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  2. Reanimate has been discussed here earlier but I thought one more clarification could be useful. When attacking a conditioned reanimate model with 2HP left with vKatalyst, what happens to the Chemical Frenzy dmg buff after choosing the intensify before the dmg from one playbook result? When considering the attack sequence, it seems that at the step 2.4 the modifiers are added to the playbook results. In this example, the condition would be present still and the Chemical Frenzy would be active. At 2.5 the results are then selected and resolved. Is the buff still applied to the playbook result after the reanimate has cleared conditions? Or is it intended to vanish when the condition is suddenly not present?
  3. freakenstein

    Fan-made Tooled Up-updates

    Thanx alot pal.
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  5. blueboyzcaptain

    Locus: Where and When?

    unfortunately the lawyers decided otherwise.
  6. Bastion

    July 22: Guild Ball at Tabletop Gaming Expo

    Coming up this weekend! Be sure to make your attendance known if you're planning on going!
  7. Deatheux

    delivery started? when? about time, no???

    I'll had every penny of my investment, be sure, but of course, LAST.
  8. If you kick the ball to space off the obstruction, the ball lands next to the obstruction?
  9. Yesterday
  10. zero_flatline

    Locus: Where and When?

    With remote controls distance and ball path are measured from the starting location of the free ball. Not locust. So he can intercept.
  11. Place the ball-marker on a point along the direction of the scatter until it is no longer on the obstruction. For the kick, it would be along the ball-path in contact with the obstruction - following the least disturbance rule.
  12. Redmaw

    Cat vs Dog : pre season 4

    So, as a follow up, I've hammered out a bunch of games using our pup this weekend and figured I'd share some casual musings.. Starting with the negatives, as expected retrieving the ball was a lot more risky without the cat, especially if the kick ended near the center line. Also, not being able to load Tapper with an additional inf often left players on 1 or 2 HP allowing my opponent to heal up or just activate the target and return damage which would otherwise have been avoided. On a more positive note "Bag of Quaffers" and "Second Wind" proved valuable assets at least once per game, I also found with being 4/1, "Loved Creature" punished bad dice if characters attempted to use him as a spring board or accidentally caught him in AoE blasts.. I also felt less inclined to take Friday in every game which made inf available to stack Tapper, vDecimate or other "squaddies" which would usually need to make do with less.. On the whole, I didn't miss the cat as much as I thought I would and am certainly looking forward to giving him a run out in a more competitive setting...
  13. MilitaryCoo

    Sleight of Ball

    No and no. If the ball comes into contact with a barrier or obstruction, the ball path is truncated and does not pass further than the ball can travel.
  14. MartyJB

    Sold - Dark Harvest Giveaway (UK Only)

    These have now gone. Thanks to the people that made enquiries about them.
  15. Kueller

    My Union :)

    Some of my favs to paint.
  16. The season 3 rulebook defines a few terms when describing how a kicked ball scatters. The ball-maker's final landing-spot is determined by measuring the scatter-distance in the scatter-direction from the current location of the ball-marker. Once you have determined the final landing-spot, the ball-path is centred on the line between the current location of the ball-marker and the final landing spot. The terrain rules specify when a ball-marker makes contact with an obstruction or barrier during a scatter, use the rule of least disturbance to place the ball-marker in base contact with the obstruction along the ball-path. The terrain rules make no reference to the final landing-spot or terrain changing the ball-path itself. The interception rules reference the final landing-spot and ball-path but not the location the ball-marker is placed at in base contact with an obstruction or barrier. Suppose oKatalyst is passing the ball to Calculus across a barrier. His kick is inaccurate by the ball scatters only slightly such that the ball-path passes over Calculus's base. Can Calculus intercept the ball even though the barrier will case the free ball to be placed closer to Katalyst than to her? Suppose oKatalyst uses the Seizemic kick character play and kicks the ball towards Boiler across a barrier. If the ball scatters so that Boiler is on the ball-path, is he knocked down?
  17. Barbercat

    The Goal Post Thread

    Dressed up the LE Farmers goal post.
  18. Barbercat

    My Guilds

  19. Last week
  20. Starlight

    [Fan Fic] Life of Bribe the Watchman

    Very good! Hoping for another instalment soon.
  21. Starlight

    delivery started? when? about time, no???

    Stop acting like a child. KS regularly have delays in production and shipping. It’s part of the deal. Being rude about SFG employees isn’t going to encourage them to respond to you either. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out champ.
  22. Deatheux

    delivery started? when? about time, no???

    this is just that that make interest on my 80 euro pledge and other KS they started... I just want MY game, as I pledge it, nothing less, and less that 5 years of waiting.... I pay, they ship.
  23. masterkdog

    My Union :)

    So much white and flesh (my two worst enemy colours).
  24. Krozdin


    I forgot Iron! I don't always use him, but I've found him to be the best repositioner on the team in addition to the strengths @Kahun mentioned. I'd probably put him in a flex spot along with Bolt, but with him making the 10 more often than not.
  25. Kueller

    My Union :)

    Cheers dude 🙂
  26. Redmaw

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    Considering vChisel is an upgrade to oChisel in pretty much every way, I'm looking forward to the oChisel s4 update.. She certainly put Masons back onto my list of "guilds to play" in the build up to the s4 release..
  27. Barbercat

    My Union :)

    Look at that Rookie! Great job.
  28. Correctly answered. Dodges and Pushes count as movement, but a 0" Dodge or Push is not movement and will not trigger a trap.
  29. Mo11usq

    How rough are the seas?

    Thanks @Gorion Thinking T1 strategy. If win roll, choose receive. Collect with theron, sun strike, snipe, pin, heroic snipe kicker, pass/kick ball away. Position to go first T2 i.e. stay deep to deny fish momentum, zarola last activation MO theron into 8" of corsair if he has activated. Kicking seems tougher. Kicking with Theron creates an 8" bubble of "don't move/dodge fish here" before theron activates. However, corsair's drag threats 10-12", 16" if he passes the ball to dodge within his activation. Appreciate that getting corsair to use his inf for not attacking is good, but once theron is in the fish scrum things are bad, and Zarola's MO won't help. Excluding favourable terrain to brace against, if theron has to move into range to shoot he is super drag vulnerable, and if corsair gets within range first its time to move theron (maybe with MO). We could engineer 'favourable terrain' by sprinting fahad in front of theron as our first activation. Does this work in practice? Hag's talisman and passes give corsair a lot of movement flexibility prior to his activation. osiren's lure could pull fahad away, but its a risky play I wouldn't be too worried about. I wonder if the T1 pinned play is a trap, and kickoff pressure with vminx might be a less risky approach?
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