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    22 January 2019 06:00 PM      23 January 2019 04:00 AM

    This event repeats every week forever

    Every Tuesday night come join us at Cullison's Cards and Games in Jonesboro, AR for Tactical Tuesday, where we play Guild Ball, as well as other table top miniature and board games.
    All are welcome, from seasoned veterans to rookies just looking to learn about the game and wanting a demo.
    Come on out, play some games, and have some fun!  No entry cost.
    Pundit Contact: Will Henson,  Forums: dire_kobold,   Email: dire_kobold@hotmail.com

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    23 January 2019 10:30 PM      02:00 AM

    This event repeats every week on Wednesday forever

    Every Wednesday night the group gathers at Red Raccoon Games in downtown Bloomington, IL for Guild Ball along with other table top skirmish miniature and board games.
    All levels of players are welcome, even those that are just looking to learn what the game is and to get a demo
    Come hangout, get a game or two in, and have some fun!  No cost.
    Pundit Contact: James Kroesch,  Forums: JSKrush,   Email: james.kroesch@gmail.com

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