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  2. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    They pretty much all would have apprentices do the hard labor. That's why you take on an apprentice, you get an employee you can pay less because they're inexperienced and after the program you bring them on full employment and full pay. If the master doesn't have the apprentice be the one to actually do the work they won't learn.
  3. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    I refer you to my previous comment. It's not just a case of whether they have apprentices, but how those apprentices are employed within the guild practice.
  4. Whether a guild is major or minor I do not believe has any particular correlation with whether their mob football team is a major or minor guild team. But i may be wrong.
  5. 'smiths experiences so far?

    Okay gents, Played in a smaller local event yesterday. Placed second overall and went 2-1 losing a crazy grinder against the eventual winner. Game 1 vs. Brewers (Ferrite(c), Iron, Hearth, Alloy, Furnace and Cinder) vs (Pintpot, Spigot, Hooper, Lucky, Tapper, Scum) Opponent played a very fight list so I knew Id be scoring 3 goals in this one if at all possible. He kicked to me toward the center board. I retired with Furnace and kicked the ball around generating momentum and setting up for the last activation Alloy goal. All went exactly that way. He came into furnace with Tapper and made an effort to push him into range of spigot and pintpot. He managed to kill him after two full turns of activations. I used iron and ferrite almost exclusively to make that scrum as difficult as possible on him. Ferrite disarming tapper and crowding him out makes his INF almost useless. (My opponent now hates disarm!) After the initial goal he kicked out and retrived with spigot whom cinder promptly took the ball from and bee lined to the goal to score next turn. The scrum continued now with Hearth, and Hooper joining the fray. Agin ferrite just disarmed everyone. Eventually he took down Iron at the end of the turn but not before I took out spigot. I scored immediately that next turn making it 10-4. He kicked out grabbed the ball with scum but was too close to alloy. On my next activation alloy tackled the ball, ran for the goal and hit the tap in to win. Game 2 vs Masons (same line up vs Honor, Harmony, Brick, Mallet, Flint, Marbles) This game got super grind from jump. He received and passed around top set up a first activation goal on turn 2. I flanked with Cinder to steal a momentum and since I kicked with Hearth was able to get an cheeky early charge into a poorly placed Harmony (she had retrieved the kick and was left center field. I wrapped the charge and hit the double push and KD ( I do love the old crone!) Which left Harmony in a position to take a crowd out from furnace and a charge form ferrite. wisely my opponent quick footed harmony out of range. This left me with my first mistake of just jamming ferrite into a scum with brick and the monkey. She held her own and kept it a slap fight for a number of rounds but eventually she was taken out and I don't think it really helped me move to any sort of win condition. Turn 2 my opener goes first and slams the gaol in with flint. I kick out to Iron and get a really bad scatter so rather than smashing iron into the scrum I was forced to go get the ball and pass out wide to cinder. which I promptly missed. Fortunately it scatter to mallet who did not have the range to get the ball back to either sister. The scrum continued. Now hearth jumped into help out Ferrite. (another mistake. Furnace had been holding up Harmony and Honor for some time but not make ing appreciable progress in taking either out. Just reapplying conditions and ticking damage. I should have been using his AOE and tossing into Ferrite scrum. Without the eventual crowd outs I would have lost Ferrite and ,spoiler, hearth a little later). Alloy steals the ball from Mallet and makes his was toward the goal with smashed shins to safely wait for next turn to score. Eventually ferrite drops and so does Hearth making the score 8-0 him but I have a goal in my pocket. At this point I have now noticed that the clock wasn't always moving the time back to him and we are both super low on time. I decide that If I'm gonna win it will be taking the goal last activation and playing super fast while he clocks to score as many points as I can before I close. Brick is nearly dead and Iron is likely to kill him the next activation. If all goes well Ill be 8-8 after my first activation next turn. All goes well. I play fast, he score me 3 points, I take the alloy goal and MISS! At that point I will clock in an activation or two and he now has the ball on Flint. I just shake his hand. Disappointed in my self, should not have commented Ferrite that hard that early, should have used one at a time much better, why didn't I bonus time the dame last goal?1? I think this is a matchup that would have loved Burnish and Cast, and likely Furnace as the captain. Handing our Searing strike would have given me the edge to actually take out some of the masons. Game 3 vs Farmer (same line up vs Thresher, Buckwheat, Plowman, Fallow, Jackstraw, and Harrow) This game was a bit of a grind but it was only 3rd or 4th game with Farmers so I had an advantage. I get the obligatory 1st turn allow goal and really don't let him get into me until turn two. Eventually he does and thresher kills Furnace and Buckwheat scores. I snap the goal back and Alloy scores again. 8-6... Hearth manages to tank an entire Thresher activation. I heal her both ways. He scores again. 10-8. I kick out to get the ball near alloy and where furnace has come back on but I have to survive another thresher activation. Hearth, my favorite geriatric, tanks a KD and hist her own on the return, Thresher stands and goes to town BUT with no harvest marker and no more legendary he leaves her on 1! Alloy snags the ball and hits the game winner for a 12-10 win. Could have played this one better but I was out of the running and playing a little too loose. That said I am still not very confident into famers with BS just yet. Overall it was a fun tourney. I learned a bit more about my new team and I think Im now like the 18th ranked BS player in the world. Which is funny with a 2-1 tourney record! lol Would love to hear any thought or questions you might have. Also I ll be hitting Vassal hard this week!
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  7. Game too Swingy?

    @CrazyBlaineand I have had a few games in which one comes from behind against the other. Fighting is often safer but traded TOs means the team with the first one wins 12-10. To change the dynamic of any game you need to work for last/first activations, learn how and when to reset the board state (both of which often aren't possible) and to sometimes throw a Hail Mary play or two. These are just the opinions of a grumpy old gamer. Your mileage may vary.
  8. Game too Swingy?

    Nah, it's more than appropriate: "In an age of madness look to the madman to show the way."
  9. Ignoring Bonus Net Hits

    GMass And Clone cause the Attack to be ignored not cause 0 net hits. You could use the vengeance token but the Attack would still be ignored. I'd suggest not using it.
  10. Ignoring Bonus Net Hits

    So, help me here, Compound has scored a goal and has a Vengance token on him. (More likely to be Snakeskin with 'Clone'!) He/she is charged and this triggers GMass/clone. Therefore 0 net hits. Can I now add the 4 from the vengeance token to chose a result from my playbook? And do this before his counter attack? Bill
  11. When do vGraves & Vileswarm ever see play?

    vGraves does have KD on 3, and when Vileswarm suffers takeout causes poison. Gaves1 does not have KD on his playbook. Vileswarm could be a good counter charge trigger with Noxious Death blow up. I could see a situation where Vileswarm could disrupt the Brick/Marbles counter charge bubble, and give out poison to several models. Rabid Animal can slow down fast strikers. But, you do lose the synergy with Cosset and Silence..... PS..I am hoping that vGraves gets a buff when the Ratcatchers come out to make him more interesting......
  12. Game too Swingy?

    I'm with Crazy Blaine on this one. He's talking a lot of sense. Probably should change his name to Sensible Blaine.
  13. Millstone and timings

    Strongbox's playbook is two columns long so 4 results would be on 8 hits / 12 hits would allow him to select 6 results
  14. I dunno. I think it's wierd that bankers would be a MINOR guild. Bankers are pretty major players in society.
  15. Game too Swingy?

    If I'm ahead and my opponent wants to trade goals, I'll trade goals. And I'll do it happily because I'm ahead and my opponent has to score 2 goals to my 1 in order to change that. Pushing the game to a quick end is only a benefit to the person in the lead. That failure chance you mention cuts both ways, but it hurts the trailing player more, because they have less to lose. If I'm up by 4 and miss a goal that's bad, but my opponent has to score again before I've lost ground. If I'm down by 4 and miss a goal it's catastrophic. Now I have to shoot 2 more goals and prevent at least one to get back into the hunt. Attacks being a more viable long-term strategy isn't a point I'm contesting.
  16. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Sorry if my first point is vague. I'm still talking about Farmer's kicking off but just not using Thresher as the kick off model. I'll admit, I do not have a solid plan of running face first into Thresher should I kick to him. It's likely Skatha as she is one of the strongest kick off models in the game and you can work at out threating Thresher via fast ground and snowball. But kicking into Thresher sounds a lot tougher. And again I still really worry about Grange. Now get back to your blog, Captain Blogey McBlogface.
  17. New Home Field!

    Just wow.
  18. Falconers!

    SFG hope that next year they would Release Four Minor Guilds next year.
  19. Falconers!

    Let me add my excitement about this guild to this thread as well. I am planning on playing them as soon as they hit the market. In listening to the SFG guys, it sounded like the minor guilds would be about 3-4 months apart with the Ratcatchers in March, which would put the Falconers around June/July, and another minor guild (the church?) at the end of the year. I suspect that after the holidays we will start getting more previews in the blog. I am wondering if over time if the minor guilds will get LE models released for them to keep them from getting too stale. That may just be wishful thinking on my part... PS...many thanks to Sherwin for posting!
  20. My Union :)

    Benediction (Repainted)
  21. New PVC Teams

    I just want engineer LE models. but I'll take plastic... who am I kidding LE Pin Vice or Bust!
  22. New PVC Teams

    Engineers were partly designed by a high level KS backer if I remember right, so they may have wanted to run any updated sculpts by them first as a courtesy (no idea if that’s the case, but it’s possible). That might make them one of the later guilds sadly. I suspect the decision has already been made for practical reasons, but that definitely doesn’t mean people shouldn’t mention which guilds they would get on plastic if not the fish - after all, SFG can see the levels of demand that way Me, I’d probably get... well, most of them in the end. I like the plastics, and they look to be much less dense (as in “less pouches and other things attached”), so the models lines are cleaner and my brushes get more freedom. There are a few sculpts I can’t face because of the amount of bitty stuff I’d have to paint once I’d done the interesting bits (That’s why busts are brilliant to paint - don’t have to bother with belts, pouches, feet, all those tedious bits below the waist ) Maybe not the morticians, if I’ve gotten most of them painted by then.
  23. New PVC Teams

    I own Masons and Butchers so would not rebuy. I would however buy all the guilds if they went to PVC.
  24. He HAS no card back xD Silence also not if you use Vileswarm. To answer the questions of OP: For the lulz, or if you want a challlenge. I actually like vGraves playbook.
  25. New PVC Teams

    I thought they already did this and the Fisherman won the vote?
  26. Winter Painting Contest

    Ummmm I've started I guess. Did some paint by numbers. But got a few of my 3's and 8's mixed up. Also those 6's look just like 9's when you turn the mini upside down.....
  27. That’s actually not a bad photo, no bonus points for you (though I will say, photography is something we keep in mind while judging, since it’s such a pain!) Theyre looking good, that denim blue you’ve got is lovely. Now go paint some snow
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