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    Of miniatures... Got my box a few days ago and decided to paint it all up. My hands aren't as steady as they once were so I rarely do fiddly edge highlighting and try to keep it as simple as possible. Will most likely be tackling all the original dark souls miniatures before moving onto the newer baddies. The Chosen Undead. Executioner Smough Dragonslayer Ornstein Duo shot
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    Someone go look in on the Mason forum and see if they are happy about the 10 man roster change. I am too afraid to venture there.
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    MOD EDIT: This is a forum for discussing Guild Ball. This is not the place for making personal attacks on our staff.
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    This isn't dark souls specific at all - but this is the board that I use so i'll post here. As steamforged games are based in greater Manchester i just wanted to say I hope none of your friends / family were affected by the recent attack in the city. Stay safe guys
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    Hello Forum! I have started a new series on my Youtube channel that I hope you guys will like as much as Run the Length. This is Guild Ball Gotchas! Welcome to the inaugural episode of guild ball gotchas where we go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in guild ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering Mist and Vitriol's kickoff pressure. Special thanks go out to Nick Kleeman, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Bots for assisting with this video. Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
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    I [Mat Hart] was lucky enough to get to Adepticon in Chicago this year. I met a load of great people and had an absolute blast. During the weekend, I got to spend a fair amount of time chatting with the players vying for the US Qualifications and observed a heck of a lot of games. These conversations and observations got me thinking…mostly about how the Organised Play Rules can massively influence the game. Today we roll out an updated Organised Play Rules document with several key changes. These changes are detailed below. Tiebreakers Guild Ball was designed as a win or lose game, a simple binary state if you like. The intent was that it really doesn’t matter if you win 12-0 or 12-10, a win is a win. However, tiebreakers that are calculated using Victory Points and VP differences goes against this original intent. Furthermore, they can lead to some weird situations where a first-round loss of 11-12 could actually help you finish higher up the table! We’ve overhauled the tiebreakers to use percentage win rate, or Strength of Schedule as its more commonly known. Players are ranked in order of the following: Their Tournament Points Scored Their own Strength of Schedule Their opponents Strength of Schedule The new Organised Play Document goes through in detail how this is calculated and the Tiebreak platform has been updated accordingly. Drafting The way drafting worked, gave some teams an unnatural power bump due to the way their rosters could be constructed, meaning it was possible to keep their captain selection until very late in the draft, resulting in an unfair advantage. Basically, it meant that if you played some teams and knew how to draft properly, then you could almost always be able to counter pick your captain against your opponent. This ended up lifting some teams unnaturally in the meta whilst forcing others down. To address this, we’ve tweaked the order in which teams are drafted to the following: Deal and decide on Plot cards, as normal Simultaneous reveal of Captains and Mascots Roll to decide who kicks off (and who receives) Draft the remaining 4 players for each team starting with the Receiving player Roster Size Another unusual one, we observed an impact on certain teams that the roster size of 9 was causing. Looking at these teams, whilst the models seemed perfectly strong and competitive enough individually, the team itself struggled to put together a meaningful 2 captain roster of 9 models without severely limiting the remaining choices. Guild Ball is a game of choices and so we have expanded the roster size to 10 players. The 1-2 model restriction on both Captains and Mascots remains unaffected. Draws As mentioned earlier, Guild Ball is a game of winning or losing, there really is no room for a draw and it only served to make the math complex in the rare situations where it came up in competitive play. We have removed draws from competitive play. The long and short of it is if the players are still tied at the end of the game, after dice-down has been called by the event organiser, then the win is awarded to the player that kicked off at the beginning of the match. Simple. Round Length A simple change, we have extended the round length back up to 110 minutes to allow a little more breathing room for people to prepare for the next round. So there you have it, a handful of changes to the Organised Play document that we believe will make the game healthier and more fun for everyone. Obviously, these changes are effective immediately for any Steamforged Games organised events but, TO’s of upcoming events have the option, for the remainder of May, to revert to the previous system on tiebreak should they wish. If you’re attending an event in May do please check with your TO which system they’ll be using – the old system will be gone forever 1 June 2017. Let us know below how this will impact your Tournament Roster choices.
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    Hunters are such odd ducks. I think the new releases sort of help but it doesn't fix some of the questionable design decisions they already have. Zarola's playbook still makes no sense for the model or background and is just plain bad. Seenah being 0/2, doesn't affect Seenah but her team for bringing her. Theron's second half playbook is junk (why is his 3 on a 6 - what other captains, who have access to low KD , have such poor DMG output). Egret having Snap Fire which is a crap shoot of a play. Etc. Hunters are not unplayable, heck they just won a local tournament I ran. But they require everything to go right, otherwise their inconsistent design exposes itself. They have no comeback options and sometimes it feels like you can see the gears grinding against each other. No other guild has this issue. What the new models do is offer pseudo footballers. But they still have the same questionable design ethos - Tackle on column 2 of a TAC 5 model does not a good striker make (compare Fillet...), nor does having to hurt someone to get Super Shot when it opens himself up to getting tackled. I like Hunters. I like running, shooting and stabbing people. But...they are hard work and I don't think the new models are a panacea. If you want something different and frankly odd, they are fun. If you want a reliable team you can play the game with any sort of predictability then look elsewhere. Best models in the game though. No question.
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    As forum mods, we've been letting this thread go on (because we're not here to purge complaints or force people to like things), but I do need to say one thing - please watch the language and post mostly calmly. I know that's easy for me to say, and it's massively frustrating and annoying for things to have gotten to this point, but there's a limit to the behaviour we can allow on the forum before stepping in. We don't want to have to start moderating things because people are swearing and raging.
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    I'd also be really interested to hear the reasoning behind this. Why did SF feel revealing captain last was a problem? There is a whole lot more strategy behind looking at the non-caps and anticipating picks than "derp, kicking captain, better take <insert ball control/goalie here>". I feel more hurt by the loss of the captain last strategy than the kicking/receiving choice. Potential Rant: My gut reaction is this punishes Brisket (and Skatha if viable) heavily while having almost zero impact against Midas. It could effectively remove Shark from the Meta. The difference is Brisket and Shark have a divergently different game plan from their other captain choice. Midas, while individually different than Smoke, has a much more similar overall plan. A lot of times you just play Midas and don't care who they drop as the flexibility is in your team comp, not your captain. It hurts Shark more than Brisket because at least Brisket can play for a fairly consistent 2-2 game because of her supporting cast of murderous goons. Lets look at an example: Engineers vs Fish. Under the old scheme if I hold my captain until last, even if I ultimately plan to use Shark, the opponent still has to respect the fact I have a reasonable beat um up option. Conversely, even if I play to drop Corsair, they still have to respect the most well rounded/consistent striker in the game. Choices like Compound, Colossus, and Velocity are a lot stronger against one or the other. Now that they see the captain first... the draft is a cinch. You see Shark and you go for ball control. You see Corsair and you drop the easier TO models. The team flexibility is IN THE CAPTAIN. Basically, if you opt to play a heavily skewed strategy, it is much easier to be countered via the draft. Furthermore, the 10th model allows for a lot of rosters to explore goalie options they may have not considered in the past. Anywho, if you hate getting netted, but don't mind Midas, I guess this change is for you. #WelcomeBackPegLeg #PrayersForEisnorans #QQcrymoreTehlon
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    (Caveat, I have about as much input on the fluff as anyone else on here, so this is pretty much just my thoughts/wishes as well) Couple of points: On Hammer, I actually really like that he has some strong reasons for being somewhat unhinged. I'm hopeful that maybe he'll get some peace now his wife and kid are safe, and can actually potentially get a redemption arc. Also, Loxam has very little to do with the background, I think you mean @Sherwin. Kutte: It actually comes from motorcycle gangs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cut-off Anyone who's watched Sons of Anarchy will immediately pick up on some influences it had on the Brewers story direction. Thresher: This is the model who looks like my dad, who is actually a farmer in real life. One day Sherwin called me on Skype and went "Sorry mate, I've got some bad news, I've just killed your dad." Pretty sure he died just so Sherwin got to make that call.
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    I suspect everyone is. However, the language and tone used was treading into transphobic territory, so I wanted to step in and head the conversation off at the pass, as it were. The part about it purely being a joke about a fantasy miniature bear in an entirely separate reality holds to an extent, but only an extent. If someone was making a series of racist comments about Hammer or Scalpel, they can't defend themselves by saying "Well, everything was a joke about a fantasy miniature in a separate reality, why are you angry?" I'm not saying that you were doing something equivalent, of course, just using the example to make a point that just because we're talking about made up people in a made up world, it doesn't suddenly become a free for all. All I'm attempting to do is steer the conversation away from any unpleasant language or tone.
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    Yes steamforged is quiet lately, but they're mind numbingly busy managing the roll-out of hundreds of thousands of copies of the game in dozens of countries, through dozens of companies, and hundreds of staff. It's a difficult job, it takes time. And as you said yourself, they're a small company, they don't have the financial resources or manpower of a company like amazon and if they did they wouldn't be able to pay them. We just have to wait a few days/weeks, give them a chance.
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    Awesome weekend at Vengeance '17. Slightly knackered today but got the day off, so having fun putting together new toys (Grace & Benediction - nice to have early access). I played Morticians which was my 2nd tournament with them. Think it's fair to say that I still haven't cracked them yet. I confess that I rarely deviated from the tactic of Avarisse and Greede 1st turn goal run followed by as many take outs as I could muster. Here's a quick summary of my games nonetheless... Game 1 vs Dries Haemhouts with Brewers (Scalpel vs Tapper) I should not have won this game. I actually chose to kick as I thought I could steal the ball with Scalpel and score an early goal. That didn't pan out and after she was successfully hit by Marked Target, I had the choice of retreating or launching myself at Tapper for some momentum. The first part went well, but I forgot to take the Push/Dodge from my last attack and when I activated 2nd Wind realised I'd just be knocked down (dice permitting). I therefore left her looking like an idiot and sure enough she got take out in short order. We then basically took turns in feeding each other players to be taken out. He scored a goal via Spigot and I was staring down the barrel of 12-8 defeat. And then he clocked out. However, he only needed to take out the bird with Hooper. On the final attack, Dirge was on 1 health, but not a single 5 was rolled. I survived the next 4 activations and scraped out a not very heroic victory. Scalpel 12 - 11 Tapper Game 2 vs @Stephen78 with Alchemists (Scalpel vs Smoke) After an undeserved 1st round victory, it was probably karma to be dealt the No.2 player in the world. Let's keep this short and sweet. I tried, I really did, to minimise Smoke shenanigans by deploying in a wide line across the board. I received the ball and immediately sent Avarisse + Greede up the board for a 1st turn goal. For the briefest of moments, I was winning the game. And then Smoke happened. Greede and the bird were given sufficient conditions to kill them in the maintenance phase, before she scored a goal. My kick out dribbled off the end of the 10" reach and so she scored again at the beginning of the next turn. He closed the game out with a flame jet on the bird. Ouch! Steve highlighted that by taking Greede and the bird, I effectively gifted him 2+1 very easy take outs. As 1 goal with Smoke is a given for anyone who knows what they're doing (and let's say that he does), he was therefore in a strong position to win right from the off. Despite the outcome, it was nonetheless interesting to watch the calculated manner in which a top player can quickly win a game. I definitely need more experience playing against Smoke (no one in my group uses her that often). Scalpel 4 - 12 Smoke Game 3 vs Tristan Freer with Alchemists (Scalpel vs Midas) Another Alchemist match - Yay. I kicked the ball this time, but was a bit more cautious with where I left Scalpel. I was rewarded by Harry wandering up the pitch presumably to bait Scalpel into attacking him much as had happened in my first game. This time however, I sauntered up and deployed what I call the Voodoo Dance. Use the Legendary and then do push dodges all the way back down the pitch towards the waiting Casket. I used Graves and Cosset to make sure that Harry was definitely going to die and used Casket Time at the beginning of the 2nd turn. Bye Harry. A Midas goal followed soon after and I tried to kill the ball, by making Ghast (of all people) run off with it. It did work for a couple of turns as Vitriol failed to work her way through fear and have enough influence left to score. In the meantime, all sorts of violence was kicking off on the other side of the pitch. Katalyst was throwing Combustions off left right and centre which did for Graves while I retaliated with Cosset to great effect. Katalyst eventually went down and I got rid of the snake for good measure too. However, Vitriol finally got her act together and slotted home the 2nd goal. I seized the ball with Scalpel and disappeared up the other end of the pitch with it ready to score at the beginning of the next turn which she duly did. With the score at 11-11 (think the bird died somewhere), it all came down to who could get the next take out. Can't remember who died, but I believe a returning Katalyst got the job done for Tristan. Bugger. But as Tristan reflected, it was a bloody good game. Scalpel 11 - 12 Midas Game 4 vs Johnathan Lee with Fishermen (Obulus vs Corsair) Changing captains was in retrospect a dumb idea (this was literally the 2nd time I've ever use Obulus, the 1st in a practice game the night before), but a). I fancied a change and b). thought he was going to take Shark and wanted to pull control shenanigans too. The team I picked was utter rubbish for the task ahead, part football and part thumpy, but without my take out workhorse that is Cosset. I received, thinking I could sneak a 1st turn Avarisse + Greede goal, but Siren stole the ball and got a goal in first. I subsequently got a Bonesaw goal but he died to Corsair and gang. I later eliminated Siren with a tooled up (but blinded - stupid Octopus) Obulus. Being Fish he got a 2nd goal fairly easily, so I then killed the ball and wondered how I could turn this around. With Corsair still more or less on his deployment line I thought I at least had time to reorganise. Sadly I had not reckoned on Hag, who gifted Corsair 4" of movement. The one legged Captain subsequently set upon Greede and it was game. Corsair is another Captain who I don't play much against. My weaker games in this event were certainly against teams who I rarely see. Obulus 6 - Corsair 12 So I ended the day on 1 Win and 3 Losses. Bit of a shame, but I'd enjoyed all the games nonetheless. Day 2 to follow...
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    So i played at vengeance and went 6-1 losing to Bryce on a goal run that was over 90% to win me the game.....and i played alchs! I decided on alchs last minute of the morning, with no practice based on my guestimate of the field on the day (majority engineers due to a supposed prevalaince of fish). I had 5 teams with me being unable to decide what i fancied playing prior to the event. I played against the following: Morts (obulus) - i ran smoke, harry, flask, mercury, calc and vet kat. Morts (scapel) - i ran same list as above. Fish (shark) - i ran same list but compound instead of vet kat (lost this one 12-9) Alchs (smoke) - i ran midas, flask, vitriol, harry, vet kat, compound Fish (shark) - same smoke list as other fish game Alchs (smoke) - midas list same as other alchs. Hunters (skatha) - smoke list same as into obulus. So in 7 games i kicked every game and i only played midas and vitriol twice both into smoke. I witnessed me only once in the whole event. All of this i think against conventional wisdom and popular internet opinion. I would say that data from Veng is too small a sample size to be conclusive and isnt reflective of the player skill at all. You are really talking about perceived power ratings, the teams chosen are done so for a number of factors such as new releases, familiarity, cool factor, supposed meta etc. Interestingly, Jay clare certainly represented hunters and went 5-2 narrowly losing to world champ Tim on a 50/50 shot who was using engineers and who also finished 5-2. Jay had about 4 games with them prior to vengeance. Of the 8 England WTC players that attended, 3 went 6-1 (all using different factions to what they normally do, which were alchs, engineers, union), 3 went 5-2 (2 using new factions, morts, hunters and maria who used her regular team alchs but played me round 7 so only one of us could get 6-1), 1 4-3 (new team morts) and 1 3-4 (regular fish). Greg and Daniel also faced off in the tournament which possibly impacted their individual overall standings. For me this indicates that the players are such a big determining factor in wherw a team sits for its "power level" Going into game 7 there were most of both the England and German WTC players, and regular top tournament finishers like Bryce, Henry Kay (using a new team - engineers) in the 5-1 bracket, a literal shark tank of a field. All with a spread of nearly all the guilds between them. For me this indicates that the different teams must be of very similar balance levels, and its more personal preference that shows the spread of teams that players picking them for power. I really dont think there is such a margin as the internet/data supposedly proclaims in the balance of teams. Sorry for the rant/long post, my point is that player skill is too hard to really quantify and such a big determining factor in how teams perform. My experience is that good players consistently get to the top no matter what team they play....this means they are very closely balanced.
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    Hey folks, (Sorry if this is in the wrong section: Mods feel free to move) I backed the Dark Souls Board Game during the Kickstarter campaign and was extremely happy when the game turned up last week (Unfortunately I haven't had chance to play it yet though). I've backed a few projects on Kickstarter before so I'm always a bit nervous. Needless to say I'm really happy with the overall quality of the game, especially the miniatures! (Though some aren't that miniature!). The cards are all really good quality too. The only small gripe I had was the Card Organiser. I can't complain because the focus is always to get everything packed inside the box, and that they did. But I'm a bit anal and I like to have my cards sorted and ready to play. I don't like having to spend ages sorting the cards before a game and later realise that I've managed to misplace one. So I came up with my own solution. It's my first time ever designing something like this so I'm pretty happy it worked out first time. I had to make it a little taller in order to fit the 60 treasure cards in one section and avoid them sliding out or having to split the deck. It does still fit in the box but its dependant on how you organise all the other counters and tokens underneath. I like to keep mine in sorted bags. But in the worst case scenario all it does is lift the lid a few mm. I could have tidied up the laser marks a bit by sanding but I quite like the "burnt" look Let me know what you think! S7ewie
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    here's a few pics ...a solo quest by a Knight to defeat the Titanite Demon...I have a feeling that the Core box is only scratching the surface of this game...nice miniatures and dynamic gameplay...looking forward to see how this game develops with all the expansions and add on's...not sure why Steamforge don't seem to be showing off painted miniatures?...so here's mine:) next up will be a 4 player adventure at the Sheffield and Rotherham (GIMPS) [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
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    A: I hope so. It would certainly make sense. B: Yes. Absolutely. They have fewer cards than bosses, and they don't have dedicated heat up cards, but they certainly have behaviour cards for their AI, and those decks are quite different. Fighting Melinda the Butcher will feel different from fighting Marvelous Chester. C: Git gud.
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    Thankfully, no one we know was affected in the recent attack, but of course, it's still a horrible thing to happen so close by. Most of our staff are Mancs, or have lived most of their lives in the city or nearby, and it's just shocking. The city is pulling together in the face of it, however, and showing that we won't bow to fear tactics. Mancunians have never been easily cowed, and life is already getting back on track to normal. This post is really genuinely appreciated, thank you.
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    For what it's worth, please don't watch any more of that game. I made a crippling error with the Shark activation at top of 2 (didn't look to me like Shark would take a Parting Blow from Katalyst, but like a fool I broke the first rule which is "Measure it anyway". When we measured, it was a Parting Blow, and that ended up knocking down Shark, which effectively lost me the game right there), so it's not much of a game after that. That said, James absolutely made the right play in kicking the ball miles away behind my goal line. I've said before that someone who knows to do that is my nightmare opponent, and that was borne out in this game. My best advice would be just play games. Play match ups you hate. Play terrible match ups. Play okay match ups. Smash out games as often as you possibly can. Get a lineup you're comfortable with and play, play, play. Practice makes perfect like. I would rather face an unpractised opponent with the 'top' list in the game than someone running a 'subpar' list that they've played 100 games with and know inside out. Particularly, get into the habit of widgeting everything and agreeing with your opponent that movement is legal before moving the model. I didn't exactly follow my own advice in that game, and it's the only one I lost all weekend, so learn from my mistake. (It's really annoying, and classic, that the one game I made a really stupid mistake in is the streamed one. At least, the one game I made a really stupid mistake in and got punished for it. Heyho though, I ain't gonna make that mistake again!)
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    Shark doesn't care about kick off vs receive. He performs perfectly fine under either scenario. He cares about getting counted drafted off his tail by the remaining 4 characters. Specific other captains wil suffer from this as well. Shark is just the easiest/most magnified example to talk about because 1) His strategy is linear and 2) There's almost no option to diversify with the rest of the roster. For instance Brisket, Midas, and Skatha can still run plenty of damage behind them. The best you can do with Shark is Gutter/A&G and janky push TOs, maybe the odd 12hp/opportunistic TO from time to time.
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    My concern is the match up start is more like warmachine where list chicken was an issue and why i stepped away from it. I will now be less likely to play 2 captains in10 player's for certain guilds and i dont think this is a good thing. Poor hammer will never be played
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    No pics were missed Seacitygamer, hopefully when Skuloth has a little time she can get a bit of colour about her . Just about finished up Skatha today and I think Vet Hearne will be next on the list, here's a picture of her. Anyone else think the sculpt has more than a little of Harley Quinn about her?
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    Greetings forum-ites! I am back with another game play commentary for my series Run the Length. This one is against Pat VanValue from Strictly the worst. Can I break my losing streak vs the Strictly the Worst guys find out below. Let me know what you guys thought about the game and tell me about my mistakes in the comments. Go subscribe over on Youtube if you want to know when new content gets put up and while you are over there hit the like button it helps the channel a lot. The Plugs: Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Pat's Twitter: @PatVanV https://twitter.com/PatVanV
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    As a Steamforged employee, I'm happy to answer a rules question or even the occasional design question as time permits. Alex and I have both been pretty active on these forums the past week as folks have started to receive their games. I'm afraid the two of us don't have the exact answers you're looking for, though. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your point of view), the folks that do have these answers are spending all their time right now trying to get Dark Souls boxes into peoples' hands.
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    Seriously, while I can understand the fristration people are going through (not having received the game myself and seeing SFG this morning say 99% of USA/Canada customers got theirs already didn't help), what exactly is it that warrants this kind of attack? We all know they're sifting through hordes of emails and complaints, they have subsidiaries to deal with and, like you and me, are just human. Is everything perfect? Hell no, definitely not. But to go and claim they don't give a $#!¥ ? What's that for?
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    Hi guys, around a year ago i floated the idea of a site that gathers and collects community assets into a shared and accessible library. This would include custom tilesets, campaigns, painting guides etc. Well i'm picking the project up again now the game is released and a preview page to the site can be seen here http://www.dukesarchives.com/ we are also ready to start taking submissions and discussing ideas with you guys so please get in touch. Cheers
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    Figures are:- Players, No.Games, Wins, Win % The Union 20 140 66 47.1% Engineers 18 124 70 56.5% Fishermen 13 91 52 57.1% Butchers 12 84 40 47.6% Alchemists 12 82 53 64.6% Morticians 12 84 39 46.4% Brewers 11 77 32 41.6% Hunters 10 70 23 32.9% Masons 85 62 8 50.0% So assuming a 10% margin the only outliers are Alchemists at the top end with 64.6% wins and Hunters (32.9%) and Brewers (41.6%) at the bottom end. These pretty closely align with the guild power levels IMO, and show that work is needed in a couple of areas to mildly re-balance 2-3 teams. Overall a very good balance for 9 different teams.
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    Dark Souls completed...Looking forward to the expansions and a bit of promotion from Steamforged games:) [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
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    Man I'd hate to hear the criticism if you guys got into my toolbox. I got a 3 pound cross peen hammer I use daily held together by 3 nails to help wedge the handle out for the head to stay on. Hard to get used to all these new worthless rubbery-fiberglassy handled tools, especially when you use the same old beat up one so long!
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    Honestly? It sounds kind of "fussy" to work out, and kind of at odds with the modern, dynamic game design... I think the current system for kicks works fine...
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    Just about finished up with Ulfr, only the base to go. He's a model I dreaded at first but he grew on me a fair bit by the end, plenty of detail to get stuck into.
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    There's been a few posts here recently, and some side discussions on podcasts, where sporting conduct has been mentioned. Guild Ball is a fairly new community, so I thought it might be worth having a discussion as to what was considered sporting and unsporting within the game. Firstly, what do we mean by sporting conduct in general? My answer would be that it is "to try and make your opponent's game as enjoyable as possible despite trying your best to beat them, within the rules of the game." I think it's important that you try to beat your opponent, as this shows them respect, but you can also do everything in your power to help them enjoy the game, even if you're smashing them. Another key issue here is "within the rules of the game" - if you are doing something that is entirely within the rules of the game, even if it creates a negative experience for your opponent, I don't think that should stop you from doing it, and sometimes trying to account for things outside the rules of the game can lead to some messy grey areas that can cause more problems than they solve. So what about some specifics? Here's some rules I set for myself when playing to try to be as sporting as I can be. You may or may not agree with them, so feel free to chip in with your thoughts. Those who've played against me may not agree that I keep to them, but I do try - honest. Avoid Dice Moaning: Much as it can be frustrating to get that bad roll at that crucial time, it is not your opponents fault that it went wrong for you. Try not to react to strongly to when dice go badly for you, as it can make your opponent feel guilty and hence make things less enjoyable for them. Dice probability will invariably even out over shorter or longer periods of time so keep it in perspective. Its probably something we will all do from time-to-time, but if you're aware of it it might help you do it less. Open Information: Be as informative to your opponent as you can be. Explain what you're trying to achieve in the activation, when you have a few plays that combo up, explain the combo, be open to answering as many of your opponents questions as you can. But in a tournament setting you also need to be mindful of the clock, so I wouldn't spend any longer describing what I'm doing as it takes me to do it itself if it was during my activation, and if my opponent asks me a question I will put the clock onto them whilst I answer it. Conversely, be mindful that too much questioning can put your opponent off their game and disrupt their concentration. Ideally, rather than asking them, ask to see their card and find out the answer to your query yourself. Precise measurements: Measure your movement precisely, being aware of the gaps between models, when moves need to be in straight lines and where there are melee zones you're trying to avoid. The measuring widgets from Frozen Forge are great for this. You don't always need them, and often the narrow sticks or multi-sided widgets are fine, but when you start having to move around other models those narrow sticks might end up cutting a corner the base wouldn't allow. When making a complex move, discuss and negotiate with your opponent what sort of position you want to get to, what you want to avoid getting there. Use proxy bases to check for gaps and positioning for where you want to move to. When you've got to generate some dodges to get into range for a shot or into melee with a specific target model, its worth pre-measuring and discussing with your opponent so that you know how many inches of dodges you're going to need to pull the move off. Offer Chances to React: When I declare an attack or charge I will try to ask my opponent whether they want to counter or defensive stance. Admittedly sometimes I forget, but I'd rather my opponent had a clear cut chance to think about it before just picking up my dice and rolling them. Now if my opponent starts to spend a while pondering the decision I might switch it over to their clock, but I will always try to ask. Clock Discipline: Keeping track of the clock in a tournament game is a common issue. It's easy to forget to switch your clock over, and when your opponent forgets and you end up taking a long activation on their clock it is can create awkward situations and it can leave you feeling that you should offer to allow your opponent to do their next activation on their clock. I recently had a situation where my opponent let me do this early in the game, but then he ended up clocking out later on. I have no idea whether my activation was longer or shorter than the one he let me do on my clock, and felt guilty afterwards as a result. Because of this I am setting myself the rule that I will never take an activation on an opponent's clock when I failed to switch the clock over at the end of my activation. I will also try to be vigilant about the clock and remind my opponent to clock out at the end of their activation as much as I can. No Gotchas: I suspect this might be the most controversial of the things I'm suggesting here. There are only a few gotchas in Guild Ball: Unpredictable Movement, Countercharge, Clone, Glut Mass, Gravity Well. There's a lot to keep track of in the game and it's easy to forget something like this despite it being open information. I don't like it when I forget about these rules, so I will always try and pre-warn my opponent if they are likely to trigger one. If I'm playing tenderiser, I will often place a 6" measuring stick down next to him during an opponent's activation so that they know the danger zone to avoid. Similarly when someone moves to engage brisket I will remind them about UM. Sometimes I forget to prewarn, and when I do I will always let my opponent choose to take back their move if they like. No Messy Takebacks: Takebacks are an issue and it is often considered sporting to offer a takeback where you made a mistake. I suppose the best situation to be in is not to have made the mistake in the first place, but we're human so it happens. Its can put you in a difficult situation if you don't offer a takeback after you made a mistake to your advantage, but you need to also remember that it is your opponent's responsibility as much as your own to check you've got the rules right. I think when it comes down to sporting conduct, this is a rule that you apply to yourself when it comes to whether you accept an opponent's offer of a takeback, i.e. you don't. You might come across as unsporting if you don't offer a takeback when it was your mistake to your advantage, and if it happens several times people might start to get suspicious, so I won't go so far as to say don't offer the takeback, but I think the sporting thins would be to refuse one if offered. That said, I think there are plenty of occurrences where a takeback is a minor matter and not a problem. One example is on a dice roll: if an opponent rolls too few dice on a roll during an activation I will quite happily let them go back and roll another dice and add it to their result, I'd even be happy to do this if it was a few attacks ago where it's not going to have a massive difference on the result, such as the chance of a few extra points of damage. But if someone rolls too many and I don't realise until after they've rolled again, I've lost my chance and there's no takebacks. I think the key here is how much would the takeback result in a change to the state of play. If it's something minor like a few extra damage before the next activation occurs, then that's not going to affect choices that might have been made or dice rolls that have happened since, whereas if it changes the positioning of models or one players chance to react or make different choices, it best left as it was. If it's within the rules, it's all good: There's been some talk about specific moves or plays and whether they are unsporting or not, or whether if something causes your opponent a NPE you shouldn't do it. Some examples: deliberately kicking out of bounds to get the ball thrown in, a Fillet activation that takes out 3 or 4 models in a turn (perhaps more common in S2), or a Shark activation that gets you a goal with no chance for countering from your opponent. If something is legal and within the rules it shouldn't stop you from doing it. If you're playing against me I want you to try and beat me as fast and as comprehensively as you can. That in itself shows me respect and I appreciate it. Even though I may have a moan on here about Shark or Vitriol, it doesn't mean I don't want you to use them to the best of their abilities against me, nor do I want to put you under any sort of pressure not to play whatever guild you want for whatever reason you want. There's an important saying here: "hate the rule, not the player." If something you do in trying your best to beat me with the tools you have chosen to bring gives me a NPE, that is not your fault, and I should not make you feel that it is. (However you should perhaps allow me the right to blow off steam and push for rules changes on forums like this afterwards.) What rules do you have for sporting conduct? Would you change any of mine? Cheerio, Ben
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    This forum is intended to be a welcoming and inclusive space for all fans of our games, primarily Guild Ball. This includes trans people. Please watch the tone of conversation. Seenah's gender has never been officially stated one way or the other, although there are hints that a human soul may have been trapped in a bear by some form of sorcery. If that happened at all, while that human is referred to as a 'man', that could simply be the product of centuries of hearsay, or the use of 'man' in the sense of 'mankind'. Refer to Seenah as male, female, or gender neutral, as you wish.
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    Hope this helps anyone looking to get started with painting. Either paint along to the full video or skip to 50:02 for the quick step by step guide on How To Paint The Knight. Next up will be The Warrior Any subs or support much appreciated.
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    Episode 3 Jake and Brandon talk OPD, vengeance, Blacksmiths, gateway open, negative play experience and the future of the podcast. https://www.facebook.com/moball.net https://www.patreon.com/moball https://mo-ball.net/podcast
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    Not every statement that turns out wrong is a lie. Sometimes people just don't know better. This is just how things are imo. You can't just call everyone a liar who was wrong about something. I'm not calling you a liar for saying this is a scam when it turns out it isn't. Because, maybe it could have been and you didn't know better. Things get messy even in a pretty basic office place. People don't know stuff, people missunderstand, missinterpret, forget, tell the wrong person,... I can't imagine how this would be in a bigger business and in something as big as this, where all this different companies, production facilities and what not are involved. And inside of each of this companies are again all kinds of people involved. Just give them some slack.
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    Hello, I'm working on a "FAQ" kind of and hope it does help people out who are struggeling to figure out how (advances) mechanics/situations work out. It's still very much "work in progress" and probably will be going forward! Anyway, if you see anything that is not very clear, please let me know! (This FAQ is the cumulation of the "Unclear rules/mechanics" thread which is to get official clarification on rules. I'll add clarified topics from there in this FAQ) Cheers Replect - Last Update 24th of May 2017 08:35 CET PS.: If you have more basic questions about how the game flows, you probably find the answer in that "Quick Guide": FAQ GENERAL In case of Errata(!): Card takes precedence over token, dial, etc., rulebook takes precedence over card! Example: Based on the card, the heat up for the Titanite Demon is 10 HP, based on the dial, it is 12 HP... 10 HP is correct! Cards for The Boreal Outrider Knight, Gargoyle, Titanite Demon, and Winged Knight each have main boss icon. As of rulebook each is a mini boss... Mini boss is correct! SETUP Tile Setup You have total freedom on where the tiles are placed leading off the Bonfire Tile, if you want to just use one doorway, then just use one doorway :). TILES AND NODES Node Model Limit As soon as the active model moves onto a node with 3 models on, push one of these 3 models - choosen by the players - immediately of that node, before resolving any following actions (like attacks, movement pushes)! Means, the model that got pushed because of the "Node Model Limit" would not be hit by a potential range 0 attack, assuming that the movement of the active model would end its turn on that node. If the active model still has movement remaining, and the target is not on the same node (since it just got pushed), it will move/follow. Remember though, boss models cannot be pushed by a character’s movement or attack. The only way a boss model can be pushed is if another boss model moves onto its node in a boss encounter with multiple boss models. THE BONFIRE TILE You don't have to rest at the bonfire to use any of the following features: Treasure Deck Inventory Soul Cache Blacksmith Andre The Firekeeper ENCOUNTER SETUP Gravestone, Barrel and Chest Gravestones and Chests block all movement (walk, run, dodge, push), irrevelant of whether the chest has been opened or not. Barrel's specifically mention the types of movement they block because they don't block dodges, where as Gravestones and Chests do block dodges. ENCOUNTERS The encounter takes place on the single tile (or multiple tiles for main/mega-bosses) they spawn on, you cannot leave this tile during the encounter. COMBAT BASICS Pushing General A push without damage as part of movement cannot attempted to be dodged/blocked. A push with damage as part of movement can attempted to be dodged/blocked. Pushes with damage are considered (physical) attacks, which is why they're listed under enemy attacks (page 25). Push (Standard Enemies) If a non-boss enemy pushes you as part of movement, you will be pushed onto an adjacent node. If a non-boss enemy pushes you as part of an attack, you will be pushed onto an adjacent node farther from the attacker. Push (Bosses) If a boss pushes you off of its node as part of movement or an attack, you will be pushed onto an adjacent node in the same arc. (If there are no eligible nodes due to the tile’s wall, you are pushed to any adjacent node touching the wall instead). If a boss pushes you off of any other node as part of an attack, you will be pushed onto an adjacent node farther from the attacker. Remember A boss model can not be pushed by a characters' movement or attack! An enemy cannot be attacked by another enemy, including push. (Exception is pushing as a result of Node Model Limit!) When a character chooses to dodge while on a boss’s node, they can ignore the normal rules for boss arcs and instead move to any arc or onto any adjacent node. Conditions When suffering damage from a poison token at the end of the model's activation, it will also trigger a bleed token on that model! If a poisoned player kills the last enemy, poison will not trigger, since the encounter ends as soon as the last enemy dies. CHARACTERS TOKENS General You cannot give away any of the tokens on your player board (ember, luck, estus, or heroic). Ember token When an Ember is drawn you immediately place an Ember token on one of the player characters (you can't choose to save it!) and then discard (means 'out of the game') the Ember card. Once you decide who gets the ember token, that's who has it. 'In the rare case that the players find an Ember card in the treasure deck when all characters already have an Ember token, shuffle the Ember card into the treasure deck and draw a new treasure card to replace it (without spending an additional soul).' Embers won't apply to traps or to a condition that deals 3+ damage Assume a character with an Ember token (reduces 3+ damage from an attack by 1) and a bleed token (causes 2 additional damage if model takes damage) gets hit for 2 damage. The ember won't apply (means would not reduce the damage by 1), since the damage is not considered to be a single damage of 4 (2 damage from attack + 2 damage from bleed), it's considered to be damage from 2 sources (one from the attack, the other from the bleed) Luck token Luck tokens are only for the character that has the token to reroll a die they just rolled. ABILITIES (Ability-text on cards/boards) General Ability 'wording' clarification 'All characters', 'One character' or 'Two characters' etc. mean the character that used the ability can also gain the benefit. 'Attacks' that state specifically 'other' mean the character that used the ability could not gain the benefit. Modifiers to weapon's attacks If a weapon ability does not have a die roll (such as healing, a move, a push, a condition, etc.), then you do not apply modifiers to its damage. You just apply the listed effect. Berserk Charge Berserk Charge is a move followed by an attack, in the same activation. You could move/attack with one weapon, then Berserk Charge (move one fore free followed by an attack) with a second weapon... but it doesn't override the rule that you can only attack with each weapon once. So you couldn't make a Berserk Charge attack with a weapon you've already used that activation. You could also attack with one weapon, (then move and) then Berserk Charge (move one for free followed by an attack) with a second weapon. CHARACTER ACTIVATIONS Character Movement/Attacks Your options are: Move any number of nodes (spending moved nodes minus 1 - since first one is free) and then attack once with each equipped weapon in your hands Attack once with each equipped weapon in your hands and then move any number of nodes (spending moved nodes minus 1 - since first one is free) The only way of moving before and after an attack or the other way around would be if your weapon's attack provides additional movement (which is not related to your base movement) or with a heroic like "Berserk Charge"! Also, potential weapons in your backpack slot stating they can be used in the backpack slot, can also be used to attack with once, as they overrule the "in your hands" rule. (Defend against) ENEMY ATTACKS - and TRAPS Dodge/Block/Resist order if multiple characters get attacked Player choice, but they are considered to be simultaneous. So if for example the Assassin dodges and uses his Heroic, and then kills the enemy making the attack the other players hit by the attack still need to block/dodge/resist. Dodge You can attempt to dodge an attack, even though your symbols shown in the equipped items'Dodge show 0, but assuming it's a dodge diificulty of 1 or higher you will automatically fail. (In corner case scenarios this can be a viable thing to do.) You "must" spend 1 Stamina and "can" move to any adjacent node (with no chest or gravestone on, if barrel, you have to spend 1 additional Stamina). Means, you have to pay 1 Stamina, but you can choose to not move. If you fail the attempted dodge, you will resolve the hit by the attack from the node you moved onto (if you have choosen to move). Means, if the attack involved a push, you get pushed from the node you moved onto, take the full damage, involved conditions and such Dodge + Traps (specific scenario to highlight the order of resolving attacks) Remember a trap's damage cannot be blocked! Assume an enemy attacks you and you dodge on a another (face down) trap, which you also dodge and so on: Enemy attack -> Choose to dodge -> Pay 1 stamina -> Move to a trapped node -> Choose to Dodge trap -> Pay 1 stamina for Trap dodge -> Move to another node -> Make Dodge dice roll for Dodging Trap -> Rinse and repeat until dodging is finished with Traps or you step on a Trap that is blank -> Dodge roll for the push attack -> Fail the roll -> Take damage from push attack -> Get pushed The TLDR is that Traps interrupt enemy attacks 'The first time a character moves onto a node with a face down trap token, flip the trap token over'. Once you're finished resolving traps you make the dice roll for the initial enemy attack and resolve that accordingly if you fail the dice roll. This isn't a scenario I see coming up all that much, but yeah, thats the resolution. ENEMY ACTIVATIONS GENERAL Activation Enemies activate (move and attack) one at a time, one after another. From highest to lowest threat, if equal, characters decide. Behavior cards/icons A behavior card contains a combination of one or multiple behavior icons (movement, attack, etc.), determining the behavior of an enemies activation. Each of these behavior icons is resolved as its own (isolated) action, from left to right! This distinction is even more important for boss behaviour cards, especially with repeats. Determine Target ("nearest" or "aggro") The very first thing you do with a behaviour icon is determine who they're going after (before resolving any other actions like pushes and such)! That's not something that happens at each step of movement or a single time for an entire behaviour card. You do that at the start of each behaviour icon (start of movement icon, start of attack icon, etc.). ENEMY MOVEMENT Player decisions on Enemy movements Which route the enemy takes is entirely up to the players, as long as the closer to/farther away criteria is met (assuming of course there are nodes that would take the enemy closer to/farther away, if there aren't any... then the enemy won't move). Sheperding enemies that move away into a corner is an entirely valid tactic. Moving towards "nearest" or "aggro": If the movement is towards the "nearest," determine who that is (it will not change during movement) If the movement has Push, Push characters off the node the enemy is on (if push includes an attack, the attack will not trigger!) If the enemy is a boss and the movement is towards "nearest" or "aggro," turn the boss so the centre of its front arc faces an adjacent node that is closer to that character (you are now done if it is a 0 distance move) Move the boss onto the node directly in front of it or the non-boss enemy one node closer to "nearest" or "aggro" as appropriate If the movement has Push, Push characters off the node the enemy is on (you are now done if it is a 1 distance move) (if push includes an attack, the attack will trigger and attacks all pushed characters) Repeat steps 3-5 for 2 distance or longer moves Additional movement towards "nearest" or "aggro" information: If the movement has no Push (including Push triggered by Node Model Limit) and the enemy is on the node of its target ("nearest" or "aggro"), the movement ends. Moving away from "nearest" or "aggro": see "Moving towards" see "Moving towards" If the enemy is a boss and the movement is farther away from "nearest" or "aggro," turn the boss so the centre of its back arc faces an adjacent node that is farther from that character. If there isn't any node, turn the boss so the centre of its front arc faces an adjacent node that is closer to that character (you are now done if it is a 0 distance move) Move the boss onto the node directly behind it or the non-boss enemy one node farther from "nearest" or "aggro" as appropriate. (you are now done if there isn't any node) see "Moving towards" see "Moving towards" Moving without "nearest" or "aggro" (Boss only): The boss never turns if the movement is not towards/away from "nearest" or "aggro" The boss never moves/shifts diagonally in relation to it's facing. In other words, it never moves onto an adjacent node that is along the lines between arcs The boss moves/shifts the stated amount of nodes exactly in the direction as stated on the movement icon (foward/backwards/left/right) in relation to it's facing The above means, there is always only one valid node for each individual move/shift, the adjacent node in the center of the arc in movement direction! If this only option is not available, for example because there is a wall, chest, gravestone or (not destroyed) barrel on that adjacent node, it doesn't move Additional boss push clarification If a boss pushes you off of its node as part of movement or an attack, you will be pushed onto an adjacent node in the same arc. (If there are no eligible nodes due to the tile’s wall, you are pushed to any adjacent node touching the wall instead). BOSS ENCOUNTERS Boss arcs The top arc of the arc diagram on a behavior card is always the front arc of the boss's model. If you're moving off of the boss's node for any reason, you need to stay in the same arc. This includes any pushes as part of movement or attacks. Heat Up If the boss will heat-up after suffering 1 damage from a poison token at the end of his activation, the weak arc still remains to be the one from the last face-up behavior card. Remember the weak arc while a player starts performing the Heat Up card addition and shuffling or just wait before doing that until the beginning of the next boss activation. OTHERS Wording 'Target' There's a difference between "target" used conversationally and "target" the game term defined on page 20 of the rulebook. "Target" the game term means comparing an attack to block, resist, or dodge to determine damage dealt. When the Herald uses "one character within range gains 6 stamina" on his Talisman, he's choosing who to affect, but that's not the defined game term "target." Wording 'Attack' An "attack" lists dice you roll against an enemy's block/resist.
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    Alternate facts/guild ratings: 1. Brewers are the best because of beer, followed by Butchers because meat. 2. Morticians are the worst because dying sucks. 3. Everyone else is somewhere in the middle.
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    With the emphasis of master/apprentice relationships it seems only right to paint these guys up as Sith. Can see it now. "this is Anvil, Dark Lord of the Smith."
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    It's a shame that my previous post was edited out. Maybe a little critical but I thought it was a quality dank meme / political cartoon that suited the context of the discussion perfectly. In that light, I want to say that despite the compounding and largely coherent evidence from multiple sources that Alchemists are ahead of the other guilds by a respectable margin and that Hunters are behind the other guilds by a larger margin, that the Steamforged team has - in my opinion of course - been exemplary in their treatment of game balance so far through their regular scheduled patches, and I expect this to continue in the future. It's easy to not see the forest for the trees, and forget how successful and well-received the HUGE Season 3 update was, or the two errata cycles before that. Actually, most of the complaints were about things that weren't changed. Or misguided comments about Marbles, but we won't get into that. I don't fault them at all for waiting to see how the new Hunters played out before making changes to the game, or for doing things on a schedule. But past evidence leads me to be optimistic about what will come down the line for some of the more maligned models in the game, along with the few power outliers. #bansammons
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    Or we can do this the proper way and say that 5% margin is the best in determinating what is bent and how much... GOD TIER Alchemists 64.6% SLIGHTLY OP TIER Engineers 56.5% Fishermen 57.1% SPOT ON BALANCED TIER Masons 50.0% Butchers 47.6% The Union 47.1% Morticians 46.4% SLIGHTLY UP TIER Brewers 41.6% UTTER SHAJT TIER Hunters 32.9% When will SF adress this travesty that hunters are and alchs are - if ever. Also why no SF played Hunters to show that we just can't get them right ?
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    That's almost impossible given how little team variety is seen at the top end of competitive play currently.
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    I'm glad they didn't cave on Union. We all know there are basically 3 union picks right now and so all the 10/2 would do would add Harry and A+G to most teams...do we need to see that? No (ironically my original stance was against Union restriction - and then they released A+G & Harry who are basically stupid good in their current form). My Hunters will be glad of the 10th man. I kind of wish it was just All Guild. I see why they've done what they've done with the picking order, but it feels inelegant. I thought (and said) that knowing whether you are kicking or receiving is extremely powerful in list selection (Shark agogo) and having it before can lead to conservative picks that work in either scenario (like in Season 1). Now it's half-half. You get a conservative captain with an adaptive team. I don't really like it as I've honed my teams into Kick Off and Receive Teams and this is going to throw that out the window based on a dice roll. People will have to gravitate to the 'safe' captain because now that roll might be even more powerful. *sigh*.
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    Here we go! Please sub for more Dark Souls: The Board Game content going forwards and get involved in the video comment discussions!
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    Saying this is a scam and/or a ripoff is really harsh considering theyve worked their asses off to get this far and have run into some problems. You didn't buy the game, you donated your money to get the company enough funds to make it and in return as a gift they are giving you a game along with plenty of free expansions that will be way higher than the original pledge. I suggest wait it out and just relax until you get your copy like the rest of us.
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    Hahaha. I just meant that huge list of stuff in the third post of this thread. I'm not great at hiding stuff. :shrug: Although... that said... Some of my favorite elements of the expansions are things that weren't even unlocked in the Kickstarter but that we added afterwards: Old Dragonslayer now playable as a mini boss in Explorers expansion Asylum Demon from the Asylum Demon mega boss expansion now playable as a mini boss as well as a mega boss Some other cool stuff about mega boss expansions that I don't know if we've even announced yet Alex and I are as excited about this game as you guys are, and we want it to be as good as it can possibly be.
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    The rules aren't vague, but people tend to interpret/assume to much instead of carefully reading and remembering the rules when they actually play the game. Many rules that streamers messed up were very very clear and they still didn't get it right... Beside that, I don't have my German version yet. I'm a bit frustrated about that fact too considering the promising update about 4 weeks ago, but it is what it is.
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    It sounds like Butchers might be more his alley - a more direct team that forces choices on their opponent and offers good beat down (and Minx can play for them). Hunters are an odd duck I'm afraid. The models are beautiful but like a siren, they pull new players onto the rocks. They are hard to play well but they can reward with a high skill ceiling (although how high that ceiling is a topic of debate). So he shouldn't beat himself up - it might be that he needs a simpler team to work with first to see what Hunters offer. Some will say Hunters are bottom tier in that elusive 'competitiveness' - that's debatable (their win rates are way down though). If he wants to stay with Hunters I would say (and this is purely my advice - your mileage may vary): 1. Learn how Theron seems designed to work. Never put more than 3/4 on him except turn 1. Theron can punch and snare but he won't take models out - he is not vRage. Usually that INF is better spent on the other players. Pinned is EXTREMELY powerful at the right time - forcing a model to move on a line of your choosing (dodges aside) can be very powerful - it can be used to stop charges on weak players or ball holders, force strikers to run backwards, prevent disengagement (you can shoot models you are engaging). Blessing is very good for extra INF - try to take viable targets for this (Egret, Chaska, Zarola are best). 2. Chaska can threaten a lot of damage that doesn't require engagement (so avoids counter attacks etc). 3. Seenah is love/hate - I would suggest she has her place against beatdown teams if you can control the tempo. Send her into a ruck and she's momentum fodder. Send her in last/first and she can get you the crucial take out. 4. I would try an allrounder list like: Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Minx, Hearne1, Chaska. It plays pretty simply and relies on Theron and Jaecar to score, but it has less gotchas in it. An alternative might be Skatha, Fahad, Minx, Seenah, Jaecar, Hearne2. It combines goal threat with murder. 5. Hunters are quite fragile - try to Back to Shadows out of melee range - use traps to slow the enemy rather than pushing them onto them. Hunters can abuse rough ground - try to use this if possible. 6. Don't get stuck in a ruck - Hunters will fold like a pack of cards if they get into a straight fistfight. Be sneaky and hit & run, or back up your ruck with punchy models like Seenah and Jaecar and Chaska shooting people. 7. Momentum generation can be hard or easy depending on how you are controlling the game - try to dominate or blow it all, keep an eye on your opponent. 8. Snare as much as possible as quickly as possible. Snare is easy to remove but it is one the the best condition. 9. Bear with them - they do get better the more you play. But if getting impatient consider a change and come back later. The object is to have fun. 10. Ignore those who say Hunters are useless until Season 4 - there's no indication SFG will make changes to Hunters in S4. You either work with what you have or move on.