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  2. Guild Ball in plastic

    That sounds great and was the tidbit of information i was really hyped for during the keynote last year. I think cardboard tokens are a good way to introduce new players and that you can get everything you need in a box, to start playing immediately :)! I wonder if they also would offer metal bases within the SFG webstore? Would be nice to get those items as alternatives for the plastic models, to get some extra weight for them on the pitch, so that they don't get out of the place :).
  3. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    Mat has implied that Rowdy works WAAAAY better than I thought on Pintpot. Rules clarification asked!
  4. Because there's going to be a post on this I thought I'd do it! Mat's video implied that opponent's don't get Ganging Up bonuses on Ox if Get Stuck In is up (Rowdy), but I have been told that is not how Rowdy works - opponent's can Gang Up on Ox (and Pintpot) it's just Ox doesn't lose TAC (or gain it) for having opponent's engaging him. How should Rowdy work - does it only affect attacks made by the Rowdy model (i.e. they are TAC neutral regardless of board state) or does it also affect opponents (i.e. they can never Gang Up on a Rowdy model)?
  5. Hey There, An interesting rules query came up in a game between the Alchemists and Brewers. I was wondering what the activation order was in terms of the effects magical brew and burning spirit. Stoker began his activation in Mercury's melee meaning that it triggers stoker receiving the burning condition. However at the start of Stokers activation his magical brew clears conditions. My question is would stoker receive burning then clear it or would he drink his magical potion then gain burning from mercury. Thanks
  6. Black Orifice has more than enough games. Here are the number of games you need to get meaningful results (taken from the algorithm page): Rule Matches 16P free-for-all 3 8P free-for-all 3 4P free-for-all 5 2P free-for-all 12 2:2:2:2 10 4:4:4:4 20 4:4 46 8:8 91 What we have in Guildball is a 2:2 Situation. Where we have player+guild vs player+guild. Because we only have around 10 guilds, the numbers for them will be pretty good after some 200 total games or so, so you can basically reduce the situation to a 1 unknown +1 known : 1 unknown+1 known for every game, which is a 2 player free for all in the above template. I would estimate that it takes about 10-15 games for a player to get good skill estimation and about 20-50 games per guild (depending on how often players switch guilds). Thats something a website like black orifice generates in 1-2 month or so (to fulfill the guild requirements). But the main point is: Whatever it is, it is better than anything which we have right now.
  7. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    Matt Hart has just posted a 'How to do it video' with Vet Ox. I saw it on Facebook. This was the embedded link: live video
  8. I think this will be ruled as no additional VP are awarded. However... (there always seems to be a however).... Memory's Inanimate Object says it doesn't generate VP when it suffers the taken out condition. This aligns with the core rule book which also says you gain VP when an enemy model suffers the taken out condition. Witness Me and Bear Hug (and Casket Time for what it's worth) all say VP are awarded when "this model inflicts the taken out condition". The difference between suffer and inflict shows that the VP are generated in the first case by the victim and in the second by the attacker, thus you should get the additional VP from taking out Memory. Like I say though, I expect this to be ruled that you don't get the additional VP.
  9. Today
  10. Main problem is that you won't have enough games. I could see it work for a video game where you have loads of games at you can automatically capture those games.
  11. Erahf's WIP Teams

    nice bro,
  12. Brush type advice

    Hey all, i have been using an army painter "hobby Highlighting" brush since I began my GB painting journey last year. It is starting to look a little worn. I was just wondering: how long should I hold onto a brush before putting it out to pasture? what is a decent but cheap brush option that is similar? What is the difference between "hair" types? I.e Toray, sable etc. What is better? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  13. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    Having been on the receiving end of a Botts-controlled Harry many times, I can say that he gets to that result with amazing regularity... Between Crazy, his own KD on 3, and gang-ups, he gets to the 4th column very easily.
  14. Aye that's a separate thing and answered in the rules - your opponent should be using his clock for anything related to him. But back to the 1-minute clock out and Snap Shots...
  15. Because SOS has issues as well: 1. Drops/Byes - any system that has to come up with an average artificial value for a player will be unfair 2. 1st round random seeding - whether you face a weak player in round 1 vs tournament champion will greatly affect your SOS. 3. Small round numbers - SOS doesn't really work for events with only 4 or 5 rounds because it doesn't have long enough to average out - early, unpredictable rounds will greatly affect it. SOS% isn't 'better' just because it avoids the 1 game 'problem' (which I'm still not sure is a problem) as it introduces all new problems. I think you are glossing over all the issues it introduces to say it is better than VPD.
  16. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    So you take the non-momentous DMG results? Or after the KD are you expecting to get to the mom 2>> most of the time? How much set up do you find you need from gang ups, etc, to get to his momentous damage reliably? I've just had this picture of him grabbing someone, swinging them around several times then throwing him into the middle of a bunch of butchers players. Love it. I'll certainly be taking your advice and trying him stacked up. I've just missed so many opportunities to play recently, I've only had 3 or 4 games this calendar year and one of those was a demo to a new player, it's not enough to fully experiment with all the S3 goodness. Thansk for the help, Alex. You're a star, no matter what those drongos down under may say :-)
  17. Again the question is not so important, because if you define a low contribution (weight) of guilds to game results, but the data tells you otherwise, the algorithm will simply spread the difference between the guilds to a bigger extent to fit the data. The algorithm works basically like like this: If you have player A and B playing each other a couple of times, you can determine their relative strengths, because of the result. If they use different guilds, the result will differ because of the different "strengths" of the guilds (of course also because of random variations) and you can calculate the strength of the guilds. Of course the information content of only a couple of games it not that great. If you have lots of players playing each other using different guilds sometimes (like you have in a active community) you only need an intelligent algorithm to disentangle this. Thats what TrueSkill does quite effectively.
  18. Tourney nine post Brainpan reveal.

    Managed to get a couple of games in and think this team is good: Obulus, Dirge, Graves, Casket, A&G, B&M The roster would be filled out with: Scalpel, Ghast and Silence or Cosset.
  19. How do you assess guild strength? How much does a guild contribute to a win in contrast to player skill is pretty difficult in my opinion.
  20. Each opponents actions are on their own clock:
  21. Hag

    This I think: http://sciborminiatures.com/en_,shop.php?group=187
  22. That's actually not so much of a problem. Any non zero value will do (and be better than a simple approach that only looks at win/los ratios) . The only things affected are convergence speed of the whole system to the truth and how Guild "skill" values compare to player skill values in the end. Good values are 1 to 1, 2 to 1 or 3 to 1.
  23. Con Exclusives online?

    Yeah they do. There is a section of the shop called The Locker Room, which usually has the limited edition models etc so everyone has a chance to buy one.
  24. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    I used Harry like this with Brewers. Shove the opponent towards the other players and knock him/her down. Even one on one you can generate 3-4 momentum, even with below average dice against high defence. Plus with a double push on 2 results his counter attacks are right on the money.
  25. I was wondering if SFG sells con exclusive models (ie Flint) online during cons? I know Privateer Press does this during Lock n Load every year and was curious if Steamforged did the same. I have no clue if i will ever make it to something like adepticon or gen con but i really want some con exclusives.
  26. Rulebook - Unclear rules/mechanics

    Thanks for this, it answers the questions I came here for. Can you provide a link to the podcast interviews you're referring to?
  27. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    Harry has great damage output, my man! Bonuses stack up quickly for the big guy. Whenever he lays 4 INF into somebody, they end up KD'd, pushed somewhere bad, and taken 6+ damage easily. If he ever starts wrapping (fairly common with a couple gang ups or whatever else you can muster) he'll do incredible work. Barring the bad dice that can happen to anybody, I rarely end a Harry activation with any team feeling like he was less than great. The guy really is too strong, he does too much with each attack. I think without seeing him do what he can do, a lot of people miss that his top playbook is A. excellent and B. easily accessible. And with a 7" jogging threat, 2" melee and easy KD, his influence is extremely hard to kill or invalidate while it's on him.
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