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  2. Ratcatchers Guild

    When I became a pundit there was 3 of us.
  3. Thoughts of a new guildballer

    So today I brought anvil n sledge out. Fought Hunters with theron. Probably a bad drop into them but I really wanted to try. So between snares, forests, and gut n string. Anvil n sledge both had lots of trouble reaching ant opponents at all. While the iron is hot proved decent in a first turn push, and final game trigger, disengaging ferrite pass to her n snap shot for the win. Since the pair plays similar role with hearth n alloy, I rather have hearth n alloy for the better threat range n mobility.
  4. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    Fixed that for you
  5. Today
  6. Purchasing Expansions

    The kickstarter expansions are currently promised for September 2018 ! I am afraid most of the backers are less than impressed with this. When the retail sales will start is anyones guess. It might be September 2018 or Sept 2019 or something in-between ! Who knows? Communication has not been good.
  7. First tournament with Hunters

    The thing about Corsair is he is very good at holding the ball (or he can just park on Greyscales if you bring no Ulfr to make it difficult), The way he fights is in a big scrum, typically with A&G, Corsair, oSiren & Tentacles all offering up Ganging out. Hunters like to kill a player (normally a squishy non tough hide model), stay spread and play 1v1 / 2v1 engagements using things like pinned, G&S and back to the shadows to limit what the opponent can return with. Corsair throws that out the window by dragging a player in and forcing them into a situation where they are engaged by 3-4 people and normally the only easy target to kill is oSiren or Hag, even Hag has Fear which is a pain. His deathscrum style of play which he can force onto the opponent is the exact opposite of how Hunters what to fight. We lack the ability to just outright kill Corsair like vRage or Hammer can we don't have players like Mist or Vitriol who can threaten the ball extremely well. All in all It's just rough for Hunters, but totally not un-winnable. Killing A&G is a HUGE part of the match up, using a nimble Fahad you can buy some time to pepper A&G and send in oHearne to prep Theron to kill A&G. That's the best situation I've found myself in the match up, once A&G is gone Corsair doesn't kill a player in one go and you can pile into him. I would not take Snow in the match up. Corsair & A&G KD alot and Snow anatomical isn't hugely useful against the likes of oSiren, A&G or Hag. Fahad I've sound good as a roadblock.
  8. First tournament with Hunters

    Ah fair enough, so it was always going to be a difficult one and my lack of experience vs his large experience, even if he normally plays masons, it was close to lost from the off. I will just need to try and get more games against them and see how I will do it and take your list as some advice. Do you think there is any other mistakes I made in team selection in the other games or even overall squad? Happy to receive feedback, I may have won the others but may just been lucky.
  9. First tournament with Hunters

    I normally take Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Minx, Egret & oHearne. Peter at Worlds beat Corsair with Skatha but I haven't been able to watch the match. In general it's one of our tougher match ups and no better than a 50/50.
  10. First tournament with Hunters

    Who else would you take? I assume Theron was the right call?
  11. Winter Painting Contest

    Ha, yeah, you’ve got a weird two-rank thing going on Think of it as being one of the elite protégés who’s tipped for greatness
  12. I borrowed a bunch of ideas from you for it, so you should get at least some of the credit
  13. First tournament with Hunters

    Well done on your second place I've been trying using Fahad with nimble as a base to block Lure / Drag. It's pretty solid and negates a lot of what Corsair wants to be doing to you.
  14. Yeah, Memory is amazing and disturbing. Very nice!
  15. First tournament with Hunters

    First Hunters Tournament Report I bought Hunters over Christmas, built and painted them over the holidays and decided to take them to a tournament I was going to on 14/01. I managed to get one competitive game in the Wednesday before the tournament against the local pundit in which I got thrashed by Union, and one very friendly game against a fairly new player to guild ball. Going into the tournament didn’t feel overly confident, lack of experience with the team and having only been playing since September, I had limited experience just playing brewers in an escalation league. My 10 were Theron, Skatha, Snow, Fahad, oHearne, Egret, Jaecar, Chaska, Zarola and Minx. Game 1 – Blacksmiths – Hearth (C), Alloy (M), Anvil, Sledge, Ferris, Bolt My team – Theron, Snow, oHearne, Chaska, Egret, Jaecar Since there were 4 Smiths players coming to a 16 man tournament there was a higher chance of seeing them than anyone else and I get them in the first round. Not the team I expected to see, they seem to be going for a balance of beaty and football. Took snow because giving someone Anatomical Precision against these guys seemed a good bet. He kicks off and I collect with Egret, stick some poison out and back to the shadows to the wing to try and keep the ball away. Ferris comes storming up and and gets the ball but passes it in the direction of their line and that’s the last I saw of the ball. The game from then was just a brawl and with Theron, Chaska and Jaecar being given 4 each every round with the occasional change, took Anvil low who was being ticked down by poison, and took out Sledge in turn 2, took out Bolt turn 3, Ferris turn 4, and Anvil turn 5, I almost took out sledge again but won on clock before that happened. I lost one of my players at some point near the end but can’t remember who. Final score 12-2, four take outs and four clock points to get my first competitive win with Hunters. Game 2 – Engineers – Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Velocity, Ratchet and Salvo Theron, Fahad, Zarola, Jaecar, Chaska and Minx I have never played Engineers so did not know what to expect, I got told beforehand that it will be similar to playing a Hunters mirror but with reanimate. Spot prize for this round was whoever scored the first goal so decided to go for the Zarola/Fahad Linked goal. I receive, I go collect with Theron and fail the pass back to Zarola but she can still snap it. My next activation I still go for it because why not, we are meant to be having fun and even attempting this is fun. Successfully pass to Fahad and dodge him forward, MO him up the field, link to Fahad, charge Velocity to the outskirts of the 1” melee, get the Mom 2 < to get the momentum and into tap in, one dice TN 3 and get the goal. I was fairly proud of that and didn’t care about the result because that was fun. He takes a couple of turns to them go get his goal, I decide to use Chaska and Jaecar to do the impossible…take out Hoist, use Chaska to take him down to 1, with a fully stacked Jaecar to go, first attack get reanimate triggers and take him out over the next 3 but I loose minx while this is happening. 6-6. I take out Salvo and Ratchet, Mother has stolen the ball back and dropped it within Velocitys jog. I need to send the newly on minx into the mix to stop the inevitable goal. I lose minx again but managed to get the ball to Fahad with nimble on him away from everyone. 10-8. He wins the roll off and goes after the low health Fahad, unfortunately he forgot I had taken Ballista down to 2 in charge range of a fully Jaecar. Charge in, get a wrap as he is 2/0 due to snare. 12-8 just before timing out. Close game, going for the Fahad goal early and attempting it later again was probably the wrong play but it was fun, though don’t think I would try it again unless it was to win. Game 3 – Blacksmiths – Ferrite (C), Iron (M), Hearth, Alloy, Ferris, Bolt My team – Theron, Snow, oHearne, Chaska, Egret, Jaecar Now this is the Blacksmiths team I expect to see a lot, very football but as a bit of strength in there too. My team worked last time so hopefully will do the job again. I kick off with Egret and try put the ball behind a barricade but that doesn’t work alloy gets it, gets back behind their line and passes to Ferrite who makes the dodge. I go with Theron to try and cripple her, get pinned and snipe on her but that didn’t help. She was still able to charge Theron and bounce off, they almost didn’t bounce far enough trying to get bonus time mom forgetting the minus 2” kick, I let him take it back and he scores the 1 die goal but I have knee slider so she is going nowhere. Kick the ball out use Snows ooh ball to go get it. I Activate Egret to get Poison on everyone apart from Iron and then comes the scrum. In the following round I keep Snow safe behind all the rest of the team and eventually get the ball to Egret on the wing. I take out Ferrite, Bolt, and Alloy and he takes out Jaecar and then Chaska. 6-8. Final Turn, my opponent is very low on clock but I am pretty safe on it. He activates to try and take out Hearne leaving him low. I go and try to take out Alloy with Jaecar, big mistake, get one hit in then he counter attacks and double dodges away and I waste to inf. He tries to return the favour but Jaecar has been healed since he died so everything ok. Walk a fully stacked Theron into a getting low Hearth generate lots of mom and get the kill. 8-8. Ferrite next to her goal, I expect her to block Egrets only way to the goal but my opponent hasn’t been keeping track of my win condition because he is low on time. He charges a kills Hearne leaving Egret space to get within 8” and enough mom to bonus time to win the game. 12-10. Was not to bothered if he had blocked the run for Egret, he had enough low players that I could have gotten at least one more take out and would have been 10-8 up still with Hearne and potential other take outs or time out points. Final Game - Fish – Corsair, Tentacles, Kraken, Hag, Siren, Avarisse+Greede Theron, Snow, Chaska, Egret, Minx, Jaecar How I got to this point unbeaten I don’t really know, I did not expect this but now a team and a coach I did not want to play against. I had been told coming into this game that I would massively struggle with Corsair because of exactly what happen, he pulls players in one by one and destroys them. They are being controlled by a top player on the world seen. I manage to get out of the game with some points and the respect of him better never really felt in it. 3-12, Avarisse and Tentacles to Egret, Minx, Theron, Chaska and Siren Goal. Even though I never felt in it, I enjoyed this game, I have never played against Fish before and it was cool to see what they do. All in all a great day, 2nd place at second tournament, my first with hunters and my first games with Hunters. I am loving this team and looking forward to playing them a lot more. One question to all of you…..How on earth do you deal with a Corsair team with that amount of tough hide and that the can drag you from basically as far away as you can get?
  16. Winter Painting Contest

    Don't take that serious!
  17. You just need to claim the goal-post at your side of the pitch (right click, select 'Claim') and then you will be using the respective MP dial, as they are tied to Home/Visiting team, juts as goal-posts are (Vassal doesn't know which side of the pitch you've dragged your models to). As to nudging the models when you select them: with practice you will learn to do it carefully enough so will rarely nudge them any more, until then the 'Undo' button is your friend.
  18. Kdogs completed stuff

    Ouch, good luck getting a replacement. I've been waiting for any sort of a reply on my mispack for over a month now.
  19. Verse Farmers Tech

    I´m looking forwards to playing a game against Thresher with Scalpel. Yes, anatomical precision is mostly wasted on his team, but I feel like being able to redistribute 2-3 influence from Tresher to the supporting cast depending on luck while gathering momentum and preparing Tresher for the casket seems like an OK plan. Treshers counter attack doesn´t really threaten Scalpel, and with tooled up she can reach Tresher on the second activation before all the setup is complete, and it doesn´t depend upon conditions, which nulls out Millstone a bit. Casket is good at negating Taters CC with a well placed Ghostly Visage, and BP+M + Scalpel are both good goal scorers aswell. It will certainly be interesting, even though it might fall on its face. An additional benefit is that Scalpel can go in, and get out again so that you don´t have to commit her fully to poke at Tresher because of second wind. Memory should be quite good at getting in the way for Thresher aswell, even though 3inch range makes it harder...
  20. Verse Farmers Tech

    Cosset always dies - it's just about making sure you get more out of her then she gives away.
  21. Verse Farmers Tech

    I wouldn't put Cosset anywhere near a 6 against Thresher. Girl just dies
  22. Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    Even Thresher? Not saying you are wrong (I love Smoke after reading your post - you know which one - and learning how to play with her), I just haven't played against Farmer's at all. In theory, Midas seems like a better option.
  23. Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    Play Midas into Grace. Play smoke into everything else.
  24. Kdogs completed stuff

    Completed...I think not. Hard to field a bear with no head. Unless this is a clue to the next Halloween mini, the headless bear monster, sometimes living in NZ sucks!!
  25. http://midwestwargaming.com/podcast/pitch-ep-9/ Dan and Lance had a slow news week so we instead decided to do another list. This time Lance ranks the top 10 ball fondlers in the game and then they both answer listener questions. Also, there is currently a Tee Spring campaign going on for Midwestwargaming t-shirts so buy one. https://teespring.com/new-midwestwargaming#pid=46&cid=2753&sid=front
  26. Learning Engineers

    Played engineers in competitive leagues and a lot in tournaments. They are top teir in execution. Hoist, ratchet and ballista can rack up momentum with balistas aura. Target groups with ratchet and hoist (true rep'd) blast earth within the aura, you can really drive some opening damage and win momentum. Velocity is great, mother is really you're best call, and your 6th situational. Killing the ball isn't really the gear heads game
  27. Into the mirror?

    Hey all, Wondering what peoples thoughts are when playing to other Alchemist's. I've got a few vague ideas, but no one else plays them in my meta and I can't test anything.
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