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  2. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Sorry, not really sure what you mean by pivot off. Maybe this will be easier when we talk with some real teams. My drop into Union is Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot and Pint Pot. The vetRage team is what, vetRage, Strongbox, Gutter, Benedition, Mist and Hemlocke? Or A&G in the last slot? Brewers out-threat all the Union players. I force the engagement on my terms, go and Dirty Knives someone keeping Friday within 4" of Spigot so trying to TO is really difficult and if someone gives it a go and fails (which is most of the time) then Tapper/Hooper/Pint Pot get in and start dealing dmg. The Union players need vetRage to activate so that they can deal some real dmg to Tapper or Hooper if you manage to TO him then it's an easy game from then on. As for the dread gaze I feel that oSiren is too good into Brewers not to take her. Also lately people have been trying to go Shark against my Brewers and to score 3 quick goals so I need to look into the Brewers v Corsair.
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  4. Started yesterday with the "serious business" of my Blacksmiths. To test my scheme, shading and more I began with the largest parts which were available: the shields of Anvil and Burnish. Anvil's shield need some more highlights but Burnish's one is OK so far. The Flame Belcher isn't finished yet.
  5. Morticans and mercenaries

    Stunning work, very nice!
  6. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Ok so the Fish/Union player pivot off your early engage and then use gutter to lynch the rest of your team - followed up by additional rage attacks or protected by dread gaze respectively. How do Brewers then handle those two scenarios ?
  7. From the Collected Clarifications: So I believe with Counter Charge a model may move away from the target that has triggered it only if the model has enough movement penalties on it. That way the target is out of range, and you should be able to use your Counter Charge advance in any direction. For example, Brick is in the rough-ground and is suffering the burning condition. Enemy model moves within 6" of him to use a Character Play (let's say, Dirty Knives). In this case, I think Brick could use his Counter Charge to move away from the enemy and get out of range of the CP.
  8. If an enemy model ends up within 6 of a model with the counter-attack option (Brick for instance) but it cannot move to engage the enemy model (blocked by own models for instance), is there anything that prohibits that model from counter charge moving into any direction?
  9. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Brewers are bulkier and out-threat Union. If you force vetRage into using quick time so that he can charge then his damage output drops massively. And without any assists he really doesn't hit Tapper or Hooper that much. If I'm kicking then I buff Tapper as much as I can for the last activation of the turn. With 11" threat range and Tooled Up he's really a huge threat. Tapper and Hooper put a lot of work with 2" melee and Tough Hide. Just keep Spigot and Friday in the back so that going them puts the Union player waaay out of position. Most Union players are 14HP DEF 4+ and Arm 1 and that's really easy to take out with Brewers. Into Corsair I play Esters. Trying to drag Esters costs 4INF and leaves Corsair with only 2 if he didn't have to run so won't get that much more work done. Tapper is ok against Shark but Corsair is too much.
  10. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    What's your general strategy vs. Vet Rage? How are you out fighting him? Also what do you do into Corsair+Gutter?
  11. Game Plan deck discussion

    I am still quite unsure about the game plans. Having an advantage of a single point of momentum gives you everything you need (if you have a single 7 card) to go first on the turn you need to. This is something that was not an option before and was a risk one had to take and account for. I do not think that getting the first turn like that is penalized enough/at all with the current 7 cards. The problem is effectively that the same model that went last and spent 6 influence this round, ensuring the higher MP count, can simply go again and take out another enemy model (looking at you Thresher, Hammer, Fillet,...), while on the other hand a model 1" in front of the goal cannot tap the goal in if going first and needs to smack another player first for some reason. I see that as quite unfair of an advantage towards fighty teams. There has to be another kind of bonus or a system that gives the player going 2nd a bit more chance. Either: - that the player going first cannot be allocated more influence than they generate or some kind of hard limit like 4 INF. - Player going 2nd can replace up to 2 INF in the next turn and starts with that much more momentum. That could at least give you a chance to properly defend yourself against the opponents 1st activation (although severely hampering the player).
  12. He used to be the mainstay 6th man in most games but I will agree after the s3 changes to Stoker and Harry and the release of Pisspot and Lucky he's fallen down the pecking order.. I still think he has a place in my 10 but he's at risk depending on vDecimates card and whatever the Minor Guilds brings in.. As for how I use him, he usually waddles up the center line flanked by Tapper and Hooper assisting with crowding out bonuses till he gets in position to score or I fancy dumping the ball off to Friday or the cat.. There is a situation where you can score for free on the opposing players turn but it requires a lot of set up and basically dictates your entire field team.. I do really like the rookie mini though..
  13. Morts vs Engineers

    Well I feel really good against them with my Brewers (my mostly played match up to be honest), but with Morts I'm really struggling. They don't have the ranged pressure or the bulk to take the AOEs or even the speed and ball game to outscore them. I would love if Hemlocke brought some defensive tech to the team, like vetHarmony with the +1 DEF against character plays.
  14. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Tapper is working out for me great. I always play him into Union, Engineers, Blacksmiths and Brewers. He has been working out against Hunters and Masons but Esters is just as good a pick against them. I'm still not set on a pick against the post-errata farmers. Tapper used to work for me against Grange but Tresher was difficult for either Tapper or Esters. Tapper wrecks vetRage who seems to be a TOP3 captain and I don't remember the last time I lost to vetRage with my Brewers.
  15. Squaddies?

    Glad it's not just me then...
  16. Scenarios

    Heads up, I added another one of these. It's called Path to Lothric Castle, and leads up to the Dancer of the Boreal Valley fight. Enjoy!
  17. I don't And I don't really miss him. He should be good against fish for killing the ball but oSiren ruins that. I never got to do a Volley Shot with him, after the S3 changes his parting blow is not that scary. He is a bit tanky near Esters but Stoker is just as tanky everywhere on the pitch. He doesn't have a place in my roster and I don't miss him at all.
  18. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    There are a couple of match ups, like Ballista Engineers and Theron Hunters which are a particular ball ache and I have a bit of a poor record against Fillet Butchers although that's largely down to "interesting" dice rolls.. I'm also undecided on whether you "need" Esters against disease heavy Ratcatchers or if taking Hooper and Stoker is enough built in condition removal.. End of the day, at least in my opinion, Tapper is always the "better" choice of captain in most matchups..
  19. Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    best goal ever!!
  20. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Hey that was great thanks, especially as I am looking for evidence to support the use of Tapper and where he excels rather than a comparison of the two Brewer captains.
  21. Kdogs completed stuff

    Thanks. Tried to think about practical (for a Hunter) but also acknowledge that winter is coming...
  22. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Good game dude well done on the win I feel Skatha does all sorts of good things for the bear (Snowball, Cold Snap, Fast ground) and with Jaecar is more then enough to get the 2-2 game, might be worth giving the bear a go
  23. Is Guild Ball a tournament game or a casual game?

    Guild Ball was/is my first miniatures game, and I still can't wrap my brain around trying to paint hundreds of minis of the exact same model to create an army the way others do. While I was getting into the game it felt a lot more casual than it does now. It's fun as hell to assemble and paint the models. Stand them beside each other, place them on the table and move them around, but I think the ability to deliver on a fantasy comes secondary to the tight mechanical play in GB and that's a little disheartening to me when I realize all the ephemeral concepts I don't fully grasp the importance of, positioning, momentum generation, influence allocation, sacrificing models, picking targets, surviving crackback... it all kinda takes the fantasy out of the mechanics to me. Especially when the mechanics suck. Hello 5/7 Mov on a "fast" model. After moving away from my regular opponent, I haven't played in a while, and the few games I have have been very casually with my brother, we've settled into 1 Captain, 3 Models and I've found the games to be much less stressful and more enjoyable that way. The art, sculpts, and stories are phenomenal and the guilds are to date some of the most unique and cohesive factions I've seen in all of gaming. (Within my own stylistic preferences), so I certainly don't regret buying into the game as hard as I did, they're a nice conversation piece on the workdesk. I've searched about other minis games, to see if maybe collecting/painting is my calling, but I find very few that have a stylistic appeal to me. 'Cept for the Dark Souls board game but that's just unfair because that was already my favorite game. *grumbles about the darkroot expansion* So I guess the moral is to find your fun.
  24. Game Plan deck discussion

    I like this
  25. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Have you thought.? I know this is probably going to come off sounding a little blunt and so I apologise for that, but you have created this forum post to ask for support and advice regarding using Tapper but you already seem to be stuck with a slightly bias opinion that he is an ineffective super solo beater similar to Hammer or Thresher, which he is not.. Tapper is a "mobile" (4"/7" lol) support captain who sets up and enables the rest of his team to do what they do best... Anyway, starting from the top : He has a 2" melee, more importantly he is a captain with a 2" melee.. While I understand the pool of captains with this ability has become slightly over crowded since the release of the release of the Farmers and Blacksmiths, it is probably one of the most important stats in the game, so much so that the world almost ended when Thresher got boosted to 3" for free during his activation.. What this means for Tapper is he is able to cover an expanded area in the scrum he creates with crowding out bonuses, it's also a good way to neuter "Unpredictable Movement" on most characters, even if he does occasionally need to get base to base to continue swinging away. Regarding him being "Influence Efficient", in most cases Tapper can turn 1 influence into 1 momentum and it is not uncommon for him to receive 2 momentum on a charge or with enough crowding out bonuses in his favour. On top of that, at any time he can convert one of these momentum back into two influence and distribute it freely back to his team so they can use it to generate more momentum. The only non-efficient part of his tool kit is "Commanding Aura" and there has been an ongoing debate since s1 regarding you spend the influence to set up this up or roll it off the playbook, and honestly it largely depends on the board state.. Personally I always prefer to try and set this up from his playbook where possible, either by targeting KD or low defence miniatures (preferably both) or charging if required.. Looking at Tappers playbook directly, I understand what you are saying when compared to Grange who has a momentous KD on 1, or Thresher who has momentous damage all over the place.. I don't necessarily feel it is in a bad place though as in most cases you should be rolling 7+ dice under "CA" which gives you a momentous 4 damage on 4 successes which is far better than either Farmer captain if you just want to go the straight damage rout.. I would however suggest taking either the momentous push or double push on 3 or 5 respectively to re position your target deeper into your scrum.. Also, as a last highlight of Tappers playbook, if you are able to wrap due to hot dice or having correctly set up the scrum your bonus successes become +2/3 damage as a kicker.. Putting both his 2" melee and potential playbook results together, Tapper is quite capable of taking a full stack and knocking down 2-3 opposing pieces with no reprise then push them around with any remaining influence he has left which gives your opponent one activation to decide which piece he wants to save and may result in disrupting their preferred activation order.. In a worst case scenario they will be able to stand up a 2" melee piece, spend 2 momentum to pick up another team mate and then have a swing at Tapper in an attempt to run away from the scrum. I've already mentioned the main strength of "Old Jake's" and it's ability to increase the influence / momentum efficiency of the guild, but in a more linear context it increases the team to a pseudo 15 Influence / Turn team which is only really rivalled by Farmers (who recently took a hit with the nerf bat on this).. Not only that but it allows the distribution of this last bit of influence till later in your order activation so your opponent will never really know where the full stack is going.. In most cases I tend to use it to top up Spigot, Hooper or Pintpot before going in for a KO, but Scum is a surprisingly effective target for this and one a lot of players may not directly see coming.. While it's about to be a little toned down with the removal of "Sic 'Em" you can still give the cat a free charge which in the right circumstance can easily wrap for 6-9 momentous damage. I've also used this to fuel the cat at the beginning of a round before using Friday to re-position him for a charge / tackle / dodge / goal to win a game as a last activation when my opponent thought the ball was safe on his mascot at the back of the field. (although none of this really has anything to do with Tapper, Scum is just awesome) Getting back to my opinion of "Old Jake's" and why I feel it is the best non-legendary legendary play in the game, It is most easily comparable to Honour's "Topping Out", in a perfect situation that will hand out 5 Influence at once which can dramatically change the face of the game and be a huge boon for one turn, it does however require an early (if not first) activation to get the most out of.. Tapper on the other hand can give out 2 Influence every turn when it's needed (at the cost of one momentum).. While I understand this is not as overbearing as "Rigor Mortis" or straight up as damaging as "Get 'Em Lads!", or "My Gang", it is something you can use to your advantage each and every turn and it only increases in power the longer a game goes.. While I understand Tapper initially looks underwhelming when compared to the Farmer options (especially pre nerf Thresher) you can't just look at the cards side by side. Tappers main strength comes from the synergy of what he can do to magnify the output of the "squaddies" under him and then what they can do in return. For example, you could have Hooper on the field with one influence which you opponent is ignoring become a Tac 8 monster with a full stack to swing away with and +2 to any damage results.. As mentioned previously I think a lot of this comes down to your preferred playstyle and what you want to get out of the captain. In a lot of cases, Esters is a "safer" captain I just never seem to get enough work out of her, and while I do feel like the guild as a whole has fallen slightly behind the power curve / creep although I'm expecting this to be addressed in the s4 errata / update... Anyway, I hope that gave a little more insight as to why I feel Tapper is the "better" Brewers captain and didn't just come of as incoherent ramblings.. I know I didn't directly compare him to Esters but in reality they are hard to compare as they are two different captains with two completely different playstyles.. If you were looking for opinions comparing the two directly I can attempt to do so but it's currently 6am here and adding that onto this post would have created an even bigger wall of text.. TLDR: Tapper is an awesome front line support captain that can turn on and enable the rest of the Brewers lineup, he is not a super solo.. **edit** Preferred line up in draft order : Tapper / The Cat / Friday / Hooper / either Spigot (based on opponent and previous drafts) / Pisspot, Mash or Stoker (optional depending on opposing guild and previous draft picks).. I need more field time with Lucky and increasingly excited for the new Decimate as I have a feeling she will be huge in a Tapper lineup..
  26. Morticians post rat catchers

    Indisputable, but he's also dead. Also he brings 1 less influence which hurts.
  27. So, given there seems to be a few discussions in the same vein I was wondering if anyone could explain Mash for me. I've been running Brewers recently and for the most part I've been getting my head around them pretty well. But every time I drop Mash I find myself wishing for a different player. Who do you play him into, and what do you do with him once he's on the field?
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