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  2. S4 arrives october 12th

    It's a bit strange the no one at vengeance asked how the cards will be updated or released for season 4. was there any word on if they would release a pack similar to season 3 cards?
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  4. Falconers, the whole picture

    Falconers has 2 forms to kill the ball, a repositioning with Devana's Air Mail or passing to Frelsi + Hack Back, and Ikaros possessing it. The first is an active form, you have to activate Devana to protect the ball. When you see your opponent concentrating INF in his striker, Devana can frustrate his plans sending the ball to a safer place, out of that enemy striker threat range. The second is pasive, but needs setup. Ikaros has an amazing goal threat range and, if within a Harrier AOE, his counterattacks will become pretty powerful against enemy strikers. Also, Falconers has some good models who like to activate last and have good counter-goal capacities (Egret and Mataagi). Rundaas has good qualities but he's very vulnerable to counterattacks. Without a reachable KD, melee 2" or good dodges, his kill runs can finish prematurely. His trait helps him to engage enemies, and his CPs let him not to waste his INF, but those don't remove his vulnerability. Also, he is not as tanky as he seems. vHearne can do better (more HP, 2" melee, dangerous counterattack).
  5. Butchers Player Summaries

    Vet Brisket can swing the tide of the game, getting not one but two influence for a goal is huge and I at least have been able to pull it off pretty reliably. Love stacking her with swift stance and tough skin to make her def 5 arm 2 she can take a parting blow pretty easily or a counter and still pull of a shot.
  6. New Guild Ball Blog

    Yes, the plan is forget your original plan and wing it.
  7. Navigators Guild on FB

    Oh, that's interesting. I very much like oSiren (and my local opponents hate her) while I can't quite figure out what to do with vSiren in a scoring team...
  8. The Navigator's Guild

    I would guess Horizon and Azimuth as the crossover players, given that (admittedly only 2 data points so far) Steamforged's track record is to spoil the crossover players first. I have also been know to be 100% wrong in the past...
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  10. New Guild Ball Blog

    I posted a new article about simple dice math, a topic that i find extremely interesting, and how to use the numbers to our advantage. http://saskball.blogspot.ca/2018/05/understanding-dice.html
  11. Merci Il pourrait etre intéressant de mettre ne gras (ou entre guillemet), quand la régle parle du nom des cartes (ou de jeton) par exemple C’est pour cela que les cartes de Fragment d’Humanité sont toujours dans l’inventaire, et peuvent être utilisées pour remplir le deck d’un personnage. Pourrait donner : C’est pour cela que les cartes de Fragment d’Humanité sont toujours dans l’inventaire, et peuvent être utilisées pour remplir le deck d’un personnage.
  12. Tips against Ballista gunline

    Second this ^
  13. Veteran Cinder

    I guess that would be the Kindled [Furnace] trait.
  14. Compson's Painting...

    I'm loving the hair texturing on Squeak, very well done!
  15. S4 arrives october 12th

    Yes, although I did go down to v3 and paint him before the event.. My LE one is still probably in transit..
  16. WTB Grace & Benny at Vengeance

    Thanks, forgot to add I have got these now. Purchased from Element yesterday. Odd that stock showed as 0 online so I had quite a pleasant surprise when I saw them in store 😁.
  17. New Guild Ball Blog

    You have a plan?
  18. S4 arrives october 12th

    Did you get it? I didn't.
  19. In my day...!

    Only a thousand? So few.................
  20. Veteran Cinder

    They also suggested that she might be "losing" her master.
  21. In my day...!

    In my day, we made our own games. Coincidentally, I invented Guild Ball in 1992. Unfortunately I was too busy painting a thousand Skaven so I shelved the idea.
  22. WTB Grace & Benny at Vengeance

    They were on sale as blisters in Element Games shop.
  23. Compson's Painting...

    wow great stuff!!!
  24. Compson's Painting...

  25. In my day...!

    In my day an NPE was called get over it scrub.
  26. In my day...!

    In my day, Midas was considereed a top tier captain. Couldn't resist.
  27. S4 arrives october 12th

    Think it's super exciting, shaking things up is good.
  28. New Guild Ball Blog

    Always love reading about GB, will spend some time going through this
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