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  2. The flu (Rataclysm?) forced me to stay at home instead of attending a local launch party. I'm so fever-dizzy there's only one thing I can do: Watch the World Cup. And watching this, I realize we really really really need an Actors' Guild in order to mimic a key aspect, perhaps the key aspect, of contemporary football. So I started writing up some abilities that could come in handy. Character Plays Just fakin’ it! CST 2, RNG P, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y Remove this model’s Knocked Down condition. I’m hurt! I’m hurt! CST GB, RNG P, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y This model gains the Knocked Down condition, then this model’s activation immediately ends. Friendly team gains two MP. Medic! Nah not really. CST 3/2GB, RNG -, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y Target friendly model that is suffering the Taken out condition immediately gains an Icy Sponge, returns to the pitch with 1 INF, and removes the Icy Sponge. *Uncivilized gesture* CST 2, RNG 8, ZON -, SUS n, OPT y Target enemy model goes ballistic and loses up to two INF. Taunting CST 2GB, RNG 8, ZON 3”, SYS y, OPT y Models within the AOE pays +1 INF extra for character plays. Heroic plays I’m in so much pain! When this model receives damage from an enemy character play or playbook result, it can immediately make a 2” dodge. Virtually Assisted Randomness (VAR) In this turn, you may re-roll the outcome of one Character Play. Legendary play The unexplainable offside trap Target enemy model in possession of the ball, within 8", and closer to the own goal than any friendly model immediately loses ball possession. Perform a standard scatter. (Yes, this is for funsies.)
  3. Deatheux

    shipping date fixed/setted for wave 2

    until bullock fraud #126
  4. Finally finished painting the farmers, and putting some harvest markers together ... a fun project. I've collected the models I worked on earlier with pictures of a couple of the latest additions at the end. Putka seed pumpkins inspired by the Steamforged blog and corn stalks (railway scenery) by @Grenoir Here's The Honest Land: Old Father's Harvest: Goals: Harvest markers: Alt sculpts (not including Dark Harvest): Rookie Windle: Veteran Honour with harvest markers:
  5. Larhendiel

    Falconers Delayed until 3rd Aug

    dear God what happened to the crew of that ship?
  6. Ploughman:
  7. MechMage

    will S Brisket get a change in season 4?

    IMO a lot of her problems would be fixed by increase the range of Route One, possibly to 8" or 10" and changing it so it can target free balls as well as enemy players in possession of the ball marker. IMO it should still target as it currently does. I don't think that solves her problem of being so incredibly ball dependent but I don't know what could without compromising her identity. I also wish she had Usurper [Butchers] but if since they didn't add it initially they aren't likely to add it any time soon.
  8. Wild Rose

    will S Brisket get a change in season 4?

    Yeah the scoring on 3's I forgot about, was focused more on wanting a more accurate I'm open play. i think balls gone still fits with in her selfish player the same way as in she passes to them and then use I'm open. You would use balls gone in the same way. an MP dogs on 1 would be nice but that would give a moentus result on every column which might be to good? I like how route one plays in to the fluff of her focused on the ball but just find it a bit to limiting in its current state. If you had it so it could target some one with out the ball it loses that flavour.
  9. Kueller

    My Union :)

    LE Rage
  10. Kueller

    will S Brisket get a change in season 4?

    I would like her to have a MP Dodge on one and Route One work on any opponent Player even If they don't have a Ball. 4/8 Kick Is way too strong, since she only needs 3's. She wouldn't have Balls Gone, since Its not In few Character/Fluff she Is a selfish Player and sSpigot has It and apart from a MP Dodge her Playbook Is fine In my Opinion.
  11. Hello everyone, next week we have the national french tournament and I'm bringing my butchers there. I have a question for you all because I can't decide on my last man 😕 Here is my 9 so far : - Captains : Fillet & Ox - Mascot : Princess - Players : Meathook - Boiler - Boar - Shank - Vet Brisket - Vet Gutter And the last one is still in progress : Tenderiser/Minx/vetOx.... any tips guys ? I have used Tenderiser mostly with Fillet because he is a fast activation and I'm used to play with him. But Vet Ox seems great with all the new meta.
  12. S_A_T_S

    Ideas about minor guild

    Certainly prefer the Quarry/miners guild ideas. Could have tunnelling mechanics, terrain removal/reshaping abilities. Would go nicely with Masons defensive style.
  13. Snow

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Tried this and still having issues. I seem to be able to use the guild pages okay now, but still having trouble with the roster page. Noticed I couldn't open the rule book page either today. All of these issues I press the option I want and it goes grey to show I've selected that option, but doesn't take me to the relevant screen
  14. With the season 4 Play Test event coming up has got me thinking of possible changes to Seasoned Brisket with her move to the order. One of the things I wold really like to see changed on seasoned Brisket's card is "route one". I feel it is a very restrictive play with a high cost and likelihood of failing. I would really like it to change to target self "immediately make a jog directly towards the model in possession of the ball marker" this stops the possible wast of influence as it can't miss and opens up more options to be used when your team has the ball. the second thing I would like is a rework of her play book. I would like to see the inclusion of a momentous tackle double dodge on her 4th column. I did want to remove "with aplomb" for "balls gone" and for the double guild ball symbol to be moved to column 3 but now that seasoned spigot is out I think that is unlikely to happen. as the "balls" gone is unlikely to happen, I fell that she could do with a momentous push dodge on her 3rd column to help with the fact that she is a 1" melee zone striker. the last thing I thick she could do with is to increase her kick state to a 4/8. the back of her card is fine, except maybe unpredictable movement but thats more of an issue of how that rule works with her 1" melee zone. what do you guy's think? does she need a change or is she fine as she is? what would you like to see changed and what do you think of my suggestions?
  15. ForestRambo

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Yeah I can't complain at all, I've played worse
  16. Jotnebane

    Ideas about minor guild

    Ranged plays would be nice.
  17. Jotnebane

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    Tried her out for 3 games yesterday and she did her job. Hammer never got charged by 1” models so I never got that counter, but the assist with Irin Fist was brutal. 9 TAC and +2 damage put down v.Deci real quick. My Brewer opponent finally felt the receiving end of them wraps. 4 up to 6 and mom 2 up to 4. She’s not OP like v.Deci but she adds a lot to the Masons. I think she will be in most of most of my games when I get the model next month.
  18. Vassal GB mod 7.91 Found this on Discord Uploaded 7.91 for the first half of the Faithful: * Added new Sakana, Chisel, Spigot * Added counter-charge aura for Marbles with an ugly inner ring for the 4" distance * Added drift range for harrier AOE
  19. Starlight

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    That’s a pretty decent for/against for the day!
  20. Starlight

    Resin Hunters

    Nah there are two Sun bears at Wellington Zoo.
  21. ForestRambo

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    So after a few months out playing around with Butchers / Hunters I couldn't decide what to take yesterday to a event. I did a Twitter poll and Hunters won, I ended going 4-0 and taking 1st, https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1144. I'll have some time next week so I'll write the event up, I played Theron, Fahad, Zarola, Jaecar, oHearne, vMinx in every game
  22. Barbercat

    My Guilds

  23. the goose09

    Hammer Masons

    What lineup do you run and why? Have a very good player in the local meta and I haven’t been keeping up, so learn me something!
  24. SilverNines

    Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    That's cool, I've got those.
  25. Yesterday
  26. S_A_T_S

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    No point playing any Union from now, may as well get used to how we know the game will be post-minor guild. I used Mist for ball retrieval/scoring, and both versions of Chisel seem the closest in-guild replacement for that role (2" melee, low , 8" move). vChisel is looking soooo much better than oChisel all-round though - being able to shift INF from neutralised players (Hammer and other 1" melees can sometimes be shut down with pushes or and it's horrible). Really looking forward to the new box - so many models for guilds I have!
  27. S_A_T_S

    Tokens after S4?

    I've just made my own tokens - card mounted on a bit of shaped EVA foam then write the name along the bottom and do a little sketch on the top. Cheap, I can easily make more or replace them, clear and easy to read (no ornate coloured background or font to make it difficult) and I get to make some silly doodles to illustrate them.
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