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  2. Toqtamish

    Keswick Ontario

  3. TheBriarfox

    Scalpel woes

    ...assuming your their positioning allows for that, which, in a competitive scene, as you said, is unlikely.
  4. Ragnar Rok

    Finally playing Butchers

    Thanks. I appreciate it. I will need to forget the Fish mentality of 3-0, and learn to flow better.
  5. Banjulhu

    Fisherman Player Summaries

    She has been helped out a lot by getting a strong ranged control play on top of oSiren taking a nerf to hers.
  6. Csonti

    Hungarian National Championship 2019

    Info updated with attendee levels we need to reach to get a better package for the winner. Important: the price of the ticket will be raised from March, so if you plan to participate (and you should), don't hesitate with the financial part. We need to see the rough numbers as early as possible to properly prepare for the event. Thanks for your cooperation!
  7. An attack ignored by Resilience is not a successful attack; Skatha wil not expend the on an attack ignored by Resilience.
  8. As previously stated, this is a rules change.
  9. Last week
  10. malladin.ben

    Finally playing Butchers

    Fillet is definitely worth giving a go. I think there's a couple fo match ups that she's better into (Hunters and morticians at least). My fillet team is princess, boiler, vOx, tenderiser and a proxy Roast or meathook in tournaments. As for getting the ball back... shank helps (because he can just get anywhere on the pitch). But really, why bother? If it's proving to difficult just get another couple of takeouts. A lot of people talk about a team being 4-1 or 2-2 but don't tie yourself down so strictly - just look for what's the easiest way of scoring vps and adapt to the flow of the game.
  11. Kueller

    My Fishermen :)

    Broken Toad Ball
  12. greysquigg

    What's your morts 12?

    Interested to see what peoples thoughts on the ideal 12. I've seen a wide variety of 12's including rosters with no obulous... Now that we're over how good scalplet is how is your 12 shaping up? Shoot!
  13. Ragnar Rok

    Finally playing Butchers

    Many of these threads are really helpful. I recently picked up Butchers, and have a couple games under my belt with them. I've wanted to play them for a few seasons now, but just could 't tear myself away from my Fish or Morts. I have most of the team, minus Meathook, and the pig. I was wondering if it's good to practice with Fillet or just run Ox teams. The line up I used was Ox, Princess, Boar, vGutter, oBrisket and Boiler. Played into Farmers. I was shooting for a 4-1 game, but it just didn't work out that way. Dice effed me a lot, and I just couldn't get the ball back from the Farmers once they stole it. What is a good way to get the ball back to continue on with the 4-1 goal?
  14. mbdeyes

    Fisherman Player Summaries

    I've had better luck with Kraken since S4. Same issues with Angel though.
  15. Advena

    Fisherman Player Summaries

    Soo after S4 there should be a few shifts in the love and hate scales in this thread, no? I feel like I've seen tons of good comments on vSiren for example
  16. Blessing of the Moon Goddess as a to the next successful attack. An attack that triggers Glutenous Mass Resilience is ignored. I'm not sure if that means that it counts as having no hits, in which case it is unsuccessful, or if it ignored by the game entirely, in which case the following attack is still the next attack. Either way, Blessing of the Moon Goddess is not discharged and will apply to the following attack.
  17. Heya Given these two threads: I think I know how this should work but I wanted a clarification. If Skatha puts Blessing of the Moon Goddess on herself and successfully makes an attack against Compound, who still has Resilience active, does Skatha lose Blessing, and if so does Skatha get to dodge on that attack that is otherwise negated? Thanks!
  18. malladin.ben

    Help : I need to prepare !

    I like tenderiser with both captains. With fillet he's just a decent battery, but she really needs that battery. With Ox he's great at protecting Ox - position Ox fully with 4" of tenderiser, who is 4" from the goal and you can reach Ox's aura out to about 5"-6" inside the enemy half. I use vet gutter as a swap in for Brisket if I'm kicking or up against high armour/low Def teams where dirty knives makes less of a difference. I find if I'm kicking it's mostly Shank who gets me goals as I'm stacking him up every turn, whereas brisket struggles to get that opportunity goal when I'm only putting 2 on her. 2 Inf on gutter (or 1 if you've got roast nearby) gets great value return from the charge. I'd say shank is pretty much auto-include in Ox.
  19. Kueller

    My Butchers :)

    Broken Toad Ball
  20. Kueller

    My Butchers :)

    Seasonal Roast
  21. Goseki

    Painted RE2

    Great job man! It's a shame the models molds don't quite have enough detail for the eyes etc. Claires jacket is super well done.
  22. Goseki

    Special attacks

    Are there none in the standard tension deck? That seems a heck of an oversight if so...
  23. Goseki

    Ammo Counters

    Once you've used all ammo you put the dial aside and will have to rely on evades.
  24. tunapoots

    Yours 12s and 6s

    I played my first season 4 tournament with them today. Took vRage Blackheart Coin oRage Minx Decimate Fangtooth Harry Snakeskin Mist Gutter Hemlocke Would like to add Benediction back into the lineup, just unsure who to drop at the moment.
  25. LouisvillePitch

    Bourbon Trail Open IV

    Bourbon Trail announcement. Going to move the time back to 10:00 am for the start time. Doing this to make sure we have enough time to complete the event. Looking forward to seeing everyone! We also have a spot open, one player is unable to come now.
  26. LouisvillePitch

    Bourbon Trail Open IV

    Bourbon Trail announcement. Going to move the time back to 10:00 am for the start time. Doing this to make sure we have enough time to complete the event. Looking forward to seeing everyone! We also have a spot open, one player is unable to come now.
  27. Is this a S1 Maverick situations then where the ruling is that the ability works differently than how it's printed then, or is there some other underlying principle that I'm overlooking?
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