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  2. Curly's Brief Battle Reports

    Game 5 - Jonah Rage Me Thresher 12-0 Loss Messed up my draft and ended up with 10 inf, completly underestimated AnG under Bloody Coin.. Game 6 - Matt Cook Shark Me Thresher 12-8 Win Managed to hold onto the ball pretty well with the Scarecrow and slow the game down enough for me to get some kills in. Thresher was a monster this game. Game 7 - Matt Cook Ballista Me Grange 12-4 Win Took Peck for a change, him and Tater did a good job of detering a Dead Bolt from Ballista, slowly killed a couple of robots and closed it out with the teleporting scarecrow. Game 8 - Pete Burgess Theron 12-4 Loss Took Thresher, Buckwheat, Tater, Harrow, Jackstraw and Millstone which I think is becoming my default team, but in this instance should probably have switched to Grange to put more pressure on the ball. Was a really cagey game, made an early positional mistake that cost me Thresher, and slowly lost the scrum from that point. I've played quite a few games now and I think my 2 main line ups are: Grange, Buckwheat, Jackstraw, Harrow, Tater, Bushel Thresher, Buckwheat, Jackstraw, Harrow, Tater, Millstone So my core team is really Jackstraw, Harrow and Tater, with 3 flex slots! Really need to start deciding which captains I'm taking against each opponent now. Would also like to give Windle a try again. Maybe with Thresher, but the inf levels mean that Tater is really the only option for him to replace and that seems bold. Maybe if I switched him for Millstone, and Buckwheat for Peck I could make it work.
  3. You can't play Super Fan with Kill the Ball as the prerequisite for the card is "A friendly team concedes a goal". And with Kill the Ball you simply resolve the Goal Kick.
  4. Why would plastics make it any harder to magnetize? They might even be able to glue the magnets in place *before* shipping them out, since they're pre-assembling everything else already.
  5. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    Anyone have a pic of their cards that were not taken by a camera made of literal dog turds.
  6. Snakeskin legit

    I've had too many good time with Snakeskin to recall. Some turns you just need to load her up and let her dance.
  7. Yesterday
  8. First impressions - God I had fun

    Damn, I didn't even think of Superfan haha. That's awesome.
  9. British Championships

    Simple question: how did Hunters fare at the British Championships? This was the First major tournament since the changes to Theron and Hearne, correct? Anyone have any word as to how they did?
  10. Alright, played a game, and boy Ferrite needs to be Captain against Butchers. On the other hand I had no idea what to do with them and still made an 8-12 loss. Furnace and Ferrite both scored a goal. Pretty strong pairing if you think about it, both DEF ARM 3/2 with quiet a lot of HP and Furnace with 2" Melee, I had fun. Honestly, I whiffed liked half my rolls (just as an example I rolled 3 times with Anvil for a simple KD on Doggy and Boiler, and then I wanted to pass the Ball to Ferrite. I managed the KD after two consecutive 0 Net Hits. This actually wasted my Legendary) Furnace is nice as Captain, but like I said not against Butchers. Blacksmiths are countered pretty hard by them actually, because of Boilers AP and Ox's CP and Legendary. I sadly couldn't pull off the Iron Goal sling, even though I had Knee Slider. Sad face. Sledge died in a stiff Breeze. The Knockback is nice, but unfortunately with pure TAC 5 he's having a hard time getting that... well... I rolled... so against 3/1 I maybe should have made it. The game went down after round 1, because I over extended Iron into the Butchers and Ox was able to swing. I was hoping for some ones to get the counterattack double push (which is insanely good!) but that happened. He had initiative and killed Sledge. Anvil was a beast. Survived Boiler, though I got the double push on the counterattack (ironic if you think about it. Sledge you poor bastard) I finished the game by "throwing it", because he either could've scored a goal with Brisket or killed Coinder which was on 2 HP and B2B with Ox. I activated Sledge and did 7 damage to Boiler in one swing. Pretty satisfying. It's going to be a pain to unlock them, but that's a goal. So, scrambled thoughts. I like them. And boy do they have depth. Oh and one last thing: Cinder made the ball disappear from the enemy team and appear on my goal for a goal kick. I had superfan. Crucial card for the Blacksmiths I reckon, because I was able too instantly give the ball to a player. It's like... I use 1 Inf on the ball right in front of Ox. I play this Plotcard. Iron has the ball.
  11. New look for Friday

    Are you referring to this pic? steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/steamforged-games-and-the-army-painter-present-kick-off-paint-set She looks the same to me.
  12. What about Avarrse and Greede? With the new plastics you won't be able to magnitize as easily (if at all) so are you just going to be forced to have a double Greede on the field? Seems like they are pushing for more of a newbie/simple market plan while slowly alienating their current fans.
  13. Not by us, we've got better stuff to do... like look at my new blacksmiths models They aren't the same quality as the metals, but they aren't by any means terrible. The detail is slightly softer but not by much, the build quality is good (no blobs of glue), and the flash/mould lines are probably better than the metals (and a lot easier to deal with). They're not rock hard plastic, but they're nowhere near as bad as PP's restic! They'll paint up lovely in expert hands, and they'll go as well as the metals do in less experienced hands I think. Are they the world's most beautifully detailed and cast models? No, and they are a little (not a lot) lower quality than the metals (also, the bases are coming off as soon as I get them home. They work, but they aren't pretty or interesting). But I'm hugely picky about models given my painting preferences, and I'm not seeing a problem with them after opening my box. In fact, I'm looking forward to getting them home and under my brushes Which is good, because I was dreading having to come on here and say I didn't like them!
  14. Blacksmiths and Farmers are all plastic one peice models, and they don't have as much detail as the other metal models. I also don't like the bases they are connected to either.
  15. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    I just came... back to say how amazing these models are. Good god man whatever you are doing (unless it is painting) it has gotta be the wrong occupation. OUTSTANDING.
  16. New look for Friday

    Anyone else notice Friday has a new look? There is some updated art for Kick Off ... as shown in the recent Army Painter blog post. Maybe we can get a vet Friday model with the new haircut!
  17. From the sound of it you may just end up out $35 and stuck with an extra Shark and Siren.
  18. WTF happened to quality of miniatures?

    Maybe I forgot to submit my comment but I think it was likely deleted. I think it was a case of sounding more critical than it was meant to be. I mentioned that if the Farmers and Blacksmiths were of a similar quality to the kick off box I wouldn't be purchasing anymore of them. I can see how this may have come across as dogging on the kick off and my bad if it was received that way. What I mean is I didn't personally find that the kick off miniatures were as easy to paint nor did I think they held as much detail as the metal ones. I had just painted a full metal brewers team the week before starting my own kick off box and it was pretty obvious, in my eyes at least, which was the superior product. That being said the kick off is suuuuuuuch a boon when you look at the value and the ease it presents in bringing others into the community. I just wouldn't want to pay anymore for models of a similar quality. I'd rather buy the old metal ones because I found them to fill my desires from the product better. If the farmers and blacksmiths are the same as the brewers and masons from the kick off they will probably be the end of me buying plastic. Not saying no one should buy them, it just probably won't be me. I'll buy a bunch of metal stuff. ( I also considered that it may have sounded like I was going to scalp the metal figs but my intention was that if you want the metal ones next year you'll probably be able to find them but i assume someone will be charging more for them) Haha and if I forgot to post try not to roast me.
  19. So perhaps 8 months ago I held a similar opinion to OP, but since seeing *painted* kick off models I changed my mind. Furthermore, now that I've seen beautifully painted pictures of Grange + Crew I am happy to say there is no issue with the quality of Guild Ball plastic minis for 99% of the community. The key is wait and see. Hold them in your hand. Paint them up yourself. I am sure there are some amazing painters out there who can tell the difference, but unless your putting your models in a trophy case I really don't think it matters that much.
  20. It has begun!!! Hi Kenny, Unfortunately our suppliers tell us that the following items are now unavailable to retailers: 1x Salt We will of course send you a refund for this.Would store credit suit you, or would you prefer a direct refund? Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Whilst we try to avoid these situations, they are very much outside of our control. Kind regards, And this is after my three man starter box appeared without Angel in it starting to feel a little unloved atm
  21. A wild thread appeared!!!! *queue battle sounds* By the way - The best suggestion is to have never changed Gut and String at all. Simply rework caught in a net to "Apply the Gut and String Character play to all enemy models within x inches". Seriously tearing open my healing wounds tho
  22. New Brewer's Player Starting Ten

    Thanks for all the advice I will be dropping Quaff for oSpigot. Now to get a few games in with them to get used to the playstyle and match ups...
  23. The Perfect Guild Ball Gaming Table

    I don't imagine it would be too bad. The ledges might ahould be less than 6". Even if I use a 1 or 2 x 6, it'll be 5.5". I think that's good enough. With two under supports per ledge, it should be fine..... i.hope lol. I'm also thinking of routing a 1/4 or smaller slot for cards haha. Where you don't have to worry about them flying away or something. If I do a 2" thick player side board I could route a pretty good space for dice. There's also the option of putting the dice trays on one or both of the other sides and have those fold over as well. I'm thinking for the sake of visibility. And if you streamed on the table you could easily set up a pip over the dice tray (because that's one thing folks complain about in streams and want to see).
  24. The Perfect Guild Ball Gaming Table

    Yep, all about the supports. Still be careful with the leaning or people setting heavy bags (more of a Warmachine issue there) on the sides. Being lightweight and portable the table doesn't have a lot of counter-weight. For mine the sides without the folding legs are the most tippy, but you really have to lean right on the frame edge. Being 3x3 will help reduce leverage, but then adding flaps might make it even worse than the 4x4 because they will be so far past the leg attach points.
  25. You've made the fairly fatal assumption that the model is poor quality. Unless you've got the model in hand, you're still making the assumption that it's somehow a poor quality sculpt, rather than that picture is the result of a decent painter and and a decent sculpt.
  26. The Perfect Guild Ball Gaming Table

    The problem with tables like that is their either flimsy, not what I want, or both. They're usually over priced. Like I can still probably build a better, more durable table with all the fixins for less than that. Wood is cheap enough. Metal bits are a bit more difficult and the finish can be pricey lol. I built my pc L shape desk for like $40 out of 2x4s. Its a crsp piece, but it was my first build ever lol. It's sturdy and does the job well. @DieselDM I think that is a brilliant idea! I can have the momcounter, dice tray, cup holder and whatever else built in to it. I'd also give it some supports underneath via wood bits that rotate. I tend to lean on the table when I play and hinges don't like weight haha. Could probably do 2. I saw it on a small kitchen table that had side leaves. You'd deploy them and just rotate a bit of wood to keep them up
  27. Again, I'm not saying that in the hands of a good painter you can't get good results. What I'm saying is that getting good results from a bad quality figure are harder and far, far more frustrating then if you were working on a good quality figure. And as a company which in early interviews commented about the quality of PP's "restic" miniatures, I find it sad that they seem to be going down a similar path.
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