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    I still think we see three sets of "Master/Apprentice" if The Watch is the Blacksmiths Minor Guild and no mascot Early concept art for first set below
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    The Goal Post Thread

    The previous hunter goal post is so cool, gave me some ideas for future projects :). In the meantime, my winter themed hunter goal post (some kind of druidic nature altar for the Moon Goddess):
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    The flu (Rataclysm?) forced me to stay at home instead of attending a local launch party. I'm so fever-dizzy there's only one thing I can do: Watch the World Cup. And watching this, I realize we really really really need an Actors' Guild in order to mimic a key aspect, perhaps the key aspect, of contemporary football. So I started writing up some abilities that could come in handy. Character Plays Just fakin’ it! CST 2, RNG P, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y Remove this model’s Knocked Down condition. I’m hurt! I’m hurt! CST GB, RNG P, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y This model gains the Knocked Down condition, then this model’s activation immediately ends. Friendly team gains two MP. Medic! Nah not really. CST 3/2GB, RNG -, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y Target friendly model that is suffering the Taken out condition immediately gains an Icy Sponge, returns to the pitch with 1 INF, and removes the Icy Sponge. *Uncivilized gesture* CST 2, RNG 8, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y Target enemy model goes ballistic and loses up to two INF. Taunting CST 2GB, RNG 8, ZON 3”, SYS y, OPT y Models within the AOE pays +1 INF extra for character plays. Heroic plays I’m in so much pain! When this model receives damage from an enemy character play or playbook result, it can immediately make a 2” dodge. Virtually Assisted Randomness (VAR) In this turn, you may re-roll the outcome of one Character Play. Legendary play The unexplainable offside trap Target enemy model in possession of the ball, within 8", and closer to the own goal than any friendly model immediately loses ball possession. Perform a standard scatter. (Yes, this is for funsies.)
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    Kdogs completed stuff

    So while I have been quiet on the painting front I have been doing some stuff. About 75% done on vHearne and 40% done on Seenah, then hunters will be done. I have however managed to finish a goal (very basic) for my first ever tournament this weekend, had a play around with some blood effects and have finished Ulfr and Snow (still need to base them). So quick goal (this was speed painted for me, painted it in 2 days!!) Here is my blood effects test on Meathook And my not yet based Ulfr, who I found really fun to paint (Thriller dance pose aside), had a play around with skin tones and probably didn't get it right but oh well, it was an experiment.
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    The Shadow Cabinet

    Wow, between grading for graduation time at work and preparing for my daughter's christening, life has been quite busy. So I'm back and bring gifts. Couple of Miasma shots: The staff conversion is to remind my opponents and I of her 2" melee range. It's from the Plague Furnace Plague Priest. I also removed her creepy third hand. I have been playing Ratcatcher's for half a dozen games now and they feel pretty balanced. Bonesaw is pretty underwhelming, which is sad since I love the model. The MVP in most games... I also managed to take some pictures of my painted kick-off minis and a few brewer expansions. Speed-painted Masons: And my Brewers that I suppose could be called my main team. I won my first Guild Ball tournament with them. I call em my Pink Ribbon Team. This was last summer and I couldn't afford to pay for Mash so I made my own and I'm in love with the conversion. Trollblood Caber Thrower body and a beardy head from wfb Empire Knights. I have since bought the original model but can't be bothered to paint him ^_^ Next on the paint table are Hunters, the full faction. I kinda burned out on them and have been speed-painting Shadespire figures and some Trollbloods for a tournament as a palate cleanser. I'm hoping that I'll be finishing a starting 6 before Monday and can get a game in with my local nemesis. Coming up: Pictures of my engineers, and hopefully 6 hunters.
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    Just watched Denmark vs France. Legendary play A hard day's work If facing an opponent that also has this Legendary Play, both players may agree to end the game immediately. Move models around aimlessly for 2*45 minutes. Use widgets at times. Each team ends the game with 0 VP.
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    How about: She fell over (male) When this player successfully tackles the named model. That model immediately suffers KD condition and may make a 4" dodge (while clutching their face, shin and lower back all at the same time).
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Looks better in the dark, but here is my contribution to the thread.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    My Union/ Solthesian goal
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    My Fish

    My first Fish is Ready. Tried to find a warm-meditarean-scheme. I'm quite happy with the result, only the base could be more interesting. Looking forward for You Re comments and improving Tips. Other pics will follow
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    Attempt at Nonmetallic Metals

    Okay, so I painted up my Vet Gutter for my Butchers doing the Nonmetallic metal theme that I am trying for the first time. I have always wanted to try out this technique, but for one reason or another had been putting it off, so now this is my first attempt and I will be trying it on the whole team. So far it has been very time consuming, but I do like the results. P.S. This is also my first time attempting to upload/embed pictures into a forum post. Hopefully it works out?
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    The Casual Mortician

    This makes the assumption that I ahve a plan 😜
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    Season 4 wish listing

    It’s such a shame because she’s such a cool unique model!
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    Murderball: Vet Rage Primer

    Update for The Faithful and Pride Pride Pride does quite a few useful things in a vRage lineup. Rush Keeper is a fantastic rule, but has a major issue. In particular, in this case it's on a 50mm model with a 1" melee zone. This means positioning Pride's base to actually threaten a counter charge is quite difficult. There will always be blind spots Pride can't reach. However you still get to force your opponent into those slots, or to engage Pride, either of which is a solid upside. Also on the off chance your opponent forgets it they probably are in a lot of trouble - getting unexpectedly knocked down and engaged while facing down a Rage team is a bad place to be. Predatory Gaze is also good for making footballing teams' goal runs less efficient, and isn't easily negated - you can't stay away from Pride to ignore it like you can with Horrific Odour, you just have to pay the tax. Pride is a mascot that helps your bad matchups (kicking, football heavy teams) so I consider the cat a pretty good include in any team. It's difficult to justify multiple mascots, though, especially with new releases. Personally I'm currently running either Coin only, or Pride only. Pride has another major advantage though - the Solthecian trait. This means that you're able to take a lineup like Mist, Hemlocke, Minx, Gutter - what I prefer when I need to kick off with a Rage team - and still be able to give Shadow Like to Mist to improve his turn one goal threat. This helps you put pressure on the opponent and get set up for turn two. Seasoned Spigot Spigot is in some ways similar to Decimate. He's good at both beatdown and football, which is a great place to be. He's a great kicker and has an excellent goal threat. His damage potential is somewhat limited by his one inch melee zone, though, and he doesn't reliably do much damage - but when he's set up by his team he's pretty deadly. He's reasonable at getting the ball back, too - though he isn't particularly fast with an underwhelming 9" threat range on a ball carrier. Spigot is a model I don't think Rage will be able to include often - he already has a damage dealer who offers a lot of payoff for setup in Gutter, so his other models probably want to be consistent solo (like Decimate), or better at ball retrieval (like Mist). His main upside is his access to a personal KD, which is a nice upside. Veteran Fangtooth Fangtooth is pretty scary now. You can't target him with Red Fury, which is clearly a real downside, but he's potentially still a good include. F2 is the only model other than Hemlocke to help against conditions and the only model other than Benediction that can reliably put a melee zone on someone without getting beaten down too hard immediately afterwards. This has interesting team building implications - since Benediction is pretty much a Rage-only model he makes taking other captains awkward. Fangtooth has a lot of relevance in Brisket and Blackheart, so by taking him you get much more flexibility in dual captain rosters. He also enables turn one goal runs well. The top half of Fangtooth's playbook has a lot of very solid results in it, and he also wraps well, so anything that gets him more dice or reduces DEF is great for him. Like A&G, Fangtooth also brings big damage numbers. He's not consistent at hitting them - though running Decimate or Minx helps a lot - but he does provide a secondary option for killing high toughness targets - which is something the team can struggle with if Rage isn't able to use his own playbook or apply Bloody Coin. Speaking of Rage's Heroic, it isn't very valuable on Fangtooth - since you only get to make three swings with it. You're also using Bloody Coin without getting any value out of it during Rage's own activation which isn't a great position to be in. Usually Fangtooth is going to be the setup model - move up, KD, do a bit of damage - and then Rage follows up. He isn't quite as good at setup as Benediction is - since losing Impart Wisdom and Red Fury pushes is a real downside - but in exchange, you get a damage dealer who can kill things rather than the useless brick of hitpoints that is Benny, and some extra passing and anti-condition utility.
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    Veteran Fangtooth

    For those of us of a more secular bent, believing some bearded white dude in the sky will give you free shit if you ask him nicely enough times makes fuck all sense too, but this is a fantasy game - there could well be a god doing Fangtooth favours for blood in this reality.
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    Veteran Fangtooth

    I admit I didn't read the blog and in light of that the trait name change makes a lot of sense but I know what Flagellation is. Getting a friendly player's foot out of a bear trap by whipping yourself makes even less sense than when Millstone takes conditions instead of whatever friendly model was hit by a condition.
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    Try to run in that pose at full speed, like the model is intended to do, then reconsider this statement while sitting in the hospital emergency department
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    Drop ball Cst 3, rng 6", Zon -, Sus X, OPT Y. Target enemy player loses control of the ball. The ball is then scattered from the centre of the pitch using a standard scatter. Oi ref (or FFS Ref) CST 2 GBGB, RNG 4", ZON -, Sus Y, OPT N The next time target friendly guild model suffers dmg from playbook result or CP (except during an advance blah blah) they may make a 2" dodge and remove one condition.
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    There edit: or not, apparently!
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    Brewers, Masons, Union & Fish

    Love the corn stalks on rWindle and Honours harvest markers are spot on.
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    Brewers, Masons, Union & Fish

    Finally finished painting the farmers, and putting some harvest markers together ... a fun project. I've collected the models I worked on earlier with pictures of a couple of the latest additions at the end. Putka seed pumpkins inspired by the Steamforged blog and corn stalks (railway scenery) by @Grenoir Here's The Honest Land: Old Father's Harvest: Goals: Harvest markers: Alt sculpts (not including Dark Harvest): Rookie Windle: Veteran Honour with harvest markers:
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    My Guilds

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    So last night I got to live the dream and chained together an oSiren charge into one model, allowing her to trigger Seduced off the attack which I threw at an enemy model holding the ball, who successfully made a pass to Shark who in turn made a snap shot and scored. However, in the process of her charge, oSiren wrapped her playbook and I wanted to check that I resolved things properly: So oSiren declared a charge at Boar who was also engaged by Jac . Boar declared a counter attack and Siren made her move. She made an attack with 8 dice and got 4 net-hits. I selected her and and generated 2mp as there was nothing to cancel them. I elected to do the triggered seduce first and the dodge second. Siren seduced Meathook who was within 6" of her and chose to have Meathook pass to Shark. The pass was fine and as Shark was within shooting range and I had enough MP so I declared a Snap Shot. Shark scored. After this is where I got a little less clear on correct procedure. I know normally an activation ends as soon as a goal is resolved however there are things that can interrupt that (Second Wind and Run the Length etc) and on top of that there were already things that had been triggered that needed to be resolved (the counter attack and the dodge). As the rules for wrapping on page 35 say "The Controlling Player must resolve all results generated but may do so in any order." I played it out as follows: Shark elected not make a Run the Length. oSiren resolved the rest of her attack result and dodged back 1". Boar's counter attack then resolved but as Siren was now 3" away from him no attack was made. oSiren's activation ended. The goal kick was then resolved. Did I play that out correctly?
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    My Fish

    Looking great so far! I like the base it looks very beachie.
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    Veteran Fangtooth

    I'm guessing you didn't read the blog, as they explain that Glut. Mass is going to be renamed as the name made it difficult for them to put on models who aren't concepted/sculpted as big buggers, so Glut. Mass IS Resilience going forward. The remove conditions is also called Flagellant, not Flagrant. In case people don't know, Flagellation is a religious practice where a penitent will harm themself, usually with a whip or chains, to try and purify themselves through pain. Fits with the religious aspect and harming himself to 'remove sin/conditions'. 2/6" isn't that bad (75% success odds), and the damage is simply because he's a brute, and always has been, but now he has a zealousness we didn't see before.