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  2. Falconers pics

  3. Hello everybody, I want to sell a Limited edition Flint or trade vs a KS Honour, anyone is interesseted in? PS: I'm based in France
  4. Falconers pics

    I guess this applies to Dirge as well, but when Frelsi or Flying man get the ball, are they carrying it through the air as they fly? Is that legal?
  5. Falconers pics

    For those that can't see it: also, I'm buying this for that ball!!
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  7. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    My pick into Brewers has always tended to be Shark, Salt, Angel, Greyscales, Jac and oSiren. Angel can be targeted by Friday and oSpigot for ball stealing but only if she is carrying the ball and after turn 1 Angel to my mind should just be a Def 6+ snapshot threat that demands attention rather than an active piece. For most games into Brewers I have trend to make Angel my turn 1 scorer over Shark because of how solid she can make herself to most direct attackers. However that is more just down to varying personal preference and play styles. As to Brewers moving and blocking the way to the Goal if you hang back... Let them try try, but even if they do put someone in front of you, the Fish have the movement tricks to get around and beyond that Shark and Angel have the raw stats just to kick straight through a model if push comes to shove. Remember very little of Brewers team can project far enough forward in turn one if they are receiving so play to it and don't get suckered into the old wargaming mentality of needing to have a barny in the centre of the table. You don't even need to really worry about winning initiative on turn 2. As @Penguin Warriorpointed out Shark is petty resilient so if he is untouched at the end of turn 1 then he (with the aid of a defensive stance) can easily take a charge from all but the best killers.
  8. Brewers Player Summaries

    I could go stupidly in depth and provide 1000+ word walls of text for each character, but as I don't have time to type it out and you probably don't have time to read it he's my TL;DR thoughts.. Esters(C) – solid defensive support, only "battery" in guild, decent selection of character play options, not Tapper Good into: condition heavy teams // Risky into: not much, fairly "safe" if not always effective Tapper (C) – offensive front line support, hugely influence efficient, enables team to shine and allows for flexible in the fly thinking, is Tapper Good into: Unpredictable Movement, 1" melee heavy teams, // Risky into: ranged control (Ballista / Theron teams), High Armour Scum (M) – best mascot in game, damage dealer, goal threat, safe option for holding the ball, Shadow Like / Unpredictable Movement is an amazing combo Good into: everything // Risky into: 2" melee Quaff (M) – support mascot, can do things for nothing Good into: scrum brawls // Risky into: not taking the cat Friday – Incredibly underrated striker, can flex into damage or support if required Good into: // Risky into: 2" melee, ranged charachter plays / control / high armour Hooper – combat monster, requires set up / support to get most out of Good into: conditions, // Risky into: ranged character plays / control Lucky – incredibly flexible, wish was metal Good into: goodie bags, hot dice // Risky into: poor decision making Mash – solid workhorse, great ability to hold the ball Good into: 1" melee, football teams // Risky into: lure / seduce (Obulous) Pintpot – super efficient brawler Good into: bears // Risky into: high armour / ranged control Spigot – incredible toolbox, enables the whole team (please don't nerf) Good into: almost everything // Risky into: 2" melee, precision murder machines (Fillet/Scalple) Stave – It's a trap, slightly more viable into Farmers & Smiths Good into: loose sheets of paper on a desk // Risky into: any team which has viable momentum farming options Stoker – huge improvement from s1 card, fire is fun Good into: Condition abusers (Katalyst), low Tac // Risky into: control, mobility vSpigot – fantastic striker on any other guild list, called "Spigot" Good into: slower control teams, football focused teams // Risky into: 2" melee, precision murder machines (Fillet/Scalpel) Decimate – "the future" (?) Good into: armour, scrum brawls // Risky into: the hype train, arbitrary speculation, unrealistic expectations Amber – #saveamber Good into: hopes and dreams // Risky into: @Sherwin killing her before her time If anyone wants a more specific rundown on a specific character, feel free to ask..
  9. Display issue with google chrome

    That’s really odd then, as there wasn’t a forum update last week! Still, the plot thickens and one day it’ll all be sorted out...
  10. Display issue with google chrome

    Nothing has been changed on my end as far as I can see. Just checked my applications folder, and nothing for Chrome has been modified since March 2nd.
  11. Display issue with google chrome

    Did anything change on your system, do you know? A chrome update or the like, so I can chase it down a bit more.
  12. Skulk lightning reflexes vs Dodge 0”

    If a model chooses to dodge 0" then Lightning Reflexes will not trigger
  13. Display issue with google chrome

    Just started happening with me. Was fine last week.
  14. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    It's important to know what to do with Shark when he scores that first goal. If you can get him in the right position, you force the Brewers to choose between setting up for the rest of the game and collapsing on him for the guaranteed 2 points. Shark is harder to kill than a lot of people think, so if they don't send in the full goon squad, he can slip away and set up for either the second or third goal. And if they do go full goon and just go all in on him, they're giving up control of the pitch, meaning the places they can hide the ball shrink significantly. I would avoid Angel into Brewers. Friday and Spigot have very easy access to tackles and they are brought almost every game already. She has a very telegraphed goal threat and does nothing for you without the ball in her immediate vicinity. Sakana has better disengage, reach (good for getting through Glutt Mass), and a very reliable goal. When I play into Brewers, I run Shark, Salt, Hag, oSiren, Sakana, and Greyscales. Spread 'em out, split the field into thirds for Shark, Sakana, and Greyscales to patrol, and keep Siren and Salt for emergency ball retrieval or crowd outs. If you position well and time your goals right, the Brewers have an extremely difficult time keeping pace. It might also be worth trying out Hemlocke specifically against Esters. Being able to clear burning will reduce a lot of her early game control. Plus, Hemlocke is a sneaky good ball player. Momentous Tackle on 1 with lots dodges in the playbook. She's not a striker by any means, but she's solid enough at ball recovery to be a fairly flexible tool. Plus she brings blind and you can still bring the otter (yes, I prefer Salt! Don't look at me like that! I'm crazy like an otter). Ultimately, it's about projecting pressure with Shark. If the Brewers are taking someone out, make sure someone else is threatening the ball. Make them constantly decide between pursuing VPs and protecting the ball. You don't always need to be scoring or tackling the ball to be making your opponent's life difficult. It takes some time to get comfortable with how to apply that pressure, but it's worth the frustration every time you get to watch the other player look back and forth between their ball carrier and that sweet, sweet brawl set up and not know what to do
  15. Falconers pics

    Wow, what a great model. Get wrecked Egret, why you exist is beyond me at this point. If Mataagi and the double blades guy are playable in Hunters I will be ecstatic.
  16. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    Hm.. This might sound silly and I think I understand why stall it, but couldn't the Brewers just move forward and block my path to kick the ball or mess up my movement lines? Also you should save the shot so they can't kill Shark turn 1 and farm momentum while doing so? And him being safe when you make that shot the last of turn 1 and get the momentum out of it and hoping to win the initiative? Also thank you a bunch for taking the time to go through all this, greatly appreciated.
  17. Travelling to Phoenix, AZ

    Desert Sky Games in Chandler. We are even doing our league this weekend which is our casual get together. It starts at 11:00am. Hope to see you there!
  18. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    I would do a straight striker swap and have Angel in for Sakana. Once I had the ball on Siren in that situation I would have passed to Shark like you did and then just waited the brewer out by making small moves forward with the rest of the team to have them spaced out about 2" to 3" out of the deployment zone. The last would be Shark sprinting 9", tidal surging 4" and shooting from 8" away without any possible counter play from the brewers. In a similar vein to Blackheart you should not be holding onto Shark's or Hag's legendaries in bids to engineer scenarios where you cover as many models as possible. They are both best used to get key pieces sorted out early in the game.
  19. Butchers Player Summaries

    I only mention obulus because having fillet move 7 inches from good targets is a terrible feeling. I do agree she is fairly safe but 4 dice on odds of 5+ are decent.
  20. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    I threw the legendary on turn 3 when I had oSpigot, Friday, Pintpot, Esters and Scum under it. I deployed oSiren, Shark, Sakana, Hag, Greyscales, Tentacles and they were fairly spread out on the line. Shark kicked the ball to the left flank because there was a rock there that was disruptive to my opponents movement. I pushed oSiren forward with Hag, she ran and passed the ball to Shark who then made a goal. I then had oSiren on the Flank, Shark in the middle, Sakana in the middle, Greyscales on the other flank. Tentacles was with Greyscales Blinding targets and providing a crowd out. Hag was hanging around with Shark, Sakana and oSiren waiting for a good opportunity to Legendary, which she did, got Shark forward, oSiren, oSpigot, Scum and Friday. Angel sounds pretty good, I need to look her over again. For Jac, I need to check him out too. I've played them both but not in the same team and they didn't do much at all those games, that's why I've kinda scrapped them. So Hag -> Jac. Who'd you drop for Angel? That sounds like a tough one as I quite like Sakana and Greyscales.
  21. In tandem with @Mako excellent beginner player rundowns, this is a post for beginner tactics for the Blacksmith Guild to improve our new player resources. It is not intended to be a bible nor do I propose this is the only way to play Blacksmiths. Please feel free to suggest your own tactics that would be useful to a beginner here. I will outline a few strategies I have played myself which may or may not be helpful. Together we will try to make this a useful guide for beginner players - remember this is not designed for the 'expert' or top-level play. If this works we will roll it out to the other guilds as well to help improve anyone looking to start playing the game. Playstyle The Blacksmths are capable of take outs and scoring but have strong leaning towards scoring goals. They have plenty of armour and it will weaken some attacks but do not think they are invulnerable – Blacksmiths are easy to hit and will suffer from Character Plays and Knockdowns much more than other teams. Their armour when used well can make them frustrating to attack for low TAC opponents, but high TAC teams will still crush them as many players have low health. With many 8” Kicks and several 4 dice Kicks, Blacksmiths are one of the best football teams in the game. They should usually keep an eye on where the ball is and try to play for goals with opportunistic take outs. 1: Team Selection Some key features - Blacksmiths are split into Masters and Apprentices. Unique to Guildball, this means that you are a little more restricted in your squad choices for two reasons: 1. You must have equal number of Masters and Apprentices (type is written at the bottom of the card). 2. Some apprentices do better with their specific master. This means that when picking your team, unlike in other guilds you will want to pick 3 Masters and 3 Apprentices that complement each other. For example, if picking Alloy, you will want to pic Hearth as she unlocks his abilities. You do not HAVE to take the master/apprentice combos (and some work fine with other masters such as Cast & Furnace rather than Burnish) but when starting out it is recommended you take the couples together to learn what they can do. Master Apprentice Ferrite Iron Anvil Sledge Furnace Cinder Hearth Alloy Burnish Cast Farris Bolt However Blacksmiths have an ace in the hole – they can pick ANY master to be their captain. This means that you can vary your playstyle to match your opponent and potentially have up to 6 captains to choose from! TIP: Remember that regardless of whether a master is a captain they can still fire their legendary – it just only triggers the top sentence that applies to the master only. When picking captain the default choice is Ferrite. She provides a speed boost to the team as well as Hobble (crippling enemy movement on DMG), can do a lot of work with 5 INF, and is one of the Blacksmiths best strikers. TIP: Hobble works on any DMG not just melee. Combine with Burnish to drop -4/-4 MOV on enemy players in an AOE (Hobble + Burning). This also works on Cinder’s Hot Shot, Alloy’s Dirty Knives and Cast’s Shield Throw. Alternative captains are Furnace for Searing Strike to push through enemy ARM (useful into all teams except Farmers, especially Blacksmiths and Masons), Anvil for Tough Hide to reduce DMG vs beatdown teams, Burnish for the 3 AOE turn of fiery doom (Tool up from Furnace to do 4 DMG per hit). Hearth and Farris captains are situationally good so not recommended unless you have tried them as players first. Suggested Teams for beginners: All Rounder: Ferrite (C), Iron, Alloy, Hearth, Furnace, Cinder Scoring Team: Ferrite (C), Iron, Alloy, Hearth, Farris, Bolt Fire Team: Burnish (C), Cast, Furnace, Cinder, Alloy, Hearth 1: Kick/Receive Blacksmiths are very strong in both kicking and receiving. It is recommended that every team take Alloy and Hearth for this purpose. Together they can provide kick off pressure or threaten a first turn goal if they receive. Possible kicking strategy Alloy provides a lot of kick-off pressure when starting in 6” of Hearth. Able to move up 7”, take an accurate Kick and then first activation take 2” melee from Hearth and go for the ball and a goal. Enemy teams will have to be careful where they put the ball under this pressure. TIP: Alloy is fragile and vulnerable to beatdown. This is not recommended into Morticians or Fishermen as both can pull Alloy easily into a beatdown situation and outside Hearth’s boosting aura. Be careful to know if your opponent has melee threats that can reach Alloy. TIP: Ferrite can boost Alloy’s already large ball threat range with her Legendary. Possible Receive Strategy With most players able to successfully pass the ball, simply pass it along to Alloy to generate some momentum and then jump Alloy 4” forwards using Pass N Move. Then Alloy has 9” run, 2” Acrobatic, 8” shot – 19”+4” jump, 23” goal run. Ferrite can boost this to 25”. TIP: Back to the Shadows and Run the Length can be combined into an 8” Dodge at the end of activation. So if Alloy can hit someone as well as score, he can retreat to relative safety. There are alternative setups for this – Farris & Bolt also provide a similar Turn 1 score and Ferrite Kick Off can be combined with Get Over Here (Iron) to provide pressure. 2: All-Rounder Strategy This block of players is a good place to start – 4 players have an 8” Kick and Iron is a special case (see below). Hearth shouldn’t really ever be trying to score – if she is, you’re probably getting desperate but even there she has a 3/6” Kick. But this team is also pretty good at beatdown. The Beatdown Side Look to weaken models with Ferrite (Disarm and Weak Point, KD if lucky), rip off their ARM with Furnace, KD with Hearth. Once the target is prepped, go in with Iron or Alloy. Furnace should be Tooling one of them up to go nuts if possible. Iron should be hitting 4 DMG if prepped properly (and 7 DMG if the dice like you) for 12-16 DMG – enough to takeout many players. Even better use Hearth to give Iron 2” melee to avoid annoying counters AND +2 net Hits to potentially hit that sweet 7 DMG. Alloy can similarly be boosted (Alloy can take Anatomical Precision if Hearth gives him 2” melee) and should ALWAYS pick Dirty Knives as the first result. This deceptive result can do 3 DMG if they don’t clear the poison, is momentous and crucially is -1 DEF. The next 3 attacks (because who isn’t within 9” of Alloy?) will then likely hit the 3 DMG – for 10-12 DMG. Not too shabby. All momentous. However you shouldn’t discount the Masters from beatdown. Hearth and Ferrite both have 4 column playbooks with TAC 5. Both have a way to ‘boost’ the effectiveness of their attacks (Weak Point and KD). If you can hit that 3 DMG at the end of their playbooks or better yet, prep them with some crowd outs for wraps, both these ladies can do a lot of DMG (and one is probably your captain). The Football Side While punching people in the face is hilarious fun (*don’t try this at home kids), it should really be used to either close out the game with a take out or take out powerful pieces from the board (support models like Millstone or Ratchet are perfect targets as they weaken the whole team when gone). Meanwhile you should be chasing the ball. Everyone other than Hearth is a ball threat (and Hearth is a great ball stripper with an easy KD). Alloy, Furnace, Iron and Ferrite all have very low Tackles, and Hearth can give Iron and Ferrite 2” melee to avoid counters. TIP: Use This! works on ALL Blacksmith models, not just apprentices. Consider giving it to Ferrite if she is your captain for some janky goals as she is both fast, has a 2” Dodge and a low Tackle. Once you have the ball, Alloy, Iron and Cinder are all great scorers. Alloy and Cinder are both 8” KICK threats – as long as they are up the field they should be able to pop it in the goal. TIP: Cinder is a great target for Instruction. It works with her Hot Shot ability so that she has a good chance to Tackle the ball at 6” and then score. Alternatively, use it to get the Momentous Dodge so she has the momentum for a goal. Iron deserves some discussion. Battering Ram can be used to simply push through 1” melee models as if they weren’t there (remember to hit them at a suitable angle to push them out of the way). If he can’t push people out the way, Close Control means that Iron can risk parting blows against models that don’t have KDs (his 2 ARM should prevent the wrap preventing double T). Impetus means that Iron has a native 10” run, Ferrite can not only potentially boost this to 12”, but also Get Over Here can boost it further. Combined with Battering Ram, this can allow Iron to race from one side of the field right up to the goal. Hence Try Hard. Iron should usually be in Snap Shot range when taking goals because of this. TIP: Battering Ram can be used to move models into better positions to attack – e.g. out of cover, into a Gang Up ranges etc. 3: Scoring Team Strategy These players are built to score goals. By taking Furnace and Cinder out and putting Farris and Bolt in, you lose access to Tooled Up and Cinder’s Hot Shot as well as Searing Strike. This weakens the Beatdown options. Instead you gain a super goal scoring threat and the ability to KD models without rolling a single die. Take the above tactics but adapt them – now you can pass the ball to Bolt and if he starts within 6” of Farris, he can walk 4”, pass the ball, jump 4”, I am Open for free back (Alloy or Ferrite are great targets for this), jump 4” and then run 6” and Kick 6” for a 24” goal threat. Farris can boost this to 28” for 2 INF, Ferrite can take this to 32”. It’s pretty long. TIP: Be careful with Bolt – I am Open is only 6” so don’t jump him to far away from his target. Bolt’s other ability – Shoemerang is a curious beast. It allows Bolt to target ANY model (including himself) to take 2 DMG. If you target a friendly, no dice are rolled. Then an enemy model in 4” gets KD. This can be very powerful into high defence model such as Fillet with Swift Stance up or simply to scatter the ball so Bolt can retrieve it. TIP: Tutelage can be used at any point during the activation as long as you started within 6” of Farris. Stamina can always be used regardless of Farris. Farris’s unique ability is not only can she place the ball (as long as not engaged) in front of her up to 1” away, she can then kick it. This gives Farris a sort of 8” KICK. It can also be used to place the ball such that the line of kick doesn’t cross any enemy models to avoid losing dice. Farris can do Impact – basically a run/hit. This requires that she get base to base, so it does expose her to counter attacks, but it does give her a 12” threat range for 1 INF. Ride Off – her legendary, allows her to hit someone with Impact, push them, scatter the ball and then keep moving to grab the ball and maybe then pass/score (remembering she can use Give it a Whack to drop the ball closer to the goal). She will take parting blows from Impact, but with ARM 3, many models will not be able to KD her, so you can shrug these off. TIP: Impact does not trigger Unpredictable Movement – use this on annoying 2” melee models like Obulus (Midas you can just sit outside 1”). TIP: Be careful when moving Farris for an Impact – you should use steppers or something accurate as you need to know how much movement you have left after the attack. 4: Fire Team The Fire Team tries to leverage all the synergy with Burning that the faction has. Using Burnish and Furnace, you can pump out a lot of 4 DMG AOEs, and Burnish, Furnace, Cinder can all put the burning condition out. Cast can then do terrific beatdown – once Furnace has stripped armour and set the target burning, Cast should be hitting her high DMG slots and with Tooled Up and +1 from Burning, do 4 DMG easily. Shield Glare is also a must to cripple models. Use Cinder and Alloy to score goals while the team controls the opponent by setting them on fire and threatening Cast. 5: Other Guilds Other Guilds will vary in their threat angle, but the biggest threats come from control teams (such as Engineers and Morticians) and beatdown aggressive teams (Union and Butchers). But a special place is reserved for Alchemists. Smoke and her chums can shutdown Blacksmiths very quickly and with the vulnerability of Apprentices (low health, often low DEF), she can kill off models before they can reach and interact. Anti-Alchemist options Speed. Blacksmiths are surprisingly fast. I suggest the Scoring team into Smoke. Go for speed and try to engage Vet Katalyst with Farris to tie him up. Once enagaed Smoke will be less likely to play games with AOEs and Smoke herself is very vulnerable as many models have 2” melee or can get it. Try to target the models producing the AOEs for beatdown such as Mercury or Calculus. Be very afraid of Blind – one of your models will be Blinded a turn (because low DEF) so taking Calculus off the board early is crucial. Try to repay the favour with Ferrite (remember Hobble). The Fire Team also has some option – using Burnish to ‘clear’ conditions and potentially use his Legendary to shield the team for a turn.
  22. Butchers Player Summaries

    Haha, no worries mate. A lot of opponents do as well She basically has gut and string with 1 damage and bleed on 1 hit, on top of the bleed "tooling up" herself and fillet as well. It is "ok"
  23. Hello, Can someone please clarify that if a model dodges for 0”, if skulk can still react with lightning reflexes to jog towards that model? i wasn’t certain if the following errata which references movement applies: A model may choose to Dodge 0”. This does not count as movement and doesn’t trigger any effects that trigger from movement (e.g. traps).
  24. Falconers pics

    For some reason my phone is not liking pictures this morning, but I’ll try to post a picture later if I can. In the meantime the link below should get you to a place you can see it. http://www.leodisgames.com/shop/guild-ball/the-falconers-guild-daughter-of-falcons-plus-alt-mataagi/ also, the product descriptions are below as well. Really can’t wait to play these guys. Released Friday 15th June The Falconers are a damn mystery to everyone, between the rumours surrounding their origins and their enigmatic ties to the Hunters. One things for sure, though – the Falconer’s Guild represent an unwelcome wildcard for the Guilds; their sudden appearance an omen the feral Hunters are on the rise once more… – Lucky, Free Agent Contents: Devana (Captain) Frelsi (Mascot) Ikaros Mataagi Minerva Rundaas Ball Token (Bunny) Goal Token (Falcon Post) 3D Terrain Piece (Rough Ground) Cards Token Sets Health Dials Plus Alt Mataagi Unlike the older veterans of his clan, Mataagi is possessed of youthful passion, his eyes betraying none of the world-weariness learned by his comrades over their long years. A solitary huntsman by nature, the Eyas has nonetheless quickly found himself enamoured by Guild Ball, exhilaration surpassing his distaste for the baying crowds. During games nowhere is safe from his deadly aim, as he strikes from the flank to draw first blood, before swooping in to tackle the ball away.
  25. Butchers Player Summaries

    updated. Ironically, I usually forget about her heroic play on the tabletop too.
  26. Shark's Fishermen and the third goal

    You may have triggered Shark a little early. If you kicked off and got the ball back the last activation of the turn should have been him strolling up to the goal and setting himself up for a top of turn 2 legendary or do goal one with Sakana and hold Shark back to threaten goal two and a legendary at the top of two. When you kick off where do you kick to and which of your team do you try to have threaten the quick ball recovery? Against brewers if oSpigot and Friday are on one wing to benefit from their synergies I kick to the opposite wing and if they have a wing each I kick to oSpigots side as he is slower. The trick I have found to a Shark kick off into brewers if it cant be avoided is have Siren and Greyscales a little further out on the wings than normal and aim to have the ball skim down the halfway line towards the side of the pitch and force a hard ball recovery from your opponent rather than having to rely on tackles as they run the ball up towards you. Brewers work on close proximity synergies and quite set activation orders to get the most out of them but Fish don't so you should aim to put threats on places in the field where their combo finishers are to force them to activate earlier than they want. A Nimble, Super Shot Angel standing in cover for example will command a lot of respect from most Brewers because of the snap shot threat even when the goal is covered (this is one of the few teams I consider Angel a good pick against). With Brewers, especially ones lacking Tapper and Hooper I would also consider Jac over Hag just to spend 2Inf and 1MP to push the brewers all out of position.
  27. Falconers pics

    I haven't seen the pic for alt Mataagi, could you post it?
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