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    Played or watched five games this weekend in this style, doing more tonight I think. Initial thoughts— It doesn't change a lot about the rest of the game. The first turn is definitely more interactive, and with so many models within threat ranges of each other there is pretty strong pressure to start fighting immediately. That said, in most of the games we played turns 2 and onward, and especially turns 3 and onward, looked very much like those matchups tend to look for us with normal deployment rules. Teams playing against Fish are still heavily incentivized to disengage and kill the ball, for example, and that happened approximately at the same time it would in a game with standard deployment in our experience. I didn't even feel like the scores at the end of turn one were dramatically different than they would be in the old system—scores like 4-0 and 4-2 are fairly likely to happen by the start of turn 2 in either format, though outliers of 6-4 or 8-4 do seem more likely in the new format. It's extremely punishing for new players, both players new to Guild Ball and players new to this deployment style. You already got a few horror stories about people being up 10 points at the end of turn one, or people expecting to get three goals turn one. I don't really think that's a thing that will keep happening as people learn the format better, but anybody introduced to this format seems pretty likely to have a very one-sided first impression if they're playing against an experienced player. Deployment mistakes will be very very punishing in some cases, and if people don't like killing the ball then they will suffer the predicted 10-x game starts, which probably is too much. So ball interactivity is likely to not increase over where it was before—not sure if that was an intent of the design. In part because deployment is so punishing, the deployment draft is a really interesting addition to the game. It's certainly still early days but we learned some interesting ideas about how to deploy well in this format and if this system became standard I think that strategic level would be a welcome addition to the game. That said, it probably would need to be on the clock for tournament games. We played without Jamie's suggested test of the kicker starting with a Momentum on turn one, so the receiving team's first activation in all five games was brutal. A receiving team that has a model that can lock down another model nearby (Harry is the obvious example, but anybody with a combination of pushes and KDs can do this; the Goad is probably extra good though) can really screw up the kicking team's forward players. Perhaps just as important as it being strong, this first interaction is effectively non-interactive, which I know is against what Guild Ball has been going for in its design and balance decisions over the last year or so. I'm going to test the Momentum addition tonight; I'd also suggested elsewhere that, if this becomes standard, the kicking player could receive a special plot card that says something like "This card may be used in place of 1 Momentum for any use except a Goal Shot or Snap Shot" since I know there are concerns about non-interactive goals as well. The main purpose would be for the kicking team to be able to heal or clear conditions at the beginning of their first activation, basically, or to CA/DS in the game's first activation. Overall I like it so far, I do think it will need some tweaking and if it gets adopted as standard in the future it may need some balance adjustments across the board (but I already think the game needs some balance adjustments anyway so hopefully that's happening). At the very least it's exciting to have something actually new to fiddle with in GB, and something that adds strategical considerations. If this did not become standard, I'd still happily play events using it every so often. EDIT: Also quickly wanted to mention that this deployment looks more like how I picture a soccer/football pitch would be arrayed during a game. A minor concern compared to the health and interest of the actual game, but I like it anyway.
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    Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

    It's summer, it's hot (except in England where we've had our three warm days already), and it's time for a new contest! Given the weather, it seemed like a good time of year to go for a writing challenge - why not dust off the keyboards and flex those literary aspirations while your paint is drying out too fast... The Rules The challenge will close at 23:59 on the 31st of July, at which point all entries should be posted up in their own threads in a folder that will appear for that very purpose in mid-July. Judging will happen over the next week or so, being wrapped up before Gencon on the 17th August One entry per person, so pick your best if you write more than that. You can post up works in progress and get community feedback if you want to, they don't have to be kept secret. Stories should be no more than 1000 words long, excessive length may well count against you. The theme of the story should be 'the rookie' - maybe it's their first game in the minor leagues, or the week after they're accepted to the training program, whatever you come up with and whichever guild you like (although... family friendly forum, so careful with the Seamstresses guild ). Entries will be judged by none other than the Magister of the Scholar's Guild, @Sherwin! The Rewards Naturally, there's bragging rights. There's also a nice bit of prize support from SFG: First Place will get a Farmers starter set box Second Place will get a set of Farmer's Guild dice Third Place will get a Farmer's Guild patch So who can I tempt to give it a shot? #saveAmber
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    That was one crazy week... I got nothing done until today, but Scalpel is now basically finished at last!
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    (Created by Lon Sims) Special thanks to everyone in the Guild Ball Zone discord channel who provided playtesting and feedback for these rules. Ever wonder what your creatures are up to when not with their teams? What Fun does Fahad have in her free time? How does Salt spend his Summers? Well… They play Ball of course! WELCOME TO ANIMAL BALL!! The next evolution in sport which is taking the Empire of the Free Cities by Storm! In this ferocious show of fang and claw - onlookers come to realize just how essential and talented these balls of fur (or scales) can be. The speeds are blistering, the teamwork is crucial, and the brutality is downright lovable. Never so quickly have you seen a crowd go from “aww” to “ouch”! Draft your squad from ALL AVAILIBLE mascots and use your limited resources to pilot your critters to victory. Rules: Animal Ball is played on a 2ft x 2 ft pitch. The proving grounds mat has this built in (demo) If you are using a standard mat, square off the center 2 feet. The front of the goals are placed 4 inches from the back line. Deployment is 6 inches from the back line. Each team is comprised of 6 MASCOT models chosen via Draft (See Draft Section). The game is played to 6VPs. (mascots are still worth 1vp per take out) For a slightly longer game, you may opt to reduce goals to 3VPs. All friendly models count as friendly guild models. NO HEALING via “take a breather lad” or “come on mate”. You may clear conditions as normal. Plot cards are not used in this format. Unless mentioned above, all standard rules from the core Guild Ball game apply. For a slightly more action packed game, you may opt to increase each team’s influence pool by 2 during allocation. (see standard rules for goal influence) Proxies may be necessary. Ensure you and your opponents are clear on exactly which model is what mascot. Write it down if necessary. Drafting: All Mascot cards from the Guild Ball Universe shall be available to draft. Place all of the cards on the middle of the pitch. Roll off to determine who goes first. Bans: Banning a Card/Model removes it from the pool. It may no longer be selected. The first player will Ban a single card. The second player will Ban a single card. Draft: This is a snake draft. The first player will pick a single model, followed by the second player picking two, followed by the first player picking 2 until each has 6 models. Player 1 picks 1. Player 2 Picks 2. Player 1 Picks 2. Player 2 Picks 2. Player 1 Picks 2. Player 2 picks 2. Player 1 picks 1. After the draft is complete. Roll off to determine Kicker/Receiver. The kicker deploys their entire team and nominates a kicker. The receiver deploys their entire team. Kick off and enjoy the game! Tips: The Small field and generally high MOV of mascots make for an extremely dynamic game. Use it to your advantage. The combination of low TAC and high DEF/ARM make crowd outs EXTREMELY important. A low INF pool means Mascots which have free abilities are at a premium. Goals, while worth proportionally more points, are also much riskier due to low KICK stats. Not all Mascots are created equal. Some may seem highly effective versus their counterparts. If you are worried about a particular model – use your ban or make sure to pick it first! HAVE FUN! This is Animal Ball. This is a living rule set hosted here: http://www.guildball.zone/animal-ball/ http://animalball.guildball.zone (coming soon)
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    My Art Of War tokens arrived today, lovely stuff! Thanks @Grantt Half an hour later, I've now got a shiny colour coded measuring stick set (and many more unpainted widgets!) A quick view of the process: Blob on paint, peel away most of the paper, use the back of some tweezers to push the rest of the paper away and wipe with a piece of cloth to be sure, peel off the backing and lo, finished result (with white edge markings for easy sight)
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    What if, and I'm just spitballing here, the rules were released in a beta form and feedback was requested?
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    Harvest Markers on Obstructions

    After speaking with the design team, we're concerned about invincible harvest-markers, and also constricting opponent movement. Markers cannot be placed overlapping obstructions. This will be updated in the next errata, and will go into core rules somewhere down the line.
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    @masterkdog I hope you do continue with your vet Brisket buddy, she a lovely model and at 85% done you just need one more session to get her finished. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the pics! @maiquelPS I am always up for taking advice and I thank you for it. Vet Brisket was for an existing team so I had to match the colours and style, I hope to push the contrast on newer models but I have to admit it can be a struggle for me to highlight up to white, i'll give it a good attempt though . Took a few pictures of the latest model i'm working on, it kinda sets the theme for the team even though he's not the captain. Here's a remodelled Brick, hopefully looking like he's ready for a fight. He'll be leaning forwards slightly more than in the pics here.
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    I can see it now: Guild Ball Gotchas ep 23: The Rage Hit 'Em a Bunch of Times
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    It's difficult to evaluate this without the context. If it's just another new format for alternative play then ok fine, looks interesting. If it's a change for standard play then KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE! From orbit. With a nuke. Just to be sure. This feels like a solution looking for a problem - what is designed to do? Speed up play? Nonsense. All it does is is try to jump turn 1, which is the quickest turn in the game. Worse it makes deployment (the least interesting part of the game let's face it) so much longer as people will agonise over choice and placement - and this currently isn't on the clock so games could get even longer. It seems to deliberately put players in terrible situations that players can easily avoid under the current rules (being forced to be <7" from Fillet is hardly ideal) and is reducing player agency. That first turn is like a ballet, where two players size each other up and move and counter move are made. This just says 'hey, you're screwed whatever you do - have fun?'. Also it will almost certainly lead to situations where if you deploy wrong, you've probably lost the game - that is not good for GB at all. Losing a game from deployment would kill my enjoyment. Noone I have ever spoken to has said 'hey, this first turn is really boring, can we skip it to where you dangle your players in ludicrous positions?'. And almost certainly, current models are not designed for this kind of forced interaction. It totally kills control play, because models are handed to your opponent. Genuinely have no idea what this is for but it's not my idea of GB and I don't think I'd want to play it. It's far too boardgamey. And there is already a football boardgame for that...
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    A kind of the unfun game

    *cries softly*
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    New Guild ball masons player

    Hey guys, I really appreciate your advice on the topic, I went to the shop today to play a timed game and actually went 12-0 against the engineer team I was having trouble with! i still have the starting 6, but I used them a lot more like you guys said. Turn one the main play for the engineers was to get the ball to velocity, and run her towards my goal. He went up the side, I superior strategied mallet, engaged her and pushed her. I won the momentum and roll that turn and went first. turn two I pushed velocity off the side of the pitch with mallet placing the ball in the middle which scattered to colossus, and then had marbles on ballista, and tag teamed him with the sisters. I once again win the momentum race. Turn 3 I went first again, and killed ballista with honour, and had harmony then engage colossus and kept her within four inches of brick, I took the ball and kicked it to flint who ran off on his own. I once again win the momentum race. I go first again on turn four and use the sisters and brick to kill colossus, and pump my momentum up yet again, keeping a lot of people together and had mallet returning to the pitch, and I used brick to engage ratchet and knock him down. He moved up ballista a little far that turn which set me up for an easy sisters kill. The final turn the sisters finished off ballista again and flint ran in and scored a goal on compound by staying in Melee range to not trigger rush keeper, and I used a bonus time die. All in all the guy felt kinda shocked and surprised, it felt really good to play the masons so fluidly! Next is the hunters guy so I'll see how I do but I really appreciate all the help from everyone! Also, it was my first times game and I managed to do it under time. So that was pretty cool.
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    Ideas for Harvest Markers

    Well I asked my wife to see what she could come up with. Her sculpy skills are far superior to my own. This is what she came up with.
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    Yeah I don't totally understand the allure of this thing, it seems like it takes away a ton of what I like about the alternate deployment, that is the deployment countering and draft. That's a big strategy addition I don't think should be taken away. Got another couple games in over the past week, really feeling the momentum is needed. With momentum and without alternate-alternate is how I would want it to stand.
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    Forum Challenge - The Tryouts

    **Spare hour, thought I'd add my two cents! By no means a writer, but had a fun daydream so thought I'd get it typed.** Ribs cracked and lungs heaved heavy, laboured breaths as they compressed from the force of the blow. Batton’s vision blurred as his dilated pupils struggled to realign the competing midday suns his swirling mind had concocted. Knees buckled, legs fell and the worn dirt granted its dry embrace. A wretching cough threatened to spill his tasteless lunch gruel over the painted lines of the grass, with only a hastily pressed fist keeping his lips shut. “Well…he saved it at least?” Tapper said, head cocked to one side as he stood underneath the shade cast from his team mate. “I guess. Doesn’t look like the lad’ll be blocking any more today though, shall I get the next one?” Stave asked. “He’s the last.” The captain sighed. “She’s doing this deliberately you know, she doesn’t see the point in one.” Batton’s eyes watered as his breathing struggled to settle, hot dust caking the side of his parched lips as he rose unsteadily back to his feet. Groggily he stepped back to his mark once more and beckoned over to the player opposite him. This time it hit him in the gut, and his tempestuous meal cascaded freely as he doubled over from the shot. “She’s going to kill the boy at this rate…” the hulking Stave sighed indifferently. “Then you’ll have to explain to the Valentian winemakers why you can’t fulfil your end of the pact.” Tapper stroked his beard absent-mindedly as he watched the boy again return to his mark and signal the striker to fire once more. The weighted leather ball fizzed across the courtyard and smashed into Barrow’s shoulder as he recoiled in agony, clutching his dulled limb loosely. The Valentians’ economic support was a critical piece in his defence against Esters’ political machinations, and they expected to have one of their own representing the Brewers, but their convoluted passing style did not sit well with the Brewers brawling game. The boy was different though…he had something a little more about him. Tapper’s musings were snapped back into reality as a howl ripped out of Batton’s crumpled form, his arm contorted in a grotesque parody of knotted treebranch as yet another virulent shot hit its mark. “Friday! That’s enough!” The captain bellowed. The blond striker smirked defiantly from across the pitch as she stared down at the broken rookie while physicians rushed to his aid with clanking tools and hip flasks of maldriven whisky. Her saunter tempered slightly as Tapper closed in on his wayward forward. “I suppose you think you’ve proven a point?” He asked. “We don’t need one, why waste time protecting the goal when we could get another forward? You think that boy the equal of the Ratcatcher or Butchers’ hulk? Look at him, pitiful like the rest. You’d do better to put the damned cat in goal instead.” Friday hissed as she retrod a familiar argument. “He saved all of your shots though…” Tapper stated coldly. “If I was aiming for the goal that might be the case.” Friday mocked arrogantly. “…but you were, and the boy stopped them…and I’d wager he’d do it again tomorrow.” Tapper challenged. Batton’s pain subsided as he watched Friday storm away from the captain in the centre circle, his view obscured as the towering Stave pushed a pint to his mouth. “Ere you go lad…best get that down you to dull the pain. You did good today…now catch your breath. You’re down in the pit with Pint Pot this afternoon.” The rookie choked on his beer as the physicians dragged him away to prepare…
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Hm, I seem to be doing a few too many painting updates... have to distract myself with other things soon or I'll lose my record for procrastination! Cossey was pretty good to paint, felt I had to mess up her dress a bit to emphasise her fluff - I don't normally go for dirty paintwork. That's three down, three to go if I want to finish a basic team by gencon
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    Match report, Scalpel Vs Honour

    Episode 1 of Don't touch the beard, a light hearted match report available now over at the youtubes.
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    I found this episode really enjoyable because it differed so much with my opinion of the game and I enjoy hearing different viewpoints. Here's my pro's of why I am on Team Multiple Guilds and not Team More Depth for Guilds Easier to create clearly defined themes for factions. Less models for a single faction make it less likely that one of your existing models will be invalidated by a new, strictly better model. Less cost for faction-completionist to own multiple guilds. New guilds bring more people into the game than a strong new model for an existing faction does. An anecdote: In my meta there is a farmer named Reesch who plays WMH and 40k. My brother mentioned Guild Ball to him one day but he declined. Cost wasn't an issue for him, but time was his biggest barrier. He didn't have time for a third wargame. When the Farmers team was spoiled my brother tried once more to persuade him and upon seeing models themed after his profession he immediately asked for a demo. And of course, after a single demo of the game he was sold. Summary Everyone's opinions are based on their owns experiences. I believe you guys have X-Ray vision into the meat and bones of balance and are seeing some malaise among fellow top-tier players which reinforce your opinions. Whereas, I am a filthy casual who used to work at a game store so my opinions are not based on game balance but on game growth. We live in the golden age of wargaming and it is difficult for companies to carve out a player base in this highly competitive market. Similar to Farmer Reesch I initially resisted Guild Ball because I already played WMH and I didn't have time for a 2nd wargame. However, at Adepticon I played one demo and I was hooked. The game really does sell itself, but the hard part is getting people to overcome their resistance. New guilds get people to overcome their new-game-resistance because the themes are relatable to real people: Hunters, Fishermen, Butchers, Masons... etc. Obviously not everyone is a butcher or a mason in real life but how many gamers do you think are out there that got excited about Guild Ball because they heard there was a team themed around brewing beer? Because Guild Ball is themed around real life occupations it is more relatable and creates lots of nostalgic triggers. As a blogger I will snap-buy any new guild that is themed around writing and my brother, who used to blacksmith a lot in MMORPG's is pumped for the new Blacksmith team.
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    Jamie P


    Good spot indeed, but just a typo. The kicking model is both determined and placed first. If the kicker is placed last it leaves far too many options for the ball to be 'killed' by a kick-off into a deadspot. This is the last thing we want.
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    Veteran Fillet?

    Ok so this might be a slight deviation from the usual release scheme but how about doing a novice Fillet? That way you don't need to consider why she has fallen from grace. The fluff always suggested to me that she played in the team before taking the captain role so how about a model that represents her at this time which fits with OG Ox being the captain?
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    And if you do decide to re-focus on the competitive side of things, I think a healthy way to go about it is to focus on details of your own play performance rather than the game results. Games like this, with built-in variance, can very well be lost even if you played 'better' between the two of you. Results are an easy focus, as winning feels great and losing can be frustrating, but if the attitude is "I'm going to play my absolute best and be a better player after this event than before it" rather than "if I lose, I've failed", games can be more rewarding win or lose. Results will come on their own. Easier said than done sometimes, though.
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    The best (Guild Ball) videos on YouTube. Great stuff.
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    Greetings forum dwellers! This is the eighth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. Join me as I breakdown an Alchemists vs Brewers game against Pat VanValue explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Pat is one of the USA's WTC Team members as well as a host of Strictly The Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Pat's Twitter: @PatVanV https://twitter.com/PatVanV
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    Episode 18 of Double Dodge is live! http://doubledodge.com.au/ We are also on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/double-dodge-guild-ball-podcast/id1140110129 In this episode we chat with Alex Botts about WTC, the Evil Empire of Chicago, and what it’s like to be part of a nefarious band of roaming trophy hunters. We then jump in the car for the inaugural Car Ball: Slug F#@k where we take a ridiculous matchup suggestion to its logical conclusion. Double Dodge!! Diggle Diggle!! Double Dodge is sponsored by Nerdvana Games SA: https://nerdvanagamessa.com/ and Soupcan: https://www.soupcan.com.au/
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    State of the game?

    If I were SFG? Fix the weak models nobody takes: I would sort out the weak models so people want to buy them (Fangtooth - god his Heroic is sooooo baaaaddd and he's 1/3...eurgh) which will also have a net effect of mixing up the meta a bit as people adjust to more varied team choices. Fix the auto-include models everyone takes: Everyone takes Harry, Meathook, Kat1 - these models are just too good for their situational cost slot. Having auto-includes makes the game boring - every team looks the same. Tweak these down a bit to good but not auto-include and the game will be fresh once more. Sort out their release windows: I don't like the staggering of the Farmers. It will make them weird to play for 1-2 months, won't have the big impact on the meta they could have and it's just annoying (look at Hunters and their 1 year between releases...eurgh). Look at changing Plots into something else: Plots are at the moment a bit stupid - the random draw meaning you can get 3 of the best cards (getting Knee Slider and Who Are You is back breaking for opponent) at top play is just bad design. I would increase the number of plots but turn it into draft - I pick, you pick etc. That way if you pick Knee Slider, I know I can get Who Are You etc. Alternative is to turn these into some sort of list building collectible - BUT you are going to potentially piss people off if the game devolves into who has the best stuff. I favour releasing 20 Plot Cards and creating a draft system. You'll still have tiers of cards, but a) one guy doesn't get all the tier 1 stuff, b ) there is a wider selection so it could be tailored more to factions (e.g. something stabby for take out teams, etc). You could even release 1-2 Guild Specific plots like in Big League (but not as broken as some of those!) that people could collect. You could churn the Plot Cards much more frequently than every season - that will mix things up on the pitch every say 6 months. Keep it fresh. If we are stuck with Knee Slider for another year and half until Season 4 I think I might scream. Release alt-sculpts/terrain packs etc Release prize kits tailored to larger events or randomise what's in the prize kits. Every kit having a Mist is going to get a little old soon. Sure you'll have the a-holes that ebay stuff but in the main you'll offer random collectibles that will make events interesting. Sort out the OPD - I'm not sure the captains pick change has helped the game at all. Now people (as expected) are dropping certain captains (sBrisket) because that kick/receive roll is huge. People like creating kick off/receive strategies. I would just push the captain/mascot pick to immediately after the roll off. Either simultaneous or consecutive choice - I don't know without play testing which is busted. The kicker being able to pick their captain based on knowing they are kicking and what the opponent receiver is doing sounds powerful - is it as powerful as receiving the ball? Don't know. Also increase the squad size. It's not actually helping the game because the idea of forcing meaningful choices on Guilds penalizes adaptability - which makes teams more samey (and affects different Guilds differently - Alchs don't care, Masons are sad). Just let people take their whole guild - see what happens - you might start seeing more Fangtooths and Granites. Release more dual guild models - Compound is great, and the fact he works for 2 guilds adds interesting flavour to both. I want to see a Butcher/Mortician player or a Mason/Blacksmith player etc. This will spark people into buying those one-off models and mix up metas. If I were SFG. Which is why I don't run games companies probably...
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    Adventures of a splayedpaintbrush

    Well it's done! Here is the finished goal post. I have a full article on my blog about how I made it. Blog post about a goal post... https://splayedpaintbrush.com/2017/06/21/making-a-guild-ball-goal/ Just gotta paint it next right!? (and add a couple of finishing touches i think)
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    Traits - the Active and Passive list

    OK folks, some of you asked for it, so here’s the big break down of all 171 traits that are currently in the game and whether they are active or passive. This list is up to date as of May 17, including the Farmers, Benediction and Grace. If you spot any errors then please comment below. I’ll be hiding responses once they’ve been answered to keep the thread short. This guide is not a rules clarification as such and is not definitive, it is a simple tool to help you. If you want to know whether a trait is passive or active, rather than searching through a big list, ask yourself some simple questions: 1) May I choose to use the trait during my model’s activation? 2) May I choose to use the trait when the trait’s defined requirements have been met? If the answer to either of these questions is YES, you have an active trait. 3) Does the trait have an effect at all times? 4) Does the trait automatically have an effect when the requirements have been met? If the answer to either of these questions is YES, you have a passive trait. Remember that active traits are actions, they may not interrupt another action unless a specific timing step has been triggered. Active traits a player may choose to use during a model’s activation At Your Post Back to the Shadows Bag of Coffers Bag of Quaffers Big Breakfast Big Game Traps Cabbage Patch Cloud Jumper Crazy Detach Empowered Voice Fixer Get Over Here! Incensed Intimidating Roar Launch Control Linked Look Busy! Nature’s Blessing Nature’s Chill Nature’s Growth Pit Fall Planting Season Purity Reattach Rollerball Six Pack Shadow Like Smoke Cloud Spider Nests Talisman Territorial The Last Straw Webbing Active traits a player may choose to use when the defined requirement are satisfied Ass Kicking Berserk Between a Rock… Blood Dance Control Strings Counter Charge Escaping Fate Family Fertiliser Fly Keeper Follow Up Football Dervish Forceful Blow Foundation Gravity Well Hundred Hand Stance Knockback Long Legs Lunar Eclipse Ooooh… BALL! Pack Mentality Pain Response Poised Reactive Solution Rush Keeper Scything March Stop Slacking! Swift Strikes Tag Along Take One for the Team Team Player Unpredictable Movement Close Control Hidden Damage Life Drinker Rapid Growth Regenerate Stoic Sturdy Passive traits Above and Beyond Ambush Anatomical Precision Animosity Assist Beautiful Benched Blessed Blood Scent Breaking Play Burning Effigy Burning Passion Burning Spirit Burning Strike Charmed Chemical Admixture Chemical Frenzy Contract Covalence Cover of Darkness Crow Scarer Crucial Artery Damaged Target Dark Doubts Defence support Deteriorating Determination Extended Reach Fear Floored Flying Football Legend For the Family Fork Off! Foul Odour Furious Gluttonous Mass Go Ape! Goal Defence Goal of the Month Haemophilia Hale and Hearty Hooked Hunter’s Prey Impart Faith Impart Wisdom In Sync Inanimate Object Inspiring Hat Isolated Target Kick Support Lash Out Lend a Hand Light Footed Lone Hunter Loved Creature Magical Brew Many Hands Make Light Work Match Fit Make it Rain Maverick Momentous Inspiration Motivated Mud Concealer Never Say Die Noxious Death Offensive Defense One, Two! Overheat Painful Rage Paint on your Boots Poisonous Fumes Protected Pyromaniac Reanimate Resolute Rising Anger Rowdy Scores for Fun Shelling Out Shove the Boot in Showboating Skilled With Shadow Slippery Smell Blood Support from the Wing Sweeping Charge Tactical Advice That’s Not the Ball The Old Ways The Owner Thought Tough Hide Usurper Venomous Strike Vindictive Volley Threat Winter’s Blessing
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    Forum! The newest episode of Guild Ball Gotchas is up! Episode 4 for Patrons should be up early tomorrow. I hope you guys enjoy it. Welcome to the Third episode of Guild Ball Gotchas where I go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in Guild Ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering Honour's signature Character Play Superior Strategy. Special thanks go out to Nick Kleeman, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Botts for assisting with this video. The GBG Logo was designed by Dano Amonette. His Instgram is https://www.instagram.com/deadpoolxanko/?hl=en Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
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    Correct. The ball must be completely within the receiver's half of the pitch after resolving the kick off, which includes snapping and any other movement (least disturbance etc).
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    It's because Hunters get the short end of every stick. Literally.
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    So, the forum challenge inspired me. First, a couple of notes: - In my mind, the Astronomer's Guild has several related business interests beside tracking the stars. The have excellent navigators, the best cartographers and mathematicians in the Empire, and even dip their toes into fortune telling and stuff we'd classify as astrology in the real world. Game wise, these would be represented by control effects and luck-modifying abilities like Confidence. In the War, in addition to navigation, cartography, and logistics, the guild would also have had some folks able to do combat trigonometry* who would either be ridiculously good snipers or part of elite siege- and anti-siege-artillery teams with the Engineers. - "Seyfert" comes from "Seyfert Galaxy", which is a galaxy with a "small, intensely bright" center. I thought that sounded pretty Rookie-ish so I grabbed it. - If it were up to me, the Astronomers would have an Owl named Archimedes, or Arc for short. This references Watchmen's Nite Owl, and through it Disney's Sword in the Stone, and Arc could also be short for Arc-Second which is a measurement used in astronomy. I just couldn't work Arc into the story properly. - I wish Grange wasn't named Grange, because "Lagrange" would be a great Astronomer name. - "Corona" is intended to be one of the Astronomer's Captains. - Other astronomer-y names I like: Mote, Syzygy, Albedo, Apogee and Perigee, Nadir and Zenith, Nova, and Umbra. *TVTropes link; follow at your own peril. Anyways, here's draft one. Tell me what you think of it, and if you think there need to be any changes to improve it! Seyfert, Astronomer Savant Seyfert did his best work at night. To be sure, most of the Astronomer's Guild could say the same; the line of work did often require a view of the firmament, after all. But even those parts of his studies that did not require a direct view of the sky - the mathematics, the memorization of star charts and of maps of the Empire, even the card-reading he so struggled with - all came more naturally to him by the light of a candle or the full moon than by the glare of the Sun. And so it was with this assignment. Mistress Corona had gently "suggested" that he should try for her Guild Ball team. He wasn't quite sure why. Compared to the brutes he'd seen running the field at the few games he'd attended, Seyfert was waif. He'd put up as much resistance to them as a leaf does a river. So here he sat, in the middle of a shadowed courtyard, staring intently at a ball illuminated only by the scant, powdery light of the moon. He studied its seams and stitches, as if he could divine some shred of skill from it like a crystal ball. Just as with the cards, no answer was forthcoming. He threw the ball away with a scoff, and as it bounced across the cobblestones he let himself fall back, arms spread-eagle. The sky above him was painted with stars. It was a perfect night for viewing. This was what Seyfert lived for, the dance of the stars in the night sky. Even if he weren't here "practicing", he'd have been out well into the morning recording their paths. The "Song of the Spheres", Corona called it. Seyfert glanced at the ball where it had come to rest. How could something so crude be worth the Guild's attention? He got up to fetch his equipment from his quarters - he couldn't let the night's sky go to waste, he rationalized to himself. The ball sat forgotten. --- Seyfert cursed at himself under his breath as he rubbed his eyes. Why were the tryouts being held so early in the morning? He'd have thought, with their nocturnal line of work, the Guild's officials wouldn't be any more keen on mornings than himself. Perhaps the higher echelons of the Guild were too busy with their politicking and maneuvering to make observations themselves. Regardless, he sat on a bench outside of an interior court, waiting his turn to be judged. He'd hate to disappoint Corona, but he expected failure would be his lot. The sooner this was over, the sooner he could return to The Song. Every few minutes, the door to the room would open and a consul would beckon another candidate in, and few more later the prospective player would leave, downcast or angry, begging for another chance or fuming. No one seemed to leave pleased. All for the better, Seyfert thought; he wouldn't have to feign disinterest or disappointment, then. Finally, nearly nodding off, Seyfert was called into the court. Inside it was a dome, thick metal ribbing criss-crossing seemingly randomly, each arc holding a stylized moon or sun or star. The consul handed him a ball, and explained to him the test; he had ten minutes to find the goalpost and hit it with the ball from the center of the court. No more. The consul returned to the door and pulled a few levers in a console set into the wall. With the last, the floor of the court seemed to rumble; the bands along the wall began to move as the floor slowly rotated. It wasn't just a court - the room was a functioning mechanical orrery. It must have cost a fortune to commission from the Engineer's Guild. At first, he couldn't see a goal to kick for, but after a few moments of searching he found it - a small brass disc polished to a mirror finish was the only plate in the whole room that wasn't ornately decorated. It orbited slowly, constantly obscured by the motions of the other rings. As he followed it, Seyfert kept expecting it to reveal itself in its fullness so he could finally take a shot, but without fail another would intercept its path and prevent his shot. Seyfert scowled and looked at the ball at his feet. Once again he was struck with how unimportant it seemed, how crude it was compared to beautiful motion of the night sky, or even the facsimile cranking away around him. All of this was pointless compared to the Song of the Spheres. Seyfert started with a sudden realization; wasn't a ball just a sphere? Perhaps it was ridiculous, comical even, to put it in those terms, but already it had him looking to the walls with a new perspective. He could now see the rhythm of the orrery, the patterns in the orbits of the stars and the paths the arcs took. His head jerked to the side - there, that was where the arcs would part and reveal the goal, even if just for a moment. He looked down at the ball, calculations running in his head, estimating when the goal would show itself, how hard and how far he needed to kick the goal, accounting for the rotation of the floor. He took a breath, then kicked. The ball flew in a gorgeous parabola, its path like that of a star in the sky sped up to last seconds instead of hours. Seyfert's heart began to sink as he saw the spot he had aimed for was still blocked - maybe he was wrong, and he would leave the court disappointed. But at the last moment the arcs parted, and with a sound like a gong his shot struck home. Seyfert collapsed to the floor as the room ground to a halt, laughing giddily under his breath. Maybe there was something to Guild Ball after all.
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    An excerpt from a young engineer's Journal: Day 1) Final assembly complete. Injection of oils into joints and motors breathe life into the hulking automation. Response instincts appear delayed, but functional. Begin stability tests. Day 9) Hip and Legs are too fragile to support the top heavy frame. Automation repeatedly falls over upon attempted movement. Several metal plates are detached from right shoulder to improve stability. Knee joints reinforced with additional steel. Feet are recast with metal couplings. Day 10) Fluids reinjected. Stability tests continue. Automation walks, but unable to jog. Problem appears exclusive to size. Smaller automations able to sprint in under a day. Day 12) Removed arms entirely. Automation is able to sprint... slowly. Problem located, but unsolved. Day 20) Considering scraping product. Will not be able to replicate the agility of previous designs. Lord requested Power, but what good is a creation which cannot navigate the pitch? Destructive arms incompatible with mobile frame required. Day 35) By chance, received letter from cousin in the mines. Ores sourced from deep within Erskirad range yield interesting properties. May be practical for designs. Have sent coin to purchase samples. Day 42) Refine ore into workable alloy. Day 48) New alloy… seems to attract or repulse other materials? Nearby wrenches will cling. Very difficult to work with, but the property is extraordinary. Day 53) Fashioned a sort of gyroscope out of the alloy. Circular motion when powered by engine hoped to increase stability. Day 55) Device inserted into automation’s core. Fluids injected. When Automation becomes active all nearby tools now cling to his chassis… Fluids drained. Day 56) The Automation carted to nearby woods. Fluids injected. Automation is stable! Repeat. Stability achieved! Core stabilizer appears to center the Automation. Sprinting is developed, but drastically slower than older models. Creation able to fell nearby tree in single blow. Day 60) Lord’s chief engineers will inspect the product in one week. Safety protocols deactivated to spar. Automation is still much slower than previous generation, but has broken several opponent ribs. Day 62) Sparing partner is armored. Each time he attempts to engage - his metallic breast plate is drawn into the automation’s core. Unexpected byproduct of stabilization device. Day 64) Automation introduced to ball. Equally proficient as previous generation. Automation appears to periodically overclock stabilizer to influence the direction of the ball. Day 67) Chief inspects product. Most are impressed by strength and fringe capabilities. Stabilizer is questioned and studied in detail. Master Axle is quietly displeased. Day 84) Have continued working with Automation. Capabilities improve. Awareness of others grows. Plans been accepted and will be considered for deployment. Day 90) Captain Pin Vice has left a note in the workshop. Hip joints appear to have been removed and replaced with a new design. I am instructed to present product to training field in 3 days. Day 91) Field testing. New hip joints softer metal but increase Automation’s mobility by 50%. Day 93) Present product at training field. Master Axle pilots the Colossus. Wishes to challenge the product. Protests are overridden by Captain. Inject fluids. Automation is presented with the ball. Colossus attempts to strike with his greater reach. Drawn in to the Automation’s stabilizer. Neither design gives ground. A leg is able to remove the ball from the Automation. Colossus attempts to shake free. A powerful blow by the Automation cracks an exposed limb. The Colossus is hobbled. It stands and stretches a rear leg to regain possession. The Automation begins to buzz violently, stabilizer overclocking. Half a second prior to Master Axle securing ball a pulse is unleashed from the Automation’s core. Sheer force propels ball into the goal post. Axle dismounts the colossus and can be heard muttering expletives. Pin Vice silences his low cuss. Day 97) Received word the product will be deployed in the season opener versus the Fishermen. (edit: corrections to grammar/tense/consistency)
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    I'm going to save this quote forever.
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    Pat needs to check himself. Why the hell would anyone drink a Corona without a lime jammed in it?!
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    Jamie P


    In the case of Avarisse & Greede and Brainpan & Memory. The additional model follows the same deployment rules as the rest of their team, they must sit on the half way, deployment, or goal line. They are still deployed at the same time, as they are normally. However, they could be deployed on different lines because they don't count towards the Formation Criteria. For example, you could deploy Brainpan on the deployment line and Memory on the half way line. For other questions, such as Granite, I'd suggest following existing Lawyer's Guild rulings.
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    One thing needs addressed before finalizing. Double players like Avarisse and Greede or Brainpan and Memory.
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    Winter's Night Place a frost-token on each enemy model within this pulse. When a friendly Guild model makes a successful Attack against an enemy model that has a frost-token, the friendly Guild model may remove the frost-token to add an additional Playbook result. The effect from spending the Winter's Night token is to add an additional Playbook result to the attack. It does not add an additional effect to each Playbook result. This is the same for many hands.
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    Do whatchu want man! Everybody gets enjoyment out of things in different ways and there's no shame in doing something—especially a hobby—in a way that's more fun for you but not as serious as possible. Ain't nobody "going pro" in a miniatures game and making this their career or going down in the history books. Some people definitely enjoy* pushing themselves hard to get better at a thing, but if you aren't enjoying that, why bother? Play the Guild Ball that you like best, I think. *It's hard to call this "enjoyment" exactly, cause a lot of players still get mad at themselves and have a frustrating experience when they lose a game, but then they are fulfilled in some way by the struggle to succeed. But it's shorthanded to enjoyment and that's pretty reasonable. "get-something-from-ness."
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    01010111 01101000 01111001 00100000 01101010 01110101 01110011 01110100 00100000 00100010 11110100 00011 00100010 00101100 00100000 01010100 01101111 01110100 01100101 01110011 00111111 00100000 01010111 01101111 01110101 01101100 01100100 01101110 00100111 01110100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110010 01100001 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110011 01100001 01111001 00100000 01110011 01101111 01101101 01100101 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01101001 01101011 01100101 00100000 00100010 01100111 01101001 01110100 00100000 01100111 01110101 01100100 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100010 01110010 01101111 01110101 01110100 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01100001 01100011 01110100 01101001 01110110 01100101 00100010 00111111 This joke is either terrible, or hilarious and terrible, depending on your tastes. Seems apropos for this podcast.
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    How to fix Art of War Studios tokens

    They arrived this lunch, and with seven measuring sticks the colour scheme was fairly inevitable!
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    State of the game?

    I don't think I've ever seen a forum for a non-gw game that didn't have someone saying "I'm worried the game is dying off". Not sure I've seen a game actually die though The forum is still growing, which is my only available metric for these things. And I checked, it's not all people joining to ask where their dark souls pledge is
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    Snapping after being placed

    A model that had been placed has not moved, so cannot snap a free ball. The model would need to advance or reposition after the placement.
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    It's actually having ballista that influences the captain choice more so I believe. But lets go through each of the teams: Fish - They should probably drop corsair regardless, however mono pin vice should guarantee a corsair drop. Alchemists - Doesn't really change much Union - Vet Rage can play into either, for sure. Blackheart may be a better choice vs. Pin Vice, so if you go mono captain you open up the opponent's choices. Butchers - They will likely be mono fillet, and Ox is super disadvantaged vs. ballista anyway Masons - Hammer becomes a much more viable option vs. Pin Vice, so if you go mono pin vice that could be an issue. Morts - Obby is probably the better choice overall, but Scalpel could play into ballista. She really doesn't want to play into Pin Vice (5/0, reanimate and close control mean that scalpel doesn't hit great options on her playbook, can't easily kill PV, and can't easily take the ball from her, drag her around and score like she wants to do). So having double captains should lean your opponent towards choosing Obby. Brewers - Tapper is almost certainly the better choice regardless, however some people may try esters if they see and think you will drop ballista. Either captain can play into esters comfortably. Hunters - Doesn't really change much, I think most competitive hunters will be choosing Skatha regardless? As to the downside of 2 captains: I don't really see that as much of a downside. With the line ups you gave, you give up two very situational players for the extra choice in captain, even if the captain is a situational choice. I personally would argue that locus should be the 11th man there, with either salvo or vVelocity as the 10th. That said, I am really not a big fan of him and I think that may be well known by now.
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    Veteran Fillet?

    She lured Meathook in.
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    Hope this helps someone out there!
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    Something that represents this on the pitch.....
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    oRage is too much of a Maverick to Impart Wisdom.
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    Painting for beginners

    Weirdly, I'd warn new painters off the scale75 stuff - it's lovely paint for glazing, but it needs serious thinning to avoid going on like mashed potato and doesn't cover well when it is thinned. Both of which make me use it a lot (they're my favourite paint make), but if I'd started out using it I'd have hated every second! Vallejo are much more forgiving in that sense, they're my second go-to brand. The others all have good points too, often its down to availability to pick between them I think. @squirtis is dead on about the brushes - good brushes with a decent point will do more for you than any number of paint additives, fancy palettes and so on. I do a lot of my work with a rosemary and co series 22 or 33 size 2, dropping to size 1 for details and eyes. The bigger the brush, the fewer strokes you need to cover the area and the smoother it goes down, I was always told So a basic list for me would be: Paints - white, black, and a handful of colours you like or want to use (a metal or two, some good strong colours, and maybe a muted brown or the like) Spray primer - black is more forgiving, white gives brighter results on pale colour schemes. Black is my usual suggestion for new painters Brushes - Size 2, 1 (and maybe 0) in reasonable kolinsky sable. Don't go nuts though, some brushes get crazy expensive Palette - A cheap 6 well plastic palette or similar from a craft store will do, something with smallish wells for preference Water pot - a cup, but not one you want to drink from any time soon (says the man who regularly leaves his coffee next to his water pot and forgets which is which...) If you want to play with them once you've painted them, you'll probably want some varnish too - brush or spray gloss to put a few protective coats on, then something like testors dullcote in a spray can for a quick dust of matte to take the shine off. Try to avoid spirit based varnishes though, they can react oddly to acrylics.
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    Painting for beginners

    you'll want to get a paint set. i grabbed the army painter 2017 paint set with like ~50 paints included, probably a bit overkill, if you're ok mixing to get your colors you can get away with only buying a few colors and mixing. citadel, scale75, vallejo, or army painter are all good paints. get a spray can of primer, too. you can brush on primer but i find it's easier to get a thin even coat with a can. i bought black so everything would be dark for dark souls but many people paint with white or gray as their primer. white will make the colors pop a lot more. you'll want a few brushes, i'd recommend windsor and newton kolinsky sable series 7 sized 1 or 0, or both. you don't need to get a super tiny brush as long as your brush keeps a nice point. many high level painters only use a size 1 brush for everything. (https://www.amazon.com/Winsor-Newton-Kolinsky-Sable-Watercolor/dp/B0013E68T4) only time you'd need a different brush is if you're dry brushing. the dry brush i use is from army painter. other than that you might want a wet palette or some brush cleaner. you'll also want to watch some videos about thinning your paints. i most always add water to paints after i get them out of the bottle. you could also buy a hobby knife if you're worried about mold lines or anything. you'll probably want some blu-tac or something to stick your mini on a pill bottle or something as it's way easier to hold that than trying to hold the mini's base. cheers and happy painting
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    State of the game?

    Pre-orders are literally the cancer of the video game industry. People pre-order and then find a game is full of bugs and terrible. Worse, they give exclusive content to pre-order people which unbalances the game or is insulting to Day 1 players who pay the same price. It is the WORST thing about the VG industry and people should NOT pre-order. I don't think SFG should steer the ship too violently, and we all need to accept that guilds might be getting close to saturation point such that existing guilds are 'closed'. People need to be encouraged to try new teams rather than just waiting for more models for their existing team.