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  2. Not my Guild, but maybe you can kidnap the ball with high-ARM players. Maybe Mash, near Esters and with Hopper's Tough Skin, or Stoker also with Tough Skin. A 3 ARM player in cover makes impossible to a TAC 4 player to steal you the ball without a Charge. Besides, Mash has a 2" melee UM, which is very defensive. Other form of killing the ball is using Quaff to walk away all you can. Take the ball, Second Wind yourself and flee 12" towards a flank (14" if you sprint, plus other MOV boosts you can get). It's influence intensive, but maybe you can get the time you need to get some TOs.
  3. How does your system get someone with a 3W/12L record almost 100pts above some one with an 8W/2L record?
  4. If Princess chose not to snap to then it would become a free ball.
  5. Thanks for the summary. Just read all the background, as I want to start painting the model. The stories didn't state the colour of the uniform, though I aiming to go for dark green. He does have the regimental standard tied to his belt which I will use the colour of Raeland on. I wonder if the model is depicted before the end of the war. It's just he has a regimental standard tied to him, but after reading the stories, whether he would bother with keeping such sentiment.
  6. Hi All, wondering if if there are any gamers in the north, near Blackburn? I highly doubt the wife is interested in playing and I don't have any other mates who table top, so if there is anyone looking to meet up and play then it would be good
  7. we're all soldiers now
  8. Today
  9. I'm glad it's not just me. It is a little frustrating, but there is still fun to be had. Challenge is all part of gaming I guess. I have other Guilds I could take to events but it's just not the same. I really like Brewers and will persevere. I just hope they get a little boost at some point, to bring them up to speed (pun intended).
  10. Yes! The Brewers aren't last place. Take that pesky Farmers! Wait....
  11. If anyone hasn't seen, here are some nicely painted farmers from the Salute showcase. You can also see the farmers terrain piece:
  12. The story is set after the end of the Century Wars, with Theron having left the Raedland army and left wandering rather aimlessly (until ultimately he finds the hunters). So he's sculpted as a demobbed soldier with his kit bag and camping mat and the Raedland crest. If anyone wants the "official" colours for the Raedland crest I think (based on the map in the new rulebook) it's a white cross with red edges on a blue background.
  13. I'm just copy/pasting it from TieBreak. I made a scraper that lets me do whole rounds of a tournament at once, so it only takes a couple of minutes to enter each event. You can also enter rounds manually, but it takes longer and requires you to enter players ahead of time. This feature is open to anyone and was intended for people to enter casual games. Good catch! I made some changes to how things load the other day and forgot to change the top of page buffer. I'll fix that today.
  14. One hopefully minor improvement could be done on the mobile site. The banner at the top of the page where you can navigate the site blocks the 3 buttons at the top which let's you change to tournament only for example. You can still click it on mobile if you aim low, but I didn't even see them at first.
  15. Still just the four we have, so far.
  16. Posterity Also I'm mostly just curious what you are doing to pull the data in. I was going to do basically exactly the same thing but never got the time
  17. I'd be happy to share my code, but it doesn't really do much without the database of player and game data. Is there a specific purpose you'd want it shared for?
  18. It was placed within 1" of princess. She can snap to. If she chose to, it would never become a free ball and ooh ball would not trigger.
  19. You should put your code on github
  20. It is present in PDF as well, page 19.
  21. He used to be a soldier.
  22. Well done. While I still have no opinion on the player ranking thing vs BO, the guild ranking stuff is good to see. Would be interesting to see the seasons final stats archived and reset the counter for future seasons. Best part is being able to compare guild vs each guild instead of a nebulous overall win%.
  23. One thing to keep in mind is that players can choose who gets attacked by a mob in many cases. So havig a cumulative health pool is a real thing, in a sense.
  24. just finished reading the fluff Fluff seems the wrong word to use though as the season 3 is anything but fluffy. A very dark and harrowing storyline has been sensitively handled.
  25. In the first Season Rulebook there was a short section called 'Of Life and Death in Guild Ball', which might be missing from the PDF sheets (I'd need to check). In this the Physician's Guild were discussed, and their mysterious and wonderful craft - crucially, how it may be that they are able to heal players who have been injured on the field. One of the vital things that they are capable of is 'magically assisted healing', which is never directly challenged by any of the other Guilds. It's one of the very few instances of magic in our world, and is definitely a secretive (and undefined) science, the treatments for which are as unlike the medical science of our world as Alchemy is to Chemistry. With regards to the Game Rules, player deaths on the field are definitely frowned upon, and extremely rare instances. Any time one occurs, it is a significant event, which is not commonplace in the slightest.
  26. Fiiiish! The ultimate Brewerbane. :-) I wholeheartedly agree, though. You must have fun to play the Brewers. The Brewers are the best guild, even when they aren't. They are the reason I got into the hobby in the first place!
  27. Played Thresher, Peck, Jackstraw, Millstone, Harrow, and Bushel into Smoke last night. What I could get done each turn was limited due to players just not doing much. This is likely an easy fix by switching Bushel into Tater, maybe by a planter into a reaper instead but not really sure. Had plenty of INF each turn and was leaving about half the markers on board for character plays/traits. Thresher loves his planters. Jackstraw is able to place harvest Markers far up for don't fear the reaper, millstone pushes him to extend threat to 13" of his starting position that turn. Harrow tooling up obviously. He also is pretty mobile. They melt like hot butter though. Thresher is my anti ball team, Grange is how I'm leaning against the beater teams.
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