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    I'm pretty sure that's the way it worked in the first version of the document.
  3. New Butcher Player's Starting Ten

    I have been playing around a lot with my line ups. I am finding that I have become more fluid and I am looking for heightened efficiency due to the slower wind up of Fillet. I still have Ox in my 10, but I am not sure why now that we show captain first. I cannot think of any match that I want Ox over Fillet for my captain. Fillet just does so much more in almost every aspect of the game that I want her to. Having a captain that needs to get stuck in and run the risk of getting stuck there is pretty rough. Mascots I have been flipping on for a month or so. Tonight I made the final call with Truffles over Princess. Two major points and a couple smaller points finalized it. First, Truffles can charge for 1 if I need it ( I know against a human) and adds to that efficiency I was talking about above. Second, KD on two with Momentum. That is solid and I am valuing that over a Tackle on one from Princess. Smaller points are the larger base to block crap, she does not force me to falling into the Boiler trap in my line up, and can stick around a little with Tough Hide in the event that a vKat or Seenah want to show my mascot some loving. The mascot really never feels like it does much but get some crowds and give an influence, so I went with the pig. Yeah, it is a little slower than Princess but not by that much to really matter. The rest of the line up. VBrisket, Boar, vOx, Shank, Meathook, Tenderiser, and Minx. My usual six are Fillet, Truffles, Shank, vBrisket, Meathook, Minx/Boar (I felt really weird the first time I set Boar on the sidelines and chose Minx) Boar might come back in drop Minx against stacked 2" melee teams. This list is all about Fillet. She does work. That means everyone else needs to be super efficient and not need much influence to do their job. You have to know what you are wanting to do with your models. Minx sets up snares and marked targets and charges for free. Meathook throws out tooled up, sometimes charges in to hook and bleed stuff. Shank is a hybrid piece that can do damage clean up or transition to a scoring threat. vBrisket is there to try and give you an early goal and jump your influence generation up significantly with the extra influence gained from her goals. If you can get a turn one in with Brisket this list can get pretty crazy because Meathook and Minx go from supporting pieces to killers themselves. A tooled up wing charge from vBrisket can also deal quite a bit of damage in a very sneaky way. If she gets taken out after scoring that first goal, it is okay. It just sets you up to be able to charge off that board edge, if you plan for it with Meathook ready for her...oh yeah! This is just a little different take on a way to run Butchers that I have been really trying to work with over time. Keep in mind I am relatively new, but I have been getting some games in.
  4. Adrenicider's painting adventure in Guild Ball

    Amazing work there. I just got the Heralds last night so they can join my ever growing que of players requireing painting.

    We finally got a chance to play with the new proposed rules. We missed out on the first proposal, so we just went with the most recent. Final result and gut feels? We really like the change in getting players into the mix faster. That is great. We really like the kicking team getting a Momentum, with these set up rules. We really like that these rules bring some models out of the bag again and make you try another look at them. We did not like the set up of the whole team at once. It feels as if the receiving team gets too much of an advantage with this rule change if you are setting them all up at once. We really missed the draft. That is a fun and at times strategic thing. What if the draft came back and when you drafted the model it goes right into position? Captain and mascot first, then the rest of the team one at a time. This does create some confusion as to how to deal with knowing where the kicker is going to be. An addendum could be that the kicker is the first model picked after captain and mascot? I am just trying to get the draft back in.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Casting materials for new guilds

    Quoting because they stole my like button! So long as the LE variants aren't limited to tourney winners, this sounds like a solid plan.
  8. Chicago to Austin is just under $250. I know, because I booked yesterday. At least, if you leave out of O'hare. Which for me, living less then a mile away from O'hare, is really the only choice. Most relevant bit for @RedSam though is, there is a Chicago based room you could split.
  9. Today
  10. Hello all,as title says,i started guild ball 3-4 months ago,and i'm totally hooked by it. I suddenly own 5 teams. xD Thanks to my work,I don't have as much time to paint,but I will paint all of them obviously. Firstly,here's my Skatha. Best way to start this thread with the model i'm more proud of! More players are soon to follow!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Poised

    Correctly answered. Poised is triggered (and exhausted for the turn) when the counter attack is declared, regardless of whether an attack is actually made.
  13. Thanks guys I have to admit I can't knit, so it's not going to be me - someone should take up the challenge though! I started working on the bases today, in the hope of somehow hitting my target of having a morticians 6 for gencon in just over two weeks... cutting it a bit fine really given my usual speed
  14. new farmer models

    I have a very hard time believe that Tater's fork is 2" reach. I know you don't harvest potatoes with scythes or pitch forks, but I wish they'd given him a bigger weapon since he's got multiple abilities based around hitting everyone in his melee zone.
  15. Forged From Steel

    Speaking of the extras, that ball looks like it would really hurt to kick
  16. Forged From Steel

    It's an obstruction or barrier.
  17. Forged From Steel

    What is the forge and bellows in the background for?
  18. new farmer models

    Thresher - Grange has a pair of saws strapped to his back. Ridiculous weapons are par for the course. Millstone - You mean Daryl, the relatively skinny, scruff-faced guy pictured below? They both have straight hair and bare arms, but the resemblance ends there. Millstone 's model strikes me as more like Zarya from Overwatch, which seems on-point for a model intended as a physically imposing woman. Buckwheat - The flag's neat. No accounting for taste I guess. Tater - The farmgirls can't swoon over him if the shirt's laced properly, obviously.
  19. Casting materials for new guilds

    Maybe if we get the box sets in pre-assembled plastic with the more static poses, and then occasional special edition variant sculpts in metal, we can have the best of both worlds. We've seen, for example, variant possibilities for Decimate and Gutter recently ... (not to mention Chibi variants!) Although to be fair, there are too many models for me to paint already!
  20. Is there anyway you can maximize the sodium capture levels on your camera? I have a feeling a lot of Alex's salt was lost in the making of this video.
  21. new farmer models

    So I saw the new models for farmers and I have to say I am not really impressed by them, so I asked my wife what she thinks of them and we had a good laugh; Thresher, he looks alright, my only beef to this model is that he took his trouses off sBrisket, I'd also like to know how he holds those scythes in his back without his head falling off Millstone my wife told me he looks like that motorcycle/crossbow guy from walking dead series, then she proclaimed that "everything" is wrong with this model after I told her its a woman. Millstone reminds me of the newest legendary super sayan from Dragon Ball. I would reconsider that sculpt. Buckwheat, nice lovely donkey, I may remove that samurai banner off him once I got the model. Tater, I like his pose, I like his tools of trade, I like his face but that shirt is too wide open, as a farmer myself I know that wearing such shirt during harvest is like asking for pain, lots of pain.
  22. The Farmer's Guild: The Honest Land

    Having been scathing of the sculpts in the past I have to say that I find myself coming round to them! I'm finding the price tempting too.
  23. Sewing, painting, sculpting and baking ... it's a whole craft fair of skills! Now I'm wondering if anyone out there has knitted a Guild Ball jumper!
  24. I'm really liking the Orange and blue on the morticians. It's a great combination. You're a great painter. You bastard!
  25. Poised

    Yeah that's what I originally thought and feels like it's the intention. The question came up today and as we skimmed through the rulebook after the game I wasn't really sure anymore The argument of "may make" against "declare" with the timing table in the rulebook is quite convincing.
  26. Farmer rules?

    Bushel is pretty resistant if you leave her within 4" of Harrow and have Grange give her Tough Hide at the beginning of the turn
  27. Slammer forced her gritty eyes open and tried to focus. Well, one of them, at least. Raising her hand to her face she felt the swollen lump over her left eye. Her memory of last night was patchy, but she definitely remembered a fight.....Glancing around the dorm she noticed that she was the only one in the room, and that by the angle of the sun beating down through the window, she was late for practice. Her mouth tasted like Scum had slept in it. Of course no one had thought to wake her. Despite the camaraderie and loyalty the Guild's instilled in them, they were still rivals at the end of the day. No-one wanted more competition on the field. Struggling to her feet she noticed the smell of vomit for the first time. She'd need to clean her kutte before she got to the field or get a beating for not respecting the garment and, by extension, the Guild. The Brewers were forgiving with a lot of the rookies behaviour, but not showing due respect to the kutte was unacceptable. She stumbled onto the pitch just in time. She squinted over at the stands and saw several of the Brewers first string team had gathered to watch the game. Spigot stood waiting with the ball in the middle of the field looking at her disapprovingly, but said nothing when she neared. Maybe he felt she was suffering enough already. Barely fifteen years old, already she could outdrink most men twice her age, and three times her size. Even so, she had a tendency to push her limits. But where was the fun in staying within them? Slammer and four of her fellow rookies were handed a blue headband, while the five across from them donned red ones. Tankard, a huge boy with a pinched face and barely a nip of brains in his skull, leered at her. He was convinced that his size and strength meant that the girls in the rooks found him irresistible. Slammer rather fancied putting him on his back, though not in the manner he was hoping. Reds lost the toss and were to kick off. As they jogged to their respective halves, Gill came alongside her. 'Reckon Tankard has it in for you, Slam. And in more ways than one, I’d wager' he added with a chuckle. 'Aye' she agreed, 'I think it’s time he feels my touch, ay? Feed me the ball, Gill. I've a plan.' Jigger from the reds made the kick. The boy's powerful punt made the ball sail deeper into the blue half then he had probably intended, and the match began. Hop, their fastest player, dashed out to recover the ball, sending it back towards Gill. Gill deftly caught the ball with the inside of his left foot, tapped it to his right and flicked it round the back of his left leg to send it neatly to Slammer, moving midfield to draw attention away from her on the left wing. Running forward, Slammer put her hand into her belt pouch and pulled out the first of three small bottles she had stored there before leaving the dorm. Seeing Tankard bearing down on her, she quickly necked the shot and launched the bottle straight at the lecherous bastards face. Despite her swollen eye, her aim was spot on, the bottle shattering across his nose and flinging glass shards into his eyes. As he screamed and clutched his ruined face, Slammer dashed past him, her left hand lashing out to deliver a strike to his crotch and drop him to the ground. In the stands, she heard Stave let out a bark of laughter that sounded more like one of his barrels detonating than any expression of mirth. Slammer saw two more red players, Chaser and Rotgut she thought, move to intercept her. Throwing the next measure of her concoction back, she neatly tapped the ball through Chaser's legs and delivered a swift kick to his knee to slow him down. As she turned to face Rotgut, she felt the world start to tilt. She went with the sway, knowing better than to try and fight it, and the wobble carried her out of the way of Rotguts haymaker. Chaser recovered and sent a sharp jab into her kidneys, making her grunt in pain. She rocked into a vengeful uppercut to Chasers chin and sent him to the floor. As she tried to focus on her remaining opponent Rotgut threw another punch, this one catching her on her temple, her swollen eye reducing her view on that side. The hit sent her reeling, but she managed to turn it into a spin behind him, bringing the top of her foot up and into the back of his head, knocking him out cold. Somehow managing to keep her feet, she weaved past the boys prostrate forms and gathered the ball back up, the path to the goal now clear. Bringing out the last bottle, she drained the sweet, burning liquid. Feeling the spirit starting to overpower her, and listing to one side, she urgently slammed a shot at the post, and was rewarded with a goal. As the ball clattered into the post, the worlds insistent spinning overcame her and she collapsed heavily into the dirt. A smile spread across her face, and she slipped into unconsciousness. Tapper watched the girl fall with a smirk hidden by his fulsome beard. A slight raise of his eyebrow was the only overt expression of him being impressed with Slammers performance. Despite her being unconscious, the blues had no problem capitalising on her 2 take outs and goal. They quickly scored again and ended the training game.The girl was exactly the sort of new blood the Brewers team desperately needed. She could be a real asset, to both the team and Tapper's struggle to retain control of the Guild. 'Though', Tapper mused 'someone needs to teach her to handle her drink'.
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