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  2. I am watching this thread (because I'm taking part in it!), so please do all avoid personal attack territory @MechMagewas decent enough to come on here for advice because he recognised what had happened, so let's not try him for it! As @HuggyTheBearsaid, it takes time and effort to get the right balance of playing competitively while still being rookie friendly - I personally think that's something worth discussing. What can be done to make sure an utter trouncing is also an experience the rookie is happy to repeat?
  3. There are a lot of demo slots of all their games (had a look on the events list last night), so definitely sign up for one if you're interested!
  4. I've been playing a very slow game on vassal and so far my Ghast has forced flint to be fully inf stocked to manage one goal (and then ended up hiding behind my goal to avoid giving away VP), and chisel has spent most of the game KD and as a result being used as a springboard by scalpel to dodge and sprint for the ball. Granted, me and my opponent aren't winning tournaments any time soon, but he's pulled his weight in disruption, distraction and hasn't used much inf to do it!
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  6. Hi, first of all I think you did a good job with your figure. What I would suggest is to put a wash over the highlights, that they dont pop out this much and blend a bit more with the dark clothes. The bones and arms/hands could possibly also benefit from such a wash. Just take a yellowish/brown colour and add lots of water and brush it over these parts and let it dry. Then see how it looks and perhaps add a few highlights afterwards if it became too dark.
  7. According to this ruling there is no maintenance phase turn one in tournaments - due to the OPD. VetVelocity - Fly Keeper "During the maintenance Phase ...". Is this right? Is it intended, or an unseen consequence of the OPD? A bit pissed about this as I bought vV for a specific role which she cannot now do turn 1.
  8. I just posted this in another topic but I'll report it here: Personally my group (3 only) stick with the variation of Levels 1 to 3. However we determine Soul count based on monster stats, for example: Hollow Soldiers +2, Silver Knights +3, Sentinels +4. Bosses, mini or main, grant you +8 souls. Because Solo players are given 16 souls to start with I was thinking coop players should also get souls instead of having nothing. I suggested to my group that 2 souls should be added to the cache for each player at the start of the game. Also you get the souls after killing each enemy, not at the end of the encounter.
  9. I would go with a more complete starter kit without the overpriced tutorial. Here is one I found very quickly: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000PHCTRK?psc=1 There are tons and tons of videos online. Just search in Google and then click the 'Videos' tab: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=youtube+paint+miniatures Add in keywords to your search for what you need (e.g. 'knight', 'chainmail', 'zombie', 'decaying flesh', 'soldier')
  10. I had to pick between purchasing one of them and I picked up Ghast because he seemed so much more consistent. 2" Melee with a more accessible knockdown, he provides you MP to fuel your plans elsewhere when he takes some damage, and I found his story really cool to boot, which was a pretty big plus. But at the level I play at, it probably doesn't matter that much because they're both really good at doing Spooky stuff.
  11. I like the Shop idea. Personally my group (3 only) stick with the variation of Levels 1 to 3. However we determine Soul count based on monster stats, for example: Hollow Soldiers +2, Silver Knights +3, Sentinels +4. Bosses, mini or main, grant you +8 souls. Because Solo players are given 16 souls to start with I was thinking coop players should also get souls instead of having nothing. I suggested to my group that 2 souls should be added to the cache for each player at the start of the game.
  12. Preamble Steamforged have done a pretty good job with the game, but there are two areas I find a bit lacking in the official ruleset (first edition). Firstly, Treasure drawing is really important to progressing but really hit and miss in terms of getting anything you can skill up to. Secondly, the fixed stat levels (while a necessary simplification) together with the Treasure deck really don't reflect the artful pacing of item drops and the flexibility players had to work towards those items in the videogame series. These are the problems I aim to solve with this (and other House Rules). Note: Merchants & the Tiered Treasure Deck The Merchants house rule is designed to be played with another house rule: the Tiered Treasure Deck. The latter house rule tiers the Treasure Deck to: ensure that items in the Merchant shop and Bonfire deck are relevant to stage of the game restrict more exotic items to Treasure chests to make the one-shot chest interactions more unique This other house rule will take some time to write up, so I'll post about Merchants here first and create a separate thread for the Tiered Treasure Deck later. Terminology House Rule = A non-official rule (or subset of rules) for a boardgame that you may adopt to shape your gameplay experience to your tastes DSTVG = Dark Souls the videogame DSTBG = Dark Souls the boardgame Tiered Treasure deck = a separate House Rule that tiers the Treasure deck (I'll link back with details when I've written it up) Merchant = a discoverable non-player character that keeps a shop that sells items appropriate for this stage of the game Shop = a persistent mini-deck drawn from the treasure deck Shop Location = the tile on which the Merchant is located Merchant transaction = trading 2 Souls for a known item card available only in the Merchant shop Bonfire transaction = trading 1 Soul for an unknown item card from the Treasure deck Player character = the character a player is controlling Merchants Merchants: An Overview In DSTVG, merchants were often located in hidden areas. Early on they provided low-tier items to aid progression and support a feeling of growth for the player character. Deeper into the world they would provide slightly more exotic items, and very rarely they'd provide magical or unique items. In the latter cases you often had to level up in a particular way to take advantage of these rarer items. Finding the Merchant Shop These rules are for the standard format of DSTBG. I have not written any rules for the Campaign mode as I have not tried that out yet. You are welcome to adapt these for the campaign, but it's likely they won't work well without some sort of adaptation for the longer format of the Campaign. Two Merchants can be discovered in a standard game of Dark Souls. One Merchant Shop can be accessed via one of the first 4 tiles before the Miniboss, another can be found in one of the second 4 tiles before the Main Boss. As all seasoned adventurers know, Merchants hide their shops behind or beneath barrels! The first tile you discover with a barrel is the Shop Location. Whenever you finish this encounter, if the tile contains an unbroken barrel, any character in your party may break it for 1 stamina. If the barrel is broken in this way, the shop is discovered. If the tile contained a barrel, but it was broken in the fracas, the Merchant heard the commotion and has been scared off for now! Merchants return to their Shop Location if all encounters are reset by using a Spark. In the unlikely (but possible) event that you do not find a Merchant anywhere (because none of your encounter cards contained barrels), you must have been too busy frantically fighting to notice it! Select an empty purple node on one of the tiles to receive the barrel. From this point on, always add the barrel to that node when retrying that encounter. Only do this once you have explored all 4 encounters and can be sure none contains a barrel. Stocking the Merchant Shop Merchants wander the world over, earning their keep though trade in common and rare items. Being solitary types, they travel light and keep a small inventory. When you encounter a Merchant for the first time, draw 5 cards from the item deck (see Tiering the Treasure Deck rules above for which deck to draw from). Place these items face up to form the Shop. When you enter a different tile, first warn the others members of the party (so they can check stat requirements for any items they have their eye on), then close the shop by turning over the 5 cards. Do not return any cards to the Treasure deck when you close the shop. Merchant Transactions Just like in DSTVG, with this ruleset, purchasing and finding items in DSTBG involves a tradeoff. Items from the Merchant shop are known, but expensive. On the other hand, items from treasure chests cost no Souls, but instead cost stamina and, if you're less lucky, health. In the middle ground, items from the Bonfire cost fewer Souls but you don't know what you're getting. Each item in the Merchant shop costs 2 Souls. Once an item has been purchased, do not immediately draw another card to replenish the shop inventory; the Merchant must visit their storehouse before they can restock the shop. If all 5 item cards are purchased from the Merchant, the Merchant is out of stock and cannot sell you anything else. Revisiting the Merchant Shop Once discovered, the party can return to the shop at any time by moving into the encounter tile. The exception to this is after a Spark use. If a Spark is used, all encounters reset. For Merchants, this means the shop is hidden again behind the barrel. Remember that the usual discovery rules apply for Merchants. If you break the barrel during combat, the Merchant will flee. If you pay stamina to break it after combat, the Merchant will be waiting for you. Restocking the Merchant Shop After a Spark use, the Merchant will have restocked as some time has passed. Draw up to 5 cards from the item deck until the shop stocks the maximum five items again. Alternatively, if on any shop visit the Merchant really doesn't have anything that can help you, you can pay them 2 Souls to shut up shop and source some better wares. The next time the tile is reset from a Spark use, draw up to 5 new cards to form the new shop inventory (you can keep any cards you liked the look of previously, you told the Merchant you'd be back for those). --- Rule Clarifications For clarity and posterity, I'll post any rule clarifications here, in addition to editing the rules above.
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  14. okay so, i'm tearing my hair out over this in the best way possible. i love both these models, for different reasons. Yet they fill essentially the same "slot" on the team. The "mid field enforcer" who goes up and gets in peoples face and is hard to kill. Casket brings some pretty solid activations by moving up and rough grounding foes, landing his auto hitting heavy burden off a playbook result, and once per game contributes with Casket Time which is a huge advantage to reaching 12 vp first. Not all casket times are equal either, since a captain casket time = game over, probably, depending on how early it happens Ghast on the other hand is 2" melee, better TAC, better overall damage output, better counter attacks and considerably easier knockdowns. There are many players who simply lose their activation if they begin b2b with ghast who hasn't had fear triggered. Vitriol is one of my favourite examples. If she attacks him and he counters, even if she pops cloned and makes a 2" dodge shes still in his melee and with 2 inf left, and then she has to attack again to get clear. the push dodge on the other hand either won't work because he can take a knockdown or a >> to push her back b2b, very cruel result. How do you choose between them, typically?
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  16. I'd really prefer to try to keep it feeling like Dark Souls. The thing is, Dark Souls did not require grinding to use loot and your builds had much more flexibility. In DSTVG (Dark Souls the videogame) I never felt I was having to grind to use an item, there was always an avenue down which to progress and simple progression provided enough Souls for me to modify my build to use an item that caught my fancy. I can understand why they simplified the levelling so it's not a pen & paper affair, but they have not put enough pacing into the item deck and they have removed flexibility which is a core part of DSTVG. The pacing problem is especially prevalent for games with 2 or 3 players, who don't get the starting Soul boost that you get in 1-player. The two the problems that need solving, in my opinion, are pacing the item deck and flexibility. Completely agree with this. Note that #1 is what your supposed to do anyway. #2 is in the direction of what I was thinking, but I think it needs more to it. I am putting my ideas into two separate threads as they require a bit of explaining. House Rule: Tiered Treasure Deck - will be added later.
  17. Ballista can always e second wind that retreat after he (or his proxy) scores. So he presents less of a risk that way.
  18. Hi all So here is what I've done with my Hollow Soldiers. I did the same color scheme for the cloth on the crossbowmen and giant hollows as well. I was trying to mimic the game models' frayed, pale 'faded' edges, like this image. So here's mine. The question I have is: do you like it with the palest, tan highlights on all the edges (including the holes in the fabric), or should I make the holes a darker, greyer color and leave the tan highlighting just for the very bottom edges?
  19. oppressive is kinda an individual player thing. I've seen players who don't find mortician control to be oppressive, but find Fillet's brand of "im an unkillable 5/0, sometimes 6/0 that slaughters your whole team" to be highly oppressive. then someone else finds fillet fine, but gets annoyed by Silence and Obulus. Other people find shark very oppressive, etc i think its a hallmark of a pretty well balanced game that there isn't much of a consensus of 'what is an oppressive experience' in s3. Only individual players finding certain things annoying. People find fish and alchs ahead of the curve balance wise as a general consensus, but i'd argue that's not the same thing as an "oppressive" experience. For example, i'd rather face alchemists than honour masons. that's just a personal thing that bugs me.
  20. This is a tabletop game. You are interacting with another person face to face, and therefore have to manage the experience of interacting with another human being. If you think this has anything to do with "participation trophy mentality" then you're... I can't think of a way to describe how dumb that is without it becoming a personal attack so I'll just let it. I personally think, because it's a game, that it was yea a poor decision to drag the game out when a player clearly wasn't having fun. There's obviously other things you could have done, as stated, to talk about the board state, what mistakes were made where, and help the new player out in general, which doesn't necessitate going easier on them. But what's done is done.If someone's not having fun I don't find it a game worth playing and this is why I have a vendetta against all competitive play not restricted to Guild Ball. (League and Overwatch as an example.)
  21. GenCon prerelease.
  22. Depends. If Mercury is already in hot water due to Harry maybe him. If you don't have, or don't want to play Harry/Union then the Union slot. Crucible has seemed a bit underwhelming in the games I played with her and is thoroughly less survivable than Venin so possibly her. If you're not regularly going for a heft of takeouts than you might make do without vKatalyst, as fun as he is. I don't do tournament play. But the Alchemist lineup, seems versatile enough to pivot into a full scoring team even without the inclusion of Midas for matchups like Brewers or Farmers which seem otherwise be considered poor matchups. If I were to setup a Smoke only lineup it would be this. Smoke - Flask/Naja - Calculus - Mercury - Venin - Crucible - vKatalyst - Vitriol - Compound/Union Model - Katalyst However I'm far from a competitive player, all I'm saying is there's more to Venin than most people give him credit for, he reminds me of Chisel in that regard.
  23. Who would you drop from a typical Smoke line up to make room for Venin? I agree that he can be effective in the right circumstances but that doesn't amount to much if someone better has to be benched to make room for him.
  24. As I've said elsewhere, I feel that the main reason the 'grind' is frustrating at times in the board game is because of the randomization. In the videogames, if I'm starting as a pyromancer and I transfuse for the Farron Greatsword, typically I won't be able to use it right away unless I've built for it. But if I know I'm going to be getting it instead of the Wolf Knight Greatsword, I can start leveling for it early. Then if I get it and still don't have the required stats, I can grind in order to increase the stats I need. In the board game I don't have those options because A: The classes' stat values are fixed B: the weapons are randomized and not guaranteed, therefore C: you can't plan for weapons or 'build' for them, and some you just will never be able to use, even at max level. All of these things mean that the board game really CANT be close to the videogame in the loot aspect. Which means the repitition FEELS a lot more 'grindy' because you're grinding just to survive and as a kind of roulette, for the chance of good loot, instead of making hard progress towards an achievable goal. I have yet to come up with a perfect solution other than to do the following to the loot deck: 1. Remove all loot that cannot be used by the classes you're currently playing with (IE, not using the knight -> remove all Knight loot) 2. Split the deck in half by level availability: first half is all loot usable by level 2, second half is anything that requires level 3 or 4 to use. But, that doesn't REALLY fix the issue, it more just dances around it lol
  25. I resent that description. The rule set we were playing under put both me and my opponent in an awkward position where the optimal strategy for the league was terribly unfun for both of us. I came here to solicit a second opinion on the spirit of the rules that lead to this situation, which there doesn't seem to be a strong consensus on. Stating that the thread isn't going to be constructive becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and if your only opinion on the matter is that discussing it is pointless I don't understand why you perpetuate that discussion by participating.
  26. Farmers were first announced at Steamcon 2016, almost 5 months ago now and they won't hit the shelves for at least another month. I wouldn't hold out for Blacksmiths if I were you.
  27. Any idea on when these'll be released? Cause I'd like to start playing again but I'm doubting between these guys and Engineers and not sure if it's worth the wait if it'll still be a long time.
  28. I wouldn't be so quick to discount Venin. If you're looking at a smoke only team he's a pretty powerful ball retrieval model with a Momentous Tackle and Dodge on 2, and a potent scoring threat on his own due to 8" Kick, while being able to opportunistically put your opponent's striker models on the back foot by applying poison and bleed, even sacrificial puppet can add up when most Strikers have 10-12 HP, not to mention 4 DEF 2 ARM makes their common Tac 4 have serious troubles stripping the ball from him. He doesn't have the raw speed of Mist or Vitriol but he can usually survive long enough for an opportunity to present itself for him to do some work.
  29. To be fair, threads like this don't go anywhere constructive. Here is an anonymized, generalized summary of such threads: General OP: Hey I was a douche. Here is a detailed perspective of exactly how I was a douche, or at least it seems to be that I was a douche. Was I a douche? Respondee 1: Yes, you were a douche. Respondee 2: Nah, here's some reasons why you weren't a douche. Respondee 1: Classic R2, saying douchebaggery is ok. Respondee 3: To be fair, threads like this don't go anywhere constructive.
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