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  2. Morticans and mercenaries

    These are gorgeous, only sorry I missed them first time around!
  3. Any ideas about the minor guild

    Aye. That sounds good.
  4. Great choice of colours, beautifully executed as ever! Really like the BS logo colour with the little touches of rust for contrast.
  5. Today
  6. Morticans and mercenaries

    Absolutely stunning.
  7. The church dudes and dudette

    Playing the same but with coin. Works really well and I love the "hidden influence" on coin / grace and rage. Strongbox is good too I think but too slow for my taste. You can swap out mist for gutter if you receive or play against a football team
  8. Looking very good.
  9. Game Plan deck discussion

    "Seize the initiative" is a lot less impactful than Kneeslider plus can also backfire if used careless. You want to go first to take out that model in the scrum? Now he dodges out off the scrum. You are going to grab the goal? Your opponent dodges closer to yours for the snap back goal. Plus whatever effect their card gives them. It is a lot better than losing a +3 ini roll and seeing your opponent grab a goal and dodge back to safety.
  10. Organized Play Update

    Taking pre-constructed teams of six into each other blind is not the same as drafting a team in response to an opponent's choices. The minor guilds will likely be on an equal enough footing when it comes to general gaming but in a tournament setting where drafting a lineup is apart of the competition it's possible something else is needed.
  11. Morticans and mercenaries

    Thanks for the comments I will try to finish Grave before the end of the month and then attack the Blacksmith!!
  12. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    At the begining of the game I asked which models had UM and he as he was knew to the game he had misunderstood I've been burnt before... and mixed it with UM so he pointed her out as being one of the models that had UM. So when later Vitriol moved into goal range I still did a countercharge with Marbles ending in base to base with Vitriol so that she (with the UM she does not have) had to dodge out of goal range if she wanted to avoid my countercharge. Then after looking at the card he claimed to be able to dodge due to Marbles having the poisoned condition and just then the TO happened to come by asking what was going on and only half explaining the situation he confirmed that she could dodge due to the condition. This was game 4 and I'd been up very early do to my kids getting up at 05:30 so I just took his yes she can dodge as an OK for the dodge when due to us not having explained the situation completely he thought it was start of activation for Vitriol and not after her advance. So I got punished for not knowing the rules of the Alchemist models well enough. I should have gotten the charge and hopefully pushed Vitriol out of goal range. So going forward I'll try to play som games on Vassal with different teams so I learn them better and know what I'm up against.
  13. V3: Vengeance 2018

    ...lets sit down and paint together!
  14. Yesterday
  15. Falconers pics

    Momentous tackle/KD on two is pretty good and mostly what I use him for should I give him inf. I'm also a huge fan of the quad boom box. If skewered could trigger Lunar Eclipse he'd be so hot.
  16. DS - TCG questions

    what are the card sizes?
  17. Organized Play Update

    So are they competitive, or are they not competitive and need a +1 to the roll to be competitive? I'm confused by the blog post. The message until this blog post was consistently "yeah they have less models (ie. the same number of models @Slothrop needed to win Worlds) but when it comes down to 6v6, they are as competitive as any". Now the message is "They aren't as competitive so they need a leg up via this +1 to roll / +1 card". Surely this wasn't playtested as it would require a LOT of data points to draw a plausible conclusion. Or maybe it's just an apology for Bonesaw. Essentially it feels like a pre-emptive response to people whining about "less models in the roster = worse than other teams". Instead, we have a new and exciting type of whining, like this post. You can't stop the internet beast!
  18. Union: what should I expect?

    So it was a win? What did you play against and what did you take?
  19. Union: what should I expect?

    Thanks, Edek. Turned out to be valuable advice!
  20. Falconers pics

    Truth. Skorne titans are speed four without pathfinder. We should consider ourselves lucky with Seenah's speed.
  21. Falconers pics

    Forest animals move awkwardly when stuffed into undersized patchwork jackets, with elephant tusks glued on their shoulders.
  22. Any ideas about the minor guild

    OMG sign me up for that!
  23. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    We’ve sold half the tickets! You won’t want to miss the chance to play in a 32 person event with a trip to Steamcon UK for worlds on the line!
  24. Falconers pics

    It is silly when you see actual 4 legged animals that NATIVELY live in forests...but I accept ‘balance’. But Egret is a silly anomaly that needs correcting.
  25. Falconers pics

    Not to mention she's our Striker... also is it weird that the forest animals; Fahad and Seenah are hindered by the forest? I think that's weird.
  26. Any ideas about the minor guild

    My hope is a different version of the Master/Apprentice mechanic to allow for easier player crossovers - some sort of Watch or Warriors Guild with Knights and Squires?
  27. Snared while Moving

    Correctly answered
  28. Counter charge the h*ll out

    The post in collected clarifications is overly specific -- the only limitations on the charge movement are that it must be in a straight line and must end so that the charging model is engaging the target if possible. Range is only one reason that might not be possible. Intervening models that prevent the model actually reaching engagement are also a valid reason to sprint off in another direction. Note that a) counter attack and counter charge are very different things and b) Spinsane is correct regarding Line of Sight.
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