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    Had a game with the updated formation rules. It was Theron Hunters vs. Shark Fishermen. I won the roll off and chose to receive. My opponent set up Sakana off to the left side of the pitch as the kicker. I then set up all of my models with Hearne and Theron on the midline and locked him out of the center. Jaecar and Seenah were on the 10" line, and Minx and Fahad were on the goal line. He set up Shark around 4" from Hearne on the left side and Greyscales 3" from Theron on the right side. Then set up Siren on the deployment line and Tentacles and Angel on the goal line. I set up my team in a very similar fashion to my games last weekend with the alternating deployment. In that format I felt like I had 2 or 3 good first turn options with this set up, but that was not the case in this format. Allowing the kicker to completely counter deploy led to a rough first turn. The only model within melee range for Theron was Greyscales, who he couldn't attack due to Unpredictable Movement. I could use Pinned against most of the team but had to sprint in order to do so. Hearne could only get to Shark. In the end I chose to Pinned Shark. After that, Shark used Tidal Surge, put Gut & String on Hearne before dodging off him and collecting the ball, then put Caught in the Net on Jaecar, Seenah, and Hearne. He then passed the ball to Greyscales. At this point Hearne was stuck in place with -8"/8" movement and the rest of my team had no one in threat range. I went down 8-0 before generating a single point of momentum. The game ended up being close but I still lost 12-9. I definitely think I made some mistakes in deployment that hurt, but overall I felt like I had far fewer options early on in this format while my opponent was able to control the pace of the first turn. I felt much better in the alternating format as both a kicker and receiver. I'm hoping to get some more games in with the current rules to hopefully fix some of the mistakes I made, but so far I prefer the alternating format.
  3. Today
  4. new painter, starting on the Kick Off! Masons

    Ended my Masons with Marbles, so I figured I'd start the Brewers with Scum today. Will need a bit of touch up still.
  5. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    John M. (Fish) vs. Peter C (Masons) 12-0 for the Fish (3 goals) Well played and thanks for the match Csonti.
  6. Yesterday

    I feel like deploying greed on the center line is offering a pretty easy 2 points to your opponent. Any time i can get greed by himself he goes down.

    Proposal that fixes some of these issues: instead of the 2 up players being on the line, those players deploy within 2" of the line.
  9. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Alex Botts (Farmers) v Sam Lillie (Hunters) 12-2 to Farmers (5 TOs + 1 Goal vs 1 TO) GG dude! Thanks a ton, fun game
  10. Momentous Knockdown in MK (MK in MK) - JULY 29th 2017

    One week left and only two places remaining. Unique special trophies & prizes designed, ordered and on their way. Some prizes even designed and built by club members. They take their fun very seriously indeed.

    Or restrict the middle line to having only 2 players per side.
  12. I was inordinately pleased that you guys brought up my Astronomer's Guild story, even if I'm bound to lose to Cam's "Seamstress's" Guild "story".
  13. ‘Where the 'ell you been? Do you know how ‘ard it was to save your space?’ ‘Good seats. Sorry, you would’ve thought the Brewers Guild understood something about ale queues.’ Cates squeezed in between Big Nil and a Masons fan that’d already passed out drunk, trying not to spill the beers as they sloshed about. They were so close to the touchline they could smell the damp poorly drained turf. The smell of sweat and filth from the spectators was worse. The Mason’s guild liked to fill the lower tiers with commoners, as the nobles and merchants watched above the plebs. ‘Who’s playing’, Cates asked. ‘Butchers got Fillet, Tenderiser…,’ ‘What a surprise’, Cates interrupted. ‘…that psycho Boar, Meathook, Shank and that stupid pig.’ ‘We got, Lucius, Brick, Granite, Tower, Marbles and the new lad’. ‘Haha Tower, I bet ‘ole Bastille is looking over his shoulder now? Can’t lose the cup to a bunch of shit-shovelling peasants ’. ‘That rookie Lith looks good’, muttered Big Nil, ‘’ell, someone ‘ad to replace Flint!’ ‘Why is he barefoot?’ asked Cates. ‘Programme says ‘e grew up on the streets and played without boots until we found ‘im. Now ‘e says ‘e plays better without ‘em’. Flint’s well publicised demise amused most, but Big Nil understood what it was like to fail at the game you love. He bent over and scratched at the phantom shin below his left knee, but all he got was lacquer under his already filthy nails and the itch was never satisfied. He thought about the stories of Flint roaming the streets of Piervo holding the ball from that game, repeating ‘I never miss, I never miss’; picking at the stitching on the laces and holding them away from him as if them facing outwards made it better. He was in the care of Solthecius now, which was all that mattered. Cates rooted in his tunic pocket and pulled out a piece of wrapped leather containing dried meat strips. ‘Want some? ‘Butchers special they called it, tastes pretty good.’ He stuffed two pieces in his mouth and handed it to Big Nil. ‘I don’t want that nasty shit! You really think that’s pork? Stupid bastard, “Butcher’s special” my arse ‘ave you seen any pigs since the blight?’ Nil pushed the packet away; Cates shrugged and stuffed another strip into his mouth. Big Nil turned his attention back to Lith who was tying his long hair up with a piece of leather thong. He then jogged over to the halfway line, Granite and Hammer ahead of him and launched it high and left in the direction of the stand that Nil and Cates were sitting in. The ball thudded into the turf just over the line and Lith gave chase. On his right he caught glimpse of Boar thundering towards Granite; she planted her feet to await the charge. Boar dropped his shoulder and smacked into Granite, who to Lith’s surprise weathered the hit and rolled Boar around her. Boar looked a little stunned as he rounded to swing at Granite with one of his cleavers. His experience got the better of her though; she was expecting the blow to come in higher but he carved a deep gash into her calf, swiping her clean off her feet. Boar spat at Granite and looked forward to find his next target. ‘No!’ roared Nil, ‘Even I saw that coming!’ ‘Mate it was Boar, what do you expect’, Cates said passively. Nil groaned and sat down, taking a deep sip of the sour-tasting ale. It made his lip wrinkle a little but the after effects were starting to kick in so he continued with it. Lith saw Shank had taken possession of the ball just behind the halfway line near the centre. He sprinted, leapt and dived in two-footed at Shank, narrowly missing his counter of whirling chains whistling towards his head. Lith aimed straight for Shank’s shins and cleaned him off his feet, and he fell forward onto the pitch. ‘Yes! Go on lad’, Nil erupted with the rest of the stand, leaping to his feet and spilling ale down the back of the man in front who was too happy to notice. Lith leapt up with the ball and passed it to Hammer, still moving towards the Butcher’s goal. ‘Give and go!’, he yelled. Hammer stepped forward and passed the ball into the open space. He could see Tenderiser racing forwards, massive meat hammer raised but Lith knew he could get the job done before. Lith leapt onto the ball and smashed it with the inside of his bare foot, curling it around Tenderiser and pinging it onto the post. ‘Get in!!’ yelled Nil. He and Cates jumped up with the rest of the cheering stand and clanked their beers together. Lith looked at their stand and pointed at the crowd as if to say, ‘that was for you’. ‘Good lad this’, shouted Nil to Cates as they returned to their rough benches. The ball had flown off into the Butcher’s crowd behind the goal but the kicker looked to be trying to hide that he was wearing Mason’s blue. He hoofed it onto the pitch and straight towards Hammer. Pain seared as Meathook drove her hooks into Hammer’s side. Everything went brighter for a moment and Hammer gasped; he’d not seen the bitch coming. Meathook made to tackle him but Hammer swung at her backhanded and caught her square on the chin. Meathook’s head snapped back and she crumpled in a heap. Hammer pulled the hooks out and held his side. His right foot was tingling, she’d caught a nerve and he was bleeding badly, he couldn’t make this shot himself. He looked up to see Lith on the wing near the goal. ‘Rookie!’ he bellowed and chipped the ball up to him. Lith didn’t hesitate, but saw Tenderiser making towards him again. He leapt into the air and swung round to volley the ball at the post. He felt it hit his foot and he clattered down. But there was no sound of adoring fans? Instead the Masons’ crowd was silent, his foot was agony. He looked down the see his right foot with no toes and blood pooling around it. Just behind him Fillet skirted the line with the ball, the knife in her hand still dripping Lith’s blood. ‘Well that’s ‘is career over, whatta waste!’ snapped Big Nil. Cates looked at his beer, picked out a toe and drained the mug. ‘Shoulda wore boots mate’.
  14. Noone outdiggles the Diggler mate. Cheers bloke, thank you for your continued listenership xo Cam was champing at the bit to get that story out of Mat. Congrats on an amputee themed evening too. Thanks BBC4!

    Maybe add a rule that you can't place an "additional" model on a line with more than 2? That lets you have an extra model forward without letting you potentially get 24+" of coverage.
  16. Corsair and Angel

    Thanks for all your thoughts
  17. Corsair and Angel

    I really like Angel, and have played her in my Corsair lists, but I haven't played her a lot recently, and I find myself relying more on Sakana and Greyscales for my goals. Angel is great when she is not engaged and has the ball, even when she is engaged, super shot can negate that fairly well, she just needs a lot of care or else she will go down fast. She can survive in a Corsair scrum, but at that point, I would personally have a 2'' guy to help with crowd-outs. My typical lineup with Corsair is: Greyscales, Hag, Sakana, Vet Siren, and Tentacles. I will swap A&G in for Sakana if I need takeouts, but I could see that going to Angel as well. With a Corsair legendary and super shot, Angel is shooting at 6/12'' which is A-OK with me! Unpredictable movement isn't a huge problem in this lineup IMO. Corsair can rough seas the ball away, Sakana and Greyscales both have 2'', and Greyscales can where'd they go into engagement to get around it if he has to.
  18. Corsair and Angel

    Grabbing fish up soonish, because I want to paint them. Looking at the models Angel and corsair stuck out to me with the potential 7 dice 12 inch kick. Anyone using these two together? What's the rest of your lineup look like? Or does Angel sit on your shelf because she has no way around Unpredictable movement?

    Update on the blog: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/pitch-formations-feedback-update The most glaring problem in theory is a Mortician receiving while having B&M and A&G on the centre line. That's a whole lot of space they are denying and could be a danger of repeating A&G's season 1 problem when they were taken not because of they were good players but because of the strategic advantage of having an extra player, no matter how good they are. My suggestion would be to have Greede and Memory deploy after the rest of both teams have deployed, this eliminates the advantage of the extra player.

    Updated Pitch Formations rules and feedback on the blog: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/pitch-formations-feedback-update

    Teams, figures with BIG pushes will be powerful in this format. The middle will get crowded. Stave, Ghast and Bonesaw as well as Jac will "make hay". And that is before the farmers get here
  22. Double Dodge Episode 19 - Raiders of the Lost Tapes

    A good listen as ever guys! Thanks for the entertainment. Matt's tale of the figure manufacturers telling he had got the print file wrong for "Lucky" had me laugh out loud. Then I watched "The last leg" on BBC4.
  23. Noxious Death

    Correctly answered. Rulebook pg 22; If any part of a model’s base leaves the Pitch, immediately take the model off the Pitch. A model may not voluntarily leave the Pitch. After the model is taken off the Pitch, it suffers the taken-out condition. A model removed in this way retains its current HP. The Taken Out condition occurs after the model has been removed from the pitch. Since there is no base on the pitch from which to measure the pulse from, Noxious Death has no effect.
  24. Double Dodge Episode 19 - Raiders of the Lost Tapes

    Awesome episode guys and ace chat with Mat. But as engaging and nice as he is... He's just not Bottsy the Deep Dish Diggler Botts.
  25. The better alternative would be to release the recipe for free and then beg for Patreon money don't you think?
  26. Last week
  27. The Scarecrow Goal

    Does anyone have a reasonable method for the Scarecrow goal yet? The aim as far as I can see is to dump a couple of harvest markers (by way of Crop Dusting) in the previous turn to enable Jack to teleport within the 4" of the goal for a tap in. I can cope with the first bit, but getting momentum at the start of the following turn with Jack is pretty tricky. The best I could come up with this evening was hopping to a Harvest Marker and then charging Ballista in the hope that I'd get 4 hits off 7 dice to enable be to get the momentous KD. Naturally, he did a defensive stance and I didn't get it, so hopped back to the Harvest Marker with the ball. Jack was later pushed off the pitch by Harry in the closing stages of the game. Sigh!
  28. Oh didn't know that. Sweet, just got the message saying its up now.
  29. Fillet Butchers

    Tell me about it. I miss season 2 alchemists back when the guild models were hit or miss and the entire first turn revolved around Midas. At least then there was more variety. Unfortunately, Venin has no way of getting past unpredictable movement, so the only ball handler on Butchers he's likely to get it away from is Fillet.
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