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  2. Fallow is up

    I also personally think that Get Stuck In isn't the best option for her, In most cases I can't see a reason for using it. Invariably I was using her at SteamCon as a delayed explosion, either middle or end of turn to kill a model that was already down or surrounded. However, there are some things to consider. 1. At the end of a turn you can potentially throw Fallow into a pack you aren't already engaged with. A charge could counter the initial crowded out and allow her to trigger the result negating future negatives. 2. If you can trigger it against a low def/crowded out model, free yourself up and then walk into a pack to snipe a specific target with impunity (I'm kind of considering if, with 5 inf, she could do this to charge, or jog to, a well protected ball carrier, get the tackle on 4 and score a goal. It is ultra niche, but if you already have momentum it is technically possible).
  3. Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    Yeah Skatha totally has a legit place in the Hunters 10.
  4. New, Shiny Rookie Cards!

    I just assumed it’s a way to smash through effects ignoring the first KD
  5. TL:DR - I need the Winters Moon box
  6. Black Friday Sales

    In respect to SFG - they're doing a lot of other things that other companies aren't - offering up ALT sculpts that you can only get through ordering retailers is something not many people have done before at all. I don't think it's fair to penalise SFG for making use of one of the biggest sale periods of the year however
  7. Black Friday Sales

    Don't encourage them. Many of us who's LGS doesn't get stuff for us are already contacting people from several states over to buy alt sculpts.
  8. Are these tokens removed at the end of the turn in which they were placed? I think you leave the Vengeance Token and remove the Burden Tokens, is that right?
  9. Black Friday Sales

    Ok, I know I'm going to get some heat for this, but I feel it needs to be said. After all of their talk about supporting LGS's with things such as promo sculpts, I feel like this sale is in direct opposition to that idea. This is just my opinion, but feel free to dispute it as I am very often wrong (ask my wife). This is a big selling time for any retail business, and between the lowered prices and the free items for buying (like the dice), it just bothers me that SFG talked a lot about how they were in full support of shops. Now, if SFG or any other company wants to offer lower prices and compete with LGS that's 100% fine, but don't contradict what you've publicly said in the past.
  10. Veteran Honour -- 2017 Steam Con model

    How about Superior Heerding: Costs 3 Inf Similar to superior Strategy but it can only affect the Dog, and only the Dog gains an additional activation with 1 Influence. And then she has a Legendary, which replaces Superior Heerding with Superior Strategy. But that's seems broken, considering Fallow with making Hay...
  11. Alternate Sculpts

    Not true, in the Dark Harvest Box is an alternate Mainspring.
  12. Hey guys, read through the earlier thread of reinforced plating. But could not find a definate answer. I always assumed effects are debuffs or conditions marked by tokens. But does reinforced armor negate all plays? Like fir example puppetmaster or lure & seduce? These are imho no effects Thanks in advance
  13. Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    So Skatha slides into the Farmers slot. Agreed on Skatha into the mirror. Sounds good to me!
  14. Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    Sounds about right to me! Decision is pretty straight forward - if the enemy team will outfight Theron, I go Skatha! If the enemy team plays better Football than Skatha, Theron is in. Farmers I get where you're coming from, against Grange I would want Skatha, against Thresher, no idea! In a mirror match, I think Skatha holds the edge though.
  15. Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    Yeah I saw Henry's use of Trisket into Thresher. Skatha should totally work as well, I need to test it as I said.
  16. Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    Reading the UK winner who was using Union, I would suggest that this is a Skatha choice over Theron. I play Skatha more into Morts and do better, as the Morts football is slow. But thats me.
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  18. Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    I want to love the bear, I just don't think he has enough of a damage output to warrant his 0 influence. Yeah, I totally think Skatha is better until Grange, but tough into Thresher as Jackstraw has no quarms with running off with the ball.
  19. Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    No fan of the bear I take it? Otherwise I kinda agree with your assessment, and would probably put Skatha into Farmers - but that is surely a hot take without much backing it up.
  20. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    I am afraid hearing that Godtear is hex-based and not free form really kills my excitement for this game. I know we’ve seen few details, but that fact alone pushes it over the line from miniature game to board game for me. And that is not what I was hoping for. I’ll try to keep an open mind and wait to see, but I am now in the ‘skeptical’ column as opposed to the ‘excited’ column.
  21. It’ll definitely take a while! Go slowly and build it all up, look up a few videos of bust painting, and think carefully about your light and shadow placement - it’s harder to do a quick wash and get away with it on something this size
  22. Make Brewers better

    Hale and hearthy is all Stave needs IMO. Other than that the guild is solid. The Brewer Players are probably a bit less competetive than in other guilds, as it's a common guild for people starting to learn the game. Also, drinking beers might be a bit less common on higher tables at tournaments EDIT: Quaff isn't bad, second wind is a sweet character play, Scum is just better and almost no teams brings two mascots to a tournament.
  23. Make Brewers better

    So here's the thing about Brewers, after me being a bit critical on them last week I decided to take a look at their cards rather than just shout how bad they are. They're really NOT that bad, in fact they have one of the bigger toolboxes of any guild due to their heroics. There is a lot of good stuff inside the Brewers, it would just take some time to really develop the knowledge of the team make the most of them. I think there is some neat things you can do turn one with them and I think Esters is really untapped. I think for Brewers who are making looking to "get good" or push your Brewer win rate higher it might be more prudent to stress the guild in a efficient way. Smash out 50-100 games and make solid notes on each game. I lost this game because I made mistake X/Y/Z, I didn't realise rule X/Y/Z etc. I don't think Brewers are as bad as the internet makes out and I think the echo chamber effect for Brewers is in full affect. It only takes one player to break that mould.
  24. Make Brewers better

    Looking into rankings looks like brewers are the weakest guild. I' m playing them and think that almost every one is very solid player (maybe Stave has problems ) but something not working properly . GIC I think are good way but I was thinking about what could be done with brewers players to make them better. 1. Stave - maybe goal keeper or sturdy or hale and hearthy or 2" melee 2. Friday: Make her push in playbook to be dodge (easier goal scoring) 3. Quaff - have no idea but something that will make him better ...maybe Goad... (now I always take scum) 4 ...... 5..... 6... 7.. 8. . What do you think about it?
  25. Hi guys, I'd just thought I'd get a discussion on how the team is currently drafting in events. The current 10 I use is Theron, Skatha, Fahad, Chaska, Jaecar, oHearne, Ulfr, Zarola, vHearne and Minx. Here's my current thoughts on what Captain I would drop into what team using the current blind draft system Alchemists - Theron. Alchemists are not overly killy, both Mercury and Calculus are 14 health players to eat up. oKat is easily managed with pinned and a forest and Theron + oHearne can threaten both captains. Blacksmiths - Theron. Theron loves to eat the low health apprentices, the low DEF is ideal for his character plays and the Back to the Shadows is fantastic for pulling the team apart. Brewers - Theron. Low DEF means people can be controlled well, pinned is really good for controlling tappers movements and players like Spigot, Friday & Pintpot are food for the team. Butchers - Skatha. Theron can't outfight the Butchers (I am going to assume they play Filet here, or they're mad) and Skatha has the speed to get goals and get take outs with Jaecar & Minx. Engineers - Theron. Not overly killy, Ratchet and Velocity aren't too hard to kill, bonus time Pinned / ATK on key goal scorers and slow the team down. Farmers - Sort of undecided here, as they have the ability to hide the ball and make it tough to score. At the same time the're fighty enough to scare Theron off, though Pinned & Gut * string in combination do good to work to keep Thresher down. Tentatively saying Theron, but need a few more games into them. I played into Thresher twice last weekend, lost one 12-9 as Theron missed a character play to generate momentum for a tap in, then got murdered for the loss and the other was 12-8 loss in which I made a mistake or two. Fisherman - Theron. You will always see Corsair, probably the toughest matchup on the whole list. Last game I played theron into Corsair I very nearly won, so I feel with extreme match up practice I can make this a 50/50, but it's so tough. Hunters (Mirror) - Coin Flip. I think Skatha is good into Theron as her 5/0 somewhat protects her from Theron's pewpew and she projects further threats then Theron. Masons - Theron. Theron does well into hammer, Pinned + Forest is again not ideal, Theron does well into Honour due to the low DEF. Morticians - Theron. Being able to threaten Obulus at range totally throws his game off whack. Does well enough into Scalpel. Union - Skatha. Totally think we see vRage everytime across the board and no manner of control will save you from the rage train. Skatha can score the goals fast enough and pick off fleshy parts (typically decimate, gutter and / or hemlocke) Thoughts? I'm pretty happy with the above and excited to play more events now. Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, oHearne, Minx are my go to. I normally flex in Chaska or Zarola as I see fit. Chaska just does really well into lots of low DEF and Zarola is great for the other spaces, and not bad as a ball holder into the typical higher DEF teams as UM is nothing to scoff at. Skatha normally looking at Skatha, Fahad, Ulfr, vHearne, Jaecar & Minx. I feel like vHearne is needed for 2" reach, the KD is nice and another 3/6 kick is welcome. Skatha makes good angles with her Fast Terrain & Snowball.
  26. Morticians' Playstyle?

    I've never said that that Obulus can't smash faces with his stick. I did it quite a few times, setting casket time up for first activation next turn. Yet calling his damage output 'great' is a huge exaggeration for me. He's not even decent on his own. He get's good with solid setup as he needs tooled up and probably some assist or kd. 'Great' damage dealer is Fillet, Thresher etc. Ferryman is solid, at best. Played vs Thresher twice this weekend. I screwed badly in first game, getting sliced 12:6 or something near that. In the second game I deployed in much wider formation and went for 3 goals. Bonesaw scored first and while Farmers were killing him the Ferryman recovered the ball via PM and scored. And he scored again first activation turn 4. I won 12:4 I guess. Ghost shot GIC helped me a lot. Fighting Thresher farmers is kind of pointless for me, get as much inf and mobility as You can and play football.
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