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  2. Non Thresher Farmers - Anyone trying this?

    I played a Grange team last night: Grange, Peck, Fallow, Harrow, Millstone, Tater. I was playing against Ballista Engineer's. The team overall felt very strong, and once I was in control of the ball and had a scrum going on their end of the field I felt like I was in a good spot. Cocky on Millstone is ridiculous. Grange, Fallow, and Harrow are very good friends. TAC 9 Fallow getting +2 to damage is absurd (3 base, +5 With Age..., +1 Honest Labour + any number of crowd outs). The only downside is the Engineer's are very heavy on tough hide (also gluttonous mass), so I don't think the game was overall a strong example of how the team would normally play. The other downside is this setup doesn't have a great propensity for footballing, which was notable. I have a couple other ideas for teams too - Football Grange: Buckwheat, Bushel, Jackstraw, Millstone, Tater Balanced Grange: Buckwheat, Fallow, Jackstraw, Millstone, Tater
  3. Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    Alex plays grace on his 10 for farmers. The millstone and peck stuff is pretty mitagatable but the harrow aura and grace combo effectively prevent the condition game from being a thing. I play Midas in this matchup. But if they don’t have grace I don’t think the matchup is that bad. Farmers are clearly favored but they are when you drop Midas too.
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  5. What's your "secret" tech

    So not really secret tech but perhaps less utilised tech. Had a game vs smiths last night, found myself using a lot of pushes. Managed to charge the pig into Captain Furnace and push him an inch so Ox could now reach him. Ox then charged KD and 2x to bring him into range of both Minx and Boar suffice to say the rest of the turn did not go well for furnace he was KD dirty knivesd, screaming bansheed and snared while crowded out by 2 players by the time Boar got his charge off... I continued to use pushes etc throughout the match to set up other painfull situations for the smiths picked up my first 12-0 in a long time (to be fair he missed a shot at goal when I was up 8-0 with three of his player in range of fully stacked Ox sitting on about 9 health and i had 6 MOM to his 0)
  6. Kdogs completed stuff

    Well got a response pretty quickly and it was awesome to see the staff at SFG enjoy a good pun when dealing with the bear. Opening line was "poor Seenah, thats not a good way to get ahead in life" haha. Man I love SFG!!
  7. Ratcatchers Guild

    As long as they are talking it out, I find an awesome tricksy goal run entertaining. What I don't like is when the ball gets ignored or killed and the game turns into just another skirmish game, all about two sides battering each other into submission. At least in Blood Bowl, the ONLY way to win is Touchdowns, so just hitting your opponents won't mean you win - it might help, but you have to get the ball and run it into the end zone at some point. Balance is the key, as you say - we have struggled to get to that point since release, as early S2 seemed very TO focused, and then the game swung the other way (at least with Fish and Alchs) in S3. I feel like the majority of the teams at the moment are weighted toward TO's - there are not many teams made to win 3-0, and I'd like to see more football orientated teams introduced.
  8. Thoughts of a new guildballer

    Anvil and Hearth lead the spearhead and using strike while the iron... and an iron 2 inch push to effectively get up the board 10 inches. Alloy can flank to hearths side and ferrite on anvils side
  9. Ratcatchers Guild

    Cool, thanks. That's how I thought it was going to work, but wasn't 100%. Also didn't know we knew for sure what two it would be (although Skulk was pretty obvious.) Would have perhaps been nice if all 4 of the non-Captain, non-mascot players had been selectable, but with perhaps 2 out of 10 limit on the roster, but understanding the Union balancing issues the minors have been introduced to solve, I can live with 2.
  10. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    The Sommeliers Guild! All fancy poncy
  11. Ratcatchers Guild

    Specific. Ratcatchers provide Spooks with Skulk and Pelage and get to play Bonesaw and vGraves.
  12. Ratcatchers Guild

    I'm sure this has been self evident, but it's something I've not been 100% clear on. With the introduction of minors, 2 of the major guild players will be eligible to play for them, and, as I understand it, 2 of the minor will be eligible for the major. Is this any 2 from the minor, or will it be a specific 2 as it is with the major?
  13. Hello from MIchigan

    I'll send you a PM the next time I'm available for a Vassal game and we'll do it up! - Terminus -
  14. Hello from MIchigan

    Well i wouldnt mind winning against some butchers!
  15. The Rookie

    Ha, Did wonder if it was you, Bill. I've met you once before, I came over to Outpost for one of MM's Guild Ball gatherings. You were playing Morts I believe. I will keep everyone posted about events. At the moment I'm trying to work out what the best option is and when on earth I have a free weekend to do it. Its starting to look like May might be the earliest and I would need to work around Vengeance of course so might be later. In either regards there will be stuff on various Facebook groups first
  16. Hello from MIchigan

    Welcome! I'm pretty familiar with Butchers, and almost completely unfamiliar with Farmers, so if you want a good smash-fest, we can try and arrange a game on Vassal! - Terminus -
  17. First tournament with Hunters

    It was not the annoying kind of taking back, as I understand it, just modifying the move before anything else could have happened. Not the same as trying to cancel the whole charge action when you declare UM
  18. Latest Vassal Module?

    Thanks for the link @Nhesh
  19. Hello from MIchigan

    Welcome indeed! Always good to see more new faces!
  20. Don’t Touch The Beard Xmas Special!

    Enjoyed that. Watching and listening to a lit of stuff on here today due to the weather matching the decorations on the video. (Snow not reindeer!) Painting the Blacksmiths as I go. They may well get their first outing later this week.
  21. Nyk's Adventures

    How come Scum didn't UM away from Flint? Good story and a good game. It is sleeting here today which is why I am on the forum during the day.
  22. Ratcatchers Guild

    That Guild of Archaeologists....brilliant. "My career is in ruins!". I laughed so hard.
  23. The Rookie

    Keep me posted about the event you are planning in Barnsley. I would need some notice due to commitments I have already made. There are several guys who come to our club on Farm Rd on Thursdays in Sheffield who come from Barnsley. Solid blokes in every sense of the word "solid". Bill
  24. Latest Vassal Module?

    Who’s keeping the module up to date these days?
  25. First tournament with Hunters

    It was a really fun game, it being so tight really made it. You're welcome re the take back, we are out to have fun at the end of the day, and you would have spent the whole game annoyed at yourself if I hadn't, so it wouldn't have been fun. Better me to have a fun game and potentially lose in my eyes I think if we ever had a rematch it would go in your favour, I will need to keep practicing a lot to try and win next time.
  26. Latest Vassal Module?

  27. The venue is very easy to get to via train from Edinburgh (and probably Glasgow). It's about a 5 minute walk from the station in Stirling. Lots of places to stay nearby too.
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