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  2. Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    So, how does Tag Along work exactly. Does it happen when the friendly model advances (as soon as the friendly leaves Squeak's melee zone) or when Squeak activites and a friendly has left his melee zone?
  3. Dark Souls Minis

    Hey there gamers! Very much a novice painter here, but wanted to share my attempts at painting the brilliant Dark Souls minis. Hope you're all enjoying the game! And here are the bosses
  4. Kickoff Stolen

    File a charge back with your bank/credit card/PayPal, mate. Sorry the postal bandits killed your joy.
  5. Dark Souls Minis

    Hey there folks! So, I am very much a novice painter, but had fun with the great Dark Souls minis. Hope you're all enjoying the game! And here are the bosses.
  6. V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    So, I cleaned up your post to the parts that actually talk about vet Honour. And in the entirety of your defense, your one use for her is to get a free harvest market from moving an existing one into Ploughman's rough ground. That's it. Is that really worth a spot in the 6? Why am I doing this when I could take Millstone and get a free HM whenever I want, regardless of what Plough does. Like, if you admit that she's bad at killing things, shooting goals, and threatening things, why not take Millstone who's better at providing support? Everything else you said to do works better with Millstone.
  7. Today
  8. Post about an unrelated Navigator spoiler...
  9. V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    Vince, I agree with your logic. But I think you are missing a few pieces to the puzzle. first off, Vet honour should not go in all lists just to be clear. I think she fits better with grange than thresher, and I think you only play her when you want to cage up (which if I’m not mistaken is how you play 90% of the time) lets just assume you are playing Grange, ploughman, and vet H and harrow. Again, keep in mind you have went “full Chicago” and have prob killed the ball somewhere and have prob barley moved off your deployment line. The idea is you want them to come to you. (Which is smart is some cases. You know which cases are good and bad) Geange can go, do his thing, prob KD someone and put up HL and ideally give tough hide to something that’s being threatened. (4 INF maybe 3) and at this point, Vince you already screwed up. (You forgot your harvest marker :-p) Ploughman can go and either just lay a roughground or 2 and be done or push some people around if you really wanna put him in the mix. at this point you have spend MAYBE 5-7 INF. You have tough hide up on someone, HL is up, someone was/is KD and you prob still have the ball on the chicken in your bag basicly. Harrow can go lay a marker for free (you remember this) it’s on the roughground that you so conveniently placed and BOOM, magic. 2 for 1 sale. Tool up someone, attack someone, dealers choice. Momintus double harvest marker on 1 seems good! Up to you. Let’s assume you don’t do anything else but tool up someone. you have 3 markers down. (Well you have 2 since you forgot granges) enter vet honour. She picks 1 up (for free), places in back in the rough ground. BOOM another flash sale. 2 for 1. 4 markets down for nothing. You have either 1 or 2 roughground stl choice from. (Which actually extends her range) that being said these would be bunched up a bit if you only have 1 rough ground. But realistically not much worse than how you usually play it. And since fallow is there (I’m sure) she’s gonna scoop up 2 of those. You can prob just put tape over Vet Honours playbook as I doubt you ever use it, but it is there I suppose. Not all models have to be able to kill something, or shoot a goal or “theaten” something. I submit to you this list Grange, Peck, Vet Honour, Ploughman, Harrow, Fallow. Again, don’t be silly and play this into things that will exploit you for what your lacking. (Millstone) this would be a tank list. Harrow heals for free (don’t forget Vince) tough hide where you need it. Outlast them and grind it out. She’s a lot better than you think, if you step outside of the box that you have build yourself into. You’re a great player, figure it out.
  10. The Navigator's Guild

    Steve gives us another little spoiler while visiting Outland game store in Norway
  11. Stave X Windle

    It started as a joke of me threatening the mighty Moose Jaw meta with Stave/Windle slash fic. And then I remembered I'm friends with an Illustrator. Spigot and Friday ain't the only players with secret liaisons, eh? An old hand and a young buck. When their eyes met from across the pitch, it was like an Exploding Barrel in their hearts. Would their desires stay unresolved, or would they Stop Slacking and take a huge risk together? Stave X Windle.
  12. The Goal Post Thread

    Love It!
  13. The Goal Post Thread

    Looks better in the dark, but here is my contribution to the thread.
  14. Rookie Ferrite

    I have never played Ferrite as a rookie. But I have the figure. Just read the cards. I would go with the Vanguard Master. More like the figure you are familiar with. She can have Iron, but never gets Hobble. ( 'Sunder' -2 Arm instead.)
  15. Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    Wonderful progress, keep up the great work.
  16. Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    Ah true. My bad.
  17. Vassal 7.89 Falconers

    Now with tokens.
  18. Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    Sadly only squaddies get the bonus, squeak doesn't qualify.
  19. New, Shiny Rookie Cards!

    They're coming soon... The Ratcatcher's rookie has been seen around
  20. Game plan deck vs Plot cards

    Definitely use opaque sleeves with proxies. And use a tcg card for backing.
  21. New, Shiny Rookie Cards!

    Small question... Ratcatcher rookie? Falconers Rookie?
  22. Rookie Ferrite

    Thats right but the Master starts with 2. So you loose one any way you go...
  23. Kickoff Stolen

    God damn you guys are the best. DM me and I'll chip in as well.
  24. Rookie Ferrite

    Our league is starting soon, I think that I'll go for the apprentice route, not quite sure yet. The fact that the apprentice route starts with 0 influence seems like a big gimp move in the beginning.
  25. Kickoff Stolen

    If you were to buy another copy where would you get that from? You did mention you had an LGS that stock it.
  26. Faithful of Solthesius in May

    Thanks, that was a peculiar game. I know Dom's one of the top farmer players in the country but I couldn't see where he planned to get the rest of his VP from. Played them three times last night against Hunters. First game Mist scores immediately, dies, then it's impossible to get the ball back and I get wiped out. Second game doesn't get past the first couple of activations. Mist whiffs, gets taken out and it was going to be a rinse and repeat of the first so I called it. Third is a little better. First turn I get the whole team to move forward so that the strikers aren't isolated. Mist scores a lucky goal (that really should have been a repeat of the first two games), Brisket pops the legendary, using the dodge to get a ganging up bonus on the model I'm tackling, and scores. Amazingly Grace gets a take out on Hearne (five inf, getting two damage each roll thanks to lots of ganging up and knocked down). Harry pushes a model close to the edge of the pitch and Mist gets the final push to win the game. Moment of the game was Benediction spotting a model in close range with the ball and barging his way through the team to make an attempt on goal. Would have been spectacular if it worked. So my initial thoughts in no particular order: Momentum generation is an issue. Mist needs his inf to ensure the goal, so can't waste attacks trying to get momentum for the goal. Harry and Benediction are the guaranteed momentum generators, so they can't afford to sit back. Your opponent does well to not trigger Rising Anger until after the Church have committed. Take outs are tough. I had to spend ten influence in one turn to take out an already wounded Hearne (his team was in one half of the field completely surrounding Benediction while the entirety of my team was in the other half fully surrounding Hearne). I also got lucky that my opponent foolishly let a model get close to the edge of the pitch for a push off. Take outs are possible, no doubt, but that is almost a game in itself. The team is vulnerable to take outs. Your strikers naturally want to go after the ball, but that leaves them isolated and vulnerable to gang ups. Benediction is key here. He stands in the centre of the pitch and comes to the rescue of stranded strikers. Committing the strikers without this support can be fatal. Tac 4 sucks. In a normal Union team Mist can gain Tac bonuses in many ways. In Church his only bonus comes from gang ups. As he's off on his own so often this makes his playbook very hit and miss, especially when you are right on influence. Goals that need a tackle on route are not reliable at all. You can find yourself sacrificing your striker for no VP in return. The dodge from Brisket's legendary is essential for getting a gang up bonus, helping you hit something good in the playbook. With Aplomb is worthless. In a normal Union team an extra VP opens up different paths to winning the game. One VP makes almost no difference to the Church game. Brisket also has an OK chance of getting it on the playbook thanks to Tac and Def modifiers in a Union team. Church has none of this, so you're entirely reliant on Brisket's natural Tac to get it. Against a 4+/1 you're wasting your time. Playbook is everything. This team does no damage from its plays. Only two models have plays that affect the enemy, and one of those is Pride, who is limited to affecting goal shots. So really only Harry affects the enemy. Aside from him you can't reposition the enemy, you can't slow them down or make them weaker or more vulnerable. This team has to make attacks to achieve anything. That means you have to be close to the enemy if they are in your way. There's no Lure or Puppet Master here. No Deadbolt, Unexpected Arrival or Tidal Surge. You're whole game relies upon what you can do with your models, not what you can do to your opponent. (I dread the thought of a Church on Church match up. One of the Benedictions gets the ball and it will be the slowest, most boring grind of a game). So those are just my first thoughts and I'm open to suggestions on how to work around the problems I've encountered.
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