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  2. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Hi! I just found that Stave's "Explosive Brew" appears as a Character Trait when it's an Heroic Play Thanks for all your effort!
  3. Folks, your wish has been granted! Scotland will be hosting its first big Team event and here are the details: This is a brilliant time to visit Scotland, lots of places to go and see. Make a trip of it. Feel free to ask any questions. Tickets go on sale Fri 26th Jan 18.00 GMT!
  4. Ladies and gentleboys, it gives me great pleasure to present to you the.. Scottish Team Championship What?This is a Guild Ball Team Tournament, which will follow the most up-to-date format in the OPD. The teams will consist of 3 players, each fielding a separate team. For further details on team formats, check out the OPD: Organised Play DocumentWhen & Where?The event will take place on Saturday 9th June - Sunday 10th June at Scotland's premier gaming venue - The Common Ground Games, Stirling (Venue Weblink).The draft timetable is:Sat 9th June9.00 - Registration10.00 - Round 1 12.30 - Lunch 13.30 - Round 2 16.00 - Round 3 18.30 - Round end - time for food & pub! Sun 10th June 10.00 - Round 4 12.30 - Lunch 13.30 - Round 5 16.30 - Awards 17.00 - End of event - home time (via the pub!) Where do I get tickets? Tickets are £90 per team of three players, these will grant you entry to the event as well as lunch on both days. Additionally, you will receive some tournament goodies and be eligible for prizes (which are to be confirmed). You can purchase a ticket for your team by sending the above amount to CABLEHYPE@HOTMAIL.COM via Paypal (Gift please!). Tickets will go on sale at 18.00 GMT on Friday 26th January. Any funds sent before that will be returned. There is a strict limit of 32 teams (96 players). Final words This event is designed as a relaxed but competitive team event. That means it will be cleanly run and well organised but with the idea that we are all here to have a great time. It will follow the up-to-date World Team Championship format as close as possible but with a Scottish twist. I sincerely hope to see you all at the event and make this the first of a BIG annual event! Feel free to ask any questions either via the Facebook event or Twitter (@kingpash). Longshanks World Team Championship 2017 details
  5. Scottish Team Championship

    Scottish Team Championship That's right, it has finally arrived! The biggest UK Team event of the year, a perfect warm-up for the World Team Championship 2018. Find out more: Scottish Team Championship
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  7. First tournament with Hunters

    Good write up, was good to see Hunters again (Game 3) and looking forward to putting them back on the table to see if the Smiths have improved me. I struggled to get MOM and when I got it, I, perhaps stupidly, held onto it to try and get first turns and then typically me just flat forgetting to heal. The take back was also quite appreciated considering where we were in the tournament, still lucked out on the 1 dice needing 5s, riskiest goal I took all day. Was a fun game and a well deserved win (otherwise I would have been the one "suffering" under the might of Corsair) and learned to keep the eye on my prize and my opponents as that ultimately was what caused me the loss overall.
  8. Hub Ball 4; The Hearthwarming

    Full details on Facebook events: FaceyB
  9. ***Scottish Events Calendar 2017***

    Here's another one for you, folks. Hub Ball 4; The Hearthwarming - 17th Feb, Games Hub Edinburgh. Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1999486763657482/
  10. That's right, you thought that there aren't enough Scottish events on the calendar already this year? Well, here's one more and this one is going to be hard core METAL! Hub Ball 4; The Hearthwarming - Saturday 17th Feb, Games Hub Edinburgh This will be a 16-man tournament to celebrate the launch of the new Blacksmiths box. The tournament will follow the OPD structure, with the only amendment being that we require fully painted teams UNLESS you are using the brand new Blacksmiths. The painting standard in Scotland is without par and we are bringing out our best painters for this one. Expect some impressive paint jobs - follow more details on Twitter (@kingpash). Full up-to-date event details are on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1999486763657482/ The event is also live on Longshanks: http://longshanks.org/events/?event=754 Looking forward to seeing you guys there!
  11. 5 months of brewers

    Well, I take Esters into any heavy condition team, like Alchs and Hunters, maybe Fillet butchers. Esters can also be a solid option into fish as you do a DEF6+/ARM1 Friday to kill the ball (Shark, Greyscales and Sakana really don't have a way to get that ball off her), or a DEF6+ cat for the same reason if the fish are playing Siren1. Other than that I recommend Tapper. Quaff doesn't make it into my roster, Scum simply is way more useful and has a lot better synergy with the team than Quaff. Well, Mash doesn't make it into my roster either. I used to think he could be good to kill the ball against fish, but that doesn't work if they have Siren1. Also, if they get into base-to-base UM doesn't really matter. Friday has a better goal threat range, better kick, helps repositioning the cat so that you can always keep him within 4" of Tapper for that sweet extra inf. Also, she's a setup piece with Dirty Knives. Nothing more to say here. If he was called vetStave after a sic diet I would play him every game. But Time's Called is the best thing in the whole guild and you can't really compete without it. I always take Hooper with Tapper. Together they create a wall nobody really wants to run into. A great thing with Hooper is that he can clear conditions AND heal 4HP in the same activation. Pint Pot is great, I feel like he is never a bad choice, you just need the get value out of him, before his Beer Tokens run out. I keep these guys in the same category to be honest. To be precise, Lucky, Stoker and Pint Pot are in my flex spot, Stave being a sub only for Blacksmiths and Farmers. Both Lucky and Stoker help, with the condition game (I always take Lucky into Ballista engineers when I'm kicking), both can deal out really good dmg. Lucky is a bit better at generating MOM DMG and goal scoring, Stoker is more tanky and has a nasty counter attack. As for Union, I think I never used a Union player in Brewers and never really felt like I'm missing out. The synergy in the guild is too much to give up on. My roster: Tapper Esters Scum Hooper Friday Spigot Stoker Lucky Pint Pot Stave The main thing about the Brewers is keeping Spigot safe. He enables Friday to kill the ball and makes the guild insanely fast for such hard hitting players. Tooled Up is sweet, but Time's Called is way more useful for me. Another important thing is momentum management. More than with other teams, with Brewers I almost always use 3 Heroics a turn, 4 if Friday is doing a goal run or I'm bringing Pint Pot. My standard setup is building a wall with Tapper, Hooper, Pint Pot/Stoker and keeping Spigot and Friday safe behind, in cover if possible. This has been working out for me. I have 8 games with Brewers on LS, 5 at the WTC, 4 with TOP100 players, and only 1 loss after a heart breaking 5-dice snap shot miss.
  12. My bad, didn't think about it that way. Ok, thx
  13. Good stuff guys. Some of your conclusions are wrong and you have not allowed for team interactions in the ball fondlers section. Still worth the listen.
  14. Lucky feedback

    I've played against Lucky three times and haven't been impressed with him at all.
  15. Hello from MIchigan

    Welcome to the community my friend! Most of luck finding success with the farmers.
  16. Verse Farmers Tech

    My post was sarcastic, there's a lot more going in the match up.
  17. Thoughts of a new guildballer

    I like farris bolt mainly for free shoemarang. And farris with 1 influence can sprint n attack. They require little influence so that i can allocate to others.
  18. Hello from MIchigan

    Hey everyone! New player here. Got the farmer's box. Looking forward to the new one. I have a league starting on the 20th and got one going on two friends into the game with me. All I need to find now is a reliable win against butchers. The other thing I'm hoping is that brewers will get fixed next season because I really like them.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Siren, seduction, pass and TO

    You caught me -- the "legal" definition of simultaneous in GB is different to the plain English definition, though, and that's the distinction I was trying (badly) to make. "Simultaneous" in GB means sequentially without interrupting actions, i.e. while they're "simultaneous" any concurrent effects of an event expire before the next "simultaneous" event starts. Let's imagine Jaecar had a CP that allowed him to place a trap, and selected playbook results. He wouldn't be able to claim that the push was "simultaneous" with the and so the trap was immediately triggered; if he chooses to resolve in -> order, then the Push movement is "over" by the time the happens. I've edited to make that distinction clearer above. Also this. A might cause the distinction to be important, but Siren doesn't have one.
  21. Besides, is there any point in resolving the Seduced first? The 1 dmg won't TakeOut the opponent (Step 3) until after all effects of Seduced have been resolved (Step 2.5)
  22. 5 months of brewers

    So my main team for the past year has been Hunters. But when we started up a new player league at my LGS I decided to actually use the models I got out of the starter box. I picked up the rest of the brewers and have been playing them almost exclusively for the past 5 months. This past weekend I went to 20 man tournie and did reasonably well. Lost round 1 to the guy who won the whole thing, won my next 2 matches and lost because I forgot mash had unpredictable movement, after setting up a play that needed him to unpredictable to close out the game, on my last game (so salty about that). If I hadn't lost that last match I would have taken 3rd instead I got clumped into the rest of the 2-2 scores. With a 40 man tourney in 2 months I'm torn between brushing up on my hunters or continuing with my brewers. So I came to the forum looking to see what people were taking as their 10 and maybe getting some tactics and insight that I hadn't discovered by myself or from local input. It seems that from what I've read so far that there is a discontentment with the current state of brewers. I can feel that in their play as well. I'm gonna give a quick break down (and probalby some ideas of how I'd like to see players work) and then list my 10 and list some issues I've had to hopefully get some feedback to improve my game play. Tapper/Esters - I am not sure when to take which captian. They feel very 'samey' to me. Their are both reasonably survivable 22 w/ glutmass and 18 w/ Tough hide it takes a relatively equal amount of work from the opponent to take them down. They are both slow. Esters can put out some ranged nonmomentous damage but unless your opponent clumps up its not normally an impressive amount. They both setup your team though in slightly different ways but CA/Marked vs Songs are both situational and you can't really do a 1 to 1 comparison. Compared to Theron and Skatha or the union VRage, SBrisket and Blackheart or well basically any other guild where the captians can heavily influence the game plan I feel these 2 aren't very distinct from each other and I am not sure when I want one over the other. A lot of the time I find myself taking Tapper just for 2" reach. Scum - default mascot for killing the ball, disrupting movement, synergy with tapper/friday, and possible murder machine. Quaff - I don't know when to take him. I wish he had a KD so people would swing at him to get him away and proc Loved Creature. I never feel like activating him for Bag of Quaffers is the right move as it telegraphs a play even more and gives the opponent additional time to counter play. Stave - I've only used him twice both times against blacksmiths to push them apart. Lob Barrel seems good but he's slow, no momentous damage early on, Ramming speed is a worse version of Battering Ram (free and can push allies). I just don't see the point in taking him. Is lob barrel really that good? Friday/Mash - both are excellent strikers and synergize really well with spigot. Balls gone into volley threat is golden. I usually prefer Mash because of 2" unpredictable. Spigot/VSpigot - I want to take vSpigot so badly for close control. But Tooled up and Football Legend are impossible to overlook. Spigot is normally my first draft just because of his toolbox. I'd like to see Tooled up moved to another player (Hooper) to make the choice between these guys competitive. Hooper/Pintpot - I'm clumping these 2 together for the same reason I put Esters and Tapper together. They don't feel very different to me. Hooper obviously has 2" reach but Pint Pot can auto hit multiple models at 2". Tough Hide vs Glutmass, yes you have to pay for pint pots glut but I haven't found this to be an issue it's also really nice that opponents can't eat glut mass with an attack that doesn't matter. Shove the boot in is more consistent damage but requires setup or dropping Hooper down to 2 attacks where pint pot can generate equivalent momentous damage easier. Stoker - the only ranged damage dealer and probably my favorite player on the team. Hitting someone for 5 from 13" away is always a nice surprise. His non momentous damage though is annoying on a team with so many Heroics. Lucky - amazing player in everything but character play. I recently read someone advocate using his character to play for a goal threat, while I can see this potential between spigot, mash and friday I really don't think we need another goal threat. Union - I haven't been playing with Union since I got into Brewers right at the announcement of minor guilds, figure I shouldn't get used to options that won't exist in the (somewhat) near future. But Harry is SO APPEALING for my standard approach to the team. Speaking of which the 10 I've been running are: Esters, Tapper, Scum, Quaff, Friday, Mash, Pint Pot, Spigot, Stoker, and a random other character that I think 'might make my list feel complete but never does so they get swapped out again' My default drafts are A Captian Scum Spigot Stoker Pint Pot Mash or Friday My normal approach is kicking off with Tapper (if he's captain to get him up the field), Stoker (if Esters is the captian to put down some early damage) or Mash (If I think I can contest the ball early on). I tend to run Pint Pot wide so that he can either pull enemies to the side to make my grouped up scrum stronger or he can get a good side position for smashing bottles and not catching my own guys. Stoker hangs back a little to throw fire at the enemy and play a bit of goal tending while spigot, mascot, captian, and mash/friday scrap/work the ball up field for goals. I guess all of that said, how can I improve my play? adjustments to my 10? better strats? etc appreciate the feedback
  23. If you say so, though the Rulebook says they are simultaneous (p. 35):
  24. Siren, seduction, pass and TO

    When the activation ends, the activating model may take no more actions (with the exception of Run The Length if the activated model is scoring, which isn't the case here). We must still resolve any outstanding effects, including unresolved Playbook results, ongoing effects, etc. (Page 34: "The Controlling Player must resolve..." emphasis added) In short, yes, the goal is scored and the 1 DMG must be resolved. No. Playbook results are resolved sequentially, in the order of the controlling player's choosing. They are not simultaneous in the normal English meaning of the word. (Edited for clarity)
  25. Thoughts of a new guildballer

    O don't see this team in my mind. How do you use this team with Hearth, Alloy, Anvil, Sledge and two flex slots? I think its a slow team with Hearth and Anvil.
  26. There's a lot more to discuss in the given situation: considering Seduced makes the target model a friendly one for the duration of the action and 1 dmg happens simultaneously with it, that would mean that the model is both friendly and enemy at the same time! Cause when you will resolve the Pass it will be friendly, and then an enemy again during applying damage for the TO. The perks of simultaneous events in GB!
  27. Lucky feedback

    Well, the ability is mainly used for goal scoring to be honest. That gives Lucky an 18" goal threat
  28. This is a stupid question, but CAN happen and I'm really curious what would happen. Let's say Siren attacks a model with the ball and with 1hp left, wraps and chooses Seduced and 1dmg. The Siren player decides to perform the Seduced first, the enemy model makes a pass and the receiving model performs a successful Snap Shot so the activation should end right there, but Siren hasn't finished resolving her attack. Does she get to deal the 1 dmg and get a TO?
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