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  2. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Alex (Farmers) won 12-8 against Dave (Union). GG dude, a few fumbles on both sides. Also I'm a dirty cheater for playing an unreleased faction. Look forward to more
  3. Hi all, I penned most of this in about 15 mins in my head on day 1 after the challenge went up. Since then it has got to the point where it has probably begun to ferment a little in my brain so I figured I had better put it on paper. I have always wondered about the names that our favourite players have and how they were given them so with this in mind I thought it might be neat to explore how that may have happened. I have tried to capture the evolution of a player in 1000 words from one state to another (hopefully I have in some way but I am no literary genius so more than likely what I have written is a pile of drivel fleshed out with plenty of waffle). Words of warning I am from New Zealand where English is a term loosly attached to the odd brand of language we speak (it isn't even an official language of the country yet. Seriously check it out. Useless fact for the day for you all). So the way I phrase things may be a little odd, but everything should be sweet as bro. Keen for some feedback, i have highlighted a few areas that I feel don't quite fit right and could do with a little adjusting. Also I am 30 words over the limit so if you can see any areas I could condense please feel free to voice your opinion. Mostly I hope one or two of you enjoy this if none of you do then so here goes.... What’s in a name (An unofficial origin story) The kid sat in the changing sheds. He was nervous. He shouldn’t be here. Not yet. Not now. He knew his rise to the starting 6 was pure luck, the result of Cleaver his mentor losing an arm in the previous match against the Seamstress’ guild. Now here he was, the youngest ever starting player in the history of his guild, about to step out onto the pitch in the most important match his team would play this year. Win and they had a chance at the big league again next year. Loose and for the first time ever, the Butchers guild would be relegated to the minor leagues. It seemed he had trained his whole life for this moment, however he still didn’t feel ready. He knew he was not as fast as Shank, as Skilled as Brisket or as powerful as the Beast, in fact about the only thing he did have going for him was that the dog seemed to have taken a liking to him. No one on the team had spoken to him up to this point, even The Master Butcher had only addressed them as a team, and the rookie was certain that the speech would have been the same regardless of who he had been addressing, “Today, we put this team in the ground for our guild.” As the rookie began his journey from the changing sheds to the pitch a hand fell on his shoulder. He turned to see the Beast smiling down at him as if he were about to pass on some friendly advice, “If you fail us today kid, I will put you in the ground myself”. The match was about to begin, the rookie was nervous… The game hung in the balance, the Chefs guild had put up more of a fight than the Butchers had expected. Shank was on the sidelines being attended to by the sawbones and Brisket seemed to be limping severely. The rookie blinked what he had thought was sweat out of his eyes, only to realize that it was in fact his own blood. He couldn’t remember how he had been cut and didn’t bother to think about it much. He surveyed the state of the game, the Chefs seemed to have momentum at the moment and the score was tied. Whoever scored next would win. He watched as Brisket suddenly seemed to shake off her injury, charge at Herb, deftly tackle him and dodge away. The rookie’s spirits soared, surely she would score and win the game from here. However Broil leapt in between Brisket and the goal flailing at her with his massive fry pan. Brisket deftly kicked the ball, not towards the goal but in the rookies direction and it was not until the ball was at his feet that he realized what this meant.. The only chance of the Butchers winning this game, was entirely up to him. One player stood between him and the goal, the Chefs captain, Skillet. He was a monster of a man who resembled the Ratcatcher in more ways than one, standing over his boiling stew pot sampling his obnoxious brew and staring down the Rookie. Skillet grinned, put his ladle back into the pot and hefted his oversize rolling pin in such a way that the Rookie was left in little doubt that one wrong step here would mean the end of his short career, if not his life. The nerves were taking over. He looked around for support from his team and realized there would be none. Boar was on his back with Potbelly standing over him. Brisket was still engaged by Broil, and Ox was holding off both Herb and Grater from getting to the kid. As Skillet began to advance on the rookie Princess came flying out of nowhere and sunk her teeth into one of his fatty legs. Seconds later the force of Skillets pin sent her flying through the air to land unmoving in a heap, only metres away from where the rookie was standing. Without stopping to think the rookie punted the ball towards goal and charged Skillet. He did not stop to see the ball hit home. Nor did he hear the whistles final blow signifying the victory he had just won for his team. All he saw was the only member of his guild that had ever shown him some kindness sprawled lifeless on the ground. As he reached (or engaged?) Skillet the years of training kicked in and in one swift movement he ducked under a fierce blow aimed at his head, striking upwards at the same time. His knife hit home, severing a crucial artery in Skillets groin. As the rookie rose he crashed his shoulder into Skillets midriff knocking him off his feet and into his own boiling pot. Skillets death came swiftly but painfully as he boiled to death in his own blood and broth…. As the crowd exploded in rapturous ecstasy at the display of violence and bloodlust from his Rookie, Bishop Giuliano Rodrigo Brunetti looked on in silence a faint smile issued from his lips. Finally the pieces were falling into place. The game had begun. The sound of the crowd cheering suddenly jerked the rookie back to reality, and while he processed what he had just done and what it was they were chanting he felt a strong hand on his shoulder. He turned and found himself looking at the half mad grin of the Beast again. “Well Rookie. Can you hear them chanting? Looks like you’ve earned yourself a name.” (or He turned and found himself looking into the stern face of the Master Butcher “Can you hear what they are chanting kid? Well done, looks like they’ve given you a name”) The rookie sat in the changing sheds with his hand resting on princess’ bandaged head. As he looked down at the dog that had shown such loyalty he found himself reflecting. Going back to those key moments that had brought him here, made him who he now was. All the beatings in the Solthecian orphanage as a child, the blood and vomit spilt on the proving grounds, the final moments of his first match. The match was over now. For him though the game was only just beginning. The kid was no more, and Boiler was nervous.
  4. The folks over at Arcane Assist, known for their battle report videos from other games, have decided to start putting out videos for guild ball over this summer. They upload their first video today, of Alchemist vs Butchers. Check it out.
  5. Yesterday
  6. WtB: Steamycon Goal

    Ship to NZ. Paid with PayPal or trade in LE/Painting services if that floats your boat better.
  7. Regale me with your cool stories!

    Sic'em with Scum under Commanding Aura and Tooled up on a knocked down model is so good.....I have done that a couple of times.
  8. Kicking of Strategies & Tactics

    The advantages of kicking with Friday are 1. Apply initial pressure by threatening a first activation goal. Your opponent has to respect Friday's goal scoring threat range. If they mis-handle the ball, you can get an easy score. 2. Dirty knives. With 4 influence, you can get 1-2 dirty knife attacks which sets up the rest of your team 3. Call up the cat to put the cat in a position to attack during its activation. The cat is just amazing.... 4. Puts Friday in a position to take advantage of oSpig's aura and Tapper's Old Jakes It is a solid opening for Brewers.
  9. Succesful attack for Bleeding

    i've been wondering the same thing, but the way i've played it is the kukris just applies the status effect without any sort of roll or "hit", while a weapons with a bleed gem needs to cause damage to the enemy to apply. Honestly, i didn't like the item that much as it takes a weapon slot, which is usually better served for an actual weapon or shield. The only redeeming quality is you can use it at range, so you can apply the bleed at range then move away to a safe distance. Seems like a good item for the herald as he can prep big damage for another ally.
  10. Forum Challenge - Koh, the Wildfire

    Getting closer to final edits Though the sun sat high above, the crisp chill of winter bit through Theron’s garb while he intently watched a player navigate the game. An archer by the name of Koh. Koh displayed an excellent situational awareness, but played the part of captain to the initiates poorly. Rather than coordinate his team he immediately took to attacking two centerline players in tandem with the the enormous falcon, and Herald of the Sun Father, called Napi. The Butcher captain, Carver, was keen to exploit the weakness in Koh’s formation to secure the first and, thus far, only goal. Pressing their advantage they managed to bring down two of the more fragile Hunters, whose lines began to fall like a wound being ripped open. From what Theron had heard Carver was being groomed as a replacement for the Butcher’s lost striker, he would be an adversary to watch closely. Though the Hunters were able to recoup and ready the ball for a return goal Carver was already marshalling his team, preparing to finish them off. The Butcher initiates were as ruthless and brutally drilled as full fledged players, without someone to rally the Hunter’s movements they would be hopelessly outmatched. Koh, indifferent to his falling team, released a barbed arrow that struck his target in his leg while he was preoccupied fending off Napi’s talons. The skewered leg gave out beneath him and gave Napi an opening to rake her claws across his face. Under the weight of his mounting wounds, feral gashes and crippling arrows that adorned him head to toe, he crumpled into the icy ground. Koh’s taste for violence was unparalleled Theron noted, even against the Butchers. In truth it was troubling. Few would deny that he had been touched by the Moon Goddess, an inescapable result of long and dark winters beneath her grasp. The Champion thought bitterly to the man he had been before meeting the Scion, wondering if it might be too late for Koh... it looked grim. This cruelty was all that he knew. Arrow and talon tearing through flesh, scarlett spilled amidst snows. He wasn’t born to the favour of the Sun’s light, rather he was meant to die as a babe, clinging to his mother's frozen breast. He let his hatred keep him warm and burn away the call of the Moon Goddess. Theron couldn’t understand why the Sun Father had seen fit to send his herald to Koh. This was not the Sun Father’s way. He was a capable hunter, but he was never taught to nurture, to provide, or to protect. Inside summer’s embrace Koh's anger would devour him, like a flame through the forest. Theron’s thoughts returned at once as the Butcher formation smashed into the Hunters and what remained of the game erupted into a tangle of screeching blades, and broken limbs. For their part, the Hunter initiates put up a hard fight. Immediately abandoning any pretense at playing for the ball due to the sudden mixture of snows and blood that clung to the combatants’ clothes, dispelling any notion of control. For a brief moment amidst the chaos Theron could make out Carver’s hoarse bellow, followed shortly by a sickening crunch and seemingly at once, the violence began to ebb. The blaring horn of the game’s end resonated discordantly with the eerie quiet of the scene that unfolded. All voices had fallen silent, stilled at the sight of a striker’s skull caved in by Carver’s bludgeon. Before the horn had even begun to die, Carver’s hands shot to his neck, blood seeped through his fingers and he collapsed to the ground with a pained gurgle. An arrow stuck cleanly through his throat, and yet more blood began to pour from the wound that only widened as his red hands clawed at its shaft, desperately trying to draw breath. No one but Theron saw the moment Koh had loosed the arrow, seen the intent behind his eyes; not to claim a victory but to murder the victor. Theron shook his head as the surviving initiates returned. This was not how a training match was supposed to end, the Hunter’s Guild would have to be prepared to weather the Butchers’ retaliation. “Koh,” Theron addressed the rookie quietly. Koh’s attention turned to Theron. “The game was already over," Theron's glare bored into Koh, there was no point in lying to the Sun's Champion. Koh took an uneven breath and spoke, voice trembling with rage, "He killed our sister... while she was wounded and couldn’t defend herself.” “That is our way. That is how only the strong survive.” Despite the final tone of Theron's reply Koh lashed back, "If the strong are only capable of preying on the weak then what is it that makes them strong?" He didn’t stay to hear Theron’s reply. As if to punctuate Koh’s point the falcon, Napi, perched beside the Champion and inquisitively cocked its head. Theron was beginning to understand. Though it had undeniably been warped by painful winters, there was something within Koh's voice that Theron had misjudged. A determination to carve out his place at the Sun Father’s side. Undoubtedly Koh’s hatred would consume him in time, but sometimes a wildfire is what the sick forest needs to be reborn.
  11. Future Guilds - I'm hoping for Bankers!

    I am still hoping that the Rat Catcher's guild becomes a real guild.
  12. So when i use Kukris, they only do Bleeding against an enemy, but is a weapon that got bleeding by an upgrade the same? Because the rules say, that it causes bleeding if the attack was successful and in the FAQ it is stated Rulebook > Cards. So what is an Successful attack? Does it mean just attack someone or also deal some damage? If so then the Kukri and other only Status-giving Weapons would be an exception to that rule in the rulebook.
  13. Welcome! Nice to have you here @Mildlywilde
  14. British Championship 2017

    Couldn't see a thread for this so in case anyone has missed this being announced or is contemplating going here you go. I was nervous about going last year because I assumed it would be rammed with "top" players only but what I experienced was a way of playing lots of games of GB against new people which were a lot of fun! It felt like a "normal" tournament- just bigger! I think about 70ish sold so far for this year- would be cool to hit 90! WHERE: Element Games Stockport, SK2 6PT https://m.facebook.com/ElementGamesNWGC/ WHEN: 12th & 13th August PRICE: £25 TICKETS:http://elementgames.co.uk/event-tickets/SFGGBOP-2017BritChamps SCHEDULE:http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/british-championship-the-schedule FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/events/460909047580098??ti=ia Hope to see you there! 👍🏻
  15. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Hunters (Sam) won 12 - 8 against Brewers (Pat), Really good game and good dude, best of luck in the next round :
  16. Kicking of Strategies & Tactics

    This is a great convo...going to keep it going. First...I'm a terrible player, but love the game. I had been playing around with Spigot moving up, and had some luck with him beating people down and getting some good disruption. It also helped to have Friday have someone to run up to (with the cat taggin along) and have some better defense. However, I wasn't able to get it to work "right" and by end of game I was struggling. I've gone back to kicking with Friday but I find that it is so slow...and moving her up just leaves me hanging around waiting for the rest of the team. I'd love to seem other ideas for first turn plays...its the part of the game I am struggling with the most (and mid-game, end-game, etc.)
  17. Hey, I didn't see this up here yet...but if you live near Scarborough Maine and are looking to play games...head over to The Complex on Sunday. Check out TieBreak for details...
  18. Farmer rules?

    You are right, i hadn't noticed how many def 5 models they have, which seems nasty when combined with Harrow. Looking forward to getting them played

    I don't see how the cage is any different to how it works in a normal deployment game. The advantage of receiving is having the first activation. If you don't make use of it to take the initiative and put the defender on the back foot, they'll do very well.

    As crazy as it sounds, after some play testing I seem to agree with the original SF idea about this format; 1. no momentum 2. alternating deployment 3. kicking model first Seemed to me like the most balanced format. The factors that many of my opponents seemed to forget was, firstly, that the holes in the center line can be patched with fast dudes on the middle and supporting models/second turn shooters can be deployed on the back line. Secondly, we alternate activations, one dude at a time, it forces us to make a schematics and actually use the roles we seem to have on the back of the cards. Tanks in front, fast wingers on deployment line and supports with second turn shooters or scorer killers in the back line. Suddenly we not only have in depth strategic layer of deployment but also a strictly specified lines where particular characters excel from. There is poetry in it

    Hello Steamforged, Aside from the Farmers game I have recently posted all of my current games have been with the new deployment rules. Today I have a potentially more negative thing to say (sorry). 1: The Cage - I have found twice that hit teams are generally deploying as a cage on one side if they are kicking. They are happy to let the first goal go in but then they just steamroll up the board with the ball back in their lines killing things unless you are also deployed like that. I'm not sure if it's just me or if something needs to be done that stops players being that close? 2: Dropping the ball over the line. This seems to easy at the moment. Today my kicking opponent was able to drop it next to two players and I couldn't get near it. They then had momentum and the ball and I had no advantage of receiving. The new rules meant my team was very far away from anything so I was completely on the back foot. Just some musings. Will

    I do think alternating has a similar skill issue though - you need to pick correctly at the right time or you might expose yourself worse. I worry people are soft-selling this as 'easier' than lump. I'm not sure it is. If you pop the wrong model down in a particular position, can I exploit it worse? Food for thought.
  23. Additional Souls Pledges do include the Stretch Goals.
  24. Hey! I'm not really new, but if any new players are looking to get into the game, we are going to be teaching the game to new players in late August. There should be some fun prizes and an organized event over a few weeks to get you into the game. We will be running games on Tuesday nights. More details to come. Check out Midgard Comics in Salem NH if your interested. Feel free to message me if you have questions.
  25. Fillet Butchers

    I had a good game against Fillet at a tournament a few months back, which you can read here. For me, playing against her is just trying to mitigate her as much as possible. Venin is going to slow her down, sure, but having the kd on 2 from oKatalyst is really important. He also just does way better damage than venin, and can out brawl any of the butchers. You talk about better defensive stats, but it's the loss of offensive hitting power that would have me keep oKat over venin. I agree though that competive alchemists are stagnant in their line ups.
  26. Casting materials for new guilds

    With the Farmer's guild, Russ said in a blog post their static posing was an intentional stylistic choice. Not sure on the Smiths, but sledge is the only one of those that's seemed very static to me. Regarding dynamic poses - they're very easy to overdo, and S1 definitely overdid it. Too many hopping ballerinas. Makes them fragile and difficult to assemble.
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