound makes you extra sad, so it's dangerous either way. The other plus for kicking to Vitriol is that, if the opponent is scoring with which striker you don't kick to, I'd slightly prefer Midas to come into me over Vitriol as he is easier to farm Momentum off of with whoever is my last activation as long as they have 2" (ideally hold Harry or Gutter or someone to do so). Kicking to Midas might end up being better depending on how spread out his team is, if kicking to Katalyst means you can take the ball from Kat while avoiding Countercharge you should kick to Midas, but you have to estimate that without explicitly measuring Countercharge before kicking or you'll definitely clue your opponent in. Stuff like that.
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    "Theron has it all" Best line of the article.
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    Im being completely honest here. How balanced and viable the teams are, coupled with different playstyles. When i play, i really dont find rock, paper, scissor as i have in other systems such as warmachine. I also really enjoy that its a reactive game and rewards players who can plan ahead and adapt as the situation unfolds. Your not sitting watching your opponent for 20min, even during their turn you are having to consider what resources you should use and when
  49. 6 likes
    I hear Chisel can be a NPE in the right hands.
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    I think the term "negative play experience" is being thrown around too much. Usually it refers to effects which impede your ability to play the game 'how you want to'. S2 Morticians could be considered an example. I don't think you can reasonably say Vitriol and other strikers are a problem in this manner. She scores goals and she's very good at it, yes, but she doesn't exactly stop you from executing your game plan or anything like that. If your game plan is 'put the ball near vitriol and try not to let her score goals' you probably won't do well, but I don't think that's a failing of Vitriol's so much as a poor plan. Scoring goals is the fastest route to victory points in the game and if you want to take a slower path you're going to need to deny your opponent's ability to get the ball and score in some manner. I don't think this is much of a problem. If your opponent is scoring multiple goals in quick succession, you're either very unlucky or putting the ball back into a dangerous location with your goal kicks.