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  2. Hi folks, im running a demo game in a few days and was reading the rules again as I haven't played in a while. I noticed a ruling I hadn't remembered in the last game I played. Am I correct in understanding that any character plays require a TN roll? In the last game neither of us were abiding by this rule. This made obulus and silence very OP!
  3. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    So I have to say the "select better targets" part of this conversation is fairly frustrating. If for no other reason than the same logic can be applied to the original complaint. If you are worried about a player with a stack of influence being taken out before you get to activate them then be careful with your allocation so that that player is not in some ones threat range. As you can see that might be a valid argument, but a good player is not always going make sure you can't do that. Its the same thing with choosing targets to attack a good opponent is going to try and force you into hitting some one with a good counter attack.
  4. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    Mh, fighting is what they do. Not that I'm an expert on them, I just play them casually, but how about something that allows them to generate Momentum via Counterattacks? I know we shouldn't change the fundamentals, leave them untouched and everything, but that could be interesting. Another idea I had was Leading the attack HR 3 If the friendly Captain model charges an enemy model friendly models within 6" of the friendly captain may dodge 1" towards the friendly captain. Or this Into the thick of it HR 3 When a friendly model charges, it gains +2 TAC for the duration of the charge. Maybe HR 2 in these? I don't know. Just spilling some brain garbage.
  5. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    Many people say that Butchers have to choose their targets very carefully, which is okay, only I feel most of the time that smart targeting is a prerequisite for staying in game, not a path to victory. So I'd gladly take a GIC that increases my chances of success if I make the right decisions. Like more dice on a critical roll. But apart from the butchery business, yes, any GIC that gives options (ball playing, for one) would be welcome.
  6. Working with "Green Stuff"

    Glad you asked the question @Malritch as I have begun my first ever green stuff conversion (using the term lightly) to create a special snowball for Skatha and have found that it is not as easy as the kids playdough etc to make do stuff. All the hints and tips etc here will be used in the work I try to do going forwards.
  7. The Baron's WiP

    Yayy the lavender avengers!!
  8. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    i really think Butchers might benefit from a football card. I think the idea of people escaping your melee grasp is just part of the game.
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  10. Rise of Zarola

    Yes exactly. We all agree! MO is great. Her playbook is bobbins. That's my issue. I don't think she's a bad player just a boring one because it's MO or bust. However the GIC does make her viable and I would argue it implies part of her problem is speed. If she was 7/9 then maybe she might be more viable as a goal threat and so justify her playbook better. What did she do into ballista? Anti Deadbolt?
  11. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    @EpicChris you make some good points about nimble We are all spitballing here how about something way off the wall? How about: I'm Not Done With You Once per turn when an enemy model leaves a friendly model's melee zone, you may remove up to 4 influence from that friendly model. For each influence removed in this way you may add +1 influence to your team's influence pool during the next maintenance phase. HR...2? I really have no idea how to balance HR for Butchers. Apparently no one does if you read the forum . My thinking is it may let your opponent escape punishment right now but it just fuels a bashy team to swing that much harder next round. Up to 4 INF means you can't have someone push a model out of FIllet's melee who is sitting at 2HP in order to hold them hostage and have 17 INF the following round. Let you get more swings in with more models. Very versatile in wording but that is the intent. This isn't really all that out of the realm of possibility either. Farmers get to set up extra INF for an upcoming turn and other GICs allow you to reallocate influence.
  12. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    Played into Blacksmiths (first time for both of us). Won 12-0. Partly owing to inexperience but also Winters Training was the bomb. Used it to move Chaska around and scored a long range goal with Zarola (it affects the advances separately). He took +1 arm for KD, so I just never KDd as counters were manageable. Low def team with Jaecar and Snow and Singled Out proved a tough combo.
  13. Farmers

    I've played them. Jaecar is super dangerous to them. G&S, dropping traps and bouncing away. Farmer counters are often awful. Egret for poison to shutdown Harrow heal. Theron can hit the end of his playbook easily. Chaska is boom box town. they're an interesting one and Tater makes them annoying but Pinned can sort him out. Hunters have some good tech into Farmers. Try dropping snared everywhere. And don't take Seenah - she's rubbish and a trap.
  14. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    Why not make it like the Blacksmith ability but once per turn then so that you can spend 1 mom to get +3 hits. What I object to is: 1. First activation rolling over opponent who just sits there with no option to mitigate. Many Butchers can put out a lot of DMG and losing your captain, then losing initiative then losing your captain again is not fun. 2. An ability that hurts the opponent rather than buffing your side. GICs shouldn't be an FU to other guilds, they should boost your own. Otherwise it's an NPE. 3. An ability that works for the entire turn and affects almost everything the opponent does - Butchers fight, so counter attacks happen. This card is ridiculous as it affects all counters! Worse it feeds into itself because as the opponent is drained if MOM, the Butcher player gets that bonkers first activation. 4. It fixes something Butcher players should mitigate with target selection and model choice. If the opponent is << away, get KD models or pick other targets. It feels like this card encourages poor play - load up captain, crush enemy captain or high INF model, repeat until victorious. Why not offer a card that boosts the Butcher Football options in what is supposed to be a football game. God I hate this card so much.
  15. Rise of Zarola

    I played her in every game at the wtc, she was vital into ballista where i played seenah and skatha. Midnight offering was her main stick, also scored a goal for me in one game.
  16. Farmers

    So i'd like to hear everyone's tales against Farmers. Wins and Losses. Myself I seem to have struggled because of their 2 inch melee everywhere. And when they had possession of the ball I just couldnt get it back.
  17. Dark Souls Coliseum

    Hey all, I thought up another cool play variant that I'm curious how people feel about. I've been thinking a lot about game difficulty and thought it would be cool to try a version of the game where you don't worry so much about the AI difficulty, but rather difficulty against other players. Think DSBG as something similar to a MOBA (Dota2, Smite, LoL, etc.). ----- Coliseum Objective: The game ends when the boss is dead. The player with the most souls at that point wins. Map placement/encounters: The fog door to the boss is placed adjacent to the bonfire. When an encounter is defeated, each player chooses whether to begin participating in combat in the next encounter or return to the bonfire. This resolves simultaneously (see Turns below). When all encounters have been defeated, draw new encounter cards and return all players to the bonfire (or the first room if a player chooses to begin participating in combat). Turns: Players all act simultaneously. They may take their turns in order for simplicity and clarity, but turns resolve simultaneously. Turns alternate as such Players’ turn (all players) Enemies’ turn The first aggro token goes to the player with the highest taunt value, then proceeds around the table in a clockwise fashion for the remainder of the game. On the players’ turn, a player may participate in combat, or return to the bonfire to upgrade, purchase equipment, or get equipment from the inventory, but not both. In the event that two players wish to return to the bonfire and equip the same piece of gear, the player who entered the bonfire with the lower soul count takes priority. Deaths: Sparks are infinite. The death of a player results in each opposing player gaining 4 souls. Soul rewards: Souls are not shared between players. Souls are not accumulated upon beating encounters. Players rather gain one soul per damage done to an enemy. Players do not gain extra souls for doing damage beyond an amount that would kill an enemy. If players simultaneously target the same enemy, they both receive souls for doing damage (up to the amount of health remaining on the enemy) and the enemy takes the greatest number of damage dealt among the players. For example, if a Large Hollow Soldier has 2 health remaining, Player 1 deals 4 damage, and Player 2 deals 3 damage, they receive 2 and 2 souls respectively and the Large Hollow Soldier is dead. If the Large Hollow Soldier has 5 health remaining, they receive 4 and 3 souls respectively and the Large Hollow Soldier has 1 health left. Node model limit: Nodes may temporarily have more than 3 models provided there are not more than two enemies on the node, and it is the players’ turn. This is to resolve multiple players attacking the same model. As soon as the players’ turn is over, all players must return from the node that is over the limit to the node they came from. Friendly buffs: If a player’s item or ability would cause a positive effect to other players, they may choose to not apply that effect to other players. Team variant All rules are the same, but teams share souls. ----- If some of these variants I've been coming up with end up being popular with people, I'd kind of like to make a little compendium of play variations that look like real rulesheets, so I'm sort of testing the waters to see what kind of stuff people like and don't like. A few other things I've been mulling over is things like various stat abilities that get chosen before game setup, ways of immediately facing bosses/mega-bosses, and location-specific tile effects (for example, maybe movement effects if you're in the High Wall of Lothric that simulate there being an actual wall there). I think DSBG can be a game that all gamers are eager to bring to the table, so I've been having fun trying to facilitate that with my group and others'
  18. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Butchers vs Morticians. Butcher's used take it to 'em. The ability was used a couple times and came in handy for an influence depleted team, especially to counter Ghast's Fear. Healing was used maybe once, but not really needed as Morticians had trouble all game. Morticians used Near Death EXperience and it was a lot of help delaying the slaughter. Facing Filett and Meathook, being able to heal AND remove conditions really helped. (Well, they got slaughtered, so the help was minimal in the overall scheme of things)
  19. Extended ruleset plus reference sheets

    Another thing you could do is roll the item shop variant into kind of an ability. You could make a Faith or Intelligence ability that's something like "Draw two cards from the treasure deck. Place any number of them on the top of the deck, and any number of them on the bottom of the deck."
  20. Working with "Green Stuff"

    Well that is interesting...may have to experiment!! Thanks!
  21. Blacksmiths (:

  22. Working with "Green Stuff"

    I haven't personally tried this but the old manager at my LGS used to flour his finger tips and tools when working with the stuff. When it cured he'd rinse it with a little water and took a toothbrush to it to clear off the flour if it was going to be in the way. Might have all be in his head but I saw him do it almost everytime.
  23. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    In my experience Butchers are very dice-sensitive. In many cases, any usefulness of your playbook begins at (or slightly above) the expected values. Of course bad dice are bad for everyone, but it's a big difference if you have e.g. TAC4 vs 4/1 defensive stats and you're okay with the first column, or you have TAC5 and you need the second one. In the first case, you have to roll clearly below the average to fail; in the second case, the average itself is a non-existent fraction. In this regard, the problem with counter attacks is not the very fact that you probably will get counter attacked, or the lack of effective brawlers with 2" melee. It's that the first hit, more often than not, is a feast or famine thing, then counter attacks hurt much more. All this in a faction that does little more than fighting. It's not that other factions don't have to deal with CA; it's that they have other vectors in their game, so they can use their playbooks in a more creative way. Butchers often stand fingers crossed and hoping for that crucial KD or Blood Rain to succeed, without anything else to consider. Tldr: nerfing opponents with GICs is a very bad idea in my opinion, and giving Butchers straightforward abilities to overcome their weaknesses isn't much better. I'd gladly pay an extra to balance my odds in little ways. E.g. Crushing Force: once per turn, a friendly model can spend up to 3 momentum for Bonus Timing an attack to gain up to 3 extra dice. Or something like that.
  24. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I mean that might help more later when the rest of the guild is released for "tough as nails" but in your 6 there are already two models with tough hide naturally and there is a master who if he is Capitan gives it out. my guess is that if it is that important then your bringing it with him or your better off with the tweak your suggesting to "Passing the Mantle". I just don't see tough hide being the answer here
  25. http://www.buzzsprout.com/57387/569650-episode-47-playing-a-guild-for-the-first-time Andrew, Jason and Ritch talk about how to approach playing a new guild for the first time, what can be learnt from it, and why people do it. Then Andrew gets salty and plays Masons again anyway, and Jason stays on the Blackheart train. You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Find Singled Out on Patreon, and become a patron to access their bonus podcast, Singled Out: Bonus Time! https://www.patreon.com/singledoutGB Eternal thanks to Beardminis for the heartfelt Patreon commerical, find his channel at http://Www.youtube.com/c/BeardMinis
  26. Working with "Green Stuff"

    Thanks for that @Anphiarus... I'll try that out for sure. The particular piece I was trying to work out couldn't be placed prior to working it... so I was just trying to do it on my work bench... but then it would stick to the work bench... or my hands ... and distort beyond recognition of what it was supposed to be. HA! A bit of both is going to be the trick I think!
  27. The #wankdungeon also features 100% more Australian Masters than Australia.
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