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  2. MechMage

    Minefield and failed charge

    If Scalpel is taken out by Minefield as soon as she advances to within 4" of Ballista, how can she end her advance engaging him? Does the "If able" portion of "If able, it must end the advance engaging the target enemy model." (season 4 rulebook page 13) not consider the damage from Minefield when deciding if engagement is possible?
  3. MechMage

    Minefield and failed charge

    Does this mean that Scalpel is not taken out by the damage from minefield until the end of her advance?
  4. MilitaryCoo

    Minefield and failed charge

    No. It is possible for Scalpel's movement to end with her engaging Ballista, even if doing so will result in her being taken out. My advice would be not to charge Ballista.
  5. Starlight

    Card Previews

    I actually haven’t played Butchers in ages. But I think I would use her.
  6. Golden

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I think that more people can be engaged by understanding why they make their choices. If you don’t think the event can be improved that’s fine, but its only one possibility among many. Since this is a conversation specificly about making things better it’s a bit ironic to suggest that everyone who doesn’t share that view is wrong.
  7. Golden

    Season 4 | Prologue | Guild Ball

    Thank you, mysterious stranger! You’re my hero!
  8. No I assume. Your question is not 100% certain. If she declares a charge on Ballista and can engage him, she have to. Independently from Minefield. So dying in the attempt. If she declares a charge and can't reach Ballista but can reach the minefield she can charge in any direction. But the reason you die during the charge (minefield, trap,...) doesn't make it a failed charge.
  9. WOW! That story totally blew my mind! https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5beed970575d1f5ff4202cac/1542379888612/GB-Story-2018-S4-1-Prologue.pdf
  10. Malritch

    Minefield and failed charge

    Yes. She declares the target and then charges in a straight line, but it does not have to be toward the target.... it can be in any direction.
  11. AaronWilson.

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I think people sometimes read too much into fun community things, just go with the flow. Play some games drop some votes enjoy hte little things.
  12. Lets say enemy Scalpel (3 HP left) is charging my Ballista (Minefield is up). If she comes within 4" of her target, she suffers TO condition and is removed from the pitch. Does it mean that Scalpel cannot angage Ballista and can charge in any direction?

    Season 4 results

    Took a weird list against morts yesterday and did not care for it even though I pulled it out. Grange, buckwheat, jack, bushel, windle, and tater. Really missed ploughman and the extra harvest markers/ control of rough ground. Ended the game with 1 goal and 2 take outs with 4 clock points. Felt dirty but with all my HP and the high risk of the goal run, I decided to use the clock to my benefit. How is everyone else doing in S4?
  14. MilitaryCoo

    Fathom & foul oder for heroic dodge

    The Forest and Fast terrain placed by Theron and Skatha are considered terrain pieces for Waverunner
  15. mbdeyes

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    The official Android app is not doing it for me... I really really miss GB Scrum.
  16. mbdeyes

    Free Cities Draft Results

    I really doubt they'll do anything that actually increases the Fish damage potential, based on the interviews I heard/read from the S4 release. I'm personally not comfortable with Corsair's S4 game. It seems far too situational and hard to set up compared to simply putting Shark, either version of Sakana, and Greyscales anywhere on the field... but maybe I need to play some more casual games with Corsair and Jac. I'm not thrilled with Knuckles for some of the reasons already stated, but we'll see what it looks like when the stats are published.
  17. Malritch

    Morticans, Ratcatchers and Union

    Very Nice!!!
  18. TheBriarfox

    Morticians in Season 4

    Ok....I'll bite... ....like what?
  19. Golden

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    The flip side of that is not bothering to participate because none of the information available means anything. Saying that a character is a “ball hander” is all well and good, but that can be a 4 die kick stat, close control, both or neither. Rinse and repeat for every other descritor we got. Since there’s nothing concrete about the players to base a choice you get phenomena like the Butchers makeing the meta-decision they want Kami. Little if anything to do with game play, everything to do with going on the information they actually have, and in this case an impulse to be contrary.
  20. malladin.ben

    Card Previews

    You're using Meathook in Ox? I'm thinking she's the one who gets cut from my Fillet list when Roast comes out too.
  21. Warpstoned

    Help with tactics vs different teams

    While the ball is nice, and Rats do take good advantage of it - it is not everything. If the opponent plays super defensive with it, just scrum and work on the take outs and condition game for at bit. Graves and Scourge scrum well, and miasma keeps knockdowns off you. Piper is no slouch at escorting people off the pitch either. If you get a take out or two the board rapidly starts to open up for you to advance on the ball as well.
  22. Recreant

    Help with tactics vs different teams

    I've been pondering it and it seems while we do have tech to get the ball out, it is heavily reliant on winning initiative & luck. I guess the best option is to not let them get set for a ball kill in the first place. It seems like a miasma- pelage combo could be nasty for a grouped up team with damage & conditions to multiple people, but only if Miasma can last through the counter activation. Would lose both of them to take outs in exchange for a take out & the ball.
  23. AaronWilson.

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    The problem is every rookie would work differently in each different guild, so having a "framework" wouldn't really work.
  24. Warpstoned

    Help with tactics vs different teams

    Mostly by winning momentum and getting a double activation with Piper to have him go obscenely far (with 2 haunting melodies). If you kick to a guild you think they have a good ball killing (like oBrisket + tenderizer) , then maybe leave Bonesaw home I guess. vGraves can sometimes get into a good ball steal position with a late Reverie to set up before next turn, but again, that probably needs you to win initiative to be reliable too.
  25. StudioJollyRoger

    Studio Jolly Roger workshop

    Hello It’s just a part of the Exiles box. Enjoy! More: http://studiojollyroger.com/brets-guild-ball/ [/IMG] Check our blog and gallery! Get your army painted with us. Ask us a question.
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