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  2. A few points that may help to change how you are approaching the matchup. Ballista and Colossus are not "squishy" models. Specifically, colossus is much more survivable than locus, or really any model in the engineers besides hoist (and in some circumstances a nimble velocity). Yes, they can be killed, especially by the likes of butcher models. That said, they are much heartier than you may think. The key is not to overextend them and let them get in bad situations, e.g. getting crowded out. Fillet particularly has problems going into Ballista, as on just 2 hits on the counter attack she is getting double pushed out of melee. Having 2 momentum in early turns so that you can both defensive stance and counter attack when fillet charges in is very important, and with character plays you can make that happen pretty reliably. I would say that Colossus is one of the first models you want to consider in most engineer lineups, including into butchers. Singled out, 2 inch melee, low momentous KD and lots of tankiness are huge for the engineers. Additional advice when it comes to model selection is that if you are aiming for the 2/2 victory, you really want a union model (harry and Averisse & greede are great choices - decimate is decent as well) that can either help set up models such as ballista/hoist or do significant momentous damage themselves. Harry in particular is huge - a KD & singled out Fillet dies very quickly to him, she almost always triggers rising anger, and once he crazies his counter attack makes it very hard for her to ever go into him. With that, my suggestions for an ideal lineup into butchers is what I would call the "standard" ballista lineup: Ballista, mother, hoist, rachet, colossus, harry. If you want to stick with pure guild, then putting in compound is a decent choice. He is a solid battery model that can prevent snap back goals and also plays a good defensive role against early fillet charges. Velocity is also good and shifts you more towards the goal scoring game. Now your general strategy towards approaching the butchers seems fine. With the ballista lineup, you definitely want toss out dead bolt and blast earths early to chip away at their health and generate momentum. If you receive, I would always leave the possibility of the overclocked burrow hoist goal on the table until last activation, and then make the decision to go based on how your opponent sets up in defense to it. You want to minimize the butchers player's ability to do much of anything turn 1, and secure the momentum lead going into turn 2. From there, you want to continue the chip damage/control, forcing your opponent to overextend and come into you unsupported. You then counter and start stacking the crowd outs, KDs, pushes etc. to isolate their models. Once you have done that and have neutralized their best damage dealers, then you can start attacking the ball aggressively and going for goals, all while holding onto those takeouts that you have already setup for. The key is being able to manage the opponent's threat ranges and control them through dead bolt, blast earth, minefield, etc. so that they have to risk either taking too much damage on the way in, or they have to rush in and overextend. Then you counter and isolate them from their team, so that they start coming into you piecemeal.
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  4. I've said the same of Esters - as much as I feel that she is somehow incomplete with the changes made going into S3, how much worse would the Goals vs Take Outs situation be if she still had her healing?
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  6. Looking for a Normal Honour in Metal, Resin, or Kick Off plastic. Since this is not a limited edition, I am hoping for more reasonable offers. Thanks!
  7. Thanks @Cassaralla and @Mako. He was so much fun to paint. Just incredible details all over the model.
  8. Nice work, the subtle pinstripe is a particular favourite of mine!
  9. I'm in Canada, but since we all were bundled together I am stuck in a similar boat as you are... Does anyone have an idea where the distributions hub(s) in NA are located, and who takes care of the shipping? Had they said there was to be a dedicated Canadian hub? And do we have any info regarding the distribution of Non-English copies of the game from the NA hubs? I know SFG is swamped, so I won't send them yet another email in this regard, I just hoped someone might have received some info and could be able to pass it along
  10. True, I'm not averse to more models!
  11. @rozyncrantz Who else do you play with her, then?
  12. Yeah as it happens though, tackle on 2 isn't enough for Skatha to reliably take ball from def 5 model, I've just been tabled 12-4 (not take outs, for any team, once again) by alchemists with smoke as captain, I also had the A&G
  13. Thanks for the reassurance. Ive been trying to ignore it for the most part but the "99% shipped" update sort of made my head turn. Guess ill just wait for the reply. Hopefully steamforged has gotten the help they need with answering emails.
  14. Superb!
  15. True, same for me. I just think that his heat-up mechanic being a transformation (into quite a different form) might then require 2 models. Which is of course a good thing
  16. Just the Champion form without the corruption. The original form you face is one of the few bosses I beat on the first attempt.
  17. Butchers are one of the few teams that I get regular play time against so I may be able to help. I like the list for the most part. The big thing I would suggest is replace Locus with Compound. Compound is an auto include for me against Butchers. I typically spread Ballista, Hoist, and Ratchet in such a way that Compound can almost slip between them. Play with max range on the character players and you should be able to back up into his counter charge safety for turn 2. This typically means the Butchers player must take a less ideal angle or wait until they can waste a player to eat the counter charge. Worst case scenario you get a crowd out. Velocity could also be replaced with Colossus or Harry. Harry gives easy momentum but that isn’t a race you can win for long if they get in close. When compared to Colossus, you are giving up Velocity’s easy goal score for easy access to KD and singled out. Its personal preference really. As a final thought, I would say use Blasted Earth for control turn one and think about damage turn two. Delay the scrum when possible and play on your side of the board when you can.
  18. Boy I hope so!
  19. Correctly answered. The "other" in My Gang refers to a friendly model other than the friendly model benefiting from the play. VRage neither has to be the model benefiting from the play nor the "other" model engaging the enemy model.
  20. Most companies prefer to have one staff member at a convention tournament if it's official and a big convention, in my experience. Pundits are great to make sure things run smoothly, but it's not quite the same as having a staff member watching over it. Problem is, it's really expensive to send people over to Gencon from the UK... $250 a night in hotel costs, plus $1400 in flights, their wages for a long weekend, badge cost, food/drink and incidentals... If you've planned tournaments that then become a staff member passing time on a booth that was already fully staffed, it kind of sucks Not saying they've picked the perfect plan, just that there are reasons this could have happened. Gencon is a tough one to balance for international companies, particularly the smaller ones (which SFG still are despite pretty rapid growth!.) Course, hopefully @MandalorynOranj's event gets approved, goes well, people turn up and don't drop - if that happens, things may expand next time. No pressure
  21. Hasn't been listed yet, still Approved for Consideration. So keep that time slot open, I'll update here, in the events forum, and on Facebook when it gets listed.
  22. Correctly answered.
  23. Updated above. Thanks!
  24. The question is would he be in his normal form or his Pus of Man form?
  25. When you find out people dropped (welcome to gencon) wouldn't you just reallocate personnel to the booth? Events like speed ball didn't do well but required disproportionate workers, so that seems reasonable to cut. Running 2 simultaneous events saturday I understand as a way to make the tournaments shorter, but given that no gencon event ever gets the signed up attendance was probably an oversight making them only like 2 rounds. The Thursday and Friday events were great though at 3 rounds. Also as a spoiler there is a whole pundit program, which unless I missed something hasn't had assistance requested from, that many would volunteer from to run an event or two. But waiting until the weekend of registration (or further, as it seems) limits the turnout of us I'm sure, since we'll already have a lot of scheduling
  26. I'm not sure if I'm being dumb, but I'm not sure all of the items are visible on the mobile version of the site? In particular the sets for individual season 3 models.
  27. I'd like a Champion Gundyr model. He handed me my butt for about an hour straight, but I just think he looks cool as hell.
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