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  2. Got Kick Off, now what to add?

    Yes, granted there is a lot against Stave on the forums, it does require finesse to make use of such a great character play. Do not forget you can position his AOE at the back of an enemy model thus pushing them towards your front line where they will be knocked down, out of formation from their team, and just waiting for Spigot and Hooper to run up and give 'em the boot.
  3. Today
  4. Rulebook - Unclear rules/mechanics

    They could be trying to replicate you and a boss killing each other in the same blow? In that event you get no souls, but have defeated the boss. . . That sounds like a stretch. I'm not wild about the number of souls you get from a boss being a variable. I'm guessing it's a balance issue because if you've gone through all of your sparks that means that you have gone through encounters multiple times and had the potential to farm quite a few extra souls, considering a boss will never yield much more souls than a single grunt encounter. That actually makes sense now that I think about it. If you make a perfect run on the map as presented in the diagrams in the rule book on pg. 8 with 4 characters, you will complete 4 encounters (if you go for all of them). That nets you 32 souls. Then, you beat the boss with all your sparks remaining. That's 8 more souls. 40 in total. If you were to, instead, die in the boss fight (assuming you had spent all of your souls prior to the boss and didn't drop any), you would still have gotten 32 souls from the encounters. You would then need to clear 2 more encounters to get back to the boss, netting 16 more souls. Then, if you kill the boss, you have 1 spark left and get 4 souls, which is 12 more than you're getting from one shorting the boss. If you have to make the run again, you get an additional 16 from the two encounters and 0 form the boss fight. That's 64 in total for a run where you use all of your embers. If you one shot the boss you only end up with 40. I can see why they'd want to balance that. This is all of course assuming you never died to grunts.
  5. This reminds me of how much I'all miss mimics until wave 2 arrives Can't wait. Praise the Sun!
  6. Limited Edition Split orders

    I got part 2, but never got part 1. I put in a lost package claim and got good results. Hoping to get the two limiteds dispatched by the end of the month.
  7. Got Kick Off, now what to add?

    Stave is very slow, has Def 2+ so super easy to hit, no armor, and lots of health, so your opponent can just attack him over and over and over again, triggering abilities, and generating a lot of Momentum. He's a strong player when used right as Lob Barrel is arguably the strongest character play in the game, but he's the hardest Brewer player to learn how to use.
  8. Captain Con 2017

    @HammerTime: It's still a really good time. Me and a couple of other friends from MD are going. I believe their other events are feeders to the Qualifier/final event, so even if you can't make the one, there are other options. They were also looking to bump the number of available spaces for games too.
  9. SIXTEEN PLAYERS! We've hit the required number of pre-registration to apply for sanctioning, so apply for sanctioning we have! But why stop at 16? There's still plenty of time for you to sign up and play! @akodo: I believe so.
  10. Got Kick Off, now what to add?

    Thanks guys your advice is very welcome. Tankard that write up wasn't too lang and really helped. Can I ask a lot of people have said Stave is bad, why is he bad? Thanks Ben
  11. Season 3 Morticians rundown

    I like to save her legendary to pull threats off of a ball-carrier. Makes it easier for them to score.
  12. Big League VP Accrual

    I guess in regards to Big League it's up to the Longshank... The tournament rules set is official for any Sanctioned tournament (and most likely adopted in most non-Sanctioned events), but in regards to casual games and Big Leagues, there's nothing quite specific...
  13. Timing of Plot Cards

    I think you played it right. Most of the other plot cards that I can think of happen as interrupts to a specified trigger.
  14. Big League VP Accrual

    How official is that rules set.
  15. Love this! I'm bumping this thread because I'm curious as to how they are going to rule on it. Strictly by RAW and the timing, kicking successfully to a KD model and using a Team Work action sounds allowable; if a bit odd.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Placing Bases On Obstructions

    You know, that's an interesting point. Since A&G need to be in b2b for the magic to happen, can Greede be on top of an obstacle and Averisse be on the ground with both models touching the edge of the terrain and count as b2b? The rules state that all distance is measured horizontally, so the distance between the models would still be 0". Greede could even be overlapping Averisse's base if the obstacle was a table. Would the answer change of it was 3D terrain vs. 2D terrain?
  18. I've managed to balance A&G both on the Solid Ground Studios 3D Obstruction wall, AND be in base to base contact with each other, both at 45 degrees. Very precarious.
  19. That should be fun in conjunction with sic'em.
  20. Interesting. I don't see why not. On p23 of the rules, it says "A charging model may Advance up to its max-move [...] The active model then makes an Attack (without spending Influence) [...]" It says nothing about disallowing charges if the model is incapable of attacking. It might be somewhere else though.
  21. I didn't remember that at all. It's been too long since I read the campaign page!
  22. Season 3 Morticians rundown

    I was going to ask if you'd consider contributing to our national blog but the Dave Collective seems to have that covered Much like my ongoing dislike of Obulus for completely unjustifiable reasons, Scalpel's turn one Legendary is now such an engrained part of my game I feel it would be remiss of me to change. I'll be able to speak more directly to the Alchemists control game shortly but, much like Guild Ball in general, they will be but a mere distraction.
  23. I can't win. Please help!

    Brilliant! Thanks, I'll try it tomorrow night. I keep thinking of getting Fangtooth into a scrum and throwing Sharks Legendary to give me the rest of the turn for a kickabout. Hadn't figured how to move him up until that suggestion.
  24. Rulebook - Unclear rules/mechanics

    Edit - Well, I can't find that comment now. Perhaps I imagined it.
  25. Rulebook - Unclear rules/mechanics

    I would be surprised if that is their intent, I assume they really just missed to cover it one way or the other.
  26. Blacksmith Andre and Firekeeper Figures

    Crystal Lizards was one of the stretch goals so they will be added with mimics.
  27. Big League VP Accrual

    Can't findanything about it in either the Core Rulebook or the Big League rulebook. However, there's the following snipet in the Mob Football Association (tournament rules) document, on page 5, that reads :
  28. Rulebook - Unclear rules/mechanics

    Yeah, that's where I was saying they may have changed it. It doesn't make sense to me to potentially have no reward though, which is why I thought their intent was to have the regular reward + the bonus, per the comments they made months ago. (I wonder if I can still find that...)
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