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  2. Well, I don't want to be too quick to judge. I'll definitly give him a try and I'm buying the hunter box anyway - one of the great thing about Guild Ball is that it is pretty damn cheap, so I don't feel ripped off when I buy crap model like I do with other games :P. And it is quite possible that playing him, he'll be amazing. I have a hard time seeing it however. He seems like he is on the cusp of being good tho... 1 more influence or one more TAC and he'd be really decent I think. Maybe one of the other dudes in the gives him that, who knows. So far the most frustrating part of vHearne is all those people who are excited about him because they have misread is rule or don't understand (the very basic) dice math behind the character. I've had to explain that Lunar Eclipse only procs on playbook damage, so it does not work on a KD/Tackle/Push nor does it work on Skewer so many time I'm getting finger cramps. Being Tac5 also makes it very hard for him to wrap on a charge or get his T/KD without a charge. Etc. I mean you can certainly like him! But it's really cringy to see people being super excited about possible play that are either impossible or requires super hot dice.
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  4. Yeah. The scary part of SB isn't that they get momentum, it's that they put 9 damage across 3 models per swing. I'd gladly do that if I got zero momentum from it until everyone dies.
  5. Scything Blow is not a playbook result that includes damage.
  6. Hurray! I, for one, am supper excited. It is doubtful but still hoping for some farmers on sale in the on line store during adepticon.
  7. So i painted my first mini to try and get some practice before DS gets here. Some parts didn't turn out great and taking good pictures of it is impossible. Anyway here is my first painted mini ever XD
  8. Momentum isn't so valuable as to give up on 3 damage per enemy model per swing. Makes it slightly less inviting to kill him, but killing him is still worth VPs.
  9. I feel bad for the Hunters. They've been dethroned as the weird team.
  10. I hope the chickens get rising anger and poised a la Zelda.
  11. Would make an interesting essay though......
  12. My favourite thing about this guy is that his last rule is specifically written to scream "DON'T USE MY STAVE STATS TO TRIGGER MULTIPLE SCYTHING BLOWS OFF ME PLEASE"
  13. A song from "Guys and Dolls" for the farmers?
  14. I'm still holding out hope that the rooster will be the captain, and the scarecrow guy will be the mascot.
  15. usually does not mean always my friend. a prime example of two different conversations starting almost immediately. I was merely commenting on the phenomenon i see the most of, and i wasn't about to write an essay explaining that i wasn't making an all encompassing statement factoring in all players opinions at all times in my off the cuff remarks. Try giving others some good faith sometime
  16. From the S3 contents page there definitely seem to be 10 farmers and a second mascot.
  17. I'm concerned that the whole new squad is going to be varying degrees of this... Like I've said before, there are only two ways in which the new models can help the Hunters as a team; by creating synergies with the existing models that somehow make them significantly more powerful or by outclassing the existing models so much that they are simply replaced. One of those seems dubious (what synergies could possibly be applied to Egret to make her an actually good striker, for example) and the other is against SFG's stated design goals and is intrinsically bad game design. For Veteran Hearne in particular, it's all just very meh. Last Light is a little more flexible than Blessing (don't need MP to activate it) but will almost always use more MP to make use of. Lunar Eclipse seems like a nothing ability. It allows you to give up your 2" melee advantage but only if your target is already snared (requires setup) and only if you choose damaging playbook results (his are not great and definitely not what you'll usually want to pick with him). I suppose it could be useful to get him out of tight spots or allow him to engage a second target, but I don't see it being useful often and it's going to be triggered rarely. Winter's Blessing seems like the only truly good ability he has - essentially turning rough ground into fast ground. Going from one to two INF is good, too, but there are other Hunters I can play if I want that second INF. Color me skeptical with a dash of new-Hearne-doesn't-do-much-to-convince-me-otherwise.
  18. Sherwin said at Steam Con that the captain of the farmers was an older player (a sort of Greyscales figure) named Thresher. So he must be the captain from the Kick Off booklet. But we've not seen any pictures of his actual model yet. I think we can assume that the six farmers we have seen for months will all be in the first box set together, and that the box set must have a captain ... so there must be two captains. Mr Saws seems the most likely candidate from the initial box set ... he has a very captain-like look and pose. They've been hinting at six man starters and four man expansions for a while, so I reckon a month or two after the first box we might get a four man box with Thresher, Tater and two more models ... maybe one of them a second mascot? I wonder if there'll be some harvest marker models in the box sets too. Original Tater came with a spare base and a cardboard token I think. Not too hard to model some up anyway at least.
  19. Right. Way to generalise. Because of course whenever someone says a model is good whereas many/most don't think so, it's because that player doesn't play competitively, rather than because that player has adopted a different strategy or maybe figured out how to make that model click. I guess you're a fan of net-listing uh?
  20. For me as a butchers player since S3 came out Shank has been on field once and failed big time, Princess 0, Boiler 0, oOx 0 and VBrisket and Tenderiser only a couple of outings (no need to pick a 9 yet due to no organised play), Lineup is generally Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, Minx, oBrisket, Boar/vOx I have also ceased using Gutter From The hunters perspective, Chaska and Zarola see the least use (I do not yet own Seenah) with Minx again taking the 6th spot for furious, snared and Back to the shadows shenanigans with Jaecar and Egret. This will likely change after the heralds arrive though. Have not seen Obulous this season either.....
  21. Yeah, i find there's usually at least 2 groups of players who tend to talk past each other. the ones who are making their team/army list in whatever game as tight, synergistic and efficient as possible and people who are just playing the models they think are cool. a huge amount of forum clashing (Not here so much, but elsewhere certainly) between these two comes down to people having two different conversations. Which usually goes <model x is bad because --> [General argument on a wide scale encompassing multiple games, players] <model x is good because --> [Personal anecdote, player having fun with model x and had a good game with them] so neither are wrong, but they're not even having the same conversation. the "efficient" player is probably right that on the wide scale encompassing multiple games model whatever won't contribute as much and is a 'bad' choice from efficiency. but the "fun" player is not wrong that they had a fun / successful personal experience with a model. Overall these forums are typically very mellow though, which is quite nice. so i do agree 100% theres room for people to get completely different experiences out. If i ever call a model 'bad' i just want to be as clear as possible what i'm talking about. Not that i think people are wrong for taking the models they like.
  22. Yesterday
  23. I have to agree with EpicChris. Everyones views are their own and thats fine. I personally get a kick out of using models people don't think are "that good". A good example is Venin, I really like him and will use him whenever I can. Tenderiser, have used him a few times. Scored a goal for me last week against Shark fish and all their fancy skills Bonesaw, love him...the end. But that is what I think of a couple of characters, others may disagree and thats fine too. There is room in the game for everyone to get what they want out of it.
  24. The problem is that is literally the last thing you want your striker to be doing to generate momentum. You want to be moving and reposition to get away from trouble or get to the ball. What you want want though is to be able to score starting the strikers activation without momentum and she does it all wrong. You want to charge into a target, get a momentum from a dodge (so they can't counter T or KD), then kick that goal. Her only momentous dodge is on 4 with a tac of 4 so against your average defense of 4/1 she isn't even hitting that on the charge on average vs a free target. Like she literally can't start an activation, go tackle the ball, dodge away, and score if you don't start with momentum. Or even hope to generate momentum against a target with tough hide and 1 armor. Now this doesn't mean she is bad, it just means she needs help getting that momentum. Which, looks like it might be a problem considering the playbooks they've shown as the momentous options are very limited.
  25. I am not a fan. I'm also confused at people saying he is better than oHearne. The forest jump/winter's ground ability are pretty much worth each other. Both depend on favorable terrain placement or Theron being able to put his forest down. A patch of rough ground being present is more likely than a forest (or even Theron being able to put his forest down somewhere that matters) but it's a toss up since forest jump is an amazing ability - certainly better than +2mov - when it work. Keep in mind that this is a slow character with a spd buff, not a fast character with a speed buff (see Mist or Vitriol) - it's really not as great here. Lunar Eclipse seems very janky to me. If he uses it, he essentially gets engaged by whoever he punched, greatly nullifying his Rng2 advantage. This means Goal Run that depend on Lunar Eclipse also means he'll be kick 2/6. He also open himself up to a counter attack if he hits twice. He can't use it to disengage himself. It's shame he doesn't have 1 more inf... he could charge (KD), buy one (1 dmg + eclipse) and then buy a unengaged kick. Alas... Last Light is interesting, but it's extremely momemtum intensive... Blessing is probably going to be better most of the time. Last Light does allow some nifty trick (with Chaska or possibly Fahad - charge for free, nimble up with the mom) but when used by vHearne himself it open up his damage but totally cripple his MoM generation. Playbook wise a MoM KD and tackle on 2 are interesting, but since he is Tac5 he will have a hard time getting those on 4/1 target without a snare already being applied or a Charge. It's not bad, but when compared to oHearne you lose out on Single Out (Which is much stronger in a 'set up' role) and his MoM 2 on 2, which makes oHearne a much better Momentum generator. At best, it feels like a toss up. The one thing vHearne bring is 2/3 instead of 1/3. So okay, maybe slightly better? I'll try him for sure - but oHearne got benched quite some time ago for me, I doubt vHearne will fare better. Slightly better than crappy is still crappy.
  26. The Fish is back. Boy I'd love to play some of these line ups. *SHARK BAIT OOH-HA-HA*. It's not only about the reach, you have to consider the speed/range abilities of your models as well. Stave is a reasonable choice for this matter, but also you have to realize a KD isn't even really that amazing of a counter attack option in general. You'd really rather have pushes when you can. Stave also makes it so Shark can contest you on the momentum race and he really doesn't do you any favors for the rest of your matches. You reallllly don't want shark going first at the top of turn 2. I'm a really big fan of Stoker against the Shark match. Stoker is super good against fish because they generally have low(ish) TAC and his armor eats it up. Most fish tackles are on the 2nd column and this can be fairly hard to do against an armor 2 model. His double >> on two is absolutely insane. "what about reach" you say? Well yeah, but the armor is more valuable. With Stoker you are basically playing Math-Ball. He's even better now a days because Sakana is falling out of favor in lieu of Hag/Greyscales.
  27. No, they stay on the pitch until they get removed. Though, unlike all the other markers (Hunters' traps, Mother's nests), it seems you don't have an option to keep them and not turn into additional Influence. Here is what the Tater's Special Rules card said: Harvest-markers When a model moves into base contact with a harvest-marker during a Charge, the harvest-marker is removed from the Pitch. During the Maintenance Phase, before Influence is allocated, remove all friendly harvest-markers from the Pitch and add [+1] Influence to the friendly team's Influence pool for each harvest-marker removed.
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