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  2. Harry?

    It's pointless to complain about a decided thing Engineers won and so be it. I just hope alchemists get a model, too, even if it's later on. Not having the Hat at all after the Minor Guilds arrive would have maybe been more inspiration to the guild to post games, but it was kept a secret. So we have to deal with it. But I think SFG will do a good job balancing things out.
  3. Harry?

    The rules of UiC dont Talk about Match Reports. ..the only reason why i dont posted our games earlier is, that i thought i need a Match Report. ... But our Alchemist's Player told me "you dont need to make one"... Then i start Posting our games. .. And sorry as you can see my english writing is so bad. .. i need hours for a Match Report in english... But we played the games and worked all together in our club the last weeks. .. But maybe you Talk about another guy?!
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  5. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    I mean, Union were a merc guild, so they had more models to support other guilds. Farmers and Blacksmiths are both going to have 12 models after the second boxes are released, which puts them in line with the other non-Union guilds. That means that almost all of those guilds have the same number of models at the moment (Lucky will likely be balanced out with additional releases for other guilds in Season 4). So no, there isn't much of a precedent for having different numbers of models in each guild. The differences aren't in the number of players but in the kind of players they are. Not every guild has the same number of Strikers or have access to Goalkeepers, but all non-Union guilds have 12 players. In the future I won't be surprised to see some teams have more or less captains than others, but there's nothing to suggest that Steamforged is going to change things up and actually give certain guilds more options, since that would lead to a competitive advantage and reduce excitement for players whose guilds fall behind. Plus, this wasn't exactly a competitive event. It was effectively just asking the community to vote on which sculpt they'd like to see rather than being influenced by the result of the games like events in other games like Malifaux have been. So in essence this was just a fun event to determine the fate of established characters. Maybe I will be disappointed by Steamforged making a dumb move, but it won't be a decision that has any basis in their decisions and actions to this point.
  6. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    What I understood from the keynote: The UiC losers aren’t going to automatically get consolation models released. If they fall behind competitively once all the UiC models have been out a while, then they’ll potentially get a model. SFG have said all along that guilds will max out eventually. DC said in the keynote that so far it’s not hit a “none ever” point, but that the major guilds will get much slower releases now to avoid bloat. The minor guilds are what will be expanding rosters in the upcoming months, with each guild gaining two models from their associated other (and losing their one Union slot at that point). That’s my read on it, anyway. There won’t be new 6 man boxes for each guild regularly arriving.
  7. Big Update 1.03 I've created a new mode of endless survival. Where the most advanced players can find challenges at their level. I hope you like it.
  8. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    On the other hand, the competition would lose a little of its flavour if everyone ended up winning in the end anyway. There are already several guilds in the game that have access to more or less models than others - Brewers and Masons have Lucky, the Union have three captains and a larger pool of regular players than the other guilds, Farmers have a smaller roster since they only have access to two Union models. So there is definitely precedent for an uneven amount of players between guilds and I think you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you expect all the guilds that lost UiC to also receive models.
  9. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    There's a bunch of stuff they haven't released/teased yet. I refuse to believe they would ruin an otherwise fun event by giving certain guilds a competitive advantage as a result. So I would guess you'll see a new Union in Chains related model for the other three losing factions announced over the next few weeks.
  10. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    Twitch I note that they said they were only giving new models to the Guilds that won the Union in Chains campaign and that the loosing guilds get nowt unless somewhere further into season 4 it looks like the guilds without the veterans are falling behind the curve power wise. That seems ok-ish from a game point of view but as a hobby it does not fill me with confidence as it sound like there will be little to nothing to buy for my Fish for who knows how long (I have no interest in getting a plastic version of a team I already have).
  11. Harry?

    Union won't be squashed. As I understood it, they will become a "normal" guild like the others. They just don't share their players anymore. I'm sad about Harry, too, but overall I like the change of Union. In S1 you couldn't play competitive without at least 2 Union models in your roster. S2 eased up a little, but Morts dominated with 3 Union models plus Obby, Dirge and Silence if I remember correctly. Now It went down to only 1 Model, but for me it still doesn't feel right. When I play alchemists, then I pick alchemists. If a key component in my Team comes from another guild, I lose the feeling of playing my own guild after all. It would have been nice to bring Harry "home", but the model was shown too late, rendering us unable to react to the sudden activity on the engineers side. PS: I'm sad so many posts for the engineers came from one guy, who only wrote one line and added 3 pictures. That's not a match report, that's spamming -.-
  12. Wake up and smell the chains!

    So, it's been remarkably quiet in here. What do you guys think of yesterday's keynote with regards to the Union? There was mention of opening up design space for the Union now that SFG does not need to consider the impact on players playing in other guilds as well. But then again only 10 minor guilds have been announced which leads me to believe that the Union will not be a major guild partner to a minor guild.... Questions upon questions...
  13. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    Where can I watch the keynote?
  14. "balancing" the Butchers

    I did worry about suggesting it that it wasn't quite the right thing. In just miss it from when I could play Harry :'-(. Whilst I agree that butchers should be crap at control, I'm not sure that means that they can't have a little bit of control. How about this: Taunt [CST GB, RNG P, OPT Y]: target enemy model must pay [+1] INF the first time they declare an attack or charge against a model other than this model. Seems like a minor goad with higher risk factors (other than the dice roll). That said, I always used goad to try and prevent a kick, so maybe just smashed shins.
  15. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    Most of this isn't a huge surprise to me. Cool stuff most of it. The Initiative changes are what scare me. Major rule changes early 2018? If initiative is losing the link to Momentum or something crazy, that's almost a different game entirely. These kinds of major changes are why I'll probably stay out of the Fantasy game for awhile. That and this PVC plastic thing. I'm already bought into Guildball and it's hard to step back when I enjoy the game too. But I won't be getting into the other one. EDIT: There's also a point to be made about the levels of gameplay and the difficulty of teaching them to a new player. Warmachine, for all of it's problems, was pretty simple. Here's the gameplay, and in a few weeks we'll talk about Scenario, and then tournaments, maybe. Tada. Guildball already has gameplay, plus the momentum system that couples into the initiative system, plus a roster system, a plot card system, now a GIC system, and now we're changing the initiative system too? This is before we get into tournament play even. Teaching a player how to play Guildball has always had a very steep learning curve but it's getting worse.
  16. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    Parker asked about roster size, and it was said that whilst minor guilds will have 8 players available on release, it doesn't mean that roster size will be 8. We speculated that the new plot cards might be a balancing factor - if your roster size is < X you get dealt Y bonus plot cards. In the fluff, IIRC, messengers have been mentioned as being a major guild, whilst I think Sherwin mentioned on a podcast when talking about the release of farmers that Astronomers were a minor guild. I was right at the back and couldn't quite hear everything, But when Jamie P was talking about the cards you'd get In a minor guild box, I think he used Bonesaw as an example of a major guild player that would be in the Ratcatchers box. One little point I picked up on: Lox (IIRC) said there would be minor guild for the 9 current major guilds (obviously not union, presumably not farmers). Later Mat said they were designing 10 new guilds... maybe there's another Major guild coming, too..? Or maybe I'm misremembering or reading more into a genuine mistaken comment (although the 10 number was later confirmed, so presumably farmers get a minor as well, at the very least). There was a point in the guild insider seminar earlier where Sherwin was asked about the southern desert hunters and he was evasive about whether we'd see more about them. Could this be the hunters minor guild? They don't really fit with the traditional guild structure of the other guild's. I'm pretty sure captain after roll off will be a thing. The plot cards do indeed sound intsresting. I'm not sure whether they will outright replace momentum or a dice roll, or just add a third factor into the mix. I think I'd like them to replace the dice roll and make it more if a bidding system with better plot cards having lower scores. That way of you're winning the MP race you can play you your better plot cards, it incentiveses the opponent to hold on to MP when they go behind, as it stops you getting to play that big plot card (Or makes it more of a risk, or allows you to steal the initiative off them, etc). I have been convinced in recent months by others arguing that the game would be better off without a mercenary faction, so the minor guild replacing union is just great as far as I am concerned. I just hope I get another Furious/berserk model amongst the butchers minor guild. It might persuade me to paint up Strongbox, finally, too. As a faction-loyalist, and a hater of metal minis, the idea of rebuying the butchers in PVC is not an issue. Nor is buying an entire minor guild box just to get my hands on the 2 players who will play for butchers. I think I'd like a bit more transparency over release schedule. I know they can't always pin things down precisely, but the fact that We often don't hear anything until a month or two before release can be frustrating. As someone who buys on a moderate fixed monthly budget across a few games, it helps me plan out my purchases if I know better what's coming. I can cope with the irritation of a product being delayed much better than a product I really want being dropped in surprise when I'd already planned that month's spending. That just might be me and my weird situation, though.
  17. Stave Can't Take Life Anymore

    While the push isn't a voluntary movement, the distance being pushed is voluntary. Stave can not push himself or other friendly models off the pitch. A controlling player may not voluntarily move or place a friendly model off the pitch.
  18. SteamCon keynote

    You say that about every seemingly reasonable model. I want sexy upgrades so we have something to compete with OP Farmers and OP Blacksmiths. Ratcatchers is a sublime opportunity to explore #redesignspace
  19. SteamCon keynote

    I dunno man, Vileswarm just went 5-1 in the last chance qualifier, losing only to Thresher: http://longshanks.org/players/?player=1364 Seems like it works fine to me.
  20. So, I just watched the Keynote, and I wanted to get some of my thoughts down. Feel free to get in your thoughts too. Minor Guilds This was the surprise of the keynote for me. Will the size of a comp team be reduced? This was completely dodged in the last Q&A question. I hope rosters aren't drawn from the full guild during play - I don't want to lug around upwards of 20 models for some guilds at events. Given what we've seen I'm personally hoping for 8-model teams. Not sure how else Minor Guilds would be "competetively viable" like they were saying. Was that Vet Graves as one of the dual-guilds? Does that mean he's getting a redesign? A bunch of his card's tied to Vileswarm after all. I hope Astronomer's and Messenger's are not minor guilds. I've also seen speculation about a Navigator's minor guild (though it wasn't mentioned in the keynote I don't think). If such a minor guild exists, I'd hope it'd be the minor for Astronomer's. One con of these, for me personally anyways - I'm a completionist, so for each minor guild I get I'll also want matching dice and AoW Influence tokens. Dang. I'd sure like the two crossover models to be separately available in their own blister - that'd cut out all my personal hangups with 'em - but I can understand why that might be less than ideal from a production standpoint. New Plot Cards I like the sound of these, looking forward to seeing them. Adepticon 2018 can't get here soon enough. Here's hoping for captain after roll-off, amirite? Union Boy, am I glad I already expanded my Union out. If I only had a few models for them for use with another guild I'd be a little upset right now. The game design reasons for the switch make perfect sense though. They always felt like a roster-size patch, and they aren't needed for that any longer PVC Teams I really like some of the new sculpts! However, I'm not sure I'd wanna re-buy teams I already have the full range for; the price would have to be really good for me to do that - better than the ~£70 GBP / $100 USD I'd be expecting for a 12 model + extras set. I would like to be able to get the themed terrain, ball, and goal post, though. If those were sold as a pack I'd snap 'em up. I'm concerned that what with the older guilds already being in the wild, old-guild boxes might not sell great unless the game is growing real fast. Licensors I wish Art of War were getting a license. I'd rather like to see his tokens with the actual logos on them. I'm committed to buying @Grantt's stuff at this point, and he deserves all the business he can get. POD Cards Good lord yes, looking forward to this. Release Schedule How are SFG planning on releasing individual models - will the UIC, for example, be metals like they've done with LEs, or are they thinking about doing PVC blisters? Merch I sure hope the chibi pins are available online come this summer. I'm waiting on Corsair, Pin Vice, SBrisket, VRage, Grange, and Thresher. 'Course, come then I'll probably also be waiting on three minor guild's captain pins too. Gawd, and if they release minor guild patches? How will I fit them on my case?
  21. SteamCon keynote

    A reworked Vileswarm that will mascot for both teams would be pretty cool.
  22. Union-in-Chains Results

    I agree with it being super disappointing, especially given how hard the Fish internationally worked over a course of weeks to overcome an initial deficit to go into Steamcon UK with a lead. If everyone was going to get something, it wouldn't be as bad, but the losers get nothing! Which makes working hard, and then losing because more Butchers than Fish went to Steamcon UK extra sad. Since I won't be able to go to Steamcon UK next year either, not much point in getting involved in that year's event.
  23. "balancing" the Butchers

    I like most of what you're spinning here except for the suggestion of Goad on Shank. I'm pretty confident Goad is specifically not in Butchers for a reason- they can kill absolutely anything that gets within range, and the limiting factor on that is currently that you have to actually go get to the opponent you want to kill. Forcing them to come to you feels more control-based and less "butcher-y" for lack of a better term. Imagine what happens if suddenly the only direction you're allowed to move on your turn is towards a yet-to-be-activated Boar. I think the design space for the Butchers on purpose is that they don't control the opponent, they beat them to death. I don't disagree Shank could use a little something (also I also think he's fine how he is now), but Goad is, IMO, not it.
  24. Union-in-Chains Results

    Super disappointed in the UiC results for the Fishermen. We worked really hard to overcome a deficit and according to the keynote, we went into Steamcon ahead. It's very disheartening to have the players who were able to turn out to the event (who may or may not be a reflective sample of the world at large) be able to undo in one afternoon weeks of work by those of us who live in other countries/on other continents... =( Mind you, in all fairness, I'm sure I'd feel differently if I were a Butchers player, but still, it's disappointing.
  25. Drag vs burning spirit

    This is correct. Sorry, missing1leg's answer must have been still in limbo when I replied; only your reply was visible at the time.
  26. Union-in-Chains Results

    I didn’t much care either way on Gutter or Harry, either would have been fine with me - though I’d have pulled for Fish or Cogs out of principal. But Decimate I disagree with on story grounds. @Sherwin better have plans for how to make the prodigal daughter’s return make sense.
  27. Harry?

    If you rage quit I'll buy Avarisse and Greede off you for £5 plus postage. Cheers.
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