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  2. I really want to play that guy. A 20 inch goal threat is seriously legit, but it feels unintuitive to give a mascot more influence than most of your team on a consistent basis.
  3. I played 'em last night. Buckwheat got 8vp from goals and a serious assist on the first takeout as he was able to drop kick Jaecar 4" closer to Windle and into Grange's melee.
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  5. Preface: I'm somewhat of a new player and I've only played about 18 games with the Alchs (out of my 20 games). Surprisingly, Vitriol has helped me in this arena. She's not the best choice but when I need her to do damage, she's been able to do it. Charging someone who's in cover, she's been able to hit reliably well and surprisingly hard (declaring Hidden Damage on the charge). Supposedly she used to be better in s2 - I started s3 so I wouldn't know. I would also say keep an eye out for the more squishy models with low HP. They usually have high DEF but you can get them low with conditions while you're playing a ball game. I usually bring Crucible to discourage my opponent from clearing conditions - and she works like a charm. Crucible is also not terrible at spreading conditions and doing damage either (although that's not what I primarily use her for). With Poison on and 1 dmg on her first column, that's essentially 3 dmg if your opponent doesn't clear conditions. I'm somewhat surprised vKat is not working out for you too well. It's true that he can get negated easily but when I position him well I find that he does a lot of damage. Once you get oKat painted, KD on 2nd column and easy access to damage should help, although I've found I don't know how to use him too well yet and in my games he's kinda just sat there and hasn't been able to do much. Smoke is also a beast when you consider her legendary. I can essentially do 12-15 (sometimes more) points of damage across the enemy team at the end of turn 1 if I activate her last and move AOEs around. Again, with Crucible on the team, opponents are usually not wanting to waste that momentum until they absolutely need it. And usually by early turn 3, you should be able to pick off a couple of their models. Hope this somewhat helps.
  6. Heh, I think I'll be making Honour Masons my secondary team once these are out. There's a lot of similarities, but enough differences that I prefer the Farmers to the Masons.
  7. I'm definitely picking them up as my second main team (after Hammer Mason's). They seem like generalists that aren't as point and click as some Mason's options (like Flint/Mist or Honour+Marbles+Harmony).
  8. Honestly, I was looking for a team to sell my soul to so I'd stop jumping around, and farmers have everything I wanted in a guild so far. I still haven't been able to play them, but they seem to fit my style to a T, and have great models to boot.
  9. I'm liking the farmer's team. They have some fun abilities and synergies that are balanced by having no raw 4/8" kick stats and lowish TAC that needs to always be buffed for the players to get the plays they want off. You pay for the 'free influence and buffs' that the harvest markers provide by generally having a lowish influence team that is vulnerable to being outplayed and vulnerable to control abilities. You pay for the healing abilities and Grange's tough skin character play by having lowish armour. You pay for the abundant access to momentous knockdown and 2 inch reach by having TAC that is 2 lower than what you want. The only thing I don't like is the non-momentous tackles. Only the scarecrow has a momentous tackle.
  10. I really like reading any game fluff (not a big TV fan). There is more fluff than in the rule books. It would be nice if SF keep all the fluff linked/together like I've seen on the internet, somewhere there is a link on the forums. Does a series of books seem plausible for the future? Some games have books along with the game itself.
  11. I still think the "Church" will split with The Union or some of the Union will leave to from the core of the Assassins Guild.
  12. Oh yea if I remember correctly us has the largest number of backers
  13. Presumable a farmers player will only have a finite amount of physical harvest markers to place on the board, and like traps there's some limit on the number of harvest-markers that can be in play at once. I can't find a reference to harvest markers in the season 3 rulebook except on the farmers' cards but I'm sure I remember from somewhere that they can be destroyed by sprinting over them so I'm assuming that there's additional rules for them that I just can't find. If an enemy harvest-marker is placed by Seduced or Puppet Master, does it count towards the maximum number of harvest markers the farmers player can have in play? If a farmers player only has the maximum number of tokens for his own team, is a Morticians or Fisherman player responsible for providing his own harvest-markers in case he plays a farmers player? edit- Found this which is what I was thinking of. Most of my post is cleared up by it and the last question is only relevant in formal play events so I suppose the organized play document will probably be updated with a similar policy to condition tokens when the farmers are released.
  14. Send Hearne or Jaecar in first assumedly, you probably won't be winning initiative most turns either so it won't hurt to spend your starting momentum and one can use Heroic Landing to preserve MP when it comes around. There are ways, but Theron himself sure as hell ain't spending 3 of my team's precious influence to get a single momentum. Again, I haven't played the matchup and I did preface it with this is what I would try.
  15. I'm referring to scoring points, not scoring goals. I'm evaluating Grace specifically in terms of her goal scoring potential because with her low TAC and mediocre damage results on her playbook, scoring goals is the way she's going to earn points 99% of the time. I understand that Benediction isn't meant to be just another damage dealer, and I'm not saying that he's bad just because he doesn't do damage. My point is that the role he's intended to fill is not a role that I am interested in, and is also a role that I think has inherent weaknesses. I'm also not impressed by Impart Wisdom on VRage because the team's goal is to drag people into a scrum in the center and tearing them apart with Bloody Coin/My Gang. In this situation, VRage is well within range of anyone to Red Fury them as it is, barring potential incorrect positioning. Just having 2" isn't a strong argument to me either. Union has access to Harry, Gutter, and Mist, and 3 powerful 2" melee models is more than many other guilds can take advantage of.
  16. If you want to look at Grace that way, she's got a better goal threat than Rage, Minx or Harry. The fact that those players cannot reliably score doesn't make them bad. They're just specialized players with a different role in the game. Regarding Benediction, Union is full of players with high damage outputs. Getting another one would just deprecate another player. I'd rather get a player who can perform a different role on the team, bringing different options, and 2" melee is not something Union has on abundance nowadays. Just that and his Impart Wisdom ability can be very useful in a team with vRage.
  17. Tried all the new models today: Skatha Snow Vet Hearne Uhlr Zarola Minx Played into: Seasoned Brisket, Coin, Harry the Hat, Gutter, Mist, Decimate. This list was a way easier for influence allocation, and more goal oriented. The game ended in a 12-11 grind victory for me. I still need to practice my Uhlr game, but damn do I love that model. He continues to not do too much in any of my games with the exception of the last one where he was providing some chip damage then went ball retrieving for the winning goal. I am really impressed by his ability to retrieve a ball from the deepest corners of the pitch should your opponent try to kill the ball. I really wish he had a 1" push somewhere on his playbook, but instead of looking at what I want him to have, I look at what he brings instead. His goal game is a bit disorganized, as the damage bonus is a bit tricky to optimally utilize. Still need to practice. Also, his Where'd They Go is pure money. Skatha really opens up my options, and provides a game plan that I prefer over Theron. Turn one I kicked off with Skatha, and my opponent retrieving the ball and passing it back to Brisket. A fully loaded Skatha snow balls up, pops her legendary, punches Decimate to dodge into Brisket where I tackle push/dodge and score a quick goal. Probably not going to expect that in future games once people see it, but she can hit some very weird angles if your opponent is not paying attention. Cold Snap is an amazing character play, catching 2-3 models everytime I use it (don't always hit all the models but I do get multiple chances). Vet Hearne is an odd duck. He really wants three influence, but never did much with it. He is deceptively fast, and quite mobile as I used his teleport for crowding out. Unfortunately his teleport also made him a target for getting crowded out, becoming a momentum machine for a turn. He did get a chance to score but flubbed the die role. The turn I fully loaded him up was to KD models engaging him. Skatha went previously and Snared Gutter and The Hat with Cold snap. Rolling three dice he struggled to KD a snared Harry the Hat and was unable to KD Gutter with four dice. His TAC 5 is rough, but 2" 2 success Momentus KD is good, so again I will practice more with Vet Hearne. Wolf bro was wolf bro, but his aura has some potential.
  18. Things I should have been doing last week = Preparing my kit before deployment and spending last moments with family. What I actually did last week = Painted some Butchers. Life is all about priorities. Not my best work but not too bad either.
  19. I don't bother doing much with Brick once they put serious resources into stopping his counter charge. You have better ways to spend and allocate influence (giving it to Flint/Mist etc. or to your captain). If he's on fire or snared then he still does some stuff. If he can just take a parting blow from a mascot or something and not be knocked down, do it. If they are tying him up with Fangtooth or some character with knockdown then either give him an influence and use knockback to push them away or just let them stand there. I mainly use him to protect Hammer or whoever kicked off from being charged turn 1. It gives me greater control over the middle of the board as Hammer can threaten the majority of the midfield and he can't be damaged on a charge as Brick would just knock them away. If they send in someone to tie Brick up them I can gain 2vp's by having Hammer attack and beatback that dude or I can just push the stupid mascot out of bricks melee range with another character. Just keep Brick out of the threat range of dudes that can engage both him and Hammer during a turn 1 charge. It doesn't matter if he's charged turn 2 as he's resilient enough to not die in an activation with the exception of like 2-3 fully tooled up captains, so the opponent charging him sets up a poor piece exchange. edit: keep him about 4-5 inches away from the person who kicked off and is threatening melee violence turn 1 (and make sure they can't charge the person who kicked off AND brick). Turn 2, keep him either off to 1 side 5 inches away from you captain or about 3-4 inches behind your front line to protect the frontline from charges. Turn 3+ don't bother spending influence etc. unengaging him, just use his 2 inch reach for crowding out's and his defensive statline to gum up the scrum.
  20. I play Midas a lot, but I also have Smoke and have begun to play her. My team consists of Midas, Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, vKat (I don't have one Kat painted up yet), Vitriol, AnG and Compound. I can score my 2 goals reliably but the 2 takeouts or the 1 witness me don't come so easily. Who do you use to get that damage to rip down other players? I've played Harry quite a bit but I just don't like playing him as much as AnG. I don't know if Decimate is strong enough of a damage dealer to replace AnG in my list, she's just more of a momentum generator.
  21. Brick's charge resolves before the charge attack, yes.
  22. Do we know if the season 3 story is going to be added to the resources page?
  23. Just played against Brick and his counter charge really gums up mid field. A question came up, I charged Vitriol into my buddies Honor forgetting about Bricks counter charge, now does that disrupt my charge and he gets to resolve Brick before I get to resolve vitriol attack from the charge?
  24. Sorry, let me make the application of the precedent clearer. In the linked example, the trap is placed by Jaecar who is friendly to Hunter Team A. The trap is therefore friendly to Hunter Team A. When Jaecar is subject to Puppet Master, he becomes friendly to Mortician Team B. The trap, being friendly to Hunter Team A is therefore enemy to Jaecar while he is subject to Puppet Master. The precedent establishes that once a trap is placed, it's friendliness is dependent on the friendliness of the model placing it at the time it is placed. Therefore, when Bushel who is friendly to Farmer Team A is subject to Puppet Master, she becomes friendly to Mortician Team B. If she places a harvest marker while under the effects of PM, the harvest marker is friendly to Mortician Team B as that is her alignment at the time it is placed. When Bushel reverts to being friendly to Farmer Team A, the marker's friendliness is unaffected and it remains friendly to Mortician Team B.
  25. Wait, there is no precedent on a team placing a marker as previously Seduce/PM can't make them drop a marker, the ruling you linked to states that the trap becomes enemy to the player whilst they are seduced/PM. However with the new farmers there is a chance that Seduce/PM can make the player drop a trap (through a Guild Ball playbook result) it doesn't answer the question on if the marker would become friendly to the Morts/Fish and if that would then give them the bonuses.
  26. Yeah. I want a Messengers guild built around passing. Give them an ability similar to Snowball and shenanigans ensue
  27. I still think it might be the messengers guild. If you read throughout the fluff of the new book, they are mentioned multiple times and always with a powerful connotation. They are already a top league guild and play the others that we have teams for on a regular basis. Plus, they would be easier to have a new unique mechanic other than high armor and fire; both of which already mostly exist.
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