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  2. Blacksmiths (:

    Cheers Mate! lol
  3. Help vs Brewers

    Apply all the movements debuffs to Tapper. His commanding aura is what lets his team do the crazy damage, so remove it. Early Jaecar activation to get gut and string on Tapper is always worth it, assuming he can get out to safety (with dodges and btts he should be fine). Bonus points if you kill Tapper, but that usually requires a scrum to take him out, and that favors the Brewers. I'd stay on the edges, put all the control elements in Tapper, and look to just pick off a weaker model or two. oSpigot evaporates, as does Friday once you snare her. The ball is also important. try to maintain possession of it, if only to remove their threat extenders.
  4. Where is EpicChris??

    Dude I am freaking out here waiting for you!
  5. New to Guild Ball, seeking advice

    Honestly think you are best to give them a go and see what you like. You can get the rules and proxy paper dolls here http://steamforged.com/resources/
  6. Starting Painter

    @Mako has pretty much hit the nail on the head there. The only thing I could add to that is paint over what you feel most comfortable with, if you can why not have a test model to experiment with before you go onto your beloved team. I personally work from a flat grey base coat when painting most of the teams unless it's a particularly dark scheme, in which case I use a black base.
  7. Blacksmiths (:

    This team is coming together nicely mate. I may have to steal the base idea at one point, consider yourself warned
  8. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    @Pending Forum Suspension I've not worked with the tape before but I may give it a go on larger models, for Bushel it was freehand and more breath holding than I care for . The Farmers are all done now, they've been a nice challenge and I've learned a few things along the way.
  9. Starting Painter

    There's a lot of options. As a beginner, I'd suggest black - like you say it's quite forgiving, deepens colours a little and you get automatic shadows in the deeper areas. White is one I'd only suggest if you're going for a pale, vibrant colour scheme. My preferred option is a mid grey (with a top down light spray of pale grey), it serves as a balance of the two and gives more flexibility. The danger with a coloured basecoated like flesh is that it's tricky to paint over with some colours. Not always a problem, but worth keeping in mind if you want to do yellow, white, that kind of thing.
  10. New to Guild Ball, seeking advice

    Brewers are a predominantly fighty team, they often have a playstyle that often involves grinding games out, they are perhaps slower than other teams (with some exceptions) and can be tough to take out. masons can fight or score depending on their build. They have some tricks and things which alter the core rules around activations (chaining activations together, giving players extra activations). They can be fun but equally can be tricky to use. engineers are a very football orientated team. They can fight and have some good synergies within them that facilitate take outs along with access to ranged attacks but predominantly they are going for goals, and they are very good at it. With the right build they can also be incredibly tough to take out. id recommend you pick a team you like the sound of the playstyle of and try them out with proxies, the cards are available for free, before you buy. personally I'd stay away from Brewers, I've played every team extensively and they are the ones that I enjoy the least. But that's just my preference and you should pick somthing you enjoy.
  11. Starting Painter

    I'm just getting into the painting side of things and wondering what color primer everyone would recommend. I've heard black to make any spots you missed llok liek shadows, white to brighten the mini, flesh so you don't have to paint in the flesh later.
  12. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    I wouldnt mind if they changed crushing force to where we also have to pay 2 mp.
  13. All details here. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/midgard-salem-nh-captaincon-cup-regular-format-tournament-tickets-36661044170
  14. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    Heal rate 2 is definitely harsh (probably harsh enough that it makes me unlikely to play it with Corsair), but the impact it can have can be potentially game defining if it's played at the right point. While I think crushing blow is really harsh, the alternative of Fillet getting counter attacked by pretty much anyone's and them getting 3" away from her is equally brutal in terms of impact to say nothing of the utility to use it for an extra 2" of threat on Greyscales or Shark (or anyone using a playbook dodge for distance)... Its definitely good for a Shark game plan that's looking to win by early turn 3 at the latest. It's the balls to the wall choice, whereas Pay to win is the more cautious choice - better healing and insurance vs missing shots (which is often the weakness of Shark's game plan - over 5 rounds, you need to make 15 successful shots to win, and missing one of those at the wrong time can be fatal - missing 2 in the same game usually is fatal). I could see using all 3 of these (Ground Work as the default Corsair card, with the other 2 as flex Shark choices) with the caveat that for me, the reason I talk myself out of Shark in competitive games with my Fish these days is that his game plan gets significantly worse as your opponent's skill level goes up - Pay to win speaks to me more on this basis as it brings some momentum efficiency and covers disaster whereas Slippery Fishes kind of emphasises that Shark problem - I'll destroy less experienced players even easier by clever application of the dodge, but lose harder in attrition and against opponents who know what to expect. It does indirectly assist with getting the ball back into play vs ball killing however (just by adding movement to get closer to it) which is quite nice though.
  15. Blacksmiths (:

    My Wife sleeps a lot and I don't have any Kids yet lol
  16. Greetings, My cheap condition tokens sets (£2.99 with free UK postage) are back on sale on eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Guild-Ball-condition-token-set/232498790405) The quality and thickness of the wood has been improved since the first batch I sold a few months ago, which is why I've had to reduce the amount of tokens to 25 instead of 30, in order to keep the price at £2.99. They're overall just a bit nicer than they were before, and the thickness is more consistent. The tokens are 10mm in diameter and 3mm thick. They are made of wood, with an adhesive printed symbol attached to one side. They're brightly coloured so the conditions are clearly visible. See the eBay listing for photos. They are a bit smaller than some other condition tokens sets, which in my opinion helps keep the pitch less cluttered. In addition, they're still the cheapest token set, as far as I can see - leaving you with more money to spend on actual models Hopefully they're of use to some of you.
  17. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    I respectfully disagree. Goundwork into Brewers will let you play a little further up the pitch since one of the Brewers getting you won't necessarily set you up for a death sentence. Groundwork into Engineers won't trigger TOO often but the HR4 means you are still going to have a solid healing factor to deflect the chip damage they put on your goon squad turn 1 and 2. Pay to win doesn't necessarily change your game plan all that much but it certainly lets you do what you are planning to do cheaper/more reliability. I don't know if you have missed a 5 dice shot with Shark yet but I promise you that when you do that a reroll will seem pretty meaningful. I like Slippery Fish (playtesting it tonight hopefully) but I really think HR2 is just a little hefty for what you get. I could be totally wrong, I hope I am. It has sooooo many applications offensively and even as defensive tech it is solid.
  18. GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    Love the app! So good
  19. New to Guild Ball, seeking advice

    You should listen to that friend - he sounds like a very wise and supportive guy. I'm also sure he'll take it easy on you while you're learning the game and do his best to teach you.
  20. New to Guild Ball, seeking advice

    Masons are more middle of the road and a bit of all around good team. They don’t excel at any one thing as much as some other teams do. But generally I’d say play the team that appeals to you the most.
  21. Where is EpicChris??

    My reaction bingo list, might win some points here.
  22. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    That's the truth. What I like even better is when they spend resources trying to kill hoist because he's in a compromising position.
  23. What I meant is that vRage kinda proves your opponent's models keep their Guild allegiance, and aren't just "enemy models". They're, jn his case, "enemy [The Union] models". So when Fish are playing against Fish, you clearly have "friendly [Fisherman's] models" and "enemy [Fisherman's] models" on the board, and when the later turns into the former because of Seduced, I don't see why relevant abilities would not affect them...
  24. Blacksmith GIC Theory Thread

    @blueboyzcaptain Agreed on everything you've said about Furnace - the only Heroics my normal Brewer opponent uses regularly are Old Jakes and True Grit, so he usually has enough MP to compete with me on initiative rolls. After one game each with "Tough as Nails" and the old version "Strike Right Here" I used "Passing the Mantle" in the next four games - I always start with Ferrite for the speed boost and early goal threat switching to Furnace to help enable take outs. Furnace also scores regularly for me - 3/8 Kick once he's positioned midflield is great. There are games where I missed being able to allocated more to Ferrite after the switch which is a downside that other strong GICs don't have. All me games against Brewers have been close - win or lose. I'm mostly grumpy because (as mentioned above) the new Brewer GIC "Bring it On" takes away one of the the tools I used to fight them (just like "Crushing Force" now does against Butchers). I will continue to playtest but compared to what the other Guilds now have for GIC selection the Blacksmiths cards are very weak. My current suggestion for "Pass the Mantle" is changing it to allow another Master to make full use of their Legendary. "My Kung Fu . . . err, Blacksmithing is Stronger" Once per game a friendly Master may use a Legendary play as if they possessed the Captain trait
  25. GIC General Theory Thread 

    All good, but when the Butchers win initiative (which isn't that difficult give their volume of MP they generate via damaging results) Fillet and Ox can now delete any Apprentice in range (save Cinder due to UM) with zero response from a Blacksmiths player - they even have a shot at one rounding Ferrite or Furnace too. I'm not suggesting that the Butchers don't deserve that upgrade, I just don't see anything in the current set of Blacksmiths GICs that will allow them to "Blacksmith more effectively"
  26. GIC General Theory Thread 

    As the whole GIC exercise is about rebalancing plenty of players over on the butchers thread are predicting a lot of people being miffed about this card. But look at it this way, rather than thinking it covers their weakness, view it as rebalancing the guild in a way that thematically fits in with how the guild is designed to be played. That is aggressively and in the opponents face, it enables the butchers to butcher more effectively.
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